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Exclusive: Bakers’ pres Hodson – ‘Labour told me expulsions unlawful’ (video)

Union president says Labour via Anneliese Dodds told him retrospective expulsions after proscriptions were not allowed and would have to be cancelled

The Labour party has admitted its tsunami of retrospective expulsions of left-wing members for supposed ‘support’ – in reality even the most tenuous link – of four organisations the party ‘proscribed’ earlier in the year is unlawful and needs to be reversed, according to union president Ian Hodson.

Labour has expelled hundreds or even thousands of members because it linked them with the proscribed groups: Socialist Appeal, Labour in Exile, Labour against the Witchhunt and Resist – and in every case did so on the excuse of social media or other activity that took place before the party’s right-dominated National Executive Committee (NEC) took its decision to proscribe.

Hodson had received a letter informing him he was about to be ‘auto-excluded’ because of his links with one of the proscribed groups, prompting his BFAWU (Bakers) union to schedule a vote to sever its ties with the party.

That vote took place on Tuesday and passed overwhelmingly, inflicting a heavy blow on Keir Starmer, as the Bakers were among the party’s founders and have been affiliated to Labour for well over a century and were involved in the moves to form the party much earlier than that. But Hodson told Socialist Telly this evening that an approach was made to him on Monday via Labour party chair and former Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds to see if a solution could be found that would head off the Bakers’ special conference for the disaffiliation vote.

Hodson told viewers that Ms Dodds had told him that the party’s new rules meant that retrospective exclusions could not stand up and would have to be withdrawn – and Hodson, who like other victims of the purge had received a notice of ‘auto-exclusion’ before this week’s rule changes, agreed that this meant that Dodds was telling him that the retrospective expulsions had been recognised as unlawful:

Victims of Labour’s purge had already been working toward legal action against their expulsions – in criminal law, retrospective punishment is a breach of 2007 legislation brought in by the Blair government, which states that no penalty can be imposed for acts that were lawful at the time they were done.

But news that Labour has admitted, even if in the context of an attempt to avoid the embarrassment of a union disaffiliating over the threat to expel its president, that the retrospective expulsions have no justification under rules or law is huge and potentially fatal news for the party.

According to a member of Labour’s NEC, the already near-bankrupt party is already spending more than two million pounds a year on legal fees because of its ill-advised war on its members’ human rights and changes to its disciplinary system. So the rush of further legal action that may be accelerated by the admission could well end it, even if it performed an immediate u-turn and apologised for its gross abuses towards its members and particularly its left-wing Jewish members.

Labour has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Great News ..

    Its also cheered me up watching Aaron Bastani and various others at their “Get Rid of Starmer and what shall we
    do afterwards ” Talk.

    Starmer and his “Instrument” could not organise a bun stall

    So where does that leave those who were illegally prevented from attending the
    Labour Party Conference?

  2. To be brutally honest I’d trust Dodds as far as I could spit at her – during an asthma attack. The eternal cynic in me would’ve suspect it as a ruse just to prevent further embarrassment to the embarrassment.

    On a side note…

    No more persecutions were agreed on July 20th.

    July 20th? Now, where’ve I heard that date before?

    …Ah yes, the assassination attempt on Hitler at Rastenberg…At least that particular Fuhrer had a (sort of) legitimate reason to go after his ‘dissenters’.

    (Sorry for ‘godwinning’ the thread at such an early stage)

  3. And with stammer and evans apparently playing the nasty cops previously and Dodds playing nice cop the within a day or two – At least that’s how it sounds, according to Ian, on that video…

    1. Things are so bad within the party with GLUs frantic exclusions that Dodds efforts to stop the embarrassment at Conference they’d threaten Ian with auto-exclusion a couple of weeks later if he’d agreed for the Bakers Union not to disaffiliate.

      1. Exactly! They’ve got previous.

        They take their lead from dummkopf-schmitt, who as well as correctly evaluating the ‘second rate lawyer’ shamefully retrospectively changed the law so that people who were sanctioned for not doing the the government’s forced slavery workfare scheme wouldn’t be paid out.

        God knows what these rats would do if ever they were elected (No chance, but God forbid all the same)

  4. Why is it when Dodds is mentioned that I think of DUP or worzel gummidge in a field frightening the birds,or even the Slapstick comedy of the famouse Liverpool comedian Ken..Dodd but never a Labour mp?Could it be that my subconscious doesn’t equate Labour with political representation anymore?

  5. One hundred years of gerrymandered partition of Ireland to be celebrated by the establishment and head of the failed statelet N.Ireland the queen.The knight of the realm whos commited the Labour party to support partition will not be forgiven or forgotten.and his attendance to the failed statlet in Ireland will be watched by millions of people across the world and the USA in horror of how little as changed in the old colonialists rulers of the Disunited Kingdom.

    1. I share your sentiments Joseph and I look forward to celebrating the reunification of Ireland when the bastard english establishment is thrown out!

      Something to note is that the freedom fighters never targeted their Celtic brothers and sisters!

  6. You don’t need to be a legal expert to know you can’t legally impose sanctions retrospectively. Lets say for instance you drove at 40 MPH in a 40 MPH area on Monday and on Tuesday the speed limit in the area was reduced to 30 MPH. The police couldn’t come along on Wednesday and charge you will speeding on Monday- they’d be laughed out of court. Same will happen if people expelled take legal action. The party will be even more of a laughing stock than it is now.
    However there is something very distasteful about a political party proscribing various groups and this taken along with the mass expulsion of Jews and Socialists from the party extremely worrying .
    The proscription of various groups and the exclusion of Jews and non Nazis from political life in Germany in the pre war years was the start of the persecution which resulted in the mass murder of 6 million Jews and millions of others – Communists Socialists Christians Poles Slavs Romas Free Masons Trade Unionists Gays and the Mentally and Physically disabled .What Labour is doing to dissenting voices, particularly Jewish dissenting voices is Fascism pure and simple and thats no laughing matter. We must fight it with everything we have got .
    Finally every good wish to Ian Hodson and the Bakers Union. They have taken a principled stand and I applaud them for it. I hope more Unions will follow where they have led.

    1. I agree with everything you have stated in your comment Smartboy, and I would like to add that too many people seem to airbrush out of history just how influential the Russians were in WW2 and their losses. When it is based on nationality. More Russians died than all other nations put together and we have them to thank as to why we aren’t now a German speaking country (no disrespect intended towards any German intended).

      1. Richard

        Russia annexed Poland from one side whilst the Germans from the other so in my eyes they contributed to starting the war?
        Hitler and Stalin had a non aggression pact to invade Poland. Russia only joined the allies when Germany set it sights on Russia.
        Perhaps if Stalin & Hitler didn’t have a pact to annex Poland Hitler may not have invaded Poland for fear of the Russians helping the Poles, most likely Hitler would have invaded at a later date possibly saving British & French lives if WW2 had been postponed until a later date, we will never know.The Russians raped & pillaged German civilians as they occupied Germany towards the end of the war.

        See below:-

        On September 3, 1939, in response to Hitler’s invasion of Poland, Britain and France, both allies of the overrun nation of Poland declare war on Germany.

        On September 17, 1939, Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov declares that the Polish government has ceased to exist, as the U.S.S.R. exercises the “fine print” of the Hitler-Stalin Non-aggression pact—the invasion and occupation of eastern Poland.

        Hitler’s troops were already wreaking havoc in Poland, having invaded on the first of the month. The Polish army began retreating and regrouping east, near Lvov, in eastern Galicia, attempting to escape relentless German land and air offensives. But Polish troops had jumped from the frying pan into the fire—as Soviet troops began occupying eastern Poland. The Ribbentrop-Molotov Non-aggression Pact, signed in August, had eliminated any hope Poland had of a Russian ally in a war against Germany. Little did Poles know that a secret clause of that pact, the details of which would not become public until 1990, gave the U.S.S.R. the right to mark off for itself a chunk of Poland’s eastern region. The “reason” given was that Russia had to come to the aid of its “blood brothers,” the Ukrainians and Byelorussians, who were trapped in territory that had been illegally annexed by Poland. Now Poland was squeezed from West and East—trapped between two behemoths. Its forces overwhelmed by the mechanized modern German army, Poland had nothing left with which to fight the Soviets.

        As Soviet troops broke into Poland, they unexpectedly met up with German troops who had fought their way that far east in a little more than two weeks. The Germans receded when confronted by the Soviets, handing over their Polish prisoners of war. Thousands of Polish troops were taken into captivity; some Poles simply surrendered to the Soviets to avoid being captured by the Germans.

      2. Yes Richard because of the Cold war the part the Soviet Unions played in defeating the Nazis has been played down by the West. Estimates of Russian losses are upwards of 20 million

      3. When the war came to an end in Europe, the Russians/Soviet Unions were all set to head east to focus on the fighting Japan. When the usa dropped the 2 nuclear bombs, it was for show to give the Russians/Soviet Unions a message and that was the start of the cold war.

        Using nuclear weapons should have been a war crime, a crime against humanity!

      1. Some people are so naturally obtuse it’s a wonder they are allowed out into the world unsupervised.

        Out here in the real world when people are prevented from registering a vote as a result of an illegal act, action or behaviour the normal “process” and “procedure” in a civilised democratic “sytem” is to rectify that illegally gerrymandered outcome by holding a proper vote which includes those excluded as a result of the illegal act, action or behaviour.

        Its known as democracy and requires a non gerrymandered system and structure of processes and procedures based on standard principles of due process protocols which are blatantly absent in the all singing all dancing sorry excuse for a system you have your hat on steveH.

        But if you wish to die in a ditch and make yourself look even more desperately stupid by continuing to shill for this not fit for purpose system and approach along with those pushing it be our guest. There’s plenty more rope being let out for you to hang yourself with.

      2. Keep up SteveH, not since this new information became widely known.

  7. What is disgusting is that it seems to have been the Bakers Union disaffiliating
    which prompted this.

    So if you are a powerful union (and I do not blame them) they let you be but
    if you are an 80 year old academic or an elderly widow with cancer they bully
    and harass you

    1. The reason I went on the Chronicle’s website was to find the following article. In just the following few lines there are TWO falsehoods (FOUR in fact if you include the headline and the sub-headline). In the first place Jeremy did NOT ‘support’ the artist who painted the mural, and merely asked him – on facebook if I remember correctly – why the council were removing it. And as we all know, Jeremy DID apologise (for not looking at the picture of the mural closely enough). And needless to say, just about everything in the so-called report is pure black propaganda baloney fiction:

      Report: Corbynite sites feature far-right tropes

      EXCLUSIVE: Study for the government analyses The Canary and Skwawkbox next to other extremist outlets

      The report also reveals how the pro-Corbyn blog [Skwawkbox] has repeatedly attempted to defend the former Labour leader and other allies from claims of antisemitism by making its own allegations of Jew hatred, which were often false.

      In particular, it noted Skwawkbox’s coverage of Mr Corbyn’s support for the Tower Hamlets street artist who painted an antisemitic mural depicting bankers….

      But rather than condemning Mr Corbyn’s failure to apologise for his support for the artist behind the mural…..

      1. PS The weird thing is that the report, so-called, didn’t get any coverage in the MSM as far as I can tell, just a few Jewish papers. Anyway, I’ve not heard THIS one before!!

        ‘John Mann tells the Commons that his wife has been threatened with rape by a leftist anti-semite’

        Yeah, as if! There are no limits to the falsehoods that fascists like John Mann dissemble. No doubt the person concerned threatened to rape her, and then added that he is a left-wing Jeremy Corbyn-supporting anti-semite. Well you would, wouldn’t you!

  8. Of course. She can afford to admit this now that Conference is safely out of the way!

  9. Expelled members who take the party to court over retrospective expulsion and win. The party will just come up with another excuse to expel them again. They have form in this as with Chris Williamson.

  10. One would have thought that this would be quite big news, but it’s not of course, and the MSM are completely blanking it. BUT, that said, their readers and viewers and listeners would probably be totally confused and not have a clue what they’re talking about given that they – the MSM – haven’t mentioned/covered the fact that LP members ARE being expelled retrospectively.

    And the reason they haven’t of course is because they realise that most ordinary people would think it grossly unfair and unreasonable and dishonest and plain wrong for the Labour Party – Starmer’s Labour Party – to be doing so.

  11. There will no doubt be a number of innocent members who have been unlawfully forced out who haven’t the stomach to go back and put up with more of the same. So in some peoples’ eyes it will be – job part done anyway

  12. Well – exactly Albert – I have watched videos of suspended and expelled
    LP members and some are shaking and clearly extremely upset.

    Now one would not be surprised at a bullying employer having this effect on
    an employee – but that the Labour Party should do it ..
    Appalling ..!

  13. Here’s a practical exercise
    It appears a large part of the Socialist group of Labour MP’s are not up for a challenge, there is also the Soft Left and those MP’s sponsored by unions
    Skwawkbox and JVL could coordinate this using Ken Loach and Sharon Graham as honest brokers
    Simply start by drawing up the list of names, the rest is a bog standard episode of the West Wing
    At same time coordinate a special conference meeting to change the rules on who can stand, I would suggest one candidate from Unions, members and MP’s so at least 3 each time
    As the date of the special conference gets closer, Methinks MP’s bottle will go as they consider their futures in a Socialist Labour party
    Invoice in the post

  14. “Union president says Labour via Anneliese Dodds told him retrospective expulsions after proscriptions were not allowed and would have to be cancelled”. With all due respect, Anneliese Dodds who is no doubt a very clever woman is surely only expressing an opinion here, it is probably true, as well as being pure common sense. However it is not Ms Dodds opinion which matters here it is the opinion of the various parts of the LP apperatus led by the General Secretary Evans and the leader Starmer who speak for the Labour party. Ms Dodds is not a lawyer, although has achieved tremendous success in other fields, K Starmer on the other hand used to be the top lawyer in the country he has gone along with this obvious perversion of justice, this needs to be acted on immediately.

  15. Isn’t there something referred to as a “class action”, where a huge number of people can jointly take an action if they all have the same complaint?

    1. They have them in the US ( they invented them I think) but whether they’re one of the many customs we’ve imported from Over There, I dunno.

      Any legal eagles out there?

  16. I happen to think the Unite leader standing on a picket line somewhere in the country should not take precedence over a speaking slot at Labour party conference where she can inform the country why all these rule changes are not necessary at this time, thereby introducing a discordant note into the conference as well as being critical of Starmer, I assume those Unite delegates do not have the same right as the leader to address conference, if that is the case, then in my opinion the Unite leader has thrown away a rare opportunity to criticise Starmer with the country looking on. In a word she has bottled it.

      1. I agree Harry and Goldbach. Sharon Graham obviously didn’t want to rock Starmers boat and used the picket line as an excuse to avoid speaking against the rule changes. I am very disappointed in her.Her first major test and she failed

      2. Conveniently forgetting her part in stopping the electoral college
        The rag tag army are out in force,Wolfie and his mates would be proud of you
        Daft question, the 3 bigguns GMB Unison and Unite were all against it, only McAnea (Unison) broke ranks to support RW and she no longer speaks for them, that’s one of the live battles we need to get behind
        SteveH is a convenience for us on here, try and keep it real, leave the personalities out of if
        We have a former DPP leading our party who is a liar and charlatan, that’s the reality

    1. Sharon Graham didnt bottle it and has shown how a leader should lead standing shoulder to shoulder with her union members and doesn’t need to go cap in hand to the bottom feeders profession Lawyers like the knights shadowy Labour party.and be stitched up and humiliated like most of the membership of the Labour party.who were not on the conference ……ITs not a courtroom its real people with real lives in the workplace.and Sharon has shown the membership of unite that she’s a smart lady with street credibility unlike vermin infecting the Labour party Sharon Graham is only real elected leader of the opposition movement in Britain now with millions of followers in unite and the disaffected left wing of the Labour party.who are effectively homless until a new party is formed…..Its about results now harry not grandstanding for the media circus or the knights pantomime in Brighton.

  17. Good article by Shami Chakrabarti just published on the Guardian’s website about an hour ago:

    ‘After Sarah Everard’s murder, police powers need to be curbed not strengthened’

    Those who consistently warn against excessive police power don’t do so because they are “soft on crime” or think the police are a wicked breed apart. Police officers inevitably reflect wider society, with all its misogyny, racism and corruption, alongside its nobler qualities of courage and public service. A senior investigator told Sky News that police officers “do not view Wayne Couzens as a police officer”. I have no doubt of the sincerity of his disgust, but magical thinking will not change the fact that Couzens was indeed a police officer, and was even selected and trained to hold firearms.

    The commissioner of the Metropolitan police, Cressida Dick, was more philosophical when speaking after Couzens admitted to the offences in June. “I have 44,000 people working in the Met. Sadly some of them are abused at home, for example, and sadly on occasion, I have a bad ’un.” Dick’s excuses and informal tone seemed more appropriate for describing errant children……

  18. Have we heard how individuals have got on with their legal
    action against being auto-expelled by the LP?

    I know there are a few legal actions going on – and I thought this was
    the reason for Dodds speaking out – that the LP are running out
    of money ..

  19. I hope and pray the Brave Bakers Union Leader and Membership carry through with their Disaffiliation from the “Not The Labour Party” And show the SCUM of Unison who should be Black Balled for what they did at conference was a Betrayal of All the Working Class equal to anything carried out by the following CORRUPT BASTARDS OF THE FAR RIGHT! Centrist my Arse Soft Left My Arse TRAITORS DEFINITELY.
    Watson, Eagles, Harman, Cooper(Balls) Thornberry, Kinnock, Starmer,Murray (SL)
    Rayner, Berger, Curran,Nandy, Reeves,JESS PHILIPS,Now for the Lords and Dames and Actors. Beckett, Hodge, Sugar,Lippmann, Baldric (Robinson) there are many more of these Farts and Tarts probably to many to Mention. My Hope is That NOW the Left of the Party will Come to their senses and Leave Starmers Not The Labour Party and form a Formidable Left Wing Party for the Country not just the Working Class or Middle Class or the Elitist Rich, The Labour Rule Book is a Joke 99.99% of this comic is CRAP the only Rules needed are 1 If you Betray a Colleague or the Party You will be SACKED, 2 Any act of Corruption will be a Sackable Offence,3 All Members including The Unions MPs and Grassroots will be Equal in every Way, The NON UNION UNISON WILL BE EXCLUDED and WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED TO Affiliate itself to the Party they can Stay with the SNAKES ON THE RIGHT. 4 We request Jeremy to Lead The Party that’s all the rules required. Rant Ended.

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