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Exlusive: JVL tells EHRC Labour’s abuse of Jews worse – and you’re not responding appropriately

New submission via Bindmans outlines more neo-Labour discrimination – and calls on EHRC to engage as new complaint, not discussion of old one

Lawyers acting for Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) have made a further submission to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), accusing Keir Starmer’s Labour of escalating its abuse of Jews in the party – and the EHRC of sidelining their complaint by treating it as commentary on the EHRC’s previous investigation.

In fact, as JVL has made clear from the outset, its submission is a new complaint calling for a new investigation into the behaviour of a party machine that has not just ignored left-wing Jews but specifically targeted them in its purge of left-wing members – resulting in a level of persecution more than 200 times higher for JVL officers than for non-Jewish party members and 33 times higher for rank-and-file members of JVL.

The new letter, sent via leading law firm Bindmans, reminds the EHRC that – contrary to the EHRC’s responses so far – their client is making a new complaint and requests a new investigation on clear and strong grounds of discrimination:

It is clear from the EHRC’s letter of 15 September 2021 that it has treated the Submissions as a response to its previous investigation and Report. However, JVL considers that the Submissions constitute a new and distinct complaint in respect of the Labour Party’s treatment of Jews, which merits a fresh investigation…

…the Labour Party’s actions as set out in Annexes 5 and 9, have taken place subsequent to the EHRC investigation and Report, and have not yet, therefore, been subject to any scrutiny
or investigation by the EHRC. JVL considers that the Party’s deliberate attempts to exclude JVL from its ongoing engagement with Jewish communities is deeply unfair and amounts to
discrimination of a subset of Jews on the basis of their political opinions regarding Israel and Palestine. Such potential discrimination, arising after the investigation and Report, is
indicative of the Party’s increased hostility towards certain Jewish Party members, which is directly contrary to the intended outcome of the Report…

…the Party is disproportionately targeting and disciplining Jewish members that question the Party’s interpretation of antisemitism, as compared with non-Jewish members. JVL believes that on latest figures five times more Jewish than non-Jewish Party members have faced complaints of antisemitism.

The letter points out that this disproportionate assault on left-wing Jews by the right-wing Labour machine means that left-wing Jewish members have been targeted for at least 46 investigations, many of them investigated several times, and highlights “the terrible toll the Party’s allegations of antisemitism have taken“.

Bindmans also notes that the party has been ignoring complaints submitted by left-wing Jews of antisemitic behaviour toward them – including, in one case, seven complaints by a single victim that have still seen not even an acknowledgement from the party.

And the letter concludes that the Labour right has exploited the EHRC’s recommendations from its first investigation to step up its persecution of left-wing Jewish members, saying that the party’s response:

would appear to be having the opposite effect to that which was intended; namely the exacerbation as opposed to elimination of the mistreatment of Jewish members by the Party.

None of this is likely to appear in the so-called ‘mainstream’ media, but the innate racism of the Labour right – which has seen hideous treatment of Muslims and Gypsy-Roma Travellers escalate under the new regime – is also being turned on Jewish people.

That the ‘msm’ are stubbornly silent speaks volumes about their amplification of the right’s claims under Jeremy Corbyn – and the EHRC’s seeming determination not to instigate a new investigation into the outright racism and discrimination of the Labour right is a scandal.

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  1. I don’t think there can be any doubt about that. Eleven prominent Jewish members of JVL being harassed continuously, by Southside Labour is far from ‘a safe place for Jews’.

    Add to that, the dismissal of Professor David Miller, by Bristol University, for – not – speaking unlawfully, just, makes this world that much weirder. I’d like to see the university’s full reasoning, on this.

    1. George – I hadn’t seen that. It is a complete disgrace that a university should behave in such a manner and claim that it was committed to free speech. David Miller should get Bindman’s on the job a.s.a.p. They’re brilliant and, if a crowdfunder was needed, I would be lining up.

      1. Bindman’s are on the job, goldbach, and they’re not finished, yet.

        The mystery is, why it’s come to this point, in the first place.

        I’m hoping that statement is only initial, and a fuller statement will be released, later.

      2. Reply to George Peel
        You wonder George why it has come to this point ie the sacking of David Miller.I don’t know why but I note Bristol University derives a lot of income from donors. I suspect some of them exerted pressure on the University to sack him.
        However unlike the Labour party Bristol University must comply with the Employment legislation and Mr Miller will be able to lodge unfair dismissal proceedings with an employment tribunal. If he does this he will be entitled to discovery – he must be given sight of all documentation relating to his dismissal so we might find out more later. However Bristol will probably settle with him if there have been (as seems likely) dirty dealings to prevent these coming out,

      3. What bothers me about David Millers sacking is that if he tries to get another job elsewhere will the employer be hounded into not employing him by the very same people who forced Bristol university into dismissing him in the first place.

    2. George Peel, thanks for the link. The sacking of Professor David Miller is outrageous and is yet another example of how our media and institutions are terrified of the Zionist racists who exercise their influence on behalf of the apartheid State of Israel. What chance is there of members of the general public getting to know the true nature of Zionism when seats of learning collude with the racists to prevent the knowledge from being taught?

      1. The MSM aren’t the least bit terrified Jack, and you know it!

      2. Seats of learning jack T …. “Seats of big business” infested with money makers when all parties reneged on the idea of education being a freedom.. not exploited by the ability to pay.We saw it and like everything else in the UK were either outfoxed or beaton down.Weve just seen legislation going through parliament that will give a licence to kill OO7to all Crown forces anywhere in the world including here in the UK.ITs also notable that the people of Bristol that were litterly beat by the thugs of oppression the police crown forces are to be banged up without comments from most of the media and a full page from the canary….!This virus really has been used as cover for the most powerful draconian laws against the people ever seen in a so called democracy.The death squads of Partition Ireland are coming for you soon….!.Will we see the sandbags outside the police “barracks” and a machine gun post like in Ireland that they are about to celebrate their one hundred years of partition of Ireland.Christ Its enough to make a person pack up and look for peace in the “Killing fields” of Cambodia rather than the “green and pleasant land” of dear old blighty….exaggeration and conspiracy nut our resident wee fella will say from his safe Caribbean bolt hole..whilst sipping martinis on the backs of the working-class people of Britain that gave this ex Government employee a big fat government private pension to ridicule from abroad in the sun 🌞whilst you look at the coming winter with fear….ITs really just not fair is it?

  2. Its about time the EHRC did its job and investigated these complaints by JVL or are they too of the view that some Jews are not entitled to fair and equal treatment
    Failure to investigate JVL’s complaints is giving the green light to the right wing racists and supporters of Israel which the party now accepts is an an apartheid state to continue their purge of Left wing pro Palestinian Jews.
    I am delighted that JVL has retained lawyers and trust that as well as making complaints to the EHRC they will be able to pursue legal action on behalf of the Jewish members so badly mistreated by the party and shamefully ignored by the EHRC to date. Happy to help crowd fund any legal costs.

  3. The EHRCs sticking to the letter of the law over Corbyn’s ‘interference’ allowed the guilty to escape with £600k. Its own actions made a joke of discrimination and human rights. I will never forget the smug staffers who became victims due to the failure of the EHRC to qualify Corbyn’s ‘interference’ by stating it was to speed things up in the face of proven stonewalling.

    1. l well on the good side of news we can acount for some of the members money missing millions..Six hundred thousand members money siphoned off as a bonus for lies in the Corbyn fit up.Two million of members money siphoned away to lawyer chums of our resident leader of the bottom feeders profession Lawyers the “knight” of the Opposition.Even bad news can be good if you think of the way members money has been plundered by the parasites but at least we can account for some of it cant we?Still no sign of a reply from unite on were my subs went once the Labour party got their mits on it…?…I might move to the Bakers union I have eaten bucket loads of pies and pasties watching Bolton wanderers over the years.

  4. I’m afraid it’s part of the tripartite attack:
    Right Wing Jewish Groups.
    Right Wing media.
    Right Wing Labour MPs.
    There is only one truth.
    If you don’t agree with their perspective then you are NOTHING!
    But then again the grotesque threesome above are Right Wing Barbarians!
    And we Left Wing Democratic Socialists including the brilliant JVL will win, and so proud my union branch became solidarity supporters of JVL.
    Solidarity to the overwhelming number of socialists on here and readers.

    1. ………..but you can’t say things like that, its antiSemitic by definition.

  5. And read G.D.Smith, ‘A 3,000 Year History of Palestine’, Paul Keleman ‘The Left and Zionism: A History of Divorce’ and ‘The Balfour Declaration’ by Bernard Regan.
    And peace in the region is held up by US Imperialism (oil, arms sales, capitalist investments).
    A great thinker once said every day we are distracted on this issue we are not fighting for Justice for Palestinians.
    So we support Justice for Palestine by solidarity actions like BDS and yes by reading books and informing ourselves.
    A minority UN report in 1947 called for one democratic state (G.D.Smith) and perhaps this offers the best hope for justice including a right to return for Palestinians & Peace for All.

  6. I honestly don’t understand how they got away with conflating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. One is a nasty political ideology, the other is hatred of a race of people. That’s how it is defined in law, so how has it been conflated?

      1. Lundiel/Jack. And you have to fight Fake Narratives offering an analysis and demonstrating reality through practice and evidence.
        While all this was going on Far Right US billionaires emboldened by Trump were funding Far Right groups and individuals around the world (including here).
        And it was the Left (who put ourselves at risk) who confronted them on the streets and it was funny, non of our Right Wing critics were anywhere to be seen!

      2. Bazza, offering an analysis and demonstrating reality to who, and through what medium?

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you alluding to the A/S fake narrative in particular?

        And just out of curiousity, when did you put yourself – yourselves – at risk? What streets, when? And in such a scenario it would be highly unlikely for anyone in the MSM to side with the far-right fascists and, as such, denigrate those confronting them. So it hardly serves as an example, does it?

  7. JVLs letter above should have read as follows:

    It is clear from the EHRC’s letter of 15 September 2021 that it has disingenuously and fraudulently treated the Submissions as a response to its previous investigation and Report, and done so by way of showing its complete and utter contempt for JVL and its members, and their persecution by Keir Starmer and his fellow psychopathic fascist thugs..

    1. Plod are being prosecuted for hateful WhatsApp groups. Labour pays them off because the group was private. WTF is going on?

  8. The MSM are – at best – lazy and at worst – plain biased – and insist on ascribing to the Jewish Community just one opinion. This is ludicrous and is not true of any Community as can be seen in Northern Ireland. What were “the troubles” about then?

    The whole thing puzzles me – Herzl – who was supposedly the “father” of Zionism in his Utopian novel “The Old New Land”, presented a state that was totally unlike modern Israel. The novel appeared to be more about a system he called “mutualism” than about Zionism.

      1. If you read the events around the division of the Ottoman Empire
        after WW1 and the Balfour declaration you will see that the British Govt
        lied and lied to both the Palestinians and the Jewish Community.
        (See for example The Times April 2nd 2021 which contains a reprint of
        a speech by Winston Churchill given on April 2nd 1921.)

        The partition of Northern Ireland which took place around the same time is similar in many ways in respect of the lies told to both sides.

        We see Perfidious Albion – in both cases – enacting a “Divide and Rule Strategy”

        Rodger Silverman (JVL article) cites the Governor of Jerusalem as identifying
        Israel as “a little loyal Jewish Ulster in a sea of potentially hostile Arabism”.

    1. The corporate MSM is owned and controlled by billionaires and, as such – along with the semi-corporate BBC run by Tories – is the Establishment’s propaganda machine, and totally corrupt.

  9. The Big Lie always wins when you have control of the MSM and toilet papers
    AS is a hate crime and can be prosecuted, fuck the EHRC and go to the police

  10. More good news about the gambling addiction thats ruining the lives of the working class.We must never forget that a Labour government brought into the hight street “family-friendly” betting shops with the sweeping away from planning laws and licencing regulations that unleashed the crippling gambling addiction onto the people least able to afford to gamble the working class.Bolton wanderers a typical example of a working class football club in a typically working-class dilapidated old mill town in the heart of the red wall constituency s has come out and announced That the the Wanderers will cut all ties with the gambling industry including Sky bet from the end of this season…This is the first league club in Britain to do this and hopefully other league clubs and the EFL will follow the lead of the owners of Bolton wanderers and stop the parasites that are helping to destroy families and communities up and down the working-class areas of Britain and Ireland.I was in planning when Gordon Brown unleashed these parasites onto the people and its easy to forget the intimidation of the councillors and local authorities into complying with the Labour law the ninteen ninteys.I was given the front page of the Racing post that covers the whole of Britain and Ireland with the description of “The most bigoted Councillor in Britain” and self appointed guardian of Britains morals from the leafy lanes of Surrey Reigate and banstesd Labour councillor joe Okeefe.I didn’t complain about the intimidation but turned it into a battle on every planning application and for a time stayed and fought against the tide of Gordon Brown’s treachery.mostly on my own with little support from fellow Labour councillors on the planning committee.I am proud that the working-class people of Bolton wanderers are the first to fight back against the tide of corruption in the gambling industry of Britain and Ireland……God save the people “

  11. Here come the book-burning fascists
    here comes the gag on free speech
    don’t say Israel is racist
    don’t say Gaza’s a prison
    the world can be seen only
    through the Israeli State’s twisted prism;
    Prof Miller made students uneasy
    so say the complainants in tears
    it seems Zionists are so queasy
    we must put our arm round the dears
    and tell them the Lehi were sweethearts
    Hagana so cuddly and nice
    the Irgun would never use violence
    Shamir thought terror a vice;
    here comes Big Brother Israel
    here come the Thought Police for Zion
    don’t say Palestinians are human
    or you’ll be someone to spy on;
    don’t ask who killed Bernadotte
    don’t mention the right of return
    don’t ask why Lord Moyne was shot
    just stand back and watch the books burn;
    don’t say Israel’s view’s messianic
    don’t say Abraham never was
    you’ll throw their weak minds into panic
    they’re quickly offended because
    their power is built upon lying
    on killing and cheating and fear
    what’s objective sets them to sighing
    the truth makes them feel very queer;
    here comes the end of discussion
    here comes democracy’s bane
    here comes a mind like the Prussian
    here comes the fist in your brain;
    don’t be caught with a book by N.Chomsky
    they’ll say QED you hate Jews
    he’s the wrong kind of Jew, can’t you see
    only Zionists matter’s their news;
    so Bristol throws Dave to the jackals
    the cowards pretend it’s for right
    they’ve put their hands in the shackles
    of fascists; here comes the dark night.

  12. Apologies for going off track, but it seems that the silly season is here with the Conservative Party too.
    First, the BBC reports that Patel says that “the police should take harassment more seriously” – not clear whether that extends to harassment of refugees and asylum seekers.
    Then, The Grauniad reports that Johnson “rebukes police over treatment of women” – pots and kettles?

  13. Can I recommend the excellent article by Roger Silverman from the JVL website.

    It is highlighlighted in the earlier post from Goldbach.
    It is one of the best analytical articles about the contrived and dishonest use of the anti-Semitism lie that I have read.
    Do read it.
    We owe the JVL website a great deal for their well-researched and honest analysis of the position that the Labour Party is now in.

    I have joined JVL as a “solidarity member” …. That is because full membership is only open for Jewish Labour Party members.
    JVL deserves our full support in the search for truth.

  14. Noticed how even the majority of the guardian’s comments are starting to turn Starmer hostile. Just who likes this shower beyond client journalists who are still shilling for him?

    The party’s RW state these purges, including those of left-wing Jews, are part of making the party electable, electable to whom?

    It’s just like, what does changing the way future leadership candidates are elected have to do with winning?

    “I would have voted Labour if only they’d regressed back to the electoral college,”… said no one considering voting Labour ever. Amirite?

    And the New Labour triangulation(third wayism) – the formula so beloved by centrists, has been tried and tested to destruction over the last 30 years, and is now totally discredited. Winning over Tory voters seems unlikely, but shedding millions who consider themselves to be on the left , those who stuck by Corbyn (10m in 2019) is all but guaranteed.
    The left simply aren’t prepared to be the PLP RW’s voting fodder, trooping to the polls to support PLP candidates they despise. And furthermore, as Corbyn showed in 2017 with 40%, the party doesn’t even need to go to the right to win – the huge compromises involved are wholly unnecessary.

    Blair always wanted to take the party to the right, turn Labour into the US Democrats – the second pro-corporate party of capital- creating a ‘no real choice’ system, but at least he made no bones about that, and stood on a ‘New Labour’ third-way platform, he argued for it and drove through the Clause 4 changes.

    Starmer however, stood as a ‘continuity Corbyn’ candidate, he lied. By abandoning his 10 Pledges, suspending Corbyn and trying to bounce through the electoral college he’s shown he’s just about bad faith. He has to go.

  15. Andy is absolutely correct.
    Labour is not going to be electable on the back of this shit-show.
    Those of us who have spent our lives trudging the streets, delivering leaflets, putting up posters, knocking-up and ferrying people to vote … and … putting our hands in our wallets … are putting up the shutters
    That’s if we’ve not been suspended or expelled.

    Fuck ’em – I say.

    1. Johsco1 –

      As others here have said, the unions are key to unlocking a leadership challenge. Let’s not forget Starmer wanted Coyne to win the Unite election for an easier ride and no challenge.

      If Labour look remotely like a potential govt, the corporate donors and big money will start sniffing around the party – attracting to power like the proverbial flies to sh.t.

      Given Starmer has stuck two fingers up at the membership, why do the unions think he and Mandelson won’t do the same to them if replaceable with other big donors?

      Some talk of an election being ‘years away’, but If Labour are hammered in May’s Locals early next year, Johnson may well choose to go early in 2023. Look at Blair : won big in 1997, we went to the polls in 2001, then 2005.. Four years was quite typical before the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 (FTPA), a 2019 GE then 2023 GE isn’t unrealistic.

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