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New JVL evidence to EHRC – left Jewish leaders over TWO HUNDRED times more likely to be targeted by Labour than other members

Even being a rank-and-file left-wing Jew means persecution by Starmer’s party

Jewish Voice for Labour, the left-wing grouping of Jewish members of the Labour party, has sent a supplementary submission to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) – to add to its landmark dossier earlier this month – telling the EHRC that Labour’s assault on left-wing Jewish members has ‘dramatically’ intensified since JVL’s first document.

And that JVL’s leaders are more than 200 times more likely to be targeted by the party for investigation than other Labour members, while ordinary JVL members are four times more likely to face persecution by the Labour right regime:

This submission is an update to our submission dated 5th August 21 entitled How Labour’s Claim of Countering Antisemitism Has Resulted in a Purge of Jews.

In the three weeks since then our situation has continued to deteriorate. We have received many messages from Jewish Party members informing us how our documentation echoes their experience in the Party and how they increasingly feel unwelcome in a party to which they have given many years of commitment and effort. Others have told us that, because of the attitudes we have described, they have with heavy hearts quit the Party.

As at the 24th August we have become aware of seven new investigations of Jewish Party members. Notifications of new investigations and auto-exclusions are arriving on a daily basis.

This means it would appear that over four times more Jewish than non-Jewish Labour Party members have faced actioned complaints of antisemitism. The disproportion is even greater in relation to JVL Committee members and officers. The staggering numbers suggest that these Jews are nearly three hundred times more likely to be investigated than non- Jewish Labour Party members (see the note on Annex 7 below). In all these cases the charges of so-called antisemitism are deeply offensive and should be withdrawn immediately in accordance with the party’s own NEC Code of Conduct.

The document goes on to describe:

  • harsh treatment of Jewish members, with even requests for an extension to the party’s near-impossible deadline for responding to auto-exclusion notices because of serious ill-health either refused or ignored
  • evidence-free escalations of cases against left-wing Jewish members
  • demands to prove impossible negatives
  • negation of the heritage, politics and tradition of Jewish members – in most cases by non-Jewish investigators
  • complaints submitted by left-wing Jews about discrimination and racial abuse against them being either summarily dismissed or often simply completely ignored by the party machine
  • 65% of JVL committee members being targeted with antisemitism complaints – a rate more than 220 times higher than the estimated average level among other members
  • an admission by the party that the reason the whole JVL organisation has not been proscribed like several other left-wing (and substantially Jewish) groups is that the party fears it will be successfully sued for discrimination
  • briefing by the party to the media against left-wing Jewish members, while the names of their vexatious accusers are ‘carefully protected’
  • retrospective punishment applied by Labour to Jewish members

and more.

The new document also includes extended and new addenda detailing particular cases of discrimination against and persecution of left-wing Jewish members of the party – and it summarises the impact of the myriad and accelerating forms of racism faced by left-wing Jews:

JVL comes out of a rich, vibrant radical Jewish tradition, drawing significantly on the heritage of the Jewish Bund.. This inheritance is also embodied in such groups as the Jewish Socialists Group and Jews for Justice for the Palestinians. Our understanding of antisemitism, what it is, how to fight it, and how not to fight it, flows from this tradition. Yet dozens of Jewish members are now being targeted by Labour as antisemites, for voicing an understanding of antisemitism that is a direct product of our Jewish political and personal heritage.

The effect of rejecting or ignoring complaints made by JVL members of antisemitism; our experience of bullying and harassment; and the refusal to consult or involve JVL in, for instance, the EHRC required Action Plan; all show disdain for our status and roles as Jews.

We are not heard; in particular we rarely get a chance to voice our opinions in the print and broadcast media; when we do we are treated too often with hostility and aggression and Ofcom appears to refuse to hold broadcasters to account.

The party’s war on left-wing members is escalating. Its war on left-wing Jewish members is intensifying further and faster – the very definition of discrimination.

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  1. My wife and son were Labour party activists not just members and they are both Jewish,they left the party quietly and let their subscription lapse.because they felt that it was not a party any longer of values or debate.They didn’t see any AS but thought that the time would come when there would be if the AS scam carried on by jewish imposters continued.and targeted members
    .Many people just can’t be bothered anymore and maybe thats what the plan is. The Labour party right wing have set the agenda and rigged conference as long as I can remember and somtimes its worth stepping back and considering just how dangerous the Labour party actually are in being imposters of a working-class movement. I served at costituency level and tried to make life easier and better for the public.and then I became a councillor and was given a lesson in the contempt that the people we put in the council and the parliament have for not only the people but the members and activists who make it possible for them to have a cushy number on virtually limitless expenses and a pension that would shame honest persons . When compared to the pension I recieve and the so called benifits the working-class unemployed are reluctantly given with strings attached its a bloody mindbogling insult to all of us.I feel better now and I hope my blood pressure goes down,the Labour party should carry a Health Warning “

      1. Thankyou BaZ2001..I wasn’t joking about blood pressure and the Labour party it really does raise my blood pressure and makes my blood boil at the bloody injustices against ordinary traditional Jewish people who have a long tradition like the irish of supporting the Labour party.and are treated to games being played by our right wing Labour to destroy lives and reputations that goes way beyond politics and into the realm of criminality.To “Fit Up” an individual because they want justice,freedom and democracy is a criminal act and should be punished.Will it happen?

    1. The members of JVL don’t deserve to be in Maxs party. There are many reasons for this.
      Here’s a short list showing why they should be kicked out; they have read the classics, Gramsci,Marx,etc; they understand the class war, they are proud not vain, they use courtesy, decency and facts in debates, I admire them greatly, they are
      against knife crime, believe that elections should be honest, the list continues but worst of all they are socialist to the core. The prosecution rests. Finally they don’t see funnily hued people ever.

  2. JVL members hold left-wing values which include opposition to the illegal and cruel treatment of Palestinians. They challenge the antisemitism smear campaign as a dishonest exaggeration aimed to silence legitimate criticism of Israeli policies, and undermine the left.

    Many JVL members, and particularly their leaders, have faced dreadful abuse from Zionist who support an Israeli Govt which moves towards apartheid. Now Starmer’s Labour seems to be complicit in such persecution.

    Such disproportionate attacks and targeting are clearly driven by the fact that they are Jewish, and their opinions carry more weight than those of non-Jewish members expressing the same opinions. That is real antisemitism, it brings great shame on the Labour Party, and it must be exposed and stopped immediately.

    1. Alanmaddison20 I tried to like your comment but was unable to do so. I agree with you 100% – well said

  3. Put this way, it sounds like fascism to me. Without the fanfares, the uniforms, the goose walks and the flags, but fascism nonetheless.

  4. I would like to know if Labour are expelling more members than those that are voluntarily leaving/ allowing their membership renewal to lapse ???

    1. It seems over 100 000 have voluntarily left Labour since Starmer became leader. I think the expulsions have accelerated to around 160 since 2015, but the recent proscription expulsions could be far greater than this.

  5. With all these reported cases of antisemitism in the labour why has the labour party officials not asked the police to investigate and potentially prosecute for hate crimes. Sorry I forgot there is an assumption of innocence, there is due process and the requirement for a charge to be made before a guilty verdict.

    1. Plod would want to see or find bona fide evidence.
      In so many cases, where has it been shown?
      As is well known, levels of AS in the Labour party are well, well lower than in society at large, and contrasts very strongly with the levels of racism toward all of society’s ethnic and religious groups, that exists in the Conservative party.
      The Labour right thought that they had the perfect stick to hit Jeremy Corbyn and the left of the party with, but have shown their underlying stupidity and lack of morals when their own actions are clearly anti-Semitic. On another level, we can also see they lack a conscience as well.
      That explains their unwillingness to offer serious opposition to this incompetent government, and why sensible voters are looking for a serious alternative.

  6. Problems exposed around organising Young Labour Day at conference.
    [Jess Barnard, the left-wing chair of Young Labour] has also raised concern over blocks on speakers – specifically former party leader Jeremy Corbyn, currently a party member but with the Labour whip suspended, and Palestine Solidarity Campaign activists.
    “The most concrete information I have been given is that anyone from Palestine Solidarity Campaign will be refused as a speaker, as will Jeremy Corbyn,” the YL chair tweeted. It is understood that this information came from a party source.

  7. according to wiki ‘With investigations Freud and Ferenczi formed a hypothesis that people with self-destructive behaviour suffer from “forbidden fantasies, not memories,” meaning that since the action isn’t supposed to be done, self-destructive people get a stronger drive to take part in these actions.’ Blaire’s sporn revisiting fantasy land.

  8. Yes I am afraid a tripartite attack.
    On Jewish Diversity (Richard Silverstein) – the Right Wing Jewish Groups arrogantly saying to other Jewish people if you don’t agree with our perspective you don’t count.
    The Right Wing media (tax dodging owners would have had to cough up under Corbyn).
    Right Wing Labour MPs & members couldn’t beat Corbyn & his supporters on IDEAS.
    The only good thing that has come out of this fiasco is Jewish Voice For Labour.

  9. Oh Dear Just read Lightweight Lisa Nandy on Palestine on Labour list (2/9/21) and dreadful, I think a GCSE Politics group could have offered better arguments?
    Ms N supports a 2 state solution, well Lightweight Lisa (LL) the way the Right Wing Jewish Govt there continue to steal Palestinian land it will be a bloody might small Palestinian neighbouring state, perhaps
    the insightful thinker LL could suggest the colour of the telephone box Palestinians should live in?
    And LL takes up the old chestnut that most Palestinians support the dreadful Hamas (who want an Islamic State but were crafty and got in amongst the poor) plus M’s S opposes the brilliant BDS campaign and one wonders if she had been around then if she would have supported Anti-Apartheid boycotts which some argue (particularly in the US when the Black community came aboard) broke the SA Apartheid State regime’s back!
    Oh and Ms N, once land in Palestine is owned by Jewish people it can never be sold to Palestinians, so would we accept in the UK if a house was owned by white people it could never be sold to BME citizens?
    As Labour demonstrates its mediocrity perhaps as Eraket (2019) argues most Palestinians support One Democratic State (with a Right to Return for Palestinians) and one which respects all religious rights.
    Justice 4 Palestinians & Peace 2 All in the Region!

    1. Bazza – It’s all a bit academic whilst the Tories have an 80 seat majority and Labour remain in opposition.

  10. SH Ha! Ha!
    Political Moron!
    As if left wing democratic socialists give a Feck about political lightweight bourgeois Parliamentary Cretins!
    Powerful political arguments and ideas trump lumpen like thee.
    They have a power and inform action and construct a counter narrative.
    You are woefully out of your depth on here.
    To all Skwawky readers around the world, Left Wing Democratic Socialists will win.
    Solidarity to the genuine socialists on here and our readers!

    1. Bazza – Perhaps you could give us some examples of these “Powerful political arguments and ideas” of yours and explain how they differ from current Labour Party policy. 🤔

  11. Lord Ha! Ha!
    Can’t you read the above lumpen as per example of my political critique of Lightweight Lisa, Shadow FS, Right Wing Labour destroyed!
    Your are a political simpleton who never engages with political arguments posted but just post a petty comment but guess you may be on a crummy contract or zero hours in Blair’s office based on quantity of output?
    A political moron like you having the audacity to dismiss New Left Review, probably the finest critical thinking socialist journal on the planet.
    Left wing democratic socialists try to politicise the masses to empower them, Right Wing Labour put out weak political leaflets etc to try to win just enough votes so their top down ‘Great Men & Women of History’ (without an original idea in their heads) can take the power for themselves.
    We really create the wealth and make societies and believe diverse working people should have the power.

    1. But you still haven’t given a an example of a powerful political argument?
      Sorry SH thought I may cost you a few Bob.

      1. Bazza – Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment above but I can;t see how it answers my question above.
        “Perhaps you could give us some examples of these “Powerful political arguments and ideas” of yours and explain how they differ from current Labour Party policy. 🤔

  12. If you really want to know anything about the impartiality of EHRC just wiki Adam Wagner.

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