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Breaking: Labour now suspending members for heckling Starmer’s dire speech

No rule against protest within party, but Labour claiming disagreeing with the woeful is ‘disrepute’ – so when will a hundred right-wing MPs be getting their suspension letters?

Labour’s war on its members – and the exposure of the Stalin-like insecurity and weakness of Keir Starmer and his allies – continues ever faster. The party is now suspending members for protesting during Starmer’s dire speech yesterday against such awfulness as

  • his refusal to back a proper minimum wage
  • his war on democracy
  • his failure to disclose the Forde report on racist, sabotaging right-wing staff
  • his support for NHS privatisation
  • his lack of interest in stamping out Islamophobia and racism against black people and Gypsy-Roma Travellers

and more.

Starmer’s cowardly GLUoons have started sending suspension letters to people who stood up for what’s right and for the vulnerable at Labour’s conference, while his interminable and policy-free speech dragged on, to show him the ‘red card’ or point out his betrayals of the poor.

Faces blurred to protect the principled

And because there is nothing in the party’s rules – nor in any sane concept of the principle of freedom of speech – against internal protests against the woeful, the ‘Governance and Legal Unit’ is stretching the idea of ‘bringing the party into disrepute’ well beyond its breaking point.

Let’s face it: the mere presence of Keir Starmer as Labour leader and of his goons and cronies in staff positions or on the party’s national executive brings the party into disrepute and those protesting against them are trying to save Labour.

But even if that were not true, the outright hypocrisy of suspending members now when ‘Labour’ MPs and others spent five years bad-mouthing the party and leaking to their press mates at every opportunity, with no punishment and in many cases now a promotion, is making the party a sick laughing stock.

And so is the cowardice of Starmer and Evans who, unable to win the argument with ideas and vision are resorting to the most spineless tactics of abusing the rules in retribution.

Some people this week were wearing t-shirts with a Skwawkbox design showing Starmer as Stalin, in a comment on his assault on free speech. T-shirts clearly weren’t big enough to convey the scale of his insecurity and weakness. Anyone know of a billboard or two going spare?

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  1. Do we have some examples of members who have received notices of investigation or suspension notices from the NEC for heckling Keir.

    1. Unfortunately under the gerrymandered process constructed and operated by the sectarians you cheerlead for steveH it should not be possible for such examples to be provided as the standard instruction from your Stalinist heros is that such matters should not be revealed or discussed with anyone (apart from the Samaritans). An instruction implicit with further sanctions should it be ignored.

      On the present trajectory it cannot be too long before this malevolent bunch of sociopaths running the Party as their own personal fiefdom which treats the volunteer members who do all the donkey work as their feudal corporate employees start to pursue those members through the courts for damages for the mere act of revealing receipt of one of these missives.

      A prospect which will doubtless provide certain Uriah Heep types with multiple orgasm’s.

      1. Dave – So the same as it was under Corbyn and Formby then, and using the new procedures introduced by Formby.

      2. No. Starmer abuses process in ways unthinkable under Corbyn. I’ve just realised, you sound exactly like Gordon Brown who tried to micromanage everything. It doesn’t work, when people like Starmer and Evans misuse process and bend rules, you don’t blame the rules, you get shot of the offender’s.

      3. lundiel – I’m guessing that CW and several other high profile members who were expelled under Corbyn may disagree with you.

      4. Could you supply the following evidence to substantiate your claim steveH:

        The number of members suspended and disciplined and the number of CLP’s suspended under Corbyn and Formby for wanting to democratically debate issues (which are supported by the EHRC Report); for being the wrong sort of Jew; for criticising the leadership; retrospectively for talking to an organised initiative before it was deemed an offence; for liking the Foo Fighters etc etc.

        There’s no comparison and no one is holding their breath for the non existent evidence you know full well you are unable to supply in this disingenuous and pathetic smear attempt to divert attention and project onto others the behaviours and approach you support.

      5. Dave – What claim would that be? If you want to prove a point then do your own research.

      6. lundiel – I agree with you about the IHRA definition. Wasn’t Len McCluskey one of those that persuaded Jeremy to capitulate on this.

      7. You don’t get off like that SteveH. Your whole gaslighting endeavour is driven by asking often unrelated questions of people. Time you answered some yourself.

      8. lundiel – Don’t be silly, I haven’t made any claims in my above post that need substantiating.

      9. Dave – What claim would that be? If you want to prove a point then do your own research.

        Says the incurable gobshite who perpetually demands people do his legwork for him.


      10. Toffee – As I said above – What claim did I make above that needs substantiating in the format requested by Dave.

      11. Yes you have. You inferred that everything is “the same as it was under Corbyn and Formby then, and using the new procedures introduced by Formby.” You need to substantiate expulsions by Formby, case by case that are equal in number and type of misdemeanor or shut the fuck up.

      12. lundiel – It is indisputable that the disciplinary procedures currently in place are the ones formulates by Jennie Formby.
        Now that the rule changes have been voted through the new system will take over for all complaints that involve protected characteristics by the end of this year. Hopefully it will be an improvement.
        As I said above if you want to prove a point than do the work yourself.

      13. The establishment have always used sectarian practices and gerrymandering to enforce draconian measures against the working-class people.This is now October and it is one hundred years of colonial rule that will see the head of the establishment the queen and no doubt the knight and many other hypocrites travel to the gerrymandered failed colony of celebrate the partition of Ireland.The President of Ireland has refused to attend but how can our knight when his very existence is built round division sectarianism and gerrymandering the Labour party…Some will forgive but I never will .

      14. We aren’t discussing rule changes, we’re discussing likely illegal rule breaches and discrimination.

      15. And if we were to discuss rule changes the first thing on the agenda would be, how is it democratic to put so much power in the hands of one man who can become virtual judge, jury and executioner.

    2. SteveH, the NEC hasn’t meet yet. Hence, you know the reply to your question. However, I have little doubt that the NEC will rubber stamps these suspensions.
      My educated guess is that suspended members wouldn’t be expelled until the date for the next General Election is announced. Then the expulsion in mass would begin in order to ensure that the cannot vote for the next Labour leader. Until them, they would be kept under suspension so, that the Party can extract levies from them.

    3. Yes SteveH we do! A friend of mine received his letter of suspension after Starmer’s speech on the last day. Difficult to prove exactly why he was suspended because members are never given the courtesy of knowing why, but he was constantly being photographed, especially when heckling Sir Keir.

  2. Don’t join a tanking shitshow and you can’t be removed from it.
    Start a new party that doesn’t ban freedom of speech and working class persons and their interests can be represented and championed again for the first time since 2nd May 1979.
    It’s time to either grasp the moment or thrash around forever doffing your cap, surrendering to the money and being downtrodden by Tories and Zionists..

  3. Starmer is guilty of bringing the Labour Party into disrepute by defiling its core values of anti-racism, democracy, free speech, tolerance, social justice and internationalism (esp Palestinian rights. In addition, he supports violent Zionist anti-Palestinian racism ‘without qualification’!!! HE MUST GO!

    1. If you look at the photos of Conference, BAME delegates are few and far between. I suspect that this is because many left the party because of the issues highlighted by David Cannon in his post above

    1. Carlene Edwards I have donated and of course I support the obvious of getting rid of a archaic tradition thats only supported by failed statlets like N.Ireland but theres still a very vocal ruling establishment to defend this farce of democracy and its going to take more than a few posters stuck on a billboard to remove this abomination of a Royal family,lords and ladys barons dukes and knights of the realm because at the moment the two so called Opposition parties are ruled by knights of the realm and a Eton ovrreducated schoolboy to help the Royalty to forever rule over us “subjects” Thanks for highlighting the evils of monarchy.

  4. But but but in Afghanistan they’d be executed…

    Isn’t that right, wee Yorick?

  5. So peaceful protest is officially banned?

    What does this say to the unions, for whom such peaceful action is often a central plank in the winning of disputes?

    Do the unions still believe this guy(Starmer) is serious about repealing anti-trade union laws, .. that he’ll repeal the Trade Union Act?

    Where’s Starmer’s resident Skwawkbox apologist, SteveH, to explain away this latest example of authoritarian control freakery? It’s worthy of a totalitarian despot.

      1. Starmer and his gang are increasingly becoming neurotic and paranoid. The breakdown is inevitable.

    1. This is exactly what happened under Blair Mandelson sacked LP staff and replaced them ALL with his own and we fell for it again ruthless lies complete take over Ian Campbell I was

  6. So “Stab in the front” Philips, and Hodgkiss swearing in the then Labour Leaders face are in for the high jump?

      1. Goldbach above is what some of the Left in her CLP used to refer to Ms H as.

  7. Shouldn’t Labour be calling for Commissioner Cressida Dick to resign after a growing litany of failures of command, on her watch. Rather than making yet more insidious rule changes?

    Oh, silly me, I forgot. They don’t do real opposition against anyone other than their own membership.

    1. Keef already said ‘no’ last night.

      Reason? Well, he’s worked with her. (Forgot to mention refused to prosecute over Jean Charles de menezes though).

      1. The Toffee –

        Saw it reported Cressida Dick joined MI6 in 2015 for a few years. This was at a time when Scotland Yard detectives were investigating MI6 involvement in rendition, including the kidnap of entire families.

        No conflict of interest there for a man like Starmer to be calling out?

        We’ve had two scandals today : The Spy Cops ruling and the Wayne Couzens’ scandal, and Starmer is AWOL on both.

        This guy has to be an establishment plant , it’s the only explanation?

        Starmer won’t protect your rights he’ll protect theirs.

    1. Great conference. I see a poll today has Labour falling back yet another point against the Tories. We will obviously have to wait to allow Starmer’s speech to sink in a bit.

      Don’t hold your breath though.

    2. ITs acepptable if you are realising that you backed the wrong horse and you need to re invent yourself again as the original version of it awreiyt up norf.and you realise the most of the membership are comotose and nieve even on a good day.!would vote for just about anyone with a red rosette and a full on big red hairdo ..A title helps but I am afraid shes blotted her copybook with her “tallness” and of course Manchester is not as posh as Oxted on the green Surrey.which as the wee fell describes as the only socialists working-class class lad that nobody actually new residing or hiding in the only council house in the village.of oxted on the green in the county of Surrey..His father was a tool maker working in the only factory in Surrey with his comrades who were all socialist of course….theres not many people no this dont you know,but if you contact our resident ex job centre advisor and a “professional” person he will provide you with a link to the famouse storybook of Rodney Starmer(rodders)life and times of a working class lad 👦from Surrey. “

    3. Bazza, the truth (like in this case) could be particularly offensive and therefore unacceptable to some. But, since Rayner used the word in Parliament against the Tories. Hence, what is good for the geese is good for the gander.

    1. Joe – I recall that the Corbyn administration did start an investigation but lost their bottle when Hodge got lawyered up.

      1. Whereas keef would’ve bottled it AND paid the arl pederast-enabling hag.

      2. Dont be silly SteveH there was “loadsamoney” in the coffers when Jeremy was in “charge” unlike now were money too tight to mention and questions are being asked in high places “Wheres the missing millions” of jeremys legacy as a real Opposition party.?

      3. Bloody Hell…..Whats the Labor List but the mouthpiece of miss posh frocks and her fascist pals in the neo liberal fascist alliance.What say you mr Steve H Hall…davidh….centrists Dad….sh …

  8. I thought one of the worst things he said was that the Army had done a good job in Afghanistan and how Labour was backing Nato and defence industries (aka bomb makers). Where next? How many decades will it take?

    1. It’s important he sends a message to the security services and the military that he’s very open to all and any future planning. Whereas he doesn’t give a toss what we think, leaving the media to convince us whatever they do is right and necessary.

  9. It was obvious those members ‘heckling’ Starmer would find themselves suspended.

    The next ones will be members who voted for example, the green new deal, support for Palestine, nationalisation of the utilities etc.

    Probably this is the reason why Starmers office is accusing members of ‘heckling’ members while he was talking about his mother.

    Any dissidence will not be tolerated and be punished forthwith. These actions, no doubt encouraged by the apparatchiks Starmer and Evans have surrounded themselves with are untenable.

    Evans given the authority to pick and choose who will be a member is going to end badly. As with all dictators (that’s how they’re behaving) he’ll be brought down by it.

  10. I completely agree with Skwawkbox that this sort of thing makes a complete laughing stock of Labour. Is the present administration so precious that they can’t take dissent of any sort ? The double standards and arrogance of these Right Wing hypocrites is absolutely unbelievable.

    1. The union officials dealing with Starmer at conferences said Starmer is simply ‘odd’. He looks highly defensive, as on Marr, like a man trapped in a lie and about to have a breakdown.

      Why do you think that is?

    2. ‘I completely agree with Skwawkbox that this sort of thing makes a complete laughing stock of Labour.’
      If he’s still in charge next year animated laughing might be the only response

  11. I hear that they are now sending out emails asking members to contribute to funding “taking their passion to the country”.
    Minimum contribution they hope for is £50.
    I suspect it will all have to come from the right wingers after the dire conference.
    I wonder if any of the contributors to this site will be forking out.

    1. Good heavens – they’ve more front than Blackpool ..

      Dont they know heckling is NORMAL ..

      In the Corbyn days I used to send small sums of money to
      help them with their campaigning .. but not any more!

      I save the money to crowdfund members who are being unjustly treated .

      By the way I think it is no longer forbidden to tell off your suspension – that
      was at least one win from one of the court cases. GLU told the Judge
      “forbidden to tell anyone – don’t be silly – of course we did not mean that!”

    2. goldbach – I already chip in extra on top of my annual membership fees but I’ll consider making further contributions if I’m asked.

      1. goldbach – I made the same contributions during the Corbyn years.

      2. Wouldn’t you be better saving your money for your future pupils? Buy notebooks, pencils, tablets – food and drink…

    3. Golbach “The wee fella” is struggling for a few bob without a job in his Caribbean bolt hole and moneys to tight to mention..And hes also opon to offers of any job including bar tending and Shoe polishing…Rent boy is out of the question…!for now?

  12. A microcosm, illustrating why Labour’s authoritarian right find this out-Torying the Tories act on law & order so easy.

    One thing I found so absurd about Angela Rayner’s ill-judged rant ; it could have equally have been aimed at those on the right in the PLP.

    Sadly, Rayner’s not the sharpest tool in the shed and she wouldn’t understand the similarities. Nor why the attempts to reimpose the electoral college were, in all likelihood, partly with a view to getting rid of her. Starmer wants a Shadow Cabinet of right-wingers only. Their dastardly behaviour kept secret from all.

    1. Andy – Over asking is a very old and well tried negotiating tactic. In the end Starmer got the changes he really wanted without much of a fuss.

      1. SteveH-

        He didn’t win the change he wanted. They wanted the electoral college which really would have locked him in place.

        It’s annoying the CLP trigger ballot threshold went through up to 50%(from 33%) iirc – but doesn’t that just indicate how out-of-touch Labour MPs are, and their insecurities?

        Whee’s the greater democracy in candidate selection he promised in his leadership campaign? Or did he LIE about that too, like the pledges?

        As for MPs 20% trigger & 20% candidate threshold (from 10%) isn’t that much of a biggie, because they need the initial 20% to trigger the contest anyway.

        They also ended registered supporters. Don’t you think it strange though how Kim Leadbeater can join and within weeks stand as a candidate, but they won’t allow members to join and vote in the first six months? Do you see the glaring inconsistencies here, SteveH?

        Starmer has just revealed himself an arsehole to all at this conference, pushing this lot through, regressive measures aimed squarely at protecting the party’s right-wingers.

        The unions need to call a special conference and agree a joint position against this right-wing cabal. These are our terms ultimatum.

      2. I suppose were you are bartering is normal around the markets were you are Steve H. Typical tactic for you beating down the small market stall operator.I T goes to the heart ❤of your type of capitalism.Put them out of business and form a monoply and smash any competition by rigging the system.Sounds familiar ?well it should because your bunch of parasites and misfits have just smashed any competition by and gerrymandering what is left of the Labour party alarmingly hardly a surprise or a whimper.except on here ..I think you have stuffed yourselves and danced on your own grave.

    1. The sick thing is, according to reports I’ve read, Starmer only joined the Labour party himself in 2015, shortly before standing for election. These upstarts are excluding life-long Labour folks who’ve put decades into the party.

      Back to Starmer… Bit odd, isn’t it, reaching your mid-50s successful legal career, and suddenly deciding Labour’s the party for you, then led by Ed Miliband. This despite being a right-winger, as we now know.

      Raises the question, did he join, or was he sent in by the establishment?

      1. Andy – You might have a point if Starmer hadn’t joined the Labour Party in his teens. He was quite a radical in his youth. You may be surprised
        Musing on the future of the Labour Party in 1986, one twenty-four-year-old activist denounced centrism, insisting that the future lay with the grassroots Left. “Instead of heading towards an SDP Mark II”, he wrote, “we would be better to go forward to re-build and develop the party as an instrument of socialism, capable of integrating into its project the emergence of the new social movements of the last twenty years”. That activist was a young Keir Starmer, and he was writing for a journal called Socialist Alternatives.

      2. SteveH – Yes, I know he was radical back then. But that guy back then wouldn’t recognise Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB QC, of today, he’d call him a sellout and an establishment stooge, like many here do. LoL

        A word from the establishment; money offered and many will change their tune. It’s human nature. Look at Blair, likely recruited at Oxbridge, father a Tory activist, attended private school, Fettes. Joins Labour and becomes an MP at the height of the very left-wing Foot era. Odd no?

        The difference with Blair, however as I mentioned elsewhere and it’s something BBC’s Emily Maitlis picked up on, is he always wanted to take the Labour party to the right, he never hid that intention, he wanted to triangulate and created New Labour. Starmer deceived everyone to win, which is unforgivable.

        Every member is able to openly call Starmer a liar, even journalist Owen Jones is, and Starmer’s simply got no reply – how is that a healthy situation for him going forwards?

      3. Steve H Hall you know that we never saw a whisper of him in East Surrey and its all a concocted lie and a good story put in position by his shadowy funders as a “plant” ..You actually believe your own propoganda…amazing

      4. Joseph – Who cares what you think when there are numerous reports from many different sources that tell a different story from yours.
        You actually believe your own propaganda…amazing
        That’s more than a little ironic coming from the selectively blind

      5. Andy…he was never radical back then and we in East Surrey never heard a whisper from anyone named Starmer or the membership of anyone called Starmer.I even checked out the oxted members and nobody in the village had ever heard of him except a lawyer friend of mine and fellow councillor in Surrey did know him when he attended the notoriously snobs school Reigate independent school for the privalaged supporters of private education.

      6. Steve H I don’t know of any other poster on here that held Labour positions of Chair and political education officer and Secretary including councillor on the ground in East Surrey were starmer was a Labour activists and member alleged?…And I and everyone else in Reigate Surrey and the village of oxted next door had ever heard of the name keir Starmer and quite frankly I wish to god that it had stayed that way.Hes a “plant” but whos the gardener?Steve H..davidh?

      7. Joseph – I don’t give a toss whether you were a one term councillor (many years after the event) or not.
        When given the choice of trusting the recollections of someone who has an obsessive and irrational hatred of people with titles (although you do make the occasional concession for various Union leaders when it suites you) and a very blinkered outlook on life or trusting the many reports that confirm what I’ve linked to above you lose by a very large margin.
        Others are more than welcome to judge for themselves whether to believe your laughable conspiracy theories or not.

      8. Andy…I met bliar on a number of occasions and even had w photograph shaking his hands..He was like Harold Wilson who I also met and both were brilliant performers.Maybe we need to check forensicly with the background of all members when we dump the Labour party and start a real democratic socialist movement….Private education and establishment titles alone should be a no no for any socialist and no excuses.Blair is a classic example of give me a child before they are seven and I will give you the man and that also applys to the knights shadowy misfits and the thing himself.

  13. I hear that they are now sending out emails asking members to contribute to funding “taking their passion to the country”.
    Minimum contribution they hope for is £50.

    Roll up, masochists!! Just 50 nicker to get shat on, is all…

    Jesus, the fucking brass neck of these aloof arrogant two-hats.

    Next they’ll be saying it’s only the equivalent of working an extra shift on minimum wage.

    I want them a fight. 🤬🤬🤜💥

  14. If you don’t have the time to watch the full meeting then just watch Arron Bastani’s opening statement.
    Very to the point, if a little restrained.

    1. Profuse apologies to Aaron for, in my haste to provide the link, spelling his name wrongly.

    1. George unfortunately the ‘link’ you’ve given is to a file saved on your computer

      1. Unfortunately some of us oldies still think a phone is for phoning people and a typwriter is for typing.Windows are for opening and Apple 🍎is a healthy fruit….nothing to be embarrassed about George and I still write letters in ink and use a blotter and occasionally use italics when I am showing off to fellow oldys….I dont have a TV 📺 either even though I remember being the first in the street when all our neighbours came round to our house to see the black and white TV 📺and my mum laid on the tea and sandwiches…!The Labour party actually represented the working-class and we just saw the beginnings of the NHS and the welfare state…happy days…and now?…enter the black knight of the realm.! Thanks for the “attempt” George.!peel.its appreciated.

  15. Just looked at Labour List for a laugh and all these political morons were praising the Leaders dire speech apart from a few like Unite the Union.
    Shame Labour List doesn’t have the bottle to have a comments box which is perhaps why we get a few of their renegades on here?
    And what is Lightweight Labour List frightened of?
    My comment would have been:
    Oswald Moseley Lives?

    1. Bazza- There seems to be a concerted attempt to crush all online avenues of political debate & dissent. The west has become paranoid about unproven foreign political interference. I say, unproven, alleged interference, because the evidence for the claims is apparently too top-secret for the public to know about. It’s a case of ‘trust us’, but we don’t.

      I’m cynical , because closing down comments and debate suits the UK’s political establishment, who fear the internet’s potential as a tool for radical debate & dissent.

      Those who run forums should automatically be sceptical of such claims coming from any public authority. Authorities hate social media with a passion.

    2. Bazza – LabourList is sponsored by Unite and the FBU and takes contributions from right across Labour’s political spectrum. Len McCluskey is a regular contributor as are members of the SCG. Jeremy Corbyn has written about 200 articles for them.
      They used to have a comments section but this was discontinued during the Corbyn years because it descended into an unmanageable cesspit of the left and right wings slagging off each other. Far worse than anything you see on these pages.
      Personally I think that LabourList made the correct decision to use its limited resources to keep us informed rather than moderating numpties.

      1. Labour list is a right wing one women band and stinks to high heaven with neo liberal propoganda and I don’t give a monkeys about who the latest sell out that’s posting on there is .The fact that Steve H Hall centrist Dad and other aliases recomends it says it all.

    3. Steve H Hall centrist Dad posts on Bot sentinel @boxcartrend and hes received rather better than on here although a few commentated that he had not posted from the middle of August till early September?….I think he was making a runner 🏃for the Caribbean bolt hole in the aptly named “Windys” .

  16. Personally I think that LabourList made the correct decision to use its limited resources to keep us informed rather than moderating numpties.

    Code for: You plebieans ought to take their word as gospel, without question or dissent.

    1. Toffee – Not at all. I thought that I had been quite clear that they publish articles from a wide range of opinions both left and right. Many of the articles conflict each other.
      What I am saying is that the content from their own staff is accurate and often the first to publish Labour news and as for the contributors articles there is a wide range of views that readers can inform themselves from and reach their own conclusions from a varied opinion base.
      You may not agree with everything they publish but that is point. If you prefer to be led by the nose and stick to reading only the stuff that you agree with then that is your problem.

      1. . If you prefer to be led by the nose and stick to reading only the stuff that you agree with then that is your problem.

        Dafuq are you babblin on about now?

        Reading only the stuff I agree with?

        Do you need reminding you’re always crying that I’m supposedly following you around like a lost puppy (your words) every time I reply to the superabundance of utter fucking. bilge that you spout?


  17. Completely off topic:

    I think Skwawkbox should call in a company to carry out some pest control as it has become infested by rodent vermin, then again so has the labour party but with the labour party there isn’t a big enough company to deal with its infestation!

  18. To deal with vermin especially with rats you must follow the rat run 🏃which you can spot by the well worn paths …sewers…drainage gutters etc were the tracks are often spotted with nasty excreta that smells when mixed with the toxic urine that they , “spaff up the wall” as recently discovered by the nature loving Squawkbox.Unfortunately incontinence and spaffing is part of the natural behaviour of the Rats .and somtimes you have to completely eradicate them and destroy the nest to avoid a re infection. as they have a tendency to multiply on a grand scale and somtimes its the only solution.

  19. The underlying problem is the “bringing the party into disrepute” rule has always been an extremely blunt, easily-exploited instrument allowing the NEC to get rid of anyone they just don’t like. It’s an instrument that has been almost uniformly targeted at the left of the party over the last six years.

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