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Exclusive: Labour EXPELS Jewish Voice for Labour chair – then SUSPENDS her 6 mins later

Stalinist, antisemitic and incompetent – Labour’s assault on left-wing Jews continues

Leah Levane: hunted and expelled by Starmerites – incompetently

Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) co-chair Leah Levane has been expelled – to be precise, ‘auto-excluded’ by the Labour party for attending Labour in Exile (LIEN) and Labour Against the Witchhunt (LAW) meetings when it was perfectly acceptable under the party’s rules to do so, long before both groups were ‘proscribed’ by the cowardly Labour right.

Ms Levane becomes another victim of the party’s racist pursuit of left-wing Jews, with JVL officers more than 200 times more likely to be targeted than non-Jewish Labour members.

Levane was targeted at the party’s conference, where she was an accredited delegate until Labour decided not to admit her, with some incorrectly reporting that she had been dragged out by police – but as well as being deeply sinister the party’s conduct toward her has been farcical, demonstrating the arrogant incompetence of the Labour right as well as its inherent racism and Stalinism.

Ms Levane received an email from the party at 8.29pm notifying her that she had been summarily expelled – along with what has become the usual high-handed refusal by the party to properly justify its decision, in particular its unlawful retrospective punishment for things that were not outlawed at the time they took place – with immediate effect.

But six minutes after that, at 8.35pm, she received an email from the party that informed her that she had been suspended from the same membership from which the same Labour office had just expelled her.

Stalinist, fascist and fundamentally f***ing useless. Dear readers, I give you the Labour right’s sinister and thoroughly tinpot regime.

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  1. John McDonnell: “I saw someone on the way up, I asked them what they thought of Conference: what a shitshow, they said. It’s falling apart.”

    Starmer’s running the Shitshow…..

    1. Doug
      You are absolutely correct but the timing has to right – the delegates can’t miss any important votes – how about during Starmers speech?

      1. Just, as he starts to speak, after the applause has died down.

        Stand-up, walk-out – to a refrain of – ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!’

        Let’s see Security try to stop them.

        This is how the Portuguese do it :

      2. Smartboy, I don’t plan to miss any important votes but, I have just booked a train ticket that would ensure that I miss Starmer’s speech.

      3. George Peel : 28/09/2021 at 2:33 am

        Wee, bit more about that song in the vid – The Portuguese overthrew their fascist, right-wing government of forty-eight years, in April 1974.

        This was one of two songs played – early in the morning – over the radio, to signal the start of the revolution.

        Not completely bloodless – they, almost, managed it.

    2. Democracy is the least worst system
      Let the people sing or we will dust off our pitch forks

  2. There are no clowns to the left, but plenty of jokers to the right in New New Labour. We seem to be stuck in the middle…..
    I fail to see why we should be worried by these incompetents and scoundrels who clearly couldn’t even lie straight in bed.
    I just want somebody decent to vote for during election time.

  3. The expulsion of an elected official of a Jewish political movement is a blatantly antisemitic. As I posted earlier one of the first sanctions the Nazis enacted against the Jews was exclusion from political office. Labour is now doing the same.

    1. Yep, but the difference is of course that Srarmer and Evans and Co are only persecuting left-wing Jews.

      Ironic though, isn’t it, that Jeremy posed no threat whatsoever to Britain’s Jews, and now the very people who were part and parcel of fraudulently ‘transforming’ him into an Existential Threat, are now attacking and purging left-wing Jewish LP members.

      And the vast majority of people in the country are completely oblivious to what is REALLY happening (and most of what’s happening anyway).

      1. Yes Allan I agree that it is only Left wing non Zionist Jews are being expelled and as I have posted before the silence from the BOD CAA etc about this is deafening thereby exposing the political motivation behind their disgusting attacks on Jeremy Corbyn

  4. I’m sure most people have heard the one about Scunthorpe, but WHO put the ARSE in Starmer?!!

    Needless to say. Starmer and his fellow fascist arseholes planned when they would do it in advance so as to amuse themselves and other Blairites, Yep, fascists are inherently sadistic!!

    1. As you know Carol, malcolm colemann was a joke name a former girlfriend called me, and so I used that as a user-name when I first set up the account years ago. I know that you know that, so what’s with this sudden thing recently with you and your sidekick signpost keep mentioning it and referring to me as such? Is there some purpose in you doing so? Is it some ingenious ploy on your part?

      I mean does it make any sense whatsoever that if my name was in fact malcolm colemann that I wouldn’t post under that name OR that I would change it to Allan Howard for some inexplicable reason, and especially in view of the fact that all one has to do is hold the cursor over the avatar (next to the name).

      Anyway Carol, needless to say, I had little doubt that you would be posting a ‘reply’ of some sort shortly after I posted, and as predicted, you DID! Just like the good little shill you are!

      So who told you that 300,000 people had left the Labour Party Carol? You just can’t get through the day without doing some Deception and trying to dupe people/readers can you Carol!! Deception and Duplicity and deceiving people is a drug that psychopaths like yourself are addicted to, just like Starmer and Blair and Johnson and May……

      Enjoy your night-shift Carol!

      1. I and my wife of fifty years post with our real names and my wife Carol who posts on other sites.We are as one…and are clearly caroljoeokeefe.and make no efforts to decieve unlike you white flag man Allan Howard Malcolm Colman….and you know it shill..!

      2. PS It’s hard to believe that someone of your age – or just about ANYONE above the age of twelve or thirteen – and someone who once served as a councillor could be so immature and childish, or be capable of being so immature and childish. Quite astonishing really.

        In signpost’s case, at least one can put it down to the medication he’s taking.

  5. I never ever thought I would see the day that the following could be said on reference to the labour party;

    “First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist

    Then they came for the Socialists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist

    Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist

    Then they came for the Jews
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Jew

    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me”

    Pastor Martin Niemöller

      1. Malcolm Colman Allan Howard white flag man…They were talking generally not speaking through the media.Can’t you understand anything in normal human reactions?when under the jackboot? Richard is trying to explain to cowards like yourself who hide behind the keyboard that at somtime you cant aceppt the unacceptable and you must fight to the death if necessary because to waive the white flag only makes the fascist stronger…Ya verstan minheer “?

      2. Yes, I know Joe, I”m not stupid. Richard was in fact citing it in relation to the Labour Party under Starmer’s leadership. Or do you think it’s possible for someone to read what Richard said initially and NOT know that he was referring to Starmer and Co! The reason I mentioned the media and how the Nazis had complete control over it was obviously to make the point that the SAME applies in Britain – ie that the MSM is the Establishment’s propaganda machine. A propaganda machine that smears and demonises it’s political enemies (as they see them), and has done so time and time again over the years, as they did to Ken Livingstone when he was leader of the GLC (and on other occasions of course), for example, and Michael Foot when he was leader of the LP, and then Neil Kinnock, and JC during the past six years of course. In a word, the Left.

        So given that THAT is the case – ie that just like the Nazis the MSM is totally controlled by the Establishment’s minions, then HOW can the left ‘speak out’ about what THEY are doing to the left. They can’t of course because THEY completely control the narrative, and can lie and fabricate and defame and demonise who and what they want to, and deceive and mislead millions and millions of people on the other hand.

        In a post a couple of days ago (in relation to an article about the Sun) I mentioned the fake survey that the Sun concocted about Junior doctors a few years ago when they were taking industrial action, concocted and designed to have their readers believe that they – junior (and student) doctors – were hypocrites. And I also mentioned that I first came across skwawkbox in the process of putting together a leaflet about it (I also put a leaflet together at the same time about the surreptitious privatisation of the NHS that had been going on for more than twenty years), but I didn’t elaborate as that was irrelevant. But just for you information, I ran off 500 copies of each leaflet (the fake survey leaflet was two sides of A5, and the NHS leaflet four sides), put a copy of each in A4-sized envelops, and put them through peoples front doors (at the end of each leaflet in bold type it finished by saying: PLEASE COPY AND/OR SCAN AND CIRCULATE TO FRIENDS AND RELATIVES AND WORK COLLEAGUES ETC.

        And I have put together many such leaflets over the years in relation to various issues, most of which (when it was a factor) ALSO included exposing the lies and falsehoods dissembled by the right-wing press in respect of the particular issue, one example being the lies and falsehoods dissembled about speed cameras by the ironically-named Safe Speed and the pompous-sounding Association of British Drivers, along with the right-wing press, and to it’s shame, the Mirror, who churned out anti-camera black propaganda on a regular basis.

        I also organised more than fifty benefits over the course of seven years or so, and raised thousands of pounds, the money raised going to a wide range of environmental and animal welfare groups, including Greenpeace, Friends Of the Earth and Compassion In World Farming, to name just a few. I also put together a community newspaper….. And done many, many other things/campaigns over the years and, as such, have been a very active activist for most of my adult life.

        All YOU have ever done is BULLSHIT people!!

  6. My god Malcolm Colman white flag man finaly talks about resistence.IT seems the Gods are listening…!Thankyou finally …about the apology that you owe me Allan Howard white flag man…for how long now?…maybe its like “The book”…awaiting publication or” my girl fwend wouldn’t let me “…grow up how old are you?Malcolm Colman?

  7. Carrot and stick is the only solution in Palestine,just like the armed forces buildi w wng bombed in Kirk straatt Pretoria RSA and the attack on Zwartkops airbase inbetween joburg \Pretoria that slowed down the bombers heading out to Mozambique and South west Afrika Namibia.The Meltdown of the AFrikaans fascist movment in Bophutatswana..all that the British media ignored until the release of Nelson Mandela nearly a decade later.You somtimes cant negotiate only .The lunatics in Pretoria were already in the final stages of perfecting a Nucleur weapon at the Brits Nucor \kernkor base north of Pretoria….WE found out in occupied Ireland and S.Afrika that the carrots and sticks approach usually works especially with religioous fanatics that you have in all of them countries and the still occupied basket case of N.Ireland the failed partition Apparthied British Empire colony..Time for brother Arabs countries to intervene in the slaughter of the Palestinian people..because nobody else Will.

  8. The cynic in my believes that the reason for the suspension letter 6 minutes later after the expulsion letter, is because the person sending the first letter realised that once Leah was expelled she would not longer be liable to pay levies to the Party.
    However, while on suspension that can last many months and even years, she will have to carry on paying the Labour’s Party levies, but while suspended she cannot attend Labour Party meetings at all. Basically, the Party shuts her up but keeps the money.
    Would Leah stop paying the levies then, the Party bureaucracy would present Leah as leaving the Party on her own volition, rather than the Party expelling Leah.

    1. Maria..I don’t think that anything lodgical applys to these people inside the Labour party alarmingly The only message coming across is that its probably not possible to stop the insane ideology and cruelty of these people who are going nowhere and litterly doing nothing for the ordinary people in the streets.of Britain.By the way I am sure you have played your cards correctly and turned off the the Labour party parasites.Thanks for the info on the conference its been interesting but obviously not the pleasure that it used to be.many years ago..Solidarity comrade.

    2. Maria/Joseph
      At end of 2020 they still have £11 million of our hard earned £’s
      Resigning is a completely futile gesture and exactly what they want
      We are better than this, Unison is a very good case study, play that one out, same with Labour, this time next year comrades

      1. Doug, you are probably right that it is what the right want for us to leave.
        However, what right now counts more with me is what I want: to stop financing a Labour Party that is turning into a fascist Party right before my eyes.
        This isn’t about left of right (I didn’t leave during Blair’s Iraq fiasco) but rather about ensuring that my levies don’t support a political Party that has been taken over by people that behave like fascist do.
        I was born under fascism and grew up with it right into my late teens. You and others still comfortable financing fascism go ahead, I would not.
        I have cancelled my DD rather than sending a letter of resignation to the Party. If by any chance Starmer faces a challenge and the changes that were passed at this Conference through gerrymandering are revoked, I will pay my arrears and stay. Otherwise, I would leave.
        It would be interesting to see as to whatever Starmer would stop the purge on the left of the Party or will carry on. My impression is that it hasn’t reach the thousands that Rayners is willing to purge. At least it isn’t going to be with my money.

      2. Doug, under Labour Party Rules and to this one Starmer and Evans et all will hold for dear live, no motion can be presented to Conference asking to revert the rules just passed until Conference 2024.
        Hence, never mind when the next GE will be 2023 or 2024 and the ensuing electoral disaster for Labour, Starmer will resign in the knowledge that with a 20% for nominations no Labour MP from the left would be able to mount a leadership challenge.
        Remember how difficult it was for Corbyn to secure 15% nominations? How some MPs only agree to lend him nominations because in their wildest dreams he couldn’t win the leadership contest?
        The results from this Conference have ensure that another surprise candidate cannot rise from the backbenches again in 2023 or 2023.

      3. >>Resigning is a completely futile gesture and exactly what they want

        Well first it’s mine what you do is up to you old chap.

        While shills and fools want us to keep on paying for them! I won’t appease apease apease and hide that I am a socialist for what? I was brought up a 3rd generation socialist now since Starmer without a party I held my nose for Blair but sure as hell won’t worship this cult of new Labour 2.0 and the stay and fight merchants never once want to answer the most basic question when 95% of the party is right wing and you can’t remove them so how are you magically to turn it back left wing? Is that because you have no answers only keep on giving them money and support?

        No thanks…

    3. Maria, I really believe it’s more likely to be just crass incompetance by badly trained temporary staff. Or maybe they are doing it deliberately to expose Labour for the shambolic, cesspit it really is.

      A facebook associate posted on Friday, that he had cancelled his DD and it had expired. Days later he got his auto expulsion letter, making him possibly, the first non Labour member to be expelled.

      Looks like they have hired some professional incompetents.

  9. Stand up as Starmer is about to speak and March out singing “Oh Jeremy Corbyn!”
    Take the power by withdrawing your Labour.
    Take the p out of Latter Day Pound Shop Oswald Moseley?

    1. Looks like there’s a need for LP Members to form their own Union and make the current unofficial industrial action, which many members and ex-members are already taking, official.

      For the many, not the few.

  10. Did i just witness the brown shirts being sent home by the sharp black suits? and leaving behind that unqualified shadowy cabinet painfully struggling with politics that they don’t appear to understand? In the parallel alt reality of london drawing rooms champaign corks are popping like ‘call me tony’s eyes’.

  11. After this alleged conference(pantomime)I would expect the Labour party to bleed members like a stuck pig with some actually activity from the socialist group of mps.Lets hope they jump before they are expelled and the real Opposition party begins.WE are waiting hundreds of thousands of us with subscriptions and donations….Forget the Blairite 1000club it will soon be the millions club for a Socialist real revival.

  12. Maria – I can think of one candidate who will get the 20% of votes and that is Dawn Butler
    for how can anyone refuse her?

    Obviously Angela Rayner will stand -and easily obtain the 20%.

    Lisa Nandy has already said she will not stand – because of “toxic sexism”.

    No other woman comes immediately to mind who would stand against those two.

    I cannot think of any man who would stand TBH on account of the necessity of a woman
    as Leader of the Labour Party

    1. HolbyFanMW, are you sure than Dawn Butler would get 20% nominations required from the PLP? Somehow the factual evidence speaks against it. She struggle to get the 10% threshold nominations to stand for Deputy Leader back in 2019/2020.
      Angela Rayners will get the 20% but she isn’t left. She is a sly opportunist adept to play whatever side benefits her the most.
      Back in 2015 Rayners abstained on the Welfare Bill and dutifully followed the Labour whip as instructed by Harriet Harman. One would have though that with her back family story and in the backbenches she will have voted against it on principle. Clive Lewis a new MP too voted against it and nominated Corbyn.
      Let’s us not forget that she backed the expulsion of Chris Williamson and she is member of the Labour PLP grouping Friends of Israel and is willing to spell thousands of members to apease the BoB.

  13. The ‘righteous’ Starmer, once more harassing, suspending and expelling socialist Jews.

    I have no words, except to say to every socialist coralled in the Labour Party, Jewish or not, get to hell off this sinking ship, the rats have taken over.

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