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Exclusive: the FOUR left groups Labour plans to outlaw – and the ‘Labour’ MP who wants left-wing Jews added to the list

Labour NEC will ‘proscribe’ four groups next week – and Neil Coyle wants left-wing Jews out too

Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) intends to ‘proscribe’ four left-wing groups next week, making mere membership of them an automatic expulsion offence even though they do not breach Labour’s rule about standing candidates against the party.

Two have been named in the press, but the four groups are listed here:

  1. Socialist Appeal
  2. Labour in Exile Network
  3. Labour against the Witchhunt
  4. Resist

While Labour suffers freefall in the polls and Keir Starmer’s toxicity accelerates that process, Starmer and his sidekick David Evans are consumed with consolidating the right’s hold on internal party power – so much for old right-wing accusations that Corbyn supporters weren’t interested in winning power (and of course it wasn’t Corbyn supporters that were sabotaging election efforts).

But for dire right-wing MP Neil Coyle – an MP so poor that even his own campaigners gave him a roasting – Starmer and Evans are not going far enough. He wants left-wing Jews outlawed and expelled too – and was not shy about saying so publicly this evening:

JVL, of course, is not a ‘communist’ group – just a group of Jewish Labour members who empathise and stand in solidarity with oppressed Palestinians.

But to call for the expulsion of the entire group simply for being Jewish and left-wing?

Skwawkbox has been told that members and others have made antisemitism complaints to the Labour party. He has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Is there anyone on the left, anyone at all who now doubts that Zionism is the greatest threat to having a Socialist Labour Party?

    1. At the NEC nine hour meeting; SIR Max Headroom Keith Rodney Starmer has been asked to “step aside”. Rodney refused.
      Unsurprisingly, the nest of Tory vipers are blaming everything on everyone others; those who want a decent society i.e. the “Left”, “Jewish Voice for Labour”… The difference is, Rodney’s band don’t believe that tripe. They expect the electorate, in desperation and anger, will eventually choose another label. I expect the people have sussed the scam and are using their votes as best as they can to protest.
      Max Headroom’s cabal still hope enough people will believe their lies. So far it’s a big fat NO, from the electorate. They know Keith’s band offers more of the same Tory exploitation of the many. The people realise that SIR Keith & greedy band only want their filthy snouts up front in the troughs.
      Note well, Keith Starmer does not mention fixing the perverse tax system which allows the billionaires to pay less tax than most of “the many”. SIR Keith refuses to utter a whisper naming SERCO, Deloitte, Ranox, G4S and other bandits. Not a whisper against the “institutionally corrupt” police and the beyond woeful DAME Cressida Dick. Why? Because SIR Keith wants his turn to commit Tory crimes. The Labour party, the country and the people are only targets for exploitation. That is all.

      1. signpost
        Is that a fact, TE asked to step aside at NEC meeting
        Hope so

      2. Yes Doug. But he refused. Was v heated NEC meeting, but some of his gang defended him.
        Also Andy Burnham, as i posted many months ago is on manoeuvres and has made it plain that he will stand. Of course the war criminal Blair still fancy its chances because of its “profound arrogance” or “profound ego” according to someone. But Doug ignore the types who from the get go whine on about Burnham won’t abandon Manchester, or won’t want the poisonous PLP etc etc etc The haven’t got a clue … until after events… way after events. Commentators gripped by damp fear… perpetually obsessed about what the parasites might do. Tiresome utter nonsense they laughable describe as pragmatism and strategy.

        BTW, nb, basic logic; who was more likely to split a “left” vote someone alleged to have the least support or those who are alleged to have more support / nominations. Explain the deadly silence from those who badgered nonstop that Howard Beckett should pull out.
        Have you noticed? Not a peep. In fact true to the words ish they can live with Beckett, Graham or Turner…. yeees… Logic: the predictable silence indicates they could live with Turner Graham or Coyne.

        Our KEY problems are within. The externalities are the reality of life. They can be defeated pretty easily. Jeremy and Welsh Labour proves that. But I see a huge struggle to maintain the victories. Too many are fixated on external stuff.

        Basics. Basics. Basics.

      3. they LAUGHABLY …
        and other errors

      4. yes doug, Yes Doug. But he refused. Was v heated NEC meeting, but some of his gang defended him.
        Also Andy Burnham, as i posted many months ago is on manoeuvres and has made it plain that he will stand. Of course the war criminal Blair still fancy its chances because of its “profound arrogance” or “profound ego” according to someone. But Doug ignore the types who from the get go whine on about Burnham won’t abandon Manchester, or won’t want the poisonous PLP etc etc etc The haven’t got a clue … until after events… way after events. Commentators gripped by damp fear… perpetually obsessed about what the parasites might do. Tiresome utter nonsense they laughable describe as pragmatism and strategy.

        BTW, nb, basic logic; who was more likely to split a “left” vote someone alleged to have the least support or those who are alleged to have more support / nominations. Explain the deadly silence from those who badgered nonstop that Howard Beckett should pull out.
        Have you noticed? Not a peep. In fact true to the words ish they can live with Beckett, Graham or Turner…. yeees… Logic: the predictable silence indicates they could live with Turner Graham or Coyne.

        Our KEY problems are within. The externalities are the reality of life. They can be defeated pretty easily. Jeremy and Welsh Labour proves that. But I see a huge struggle to maintain the victories. Too many are fixated on external stuff.

        Basics. Basics. Basics.

      5. He’s finished then, one step closer to getting rid of Red Tories

      6. Doug, he was finished b4 he was started. He was imposed to do a job. The imposers did not expect their luck that he would be enabled with a shadow cabinet post, then enabled and strengthened further by the members wilfully being deprived of the internal report info which accrued over four years. Thus they were robbed of being able to make an informed decision. Think of the consequences of depriving a patient of informed consent…
        The result was Starmer was allowed to deceive the membership. Now in office and with means to do the job faster than expected of purging the party of its founding purpose and those who respect that purpose.

        From what i detect, including what is said and not said right here on, if we had a miraculous chance again, we will have full enough public support of our vision but the priority will be the fixation on getting the “love”, approval / acceptance of the most despicable creature Bliar and people eg Twatson, Hodge, Mandelson. Our lot are immune to evidence. They believe the bilge pumped out by the MSM. That’s why despite conclusive evidence, they parrot the tosh about us needing to choose a leader who is not “too far left”. That’s the exact type who call the masses “uninformed” and poorly “educated”. Interestingly, almost every single occasion when someone says “i’m not very clever” or “i’m only a plumber / gardner / etc their views to me are sparklingly sound, logical, on point, tangible…

        I suspect they read, listen widely and think independently. I LONG desperately for such to take over the party and completely replace anyone who regurgitates MSM propaganda without realising it…. and replace all defeatist too and all fixated on mythical external omnipotent forces. Well intended people i’m sure, say nice things about each other yet lambast the general public with undeserved smears… so maybe not as lovely as they think… unwittingly blinkered to the wisdom of those who keep ALL countries working.
        Sad but fascinating…

        We don’t need crowds. We had them and they were treated infinitely less important than Tom Watson was. Quite an insult. We can have enthusiastic crowds again. I’m convinced i heard “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” at the semi final Euro 2021. How will that enthusiasm be ranked next time… against the approval of Watson, Hodge, Straw, Coyle, Streeting…


  2. It would appear that two of the most corrosive groups within the Labour Party, the Zionist groups ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ and ‘Jewish Labour Movement’ are to be left alone to continue their smearing of anyone who protests against the apartheid and racism of Israel.

  3. BTL on the Guardian today – Starmer received a complete roasting. The man is a goner. Just the final quivering now before even he has to admit he’s not cut out for the job (see how polite I am being?).

    1. Two URGENT OPEN QUESTION to SIR Rodney Keith Starmer:

      1️⃣ Why is Colin Pitchfork being released while Julian Assange remains incarcerated❓
      2️⃣ Should Colin Pitchfork be on the Sex Offender’s Resgister❓

  4. Oh for God’s sake Left in Labour, time to form a new left wing democratic socialist party. Rule one – all its MPs accept the average workers wage (smashes careerism). Rule two – the party will be guided by HONESTY (smashes vanguardism – the top downers with the ready made programmes who will tell diverse working people how to live their lives – A SOCiALISM FOR as the bourgeois socialists think they can steal socialism! When we need grassroots & bottom up – A SOCIALISM WITH!) Rule three – OMOV. I left 10 seconds after political moron Mr S was elected, I knew what was coming. The Right in labour are simply poorly read, lacking in critical thinking skills, frightened of being radical, deluded in their great men and women of history theory beliefs (usually men, who will sort all our problems out) and the political nincompoops actually enjoy fighting the Left as they fall for the Tory/Right Wing Media narrative re the Left. The Right in Labour in my view fall a long way short of being good enough human beings to (with diverse working people) transform the world, they want power for themselves, we want power for diverse working people and left wing democratic socialists in power in every country! Solidarity!

      1. That’s what they said about Corbyn in 2017 & if the Labour Right hadn’t sabotaged him we could have got over the line, and those left ideas still have their power and supporters! Of course then Starmer destroyed Labour’s chances in 2019 with his push for a 2nd PV which betrayed diverse working class voters in two thirds of Labour constituencies and SNATCHED DEFEAT FROM THE JAWS OF VICTORY. Unlike you SH most peoples’ commitment on here is to diverse working people and a left wing democratic socialist transformation in every country. I recommend readers just ignore you, why you could even be Mr M or one of his lieutenants? But history has passed you by, the era of the Great Man and Woman of History is over, time for The Great Masses of History!

      2. Bazza – Jeremy Corbyn disagrees with you.
        JC has quite clearly stated on camera on at least 2 occasions that the reason that Labour supported a CV is because the vast majority of Labour Party Members demanded it.

      3. It’s interesting what the reality of voter turnout and membership figures tell us about the comparative health of the Party under Corbyn. Corbyn’s 12.8mil turnout in 2017 was the highest Labour turnout in nearly 20yrs. His 2019 so-called worst Labour result ever, was still two million more votes than Gordon Brown, one million more votes than Ed Miliband, and one million more votes than Tony Blair’s final election win.
        Blair & Brown also lost 2 thirds of Labour’s once 400,000 strong membership and the firebrigades union disaffiliated. Corbyn by comparison turned Labour into the largest political democratic organization in Europe with 0.5 million members.
        Starmer’s insurgency can clearly only go one way!

      4. I hate to say this but good! Why? Because anyone still a socialist who is hanging on in the stupid idea that they can vote this cancer out is stupid. It’s to keep this cult of new Labour 2.0 has taken over let them have the husk it’s sinking fast don’t give them money, support or your vote they need socialists more than we need this right-wing Tory-lite BS version of the once great Labour party. Let it fail maybe then we can form a socialist ONLY Labour and rebuild keep on trying to correct the same mistakes of the past isn’t going to work. Let them kick out every socialist great they are only making the destruction of Labour quicker.

        Oh and we want to talk numbers how’s them polls doing then? What was it kick out JC and were be 20 points ahead… Opps was that reversed soon be 20 points below?

        But carry on I love the fact you fools are killing Labour but your stupid hatred of socialism in a socialist party is hysterical.

      5. Jeremy Corbyn is a great left wing democratic socialist but was just too nice when he was up against Right Wing Labour thugs?
        I would have expelled the 100 plus Right Wing Labour MPs involved in the first coup and had re-selection meetings within 3 months & got real socialists to replace the careerists.
        But JC was not faultless, he was niave in accepting (yes it is correct that the majority of his supporters were Remainers – because they lacked a real socialist analysis) the majority of members were for Remain.
        But Leadership at times is about going again the majority, Lenin from a minority view had to push the Bolsheviks into place and the Right Wing Barbarian and opportunist (and later mass murder) Stalin was initially even against the uprising in October 1917.
        But of course those at the top then kept the power for themselves and eventually everything went wrong for the bourgeois socialists, perhaps sometimes from above but most of the time from below and perhaps the secret of socialism is HONESTY.
        And all Left wing democratic socialist MPs should accept the average workers wage which kills careerism at a stroke.
        Jeremy et al had the altruism but not the occasional toughness. Perhaps the younger new socialists are learning. Capital recognises strength and I would take a billion from the top 100 companies (who are sat on billions which is created by the Labour of diverse working people) to be paid in 7 days failure to comply £2b! Diverse working people of the world recognise your power!

      6. Bazza – So it’s democratic socialism all the way until you disagree with the outcome at which point you quickly revert to the imposition of an authoritarian dictatorship.
        Is it any wonder you have continually failed to make any meaningful progress when the people can’t trust you with their rights and freedoms..

    1. No Right Wing Barbarian SH, JC should have offered an analysis. Two thirds of Labour CLPs have a majority support for BREXIT, if you go against this we will lose and millions of diverse working people and then more will suffer. I call a democratic vote, if I lose, I will resign. That’s political courage, my IDEAS and analysis v yours.

      1. Bazza – That isn’t what you said above. It is unfortunate that JC even lacked the political courage to introduce mandatory reselection when he had all the votes he needed to force it through conference. He actively went behind the members backs to thwart it.

      1. Jack – My allegiances lie with the Labour Party, how about you?

      2. Bah! “The Labour Party”! Your allegiances lie with Thatcher’s Parasite Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories under the management of The Board of Deputies and their Bitch The Fuhrer Apartheid Keith!
        You wouldn’t know what the “Labour Party” is if the “Labour Party” bit you on the Arse! You are a Neoliberal Tory! What do you think will happen to: 1) Palestine and 2) Julian Assange if Apartheid Keith gets anywhere near Nr10! A far worse fate than even under the Inbred Ogre’s flavour of Tories! Thank goodness there are MANY who will make sure that Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES are only going one way, out the back door of Parliament, swept out with the rest of the trash!

      3. skellyknelly – If there were many of you then you’d be running the Labour party, but as you are only a small minority you aren’t.

      4. Yep, an allegiance to a LP run and controlled by fascists!

      5. Allan – If you are referring to your 4,000+ word novelette I’d be surprised if anyone has managed to plough through it, If that is an extract from your yet to be published book then your editor is going to have to do some serious work to transform it from a rambling diatribe into readable prose,

      6. Worshipping their Neoliberal Corporate Brand Name “Labour” deliberately oblivious of the consequences, just as long as the Brand “Labour” wins! Exactly the same reason why many people vote Conservative.
        A once colleague, a really ‘cool kid’, interesting, creative, peace and love, etc once told me she votes Conservative when politics came up, I nearly fell off my chair, she literally encompasses absolutely everything a Tory Hates, after questioning her, well my Parents do, so did their parents and their parents etc! So many kids like her blindly vote year in year out with 0 thought, 0 positive unbiased information, 0 understanding of the consequences, etc, etc! You may as well put a blue square and a red square with the instruction ‘place an X at your favourite colour’!

      7. SteveH it’s a given that members are in the Party because that’s where they want to be but it’s clear that Starmer does not want Socialists. So are you a Socialist or a Starmerist?

        As you may recall, I was expelled in the witch Hunt.

      8. Jack – Their desire to be members isn’t in question It is the reason they are members that is at issue

      9. “SteveH are yours (allegiances) with Socialism or Zionism/Starmerism?”

        Can an algorithim properly be said to have an allegiance? And even if steveh actually is a carbon life form, he nevertheless posts like an algorithm, a soulless processor – if he were a tory we’d say “he knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing”.

      10. qwertbooi – In which case we can be all be thankful that I’m not a Tory.

      11. qwertbooi – In which case we can be all be thankful that I’m not a Tory.

        Not really steveh. A Conservative is an ‘Opponent’, a right-leaning neoliberal in Labour is the “Enemy”.

        A proper “class enemy” that is – and I say that as a socialist, not as a Hyacinth Buckett.

      12. qwertboi – Given that I think you’re a gullible waste of space you won’t be surprised to see that I don’t really care what you think.

      13. You think anyone cares about what you think!? You are one of 5 or so Misfit Trolls who are nothing more than a bit of fun every once in a while, a thing that goes squeak when poked with a stick!
        As I told you before this is a comment section of a News Blog, people come here to express their opinions, which everyone is entitled to even you, but to call people insults and names only shows your own weakness and Ignorance. Do you actually think Quertboi – feels remotely hurt by “gullible waste of space” especially coming from YOU!? The Poster Boy of Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES, whining on the Skwawkbox Comments section!

      14. skellyknelly – “You think anyone cares about what you think!?”
        …..and yet here you are making nonsense of your own comment by responding to my observations.

      15. skellyknelly – It’s defeatist to give in so easily. Why don’t you have another go at explaining your point

      16. skellyknelly – Not at all, as I said above it was intended as an observation not an insult.

      17. SteveH “Jack – Their desire to be members isn’t in question It is the reason they are members that is at issue”

        Keep going SteveH, you are getting there if a little slowly.

        Is one of the reasons you are a member of the ‘Democratic Socialist Party’ because you are a Socialist?

        In your opinion, is Starmer a Socialist?

      1. Pat – Thanks for taking the time out to let me know how much you don’t care. 😕

    1. …erm…”their elegances”?

      BTW, since everything Starmer’s done as leader has been an absolute failure in practical political terms, why DO you defend the man? It’s now clear he won’t stop until he’s lowered the party to Blairism again, and it’s now clear, based on the results in ’10, ’15, the 6th May locals/Hartlepool/just barely holding Batley & Old Spen results that Labour can never win another GE on a Blairite manifesto again, so what, in anything Keir has done, can you possibly see as being worthy of your loyalty?

      You do realise that the party can’t be elected on an “it’s enough to have something CALLED ‘a Labour government”, right? You do realise that the polls now prove Labour didn’t lose because it dared to be mildly socialist, do you not?

      What is there to defend in any of Starmer’s choices?

      1. kenburch – Would you prefer Yvette Cooper (who by the way doesn’t support PR) instead. In a recent poll of Labour members Yvette Cooper was way out in front of the other prospective candidates.

      2. OK, Steve, that response creates some questions:
        1) Why do you believe that Starmer is NOT the most right-wing leader Labour could possibly have?

        2) Do you actually think his treatment of Labour Left- I know you like to pretend you’re a left-winger for some reason, but let’s set that aside for now- serves any legitimate purpose? We already know what he’s done to Corbyn supporters and most other socialists hasn’t gained Labour any ground in the polls and that, if it hasn’t done so by now it never will, so what other justification can you offer for it? The people Starmer has driven away aren’t evil and they haven’t done the party any harm.

        3) Do you actually think it’s possible to be a socialist and at the same time fight to drive tens of thousands of socialists out of the party?

        Note: your question about “Blairite policies” regarding Keir is a trick question, since he has actually offered NO policies and clearly won’t until the next GE is held, when it will be too late for the announcement of policies to make any difference in the outcome of the election, so, since it is a trick question, I’ll ask you this:

        4) If Keir WASN’T planning to move the party back to Blairism, what alternative explanation could possibly exist for his destruction of all remaining vestiges of internal party democracy- for his rigging of the next party conference to make the expression of dissent impossible, for his continued and still-unjustified purges, for the coerced right-wing takeovers of constituency parties that have involved such things as physically barring left-wing CLP members from entering the rooms where those meetings are being held? If Keir doesn’t want to strip the party of socialism and reduce it once again to the “Third Way” policies the polls show the voters do not want Labour to go back to, why would he be doing any of that? Leaders of supposedly “socialist” parties don’t crush dissent when they want to KEEP those parties socialist.

      3. 1) Because their are self-evidently several senior Labour MPs who are way to the right of Keir

        2) Lots of people like to attribute me with all sorts of thoughts but they are seldom backed by anything of substance. Check for yourself I don’t pretend to be anything.
        There are undeniably some on ‘the left’ who would rather have a Tory government than support the democratically elected leader of the party and despite having bugger all to offer as a replacement seek to thwart the party’s election prospects. Why would this be in anyway be considered to be acceptable behaviour.
        I’m guessing that Keir suspended the whip from Jeremy because he thinks that Corbyn is an electoral liability.

        3) Why not when those members are actively seeking to undermine the party.
        Many of them will simply go back to Left Unity . It has been reported that the moves to proscribe these factions will only impact on about 1,000 members.
        It was a question designed to expose how vacuous their assertions were. Thanks for helping to prove my point.

        4) I haven’t seen any evidence that supports your assertions. Perhaps you could provide some.

  5. As I said in a post in a thread earlier today, the right-wing fascists in the party are always planning and plotting what to do next to oppress left-wing members!

    The following is from the LATW website;

    This will not be the final effort by Keir Starmer to attack and get rid of the left – this is just the latest salvo in his full-blown attack on what remains of the pro-Corbyn left in the Labour Party. We have seen a very dangerous silencing of free speech and democracy in the Labour movement, with whole branches and CLPs being suspended and whole areas of discussions being suppressed or ruled out of order, including legitimate demands to express no confidence in Starmer and David Evans. False charges of ‘antisemitism’ have been used to prevent any discussion or expression of solidarity with Palestinians.

    1. Allan Ooops my response ended up in the wrong place. Here’s a repeat. Hopefully in the right place this time –
      If you are referring to your 4,000+ word novelette I’d be surprised if anyone has managed to plough through it, If that is an extract from your yet to be published book then your editor is going to have to do some serious work to transform it from a rambling diatribe into readable prose,

  6. Apartheid Keith, the Bitch of the Banshee at The BoD. Zionists must be the most racist and despicable Antisemites on earth! Not only do they abuse and rewrite, as they see require, the meaning of Antisemitism, but they accuse Jews, Black Jews, Holocaust Surviving Jews, etc, etc, etc of Antisemitism as though it is a cheap trick! Disgusting!
    Racism is Racism One hates another for their Race, Ethnicity, Colour, Culture/Religion, etc, because of being that particular Race, Ethnicity, Colour, Culture/Religion, etc, Why does Antisemitism require a separate description with an accompanying dictionary!?
    Jews are no different/better than Non Jews! Jews were not the only people who suffered horrific deaths over the course of History or WW2 Why do we never commemorate the 27 Million Soviets and the 20 Million Chinese with a possible 30 Million still unaccounted for!?

    How people can still call Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories the Right of the same party is just pathetic! How on earth is a Neoliberal TORY Party the same as a Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party!?
    When you go to the Polls think very long and hard if you truly want to GIVE or TAKE the seat from your Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tory MP/Candidate! I still think with a much reduced “Labour” with only or a vast majority of UK Labour MPs, The PEOPLE would stand a better chance! That is if there are still any left standing, after The Fuhrer Apartheid Keith is done, but even if there are none, Britain would do be a better place without The Neolabour Party Tories! VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT!


      Sigh, back on this NO WE CAN NOT!!! You can’t vote out cancer the right-wing cult of new Labour 2.0 has Labour party lock stock and barrel it’s only possible to change a few deckchairs maybe get rid of an MP or 2 then they will change the rules make sure you don’t get a chance to vote in anything remotely socialist. Lie and deceive and claim to be socialist the tricks are endless. In my 51 years on this planet, I have watched the Labour party go Blair swing left for one last gasp and then appease and waste our last chance. It’s gone accept it split the damn party or start again this endless wait stay vote for a few small crumbs is stupid and pointless.

      The only way forwards is a socialist only Labour party with NO groups or any other party in a sodding party tripe they are just problems waiting to happen.

      One question not one of you vote em’ out bunch answer is how the hell is you going to vote out the party workers the invisible army that is all right-wing that’s how they took over and we let them. There is no way you can and remove a couple and the rest will hide allegiances and were back to the same place briefings in every paper and news channel, lies and glib calls of were all anti-Semitic BS.

      Never make that mistake again in a socialist party you brief play power games then off you must fuck. No appeasement, no game playing, no briefs against the party. We all believe in the same goals or let us give up and leave it all to the Tory scum. Let’s not keep on repeating the same mistakes and stay and vote is a huge trap.

      1. The trap is worshipping the Brand “Labour” and a refusal to acknowledge that there are 2 Parties at play not The Right/Left of the same Party is the problem that lulled the left into a deep sleep the last tome New Labour TORIES took power.
        Our choice for GE24 is a simple one TORY vs TORY! The same Thatcherite Neoliberal Cancer that has been plundering and deteriorating Britain and The PEOPLE for 42 years. There are no Differences between either TORY Party, not for the better!
        I am not talking about voting for the Green Party or the Looney, whatever Party, I am talking about ruthlessly getting rid of ONE TOO MANY TORY Party entirely, voting for their strongest opponent whoever/whatever that may be! At the end of the day we are fucked, yes labour is dead, but I will be damned if I see the bastards who did everything in their power to Prevent a UK Labour Party Government and the end of 42 Years of Tory Hell, smirking at me from the Government Benches, with the same TORY Policies, Palestine GONE, Julian Assange DEAD, on and on and on, NO! I will join the many who will go so far as to vote Fucking Conservative only if that is what it takes to get rid of the Neolabour Party Tory Filth! If people are accepting/understanding towards the many who voted Conservative for Brexit at the 2 ONCE in a Lifetime Opportunities where we had a CHOICE to end 42 years of TORY Hell, Why now that we have NO Choice, Opportunity or HOPE are people so shocked to see this essential Tactical Voting? My Neolabour Party TORY Candidate is a nasty piece of shit, my constituency MP is Conservative, the only way, with certainty, I can eliminate and prevent that Neolabour Party TORY would be to vote for his strongest opponent that is exactly what I intend to do! My intention for 2024 is not to get a Green, NeoLib, Conservative MP onto that seat, it is to keep a Neolabour TORY OUT of that seat, with whoever their strongest opponent may be.
        IF MY MP/CANDIDATE WAS UK LABOUR PARTY, that is who I would have voted for!
        Sadly mine is NOT, mine of a nasty piece of shit! Whether you vote Neolabour Party TORY OR Conservative Party TORY 42 years of Hell will continue, why on earth does anyone want to continue that cycle of hell!? People must not be fools like America and have far worse Neoliberal Scum with masks on Run the Country! Eliminate one TORY Party and something for The PEOPLE will grow from The Ashes of The UK Labour Party!
        I will not be judged by anyone for Campaigning this, as Often as I like, It is EXACTLY because I am a Socialist that I am anxious about the fact That The PEOPLE have NO CHOICE! and it is EXACTLY That why O believe the that ONE TOO MANY TORY PARTIES are ONE TOO MANY. We have never launched a targeted tactical voting assault on the filth before, that will be the only way to GET THEM OUT! We have a vote we must use it to the best of our advantage!

      2. skellyknelly – You can dress it up however you want but sadly there is no escaping the fact that you are just another one of Boris’s useful idiots.

      3. No, YOU are! Keeping The PEOPLE locked in an eternal cycle of NO CHOICE for you Master’s The Elites/Establishment/1% is Exactly what a TORY Useful Idiot is!
        There will be no Change without Effort ‘we’ blew the Pain Free, Overnight Change Option TWICE!
        The People WILL SUFFER Neolabour Party TORY or Conservative Party TORY, vote the Neolabour Party TORIES OUT and we achieve something great, Keep The Neolabour Party TORIES IN we achieve NOTHING The PEOPLE continue to suffer on an endless cycle of THIS TORY or THAT TORY Merry-Go-Round from Hell!
        I really do not care what you think, I have made myself perfectly clear on many occasion and if you can’t work out that my Activism is in no way to support The Conservative Party TORIES but to TAKE OUT The Neolabour Party TORY Filth who did everything in their power to prevent a UK Labour Party Government! Make of that what you will that is your opinion you are welcome to it! I have my own opinions and will stand by my Convictions without shame or ridicule!
        I will continue to fight My Enemy The Parasite Infestation of Thatcher’s Neolabour Party TORIES!
        In very much the same way that the groups Apartheid Keith and Evans are trying to get rid of, we don’t get any weaker at these assaults FAR FROM IT! We get Stronger and we get Louder! I will continue to do my thing as I am sure you will yours!

      4. skellyknelly – Lots of fine words to dress up the fact that you are actively enabling a Tory government. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      5. You are the one actively enabling a Tory government! Neoliberalism is Neoliberalism no matter what Brand Name You slap on it! Just because the Brand reads “Labour” does not make a blind bit of difference to the Neoliberalism of it!
        I am by in no way, shape or form Ashamed of Myself or Anything I do, much less that it comes from you TORY BOY!

      6. skellyknelly – I don’t know how you’ve managed to do so but you appear to be confusing me with Toffee.

      7. skellyknelly – my above link was not directed at you I intended to be a stand alone comment.

  7. Funny (not haha), isn’t it, how it’s all panning out. I mean if JC hadn’t been elected leader, it’s highly unlikely that all of this would be happening – ie the Blairites purging the left. We joined the LP in the tens of thousands when Jeremy was nominated to contest the leadership, and tens of thousands more of us joined the following year when there was a leadership challenge. I really wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was all planned that way. Give those of us who want to change the reality we live in Hope, and then crush and grind that hope into the ground with the jackboot of fascism, just to make it crystal clear to us that THAT is what we are dealing with – ie Pure Evil!

    And the vast majority of the population have no idea what’s really happening.

    1. Allan – You are right most people have never even heard of Socialist Appeal, Labour in Exile Network, Labour against the Witchhunt & Resist and even if they did know about them they wouldn’t be interested.. Maybe there is a reason for that.

      1. qwertboi – Keir Starmer supports replacing FPTP with PR for General Elections. I’m also in favour of PR because I strongly believe that the views of as many people as possible should be represented in parliament.

      2. SteveH18/07/2021 AT 12:45 AM
        qwertboi – Keir Starmer supports replacing FPTP with PR for General Elections. I’m also in favour of PR because Keith said so and I strongly believe that the views of as many people as possible should be represented in parliament


        For someone who says my opinion(s) on the labour party count for nothing…And for someone who had NO PROBLEM with you yourself not having YOUR say on the 2nd ref shithousery, you spout an enormous amount of hypocritical bollocks.

        But then you are wee stevie h…😒

      3. New polling shows 83% of Labour members believe the party should support changing the UK’s electoral system to proportional representation,

    2. Mr H, why are you pretending that it’s just about these specific groups. Oh, right, because yur a fascist shill!

      Needless to say, we are WAY way past the thin end of the wedge.

      PS So how many ‘comments’ have you posted today (the 17th)?!

      So far!!

      Do they never-ever give you a week or two off? Or even a few days!

      1. Allan – I’m not pretending anything, are there some other small factions that you think should be included.
        You’re the one that is counting

      2. Allan H “Mr H, why are you pretending that it’s just about these specific groups. Oh, right, because yur a fascist shill!”

        Suppose it’s the Labour Right that nominated these specific groups, but you’re right, steveh and the entire LabourRight is more openly fascistic, authoritarian, anti-member’ and anti-democracy than it ever was before. This is down to Sir Elmer Fuddge Starmer.

        Jeremy’s wonderful -and much-missed – leadership and Project persuades me that Labour’s top-down organisation structure and Fabian thinking is what makes it so easy for the LabourRight to seize control so clumsily and thwart anything that might resist them. (Being vicious and single-minded in the pursuit of self-aggrandisement helps too). If Labour (or its successor) ever become a bottom-up organisation where decisions are taken as near to the bottom/front as possible, the sort of management style and politics that Starmer is inflicting could never succeed.

      3. qwertboi – JC had some good and welcome policy ideas that inspired many but he was a crap leader.
        Also despite twice standing on a platform of democratising the party Jeremy did SFA whilst in office to fulfil his empty promises.

      4. It’s not just the Blaitights, qwertboi. It’s the Establishment – the Ruling Elite, so-called – and their propaganda machine, the MSM, mostly owned and controlled by billionaires, and what’s not owned by them is controlled by them. We live in a Psychopathocracy, as does just about everyone on the planet, and we always have done since pretty much the beginning of civilisation.

      5. And again, Steve, Corbyn is never even going to stand for the leadership again, so what’s the point in attacking him? There’s no good reason to go to the right of the 2017/19 policies ever again, and there is no valid defense if Starmer’s continued war against the Left- btw, it is the Left, not the “far left”, because 1) there’s no such thing as “the far left” in the UK, and 2) nobody is rewarding Keir in the polls for carrying it out.

        In any case, none of the groups Keir wants to proscribe are anywhere close to being the CPGB in the Fifties or the SWP in the Eighties.

      6. kenburch – Could you provide some details of these supposed Blairite policies of Starmer’s

    1. Don’t believe Counterfire are LP members. While left socialists are being driven out the AWL have been invited back and reinstated in order to form a fake socialist left.

      1. Steve H….I am sure that most of the real left wing socialists have already left the Labour party.From my point of view you are welcome to carry on with a sinking ship.The socialist mps are now under terrific pressure to leave and help form a new Labour party for the people.Bless him the knight my dream of a working-class movement Labour party is coming closer.

      2. Joseph – Dreaming may provide you with some emotional comfort but it won’t make it come true.

  8. It is now to Late the Left Wing have allowed The English National Socialists to Destroy the Labour Party I grew up with as a babe in arms in 1952 until now 2021 Thatcher started the decline Kinnock Blair Brown Starmer made sure Labour DIED, Another thing that pisses Me off about the Media The Corrupt Lying press and the impartial BBC, ITV, CH4 SKY etc etc etc have for 20 odd years been referring to Blair’s Abomination NEW LABOUR as Labour, the only short period the Party could be described as LABOUR is when Jeremy Corbyn took on the Leadership, And You English allowed the NEW LABOUR hard right Some hard Right Jews and the media to Slander and vilify one of the most Honest Caring Politicians in History. England’s People are Fking Cretins.

  9. SteveH18/07/2021 AT 2:58 AM
    kenburch – Could you provide some details of these supposed Blairite policies of Starmer’s

    If he doesn’t – I will.

    On the proviso that you name a single pledge stammer hasn’t reneged on, and especially the difference between stammerism & conservatism; both of which will, within themselves, answer your own question.

    Your move….

  10. ‘Far Left’ groups to be expelled, while the Board of Deputies sits at the centre of this sh*tshow, unelected, unaffiliated and openly Tory.

    If that doesn’t tell you what’s happening in the Labour Party, nothing will.

    1. Sir Keir Starmer, ‘The Unity Candidate’! 1st action expel Jeremy Corbyn (man of the past). Interesting that all 3 leadership candidates took instruction from BoD.

    2. The Irony: They’re not Far Left, but The Board of Deputies are undoubtedly Far Right and Apartheid Keith’s Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES occupy the seat slightly Farther Right, than the old bag of bones herself!

  11. I have just made a complaint via the Party complaints page and copied it to all members of the NEC and also to the EHRC. The email is below.

    Mike Davies,
    Brighton Pavilion CLP

    To the members of the NEC :

    I am emailing you to copy you into a complaint I have made to the Labour Party regarding a clear and obnoxious case of antisemitism on the part of Neil Coyle, MP that has come to my attention. This is an unusual step to take but it has been the case in the past that where a complainee has been on the Right of the party, as Neil Coyle, complaints of antisemitism are ignored entirely by the Party complaints mechanism and I hope you will agree that this should not be the case in this instance.

    The complaint I made is as follows below, and I have further copied it to the EHRC as an addition to the mounting evidence that antisemitism remains unaddressed under the current leadership of the party by Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner.

    I have attached an image of the twitter page concerned to this, in case the racist rat deletes the tweet.

    it need not be emphasised that YOU ARE UNDER AN OBLIGATION OF THE STRICTEST CONFIDENTIALITY regarding this, and any other, complaint made to the party. You may also need the services of the Samaritans, or a sick bucket.


    Mike Davies
    Hanover and Elm Grove Branch
    Brighton Pavilion CLP


    –Who is this complaint about?
    An MP

    –Name of person you are complaining about:
    Neil Coyle

    –Do you have reason to believe this person is a Labour Party member? Please provide reason:
    Yes I believe he is a Labour Party member because he is a Labour MP.

    –In what UK region is the person you are complaining about?

    –Where do they live? Region, local authority, constituency or address.
    –Please provide any further information you have on their location.
    He is the MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark but whether he ever visits or can be found there I am unable to say.

    –How old are they?
    42, according to Wikipedia

    –If this is a complaint about somebody’s social media conduct, please provide a URL to their Facebook, Twitter or other page:

    –What kind of complaint(s) do you have?

    –Please describe your complaint(s)

    Neil Coyle,MP made the following tweet on his Twitter page at 20:27 on 17th July 2021 :

    “Not far enough. JVL should be gone too. And other outright Communists who have their own political party/ies they can ruin.”

    The tweet was made in response to an article in the Daily Mirror entitled “Keir Starmer set to expel 1,000 far left Labour members in four ‘poisonous’ groups”.

    The tweet is antisemitic because it ascribes to Jews, as Jews, certain political beliefs and further describes those beliefs as “poisonous”.

    That the abscription of beliefs is to Jews as Jews follows from the fact that JVL represents members that are from the Jewish community as per it’s Constitution here, extracted as follows :

    “1. Purpose: Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) is an organisation dedicated to representing Jewish members of the British Labour Party.”

    Abscribing political beliefs to Jews, as Jews is antisemitic because it obstructs and prevents people of Jewish heritage from expressing a multiplicity of individual views. Describing the views antisemitically abscribed to Jews as “poisonous” clearly underlines the antisemitic intent behind the tweet.

    In view of the seriousness of this dispicable act of racism, and the fact that it has been made by a Labour MP, I will be forwarding a copy of my complaint to the EHRC because I am sure they will want to be kept appraised of the Party’s progress and performance in dealing with it.

    I will also send copies to those members of the NEC for whom I have contact details to help ensure speedy progress, notably lacking in past procedures relating to antisemitism, and missing entirely where the complainee has leant towards the Right politically.

    –If complaint is regarding a post on social media, please provide URL to the post in question:

    –If you have images or other evidence of the post you are complaining about, please attach here:
    see attached

    –Is this complaint subject to a current, ongoing criminal investigation, legal action or standards investigation?

  12. C’mon wee fella, Why so reticent all of a sudden?

    You DO want me to give you examples of stammerism being the same as bliarism/conservatism,, don’t you?

    Well…DON’T you?

    I’ve got several – all you have to do is answer a simple question yerself. (And save me the job)

  13. Nyarghhhhh🤬. The completely punchable fat-tongued schoolboy idiot ashworth on Marr going on about ventilation in the workplace…

    “Well jewwemy was offering £490m for cowwect ventilation in buildings…. That’s something we will look at…”

    God, but he boils my piss more than any other MP including the blockhead and the fat albino scarecrow.

    1. Do yourself and your family the biggest favour you ever could, unplug all TVs, load them in a car take them to a children’s home/elderly home etc, go home unplug whatever Digibox supplies your TV and send it back with a termination of contract attached.
      Start living a Family life again, all those “fat-tongued schoolboy idiot ashworth” moments are dramatically reducing your life expectancy! BOYCOTT ALL MSM! There are far better Podcasts, Listener Supported 24/7 Music, Vimeo, Bitchute, etc Documentaries and Factual Programming, The Internet is full of News Sites that can keep you up to speed with MSM, without ever needing to watch/hear/read it!
      Free yourself and your Family!

      1. skellyknelly – Why would anyone want to put themselves in the position of being as ill-informed as yourself.

  14. Labour are now led by an untrustworthy conman.
    Starmer won leadership on unity ticket & keeping socialist policies.
    He’s trashed that mandate from day 1.
    Socialism is a dirty word in Starmer’s Labour Party.
    Let the purges, stich ups & smears roll on.

  15. There cannot be any doubt that Starmers intent is to ensure that Labour will never again be led by a democratic socialist. He and Evans are preparing the ground to de-democratise the party and return it to the control of the right wing PLP, lobbyists and big business. With the climate crisis unfolding, crony capitalism and out right hard right populism running rampant, Starmer is choosing to attack socialism and socialists. Labour is rotting corpse, it’s choosing to support the government over the needs of the people. No change is possible through Labour.

  16. I truly didn’t believe that Sir Keir Starmer was a 5th Columnist whose sole intention was to destroy a Socialist Labour Party, until now.

    1. Steve Richards, your honesty is refreshing. We will never wipe away the old until we ask why so many did not believe he was. Identify all the key causes and fix them.

      More than enough of Starmer’s vile doings are in the public domain. That suggest that people believed what they wanted to believe. Why? And how for so long? Steve, even now I sense a shocking number STILL want to believe that Starmer will bring a “Labour” government – low standards … label itis… prepared to settle for crumbs.

      A shrinking number yes, but STILL??? What more will it take???
      Relieved to report that in my CLP with many of the “Left” having at last gone off into their new groups, those of us remaining have managed to win some successes. Also the tiny clutch of Tory parasites … about five have been left in the lurch. The vile MP is still spewing all blame on “the Left” for Rodney’s plight, but what’s new? That lot are not our problem. Our grave problem is that enough of us STILL believe that despite the parasites never hiding their nature and intentions … some still see parasites as creatures we should “unify with for a Labour government”. That is a big problem. The other is allowing others to aggressively scream that nothing can be done… yet they scream round the clock. WEIRD. If nothing can be done, why scream nonstop at others? Makes no sense except as SpyCops who similarly only offered fuel but no solutions to the environmentalists.

      And how could so many be deceived so easily by such? I’m unsure but, a key could be that the implementation of ideals ourselves, has never been considered. Ideals – plus. Implementation i.e. results – zero.

      Facts are, we neither need parasites nor defeatists. There is no reason to enable parasites, especially when they have never hidden their nature and intentions.

    2. The Labour Party has now disappeared in all but name. It has now become the STIONIST party.

      1. Jack T, what u call the “Labour Party”, “disappeared” loooooong b4 Starmer. By accident it reappeared when Jeremy stepped out and won against the parasitic Tory entryists despite all the forces you cite regularly.

        Though parasites never showed the slightest hint of ever needing Jeremy nor us, enough of us and Jeremy remain strangely hypnotised by the weird idea that parasites can be trusted and relied on.

        Steve Richards is being honest above, but still i bet you many despite all they witnessed from the get go once the parasites detected Jeremy would win, and despite their nonstop OPEN wicked sabotage and lies, somehow good inteligent decent people STILL expect something positive from the parasites.
        I’m puzzled by that attitude, as it does not exist in any successful enterprise, business or leisure groups anywhere.

        We need more of the honesty of Steve Richards, plus asking why? How could it be? What was there to fail to see the open record of Starmer and cabal? It must be repeated; our key problems are within. No one held a gun to the heads of anyone to vote for Starmer, nor give him a shadow cabinet post, and again after coups, and rescue tom watson, ashworth and hodge… even putting watson forward for a peerage …as if one for mcnicoll was not obscene enough.

        it is also embarrassing nonsense that there was no choice, as if these predictable and predicted outrages now, are trophies of success. Are you also surprised by Starmer & co’s doings Jack T. Did someone hold a gun to your head insisting you support Starmer or anyone else? If no, then you have your answer. You may have, and others chose to support Starmer. None are holding guns to Starmer’s head either. He is doing what he feels will benefit him.

        P.S. even here, people sneer at the footballers. Southgate, an accidental manager… he only stepped in when a “big name” failed yet again. With confidence in his convictions, he and his team of fresh new names, created the best English results for fifty five years. He did not pander to the media noise except two days before, when he disappointed greatly with the tosh about the war. Immediately I thought, lack of focus on what’s important. The other worrying bit was the distraction of emphasising trying to please the fans … the country … “bring the country together”. The facts are, the country was brought together as much as it was BEFORE Southgate’s trite article and utterances. Most of “the many”, not all, were brought together by the tangible achievements of the team… the tangible progress. That was preceded by diligent preparation, analysis and fixing basics. When they won goals they did not hand another to the opposing side with some weird twaddle of “bringing the whole world together”.

        The score was “one – one” against a super strong and experienced Italian side. Our English young team proved that “big names” are UNNECESSARY. And “experience” is worthless if the “experienced” fail to learn and change obvious deficits.

        Oh, and a nineteen year old Bukaya Saka is proving that attacks will not define him. Ditto: Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford.

        We can learn from this team of young people and Southgate (minus his last minute trash about the war and pap about “brining the country together”). People are “brought together” in enduring and meaningful ways, by meaningful actions and tangible achievements of aims. Think of it; thousands filled the stadia. They attended to see their side win. They did not attend to see their win handed to the other side. Nor, just to fill the stadia and cheer.

      2. Signpost, from where did you get the impression that I ever supported Starmer? And what is it which you think Steve Richards is being ‘honest’ about?

      3. Jack T, i was not definitive that u supported Starmer. I said u may have as others. Also ytdy u expressed support 4 his conference speech which sabotaged jeremy.
        Re Steve Richards: read above. He admitted that he has only now realised what Starmer is.

      4. Signpost, you are a good example of how some can twist or fail to read properly what has been said. Even though you know quite well I do not support Starmer you asked if someone had put a gun to my head to support him???

        As for me supporting his speech at conference, what I said was I supported the conclusion he announced which had been reached after many hours of debate, as did the vast majority of those in the hall.

      5. Jack T, you reiterate above that you “supported the conclusion he announced”. 1️⃣ – Was “the conclusion” not the essence of his speech❔
        2️⃣ – Was “the conclusion he announced” at conference, not in DIRECT opposition to what Jeremy said just days before❔3️⃣- Did Starmer’s “conclusion” not undermine and sabotage Jeremy❔

        4️⃣ – Starmer’s “conclusion” you say he “announced”, as if a conclusion is different from the essence of the speech. That twisting à la White Flag Man Allan Howard nothing can be done fanatic… without the weirdo shrieking.

        Well timed though as it came to mind only yesterday (shame on me) that time trying to deduce motives of posters, must be put to better use. Some like WFM is definitely a fraud. Others like you, i’ve always thought are totally earnest… utterly passionate about the one issue recently stated was more important than everything else.

        Were we all the same, it would be a very dull and limited world.

        At the same time, now as parasites continue to destroy the party as predictable and predicted, their motives and and ours are secondary to likely outcomes. The parasites are without merit. That’s obvious. Re: we on the “Left”, the only priority is finding what will end the repeated predictable craving to unify with those who make it plain they have no such peculiar cravings. Moreover it is a strange type of integrity to unify with the likes of Starmer. But the situation is too urgent to spend anymore time trying to understand that.

        To your great credit, u put your money where your mouth was. Instead of waiting for others to furnish u with a new party, u went to assist Chris Williamson. Commitment. I hoped you would both do well and still do. When you get a chance, do reflect on how Trump, Hilary Clinton, Obama’s opponents, Berger, Ummuna, Soubrey, etc are doing with the unassailable powers of the MSM and your Zionist. Not forgetting Starmer’s historic loss of Hartlepool, his losing Amersham and Chesham with the worst Labour by-election defeat EVER. 320 something votes etc. Are the Zionists and MSM on holiday?

      6. Signpost, and by the way, it was not Starmer’s speech which sabotaged Jeremy, he was in agreement with it. What sabotaged Jeremy was the reaction of those, who for their own narrow reasons, did not to support him or the conclusions of the discussions.

  17. I still can’t figure out why SteveH posts here. He always receives abuse & just keeps on sticking his chin out for more.

    Why doesn’t he set up his own site where he can preach to the converted? Much like socialists are being told that they should leave the LP & create a new party. I thought the LP was set up for socialists.

    1. Steve H seems to enjoy taking the p*ss. An irritant – on purpose. Hides in the shadows, cat-calling the left.

      A coward.

      1. Well he’s alreasdy admitted he finds it ‘entertaining’ to go out of his way to get a rise out of people.

        No qualms about crying ‘troll’ whe he’s fronted with his bullshit, though.

    2. Maybe he’s paid to BoxOfSkwawk ? Maybe he works for Portland Communications, Mandelson, Blair. Who knows where or who the Starmeroid Pimpernel is? Perhaps we should call him Sir Percy Blakeney instead. All I know is when Keith starts the Corbyn bashing out pops Sir Percy to do the same.

    3. I believe that Steve H is sincere in his belief (which probably makes me dangerously naive), but even when I was a teacher, I always attempted to manufacture active & open debate after establishing & agreeing key facts (saves teaching). I would always declare my pov (can be dangerous) but took pleasure in the quality of the discussion & tended to play devil’s advocate. Humour is a quality sadly lacking in most debates, even here on Skwawkbox.

      1. Steve Richards, I have tried hard to get SteveH to tell us what his beliefs are but he is keeping silent when he is more than ready to respond to other quetions, therefore not sure how it can be said he is sincere.

    4. I’m sure it isn’t true, but a good few regulars here accuse stevieh of being a shill, i.e. a troll that is paid for posting by the CIA or one of its subcontractors (e.g. SAGE, The Trilateral Commission, Labour Forward, etc, etc..).

      Me, I think he has a healthy contrari-ism, but applies it against wrongly against democratic socialism since he (typically for abt 25% of the populatioin) believes that social and economic heirarchy denotes value (true socialists do not) and that – when shove comes to push – we are scurrilous and destructive.

      Despite people moaning a lot about oor wee stevieh, I think he has a stimulatory effect here and I feel fondness towards him. He’s still a pratt.

      1. qwertboi
        What do you think the average age is on here, if truth be told we are yesterday’s people, we made to many mistakes, were criminally nieve, so time to skip a couple of generations and put up a history maker to set the world on fire
        Best we can do is stick together like shit to a blanket and cover their backs

      2. Over 50 for sure! But neoliberal capitalsim makes us relevant. )In my shortish life (I’m 60), I’ve had to replace my record collection (I love music) THREE fucking times (viynl, CD, digital code) thanks to how capitalsim uses technology to stimulate sales and bewilder its customers. Similarly, inflation has reduced buying power by over 75% in my 60 years (way more if you include house prices/ rent). So, I’d say that like my Great Grannie Rorrison seemed to possess wisdom and great sharpness and earthedness to me as a kid and a young adult, we (as democratic socialists) will to the modern generations alienated and violated by capitalism, dumbed down by twatter and faecesface and big-brother technology. It’s maybe tthe crucial appeal that made Jeremy C and Bernie Sanders seem relevant. Neither of them would have been possible if they didn’t have grey hair.

      3. qwertboi
        Nothing to stop us making JC Chair for Life, when we get our party back,
        However my gut tells me to make the demographic quantum leap and appeal to youth and progressives
        Capatalism died in 2008, Banks to big to fail, my arse, what we have now is a kleptocracy
        Good news is we will own everything when the everything bubble bursts
        Up me kilt

      4. SteveH
        Temporary Embarrassment is a good example of financial illiteracy, remind us who funds the Labour party

      5. Doug – I don’t think that the loss of c£40k is going to make much difference.

  18. As in the case of the NHS being thrown to the corporate wolves, everyone and their cousin knew that Starmerfuhrer was destroying Labour from the inside. He will receive his parliamentary pensions and keep his business connections when Labour is long dead and buried. The principles adhered to by neoliberalism are not for the electorate but for The Chumocracy only. Socialists are the new bogeymen when the opposite is true. Will you man the barricades or keep a firm hold on the little you are allowed to presently enjoy?

    1. barriereid – The blame lies with the gullible idiots who switched their votes from Labour to Tory. It was the ‘working class’ who gifted Boris his 80+ seat majority that enables him to do whatever he wants with the NHS.

      1. Gullible idiots

        Way to appeal to voters you already alienated with your shithousery. The only gullie idiot around here is you for volunteering to make a complete gobshite out of yourself every time you post, as well as every time you don’t.

      2. Toffee – Are you one of those gullible idiots that voted Tory.

      3. No. I’m not

        What I could do with is someone trying to flog the stammerist labour party to me by explaining the difference between that and conservatism.

        And so could perhaps a few million others; certainly hundreds of thousands

        As someone who tells us we shouldn’t vote toerag it’s up to you to explain that difference or forever peddle the billshut that stammer is more popular than Corbyn when it’s evident most people don’t know who he is or what his policies are, hence the haemorrhaging of support, as evidenced by the last two by-elections

  19. I get very frustrated by these “debates”. Labour is a Democratic Socialist Party & even if the electorate resoundingly rejected its Manifestos (which I don’t believe – we all know the causes of the current disaster) you don’t just turn around & say “well we tried that but no-one was interested” – you bloody well carry on, try to explain your beliefs as best you can. Rodney Starmer & Co. are not socialists, just opportunistic careerists & should have no place in a Socialist party. They are just exploiting a 30+ percent poll rating (but falling quite nicely) instead of being an insignificant section of the Tories or a significant part of the LibDems – it just makes financial & egocentric sense for them.

  20. Meanwhile, the de piffle and sunak have decided they WILL self-isolate, less than three hours after saying they were gonna exempt themselves as part of a ‘pilot scheme’.

    And STILL they have more appeal than stammer. They could rape and mutilate the young of woodland creatures live on Tv and even then they’d be more popular than keith whatshisface…

    1. The U Turns spin us right ’round, baby
      Right ’round like a record, baby
      Right ’round, ’round, ’round
      The U-Turns spin us right ’round, baby
      Right ’round like a record, baby
      Right ’round, ’round, ’round!
      One thing that can’t be taken from De Piffle is that he U-Turns, when he fucked up, Starmer on the other hand will whip out his fine tooth comb and start scouring the Law for reasons why he wont U-Turn!

  21. The WORD “Labour” does not belong to Thatcher’s Neolabour Party TORIES! The WORD Labour belongs to The Labour Movement, The Labour Movement belongs to THE PEOPLE!
    I am not 100% sure but as far as I am aware none of those groups are affiliated with The so called “Labour Party”.
    There is diddly squat Evans or Starmer can do about them using the word “Labour” Why on earth do those Thatcherite TORIES think that just because someone is in or out of the Party, Affiliated or Unaffiliated with the Party that all those Groups and People Exiled are not going to do everything in their power to crush and see the back of Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES!
    NO! Apartheid Keith and sidekick Evans, it gives us FAR MORE Freedom to be FAR LOUDER than if we were, affiliated with or in the Party! That was a foolish thing to do and as the saying goes “………keep your Enemies Closer!”
    I think they hate Activists for working even harder and being far louder when they thought getting rid of them that they would just quietly disappear! Like any theft, the human reaction is to fight until justice is served!
    Thatcher’s Neolabour Party TORIES stole and occupy our home and we live on opposite side of the street in a Shanty Town, while they occupy our home, we wont rest or let it go, we can’t let it go, it’s human nature!
    Socialist Appeal, Labour in Exile Network, Labour against the Witchhunt, Resist, JVL, The Peace and Justice Project, Black Socialist Labour, will be active and operational and actively campaigning against Thatcher’s Neolabour Party TORIES until we Evict Thatcher’s Neolabour Party TORIES from our home! Why on earth would we just vanish!? They are Fucking Crazy!

      1. skellyknelly – If you left the party years ago then Isn’t it a bit weird that you are still obsessing about it?

      2. skellyknelly – Oh dear, is the warm weather making you feel sleepy. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and look after yourself.

  22. Starmer’s relying on two things to get elected. The electorate’s short memory and Johnson. I don’t believe he’s there just to break the left and he’s purposely not attacking the Tories because he wants Johnson to stay in charge up till the moment he loses the next election…he doesn’t want Tory central to replace Johnson until he’s totally unelectable then Starmer steps forward with a fully prepared manifesto that no one knew about and with no time to critique it. That would fit the Blairite advisers he has surrounded himself with. It’s a marketing campaign to them. They see he’s not popular so they sent him on a summer tour in the hope that people will at least know who he is, but no one will know what he represents untill Johnson fucks up and Blair 2.0 steps forward to save us.

    1. V strange. posts disappearing then appearing in wrong place.

  23. Thank you for the link, Bernie above! I have shared it on Twitter. I’m sorry I don’t seem to be able to reply to your comment on here…

  24. Like every bailiff, ‘it’s nothing personal, you just overreached and now you’ll have to return it, ‘Yes, it’s going to hurt the buyer and seller both but I’ll get paid, which I’m sure you will appreciate’

  25. It will be interesting to see which way the ‘left slate’ of CLP reps on the NEC vote on this at Tuesdays meeting/

    1. Why do you say that as if there is any possibility that they’d vote the way you would want them to? It’s not as though Keir is a staggeringly popular figure in his own party these days.

      1. kenburch – We’ll know how they voted on Tuesday. With a bit of luck SB will give us a full report on the meeting.

      2. or it might be whistleblown to us by one of the NEC, more likely I’d think Steve

  26. SteveH18/07/2021 AT 7:09 PM
    Toffee – Are you one of those gullible idiots that voted Tory<

    I’m gonna answer this again, but now it’ll be at the bottom of the thread so you can’t claim to have missed it

    The Toffee (597)18/07/2021 AT 8:30 PM
    No. I’m not

    What I could do with is someone trying to flog the stammerist labour party to me by explaining the difference between that and conservatism.

    And so could perhaps a few million others; certainly hundreds of thousands

    As someone who tells us we shouldn’t vote toerag it’s up to you to explain that difference or forever peddle the billshut that stammer is more popular than Corbyn when it’s evident most people don’t know who he is or what his policies are, hence the haemorrhaging of support, as evidenced by the last two by-elections.

    Don’t you think you’d be better off explaining in detail why people should vote stammerist labour, preferably by demonstrating the key differences in policies, instead of leaving people in the dark and calling them gullible idiots when, in fact, they do not have the information you claim to have, but are reluctant to divulge.

    Let’s hear it. If not the expect every bit of ridicule coming your way.

    1. Toffee – Thanks for your consideration but there was no need. I saw it the first time.

      1. And on both occasions have declined to inform people of their choice.

        Because there isn’t one. You’ve proved it beyond doubt to all & sundry.

        Now that you have nothing else to offer, you may as well dry up.

      2. Toffee – You’re living in La-La Land. Neither of us has proved anything in this exchange.

      3. So YOU delude yourself.

        Explain why us gullible idiots should vote labour; preferably by explaining the difference between stammerism and conservatism.

        If not that, then tell us what policies stammer has kept to, and why that party is losing support nationwide at an alarming rate.

        If you can’t (And we KNOW you can’t) or won’t (And we KNOW that you won’t) then shut the fuck up.

    1. People would be more interested to hear you persuade them why they should vote labour.

      But you never once have done. Instead you’ve insulted them for asking you for the information they need to make an informed choice.

      1. Toffee – I doubt it.
        Why would I care whether you feel you can make an informed choice or not.

      2. You doubt it?

        After you’ve been asked cunteen times by different people?

        Your contempt for those of a sensible view shows you up to be the thunder untvthat you are.

        Well I’ve had enough of your tiresome shite. O seriously hope that you talk down to the wrong person in the street one day and they fucking floor you.

        But that’s as likely to happen as you informing people of the difference between stammerism and conservatism because you have no social life at all. It wouldn’t surprise me to find you’re one of them hermit types that sits in their bedsit all day in their piss-stained y-fronts watching animal porn.

      3. Toffee – It is entirely your choice whether you choose to respond to my comments or not. I really don’t care much either way. 😘

    1. Toffee – You really should make the effort to keep your emotions in check. Too much stress can be dangerous.
      Goodnight, sweet dreams and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

  27. Oh I’m fucking ZEN, mister.

    Safe in the knowledge that when someone asks me what bliarite policies stammer is pursuing, I can give several answers.

    Whereas you – being the subvirate that you are – swerve, deflect and obfuscate, while pathetically attempting to hide behind a veneer of superior knowledge and condescension.

    In reality, you’re a friendless, unwanted blight on society, with nothing better to do than annoy people with your contrarianism. You truly think you’re some sort of maverick, with delusions that you are an actual elected politician with your poncing on.

    You are exactly the type of human garbage that blames abused kids for their plight…And I don’t believe you’d do that solely for a reaction, neither, rather that you believe it…Whether Keith agrees with you or not.

    You, mister, deserve every misfortune that becomes you. God knows, you are responsible for the current malaise this country has to endure.

    But, being the retard you are, it doesn’t register with you. You’ll still carry on. May you die slowly and agonisingly for the catastrophic and callous policies you mandated the toerags to render on the least able to defend themselves via your shithousery. You muculent little shit biscuit.

    1. Toffee – Oh dear.
      If that’s the sort of stuff that goes on inside your head then maybe some thoughts are better not shared.

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