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Exclusive: Labour puts left MP Osborne on ‘notice of investigation’ – then ‘rescinds’ it an hour later

Investigation into Kate Osborne for tweet ‘showing solidarity’ with colleague binned after one hour – as the party again backs down under legal threat

The Labour machine’s war on left members has already plumbed the depths of sinister ridiculousness on countless occasions, most notably recently in the 1am email to Young Labour chair Jess Barnard for ‘challenging transphobia’, which it later ‘rescinded‘ after widespread outcry and a threat from Barnard’s legal team.

But it reached a new low today when north-east MP Kate Osborne was issued with a ‘notice of investigation’ – for simply putting out a ‘Twitter post showing solidarity with Rebecca Long-Bailey’. Long-Bailey was sacked from her position as Shadow Education Secretary on the pretext of her sharing an article – a perfectly accurate article – by left-wing actress Maxine Peake.

However, Long-Bailey was never suspended – but for the supposed ‘crime’ of showing solidarity with her, Labour notified Osborne that she was at risk of suspension or other disciplinary action.

The language of the letter would be laughable were it not so sinister. Mere solidarity in a clearly non-racist situation supposedly undermines the party’s ‘ability to campaign against racism’ – which is surely exactly what Labour’s shameless abuse of the term does.

And clearly the party thought better of its ridiculousness, because only an hour after it was received, the ‘NOI’ had been ‘rescinded’ and notified Ms Osborne accordingly – again because of a legal threat.

The only thing preventing Labour being a complete laughing stock is the chilling totalitarianism of its current ludicrous regime.

Ms Osborne has released a statement on the matter:

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    1. yet STILL 19:31hrs: “Long-term MURDOCH man Kavanagh; “Once a Sun Man ALWAYS a Sun Man” aa described by his chum… another DEVOTED “Sun man” said SIR Keith is “insignificant”, “Starmer is a flop”🚾

      Yet MORE of ENDLESS evidence; Parasites 1️⃣ Most definitely DO “wash their dirty linen in public”,… (filthy Filthy FILTHY linen, but let’s not quibble.)
      John Major called his Conservatives incl HIS Cabinet chums “bastards‼️”🚾 WHY❓
      Cameron called Farage & Co “SWIVEL EYED LOONS🚾‼️ May has not ceased to attack the Johnson regime IN PUBLIC.‼️

      So while yet another Independent VICTORIOUS over REPEATED LOSERS (easy 2 c by using one’s OWN observations & reasoning) Mandelson’s tool “advised” by war criminal Blair; SIR starmer is a FLOP, insignificant with ALL OMNIPOTENT forces we r told r needed to win… yeeeeeeeeeeesss.

    2. Jokeefe has posted 13 comments in this thread, and nearly ALL of them negative and critical of the left in one way or another, just as he has done in literally hundreds and hundreds of posts during the course of the past two years since he first started posting on the site – ie falsely discrediting the left – along with signpost and the other shills and their secondary personas – on a daily basis in practically every single thread every-which-way they can think of.

      1. Allan – I don’t think Joseph has much real interest in the Labour Party he’s a Communist at heart who worships the authoritarian and repressive Chinese State.

  1. In the topsy turvy world of Starmer’s racist Labour Party an MP, Osborne is warned for supporting a racist MP, RLB.

    In Starmer’s Zionist LP, it’s not enough to say you support Zionism, you have to show you are willing to die for it.

    1. Jack T, thought your other fixation was – Zionism is the word no one wants to say / mention / talk about etc etc etc ?
      Now u r adding “die for it”. Who exactly in UK politics has “died for it” so far Jack T ?

      I recently posted; despite your in evidenced mantra – no one dares say Zionism etc etc etc, Starmer, Cooper and MANY others sound comfortable saying they are. Ditto, Trump, Clinton, Netanyahu, husband of Heinz heiress… name slips… Kerry ? anyway ALL like SIR starmer slugging sludge of SH***Y defeats after defeats. and WAR CRIMINAL Blair not only caused over a MILLION Iraqi deaths, but oversaw the steady decline of Labour membership -> eventual loss of Scotland. Same re Brown, Miliband ‘charidy’ multi parasitic millionaire (not the decent one). The attention seeking monstrous creature dressed up all in white as Jesus, 4 the baptism of Murdoch’s daughter č Wendy Deng, on banks of River Jordan.
      Anyway, I believe Murdoch is what u call a Zionist… i’m unsure as could not give a flying toss about useless definitions of filthy bastards… which is quite on point 4 me and most people…. but to each his/her own.

      BUT my concern is ending the repeated UNNECESSARY defeats causes by defunct OLD attitudes our “Left” old guard. THE priority is BINNING myths as Sharon Graham and others are DEMONSTRATING with FACTS of ACTIONS rather than clinging to wet comfort blankets.

      Explain the successes i’v celebrated here of UNKNOWN Independents, candidates while Jeremy had the leadership post, the latest Middlesborough by-Election, PLUS Sharon Graham??? And explain why everyone else can see SIR starmer is as a “Murdoch man” described him this very evening – “A FLOP”?

      The questions r rhetorical, 4 the benefit of readers old & new. U need not answer… especially without hard FACTS + LOGIC.

      WHY is SIR “starmer a FLOP” despite being a Zionist & tool of the Establishment

      1. Jack T, not much. u should have a few… preferably a sip or two sips… or even three of red wine. White has v little health benefits (anthocyanin). BUT Jack T, latest research CONFIRMS positive effects of ALL red & blue foods & drinks eg blue berries, sweet potatoes and DARK chocolate… 70%.

        Best avoid spirits except in cocktails or steeped in health promoting botanicals + garnished č mint, cardamom, basil, coriander, rosemary, lavender … lemons, limes… any good stuff as nature intended as suits your fancy☺️☺️☺️

        OH, meant to say, was chatting č a dear friend for FIVE HOURS😂😂😂 on the phone… very long distance… CRISTAL clear call as if in the same room. Diff to achieve in even local calls. BUT we had a good laugh when i said, i’ve noticed that many of my errors r due to my fingers and speech lagging waaaay behind my thoughts. Mind races ahead; fingers can’t keep up🤣
        ANYWAY, have 10 or 20mls red wine and/or dark chocolate EVERY evening, will do u much good… maybe even free yourself of your pet shackles “Zionists” and “whining on about the doom u WANT Brexit 2 b.
        Jack T, the EU is still next door. Brexit, IF it ever gets “done”, is of little consequence in the scheme of things, OR less than that.

      2. Could you just clarify something signpost: Are you claiming that Rupert Murdoch described Starmer as a ‘FLOP’, because THAT is what you appear to be saying in your muddied and muddled way (and no doubt DELIBERATELY so!)?

        Or are you making stuff up again???

        NB The only time starmer has been referred to as a ‘flop’ as far as I know is when he was compared on Have I Got News For You to the super league flop about five months ago, and I wouldn’t be the LEAST bit surprised if THAT is where signpost got the idea from!

      3. Signpost, go easy on the booze but thanks for the advice.
        Bottoms up.

      4. Reply to Jack T – No Signposts hasn’t been drinking Jack. He’s just having a go at Jeremy Corbyn and the left as usual. He does it all day every day (except on his days off).

      5. So just EIGHT minutes after Smartboy posted a reply to JackT, SteveH posts a reply – if one can call it that – to Smartboy. But perish the thought that he’s a paid full-time shill monitoring this site fifteen/sixteen hours a day, practically every single day, and posting comments and ‘replies’ in practically every single thread! But MOSTLY ‘replies!!

        If you look through the comments – and as he has done on literally THOUSANDS of occasions – you will see that time and time and time again SteveH posts his reply to someone in a matter of minutes – ie within five, ten, fifteen minutes! Sometimes he leaves it for longer of course for the obvious reason, but about 75% of the time it’s just a matter of minutes! And PRIOR to signpost appearing on the scene a couple of months before the 2019 GE, SteveH was by FAR the most prolific FIRST poster – ie the first person to post a comment, and practically ALWAYS within a matter of a few minutes after skwawkbox sent out its notification email of the new article to subscribers. So allowing for a minute or two to skim through an article to see what it says, and then a minute or two to think of something to say, and a minute or so to type it out……

        But it’s ALL just perfectly normal behaviour!! What a joke!!!

      6. PS I wonder how long it will take for Mr H to ‘reply’ to my comment above! Place your bets!!

    2. They are all bloody usless imbeciles the socialist group of mps who cant even work out that they are out on their comatose socialist backsides if they don’t get their arses into gear and look for a new home..I am not even sure of the point of a new party with a bunch of loosers anymore.So far from my failing memory other than ian Byrne and Moyle allof em were into this AS scam nonsence and the rapid conversion to Zionism Seems from memory only Chris Williamson took the threat seriously and had the courage to “stay and fight” and look what his comrades did to him….chucked him under the bus for a second time jack is that correct in the Liverpool demo on Saturday?Can we have your version and his it the same as Steve Richards version that chris was blanked by Corbyn and wasn’t allowed to speak in front of the glitterati.?

      1. Joseph, last Saturday Chris Williamson came to Liverpool to support the march against the Arms Fair. The platform was told that he was there and a request was made for him to speak. It was ignored but an announcement was made from the platform that Chris was with us which was received with great enthusiasm by the crowd.

        It is my belief that the organisers did not want Jeremy and Chris on the same platform for fear of embarrassing Jeremy because of his lack of support for Chris.

        Chris said that despite that, he would have been more than willing to talk to Jeremy without any hostility.

        Others who were there in supoort who deserve a mention were John McDonnell, Ian Byrne, Dan Carden and Joe Bird.

      2. Jeremy Corbyn didn’t chuck anybody under the bus. This is a lie perpetuated by his detractors to further undermine him. Its just like all the other lies , that he is an antisemite, spy, non patriotic, pacifist, threat to national security etc etc. People like Joseph and Signposts fling plenty of muck at him on this site in the hope some of it will stick but people are starting to recognise them for the trolls that they are

      3. Smartboy – It would be difficult to present a cogent argument that CW wasn’t ‘thrown under a bus’ by Jennie Formby who Corbyn appointed.
        As I recall it most of the high profile expulsions took place under Jennie’s regime.

      4. Smartboy have you got your knickers in a twist that you have to accuse me of being a Troll just because last week I couldn’t agree with you on a LGBT issue especially the tranny issue and free speech.Bad move lady,boy or whatever but you will not shut us down just because we are a little bit boring for you.Get over yourself their are far more important issues to the General public than you getting your knickers in a twist over me defending a comrade for insisting on his free speech to disagree with you.The issue was a Labour councillor who made a public statment not very flattering about the LGBT people and I suported you on that saying he should know better as a councillor,but I did respond to your opinion that ordinary members of the public should also keep stum….Well we will not go away and youve managed to raise the anti on a issue I have never been interested or worried about… I have had a rethinking on that so get out of my way boy and stop the nasty little digs that are a lie and mischief making.You do more damage to the issue when you start demanding that people should not have a opinion that will effect them in the gym and public services such as washrooms and WCs.Now youve woken me up…!on the issue that isnt.a issue for most people.who just want a ordinary life.and a boring life like me and millions of other people..

      5. Reply to Joseph
        I see you cannot defend your nasty snide remarks about Jeremy Corbyn and the Left- our SCG MPs are all according to you “Bloody useless imbeciles” etc- so you are trying to deflect attention from this to raising my comments on the issue of Trans rights . You do not agree with Trans rights but expect others to recognise and respect your rights- that makes you a hypocrite as well as a troll in my opinion.

      6. Reply to Steve H
        I am reluctant to make a judgement on Jennie’s position as I do not have access to all the facts /papers. However it is my understanding that Chris’s suspension and eventual expulsion was agreed by the NEC and its subcommittee.

      7. Smartboy – Which Corbyn and ‘the left’ had control of at the time.

      8. What are you going on about I have told you before its not a problem or a issue with me or it wasn’t till you jumped in with your knickers in a twist about a comment that a well known poster made.So go get a normal life and be boring like me. Andd on the Corbyn issue I will go with Corbyns most loyal mp Chris Williamson whos now persona non grata for the glitterati brigade.What do you want me to say I have met corbyn and thats at my constituency mtgs and know hes a quiet gentle human being and I respect that but hes no leader but a charismatic recruitment sergeant for the socialist movment.he most certainly is.He could have been PM but the right wing brought him down.Horses for courses smartboy and we must learn by mistakes made.Lie to others but never ever lie to yourself and I say that Corbyn caved against his enemys on many issues that will haunt Britain for years to come.and the old statment of appeasement is a as true today as yesterday.So learn from yours and my mistakes and if there is a next time we need to kick some shit around and not compromise or try to reform a group of parasites that can never be reformed thats the neo liberal Labour party..I am not a Troll mr smatboy just because I do not agree with you on a very personal issue for you and that I do understand thats why I have been a socialist and fought on the streets as one and I have got the scars and arrest sentances to prove it..I don’t hide behind a alias and I am easy to track so please don’t acusse me of being a Troll because my history in ….the struggle in far flung countrys and over the water doesn’t justify the insult of Troll..or coward that attacks from behind a keyboard.Age catches up and I do get angry at the injustice of not doing everything to stop the rot or litterly smash the evil but like eveybody else we have to aceppt our limitations and of that I am sure jeremy would agree.This is not a world for old men.

  2. What is it with these churning out of investigative notices? Some sort of bot that looks for key words like ‘solidarity’ along with the names of left MPs/proscribed or undesireable left wing entities?

    …Quite possibly developed by that Israeli/mossad geezer that keef employed?

    1. Looks like it Toffee doesn’t it?

      Churning them out by computerized Bot programmes, and rescinding them only when they get served a lawyers letter. If you’re an ordinary member who cannot afford legal advice you suffer the consequences.

      Jesus, what a state the Labour Party has become under Starmer.

  3. “If they come after MP’s with baseless claims they will come after others.”

    Aye. Just what the average elector will be thinking when considering whether or not to trust this bunch of sectarian sociopaths with the keys of Governance at any level.

    If anyone is bringing the LP into disrepute its the Leader, the General Secretary, and those within the bureaucracy, hierarchy and PLP who are treating the movement as their own personal fiefdom – just like managers do at work. Gerrymandering and manipulating the rules and processes to abuse and attack anyone who does not conform to their narrow sectarian narrative and the purity spiral in which they reside.

    The entire membership of Progress, Blue Labour or whatever name they morph into should be the ones permanently proscribed from the Party and the Movement. The alternative is constant electoral oblivion.

    1. Dave, have any of the MSM covered this episode? I haven’t bothered to check because it’s HIGHLY unlikely that they have, in which case – if they have no idea it’s happening – then ‘the average elector’ will NOT be thinking “If they come after MP’s with baseless claims they will come after others.”

      Anyway, I DID in fact just do a search this minute, and No, of course the MSM – ANY of the MSM – covered it. As if they WOULD.

      NB It’s amazing the amount of times posters on here give the impression to readers of skwawkbox that some issue or other that skwawkbox has covered is somehow known to everyone in the country, when in fact skwawkbox (and maybe several other blogs) are the only outlets that have covered it!

    2. Constant electoral oblivion for Democratic Socialism is what Starmer, Mandelson and Blair wants for the Labour Party. They don’t want it to be any opposition to the Establishment. They would rather destroy it.

    3. “They will come after others” ?..What bloody planet is she on it must have escaped her notice the witchunt,the loss of more than 100,000members and the near bankrupt Labour party……Absolutely hopless and she ouotes I could have lost my job?…and shes left? God help us because they wont.!

      1. Joseph – The actual official number of fully paid up members as recorded at the time of various internal party elections tell their own story.

        July 2017 – 538,606
        November 2017 – 525,779
        June 2018 – 506,320
        November 2019 – 430,359

        January 2020 – 552,835
        August 2020 – 495,961

      2. Joseph over 300k members have officially left and or cancelled their subs. And this comes from a person working in HQ. Don’t believe any figures given to you by Labour Trolls on here.

      3. baz2001 – Don’t be a tosser. These are the official Labour Party figures and they are accurate.You are more than welcome to try and prove me wrong.

      4. Joseph, who do I believe, a paid for Turd Polishing Troll or a friend I have known for most of my life? Close call that one….

      5. baz2001 – I suppose that depends on how gullible you are.
        Do you believe what your mate told you ‘down the pub’ 🙄 or the official figures published by the Labour Party 🤔

      6. Baz thanks for the warnings but I have been told before and I guess it is accurate in fact its suprising if it isnt.I mentioned the over a hundred thousand because I didn’t want to get into a slanging match at the moment with so many worrys just off the coast and seeing Chinese military moving into Ream the ex American military base off the coast of Shianoukville and looks like the game is on.thanks for the info and I am sure that their will be some movment soon on a new working-class movement..Even the mps must now be worried?

      7. Joseph – It would save the Labour party an awful lot of hassle and conflict if they disaffiliated all religious organisations (all 2 of them), adopted a wholly secular constitution and a single secular code of conduct.

      8. Steve H Hall centrist Dad I constantly have said that religion has no place in a democracy and the sooner the British aceppt it the better.A written constitution along the same lines as the French and suprise,suprise the American constitution will do with a couple of tweeks to deal with the royals and the titled entitled in the other place and elsewhere that they infect…..ITs long overdue a few centuries in fact and then we can incorporate all of it in a Bill of rights seperate but part of the contract with the people..Will it happen…..not a chance too many vested interests groups and a cap in hand peasant mindset of a lot of the public.and the politicians.

      9. So the Turd Polishing Labour Troll says believe the Labour Party….Ha ha ha ha ha….

        Keep polishing mate, the stench must be overpowering.

      10. baz2001 – You are more than welcome to try and prove me wrong.
        Jennie Formby is the one that published many of these results including the Nov19 ones. Are you also claiming that Jennie Formby published false membership numbers.
        You throwing false accusations around at all and sundry won’t help your case.

      11. SteveH — These are the official Labour Party figures and they are accurate.

        Yet the membership figures still include those who may have resigned their membership but are still counted in the total because they are paid up members. So they are only accurate in that respect but not necessarily in terms of active members.

        I cancelled my DD and resigned in February 2020, henceforward ceasing all participation in Labour affairs, but was still counted as a member in July 2020 when I received an email to say my membership was about to run out, despite not having paid any subs since February!

        This scenario has been mentioned several times in comments on here but you seem unable to grasp the simple fact that resignations are not removed from the total until their membership ‘officially’ expires.

        You can quote all the ‘official’ figures you like but with all the present shenanigans going on, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if more than 100k have now resigned on top of the 100k+ that have already left. Thus, the 300k mentioned earlier may not be as far-fetched as you would have everyone believe.

  4. This is what happens when you employ people on short term contracts overseen by someone who’s determined to rid the party of left wing members.

  5. I have absolutely no sympathy for Long Bailey She betrayed JC stabbed him in the back and ran for the Leadership under a Left Ticket and promptly jumped RIGHT when things got rough and tough being LEFT, Just like the other Traitor Nandy, I do not shed a tear for these two.

    1. peej, I strongly suspect that YOU are a Tory troll, because on the few occasions you’ve posted on here, it’s ALWAYS negative shite putting down the left, or a left-wing politician!

      Yeah, no doubt Starmer sacked her at the very first opportunity because she stabbed Jeremy in the back and ‘jumped RIGHT’ etc. What complete and utter B/S!

      1. Allan Howard white flag man you think all new posters are trolls,why do you constantly carry on with attacks against decent people who are supportive of the left wing and democracy…apart from a severe untreatable mental illness you are little more than supporting the junta by demotivating followers of Squawkbox…and making sure that the number of new posters disappear from here and a number of existing posters.Go away please and haunt mr Steve H Hall centrist Dad on bot sentinel or somwhere else..IF you stuck to research I am sure that their would be no complaints and you could settle down in your back yard and finish “The book” and finish the grotto and shrine to worship your saint Jeremiah statue,you could burn candles and incense and offer sacrifice to our departed brethren and make a hit list of unbelievers and blasphemers and send to your fawlty towers hq Labour lists southside Wc 1and only.

    1. Here is some good news to cheer you all up.
      The latest polls aren’t going well for Boris
      “The survey of 10,000 Britons by Electoral Calculus and Find Out Now showed some 54 Tory MPs were at risk of losing their seats, including a string of “red wall” constituencies that only flipped from Labour to the Conservatives in 2019.
      Support for the Tories slumped by 8%, from 45% at the 2019 election, to just 37% today.
      While that still places them ahead of Labour, on 33%, losing 54 seats would still leave Boris Johnson on 311 – well short of the 326 needed for an overall Commons majority.
      Even though the Tories would be the largest party, he would be unable to form a government without a coalition”

  6. To (mis)quote Chumbawamba:

    “starmer and evans think they are god’s gift but they are liar(s), I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire!”

      1. Thanks for info – I wanted one of the women to be leader and voted for
        Nandy because I thought RLB a bit immature ..

        In retrospect we didn’t have much choice did we? However I guess RLB
        has learned since then but I agree she likely did not have a clue what
        Zionism was!

        What people don’t seem to understand is that the Jewish Community
        does not have a single view – but many! They are just like the Christian Community in this and it staggers me that even with the divided Community just over the Irish Sea people do not connect with the fact of similar differences in the Jewish Community.

        Comments were made about lack of exposure in the MSM
        and I see that McDonnell has suddenly woken up and started
        writing about the state of affairs. In general at least though he does
        not identify individuals

      2. HolbyFanMw Yes, correct Jews are not just one community, none of my Jewish friends are Zionists.

        In many ways Nandy is similar to RLB, she bought into the fallacy that the LP was riddled with antiSemites thus perpetuating the attacks on Corbyn.
        John McDonnell did much the same although to a lesser degree and not one of them, even Corbyn himself, failed to support Chris Williamson, one of the few Socialists then in the Labour Party.

      3. Jack, is that the same Jeremy Corbyn yur always knifing in the back and fraudulently accusing of throwing ‘good comrades under the bus’ and of ‘appeasing’ his enemies etc, not only on skwawkbox – as you have on literally scores of occasions – but on JVLs website as well. Jack posted the following ‘comment’ on JVLs website just yesterday (well the day before yesterday now, given that it’s just gone midnight):

        It’s got to the stage where many of us don’t trust any of them, Starmer, McCluskey or even Jeremy Corbyn. They have reneged on the faith placed in them by the membership. The only people who CAN be trusted are those who were expelled/suspended as a result of the previous three and others not showing solidarity when required.

        When Jack says ‘many of us’, he’s referring to the full-time paid shills on here whose objective is to discredit Jeremy and the SCG (or members of) and the left in general every-which-way they can. And REPEAT ad infinitum, with signpost taking the leading roll as he did shortly after he started posting on here a couple of months or so before the 2019 GE. Jack knows damn well of course that had Jeremy shown/expressed support for anyone who had been suspended or expelled for alleged A/S, he would have been condemned and vilified and demonised by the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the JLM and CAA and BoD et al for doing so.

      4. Allan Howard – White Flag Man.
        You know quite well that I’ve never knifed Jeremy or any left winger in the back or anywhere else. What I’ve done is criticised, when obvious, their capitulation snd lack of solidarity with those who have been targeted by the Zionists and either been suspended or expelled as a result.

        You demonstrate perfectly well how fetishising someone, in your case Jeremy Corbyn, can lead you to illogical thoughts and statements.

      5. What a joke. So just 25 minutes after I posted my ‘reply’ to Jack, he posts a ‘reply to my ‘reply at 12.58am in the morning. Yeah, he just happened to still be up and about and still monitoring skwawkbox!

        Jack the Shill would have people believe that had Jeremy publicly given his support to someone fraudulently accused of anti-semitism, he wouldn’t have been ferociously attacked and vilified by the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the JLM et al when he knows damn well he WOULD have been.

        So what happened when the LP under Jeremy condemned the Panorama hatchet job Jack? And what happened when Jeremy defended Chris Williamson and refuted the claims that Chris was an anti-semite Jack? And what happened when Jeremy said in a statement that the problem of A/S in the party has been ‘dramatically overstated by political opponents inside and outside the party and the MSM’ Jack?

        I’ve asked Jack these questions on more than a few occasions during the course of the past couple of years or so, and needless to say, he has NEVER once answered them, and for the glaringly obvious reason, and all he can do is repeat his ‘White Flag Man’ black propaganda B/S, just like the fascist press do – and have done for decades – so as to try and discredit people – eg Barmy Benn and Red Ken and Welsh Windbag and Red Ed.

        So why do you keep avoiding answering my questions Jack?!!

      6. Holby fan mw the irish community are no more divided than the Palestinian community.The irish were invaded and just like the Palestinian they were invaded and there lands taken because of who and what they are.The mini apartheid gerrymandered statlet of Ulster is still under Ocuppation despite the GFA and because of the change in demographics the Orange unionists dont “want to play” anymore and which to throw out the baby with the bath water.and try to hang on in a garrason population that is fast becoming a major stumbling block for a peaceful transition to a United Ireland.Maybe its time to rethink and give them the unionist minority population the same offer that the disaffected Hong Kong chinese were given to come back to the old colonialists empire?with a nice little bonus and a free bit of land much the same as they got in Ulster some 350years ago.whilst half the population were starved to death or fled the country forever.So teacher heres the lesson the irish are no more divided than the Palestinian the black south afrikan,and a whole world of natives exploited and degraded by the British Empire.lCasual throw away comments are not tolerated in the Labour party as we all learn in our political education …or should I say used to be?

      7. White Flag Man. “So why do you keep avoiding answering my questions Jack”

        You know perfectly well I’ve answered your nonsensical questions which are designed to mask your belief that capitulation is the best tactic to deploy against the enemy – hence your well deserved moniker “White Flag Man”.

  7. I hope Kate contacts every single member of the NEC to let them know this happened.

    And I have little doubt that the ‘attack squad’ KNEW that Kate would immediately get her solicitor on the case and write a letter to the LP threatening legal action, at which point ‘they’ would rescind the notice of investigation claiming it was an ‘administrative error’!

    We REALLY are dealing with a bunch of fascist psychopathic bullyboy/girl gangsters!!

    Anyway, here’s a link to Kate’s statement:

    PS The one thing that isn’t clear – from the article OR Kate’s statement – is WHEN she tweeted the tweet showing solidarity with RLB. It seems unlikely it was just recently, in which case ‘they’ must have been trawling through Kate’s twitter account etc to find something. Yep, Starmer’s Stasi working 24/7 round the clock to threaten and intimidate people and politicians on the left!!

    1. I just checked, and the link DOESN’T take you to her actual statement, but if you click on the ‘statement’ (as it appears on the link) it’ll take you to the full statement.

      1. ITs all begining to sound like the life of Brian and the judean popular front Whilst brian his crucified…WFM bugger off with all these loony tune attacks on genuine posters….you know that jack is not a paid shill,troll right wing fascist,shill,sock puppet and all of the insane ramblings usually in the middle of the night that normal people never here because they have a life and get to bed….what the hell or you taking and can somone find a cure for another gutless wonder Allan Howard white flag man..WFM.

  8. That’s the end game, isn’t it? Starmer and his pals are trying to cause as much damage as possible before they get kicked out. As it stands, they won’t last until 2024, so they need to wreck as much as possible in the hope johnson declares an early election (of which there are rumours).

  9. I know the history of Northern Ireland and the fact of the “Pale” when Scottish Protestants were imported into Northern Ireland! You cannot surely say these Protestants were NOT Irish? But whether or not they were Irish they were part of the Community living in Northern Ireland and Christians ..
    so the point is made. One Community for whatever reason claimed to be the
    “proper” Christians and the other were deprived of their Human rights. In Southern Ireland RC clergy told their congregations who to vote for (or not vote for).

    But that is not really the point – which is that the Christian Community were split after the Reformation – and for some time one or other claimed they were the “real” Christian Community. Intolerance was on both sides – attending a non-Catholic church service was not approved for Roman Catholics – needless to say many RCs ignored this. (I am talking of the1940s and 1950s which I remember!) In the North of England there was sectarianism with divided Communities and in Scotland too,.

    Thank goodness we are more tolerant now ..on this side of the Irish Sea. However the split still remains in Northern Ireland though its is much better now. Of course its is not only about religion – its is about politics and Irish Nationalism and Irish Independence.

    I gave Norther Ireland as an example for the problem still exists there – so even for those who know no history the split between a Christian Community still affects peoples lives and is evident and can be seen.

    PS I think the lack of understanding of the division(s) in the Jewish Community by the MSM is partly at least from Intellectual laziness and sloppy journalism as much as anything. They find it easier to talk to ONE person as representative of the Jewish Community and they do the same with other Communities (eg Islamists). Muslims in this country get angry about this for it shows a lack of respect ..

    Sorry be teacher-ist about the MSM and their sloppy and lazy reporting – it
    makes me very annoyed

    1. Holby fanmw Well thank you for the reply but don’t think this is about religion thats a kop out…very few people in the peoples democracy were religious when we were fighting for one man one vote and certainly not Bernadette Devlin the leader of our group in the late sixties.,.We brought down the hated Stormont government and started a stampede to alter the apparthied system of British government in Ireland and our fight against the British Empire colonialist rule and has nothing to do with religion.especially the Republic of Ireland that has a secular state constitution in writing and gives no recognition to religion …..We have learnt from our mistakes the same as the French and we are not any longer a slave to Catholicism or any other religion.ITs a shame that the British dont learn that lesson in the basic right of a constitution and the idea that religion has no place in a democracy.So teacher dont use religion has a argument for more of the same in Ireland or we Will never have a resolution to the colonial rule in ocuppied Ireland.and dont forget their will be a very large bill to pay for looking after the baggage you have left in Ireland and pay in hard currencies not sterling and no IOUs only gold thankyou.

      1. Joseph – The Labour party would save itself an awful lot of hassle and internal conflict if they disaffiliated all religious organisations (all 2 of them), adopted a wholly secular constitution and a single secular code of conduct.
        By all means consult widely, including religions but the idea that any religion should have the power to assert their dogma over and above any other religion or secular members should be an anathema to the Labour party.

    2. Steve H…..Could I pass on your comments to HQ and see what Starmer makes of “IT should be an anathema to any Religion forcing their dogma on the Labour party?….I wonder how the veiws of a conservative morosi jew quite fits in with that but looking at the dogma of that particular jewish sect of juduism they are a bit off the richter scale for a drinking smoking athiast..Ps from my experience with converts they are very fanatical at first unfortunately the knight hid everything from the members especially that other fanatical Israeli spook Trevor Chinn who funded the Labour party leader behind the scenes until the knight stole the election.and was forced to coff up the fraud he had committed and seemingly got away with it.@

  10. Reading the letter, I see that a review of past complaints against individuals is underway. Interesting. Pamela Fitzpatrick can expect a response to her complaint soon. And other members who have complained about Blair will soon be notified of the progress made.

    1. Paul is this a windup and are you being serious.?You do understand I hope that this is a serious discussion forum and right wing comedians are banned.I will say though I am partial to that dry Norhern sense of humour.Have you ever watched car share with peter kay….maybe you can pick up a few tips.?

      1. Supposed to be ironic! Obviously Labour’s disciplinary rules are implemented in a one-sided way by the right-wing leadership. But it still beggars belief as to how brazen it is.

    2. Do you think that my 4 year-old complaint about Mandelson will be dealt with.

      1. goldbach – You could always try resubmitting your complaint.

  11. Oh, and the quote comes from Dodds so I assume we’re not to take it literally.

    1. goldbach – I know, I gave you the link.
      That is entirely up to you. It can’t be any worse than the current discredited system. Did you read the rest of the article ‘explaining’ how it will work.
      We can speculate as much as we like but I guess we’ll both have to wait and see how it works out.

  12. Aaron Bastani gave a pretty good analysis of this on Novara Media yesterday.
    I think that he was far too restrained though.

  13. Labour’s clocks all strike thirteen
    and down the Memory Hole
    go all the truths they won’t let seen
    all thoughts they can’t control;
    your mind is now the Party’s space
    Big Starmer is its cleaner
    to have the boot upon your face
    these jailers can’t be keener;
    free thought is dead, as for expression
    your tongue is not you own
    democracy’s renamed repression
    opinion’s theirs alone;
    the gramophone plays night and day
    you’re a mere mimic
    say anything that they don’t say
    expulsion is their gimmick.

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