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Labour front-bencher’s CLP passes motion against Starmer’s proscriptions

Bolton South East members condemn cowardly move to force out left members

Labour members in the Bolton South East constituency have voted for a motion condemning the antidemocratic decision of Keir Starmer and his sidekick David Evans to ‘proscribe’ four left groups as part of Starmer’s war on members’ freedom of speech, making membership of or support for them an automatic expulsion offence.

The local Labour MP, Yasmin Qureshi, is a member of Starmer’s front bench. The motion, which passed with no opposition, reads:

Proscribed organisations

This CLP notes:

On 20th July 2021, the National Executive Committee, by a majority, passed proposals to ‘auto-exclude’ from the Labour Party members who are presumed to belong to any of the following organisations: Labour Against the Witch Hunt; the Labour in Exile Network; Resist; and Socialist Appeal. These proposals were only publicised less than a week before the NEC meeting.

The NEC also voted to establish a panel to look at potentially proscribing other organisations which are deemed not to fit with the ‘aims and values’ of the Labour Party.

This CLP believes:

The Labour Party has always represented a very broad range of political opinion. Proscribing these organisations represents an attack on open, democratic, debate within the party and the right of party members to organise themselves to campaign for political objectives. It sets a concerning precedent for further attempts to narrow the scope of political debate.

Where individual members are accused of offences against party rules e.g. campaigning against party candidates or engaging in hate speech, these should be investigated on a case by case basis. ‘Auto-excluding’ party members because they are presumed to support certain groups denies them any right to defend themselves, or appeal – even against inaccurate presumptions of support for such groups – and so is contrary to natural justice.

That the Labour Party does best when it is focused on representing the interests of the mass of working people and their families, rather than turning inwards to pursue divisive vendettas against elements of its own supporters. Such campaigns reinforce, rather than challenge, false narratives about the ‘extremism’ of Labour Party members.

This CLP resolves:

To express its dismay at the decision of the NEC majority to proscribe the 4 groups, and to commend the action of the minority of NEC members who voted against these proposals.

To forward a copy of this motion, with thanks, to the 10 NEC members who issued a joint statement opposing the proposals – Laura Pidcock, Nadia Jama, Amy Jackson, Mish Rahman, Yasmin Dar, Jayne Taylor, Andy Kerr, Andi Fox, Gemma Bolton and Ian Murray.

Starmer’s war on the left has seen the expulsion of world-famous socialist and film director Ken Loach, as well as resulting in a complaint to the Equality and Human Rights Commission about his purge of left-wing Jews and outrage about blatant Islamophobia.

Bolton South East members are not the first to condemn Starmer’s hypocritical assault on democracy. Last month, Sheffield Heeley members overwhelmingly did likewise, despite the likelihood of reprisals by the Labour right in control of the party machine.

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    1. Yes, all those expensive lawsuits draining the ever diminishing member’s subs and putting off would be donors……tragic.

      1. My support? I know Starmer’s eminently forgettable but honestly.

      2. lundiel – You are right, my comment was badly worded but I’m guessing that you know what I meant to say.

    2. Yeah, and if keef carries on you won’t have a party TO vote for.

      So continue yer gloating & sneering. Gobshite.

  1. Bit embarrassing for the MP – guess the GS and GLU are testing the water whether to proscribe JVL, LRC, Momentum etc
    Possibly Labour (Britain) First, Progress, Compass and the Fabians 🙂

  2. That even one CLP feels the need, is a mark of shame on Sir Keir – even if he is a Member of a economically hard-right, billionaires pressure group

  3. Leeds Central CLP overwhelmingly supported a similar motion in the same week as Sheffield Heeley.
    Onwards and upwards.
    It would help if a list of all CLPs condemning these anti-democratic practices could be compiled.
    Many will be frightened-off by implied threats of disciplinary action.

    1. But, but, but keef (loads of NCVs in 17 months) is more popular and was (supposedly) elected by a greater majority than Corbyn (0 -zero – NCVs in five years).

      Nothing undemocratic about it.

      (/sarcasm font)

      1. No. The people’s vote led to people like me leaving. We never stopped supporting Jeremy Corbyn, just the rancid fifth columnists like Petie Mandleson.

      2. lundiel – So you withdrew you support for a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour party because of your support for a RW Tory policy. 😕.

      3. And just how many have left since April 2020?

        Oh I forgot – 460k is MORE than 552k innit?

        Remind u how many NCVs did Corbyn undergo on his four plus years?

        And how many times did he get his (unelected) gensec to order CLPs from holding NCVs?

        Or proscribe dissident group

      4. SteveH
        The membership has increased so much since 2019 GE the party is 1 month away from insolvency
        Remember you don’t do numbers

      5. Doug “Remember you don’t do numbers”
        What is that nonsense about?

        Don’t be silly
        Labour’s £1 million deficit for 2020 is easily solved and looks good in comparison with the Tory’s problems. The Labour model of relying on membership fees appears to have been far more resilient during the Covid crisis than the Tory’s reliance on big donors.
        Here are Labour’s recently published accounts for 2020

      6. Doug – For some reason the MSM haven’t reported how much financial trouble the Tories are in
        In 2019 the Tories declared donations of £55.7million but in 2020 this dropped dramatically by 70% to only £17.2million leaving the Tory Party with a massive deficit of -£5.4million. (compared to a surplus of £13million in 2019)

      7. SteveH
        Cost of Political activities
        Cash Flow
        Are of major concern
        Now tell us how you easily solve the £1 million deficit

      8. You don’t have a clue SteveH. The Tory balance sheet is very healthy given how much of their cash flow comes from donations that are turned on and off like a tap whenever they ask. Labour on the other hand are losing member’s subs and donations, losing staff to fight an election, have lost footsoldiers who knock on doors and haven’t as yet replaced their income stream with donors.
        Therefore, Labour are in deep shit while the Tories can as ever rely on bastards with very deep pockets.

      9. Nothing to do with the Party stance on Brexit then stevieH?

  4. Leave him in peace. his comments are utterly predictable – even more predictable than Sunderland blowing it at the end of the season and staying in the Third Division.

    1. Goldach Sunderland will because of massive supporters always rise eventually from the lower leagues,unlike the Labour party thats heading for oblivion for lack of supporters and eventually the sacking of the team and oblivion.Many people make good money from being “Labour” ,thats about to change.

  5. I understand the supplies of turd polish are running low. There’s plenty of frantic movements going on in Labour HQ of late, just wait until Conference. Their arms will drop off……

    Meanwhile at Swawkbox, the regular commentators swat away the pesky dung flies…..

    Keith’s Killing Labour.

  6. SteveH30/08/2021 AT 9:48 PM
    Doug – The already announced redundancies.

    Which needn’t have happened had keef not boxed his mates off for their assistance in his shithousery…

    …But both are ok by you.

    Easily solvable. No wonder you’re despised.

    1. Toffee – The negative cash flow started when Jeremy and Jennie failed to address the loss of income. Losing the subscriptions from so many members meant that job losses were inevitable.
      You need to put the Panorama payout in context, it would only have covered Labour’s running costs for about 1 week.
      I suggest you sit down and work out the ongoing cost of employing 90 staff before you comment further.

      1. Again you show a staggeringly callous disregard for those unfortunate enough to have lost their jobs through stammers shithousery, as well as a casual one for numbers.

        £600k would’ve kept 20 on @£30kpa

        Or 40 at that rate for six months.

        Not much, granted. But they wouldn’t be signing on for UC or what have ya. They are or soon will be because of knobheads like you.

        And you don’t even have a word of condolence for them. They’re just collateral damage to you.

        easily solvable in other words: fuck “em.

        What a lovely attitude.

        To think, one of them might’ve even come up with a plan to make the greasy barnetted one even slightly less unpalatable to the public.

        Instead, keef’s languishing even further behind THE most incompetent, corrupt PM in all history, with even less staff to arrest that freefall.

        But hey?? Fuck ’em. Keef’s still there and that’s all that matters…

  7. Bolton is a typical Lancashire mill town and a typical crumbling infrastructure that formerly had 3Labour mps and a Labour council for over half a century.ITs only 3 years ago that another nondiscript knight of the realm a Labour mp was thrown out on his hypocritical backside.along with the council of Labour fatcats that exploited the situation in the town.Querishi a former human rights lawyer before joining the Labour lawyers club has managed to keep her head down below the parapet and survive.I wonder what she thinks of the other lawyer thats brought the party to bankruptcy and leave her a lone Labour mp looking at redundancy in a typical crumbling red wall constituency.

  8. If stevieh’s, claim, above, that “the membership has increased since the 19GE” were true, which it obviously isn’t, or even if the arrogant-but-poltically-dumb knight just claimed it to be, the Labour party would most its “silent majority” membership within a week. Me and tens of thousands more would just cancel the direct debit immediately.

    Starmer and Johnson’s simultaneous collapse in standing is more likely to be a reflection on the health our poltics and people’s Hope for the future, rather than dislike of johnson and the billionaires’ Commander-in-Chief of the Labour party, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer.

    1. I’d like to know where the £13m reserves have gone? As for the increase in membership, do the Staff at Labour HQ think we’re all Sun readers?

      Keith’s Killed Labour, and it’s all Corbyn’s fault.

    2. qwertboi – The reality is that the ‘silent majority’ voted Keir into office.

      1. They – like you- have got plenty to be silent about.

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