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Exclusive – JVL tells EHRC and Forde: Starmer’s Labour is engaged in ‘purge of Jews’

Damning and detailed report accuses Starmer of oppression and purge

Jewish Voice for Labour – the main grouping of left-wing Jews in the Labour party – has written to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and to the Forde enquiry set up by Labour leader Keir Starmer, with a detailed 77-page report that accuses Starmer’s party of a ‘purge of Jews’.

Skwawkbox can exclusively reveal the reports main allegations:

How Labour’s claim of countering antisemitism has resulted in a purge of Jews

Executive summary

We are making this submission as we believe that Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) members increasingly experience administrative persecution by the Labour Party (the Party) as a form of discrimination, targeted not just at our political beliefs but at the nexus of these beliefs with our Jewish identity.

Previous leaderships sought to hear from diverse Jewish perspectives. But the Party now limits its engagement with British Jews to groups who claim to represent “the Jewish community” but who in fact represent only one position within it. The Party is, in effect, collaborating with these groups to delegitimise Jewish dissent.

There are multiple views among Jews on religion and politics. There are splits between the religious groupings, there are varying degrees of secularism and there is a full range of political views. Most important for today, there is a more than a century long difference of strongly held beliefs on Zionism, evolving more recently into many varied viewpoints.

Among British Jews can be found every degree of progressive and conservative Zionism, anti-Zionism and indifference to Israel. Sometimes these differences are expressed with anger, more often through laughter and friendship.

The Party has marched into this complex scene of historic intra group wrangling and feuds and effectively taken sides. They have been enabled by over-simplistic media coverage that, in its sourcing and in the range of perspectives it airs, inaccurately presumes and conveys a monolithic consensus among British Jews.

In effect, Labour has aided and abetted efforts to define JVL members out of Britain’s ‘Jewish community’. No action has been taken against those who have repeatedly disputed, maligned or mocked the Jewishness of JVL.

JVL has repeatedly warned both the EHRC and the Party about the climate of hostility being built up and directed against us. This is experienced as discrimination, victimisation and harassment. Our Jewish members do not feel safe in the Party and this is experienced agonisingly like the persecution our families have experienced over centuries. Here is an excerpt from our paper on antisemitic misconduct, ignored by the Party:

Antisemitism is a form of racism. It consists in prejudice, hostility or hatred towards Jews as Jews. It may take the form of denial of rights; direct, indirect or institutional discrimination; prejudice-based behaviour; verbal or written statements; or violence.

Such manifestations draw on stereotypes – characteristics which all Jews are presumed to share.

The disputes within Labour in the years since Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader in 2015 have driven a wedge between different parts of the many Jewish Communities. There was, to be sure, infighting before this period, but it is novel for the majority of Jews in the UK to be informed that we are represented by the Board of Deputies (BOD) and, for those on the left, by the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM). The BOD represents less than a third of Jews in the UK by most estimates. The criteria for joining the JLM include promoting the centrality of Israel in Jewish life.

JVL is a vibrant political association led by Jewish Labour members. We are a proud product of, and participant in, a rich British and, indeed, universalist Jewish radical tradition, for freedom and justice for all. We are committed to the struggle against all racism, including antisemitism, and for freedom and justice for all, including the Palestinian people. While all JVL members oppose the current treatment of Palestinians, not all are opposed to Zionism.

JVL represents some 350 Jewish Labour Party members. All JVL officers and committee members are Jewish Labour members. JVL also has approximately 800 non-Jewish Party ‘solidarity’ members and a small number of Jewish ‘supporters’, many of who have left the Party in despair.

he Labour Party represents a wide spectrum of socialist and social democratic opinion. As so often in its Party’s history, the battle has in recent years been fierce between what is largely seen as its left and right wings, latterly between those who shared Corbyn’s values and policies and those who for varying reasons opposed his leadership from the very moment he became favourite to win the Leadership contest in September 2015.

But a new feature is that the Labour Party is targeting those who question its interpretation of antisemitism and in particular its adoption of one particularly, contested definition of antisemitism, in effect determining as antisemitic, and worthy of expulsion, disagreement over the methods used for combating antisemitism.

One frequent charge cited in investigations of members for antisemitism is that of undermining “the Party’s ability to campaign against racism”; so, any such questioning brings culpability in its wake.

Labour is purging Jews from the Party. There have been at least 40 investigations of Jews for antisemitism. As one of our officers protested:

everyone raised in a Jewish family setting – hugely diverse though these are — grows up knowing what antisemitism is in the depth of their being and we all carry the fear of it with us through our lives. Knowing Jewishness from the inside as I do, I can honestly say that the idea of Jews being accused of antisemitism virtually en masse is something I cannot get my head round. But I don’t know of any precedent in which a
group of Jews has been subjected to institutional accusations of antisemitism.

This report spells out the ways in which this calumny has escalated:

– The Party has ignored complaints made by Jews who are members of JVL of antisemitism shown to them, including other forms of bullying;
– In failing to consult JVL with regard to the membership of the Advisory Board recommended by the EHRC, even as it pledged to consult Jewish stakeholders, the Party has in effect decided that we aren’t a Jewish community, and emboldened those actors within British Jewry that have denied or ridiculed our Jewish identity;
– There is considerable evidence that Jewish members have been disproportionally targeted with investigation for antisemitism. It appears that as a population share, almost five times more Jewish than non-Jewish Labour members have faced complaints of antisemitism which have been investigated. We estimate that Jewish JVL members have been subject to actioned antisemitism complaints at a rate 20 times greater than non-Jewish Labour members;
– The assumption of disciplinary investigations is that all Jews are Zionists and/or that anti-Zionists are not proper Jews and indeed are antisemitic, delegitimising an entire swathe of Jewish opinion and tradition;
– Targeting JVL members in positions of power within the Party with bizarre allegations of antisemitism, based on demands for justice for others accused;
– Calls for proscription: an MP, an elected agent of the Party, has called for JVL to be proscribed, evidently because of our views, expressed as Jewish members, about antisemitism within the Party;
– Jewish members who disagree with the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism, the EHRC’s findings, and/or the Party’s treatment of Jeremy Corbyn are disciplined if they voice their opinions publicly at local meetings in their constituencies;
– Training by a Zionist organisation, the JLM, whose views are hostile to Corbyn,
Corbyn’s supporters and JVL, is now mandatory for any Labour Party elected officer
and recommended for all Labour Party members;
JVL education on antisemitism is banned to the extent that constituencies or branches that want to invite the JVL team of educationalists to deliver a session are disciplined; this has been coupled by the Party discouraging affiliations to JVL.

There are ten attachments which document these claims.

Annex 1 Diana Neslen’s story: The harrying of an older Jewish woman
Annex 2 Stephen Mark’s story: The singling out of a Jewish NCC member
Annex 3 Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi’s story: How misrepresenting comments led to
Annex 4 Proscription in Starmer’s Labour Party
Annex 5 The creation of an unrepresentative Advisory Board
Annex 6 Complaints by JVL members that have been ignored
Annex 7 The disproportionate targeting of left-wing Jewish Party members
Annex 8 Our Jewish identities under attack
Annex 9 The banning of JVL’s education programme
Annex 10 The impact of the General Secretary’s directives on left-wing Jews

We request interested organisations such as the EHRC, the Forde Inquiry and the
Runnymede Trust to put pressure on the Labour Party to take seriously its responsibilities as
an avowed anti-racist political party and to respect the full range of political views amongst
its Jewish members. This JVL review is being sent to academic organisations with special
knowledge of antisemitism. It is time the issues we raise were given the serious attention
they deserve.

Skwawkbox will cover the ten annexes in detail in the coming days, but the evidence summarised in JVL’s report is far more compelling and far more damning than the vaporous conclusions of the EHRC’s previous investigation into the Labour party that was spun up by the right and the ‘mainstream’ media into something far more substantial than its conclusions ever merited.

Will the EHRC and the Forde inquiry respond as they should to this damning evidence, by instituting an investigation into the entrenched and shameless antisemitism of the Labour right? Or will it, as many will surely anticipate, simply ignore the voice of left-wing Jews, like the Labour party and the ‘mainstream’ media have routinely and obstinately done so far?

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  1. Starmer, Rayner, Evans, Harman, Straw, Hodge, Blair who verbally abused the great WALTER WOLFGANG at conference; NONE of their lot cared about anti-Semitism.


    1. As you well know Keir Starmer wasn’t even an MP at the time. have you got any evidence to back up your improbable assertion that Keir abused Walter Wolfgang at conference?
      Or is this just another example of you making stuff up.

      1. You know Signpost missed out parentheses. Add those after Bliar and it reads fine.

        You really are a starmer fanboi…

      2. windchime – Does it really? Currently I don’t see it. Perhaps you could edit and re-post the comment to illustrate what you mean.

      3. I expect that most people read Signpost’s post to relay the truism that to the EntryistRight, the third way trilateralists who love ‘as-is’ under-regulated capitalism, racism, imperialism, sexism and poverty are not particularly offensive.

        They each are, when all’s said and done, a special Fruits of Capitalism.

        Walter Jakob Wolfgang, the German-born British socialist, peace activist and Jew, was probably – even then – just a ‘wrong type of Jew’ to these people; he had, after all, been Vice-President and Vice Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament up to the time of his death (2019), and a supporter of the Stop the War Coalition.

        And, you’re right, in 2005 when the Conference anti-semitism occured, Keir Rodney Starmer was not even a twinkle in the Labour-hating billionaires eyes.

      4. SteveH davidH Mr Hall boxcartrend et al @Caribbean Bolthole SH Branch, as you all well know, it was BLAIR, not your SIR starmer, who ABUSED the dear late lamented Walter Wolfgang.

        Your SIR starmer indeed wasn’t even an MP when Blair attacked Walter. At that time, Max Headroom was EXTREMELY busy jailing the likes of Julian Assange, while allowing many criminals, especially Establishment criminals escape prosecution; examples: the Hillsborough tragedy; the New Cross Fire tragedy; Jimmy Saville (Thatcher’s chum) systematic DECADES long abuse of vulnerable children in STATE RUN INSTITUTIONS; Shirley Oaks child abusers, Harriet Harman who enabled the “Pedophile Information Exchange”… for which she has since apologised AFTER her doings were discovered… even then, Harman still tried to excuse her catastrophically sordid association… POOR JUDGEMENT by Harman… as ever.

        But back to your SIR keith starmer’s doings, he was busy failing to prosecute the cold blooded murders of Stephen Lawrence; Morgan found in a pub carpark…the horrific list is too long, yet given the chance, Max Headroom would have been glad too to verbally abuse Walter Wolfgang who escaped the Holocaust.

        Blair’s snide remark to Walter is only one example of WMD Blair’s nature. The creature’s contemptible anti-Semitic attack is more evidence that those you support, deserve ZERO support from any decent person.

        However SH, your response above, is just another example of you trying to mislead. Starmer was imposed … parachuted into the safe seat he now abuses, AFTER Blair tried to humiliate Walter at Conference, when Walter bravely spoke up against Jack Straw’s complicity with Margaret Thatcher’s Blair re the illegal invasion of Iraq and the over one million killed as a result, according to the Oxford Iraq Survey Group.

      5. windchime – “it was BLAIR, not your SIR starmer, who ABUSED the dear late lamented Walter Wolfgang.
        Perhaps it would have helped all round if you had made that clear in your original post.

      6. I wouldn’t even want to begin thinking of that Horrific Day and what would have happened to Walter if it was to happen under this Starmerist, JLM, BoD Supercharged White Zionist Supremacist Fascist Neolabour TORY Party!
        Some Sheeple still has the nerve to defend this TORY FILTH, WOW!

      7. skellyknelly – It is more than a little disingenuous of you to try and link this disgraceful incident with Starmer.

      8. “And, you’re right, in 2005 when the Conference anti-semitism occured, Keir Rodney Starmer was not even a twinkle in the Labour-hating billionaires eyes.

        Should have added:

        BUT they certainly were grooming him at that time…

      9. He didn’t say STARMER had done the abusing in that specific incident. I assume you’ll concede, however, that a GENTILE party leader has no right to accuse anyone who is Jewish of antisemitism or to try to suspend or expel a Jewish person for AS- especially since there is essentially nothing anyone who is Jewish can say or do that could actually come even remotely close to being antisemitic.

    2. The pdfs have just been published at JVL website. They told me as soon as the declaration and 10 annexes were published at their website.

      Sorry I count 47 pages, not 77.

      But the 4 – page declaration together with the 10 annexes , each describing a particular case, make an important document which you should download and save for future reference, especially if you’re smeared as an antisemite & expelled, as I was.

  2. Vexatious claims of anti semitism are hate crimes and should be prosecuted
    Safest country in Europe for the Jewish Community thanks to people like JC and theLabour party

    1. i TOTALLY agree with you Doug.

      their ONLY concern was running a vituperative round the clock campaign to destroy any chance of a TRUE Labour government being elected.

      Starmer’s lot were AFRAID that the same old same old would end.

      All evidence in the internal report, PLUS the paltry number of allegations which even progressed to court cases, AND even fewer to convictions; and FEWER still connected to Labour Party members, prove their campaign was POLITICALLY motivated. If they ever cared about anti-Semitism or any other type of racism / bigotry / prejudice, Mandelson Starmer Blair Harman Straw Berger lot would have focused on their Blue Tory Chums.

      They didn’t. That says all we need to know of their hatred of TRUE Labour.

      What type of people so heartlessly abuse any tragedy as SIR Starmer’s have done and are STILL doing

  3. JVL brilliant as usual . The false use of A/S has undermined the real A/S out there. Starmer has become the cocky in the nest. He was funded by the right wing Blairites with the soul purpose of dismantling so called Left. It has been a disgrace to all people who support justice and fairness.
    It is time for the remaining left of the LP to call out Starmer and his supporter’s for what they are.
    I can see confrontation coming and a splintering of LP… It looks like a long journey is ahead and the Tories will continue to destroyed and fund their mates not the poor not NHS not education. Their negative popularism will continue for a while yet I fear.
    The fault will be Starmer and his supporters .

  4. I’d say they should go to the MSM but it’d be laughed off by just about everyone of them

    And stammer, the jlm & bod know this.

    So it’s about time MSM was picketed. Start with the BBC.

  5. “Will the EHRC and the Forde inquiry respond as they should to this damning evidence, by instituting an investigation into the entrenched and shameless antisemitism of the Labour right?”
    The answer – It’ll go straight in the bin.
    The attacks on anyone vaguely to the left of what has now been defined as “the centre” will continue. This will provide encouragement for the far right and minorities, including Jews, will be the target of their anger, rather than the corrupt system that controls us. The whole of public discourse reminds me of what my father told me of the 1930s.
    I have great admiration for JVL. However, I suspect that they are now in the cross-hairs.

  6. It’s all about zionism. An elected Labour Party, with still a substantial number of left wing / anti zionist members and MPs would spell the end of the state of Israel in its current form.

    1. Ben Lapointe
      End of the Jewish State for sure, the beginning of a single state is now the only realistic option
      You could argue Israel should have been strangled at birth but we are where we are, so let’s get on with it

      1. With hindsight, it is clear now the state of Israel was a mistake. But historical events and widespread antisemitism, culminating with the Shoah, explains its creation so, indeed, let’s get on with it.

        But what I meant was that the 2 states solution would needs the illegal settlements to be destroyed / given back to Palestinians in order to create a viable Palestinian state. This would not be smooth and create intense instability in Israel. The “1 state solution” would integrate the Palestinians territories and give equal rights to Palestinians. It would mean a de facto end of Israel as a “Jewish” state.

        Either way, it would be the end of Israel as we know it, in it’s current form.

        Any party in favour of a peace settlement (either 1 or 2 states solution) gaining power in a country sitting at the UN security council is an “existential” threat to the state of Israel.

  7. As usual, JVL have presented a detailed, thoughtful and principled analysis of how Right-Wing Labour has abused Jewish people by pretending that all Jews think the same and share a right-wing view of the world.
    The BOD and JLM position on the State of Israel is blind to the crimes of that Apartheid State.
    We have a Labour leader who proclaims that He is a Zionist – Without Qualification.
    Not only is this a ridiculous statement for a Labour leader to utter, but Starmer is finding himself increasingly on the wrong side of history.

    The dishonest use of false accusations of A/S as a stick to beat the left is not doing Jewish people any favours.
    Many Jewish members of the Labour Party can see thru the dishonourable way in which their name is being invoked by bodies such as the BOD to attack the left and to attack JVL.
    This brings great dangers to Jews as a whole, as many people will falsely assume that BOD speaks for all Jews.
    In fact, BOD speaks only for a minority of Jews.

    JVL have proved to be honest and honourable brokers in recent discussions to defend the Left in the Party.
    Their articles in their daily blog (available on their website) are well-researched and present a version of truth which is absent from the right-wing media.

    Some on Labour’s right wing are now calling for the proscription of JVL – The truth clearly hurts.
    Imagine the outcry if I was to call for the proscriptron of the JLM (Jewish Labour Movement) !!

    JVL deserve our support and solidarity as friends and comrades of the left in the party.

  8. Has Imran Ahmed, CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, identified, gone public and acted upon the web / email version of this? Or is he whistling and twiddling his thumbs? I’d suggest the latter.

    1. I wonder why the Black, Muslim, other Minority including Black and Non-Zionist Jews’ complaints and cases, The Forde Report ended up under the Rug and why the EHRC have not taken it on them selves to deal with The Black MP who receives more Racist Abuse, Death Threats, Rape Threats, etc, etc, etc than ALL The Female MPs Combined! Could it be because they know the majority og Racist Abuse are from the very same Far Right White Zionist Neolabour Party TORIES who screamed Antisemitism for 5 years, resulting in 1 Guilty Verdict by the CPS, 0.00017% of 550K, published as a Crisis by the Zionist TORY heavey EHRC!?
      Just a thought!

  9. windchime – As you well know Keir Starmer wasn’t even an MP at the time. have you got any evidence to back up your improbable assertion that Keir abused Walter Wolfgang at conference?
    Or is this just another example of you making stuff up.

    1. Signpost didn’t say that the Trilateral Commission Member in particular had personally abused Walter Jakob Wolfgang at the 2005 Labour Conference, just that the cause which Starmer promotes is happy for any socialist to be disrespected and shown derision – especially if they are Jewish.

      1. Perhaps it would have helped if windchime had made that clear in his OP.

    2. As you well know Keir Starmer wasn’t even an MP at the

      I well know it, too. Wasn’t he was busy writing the socialist manifesto (or whatever it was) at the time? 🤔

    3. Steve unfortunately Starmer and Evens have along with the likes Mandelson Blair Austin Woodcock Mann Berger Smeeth Hodge LFI bod along with their supporters in the right of LP, the right wing media all since 2017 were determined to get rid of the left. whatever that is supposed to mean. The question is why./
      A descent principled man hounded monstered by these people because he wanted to change things for the better. The MSM with its tax heavens were afraid of what he would do if he got in. Israel had been funding LFI . It did not want anybody who would withdraw any weapons exported by UK to Israel unless they addressed war crimes committed by Israel Army. [ Amnesty international report.} He would want Israel to stop the occupation of Gaza. Corbyn and his very good shadow Cabinet nearly won in 2017 and would have had it not been for the LP right wing and its so called Governance Unit[ see Forde Report Starmer is sitting on ]
      Evens Starmer are trying get rid of very good v people the enthusiastic young activates. He is left with shell of liars nasty people like Hodge There are so many Steve that I have lost count.
      In the process he is destroying the democratic Labour party. He is losing members and money. I think the Unions will also stop funding the LP.
      Maybe out of this disaster a new party can be born that attracts descent people is democratic. It will take time.
      During 2019 election if you took away the over 60 vote it would have looked like this Labour 38.5 Conservative 35.6
      So change is coming but unfortunately starmer lied to get elected. He did not reveal who was funding him.
      What should have happened was the success that Corbyn generated, member ship approaching 600000 Young committed bright. should have been encouraged They are now leaving in droves. The Party is broke and descent members are leaving everyware.
      How does Starmer and his mob expect to win a election by being like the Tories. Starmer has no vision.. he is a Plant Steve. The quicker you and others understand this the better.

  10. We have clearly read the comment differently. I took it to refer to Blair, since his was the name immediately preceding the comment.

    1. goldbach, you are being TOTALLY disingenuous. Many people who follow skwawkbox – as signpost the shill knows full well – are not aware of when Starmer first became a Labour MP, and particularly younger people, so his intention was to mislead THOSE people into believing that Starmer ‘verbally abused’ Walter Wolfgang at a LP conference? Yeah, sure, you read signpost’s ‘comment’ differently, and took it to refer to Blair……..

      What complete and utter garbage goldbach! And isn’t it odd how you in effect ‘defend’ a falsehood dissembled by a serial liar….. Oh right, Blair’s name immediately preceded the comment, and so you took it as referring only to him, and not Starmer! And I assume you assumed that everyone else that read it thought EXACTLY the same!

      By the way, what did you think of signpost concocting the story – the Big Lie – about Robin Lees ‘pursuing a legal case’ against Dominic Cummings, so that he – signpost – could THEN discredit Jeremy Corbyn by comparison? Well, I mean, it’s just the sort of thing a left-winger and supporter of Jeremy would do isn’t it?!!

      NB And it’s completely normal for someone to post five/six hundred comments a month, month after month after month after month, endlessly repeating the same things in practically every single thread. And posting the first comment on literally hundreds of occasions, OR posting a ‘reply’ to the first comment on hundreds of occasions.Yes!, of course it is!

      Oh right, but you supposedly don’t regard it as the least bit suspicious!!! Yeah, sure…….

      1. PS and ONE of the reasons signpost gets his ‘comments’ in first is so that when he’s dissembling a blatant falsehood, potentially thousands of subscribers will have read it before anyone refutes it, as SteveH did, albeit not until more than three hours after signpost posted his falsehood, which is MOST unlike SteveH!!

        The weird thing is that no-one else did so in the hour or two after WC posted it!!

        PS I thought I’d just quickly check how long it was after skwawkbox emailed subscribers about this post before WC posted his comment, and it was THREE minutes!! Yes, but he’s just an ordinary legitimate poster! Yes, of course he is!!

        Or so just about everyone who posts regularly on this site pretends! What a joke!!

      2. Wow. That was exciting.
        I have no interest in who comments first, or how often people comment
        I generally ignore the long rants, whatever their source.
        I try to make short comments and say what I genuinely think, and hope that everyone else does the same.
        It seemed clear to me that Starmer could not have been involved in the Walter Wolfgang incident and so I was surprised that anyone took it that way. Maybe it was meant that way but the only way to know would be for SNW to tell us.
        As for the ongoing battles that some of you appear to relish I am, at best, a mildly interested observer taking no sides.

      3. I decided to check back and SNW has already provided the answer. He states:
        “as you all well know, it was BLAIR, not your SIR starmer, who ABUSED the dear late lamented Walter Wolfgang.”.
        So my reading was correct, I think.

      4. You thought you’d check back! Signpost is a shill, and he posted a blatant falsehood, and not one single person pulled him up about it, until SteveH did so more than three hours later, whereby, signpost responds to SteveH pretending that he wasn’t accusing Starmer, but Blair. It’s SO blatant, and yet you pretend that not only did signpost not deliberately lie about Starmer, but, oh, he obviously wasn’t because he said as much in a response to SteveH!

        Well if knew – which he did of course – that Starmer wasn’t an MP at the time, why would he mention him at ALL, let alone FIRST!

        Only those people who know when the incident with Walter Wolfgang happened AND when Starmer first became a Labour MP, would know that Starmer wasn’t an MP when the incident happened, and anyone who didn’t would OBVIOUSLY have been led to believe – as was signpost’s objective and intention – that Starmer ‘verbally abused’ Walter Wolfgang.

        As for taking no sides….. well THAT’s a joke! If one took such an attitude to its natural conclusion, am I right in thinking then that you’ve never ‘taken sides’ regarding the smear campaign by the Right against the Left – ie you couldn’t care less if Jeremy Corbyn and the left membership were endlessly smeared and vilified and demonised.

        Since when did someone dissembling a Big Lie (about Robin Lees ‘pursuing a legal case’ against Cummings) and someone else calling them out for doing so amount to a ‘battle’!

        Really goldbach, your ‘explanation’ is pathetic beyond words.

        goldbach’s thinking: ‘Well I don’t give a flying fox if signpost told a big black lie so that he could then discredit Jeremy Corbyn by comparison, and that’s just between YOU and HIM’.

        Yeah, sure goldbach, and yur a left-wing supporter of Jeremy Corbyn supposedly!!!

      5. Ah, well. Looks like we’ll have to disagree on this one.

  11. I am so glad Jews are FINALLY standing up to Zionists! Zionists have taken cover behind Jews for long enough! Time to step to the side and expose the devils hiding behind Jews! Zionists Abused Antisemitism and our War dead for 5 years non stop, labelling Holocaust Survivors, Black Jews and Non-Zionist Jews as Antisemites! While their Abuse of and Bogus allegations against Jews, is The MOST DESPICABLE KIND OF ANTISEMITISM IMAGINABLE! Sickening and Inhumane!

    1. What do you mean FINALLY skelly? JVL have been refuting and exposing the A/S lies and falsehoods for years and, as such, posted hundreds and hundreds of articles to that effect. So what is THAT if it’s not ‘standing up to Zionists’, as you put it?!!

      It’s precisely for that reason that they are attacked and vilified and demonised by the CAA et al – ie because JVL gets the truth out there, and the fascists REALLY don’t like people doing that.

      1. Absolutely! nobody had a chance to be heard for 5 years. And FINALLY others are able to get heard. It is not Criticism it is Jubilation (No Pun intended 🙂 )!
        It was a very tough 5 years got all of us and for Black and Non-Zionist Jews it must have been particularly tough as Alexei Sayle said on Skwawk TV it split his friends in two groups and people he thought was on the same page were bashing out the Corbyn hate and allegations etc.
        Anyway I am just very pleased that Finally Zionists are being exposed for exactly what they are! The Most dangerous part of they game of the Zionist is the “Jews who look like Jews” are the people who will get targeted, hurt and attacked!

    1. If it is (And I concur that it most likely will be) Then I can only suggest that JVL go as militant as those anti-corbyn cranks a few years back.

  12. Brilliant JVL & proud my trade union branch became a Solidarity Supporter.
    The arrogance of Right Wing Jewish groups, if you are Jewish and don’t agreement with their perspective then they have decided you don’t count but perhaps as USA Academic Richard Silverstein argues what is going on is an attack on Jewish diversity?
    And as JVL shows the Jewish community is wonderfully diverse!
    And I recommend Paul Keleman’s ‘The British Left and Zionism. A History of Divorce.’
    Keleman argues Poale Zion in Labour was never really about getting Jewish people to vote Labour but was all about internally getting Labour policy to benefit Israel.
    Others recently argued Poale Zion was pretty moribund a few years ago until Corbyn was elected as Leader, then a few Right Wing Jewish people in London met in a pub to revive it as JLM to attack Corbyn, and sadly the rest is history.
    It struck me at the height of the JC attacks when us Lefties put ourselves at risk confronting the real far right and anti-semites on the streets when I looked around at my co-protesters NONE of the Right Wing Jewish Groups or Right Wing Labour MPs etc were stood with us.
    At the time Far Right USA billionaires (probably emboldened during the Trump era) had been funding far right groups and individuals around the world, including here. (Hope Not Hate).
    Left wing democratic socialists will continue to fight racism in all it’s forms.
    Diverse working people of the world unite!

  13. The following is from a Press Gang piece about the Audrey White case (and it’s the last bit in particular that I want to draw attention to):

    THE MOST serious allegation against Audrey White was that she had lied in order to join the Labour Party in 2015. Jewish Chronicle Political Editor Lee Harpin claimed she’d been expelled in the 1980s as part of Neil Kinnock’s purge of Militant Tendency members.

    When she joined the party in 2015, after Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader, Harpin said she’d given a false date of birth. In fact, the Labour Party could find no record of anyone called Audrey White ever being expelled. And when she joined the party in 2015 she had given her date of birth correctly.

    It was only when she renewed her membership in August 2016 that she mistakenly entered an incorrect date. However, this was ignored by Labour’s administration and her membership continued to record the correct date of birth.

    “What’s important to note here,” White told Press Gang, “is that elements in the Labour Party machine had access to the mistake I made with my date of birth in 2016 — and made it available to the Jewish Chronicle in order to smear me.”

  14. An interesting article. I’d never come across Press Gang before but will keep my eyes open for them in future. Thanks.

    1. I don’t know whether it has been settled. Last I heard/read Paddy French from Press Gang was being sued by John Ware over allegations of him trying to discredit the Panorama programme.

  15. CLP’s if not already then get a shift on and join JVL, will make it easier to Proscribe us
    Can I suggest Labour Day Tuesday 5th October 2021 would be good day to do it
    Imagine Evans to Temporary Embarrassment ‘we were going to boot them out but they have all fucked off
    ‘By the way we are now trading insolvently which is a criminal offence’

    1. goldbach i had to ask someone the same, two or three years ago. meanings of words change over time, but my friend said it dates the person using it.

      best focus on useful info, useful analysis and people who present constructive suggestions. No matter what we call Mandelson, Straw, Hodge, Campbell, Harman, Blair Weapons of Mass Destruction LIAR & murderer of over a MILLION Iraqis, Cooper, all that lot, we KNOW they hate us the 99%, but LOVE the “filthy rich”. They seek only to protect those with TONS of wealth, power and Establishment tools.

  16. We are supposed to respect minorities but it seems the hierarchy of the Labour Party have gone out of their way to disrespect our muslim members and a section of the Jewish community, I say to Keir if we are not inclusive we are nothing and will reap the consequences as seen in recent elections,

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