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Breaking: Bath CLP members issue statement backing Loach

Local press will carry article tomorrow. Asked for comment, CLP chair chosen at region-controlled meeting responds that she is on holiday and will not comment

Praised: world-famous film director and socialist Ken Loach

Members of Ken Loach’s Bath CLP (constituency Labour party) have responded with outrage to news of the veteran film director’s expulsion from the party for supporting purged members – and have issued a public statement of solidarity against the ‘incomprehensible aberration’ of his expulsion and a demand for an urgent ‘all-member meeting’ to discuss a motion in Loach’s favour, together with a request for those willing to face the party leadership’s potential retribution to add their names to an open letter of support:

Its hard to think of a contemporary figure, other than Ken Loach, who, over a life time, has so consistently and graphically displayed his credentials as a sincere and thoughtful man determined to expose social injustice and nudge society towards fairness and equal opportunity, by democratic means.

Both current and past Executive Committee officers of Bath Constituency Labour Party (CLP) have not hesitated to ask for, and been delighted to accept, Ken’s generous endorsements of their campaigns over the years. But for several days, there has been complete silence in response to scores of members asking when a statement of solidarity will be issued following Ken’s expulsion.

Other CLPs have followed Brighton Pavilion CLP’s lead in their condemnation, but the membership of Bath, who know Ken best, and are anxious to lend weight to redress this incomprehensible aberration, cannot understand why they are being ignored.

Bath CLP members are therefore demanding that the Executive Committee call an urgent “all member” meeting to consider and vote through an emergency motion in support of a much loved comrade and friend.

Please sign this open Letter to the Labour Party Leadership in support of Ken Loach.

The group will also appear in tomorrow’s local Bath Chronicle, with a statement from left members supporting Loach and calling on the now right-run CLP’s ‘exec’ to do so as well.

However, asked for comment the chair of the CLP – elected at a recent, regional office-controlled meeting – responded that she was on holiday and would not be commenting. The CLP’s Facebook group, which is now also run by the party’s right, has seen ‘dozens’ of messages calling for support for Loach. However, members say that ‘old and dull’ articles are being reposted to keep forcing the pro-Loach calls down the group’s timeline – but that each time more calls are posted to the group.

Note: a chat poll is not the same as a full poll on the YouGov website and the data are unweighted. The respondents had previously answered that they thought Keir Starmer should resign.

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  1. Let’s have some solidarity for a change and see CLP after CLP come out in support of Ken Loach.

    1. Oh, right, and what happened when CLPs around the country called for Jeremy to be reinstated! Jack is havin’ a laugh!


      Call for Labour to withdraw whip from MPs backing expelled Loach

      Diane Abbott and John McDonnell among 18 MPs and five peers to sign letter in support of controversial film director

      Labour is facing calls to withdraw the party whip from 23 MPs and peers who have come out in support of expelled member Ken Loach.

      Ian Austin, chairman of the anti-extremism campaign group Mainstream UK,said: “It’s good news they have finally dealt with Ken Loach but you have to ask why it took so long. You also have to ask why Labour has not taken the whip of MPs who are supporting him.”

      Euan Philipps, spokesman for Labour Against Antisemitism, tweeted: “None of these MPs should be Labour Party candidates at the next election. Starmer should withdraw the whip ASAP.”

      Current NEC member Luke Akehurst has also condemned the statement saying those who signed it did “not take antisemitism seriously”.

      Yep, falsely accuse someone of anti-semitism, and then call for those that support them to be expelled!!

    2. Is Rod Humphris’ pub The Raven in Bath CLP territory? Rod is a lifelong Labour voter who rightly had a go at Starmer in person for failing to oppose this Govt’s Covid19 disaster. Rod got manhandled by Starmer’s minder until all realised Rod is a landlord of the Raven quite entitled to tell Starmer to get out of his pub.

      Starmer & co were rightly humiliated out of the pub.

      I hope Rod Humphris’ sentiments re Starmer are even stronger given Labour’s treatment of fellow Bath resident- and former Bath CLP member- Ken Loach.

    1. CLPs should evolve a Kanban iteration of a famous Raven agile ceremony developed by a product owner and sprint board refactorer, Barry Humpris, in April 2021 – “GET OUT OF MY PARTY’S DRIVING SEAT

      Because – let’s not forget – not a single one of the 10 Pledge Story Plans that Sir Keir brought to the job have been Mapped, Timeboxed or even TeaBagged or dunked.

      As a Party, let’s make the September 2021 Party Conference a Keir Starmer Review Event, a Retrospective on Failure.

  2. Ah! FUCK IT! Ken Loach for Leadership Challenge! What a GREAT Labour Party THAT would Make, Ken as Leader and Jeremy as Deputy or just advisor in the background! That’s if they want the hassle of it all!
    In all seriousness though this is where we need to fight the bastards at CLP/Member/Voter level we can all contribute, got nothing to do with “Labour” what and how a Labour Voter spends their time! This is a great display of Solidarity and breaking through The Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORY Culture of Fear Driven Management!
    The more People stand up to the TORIES infesting our People’s Movement the sooner they fall and if they haven’t by GE24 then vote the bastards out, BUT we MUST Secure the Ballot Boxes between Poll Station and Counting Centre, that is vital if we want certainty that OUR votes are counted! 22:00 to 22:30ish is the only black spot, where the boxes are completely off the radar! We need to stop that! It is SO EASY to Clone, let’s say 80 Ballot Boxes with Identical Quantity Ballot Papers, Security Tags, etc, etc, etc and a swap would take seconds. The Criminal Elites play by an entirely different set of Rules and have their fingers in any pie they want them to be in!

      1. JUST IMAGINE!!!!!
        It would be a ‘Heavenly’ Establishment Meltdown to witness!
        However we would have to, like we should have Jeremy, up his Personal Security to 24/7! The Mossad, CIA and MI5 wouldn’t think twice, that’s if they could think at all, in the first place!

  3. Well done to Bath CLP

    CONFIDENCE and heads up with action ACHIEVED by us who remain to fight, rather than a free ride and moaning from cosy stale air bunkers.

    If i had my way, there would be NO re joining of those who REPEATEDLY leave others to do the heavy lifting yet scream SHALLOW noises of a perfect party.

    The THOUSANDS of unjustly expelled of course yes✅✅✅

    and those who left but had the confidence of conviction to CREATE their new parties and WIN because they KNOW it is possible to win, by focusing on FUNDAMENTAL URGENT matters, DEFINITELY YES✅✅✅

    BUT, to anyone so poor of self awareness they never stop demanding OTHERS make a perfect party for them??? NO CHANCE.

    I repeat – my posts long or short are NEVER meant for you. YOU allowed the parasites. STAY where u are OUT. You are UNNECESSARY for change. WORSE than that; you are burdens, DEADWEIGHTS, drains on energy, time and everything else. Your only benefit are to the parasites in and out of the Labour, for thirty, forty, fifty even SIXTY YEARS, some again without reflection admit.

  4. Incredible scenes in recalled parliament. MPs from all sides asking “how could it happen?” Your masters in America made it so you bunch of delusional idiots.

    1. Without any hint or irony or self awareness, Starmer said today about the abandonment of the Afghan people ‘What does it say to those regimes around the world with scant regard to human rights …..’ I was waiting for someone on the Labour benches to shout “Israel for example you pillock” but if they did I never heard it.

      1. It would’ve served Keir right if Corbyn had done it. But Jeremy is, as always, too decent to give Keir what he deserves.

        We’d have had a lot lest mess home and away, by now! Instead it looks like The New, TORY, Guy Starmer is The Chosen one and the next PM, no matter how much he fucks Up or How The PEOPLE Vote!
        Unless we start pulling out some Dirty Magic Tricks and FAST!

      3. Cheers for the link Skelly.

        Starmer comes across as a bigger warmonger than Bliar.

        If you exclude the profits from the opium over the last 20 years (which America has just started to recover from. Isn’t it strange how opium based medicine addicted the country just as the epicenter was invaded…) then the soldiers sacrifices were in vain. The poor soldiers will get little to no support either. Totally wrong, but from an economic perspective, totally sound.

        What a wonderful world…

    2. The Most Curious thing is as Biden said “US mission in Afghanistan ‘was never supposed to be nation-building'” he is right it was about Nation Destroying, as they do everywhere they touch! They supposedly went there with NATO to bring Peace and Stability, ended up leaving Afghans in War and Chaos! What I fond most fascinating is that we hardly heard about the Taliban, incidents here and there, for 20 years, just before the USA pulls out The Taliban gets very Active, by the time the Americans left The Taliban were fully Armed, Militarised, Trained and taking control of several Capital Cities in days and all of Afghanistan in little over a Week! If they can do that, how is it then that they were not a much stronger force for the Americans to deal with for twenty years and we hardly heard anything about them!? Also where are The Fully Equipped and Fully Trained Afghan Military and Police, we heard about so much!? How is it possible that we’ve not even heard about them putting up any sort of Resistance!? They just vanished and Taliban now has an Air Force, Tanks, Armoury bought from where, I wonder!?
      On the “Up Side” The Taliban seems serious about setting up a “Conventional” Government and said that Women’s Rights to Work and go to School will be protected, I’ll take that with a pinch of Salt, perhaps more than just one pinch, but if they do, and if they have changed their ways, good for them. I’m sure their Neighbours Pakistan, Iran, China, Russia, Iraq will help with this vital transition from Vigilante to Respectable Government, they certainly won’t be the first!

  5. Need to cricise Biden on this, once he decided to cut and run despite the US having virtually no casualties in the last 2 years, the game was up. They connived with the utterly corrupt Afghan government, the self applauding US top brass lauded the (crap) job their pals were doing as private security contractors supposedly training the Afghan army and keeping the highly paid seats warm for the generals when they retire. What a shit show. Russians and Chinese laughing their heads off. At last Bojo recognised and derided as a complete idiot, but it’s his own side not Keir really sticking the boot in.

    1. I don’t always agree with you, but on this occasion you are 100% correct in what you say Plain Citizen.

  6. Plain Citizen is correct.
    Why do you think the Afghan government and military command “just melted away out of sight” ?
    It’s because they were rotten to the core – Bloated with American slush-fund money – Most of which ends up in the pockets of those who need to be bought-and-paid-for.
    Once they could see that the game was up – It was time to take the money and run.
    No real surprise !

  7. Apologies for diverting from the main thrust of this thread.
    We need all CLPs to rise up and demand the reinstatement of Ken Loach.
    This is one that we can win !!
    It will hang like an albatross round the necks of Starmer and his apparatchiks.

    1. Yeah…don’t take the bait, don’t leave at before the next conference if you haven’t yet. Stay and fight on this one, because this time Keir has no support from anyone at all in the Labour base for what he’s doing.

      1. Kenburch…So it all rests on a rigged conference?,.whos got the keys to Bath CLP offices,who funds the Labour party?Who should take back control and change the locks and elect a new chair?…Whos just ejected the invaders from Afghanistan again,and look what happened when the majority realise they are the Labour party?..ITs within the hands of the members to take back the Labour party.and reject the invaders…Will it happen?.Not without a mini revolutionary act by the majority and thats something alian to the British people and members of the Labour party.?

      2. Methinks
        There is nowhere to hide at conference, let’s see who stands up for what’s left of the LABOUR party
        History will not forgive those who don’t turn up, Unions, CLP’s and Members need to get it done

  8. Chucking out Ken Loach is not “an incomprehensible aberration” but part of a systematic campaign from an organisation that openly recruits from the Israeli intelligence services to spy on its own members.

  9. The open letter demanding the reinstatement of Ken Loach needs to be publicly published with all the names on in an effort to dare the sectarians in the Party to expel us from the Party on these spurious grounds. Then we will see how many oarsmen are left to row these carpetbaggers towards any kind of electoral success.

    Sacking the troops simply leaves you with no army. Let’s see how far these numpties are prepared to go.

    1. Dave Hansell
      And it’s an expensive procedure, which brings the fuckers closer to Bankruptcy
      Good thinking

  10. Mary Riddell has recently described Johnson accurately as a “shifty, lazy, disreputable, incompetent and sleazy chancer”. Yet he still beats Starmer in popularity polls!


    An Emergency motion was passed by Louth and Horncastle CLP tonight
    The motion read as follows – “This CLP expresses its dismay at the expulsion from the Labour Party of Ken Loach. We believe that to expel such a fine socialist who has done so much to further the cause of socialism is a disgrace.

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