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Labour reinstates Phillips – before NEC even discusses Islamophobia charge and cutting out sole Muslim staffer who was investigating

Now Batley and Spen is over, contempt for Muslim members and voters is back front and centre as party breaches own policies to lift suspension

Trevor Phillips with former UKIP leader Nigel Farage

The Labour party has breached its own NEC-mandated policies to reinstate centrists Trevor Phillips, who had been suspended over Islamophobia complaints, after comments such as ‘Muslims see the world differently from the rest of us’ and claims that Muslims tend to support terrorists.

Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) met today, but had not been consulted on the reinstatement – against party rules – and NEC members raised deep concerns both at the meeting and directly with Keir Starmer’s office. The party officer investigating Phillips’s case – the only Muslim staffer in the Governance and Legal unit – had been excluded from the process.

Labour’s rules – agreed by the NEC in 2019 – stipulate that:

Except in cases of mistaken identity, only the NEC can choose to lift a suspension and issue a warning.

The investigation of the Phillips case has not yet even been concluded.

Labour had incurred widespread and justified criticism for Islamophobic briefings to the press during the Batley and Spen by-election campaign, as the party sought to excuse its expected defeat by blaming Muslim voters for the loss. This latest decision has provoked further outrage among Muslims.

Last year, Muslim Council of Britain spokesman Miqdaad Versi published a long Twitter thread listing the multiple ways in which he considered Phillips to be guilty of Islamophobia. Versi went so far as to say that Phillips wanted to ‘echo Enoch Powell’ and to compare his ‘core message’ to that of ‘far-right Islamophobes’:

We should not forget his desire to echo Enoch Powell when discussing immigration as he claimed Muslim groups in particular are actively “resistant to the traditional process of integration” threatening to shake the foundations of “liberal democracy” itself.

His core message echoes that of far-right Islamophobes (e.g. Tommy Robinson) on Muslims being:

1. Apart from rest of society
2. Dangerous e.g. can’t foster Christian girl
3. Uniquely unwilling to integrate
4. Unwilling to report terrorism / sympathy with terrorists

It’s dangerous.

NEC member Nadia Jama confirmed in a tweet that Labour’s supposedly governing body had been bypassed:

Former Corbyn speechwriter Alex Nunns published a lengthy thread in which he looked at Phillips’s record and Labour’s action – and suggested that the EHRC should find Labour in breach of its obligations under its report last year, which banned ‘political interference’ in disciplinary processes.

But Labour has also dumped its commitment to the Labour Muslim Network (LMN) last autumn. When LMN’s report found that the party is riddled with Islamophobia among the Labour right, acting general secretary David Evans promised that Labour would implement the recommendations of the report immediately and in full.

Skwawkbox challenged this ‘pledge’ at the time Evans made it, on the grounds that it would require the immediate suspension of a huge number of Labour MPs and other prominent right-wingers. The contempt for its own rules and for any semblance of even-handedness that seems to drip from the decision to reinstate Phillips, without involving either the NEC or the one Muslim staffer in the investigations unit, who was investigating the case, suggests that call was correct as well as obvious.

An LMN spokesperson said:

We are once again in a position where we must express the deep disappointment and frustration of Muslim members and supporters across the UK.

Trevor Phillips’ case is one of the most high-profile recent examples of Islamophobia within the Labour Party and quietly readmitting him behind closed doors, without apology or acknowledgment, will only cause further anxiety and hurt among Muslims.

An NEC member accused the party of ‘giving the green light to Islamophobes in our party’.

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  1. Does anyone know if there have been any developments in the case of the senior Labour Party source whose outrageous comments regarding Muslims in Batley and Spen were reported in the Mail on Sunday two weeks ago. I have asked both my MP and the party but had no acknowledgment. It would be shameful if such scandalous behaviour is brushed under the carpet (but sadly no surprise).

    1. Jim, the very carpet that that scandalous behaviour was brushed under, is being used again for this scandalous behaviour. Islamaphobia is as Islamaphobia does.

      Labour’s rug should be declared a World Heritage Site for Imperialist Hypocrisy.

    2. In my GC meeting last week, my MP (who had just told us she had spent hours and days canvassing for Kim Leadbeater) was asked what message she had communicated to Muslim voters in the light of the reported anti-Muslim comments by a Labour “insider”. The questioner had barely got halfway (he got as far as referring to the comments) when she said “Fake news!”, and the chair irritadedly interrupted to tell him that he had made his point (untrue) so he should get to the question. In her answer, the MP made a point of “regretting that fake news is being circulated even by LP members”, before telling us that she had promoted Labour’s vision (whatever that is this week).
      So the answer to your question seems to be: “Nothing to see here, the press story was fake.” Maybe someone should tell Angela Rayner, so she can focus more on supporting the Glorious Leader.

  2. This is evidence that the labour party is doing nothing, absolutely fucking nothing to convince me that it deserves my vote. I’m so glad I left the party over a year ago

  3. I wonder just how many of these people have infiltrated human rights organisations and political parties. He’s not the first and his continued membership gives hope to those who would nurture fascism. Remember Anne Marie Waters was in the Labour party.

    1. He’s on loads of boards. Jack Straw’s best man apparently. It’s not who you know etc etc. Cheers.

  4. What does one expect with a zionist leader in place surrounded by like-minded charlatans? Labour has long lost its way and has become as fascist as the Conservatives.

    1. What we have are people, including Rodney, at the top of the Labour Party who according to the Avigail Abarbanel the Jewish psychologist, have a mental illness.

      They manifest this in various ways, by their addiction to Zionism and by their bombing with the antiSemitism nuclear weapon, of anyone who attempts to resist their occupation and colonisation of the Party.

  5. Sadly perhaps it only counts if the member is Left Wing? A Labour member in my region called a famous Jewish actress “Labour’s house trained Jew” after she had made positive comments about Jeremy Corbyn. I know a number of Labour members like me complained about this disgusting comment and complained about him but here’s the political rub, he is a well known Right Winger in this region and unbelievably he was cleared by Labour HQ! One rule for Left one rule for Right?

  6. Then he’ll say “Corbyn was worse on everything” and then he’ll say “if you ditch Starmer, you’ll get someone to his right”.

    It’s fair to ask SteveH how he imagines Labour can win the next election if the party DOES succeed in carrying out Starmer’s absurd campaign to drive most Muslims, most socialists, and everybody under 45 away. I hope Steve realizes that, if Starmer does succeed in that, that reduces possible vote share Labour could get at the next GE to maybe 25%- that nobody who didn’t vote Labour last time is cheering on Starmer’s war against Corbyn supporters and his growing hostility to the very idea of multiculturalism and inclusion- as opposed to Starmer’s damaging delusion that AS is somehow the most massive form of bigotry in the party and the UK-it’s actually the least-held hate in either- OR that AS is an outrage but Islamophobia is not only acceptable but necessary.

    Why does Starmer not realize that nobody who shares Nigel Farage’s hatred of all who are not Anglo-Saxon(an ironic hatred for a descendant of immigrants to hold) agrees with Labour on anything or would ever even consider voting for the party? And why does he not realize that Labour will be doomed to defeat if voters under 45 swing massively to the Greens and Muslim voters either switch to the Workers Party or something worse? When, it is fair to ask, will Keir stop attacking the people whose votes he needs, and stop appeasing the people whose votes he can never possibly get?

    1. Ken Burch, good questions. The answer is Starmer is deliberately not trying to appeal to those people, just so as he can show the people he does want to appeal to, he’s on their side. He will learn when those he’s set his sights on i.e. Tories, reject him because they are already quite at home in the Tory mk1 Party and have no intention of shifting to Tory mk2.

  7. Many years ago a friend who was originally from Jamaica used to call Phillips “Trevor, the former black man”.
    It was considered to be the most extreme of criticisms.

  8. Oh and no-one in the media seems to have picked up on Labour potentially playing the race card in Batley & Spen? (Dog whistle photo of Modi with Johnson in a Labour leaflet?) I have no time for Right Wing Neo-Liberal Modi but socialists should try to unite diverse working people! Shame on Right Wing Labour?

    1. I bet they didn’t put Starmer’s sincere Modi Love Tweet congratulating him on his Election Victory! Strange thing for a “Left” “Socialist” LOTO to do!
      “Right Wing Labour” are Right Wing alright but they are NOT “Labour” and they are NOT “Socialists”! They are a Parasite Party The Neolabour Party Tories a Thatcherite Neoliberal Tory Party, who killed The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party, they are Anti UK Labour Party “The Left” and they are Anti Socialist! They work in the Best interest of THEMSELVES & THE ESTABLISHMENT and NOT THE PEOPLE!
      The UK Labour Party and Members/Voters need to decide where they draw the line, pick a side and vote accordingly! Labour has always had a “Right Wing” Element from the start, but it was Blair who dragged Thatcher’s Neoliberalism in, with him from the depths of the Deepest Darkest Sewers and Split the Party into Two Polar Opposite Parties Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories VS The Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party!
      Neoliberalism is NOT Centre [Centrist], Left, Socialist or indeed Liberal it is Tory, Conservative Right Wing with a HUGE Dollop of Neoconservativism! GE19 we had a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for an overnight end to 42 years Neoliberal Tory Hell, however The Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories were hell bent and made sure that did not happen. The result of their conniving efforts are that we The PEOPLE have NO CHOICE
      In GE19 we had a CHOICE The UK Labour Party or The Conservative Party, we all knew that in the UK only one of those two Parties can and would win. However we campaigned/voted we did so in support of one or the other, no in betweens and no matter how we dress it up!
      In GE24 we have NO CHOICE The Neolabour Party Tories or The Conservative Party Tories! The Even Worse Tories or The Shit Tories!
      This is why we have to decide where the line lies between The UK Labour Party and The Neolabour Party Tories are. If we want to save remnants of a former UK Labour Party we need to cut deep and hard, Vote Against all Neolabour Party Tory MPs/Candidates and Vote FOR All UK Labour Party MPs/Candidates! ie We need to make sure we get Zarah, Apsana, Bel, Laura P, Laura S, etc, etc, etc back into their seats and we have to make sure that we Eject Starmer, Reeves, Eagle, Benn, Cooper, etc, etc, etc out of their seats and out of Parliament, by voting for the strongest candidate standing against them. We also have to secure our Exiled UK Labour Party MPs like Jeremy and Claudia, because once we have the Neolabour Party Tories out they will be back!
      Other than that we just leave it alone and let already desperate people make another GE mistake by voting for the Brand Name “Labour” but getting Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories!
      The Rivers of Rears will turn into Tsunamis of Tears!

      1. PS Forget about the Left and Right of Labour, it does not exist, The UK Labour Party is a Democratic Socialist Party a Centre Left Party with some aspects leaning towards the Right of Centre. Whereas Neoliberalism is way over on the Right Wing, where Thatcher sat her bony arse and Neolabour are a Neoliberal Party. They are nowhere near the left/centre, they are Bona Fide Tories, unless anyone can point out what actions, not words ACTIONS they have taken since taking office for the Benefit of The PEOPLE rather than Themselves/The Establishment.

  9. Yet we are told we must work alongside these scum. I would rather take poison.

    1. If you don’t ‘tolerate’ this sort of two-faced shithousery, John, then you are guilty of ‘extremism’

    2. Shock horror contemptibles take the piss in plastic Tory party
      How about RaV and remove poison

  10. Contemptible.

    But par for the course from that shower. Not long until they’re ‘celebrating’ foodbanks. (Unless they’ve already done so)

    1. Toffee
      Food banks are only popular because they are free, in the ersatz Tory party we think you should monetise them

  11. Palestinian culture and resistance -part of a festival of ideas

    Speakers include: Danièle Obono, Lindsey German, Mike Davis, Lowkey, Laura Pidcock, Leanne Mohamad, Chris Nineham, John Rees, Kerry-Anne Mendoza, Tariq Ali, Rachel Holmes, Feyzi Ismail, Mike Wayne, Dave Randall, Kate Connelly, Michael Roberts, Elaine Graham-Leigh, Des Freedman, Chris Bambery, Shabbir Lakha and more

  12. Surprise surprise. He belongs to the same Labour branch as Starmer and he’s just got a spot on Sky news Sunday politics show……and an interview with sir Keith.

  13. Off topic From the independent Boris Johnson’s government is attempting to push through electoral reforms to give wealthy Tory donors living abroad a “free ticket” to bankroll the Conservative Party, Labour has claimed.
    Keir Starmer’s party fears the Elections Bill will scrap safeguards on donations from overseas and allow rich British expats – including those living in tax havens – to donate large sums to the Tories.These are the donations Starmer is after once the unions stop funding neoliberal nu new labour

  14. Methinks
    Unions, NEC and Members must by now have worked out TE is a puppet of his paymasters
    Also that big juicy Centrist carrot that they know how to win GE’s doesn’t look edible at all, I mean whose gonna swallow that one now
    Time to challenge them before they destroy the Labour party

    1. It’s dead Doug, The Dodo Party! The Neolabour Party Tories killed it and ironically by doing so killed themselves. If one thing a Tory cannot do, it is to serve The Best Interest of The PEOPLE, not if it wont serve Themselves/The Establishment first. They are good at saying what ears want to hear and since Blair dragged Neoliberalism up from the sewers when he crawled up, they always liked to dangle a few Democratic Socialists on the outside to make themselves attractive and for the public image!
      However Apartheid Keith is going for the clean sweep of The UK Labour Party Democratic Socialists, what do we have now about 10/15 Socialists and about 40/50 “Labour MPs” with their one foot from Inside to Deep Inside Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories, but could possibly be ‘redeemed’, that is a long, LONG shot though. There is not a single thing that The Neolabour Party Tories done to date that is beneficial to The People nor set them apart from their Contemporaries The Conservative Party Tories!
      Danger is they talk sweet to the ears for votes, and People will vote for them for the sweet talk and for Their Acquired “Labour” Brand Name, but what People will get in return is nothing but an indefinitely extended Neoliberal Tory Misery! And an Eternal Mery-go-Round from hell of voting options: Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories or Neoliberal Conservative Party Tories!

      1. skellynelly
        It’s lasted 100 years, these fuckers are but a Temporary Embarrassment

      2. Doug I sure hope so, but I fear just like post GE19 there will be many rivers of tears. GE19 to get a Democratic Socialist as the LOTO is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we had two GE17 and GE19, now we are back to Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tory or Neoliberal Conservative Party Tory and no change for the better either way.
        Unlike the Blair years far more people have become far more interested and knowledgable in/about Politics, however there are still Blair/Murdoch’s People of The Sun and Campbell/Mandelson’s People of The Sun in Sheepskin aka The Guardian who lap up The Neolabour Tories’ rubbish and again there will be many rivers of tears from some very desperate people hoping for change and none will come, just another 42 Years +++ of Tory hell. C’est La Vie!

  15. Labour stinks. Remember kids, they’ll need you before you need them

  16. This demonstrates this cult of new Labour 2.0 will not stick by the rules and does and says whatever they like. There is no integrity, honesty or rule of law left just what the cult says it’s a sick joke and I am so glad I will have nothing to do with them.

  17. The “Eye” did a piece about Asana begum going to court for something or other to do with housing fraud on the 21st. She gets found guilty and does 12months or more then there’ll be another by election in poplar & limehouse…Another seat with a large Muslim demographic…And IIRC isn’t begum momentum?

    Wouldn’t do well for stammer to impose one of his lackeys there, I don’t think. 28k majority or not 👀

    1. Don’t forget that there is Claudia Webbe as well, her court date for harassment is fast approaching.

  18. Off topic:

    I used to think the current london mayor was ok but after seeing picture of him smiling and elbow bumping with that tory cunt I now have zero respect for him.

    Also, commiserations to Denmark on their loss tonight. Hopefully Italy will have more luck than them in the final!

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