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Johnson’s approval ratings tumble. Starmer’s tumble further

Public rumbles Tory leader – but seems to rumble Labour’s more

Tory PM Boris Johnson’s approval ratings have fallen sharply, with his positive figure dropping by 1.5% and his negatives rising by 4.7%. In what is effectively a two-party state – many would argue a one-party state with two rosette colours – such a fall would be expected to almost automatically be matched by a corresponding rise in the fortunes of the leader of the opposition.

Well, when we have an opposition.

Because Labour’s titular leader Keir Starmer has managed the perversely impressive feat of not only matching, but exceeding, Johnson’s plunge, falling only slightly less in positive ratings – and by a substantially bigger margin in negatives:

Starmer’s overall negative figure is not quite as high as Johnson’s – but his positive figure is far lower, too. That takes some doing when your rival is the architect of 160,000 or so needless pandemic deaths (not to mention a lying buffoon) – and shows that Starmer’s problem is not merely that most people don’t know what he stands for or even who he is, but that the more they see of him the less they like him.


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    1. SKWAWKBOX.ORG – “many would argue a one-party state with two rosette colours”

      Count me in that “many”.

      John Rentaul is a minion of the ONE PARTY REGIME with red blue & yellow rosettes.

      But Rentaul types r even more filthy. They think they r fooling everyone that they (the filth) r distinct from th historical filth with blue rosettes. Today a devoted right wing Tory minion condemned Blue parasites, while toady Rentaul’s rubbish defended them. She condemned him too and left others at a loss for words.
      JOHN 4 rent by all is nothing but a rancid rotting rat.
      BTW Rentaul is EVERYWHERE. Tells u all u need to know about WMD Blair Warmonger devoted Apologist.

  1. I’m particularly impressed by Starmer’s fall in the unsure category. It gives me great comfort that the charlatan is fooling no one even when faced with the worst prime minister ever.

    1. lundiel he fooled those within, who were fooled and those outside who trusted the judgement of those who worked closely with him.
      He was obvious bad news by his public record of: who agreed to prosecute and who he failed to prosecute. THOUSANDS have been denied justice DIRECTLY because of MR Keith Starmer. He was rewarded for services to the “Institutionally CORRUPT & RACIST Establishment. He said he is proud of that reward “SIR”. I heard him say it several times.
      The public get to know him, the more his poll ratings sink even against Johnson.
      bad bad bad news SIR starmer will do even worse things until he is kicked of seat warming duties of filth dropping on the party.

      1. That was a nasty, disrespectful, attack piece. Well done. Keep it up.

  2. and shows that Starmer’s problem is not merely that most people don’t know what he stands for or even who he is, but that the more they see of him the less they like him

    Yep. I don’t know anyone around here that can stomach him.

    Fancy being shiter than that neanderthal toff that looks like he’s surgically attached to a Van Der Graaf generator…

    1. I think that the fat pervert would absolutely love that. Do you mean the rock band from the 70’s?

  3. Not surprising when Starmer has offended so many large groups of Labour voters.
    Almost 30% of the population self-describe as left-wing, 14% are BAME and 18% are more sympathetic to the plight of Palestinians than Israeli Jews.
    All have been betrayed by Starmer, and obviously votes and approvals lost
    Then we add those who value respect for democracy, freedom of speech and integrity.
    He is “responsible for the predictable consequences of his acts”!

  4. Apparently, according to Starmer’s “circle” of Blairites, all that is needed is “more of the same.” Well, more of the same is likely to see the end of the Labour Party, so that must be what is intended.

    1. JoeRobson, yes, + they’r not “making errors”. They’r doing what many SHOULD have heard + read. Coyle was one of the worst IMMEDIATELY after Jeremy stood 4 leadership. Coyle’s flood of uncoyled venom during his at least weekly tours of MSM i monitor. Concentrated NASTINESS like Hodge, Rentaul, Straw, Blair’s ex flatmate and other minions & admirers.

      The APPRECIATE the VALUE of existing vehicles / hosts – the Labour Party. Even the “PROFOUNDLY vain” (or “arrogant” Blair was not as blinded by its self regard as Ummuna, Berger, Smeeth, Ellman, to feel without Labour, their mirrors reflected public opinion.

      Infrastructure, name recognition etc. Those r not necessary to win elections but VERY useful in sustaining wins (if attitude eg confidence and all the stuff i try to encourage).

      Bandits & parasites grab vehicles & hosts. They need foot-soldiers MESMERISED by and devoted to the LABEL “Labour”.

      Fascinatingly, in the natural world, there r many wondrously jaw dropping parasites and hosts . Do an online search for fascinating parasites and ask yourself: where have u seen similarly gruesome❓❓❓
      What u see is an EXACT metaphor of Starmer & paralysing pests.

      1. yes Wobbly but much worse. Tapeworms suck nutrients but Starmer🪱🦂🐍🪱🦂🐍🪱 🦂🐍suck (in more ways than thirteen) PLUS pump in their venomS.

  5. Interesting that Labour Party members cannot belong to socialist organisations, but several – most noticeably Starmer – can belong to the Bilionaires Tripartite Secret Right-wing Society.

    1. Corbyn should create a new party if denied readmittance.

      Best case scenario, a new Corbyn-led socialist party would replace Starmer-led Labour. Worst case, it’d force Labour leftwards defensively as it attempted to limit its loss of support.

      1. Worst case scenario….. Most of them lose their seats in any subsequent GE, just as Chris Williamson did.

        And how do you imagine the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the CAA and the BoD would ‘react’ to any new Corbyn-led socialist party Andy?

      2. I realise it’d get a frosty reception from the usual crowd. But its growth could worry the big two established parties. People, especially younger people are sick of the current situation, it’s ripe for reform.

        A new socialist party would have unity of purpose in a way Corbyn’s PLP didn’t. For starters, there wouldn’t be people running to the media all the time to bad-mouth it from within its own ranks.

      3. Andy – ” But its growth could worry the big two established parties. People, especially younger people are sick of the current situation, it’s ripe for reform.”

        Don’t apologise. In my opinion u could hardly be more SPOT ON‼️🌟‼️🌟‼️🌟

        General Election 2017 PROVED that BEYOND doubt. First GE since 1940s i think where Labour increased vote share + GAINED seats. I’m v tired so please double check that. GE2019 of course gained the fertile revolutionary Marxist hot bed Putney . Oh and Chavez & Fidel’s natural spiritual home Canterbury in 2017. GOSH!!! almost forgot Kensington & Chelsea, the sparkling fountain of reverence to Simón Bolívar THE LIBERATOR🎊🎊🎊

        Of course we now see healthy majorities and vote shares DEMOLISHED by SIR starmer “OFFICIALLY ADVISED by Mandelson” ( SteveH davidH SH’s “Mandy”.)

        Even HARTLEPOOL lost for the first time since formation… LOST by Starmer… How’s that as proof of Mandelson Evans Hodge Blair SIR starmer’s repellence❓❓❓ Repellent not just to the youth but to THOSE IN WORK, Labour Heartlands, ➕ Chesham & Amersham Torydom which GE2019 Labour attracted ELEVEN THOUSAND plus votes. Starmer ??? 327 i think.

        Where did you last hear or read ANY of these FACTS which contradicts several myths at once❓❓❓
        There is more, but TV current affairs diet have successfully shortened attention spans as intended, so that’s enough for now boys and girls.

        And Andy, you “will get a frosty reception from the usual crowd”, but not from me.

        I’m relieved! All is not lost!! You remind me; it never is!!!

        “Where there’s life, there’s hope”.

      4. Allan – Chris Williamson got zero publicity, and Derby North acted like the Leave voting constituency it was, in a general election(2019) dominated by Brexit, after 3 years of parliamentary strife over the issue.

      5. Yes Andy, and any new socialist party would get zero publicity as well, and would be as good as invisible to the vast majority of the electorate, and just about any ‘publicity’ they DID get would be negative, and concocted and designed to be damaging.

        And would you really have Jeremy subjected to all the relentless smearing and demonisation again in the unlikely event that it started to make headway.

      6. You’re all right in what you say but Brexit hasn’t finished playing out yet. Already the Tories realise it’s put wages up or accept migration. Therefore workers will have more power and hopefully unions will reap the rewards with new members. The housing bubble also has to burst at some point, the only way to keep house prices rising is to become a tax haven and welcome foreign buyers (not a vote winner). There could be interesting times ahead and a party untarnished by neoliberalism and corruption could be attractive. We need people who are looking to the future, a future that won’t have room for Blairite new Labour. So maybe a new party isn’t totally pointless.

      7. Oh I DO so love all your pretty little icon patterns signpost! They’re WoNderFul!!z

        By the way, is your heart still broken (on account of Jeremy giving Keir Starmer a position in the shadow cabinet in 2016)?

      8. I support Jeremy Corbyn and share his socialist principles. There is nothing I would like better than to see him lead a new socialist party to government. However Allan Howard is right-Jeremy would have no chance against the concerted efforts of his detractors who have shown that they would rather see a money grabbing buffoon in office than a decent, anti-racist Socialist like Jeremy.

    2. JoeRobson – “members cannot belong to socialist organisations”

      Members did, until Starmer & gang were trusted not to do as they had always done, + TWO COUPS + DANGEROUSLY a-S lies etc, PLUS not keeping their hatred and plans even slightly secret.

      1. So did the Blairites ever actually publicly announce specific details of their ‘plans’ signpost?

        As for the four groups who were recently proscribed, as far as I’m aware THREE of them were established during Jeremy’s tenure as leader, and were established precisely because of what was happening, and only Socialist Appeal already existed

        And when did the SECOND coup happen signpost??? As for the A/S smear campaign, you fraudulently imply that it was just down to.the Blairites, when in reality it included the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the JLM and CAA, LAA, LFI, CST and the BoD AND the Tory leadership and the LibDem leadership.

      2. “it included the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the JLM and CAA, LAA, LFI, CST and the BoD AND the Tory leadership and the LibDem leadership.”
        And the Greens, don’t forget them.

      3. The Greens? Can you give a few examples lundiel. Or did you mean THIS, for example:

        ‘Jewish Chronicle lied about Green Party “anti-Semitism”’

        The UK’s press regulator ruled on Thursday that The Jewish Chronicle misled its readers in a story about “anti-Semitism” in the Green Party.

        The paper falsely claimed last year that the Greens’ former deputy leader Shahrar Ali had compared Israel’s 2008-2009 war against Palestinians in Gaza to the Holocaust on Holocaust Memorial Day.

        The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) ruled that the claim had breached the first clause of their editors’ code of conduct – accuracy.

      4. There’s nothing coming up in your link lundiel. So what was it about? The only thing I’m aware of is Sian Berry pushing the Green Party to adopt the IHRA definition….. unsuccessfully to date. Given that Greens – like other left-wingers – are generally supportive of the Palestinians and critical of the Israeli state, then there is no doubt a lot of opposition to adopting the definition, and the examples of course.

  6. Beside paid media lackeys, you’d struggle to find anyone below 50 years of age with a good word to say about our FPTP two-party system, Yet it persists. Why?

    Why the heck can’t we change to a more representative proportionate system that’ll offer real democratic choice? What are people so afraid of?

    1. Andy he definitely could win, as Ken Livingstone won and sustained wins. Ir as George Galloway won too, BOTH after being kicked out by the parasites. As Sharon Graham proved winning is easy. Sadly Jeremy has shriekers shrieking ignore every STUNNING victories, including his own. Jeremy has defeatist negative doom mongers who suck away at him. Poor Jeremy gets blind and deaf especially to his TWO defeats of Starmer’s coups by increased margins; Ken’s wins, George Galloway’s plus brilliant crushing of Mandelson’s choices into fourth place. Jeremy has Malcolm Colemans screaming at him ignore Sharon Graham’s VICTORY without Len McCluskey’s support and even the Cluskey supported absent Turner crushing Mandelson’s COYNE into the dismal LAST place🪳🪡🪰🪳🪡🪰🪳🪡🪰

      ps shriekers paralyse Jeremy because they scream doom at him round the clock and Jeremy succumbs as many would so it’s understandable. Our MAIN enemies are not outside. they are effective raging doom mongers✴️🔹🟥✴️🔹🟥✴️🔹🟥

      1. Oh I see signpost’s off again spouting complete and utter bollox – ie that ‘shriekers paralyse Jeremy because they scream doom at him round the clock’ etc.

        So can you name one or two of these ‘shriekers’ signpost who were ‘screaming doom’ at Jeremy ‘around the clock’?

        It’s just utter asinine, nonsensical twaddle signpost!!!

      2. PS Yep, Jeremy’s SOo paralysed by doom-mongers screaming doom at him around the clock that he established the Peace and Justice Project. And needless to say, but for the doom-mongers screaming their doom at him 24/7 we would have won the 2017 general election!

        Is there really a single person that follows skwawkbox who swallows such unadulterated garbage?!!

      3. Signpost not windchimes…We do not agree on everything but like most on here we are for the left.You must keep posting the positives and that in itself will inspire the socialist revival under a better leader and a more challenging Opposition.that will out of necessity come from the working-class movement.Dont listen to the doommonger follower of its all fortold and inevitably cannot happen.Thats the route to destruction of the working-class movement.We could never have progressed beyond the caves with WF s cowardice and fatalism.ITs all a plan and its coordination is evil incarnate the neo liberal alliance.and its unstable supporters like white flag man who feed on pushing the futility of the “Socialist revival”

      4. Spot on Joseph🧿🎖🧿🎖🧿🎖
        U may notice i’ve taken the advice of several to ignore fraud Malcolm Coleman aka Allan Howard – White Flag Men.
        Thanks, u know who u r.😊😊😊

        Thanks 2 u 2 Joseph. If we all agreed our species would have long since been extinct. We need only agree on basic policy direction. We don’t know all Jeremy’s, your views nor anyone’s. But i suspect WE (not parasites, & frauds like Malcolm Coleman who even tricked me initially), agree on key aims.

        “Nothing succeeds like success” so Coleman works 24/7 to distract us from successes. BUT sincere people (not Coleman) have never realised the importance of CELEBRATING successes. Check; you’ll see EVERY SINGLE mention of success is followed by a quick defeatist response eg: “BUT”, “knives will be out for”, “no point”.

        Never a suggestion: so we should do, could do, or try doing Z, Y, or X. No
        matter how sincere, we can NEVER sustain wins that way. It’s draining. Plus, no well intentioned person REPEATS all is hopeless 24/7. Nor would use even thirty seconds to attack any positive. I’m sure you have noticed, but others should.

      5. Oh how sweet to see Jokeefe defending windypost again, as he so often does, and being all fwendly and chummy chummy….. and turning reality on it’s head like the gwood little fascist shills they both are! Kissy kissy!

  7. Well now, wee fella, looks like your gonna need an industrial sized vat of crapola turd polish and a bundle of rags as big as a house to try to put a shine on this one 😉

  8. The Covid & Brexit Man Johnson – An Eton Mess.
    And Invisible Man during Covid & Architect of Labour’s 2nd PV & defeat – Trilateral Commission Loyalist Starmer.
    Diverse working people deserve better.
    Need a Left Wing Democratic Socialist List for next GE – one candidate chosen by local socialists in every CLP unless there is a Left Wing Labour MP (that is if they survive the Right Wing purge?).
    And all candidates willing to accept average workers wage to show we are different, we put diverse working people first.

  9. An example of how abysmal Labour is is regarding Pen Farthing and the evacuation of Kabul. A great proportion of brits, on all sides of the spectrum, love animals. Another chunk, on all sides, respects veterans (a left winger like do respect veterans while at the same time hate wars). Wallace managed to faff around and mess this one up. Labour, with nothing to lose, could have capitalised! Nah… Full and unequivocal backing from Kinnock. Holy he’ll, Theresa May has been more critical than the Labour front bench!

  10. And referring to the old chestnut, little Left parties have no chance, Lenin once said we shouldn’t worry about starting small.
    And the Bolsheviks didn’t do too bad at first but like Right Wing Labour those at the top took the power for themselves and then it all went wrong – in the USSR it became bourgeois top down socialism and ‘The Great Men and Women of History Thesis’ they will sort all our problems FOR us.
    If only they had listened to the Kronstadt sailors before Trotsky crushed them.
    We could have had a Left Wing Democratic Socialist USSR & this could have changed the world.
    But we can have a grassroots led, bottom up, left wing democratic socialist transformation WITH diverse working people.
    And there are about 500,000 left wing democratic socialist activists in the UK (mainly for now just in Labour).
    We have everything to fight for and a significant number of young people are with us.

    1. We will shoot them down like partridges. Leon would have been great wouldn’t he?

  11. I don’t know who you envisage leading this ‘democratic socialist transformation’ Bazza, but I think we can be pretty certain – given the experience of the past six years – that the PTB and their propaganda machine will do whatever is necessary to make sure they never get ANYWHERE near the levers of power, including a military coup if it came to it if their smears and demonisation didn’t do the trick, which it almost definitely WOULD.

    I mean just look what happened to the GLC and the six Metropolitan County Councils, all of which just happened to be run by left-wing administrations at the time! Needless to say Thatcher and Co wouldn’t have abolished them if they were safely in the hands of Tory or right-wing Labour administrations.

    The fascists running the show will NEVER relinquish their power. And given that Power derives from Wealth, and Wealth derives from Power, they are in the process of of destroying the planet.

      1. But for the psychopaths, the reality we live in and the history of the world would be completely different:

        It’s ALL about Resources and Wealth and Power, and they each beget the other. Brian Cox – the physicist – said as much in a documentary a couple of months ago. The ironic thing is that the fundamental thing at work in the psychopaths is Survival (the strongest of ALL instincts), and it’s precisely THAT at work in the world that is leading us headlong towards the edge of the cliff, just like the proverbial lemmings.

      2. They were never part of the war in order to defeat fascism. Apart from the cowboys no-one believes that. Mind you they also believe that they have “rights”, under something that slave owners wrote. Exceptionalism is a strange bird.

    1. It’s not inconceivable that the next opposition to Max will come from the real right. He’s a pussy.

  12. Amazing, how the wee fella has an opinion on everything else except those threads proven to show stammer up for the thundertwunt he is and the shitshow he’s served up.

    1. Toffee “the wee fella” has managed to set up in the aptly named “Windys and his struggling with the time difference and acceptance by the locals especially since he was “Let go” after many years of drudge and inactivity as a jobs advisor at the local Labour exchange. “Wee fella” obviously has a personality disorder problem and grasped at the first chance of a job spreading propaganda from the knights shadowy Labour party.Moneys too tight to mention at fawlty towers hq and wee fella sees no future for himself and his plans for the Caribbean bolt hole.and sponging off the locals.Hes still got his pension but that doesn’t go far with the jet set bar prices locally for him .four five dollers cocktails and his smoking habit only lead in one direction?the same direction as the Labour party.?I

  13. Yes Andy, and any new socialist party would get zero publicity as well, and would be as good as invisible to the vast majority of the electorate, and just about any ‘publicity’ they DID get would be negative, and concocted and designed to be damaging.

    And would you really have Jeremy subjected to all the relentless smearing and demonisation again in the unlikely event that it started to make headway.

  14. I have it!

    It’s iwas n disapproval rating Starmer meant he whould be 20 points above Bozo! With his anyone but Jeremy Corbyn in charge of Labour comment?

    What do you think?

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