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IPSO delays decision on Jewish Chronicle standards probe – almost 2 years after first mooted

IPSO’s delays and four of the Jewish Chronicle’s victims:

Press regulator IPSO has asked nine victims of libels and smears by the Jewish Chronicle for more time to decide whether it will undertake the standards investigation they have asked for. The Chronicle has been forced to pay out large sums in compensation on at least four occasions, as well as being found guilty of a string of breaches of IPSO’s code.

The victims of the publications egregious smears had asked IPSO to conduct a formal standards investigation because of multiple offences that include false accusations of: links with terrorism; bullying; lying; attempts to track down and ‘sort out’ Jews in their homes and more.

The Jewish Chronicle was found to have committed ten breaches just in the case of Liverpool pensioner Audrey White, who also received ‘substantial’ damages after taking legal action, as did Palestinian charity Interpal, black rights activist Marc Wadsworth – who told Skwawkbox that the paper had retracted or corrected false claims about him fifteen times in just five years – and Labour member Nada Al-Sanjari, for utterly untrue and deeply damaging claims about them.

IPSO was due to deliver a decision on the investigation by 12 August at the latest. However, it missed that deadline and instead contacted the complainants to advise that it had been ‘engaging with [the Chronicle] a response would be made ‘after the summer break’. But in reality IPSO itself was the first to refer the Jewish Chronicle to its standards department.

Last year, Skwawkbox reported on the paper’s compensation and apology to Audrey White and noted that the Chronicle’s conduct during IPSO’s investigation had been so dire that IPSO’s judgment stated that the investigating committee was referring the publication to the IPSO standards department. But the referral first took place in November 2019, according to Ms White – and reflected in her ‘pinned tweet’ on her Twitter profile:

Close to two years later, nothing has been done and IPSO continues to delay. Meanwhile, the right-wing press has mounted an attack on the victims and their credibility in an attempt to whitewash the Chronicle’s atrocious record.

Ms White told Skwawkbox:

The reason there were ten breaches of IPSO’s code in my case is because they failed to correct. Normally they publish a correction but my belief is that because of the election they wanted the lies about me to stay out there right up to the last minute. However, despite the ten breaches, IPSO treats this simply as a single complaint upheld. It’s been nearly two years now since an investigation was first suggested and we’re still waiting.

IPSO was contacted for comment but declined to do so except to confirm that it had received the complainants’ letter requesting the investigation and to confirm that it records even multiple breaches as a single ‘complaint upheld’.

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  1. Another report or investigation nobbled.Maybe IPSO should relocate to Ulster were its normal everyday life for a “coverup” .Soldier F did the civilian have a weapon….yes of course he did after I shot the Taig?..

    1. Thank you for keeping SKWAWKBOX.ORG readers informed of progress re ACTIONS bringing the Chronicled repeat offender to face some justice.

      NEXT STEP – always make it clear; that ‘Chronicle’ has NEVER spoken for the many it exploits, attacks, and ABUSES.

      Memories of lives lost, grief and traumas from horrors, are repeatedly exploited with obscene heartlessness. The Chronicle campaigns ceaselessly to stir up anxiety and fear and bunker mentality. Thank goodness, TENS of THOUSANDS are not taken in my wicked lies and merciless distortions.

      Ask the many who were not taken in by Berger in particular in Hendon & Finchley.

      What more proof does anyone need that The so called Chronicle, can be defeated???

      That ‘Chronicle’ cannot fool all the people all the time.

      1. Diff topic – VERY same mess.

        Uncontested lies grow into enduring myths eg PRIVATISATION, outsourcing, ZERO HOUR CONTRACTS, chumocracy, GREED IS GOOD, Establishment dyed in the wool bigwigs directed eg Nicholas Soames’ brother and grandson of TORY WINSTON CHURCHILL produce liquid gold on tap for the country eg SERCO.

        REALITY could not be better illustrated by SERCO. Ignored by our elected lot, unions and all Mandelson advised SIR Keith Starmer parasites who ALL, i’ve only these last two or three months accepted, keep the status quo alive and kicking.

        SERCO’s staff from an agency, urinated into a soap dispenser in THE SINK of the PRIMARY SCHOOL, Whiterock Road, Belfast.

        OUTSOURCING, ubiquitous SERCO was gifted a contract by Health and Social Care Authority – Northern Ireland. Soames directed SERCO used the primary school to make more millions.

        To do what & how, u may ask ? ? ?


        U could not make it up.


    2. We need Grassroots/Open Source/Decentralised IPSO’s, Ifcom’s, EHRC’s, a Parliamentary Watchdog, etc, etc, etc Run by The PEOPLE for The PEOPLE all these registered Commissions, Charities etc are entirely overrun by Fat Cat Conservative/Neolabour Party TORIES. IPSO is quite good mind, do they have offices in NI, I am sure they must. They do need complaints made before they take action, I think.

  2. Interesting that the Telegraph decided to print an article not too long after IPSO was supposed to report their findings. Accusations of how the poor JC is being hounded and victimised by those who have quite rightly won cases against the rag. Surely the telegraph isn’t trying to influence the outcome of the investigation.

  3. IPSO obviously we to the same school as Forde. We are more likely to see Godot or Jesus than their reports.

  4. So the quick answer is they are a sham, which makes them fair game for a future Labour government
    Declare them a fraud on our democracy and threaten to disband them unless at the very least they close down the Jewish Chronicle

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