Torygraph attacks victims to try to whitewash Jewish Chronicle’s appalling smears

Article inverts reality to say libel-ridden rag is under ‘assault’ and the victim of politically-motivated attacks

Reality inverted

The Telegraph, often known as the ‘Torygraph’ for its political leanings, has launched an astonishing attempt to whitewash the libel-ridden Jewish Chronicle – which has paid out large sums in damages to multiple left-wing activists and has suffered a string of adverse findings by regulator IPSO, which normally has such a reputation for extreme leniency that the ‘Hacked Off’ group referred to it as a ‘sham’ to create the ‘illusion of reform’.

The ‘Torygraph’ has launched a thinly-veiled attack on those who have suffered from the ‘litany of lies’ of the Chronicle, attempting to portray the source of the vile smears as the real victim of a coordinated ‘assault’ by the evil lefties who had the temerity to find themselves libelled and misrepresented and are demanding that IPSO conduct a full ‘standards’ investigation into the rag’s shoddy journalism.

In contrast, the article only ever refers to “victims” in quotation marks, as if indicating that they did not really suffer at the hands of the right-wing hacks who maligned them – and takes every opportunity to point out anything that might discredit them. And while it attempts to cover itself by stating that it is not suggesting their pursuit of the Chronicle is vexatious, it immediately goes on to imply that the case is politically motivated:

The article adopts a tone suggesting that the “victims” (its quotation marks) did not really suffer anything too bad and that the smears were slips rather than intentional – yet even in this snow-job some of the facts of the horrific libels suffered include:

An unmentioned but equally appalling smear consisted of ‘completely unfounded’ claims that a Muslim Labour member had ‘orchestrated’ a ‘vicious’ campaign against a Jewish MP, leading to a further ‘substantial’ damages payout and an admission that the victim’s conduct had been ‘entirely proper’.

But no real harm done, eh?

The Torygraph also tries to cast doubt on the nine victims’ claim that the Jewish Chronicle has been found by IPSO to have committed at least 28 breaches of the IPSO editors’ code in just three years, by stating that there have only been eight upheld complaints’ In fact, while there were eight judgments, many of them found multiple breaches of the code.

It also ignores or omits a key fact in its eagerness to cast the Jewish Chronicle as the victim: IPSO first said it was referring the rag to its standards committee – on its own initiative and without any request from the victims (again, no quotation marks) of the rag’s vile smears.

While investigating the multiple libels against Audrey White, IPSO found the Chronicle so uncooperative and ‘unacceptable’ during the investigation, that IPSO’s committee wrote in the White judgment that:

The Committee expressed significant concerns about the newspaper’s handling of this complaint. The newspaper had failed, on a number of occasions, to answer questions put to it by IPSO and it was regrettable the newspaper’s responses had been delayed. The Committee considered that the publication’s conduct during IPSO’s investigation was unacceptable. The Committee’s concerns have been drawn to the attention of IPSO’s Standards department.

The Telegraph then quotes disgraced Tory MP and head of Conservative Friends of Israel Stephen Crabb – without a word about the fact that he has twice admitted sending ‘inappropriate’ sexually suggestive messages to young women – categorising the attempt by the Chronicle’s victims to prevent it continuing its appalling conduct as an attempt to ‘silence the free press’:

While IPSO has an important role to play, it should never allow itself to be used as a weaponby those with a political agenda, or those who seek to silence or shackle the free press.

It then concludes its snow-job with a uncriticised comment from the Chronicle that it is ‘proud’ of its record lumping its victims together as ‘extreme elements’ and claiming it has been ‘targeted’ by an attempt ‘to discredit us’:

A spokesman for The Jewish Chronicle said: “The Jewish Chronicle is proud to have exposed many of the more extreme elements of Corbyn’s Labour. It is no surprise that some of those people have targeted The Jewish Chronicle and sought to discredit us. We will not be deterred.”

The Telegraph ‘associate editor’ writing the piece suggests that the left would ‘rejoice’ if the Jewish Chronicle – recently saved from bankruptcy by a consortium including Tories, a BBC journalist and a right-wing former Labour MP – was plunged into another ‘existential crisis’.

Skwawkbox suggests that all who care about standards in journalism, a functioning democracy and preventing the abuse of press power should rejoice if it ceased to exist entirely.

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  1. Just one more Reason ALL MSM should be Boycotted, not just The Sun, ALL OF IT! The Independent, Guardian, Mirror, Mail, BBC, ITV, CH4, RADIO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Music, LBC, The lot, they ALL played their part in the 24/7 onslaught against Democratic Socialism, Jeremy Corbyn and The PEOPLE!
    They should be boycotted until Replaced by Open Source, Decentralised Alternatives, with Several Watchdogs/Commissions and Establishment Owned Ofcom Sacked! Thank goodness for IPSO but we need the same for every damned TORY Occupied Watchdog/Commission, ie Electorate Commission, ICO, Police Commission, EHRC, etc, etc etc, etc!

      1. The Danger with people thinking that musicians, comedians, presenters etc are “Socialist Lefties” has been exposed 2015 to 2020. I understand that you might be surprised, I used to enjoy 6 Music, I would suggest you have a dig into that for yourself, but I will share this, if you’ve seen it watch it again, because even if it’s not 6 Music specific, it does explain and remind us why we should, ESPECIALLY the BBC, be Boycotting ALL MSM. It all forms one toxic Propaganda Machine, no matter how subtle or sweet.

  2. Nothing new here Torygraph attacks old left wing Labour whilst chums from the public schools dream up scams with the chronicle liars toilet paper. Bolton wanderers 2Oxford United 1 ..Bolton are moving up quicker than Labour are going down the toilet especially since they got rid of their Tory donating chairman who ran off leaving the team and the workers unemployed.Sounds familiar….just look at the Tory knight of the realm?Wheres the money gone asked the supporters…sounds familiar again?

    1. Superb Joseph, the redemption and rise of the trotters as an allegorical contrast of the decline and fall of Labour under the evil Knight. Almost biblical. Brilliant.

  3. I should have finished with the right wing Labour and Torys will use a proven scam targeted at the left wing because we allowed them to and some might say that we brought it on ourselves.Maybe we should look again at the children’s story the King with no clothes and remember virtually all of our mps and our former Labour leader caved on the AS scam for whatever reason it was soul destroying to see Chris Williamson his life and job down the plughole on a filthy AS scam.IF anyone doesn’t like the truth then hard luck…!

    1. The ‘truth’ of course is that most of the PLP were hostile to Jeremy, so they were hardly going to speak out about the antisemitism smear campaign. And as for Jeremy and other left-wing MPs speaking out, what would you have had them say? Would it be something along the lines of the following:

      ‘The anti-semitism claims and allegations have been grossly exaggerated and dramatically overstated by political opponents inside and outside the party and the media’.

      Or perhaps something a bit more specific such as the following:

      ‘The anti-semitism claims and allegations have been grossly exaggerated and dramatically overstated by the Jewish Labour Movement and the Campaign Against Anti-semitism and the BoD and LFI and the Chief Rabbi and the Jewish newspapers and Margaret Hodge and John Mann and Ian Austin and many other Blairites in the party, along with the Tory leadership and the LibDem leadership and scores of journalists and columnists in the MSM.’

      Is that what you have in mind Joe?

      1. No Allan Howard white flag man I would if I was a gutless,clueless wonder like yourself have run 🏃away and hid in the caves were humanity first stood up on two feet and walked out into the sunlight.ITs called. Progressive thinking and we discovered fire and hunted and gathered and mankind became confident that we are the dominant force on this planet.We either respect this planet and the people around us or skulk back to the caves on hands and knees and in your case dissapear into the dark places inside that cave that is your white flag intellect.and your backward ways….Be off you horrible de.motivating little shill.and get to bed.

      2. I couldn’t help but notice that you avoided answering my question Joe, and resorted to personal abuse as per usual. So what would you have had Jeremy and left-wing MPs say in response to the A/S claims and allegations?

        Needless to say, you will NEVER-EVER answer such a question because to do so would expose you for the fraud and the im-poster that you are. But for beings like yourself, who poison reality with their falsehoods and deceit, we would not be in the dark fucked-up place we are as a species.

        Anyway, thanks for the additional material!

    2. Joseph Okeefe knows damn well that Jeremy and the left were in a no-win situation, and that if they denied the claims and refuted them they were castigated for being in denial and, as such, part of the problem, just as they WERE whenever they DID! And Joe would have readers believe that had Jeremy and the SCG refuted the claims against Chris Williamson then things would have been different is just complete and utter poppycock! Of course they wouldn’t!

    3. We will remember them, all of them. How I love our media folk and celebrities. Where else can you find a person who earns half a million, for something or other, present themselves as a victim. There’s a joke in there, somewhere.

  4. As we know, this has been going on for years. The Israel Lobby has forever tried to make out it is they and ‘little Israel’ who are the victims and consequently attempted to smear anyone, including Jews, who try to tell the truth.

    It is to the credit of Skwawkbox, which unlike most other media, has not censored criticism of Zionism, the hate whose name we date not mention (particularly on the BBC).

  5. There is no such thing as “a free press” in the uk!

    The jc and torygraph, along with the other rags, are only fit to line a commode before taking a good long dump!

  6. It’s not important, but does anyone know the name of the Telegraph ‘associate editor’, who penned the article?

    Just curious, but surely s/he wouldn’t mind taking ownership, of their work?

  7. Joseph’s football analogy is very apt when we recall that Hodge, Ware et al were constantly taking dives in the penalty area, and the JC and all the MSM running up to the ref waving the imaginary red card.

  8. ‘Free press,’ actually meaning ‘free to be owned’ by anyone with the financial clout, yet repeatedly sold to the more gullible public as ‘free from interference,’ which it has never been. The issue has been most perfectly illustrated of late, care of the Guardian.

    People seem to expect a heavy bias from the Torygraph. I think the Guardian actually did far greater damage to Labour’s chances at the last election.

      1. Interesting. The Guardian, like politics, doesn’t really tell the truth.

        Is it because they are that thick/crap that they cannot hide it anymore, or do they know we know and they don’t give a rodents furry crack?

        Am reminded of that yank who spoke about creating realities and all we can do is watch…

  9. A Tripartite attack.
    Right Wing media, if Corbyn had won the tax dodging owners would have had to cough up.
    Right Wing Jewish Groups, virtually saying agree with us or we decide you don’t count, what US Academic, Richard Silverstein argues is an attack on Jewish Diversity.
    Right Wing Labour jumping on the bandwagon because they couldn’t beat Corbyn on ideas because they are political morons!
    Just read ‘The Balfour Declaration’ Bernard Regan.

    1. @Bazza

      Quadripartite – The US/UK intel agencies plus US State Dept and FCO push neoliberalism too – market capitalisation and privatisations, indoctrinated as they are in Thatcherite ideology they’ve become deeply politicised. Around the world democratically elected leftist-led countries that take on concentrated wealth face sanctions and destabilisation. Look at South America. When did ‘our values’ become one economic model?

  10. Skwawkbox posted an article on August the 3rd about Jo Bird et al writing a letter to the chair of IPSO etc, which finished by saying – the article, that is – that ‘A decision from IPSO is due by Thursday next week’, which was the 12th. I wonder what the delay is!

    Oh, right, first get your chums in the MSM to vilify and demonise the complainants WHO – what with them being left-wing Jeremy Corbyn supporters – obviously have an agenda, and who are no doubt all anti-semites of course!!

    Pure poison, as per usual!!

    1. ‘IPSO upholds Labour activist’s accuracy complaint against JC’

      The articles reported that the complainant had been “expelled” from the Labour Party in the 1980s, by the then leadership. It said that she had then “lied” about her date of birth on her application to re-join the Party in 2015, “on the day Jeremy Corbyn became leader.” The articles also claimed that during the complainant’s local Constituency Labour Party (CLP) meeting, the complainant had been “amongst a group of militants who repeatedly interrupted” their MP while she delivered a speech…….

      Needless to say, the Telegraph is well aware of all the details! Yep, so a bunch of people complain to IPSO about the JC smearing them, and then the Telegraph smears them AGAIN, and questions their motive for doing so! But then THAT’s fascist for you!!

  11. Please excuse this op…

    I would like to put on public record my congratulations to Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie, co-leaders of Scottish Greens. The first Green Party members to go into government anywhere in the four nations of the uk.

  12. I suppose it gives the SNP a get out clause for allowing Scotland to be plundered by “Big oil and the destruction of the highlands.and the beauty of the land.Now the greens can be a serious party.ITs a shame they have to jump into bed with our version of the lib dems the all things to all men” Scottish National party..Independence is a good thing but don’t get lumbered like Ireland with two Tory parties ..I know.! little about the greens,but have no faith in thrown together coalitions for the betterment of themselves not the Scottish there are no four nations of the UK whilst one is Crown forces.Ireland will be united very soon and good luck to the Scots,like Ulster youve been used.

    1. Joseph, have you actually looked into it?

      I’ve done research into it and there are six (6) policy areas where they “agree to disagree,” and the two green MSPs are not tied to “collective responsibility.”

      1. PS. In in full support of a united Ireland; in addition, I’m in in full support of independence for Scotland & Wales!

        Alos, please do not make assumptions about me!

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