Breaking: ‘massive’ Israeli airstrikes on Gaza (video)

Said to be biggest since May, after day in which 41 demonstrators and Israeli sniper shot

The night sky in Gaza has been lit by huge explosions after the Israeli government launched ‘massive’ bombing raids, according to footage published by journalist and film-maker Robert Inlakesh shows multiple explosions:

Inlakesh reported that the strikes are the biggest since May’s 11-day war and that the preceding day had seen 41 Palestinian demonstrators shot by an Israeli sniper and an Israeli sniper also shot. So far, the BBC does not appear to have reported the attack.

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  1. I will leave it to Jack T and others to comment my eyes are fixed on another failed state N.I Ireland were the apparthied state was invented.And look whos coppied them over the centuries S Afrika and now israel…..This is the legacy of treating a people and their religion as the enemy within.War..war is all these barbarians know.

  2. Whatever side of the politics you might be, to knowingly allow innocent civilians to die has NO justification!

  3. Israel best play nicely with their neighbours, however they can’t undo the evil they spread across the Middle East, it is a bit too late for even the best amateur dramatics! The ME feels empowered by the seeing off, of USA/NATO in Afghanistan, and even before that The ME decided they will stand no more. BUT Could Afghanistan be a Sugar Trap to encourage retaliation on a massive scale against Israel, as US/NATO are based in Saudi and UAE and very quiet! TOO Quiet!
    I wish we could give these people water guns and water balloons to sort out their hate and greed, they will have fun and become friends! Humans are The most Volatile Viscous Species of All Apes! The sooner our species are wiped off the face of earth the better for whatever remains and survives our Filthy Living Conditions!

    1. Humans are The most Volatile Viscous Species of All Apes

      Except keef’s a reptile. There’s nobody more viscous than him.

      1. Yes there is, his mentor Blair, who said today “the Americans withdrew from Afghanistan out of obedience to an imbecilic political slogan about ending forever wars”.

      2. Wah hah hah!!!! I am in a Fucking Miserable Mood today, Thank you for that, my shoulders had a good shake and feels much lighter!
        That is what I love about Comrades, we could disagree argue till we are blue, but in the end we are always there in solidarity, I see this act as one of Solidarity and I thank you!
        Ages ago I depicted him a Lamprey, you might like…
        Thank you for the Chuckle!

  4. On the left we are constantly accused of always being prepared to attack Israel whilst ignoring human rights violations in other countries such as China, this is cited as evidence of our alleged anti semitism. For me the difference is in those countries our Government and media do not condone those atrocities and even facilitate them with armaments and training as they do with Israel ,they will call out the abuses in Iran but turn a blind eye to horrors such as these. Terrible things are happening in many countries,often as a result of Western interference,no state should get a free ride.

    1. The World has turned a Blind Eye to Zionist Terrorism since 1800s, Even Harrold Wilson Provided The Zionists Terrorists with the gift of Boatloads Full of Tanks, which helped end the 6 day War!
      There is a simple explanation as Norman Frankenstein explains in The Holocaust Industry and as we saw 2015 to 2020, Zionists commit The most despicable form of Antisemitism by abusing the Holocaust for Political Purposes!
      Labelling Holocaust Survivors as Antisemites, Non Zionist Jews as Antisemites, Black Jews as Antisemites, anyone who calls out the Zionist Regime becomes an Antisemite! Yet Many of the Holocaust Survivors in Israel and Internationally are living in abject poverty! While the Zionist Regime rakes in all the German Moneys Paid for Survivors’ Therapy and Care and all the Holocaust Industry Moneys! Those Poor Dear Survivors should be living out their days in Comfortable and Safe Surroundings NOT continue to suffer while Zionists Abuse Antisemitism, their suffering for Political Purposes!

    2. Jim, the other big difference is those other human right abusers do not have infiltrators/foot soldiers within our political parties and media trying to undermine anyone who speaks out against them. Israel on the other hand, makes it their business to do just that and are very successful at it.

  5. The State of Israel, the Jewish religious homeland. I wonder why Jews may feel uncomfortable?

    1. Dangerous game you play conflating Zionism with Judaism!
      Jews believe that they are to wait for their Messiah to lead them to their Holy Land, Stolen from The Indigenous Semite Palestinians, by means Zionist Terrorism, Foreign Funded Militarisation and Corruption. In the same vein that “Judah” was Stolen by the Terrorist Maccabees!
      Israel was a story of a Man and his 12 Sons, David a story of Courage over Strength, Samson a story of avoiding the power of Lust, etc! Those were stories, No evidence have been found to it’s existence apart from the the Most Wonderful Collections and Trilogy of Goatherd and Merchant Fables! Like all other 1.something Million religions they were created by Humans Based on Fantastical Stories.
      The Zionists had many options of Land either Unpopulated or Sparsely Populated.
      I am sure that “The Jewish Homeland” should expect nothing worse in return than what they gave out! NOTHING to do with Jews!
      Love Jews, Hate Zionism!

      1. Yes one of the earliest Zionist factions were ‘The Terriotorialists’ but they were in a minority, they were happy to settle in a number of countries including Kenya but were beaten at one of the earliest World Zionist Conferences which settled for Palestine. (Regan, 2018).

      2. Not a game that I play as I point out the dangers of conflation by the State of Israel & Rabbis such as Ephraim Mirvis & politicians such as Sir Keir Starmer. May I suggest you read the IHRA definition of Anti-Semitism & the 10 demands made by the British Board of Deputies of the Labour Party & ask you who conflates?. .

      3. “The State of Israel, the Jewish religious homeland. I wonder why Jews may feel uncomfortable?”
        Apologies Steve, I wasn’t exactly clear that you meant all that from this comment, never mind we all misinterpret every so often. Totally agree about State of Israel & Rabbis such as Ephraim Mirvis & politicians such as Sir Keir Starmer.
        I reject The Far Right, Racist, White Supremacist Board of Deputies and the IHRA, I believe that the Definition of Racism/Prejudice is more than sufficient for all Races/Cultures/Religions/Sexuality/etc/etc. There are no Cultures More Superior to another, there are no cultures so uniquely different that they require a Special Descriptions and Rules, that in itself is Racist and Supremacist, in return Antisemitic, as it can do nothing other than cause conflict between Minorities who suffer far greater Racism on a Daily Basis, example Diane Abbott Receives more Racist, Misogynist, Death Threats, Rape Threats, etc, especially 2015 to 2020 and all we heard was an onslaught of Antisemitism Accusations, an EHRC investigation and even with the knowledge of Diane’s Abuse The EHRC just ignored her and the other Black Muslim, Other Minorites including Black & Non-Zionist Jews and Claimed an Antisemitism Crisis in the Labour Party and that report outcome based on 0.00017% 1/550K Members (Already Ex Member when the crime was committed) CPS Convictions of Antisemitism! As Google Hits Show Quite Timely also
        So yes I agree it is the IHRA, BoD and above doing the worst Conflating and that is the worst kind of Antisemitism! Especially when they start targeting Holocaust Survivors and Non-Zionist Black, “Fringe” Jews, which clearly show one objective! xox

  6. This is the action of a vicious, racist State which has zero regard for the human rights of anyone who does not buy into the Zionist mythology. It is a rogue State, the doctrine of which Starmer gives his unqualified support.

    1. Well said Jack. A Rogue State sustained by a cohesive globocaptalist consortium comprising USA, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand and Macron’s France.

      Shame on us all.

      1. “Us”, qwertboi? Surely the vast majority of people in all the countries you mention oppose the genocidal tactics of the Israeli government towards the Palestinian people.

      2. No. Not shame on us all; shame on the politicians & the powerful institutions who finance & promote the racist endeavour that is Israel.

  7. Our media’s context free reporting of this infuriates: “Hamas and Israel exchange fire”.

    It’s the military equivalent of an imprisoned disabled 84 year old exchanging blows with a 20 year old Olympic boxer.

  8. “Surrogate settlers” (Regan, 2008) enabled by USA and other Western Imperialists who turn a blind eye because of their own interests in the region – access to Suez Canal, oil fields, arms sales, capitalist investments.
    And the US puts its money where it’s mouth is – $4b a year to Israel in military support & $8b in debt guarantees.
    “We will have a little Jewish Ulster surrounded by a sea of Arab antagonism” First (Pro-Zionist) Governer of British Mandate in Palestine (quoted in Regan, ibid).
    But perhaps Zionism “Is the Zionism of Fools” (?)
    Jewish people are not better than others, and they don’t have a God given right, that is delusional, like all peoples most will be good and a minority not so, they are just EQUAL.
    Perhaps after the policy disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan by the US Right and UK Tory & Labour Right, perhaps it also time too to turn the spotlight on Israel & step up the fight for Justice For Palestinians & For Peace For All in the region!
    Whilst the Right Wing Republicans in the US and Right Wing/Centrist Democrats, and here Right Wing Tories and Right Wing Labour take the side of the oppressors.
    As the brilliant JVL say: “Always with the oppressed and always against the oppressor!”

    1. Which begs the question who is in the process of ending this shit show once and for all
      We don’t need the Forde report ffs it’s all there in front of eyes day in day out 24/7

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