Breaking: IPSO considers standards investigation against Jewish Chronicle

Letter from nine victims of smears and fake news calls for action on ‘serious and systemic breaches’ of code

Press regulator IPSO – run by ‘mainstream’ media organisations for themselves and often condemned for its lack of action against its member publications – is looking at a ‘Standards Investigation’ into the appalling record of the Jewish Chronicle.

IPSO has agreed to look at a request from Cllr Jo Bird, the latest victim to win an IPSO ruling against a Chronicle’s smear – and Bird, along with eight other victims, has written to IPSO chair Lord Faulks to ask him to circulate information about the paper’s misdeeds to IPSO board members:

Dear Lord Faulks,

We welcome IPSO’s agreement to consider Jo Bird’s proposal for a Standards Investigation into the Jewish Chronicle and we urge you to launch such an investigation without delay. With 28 recorded breaches of the Editors’ Code and four libel defeats in just three years, it is clear that the paper’s editorial standards are shockingly low and IPSO’s actions to date have made no difference.

We have all either seen our complaints to IPSO about the Jewish Chronicle’s bad journalism upheld or secured admissions of libel from the paper. Unless standards there improve there will be more victims, while readers will continue to be misled.

IPSO’s regulations say a Standards Investigation can take place where there is evidence of ‘serious and systemic breaches of the code’. The seriousness of the breaches by the Jewish Chronicle is attested to in IPSO’s own rulings while the sheer number of breaches and libel defeats – taking place at a small publication that appears only weekly – proves the problem is systemic.

We would be grateful if you would circulate this letter to all IPSO board members and to senior management.


Jo Bird
John Davies
Ibrahim Hewitt
Jenny Lennox
Kal Ross
Mike Sivier
Thomas Suarez
Marc Wadsworth
Audrey White

Watch the short video below for more information on some of the paper’s appalling breaches of truth and accuracy:

A decision from IPSO is due by Thursday next week.

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  1. Looks like the JChron is a serial offender with no editorial control. Looks like it’s going to get a well deserved kicking. After all the legal bills it’s probably got less money than the Labour Party now. How the owners can be happy at the embarrassment of the continual publication of inaccurate stories is a mystery.

    1. Plain Citizen
      I don’t think they care. As long as the readership believe the initial lie to them that’s all that matters.

      1. Spot-on

        Once said, it cannot be unsaid, and the seed’s already germinated.

        Expect the sum total of less than sod-all to happen to pollard, ware & co

      2. As for money the likelihood is that they get paid by the Israeli Embassy for every successful ‘hit.’ And if you think that I’m paranoid you haven’t been paying attention.

      3. And the BBC. It’s particularly odd to hear right wingers everywhere claim that paedo media is Marxist, even that site actor (Mr Commonsense) sees it that way. Like all actors and script readers he feels that there are millions of voters out there listening to them with bated breath. There aren’t. Forages supposed retirement from politics to the bubble, has left a void. One which an untouched manifesto would have filled. It was never to be. There are lessons to be learnt here.Loto is the leader of what is becoming a vulture capitalist, Zionist talking shop. You’d think that they knew that such parties already exist. Regards. X

    2. …How the owners can be happy at the embarrassment of the continual publication of inaccurate stories is a mystery…

      We live in a post truth world

      1. Well given the fact that the MSM have completely blanked all the libel cases etc – and only left-wing news blogs such as Skwawkbox and The Canary etc have covered them – then what do THEY care. That said, those who read the JC are of course aware of the libel cases etc AND that they have been repeatedly lying through their teeth so as to demonise people on the left, but perhaps they couldn’t care less (because if you DID, you would stop reading it, and/or buying the hard copy newspaper)

    3. The Jewish Chronicle seems a major contributor to the smear campaign against left wing opponents of Israeli policies towards the Palestinian people: Labour party members and maybe others. Many of them Jews themselves.

    1. Excerpt from Palestine Chronicle on John Ware, referring to some of the PR media manipulations that occurred after Israel’s 2014 bombing of Gaza – according to the UN – killing 2000+ people, 551 of whom were children.

      “Revealingly, critics of the socially and academically discredited BBC Panorama pro-Israel documentary ‘Is Labour Anti-Semitic’ by John Ware, are now being legally threatened by his lawyer and Zionist pro-Israel activist Mark Lewis, who along with his wife, previously similarly falsely presented himself on the BBC’s Global News Channel’s ‘Victoria Derbyshire show’, misleadingly as simply a members of the general public, like Lipman (Maureen), also supposedly in protest, just about to leave the country.”
      Mark Lewis has not left the country but also represents the likes of Rachel Riley etc.

      1. For any one confused, my post prior to this one was moderated apparently for – answering the question posted here about the Jewish Chronicle – by linking to news sites that lists its owners.
        If you’re wondering what’s the matter with that, your guess is as good as mine???

  2. Considers

    Code for: “We MIGHT make a half-arsed attempt to say tut-tut to them, IF we can be bothered; they’re good at desseminating anti-left propagandist shite, so we probably won’t.”

  3. Well thats proof there must be a God,but not the knights one whos first name begins with Lucifer…only joking folks but it really is good news and I will keep my fingers crossed and make a good act of contrition.

  4. When they are done with The JC, can we move on to The CAA!? Abusing Antisemitism and ALL our War Dead Civilians* for Political gains must be the worst and most shameful form of Antisemitism and Abuse!
    * How many of you, who are like me a Homosexual Socialist with a stronger pull towards Most Communist Principles, Realise that if today was 1930s Nazi Germany, that with just our online activism, we would all have been in the Concentration Camps, Jews and Non-Jews alike!
    We would have a star made up of a Pink Triangle and a Red Triangle (in my case), or a Red Star or a Yellow and Red Star!
    We can’t even say let’s hope History does not repeat itself because, History Surpassed Itself, looks like humanity only gets nastier and nastier! We are a Species of Dangerous and Volatile Ape, we all know that, but we have reasoning, are we in the process of outbreeding Reasoning and Empathy from Humanity!?

  5. CORRECTION – I had, in an earlier discussion, referred to a text that I recalled reading many years ago. It is called The Desiderata, and I said that it was from a Christian tract.
    A friend has corrected me. It is actually a poem written after WW1, albeit by a committed Christian.

  6. No doubt one could find such information on their website, but have IPSO ever carried out a standards investigation before and, if so, what was the outcome.

    Needless to say, any organisation worthy of the name WOULDN’T have needed to wait until they’d received a request from many of those the JC has smeared before embarking on an investigation. And what’s to investigate ANYWAY, and why would IPSO need to consider it! IPSO is well aware of the JCs form!!

    If I can be bothered, perhaps I’ll check out their website later to see if it says anything about what sanctions IPSO can potentially take against a serial offender. If any of them – which I doubt – actually posed a real threat to the papers continued existence, then surely IPSO would have warned the JC long before now that if it happens again, such and such will happen. What I’m saying is that surely one would expect IPSO to have a deterrent that deters offenders from doing so again. If NOT, then what’s the point!

  7. It’s wider than the JC.

    In the UK the left are treated like the modern era’s untermenschen. It’s open season across media (press, TV , radio) to libel, slander those on the left presumably with the assumption they lack the funds or influence to challenge any of it. Tom Watson and the PLP described party members associated with the left variously as dogs, thugs, a rabble; anti-Semites, Trots, entryists.

    Starmer and Evans have continued down this the dark discriminatory path with expulsions, purges and HQ edicts – even banning discussion of Corbyn’s unjust suspension.

    Corbyn’s ‘crime’ was apparently stating the the media exaggerated antisemitism. Journalist Simon Heffer claimed on LBC radio that Corbyn “…wants to reopen Auschwitz” Are they not guilty of exaggeration? Does Starmer really believe Corbyn wanted to reopen Auschwitz?

  8. IPSO very much like Tridenr, neither a deterrent nor independent
    One is the glove puppet of the toilet papers the other is the world’s most expensive penis extension

  9. “Watch the short video below for more information on some of the paper’s appalling breaches of truth and accuracy:…. ?”

    Did I miss the video?

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