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Breaking: Labour refuses to commit to reversing Tories’ £20/week cut to Universal Credit

Shadow DWP Sec Jonathan Reynolds won’t say Labour will reinstate £20 additional payment to protect vulnerable and alleviate poverty – they’ll just rename Universal Credit, as Starmer’s abandonment of leadership campaign pledges continues

Jonathan Reynolds, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, has refused to say that Labour will reverse the Tories’ planned £20 a week cut to the punitive Universal Credit benefits system.

The system, which has been blamed for hideous poverty and hardship and described as needlessly cruel by a UN envoy, saw a £20 a week uplift during the pandemic – one that still left payments woefully inadequate – and the Tories now plan to remove it, despite mass child poverty, food insecurity, hardship and discrimination that was endemic in the UK even before the coronavirus.

In an interview with the Mirror, Reynolds’ answer when asked whether he would reverse the cut was:

I can’t give a specific commitment on that at this stage.

He added:

I think it’s time MPs made a decision on whether [the cut] should proceed. The overall level of any benefit I can only set out before an election.

Reynolds did say Labour was opposed to the cut, but in the absence of a firm commitment to do differently the opposition is essentially notional.

Risibly, the Labour front-bencher also said that he planned to rename Universal Credit, to remove the ‘stigma’ – but his party leader campaigned for election to the leadership last year on a firm promise to abolish Universal Credit entirely, along with the ‘cruel sanction regime’ of the Tory government:

However, last week Starmer’s allies began briefing the press that he was about to start ‘moving away’ from his ten ‘pledges’ – a clear signal that he is tacking even further to the right, no doubt because of the party’s failure so far to attract the wealthy and corporate donors he was hoping would replace the mass exodus of members and save Labour’s rapidly-disastrous finances.

As his critics said would happen, it seems that the poor and vulnerable are to be cast aside in Starmer’s quest for ‘credibility’ with the super-wealthy and their tame media.

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      1. “Labour is the party of work”….We support your exploitation brothers and sisters and will not challenge capitalism, we just want to manage capitalism to please our masters and mistresses!
        “We have been fighting the Tories tooth and nail”… erm as far as I have seen it, like re Covid Labour has been invisible for the last year plus!
        I read his speech and a complete lack of a socialist analysis from a Right Wing Careerist Political Lightweight.
        Oh and the number of Labour members who have come to help us in the streets on the UC issue in 3 years is 3 (once).
        The Right Wing who do very well out of diverse working people, in terms of the progress of humanity, may perhaps well as never existed?
        Of course we socialists talk to citizens, we want to empower citizens and to politicise the masses to transform society WITH.
        Right Wing Labour just surface a few months before an election and say Vote for our Local Big Man or Woman (who take the power for themselves) and will sort out problems top down FOR.
        The Not Strange Death of Right Wing Labour In England, Scotland Calling!

      2. And I say that is entirely consistent with making sure those who can’t work – due to illness or economic shocks – are treated with dignity and respect.

        Not a dicky bird about getting shut of WCAs and atos/maximus. Don’t give me any of that shabbite about dignity OR respect – especially when he and his bliarite mates were the ones introduced them in the first friggin place.

        . That £1,000 is money that is spent in shops and restaurants on our high streets

        Restaurants? The absolute fuck? I don’t know anyone who can afford to eat out on UC – even with the £20 increase…and that’s if you can call muckdonalds or KFC etc ‘restaurants’

        Most of them I know can barely even afford a portion of chips from the local chinese ffs

        Ah fuck it. What’s the point explaining the plight of the permanently exploited and victimised to an austere aloof gobshite like you?

        May as well try and teach a cat about the working of the internal combustion engine ffs

  1. Mandelson “ADVISED” SIR Keith starmer and gang, only care about getting more wealth to the “FILTHY RICH” of whom Mandelson said he “HAS NO PROBLEM WITH the Filthy Rich”.

    Diff topic – VERY same mess.

    Uncontested lies grow into enduring myths eg PRIVATISATION, outsourcing, ZERO HOUR CONTRACTS, chumocracy, GREED IS GOOD, Establishment dyed in the wool bigwigs directed eg Nicholas Soames’ brother and grandson of TORY WINSTON CHURCHILL produce liquid gold on tap for the country eg SERCO.

    REALITY could not be better illustrated by SERCO. Ignored by our elected lot, unions and all Mandelson advised SIR Keith Starmer parasites who ALL, i’ve only these last two or three months accepted, keep the status quo alive and kicking.

    SERCO’s staff from an agency, urinated into a soap dispenser in THE SINK of the PRIMARY SCHOOL, Whiterock Road, Belfast.

    OUTSOURCING, ubiquitous SERCO was gifted a contract by Health and Social Care Authority – Northern Ireland. Soames directed SERCO used the primary school to make more millions.

    To do what & how, u may ask ? ? ?


    Who needs fiction⁉️⁉️⁉️


      1. How maddening it must be for the fools who voted and campaigned for this TORY HELL or TORY HELL Future! We used to hear about the Homeless all the time, but now the Undeserving poor probably don’t even get counted for Covid or any other deaths, just chucked in a pit somewhere on Private Land!
        I can’t go on Twitter to see the shining of Grayling, Meaden, Schneider et al flood the timelines with Rivers of Fucking Tears when THEY AND THE NEOLABOUR PARASITE PARTY TORIES DID THIS TO US!
        They are okay in Totty Land, they’re not the UNDESERVING POOR!

      2. Skellyknelly,

        Where did you get a picture containing this site’s answer to Lord Haw Haw?

  2. I strongly advise the sick, the unemployed, the low paid and the JAM’s to abandon that shower of shite and never return unless it becomes 90%(at least) socialist.

    If ever there was proof those fuckers are after a return to serfdom, this is it.

    And that other knobhead will STILL defend them. The tory rat bastard.

    Vote starmerism, get thatcherism. No two ways about it.

    1. We have only one option and that is to VOTE THE TORY FILTH OUT of our PARTY! Starting a new Party as idyllic as it sounds, is not an option we have no one single strong contender on everyone’s lips after 2+ years! The Unions are not talking about One Single Party that is Strong enough to move over to, etc, etc, etc!
      VOTE The Neolabour Party TORY SCUM OUT, by voting for their strongest opponent, we have to swallow our pride and bite that bullet goddamned hard!
      Even with a much smaller Party we will have a Stronger and Louder voice for The PEOPLE and an ACTUAL OPPOSITION Party!
      The Objective is to VOTE The Neolabour Party TORY OUT, to end their sabotage and undermining of The PEOPLE and The UK Labour Party/Movement and then take that seat back with a Strong UK Labour Party CLP Candidate. We will take some Conservative TORY Seats back for The UK Labour Party.
      Of Course that is if Keith and TORY Co does not sabotage that and only have Neolabour Party TORIES as Candidates! Then we have a big problem, so we have to get involved with our CLP Member or not, we can help campaigning in many other ways But we must make sure that we don’t loose our UK Labour Party Candidates like Laura P and Laura S, etc to Neolabour Party TORY Candidates!

      1. Yes, and if we sing kumbaya sodding LA and snap our ruby slippers together you still will NEVER get all of the right-wing cults of new Labour out. It’s a cancer it has taken over Labour and killed it with Tory-lite BS.

        I am tired of sock puppets and fools with the same BS vote them out they wail next time it will be different just believe. Nope, I gave up fantasy’s a long time ago.

        The ONLY way forwards is split then we will be left with usless so-called socialists who only appease and stay silent to keep their MP’s jobs so useless. Nope get rid of the LOT we need MP’s with fire in their beliefs and can should down both the press and Tory scum. We need a socialist only Labour movement again with no right-wing ever. You brief against us, play power games you kicked out no appeal no fucking about. Only this way will we not waste another 20-30 years of Tory rule and more right-wing Labour BS games. Trying to sort out the mess Labour is in all the time re-running every 2016 & 19 elections with briefings and sick power games from the cult of new Labour 2.0.

        One question never answered is how are you going to get rid of 96% of the right-wing backroom staff that you have bugger all power over? The answer is you can’t! So your vote them out mantra won’t work ever it’s a stupid trap! So until you answer how you will remove the greater cancer without killing Labour and splitting is dumb with this lot of usless silent so-called socialists. That only leaves one way forward a new Labour socialist only movement. So are you just a sockpuppet trying to trick fools into staying or answer my question!!! How is your fantasy of voting out just the right-wing MP’s change bugger all? Leaving the right-wing cancer of backroom staff…

      2. Okay AngryGrandad, you propose a new Party:
        Which one?
        Have they got 650+ Constituency Offices, Campaigners and Seat Candidates?
        Are they Affiliated to At Least 2 of the Bigger Unions?
        Have they got the Unions and Prospective Members Talking about them and Falling over themselves to Join?
        Have they got instant access to funds!?
        Are they Guaranteed to not get infiltrated by The Right-Wing!?
        Etc, etc, etc?
        Do you not think that just perhaps it would be quicker to De-TORY The UK Labour Party top to bottom with ALL of them Exposed 2015 to 2020, Than setting up a whole new Party and get the Drive and Weight behind it to take on the Conservative Tories never mind get Member Interest!?
        I would also prefer a clean Slate New Party, but clearly there are no REAL Contenders! NOTHING! There are a bunch of Little Unappealing Parties who at the Order Charge will all run off in different directions!
        I apologise, but I couldn’t be bothered to read today’s rant as it appears the same as the ones before, where you both agree with me and completely miss the point!
        We already spoke about HQ staff in you rage you must’ve missed it! Go and have a Cup of Tea or a Spliff or something! GEEZAS MAN!

      3. skellyknelly – Or instead you could work towards ensuring that changing the voting system from FPTP to PR becomes Labour policy (83% of members support this) and then work for a Labour victory so that this is implemented. (hold your noses if necessary)
        Once you have PR then that is the time to set up your new ‘socialist party’.
        The new party should easily win 15+ seats first time out. (it may even hold the balance of power). In my opinion this is the only way that ‘the left’ will gain power and influence in the foreseeable future.
        ‘The left’ really does need start thinking strategically and not loose sight of their objective of getting ‘socialist party’ bums on seats in parliament supporting a socialist manifesto. Until then you won’t progress past being a minority shouty and disruptive protest group going nowhere fast.
        You need a presence in parliament before you can demonstrate that you can offer a credible alternative.

      4. In several ways you are right SteveH, however, the Neoliberal Tories are Dangerous, you saw it for yourself what they think of those not well above the Breadline and The Undeserving Poor!
        Their words are cheap, as much as I understand what you are saying the People who sabotaged GE17/19 out of our grasp can never get my vote!
        If this was a battle/war they killed us from within the Bastion. That is not Pride speaking, I am hoping for far more of a Revolutionary act, the namby pamby Mr Play Nicely Democratic Socialist must be severed and we must come out fighting like wild things, for our Bastion! Only then can we start Fighting the Conservative Tories until we win!
        Britain like America with ‘Communism’ have been indoctrinated and will literally whisper the word Socialism, like the Americans do Communism, like Monotheists do “god”/”satan”!
        Firstly we need to get a Democratic Socialist Government in Power for a few years only then slowly very slowly can we introduce Socialists and even slower Communists into HoC.
        However the Long and the short is from my perspective is that Socialism is Dead in the UK! Commercialism and Materialism in combination with MSM and MSSM turned us into “American” Idiots! The few who are on the outside of the Mainstream and Politically aware, Prefer to Attack and Argue, myself included, each other rather than build on the wealth of ideas!
        Well that is my Final Post wishing you all a fine life, I will be busying myself with Crafts/Art/Making or something constructive, whenever I can!
        Perhaps when Democratic Socialists Drop their Shit and decide to work as ONE & IN SOLIDARITY I may return to torment you SteveH 🙂 Good Luck Stay Safe!

      5. Do I have all the answers no!

        Let’s say first we have to get a recall through conference say at least 2-3 years and there is no evidence that we can mobile to do this. While the right of course will mobile everything includes banning the motion. plain cheating. So let’s assume we can do this freat now we can start to slowly remove each MP so we work CLP to clp removing them say 10-15 years and this assumes we can stay concentrated and mobilise all our strength all the time the whole of the sodding right-wing will mobile to remove anyone trying to get rid of there pressure MP’s and as soon as you vote out one they damn sure will try to get them back in a place where the right-wing is strong so It will be a shell game!

        Great we have all right-wing MP’s mostly voted out now say 90% Left-wing yay! BUT the right-wing will still be strong in the backroom and will be shitting all over us via their press! So only now can we somehow get rid of some of this scum can you imagine the crap we will get via the press the evil lefties destroying our innocent workers wa wa anti-Semitism everything else so NO chance of getting into government so we’re 20 years into the future. Many of us are now dead or disillusioned and give up so of course, the right-wing will like cancer start getting back how does this help us the people of the UK?

        If instead, we start small a new party I believe in half the time say 10 years we will have a complete party of left-wing with no shitty briefings and scum working against us mp’s that fight and win in the press. Yes, this is slow but let us be honest using this new party we own it control it no right-wing well this is just one old 50-year-old socialists view. I have witnessed the slow destruction of Labour the cancer of new Labour and this rise of the cult of new labour 2.0 we are a dying party. The right-wing solid is in charge and this is all the normal non-normal people that views these blogs we have to realise. All they see is mostly the right-wing lies via the Tory BBC and they will shit all over us every damn second of the day. So what will they see let’s be honest we will appear to be the evil nasty lefties taking people’s jobs away because of their beliefs and how will that look be honest and think how it will look to the numpties sitting on their Sofia to a diet of right-wing lies?

        This is a long long time to recover 10-20 years or 30-40 of the same stupid battles the same briefings I have no will to carry on the same mistakes of the past that is why I insist the only way forwards is a new party.

        How long honestly do you believe you can turn around old labour and be honest please no fantasy? I come from the southeast of the Tory heartlands where the right-wing is strong I saw the lies in the games in my CLP. Even when we had over 1500 members only say 100 of us were active in the clp. 70% was ugg right-wing scumbags I tried to become a counsellor I did the work I walked the pavement I did the leafleting and I got virtually no votes. Who did the nice right-wing lady that was the darling of the executive members who sat in these secret meetings that we were not allowed to know what they hid?

        This is repeated all around the country the next clp over was a solid left-wing amazing clp they worked sodding hard they managed to get mostly left-wing counsellors and even so close an mp but because of lies in the press, he was destroyed. His marriage lost his kids he left in disgust we lost an amazing man. 10 years later he was back and now right-wing guest what happened? Yup, he is now a so-called Labour MP in Brighton and sure as hell a cult of new Labour. They dot their hooks into him he believes there lies and BS a true believer I see this happen again and again. How long can we wait to repeat the same mistakes? I am old disabled and tired of BS and lies so I have no confidence without a new party structure we can control. How do you see this going then?

      6. dg – I think that my suggestion above offers the best chance you are likely to get of making a success of any new socialist party. Until you get rid of FPTP you are wasting your time.

  3. Being on so-called ‘legacy benefits’ I didn’t even get the increase.

    Currently there’s a judicial review into whether recipients of legacy benefits should be paid the £20. A decision’s expected pretty soon, I believe

    No doubt this latest shithousery will help sway the decision against it.

    Nevermind that people like me have saved the nation £££ billions by providing home care…Oh no. We’re not worth a fucking carrot because the state pays us.

    Come to my front door and explain yerself reynolds, you totally useless bag o’ shite. 🤬🤜💥🚑🚓🚓

    1. Toffee I can well understand your anger.You have struggled through the night for a loved one and you have saved corporate UK thousands of pounds.This demeaning attitude from the neo liberal alliance conservative and Labour is so far removed from the whole idea of Social security that people are destroyed and maybe thats the end game to destroy everything we fought for and our families fought for and to bring down the working-class people…regards comrade and remember that we on the other side of the world are on your time Zone when you like thousands more care for relatives in all the hours night and day.

    2. Disabled and our carers have been shit on by both sides for years since Tony sodding Blair and his stupid ideas about fucking with disabled benefits.

      This Tory scum are even worse with their utter hatred of disabled people. FFS if they can take £30 of a cancer sufferer in the same week as vote in a massive extra pay for sodding MP’s that tell you everything.

      The endless hate we receive from them and their media lackies the fact that not one person have EVER been convicted of disabled hate crime ever since it was introduced alone tell you how much contempt we are held in.

      SO I have zero conviction of that review ever finding for us people on legacy benefits. But give Tory incompetence it’s due because of their crap privatised system I haven’t had a disabled review in over 10 years and just been left alone by the DWP scum. That’s the only things Torys have done for my household…

  4. Starmer is wrenching Labour away from its purpose, away from its people, away from its mission.

    More than one million children from key worker families were living in poverty before the tories decided to cut £20 per week from Universal Benefit. Starmer’s Labour says nothing.

    Frances O’Grady of the TUC and several charities have warned that the decision will hit six million households across the country and push 200,000 more children below the poverty line. Starmer’s Labour says nothing.

    The TUC has warned that the Universal Credit cut along with the public sector pay cap will likely worsen child poverty rates and “put the brakes on the nation’s economic recovery by curbing household spending”. It has called on ministers to:

    * Raise the national minimum wage to £10 per hour immediately;
    * End the public sector pay freeze give all public service workers a decent pay rise;
    * Give outsourced public sector workers a real living wage and ensure parity with directly employed staff;
    * Cancel the planned cut to Universal Credit; and
    * Set out plans to increase child benefit above inflation each year this parliament.

    According to the Child Poverty Action Group, 4.3 million children were living in poverty in the UK in 2019-20. This represents 31% of all children or nine in a classroom of 30. The figure for children in single-parent households was 49%.

    Starmer’s Labour says nothing.

    Sir Keir Rodney Starmer, the nothing and nobody man that leads Labour into a valley of irrelevancy.

  5. I saw in the guardian today that Labour wants to lower the taper rate for UC. No mention of the actual figure.

    Five quid says if they do get in, they do not follow through on it. 1% reduction is supposedly £350 million a year.

    They’re Tories. No doubt about it

  6. Spineless Right Wing Labour lacks the political courage and political acumen to stand with the poor which my union I am proud to say has been doing on the streets, even in the rain on Saturday.
    Right Wing Labour afraid to counter the dominant Right Wing narrative on welfare.
    Whilst the working class welfare state is under attack the rich and better off with their upper class welfare state (which is luxurious) are subsidised to the hilt with tax reliefs and tax reliefs on practically everything, and tax reliefs and concessions for big big business are £97b a year and that is the equivalent of £3,500 per household (Chackrabatty).
    And don’t forget 40% of people on UC are in low paid work.
    Not only does this extra £20 per week help some of the most vulnerable citizens they spend the money in the local shops so it also brings millions to the local pounds.
    And ironically in Red Wall and other seats there are more people on UC than the Tory MPs majorities!
    So despite Tory rhetoric of levelling up it seems they are grinding citizens down!
    Shame on the Labour Right Wing Careerists with cushy, rewarding careers for themselves.
    They deserve booting out!

  7. And the Chief Turd Polisher emerges from his fake hide away.

    Labour is a cess pit of Red Toryism….Scumbags that cannot keep a pledge and also taking money from Private Health Care lobbyists.


    1. Two issues with “Labour is a cess pit of Red Toryism” Baz:
      1. Labour is infested by a Parasite Party, The Thatcherite, Cesspit Bottom Scrapings, Neolabour Party TORIES.
      2. Red Toryism that Neolabour PARASITE Party are not! The Bastards are Bona Fide TORY Filth as Blue as [BoJoke’s sack*] on a cold day! *Vulgar Pun intended, because there is no Vulgar, Vulgar enough to describe what I feel for Tories!
      Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES are a Parasite infestation within The UK Labour Party, They are not Red, Socialist, The Right of the Left, Left Leaning, Liberal, BS “Centrist”, etc, etc, etc They are Bona Fide PURE TORY and occupy the same spot as Thatcher!
      Just like The Democrats in The USA We now have 2 Identically Conservative/Tory/Reagan/Thatcherite Neoliberal/etc Servants to Themselves and The ELITES/Establishment, The ONLY difference is that the Conservative TORY and Republican does not need to make up any pretensions of who and what they are they don’t need to fake it! Whereas the Neolabour Party TORIES and Democrats need to tell a whole bunch of Lies, wear a selection of Masks, have multi faceted faces, but they hang out in the same Country Clubs and Conniving Clubs and Commissions!
      Our ONLY hope is to VOTE The TORY Bastards out of The UK Labour Party and start again with a smaller but connected Party, who will STAND UP FOR and Be The VOICE for The PEOPLE as a far more Powerful OPPOSITION to this Government that all 180+ Neolabour Party TORIES, Remove The Cesspit and The Occupying Parasite Party infesting Red Labour and with only a few MPs 650 CLPs, with candidates, The UNIONS, The Members, we could stand a good chance of winning the following GE

      1. Clicked send somehow before reading it back excuse errors!
        “…..MPs 650 CLPs, with candidates, The UNIONS, The Members, *and Sabotage, conniving, undermining, smearing, backstabbing, etc, etc FREE,* we could stand a good chance of winning the following GE!”

  8. I see that the labour party is still doing nothing, absolutely fucking nothing, to convince me that it deserves my vote!

    1. Richard..I don’t think Labour are interested in your vote or anyone else.They are downsizing to avoid bankruptcy and the repo man.They are digging in for the long term survival as a “official Opposition” along with the perks that go with it.They havnt even informed the PLP that many of them will be looking for jobs themselves after the next general election .

    1. IT is truly sickening to think that we are back to the old tory ways of begrudgingly giving anything to some of our most vulnerable people who are stigmatized for claiming help from the government .Why is it that the majority of the wealthy and comfortable begrudge one single penny for somthing that the majority us worked for.and now is being exploited by the Labour party as well..Massive handouts to the powerful but very little if you are poor?So so very wrong and a sign of why the Labour party is effectively bust.I still cannot for the life of me understand why the members voted for a titled millionaire Lawyer from Surrey and thought he would be anything but a Scab and a treacherous dog.

  9. Change the language, whatever the question the answer is tax evasion and offshore funds
    Have you ever or do you plan to refuse to pay your fair share of tax
    We are not arguing the difference between evasion and avoidance, we are pointing out they don’t want to pay any tax
    So there’s a world of pain we can inflict on them to make sure they contribute to the cost of a decent society, starting with minimum wage, minimum tax and ending allowances/tax breaks
    Point out the wealth gap, anything that closes it is progressive, cheap and nasties are all about giving money to people who already have more than enough and well and truly fuck up their bairns
    Invoice in the post

    1. Exactly why Jeremy Corbyn was such a Threat to The International Elites/Establishment!
      He was a treat to The City, The old Ways of Money Laundering, 0 Tax to Google, Amazon, etc, etc, etc!
      I personally would be happy is EVERYONE just Pays exactly the same Percentage in Tax, in a Truly inclusive and looked after Socialist Society that would be 40% to 50% which sounds a lot but is nothing compared to the essential services ie Denmark Receives, All top rated Education, Preschool Day Care, Special Needs Care/Education, Housing, Medicine, Transport, Elderly Care, etc, etc, etc! The UK would probably max out at 30/35% because of the Gross imbalance between Rich and Poor and the poor are only poor because the rich wont pay their Taxes, It should be an Honour to be able to contribute so much more to see no more Homeless, Every Brit Receive World Class Education, contribution to innovation and new green industrial solutions, etc, etc, etc Instead they make up stories that the “Undeserving poor” want their money to “sit on their arse and do nothing”, quite the opposite everyone wants the opportunity to feel empowered and make the best of their lives, unless the are suffering with an illness that prevents them, but even so, The Rich’s Tax, would help contribute in whys even those people can contribute and feel proud, worthy and inclusive, instead of hopeless and suicidal So the Rich make themselves feel better by making Fake Donations, MSM Flashing Cameras, LOOK AT ME, to The UK’s Leading Laundromats, Charities, who launders and packages the laundry in neat little bundles, delivered them straight to The Bahamas, Switzerland, Luxembourg, etc, etc, etc, by Amazon!

  10. Does the safety net exist
    There is a hostile environment against Welfare Benefits claimants and Red Tories are more than happy to join in race to the bottom
    Local Housing Allowance
    If it’s what it is cracked upto be, then Landlords won’t have a problem accepting it as the going rate
    Wage rises, make them equal payments across the board, whatever the budget averages out at
    Change the rules, its not rocket science

  11. I am not saying I agree with this but: just letting people know the theories now doing the rounds. 1. That all Labour supporters (real ones) actually vote against Labour in all elections. The theory is that the Party disappears as being anything on the political scale. That in theory gets rid of the infiltrators who all lose their seats both nationally and locally. It is theorised as ‘the quick kill or the great fumigation’. Then real Labour starts again taking over CLPs. Many Councillors, it goes on to say, are as careerist as their MPs so will bail out from activity as soon as the money tree is chopped down for them. Again, I stress, I am not advocating this but many theories have been put forward here as to how real socialists can regain a voice in the community and re-form Labour as it was intended, this theory is just another. It has many faults such as how to raise the finance to run candidates and campaigns etc. Any thoughts on this? Would proportional representation be needed if this was adopted-how to get that system introduced? Only a few unions are now Socialist so funding from them will be difficult. They [Unions] have been as badly affected by careerism as the Labour Party has. 2. The other theory is that disaffected Socialists should all join the Liberal Party and change that Party as the Tory infiltrators have changed and destroyed Labour. A ready made Party which could attract support with socialist policies flown under a Lib Dem flag that has not been demonised for years by the fascist press. The theory goes that many of Labours policies of 2017 especially on the Green New deal, abolition of tuition fess, a better welfare system and policy on education would be well supported by existing Lib Dem members and supporters. Labour supporters would not get everything but on taxation fairness and those policies above would prove good progress in electoral terms. Any views?

    1. Option 1 sounds best, though the perennial problem will be getting everybody to stick to the programme, stand firm and not fold at the first bit of MSM pressure!

  12. An extra £16.5 billion over 4 years for the military budget–already one of the biggest in the world.

    Welcomed by Labour front bench.

    Compare and contrast.

  13. Boris shows his ‘compassionate’ side by telling UC claimants to pull up their socks

    “Boris Johnson Says Universal Credit Claimants Should Rely On Their Own ‘Efforts’ Not Welfare
    “People on Universal Credit should rely on their own efforts, not money given to them by others,” says Boris Johnson
    johnson has defended planned cuts to Universal Credit by suggesting claimants should rely on their own “efforts” rather than accept “welfare”.

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