Non-Jewish Ian Austin demands removal of whip from Jewish Trickett for supporting Loach

Right-wing ‘unpleasant bully’ Labour MP turned Tory supporter attacks Jewish left MP and SCG colleagues

Jon Trickett, left, and Ian Austin

Ian Austin, the right-wing former Labour MP called an ‘unpleasant bully’ for his attack on Jeremy Corbyn during the then-Labour leader’s Commons speech on the Chilcot report, has demanded that Keir Starmer ‘withdraw the whip’ from members of the left-wing Socialist Campaign Group of MPs (SCG) who signed a letter condemning the expulsion of world-famous socialist and film director Ken Loach from the party.

Austin told the Jewish Chronicle that he was glad that Loach had been ‘dealt with’, but wanted to know why Starmer had not withdrawn the whip from the MPs who signed the letter. Labour national executive (NEC) member told the same paper that those who signed did ‘not take antisemitism seriously’.

Those signatories include senior left MP Jon Trickett, who is Jewish by matrilineal descent – his mother was Jewish. He has suffered a racially-motivated attack for his Jewishness, for which his attacker was convicted at Leeds Crown Court.

Austin, although adopted by Jewish parents, is not Jewish. Nor is Akehurst.

Labour has been reported to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) over its purge of left-wing Jews from the party and its nullification of their Jewish identity.

Now a non-Jew is demanding the expulsion of a Jewish left MP, presuming to know better than Jon Trickett whether Ken Loach is a figure worthy of support and solidarity. Discrimination against and purging of left-wing Jews in the party continues to burgeon under Keir Starmer, alongside rampant Islamophobia, anti-black racism and anti-Gypsy Traveller racism.

Luke Akehurst has been contacted for comment. Ian Austin has insisted that he does not wish to be contacted by Skwawkbox for any reason. In order to comply with the IMPRESS editors’ code, he has therefore not been asked.

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  1. Loves to overreact on matters he has no personal investment in, does the jingoistic, faux hardcase Austin.

    Thought he could pontificate to Michael Rosen about Britain’s involvement in WWII.

    We stood alone’…

    Err, austin… Who’s this ‘we’? You stood alone as much as I did – and I’m younger (prettier and far more intelligent, which in fairness is no great achievement) than you.

    Then there was the frankly sickening heckling of Corbyn over Iraq. Again, no personal involvement, and zero thoughts for the servicemen & women who made the ultimate sacrifice, or their relatives.

    But he’s British, and HE stood alone…

    Now he thinks that merely being adopted by Jews gives him the right to decide which Jews should be in the party and which shouldn’t.

    We had a former councillor around here used to bang on about her father in law receiving a VC all the time.

    She wasn’t a councillor much longer after I asked her what it had to do with her personally; and why she used the reflected glory to promote her own interests.

    austin is a prick. I’d love him to try to intimidate me.

    1. the same vulgar BLATANT inconsistencies were doled out THROUGHOUT Jeremy’s tenure. Instead of rebutting them from the get go, the habit was say nothing, the lies may disappear and eventually as people see our successes the knifers “in the front” would come round to “love” us.

      FOUR years of evidence to the contrary was not enough. Think about it; even AFTER the four years, TO DATE, the OVERWHELMING attitude remains – “calm things down” “work things out” “unify with” the likes of Austin the Tory peer “for a LABOUR government”.


      I cannot understand how people are not OUTRAGED by that advice to us from those who should have known better THIRTY years ago. Where is the TANGIBLE concern for those at the sharp end of such bizarre disconnect from the needs of the many???

      How much more “honey” and FAT “flies” need to be caught and fed with more “honey” only to defecate in the mouths of those who persist with such TIRESOME tosh⁉️⁉️⁉️

      1. Signpost said: ‘ Instead of rebutting them from the get go, the habit was say nothing…..’

        So could you remind me what happened to the members of the four groups who stood in solidarity with those who were falsely accused of anti-semitism, AND, said PLENTY about the A/S lies and falsehoods? Oh, that’s right, they were all proscribed by Starmer and Co, and those that were still members booted out of the party. And what happened when Jeremy defended his record on dealing with A/S in the party the day the EHRC published its report? Oh, yes, he was promptly suspended, wasn’t he.

        But the biggest joke of all is that you’re saying this in a thread in which the article is about what has happened in response to the SCG giving their support to Ken Loach and demanding that he be reinstated! THEY know that Ken doesn’t have a racist/anti-semitic bone in his body, and Starmer and Austin and Co know it of course, but they play their fascist game of pretending to the general public that he IS.

        Signpost knows damn well what happens when people refute the A/S lies and give their support to people who have been falsely accused, but his objective is to mislead and dupe readers of skwawkbox by blaming the victims for being the victims. And like the black propagandist he is, he repeats his falsehoods ad nauseum, because Repetition is a subtle form of brain-washing.

    2. I presume it was Akehurst, from the NEC, who said those who signed the SCG letter didn’t take antisemitism seriously.

    3. He is very fussy about who he decides to intimidate; older ( hopefully weaker, this could end painfully )female( this could end painfully ) and people far away. He’s been a lucky fellow so far. Toffee you have a choice. Who would you like to whisper to in their shell-likes? Mann or this thing?

    1. Why don’t the Labour MPs who do not support Labour leave by becoming independent? Surely you don’t HAVE TO switch to another party? They can then disobey the Whip when we they want. They could stand again at the next election as Independent Labour Party along with others.

      1. Sadly most so call socialist MP’s are cowards they love silence to action and even if roused they make a few comments and then run off and let silence descend again rather that be counted on and stand in solidarity with the members. With the last leader or other hundreds if no thousands of fellow socialists kicked out of the party they love just so this right wing cancer of the cult of new Labour 2.0 can take over turning the Labour party to the zombie party just because it still has the same rosette don’t be fooled it’s Tory-lite now.

        There is no future in Labour and no help from these useless so called socialist MP’s they have made there choice of staying silent over the death of socialism in this party.

        They think staying silent will save them but once a coward they can’t be relied on any longer! No we need solidarity and fighting back from our MP’s . Unless you are just using socialism as a label with no real conviction as I suspect that is the real truth!

        Until we have a socialist only Labour party nothing will change and we sure as hell need better MP’s with fire in there souls and prepared to fight for their ideology and for socialism no more appeasement or sodding silence…

  2. I have a simply message for ian austin, which you can quote and forward to him:


    1. I never understood why someone should urge a person with whom they disagree to go do something enjoyable. Wouldn’t something like “Erectile Dysfunction 0ff (E.D. off)” be better?

  3. What a load of cobblers. The JC publishes an article about the opinion of Austin and assorted nobodys which won’t result in anything happening because Labour can’t expel 17 MPs and carry on as a party. Personally I hope they do then we can put the whole thing to bed, start a new party and tell the JC and assorted right wing crazies to go fuck themselves.

    1. Well said lundiel. I agree, Sir Keir should listen to Ian Austin about withdrawing the whip from any Labour MP that does anything that the Baron Austin of Dudley or the BoD or the TPA/IEA don’t like.

      That way said MPs’ political timidity or careerism – or whatever it is that causes them to never challenge Starmer – doesn’t allow them to keep pretening that Keir Rodney Starmer is not an enemy agent working for psychopathic billionaires to destroy and deactivate the recently flourishing Labour party. Starmer is aan existential threat to the Labour party and the people it serves.

      Said MPs would effectively be removed from the party and might, therefore, connect with the many persisting and former members who daily become more certain that a Labour party soiled by a billionaires’ lackey called Starmer (and before him Brown and Blair) is a democratic vehicle that can never be renovated to fulfil a democratic role in this wretched two-party system, which, by supporting PR and the end of FPTP, we should commit ourselves to end.

      Their forced removal from the party would cause them to connect with Labour members (former and current) in petitioning the rest of the Labour Movement to consider severing its like with the no-longer-credible Starmer-led party and to explore options and possibilities for a new, re-invigorated, twentyfirst century Labour Movement. A phoenix Labour Movement.

      All or Nothing. Timidity breeds defeatism – and we all know what that causes: Apathy and alienation – precisely the conditions that the trilateral billionaires need global human resources to exhibit so they can enjoy their boundless power and flourish in their oligarchy.

  4. querboi. Jump? ITs a soft landing and can only hope that the knight withdraws the whip from our shy socialist group and we can begin with a real Opposition Labour party.ITs possible if Starmer does the job hes been “planted” for.I am only too ready and willing like many more to join and donate to a real Labour party.Think how a ready made group of mps could lead a Labour party membership that would jump alongside the two hundred thousand ex members waiting for the inevitable rebirth….

  5. The SCG (keep thinking Stargate command) are in a tricky position.

    They want to manoeuvre Labour back to the left at the behest of their backers (unions & CLP members), but with the right-wing hostile environment any actions can/will bring about “automatic” expulsion (aka bypass due process).

    So strategically the choice is fight in the background from within, which costs the right wing the most, or fight openly as an external group with less resource.

  6. Jeremy was never accepted, and never will be, by right wing nut jobs like Austin. However, JC appears to be trying to hold hands and sing kum ba yah with so-called centralists.

  7. ‘Confused? You will be…..’ one of the best opening lines of a TV Soap………..but it’s true! or maybe the older I get, the more confused I become? I still don’t know what anti-Semitism is,or should I include a hyphen? Only a certain type of Jew will be able to define anti Semitism? I look forward to members of the Labour Party receiving training from the JLM. Blair’s EHRC managed to muddy the water even more as ‘establishment’ barristers sought to impose their own personal beliefs as the author of the IHRA definition questions his own statement, describing it as an initial consultation document.
    Having been an F.E.lecturer & receiving training reference to identifying & eliminating racism, I again become confused. Is anti Semitism racism? Is there a separate Jewish race with its own racial characteristics, or is it just a religion, or both. Can anyone explain to me why this entitles ‘God’s Chosen People’ to use genocide to ethnically cleanse their ‘Holy Land’ without criticism. So much debate? No, so many words saying nothing. Confused?

    1. Is there a separate Jewish race with its own racial characteristics? I believe there is, though not explicitly ‘Jewish’. More Turkoman DNA I think. Which makes most Israelis primarily Europeans. But I’m not allowed to say that.

    2. Wouldn’t the God’s chosen people argument be meaningless to atheist Zionists of which there are many?

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