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Unite, GMB to ballot Labour staff for strike action over party’s treatment of members

Ridiculous ‘Organise to Win’ presentation followed in short order by strike ballot notification to party

GMB and Unite, the two giant, Labour-affiliated unions representing most Labour employees, have told the Party they will ballot members for strike action next week because of the party’s plans to make around a quarter of its workforce redundant.

The ‘indicative ballot’ notification follows hot on the heels of Labour’s the presentation of its widely-derided ‘Organise to Win’ plan to bemused staff today – causing mystified looks at such language as:

adopt a product­-mindset using agile ceremonies, be empowered to make decisions and encouraged to focus on rapid prototyping, deployment and iteration.

So opaque and questionable was the ‘management-speak’ in the plan that some were even questioning whether the language had been left in from a company presentation and missed during editing.

Both Unite and GMB, two of the party’s biggest union supporters, had already either cut or announced a review of their donations. Labour is said to be on the verge of bankruptcy, in large part because of the mass exodus of members disgusted at the leadership’s conduct and lack of opposition.

Now we have two large unions balloting for strike action against the party supposed to represent the workers. Starmer and Evans are destroying the Labour party.

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  1. 💈💈💈the same vulgar BLATANT inconsistencies were doled out THROUGHOUT Jeremy’s tenure. Instead of rebutting them from the get go, the habit was say nothing, the lies may disappear and eventually as people see our successes the knifers “in the front” would come round to “love” us.

    FOUR years of evidence to the contrary was not enough. Think about it; even AFTER the four years, TO DATE, the OVERWHELMING attitude remains – “calm things down” “work things out” “unify with” the likes of Austin the Tory peer “for a LABOUR government”.


    I cannot understand how people are not OUTRAGED by that advice to us from those who should have known better THIRTY years ago. Where is the TANGIBLE concern for those at the sharp end of such bizarre disconnect from the needs of the many???

    How much more “honey” and FAT “flies” need to be caught and fed with more “honey” only to defecate in the mouths of those who persist with such TIRESOME tosh⁉️⁉️⁉️

    1. Signpost I do hope that they supplied everyone with a dictionary,I wonder if they have brought in a time share salesman and ring a bell and open a bottle of bubbly every time they spot a Labour voter.On the other hand they could have the staff on commission only flogging Double glazing,which might be more lucrative than looking for another Labour voter..I think maybe a soup kitchen for Labour party employees might satisfy the knight…especially if it is free……moneys too tight to mention “in the new invigorated Labour party.

      1. Joseph, no decent person should vote for those parasites. The only way i see is to return their brand of “loyalty” FULL STRENGTH from ever angle. No door knocking or letter sending or phone banking. ALSO – don’t DONT reply to their endless texts and emails appealing for help or to be councillors etc as i keep getting. It is just a means to gather info ie are u Socialist and support Jeremy. DONT give them intelligence.
        Due to understandable frustration as hitherto ZERO attention to such basics, decent people felt their only option was to vent anger. Righteous anger, but that achieved nothing for us. It never does.

        The parasites are doing what they did before and said OPENLY and REPEATEDLY they would do again.

        If things looked secure for Jeremy, i may never have joined. I joined because it was obvious the parasites were out for him. However those who leave, then form parties which CAMPAIGN and WIN get my FULL congratulations!!!

        Note well their are very many parties and independents already which never win anything. Possibly because they too thought campaigning is putting one or two fliers thorough the door at election time. OR going to their cosy bunkers of agreement.

        When i was a student, two of my colleagues, absolutely lovely, belonged to the Green Party. They NEVER said a word except once on a walk in Surrey, one was taking detailed notes of birds we observed.

        Years later in another group, two people mentioned at most twice that they were in SWP. I’d never even known that party existed. Unsurprising judging by one otherwise dynamic marvellous person and another very lovely one. Then i sensed a contained contentment at being right. Making their rightness come to life, seemed FAR less than secondary. Righteous anger at the status quo, but ZERO belief that they should even bother bringing it about (like our peculiar shrieking white flag shagger, but without the crazed shrieking).

        now years later, discovered Jeremy and some of his high powered friends of several decades. Three or four of them in particular… absolutely stellar… two with glittering international reputations in their own professions. Joseph i was STUNNED to listen to them say the same defeatist attitude re the media. Especially when those two in particular use the media with INTERNATIONAL success in their own profession but feel victims in politics. Fascinating. Absolutely lovely, super informed and otherwise exceptionally inspiring like Jeremy very much… even in the way they speak and treat others.

        That’s why it seems obvious that the key is attitude, culture, myths of and obsessions with POLITICAL especially MEDIA externalities.

        COMPLETELY fatalistic politically while at the top in their own professions where they don’t employ or work with people with defeatist attitudes in their professions. Fascinating. I did not ask, but you can bet your house that they GORGE on the Guardian and Independent and bonked to the BBC. Those who consume politics from those outfits are the least politically informed, the least positive outlook, least can do attitude, the most fatalistic but the most well meaning.

        It seems that because BBC TV is bite sized politics sandwiched between EXCELLENT general programs eg on birds or Ancient Egypt, when a men in a suits discuss politics on the “politics” programs for less than an hour, perfectly inteligent people FEEL it is part of a constant stream of excellence. The hypnotist’s watch does the same thing… Left Right left right left right is true, everything else the victim is told is as true as the watch swinging.

        Just a thought

    2. In the thread/article prior to THIS one, signpost said EXACTLY the same (just as he’s done on literally hundreds of occasions before!):

      ‘the same vulgar BLATANT inconsistencies were doled out THROUGHOUT Jeremy’s tenure. Instead of rebutting them from the get go, the habit was say nothing…..’

      Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!!!

      Yep, repetition, the black propagandists favourite, along with Big Lies.

      1. Yeah, yeah, yeah signpost, and what happened when they DID rebut them!!!

  2. Organise to win…

    It’s like this site but in reverse. The normal ones are summed up by Peter Mannion MP being the sole voice of sanity, whereas the wee fella represents the rest of the only too willing participants in the group.

    1. Yes I bet Starmer & Evan’s “brainstorming ” re the LP bankruptcy is like the YouTube link above.

    2. If you scroll down to the bottom of Labour to Win’s website, you will see “Web design by we are Civitas” click on that and see what Civitas really are, certainly not a “Web Design” Outfit!
      Now look them up on the Internet, I hate saying use Wiki, but anyway look at particularly the books published and the people involved. I’ve not gone down that Rabbit Hole yet, but wonder if they have anything to do with ‘Civica’ the ‘Socialist Slayers’!

      1. Thanks for that skellyknelly. Sir Keir, the Mossad spy and Evans the Squater would all say “It’s just business…” and they’d be right – but the following terms and conditions apply….
        (Credit to Wendy Williams (and philbc3 for directing me to her)

        “neoliberalism transmogrifies every human domain and endeavour, along with humans themselves, according to a specific image of the economic. All conduct is economic conduct; all spheres of existence are framed and measured by economic terms and metrics, wven when these spheres are not directly monetised. In neoliberal reason and in domains governed by it, we are only and everyhwere homo oeconomicus, which itself has a historically specific form. Far from Adam Smith’s creature propelled by the natural urge to ‘truck, barter, and exchange’, today’s homo oeconomicus is an intensely constructed and governed bit of human capital tasked with improving and leveraging its competitive positioning and with enhacing its (monetary and nonmonetary) portfolio value across all of its endeavours and venues. “

        Sir Keir Scum Starmer

      2. Mmmm! Well Yes! A Neoliberal is a TORY is a TORY is a TORY is a TORY is a TORY is a…………!
        Let them Rot on their Bubbling Festering Cesspit of TORY SHIT!
        Yet his Wiki page is all Socialist and Left Leaning” etc, it was when I last looked.
        I get the feeling that People are waking up to the fact that we are dealing with Two Polar Opposite PARTIES, not the Right of the Left.
        The HOST PARTY:: Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party.
        The PARASITE PARTY: Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES!
        The old fashioned Right Wing of Labour also dabbled in the Pre-Reagan/Thatcher Neoliberalism, with added Neoconservative Elements and turned Full On Neoliberal PARTY when Blair gnawed his way into Parliament dragging Thatcher/Reagan’s Neoliberalism in behind him through the Westminster Sewers!
        Neoliberal Capitalism will eat itself, it already started!

  3. “adopt a product­-mindset using agile ceremonies, be empowered to make decisions and encouraged to focus on rapid prototyping, deployment and iteration”
    Translates as:
    “Make things up as you go along, pretend you’re decisive, find the exit and use it before you get caught out”.
    No ifs, no buts….

    1. It’s not management speak.

      The Agile text a copy/paste from a software company with no adjustment to the target organisation (Labour) or “product”.

      In a software engineering company setting;
      “Development” is programming to a set goal.
      “Deployment” is compiling the program, doing some checks and installing to on a computer.
      “Iteration” refers to small changes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to never break the product and makes improvements.
      “rapid prototyping” just means to build a mock-up version.
      “empowered to make decisions” refers to engineers making decisions on how to solve the problem they are writing software for, instead of a top-down mandate.

      Most of this is not applicable to what is effectively a marketing company (“Buy our new and improved Tory MP! Now comes with a red tie!!”)

    2. Or….. ‘BBC’ to Starmer/Starmerstruppen: In your new ‘Organise to Win Plan’, in simple terms what does………………actually mean?
      Starmer/Starmerstruppen: You are misleading the Public, last week I spent “an entire day” in Wolverhampton “speaking to “MANY” constituents, but what you are suggesting is Untrue and Misleading The Public!
      ‘BBC’ to Starmer/Starmerstruppen: It’s a very Simple and Straightforward Question!
      Starmer/Starmerstruppen: This Government is going above and beyond with their handling of the Corona Vitus Crisis especially in this difficult time, we must stand together, work together, “Politics for Grown Ups”!
      ‘BBC’ to Starmer/Starmerstruppen: I did not ask about the Government, I asked about your new ‘Organise to Win Plan’……Oh, hang on a moment…..unfortunately due to upcoming technical issues, that is all we have time for tonight!
      ‘BBC’ Reporter wakes up as the boot of a black Bentley pops, at the Docks, chained to a block of concrete, four strong arms reaches in and flings her in to sleep with the fishes!

  4. Difficult to know what to do when the leader of a supposedly workers movement a Labour party treats its staff with contempt and only sees the Labour force as inanimate objects to be disposed of when necessary because the bosses have “half inched” the money and donated a slice of it to former staff for motivating AS scam targeted at the left wing.We and that includes the unions still need a answer for were the rest of the members money has gone even though we know six hundred thousand was reward money.Wheres the missing millions and isn’t that a direct cause of the bankruptcy facing the Labour party.Call the police force in?…I can smell the stink of corruption even hidden away in the jungle..!

  5. If Starmer had not given away £600k to party workers who sabotaged the party in 2019, he might be able to pay the replacements that he & Evans appointed.
    If party staff wish to continue stitching up the party then I wonder if it was ever worth employing them at all.

    1. Especially considering that if Jeremy was of that nature, he could take that Documentary, already exposed for all their lies back to court and win the £600K + Some, back and use it for The PEOPLE’S Legal Fund/The Peace and Justice Project/etc!
      gOds and fairies how I wish Jeremy Corbyn was of that Nature!

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