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Breaking: BBC ‘independently selected ex-Labour voter’ for Starmer snow-job is former Tory candidate (video)

The BBC has produced a transparent, Laura Kuenssberg-fronted ‘snow-job’ to try to persuade viewers – despite his utterly disastrous performance that has dragged Labour far lower than 2019 general election – that Keir Starmer is not really to blame and that it’s still all that nasty Jeremy Corbyn’s fault, even though it’s more than a year and a half since he stepped down.

Starmer managed to lose Hartlepool – held solidly by Labour in 2019 and lost, according to polling, because of Starmer personally – and scraped through by 323 votes in Batley and Spen, down from 2019’s majority of more than 3,500. He’s also shown Labour’s worst-ever by-election result, doing far worse than in the same seat in 2019 – and has lost a string of council seats to disastrous swings to the Tories while even the bland and tainted LibDems have managed to take ground from Boris Johnson’s party.

But the BBC, it seems, is really keen for viewers to blame old Jez. So keen, that despite claiming the ‘former Labour voters’ it interviewed for its propaganda piece had been ‘independently’ selected, it managed to include a former Tory candidate, who told ‘Can I call you Sir Keir’ that he needed to get rid of the left from the party in order to succeed:

Here’s the BBC’s claim the candidates were independently selected:

Gosh, what bad, bad luck to independently select a Tory candidate.

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  1. When evaluating the continuing impact of Corbyn’s legacy it shouldn’t be forgotten that he lost 60 seats
    His most enduring legacy is that with an 80+ seat majority the Tories can do whatever they like and there is very little anyone can do to stop them,

    1. ALWAYS quick off the mark aren’t you Steve to get your put-down of Jeremy Corbyn in so that it appears at the top of the comments section! Do you not have a life outside of skwawkbox?!!

      As I’ve pointed out before, by the October, about seven months after Starmer was elected leader, Labour were neck and neck in the polls with the Tories, and stayed that way for several months before they started to fall behind again.

      As for JCs ‘legacy’, did you NOT read the above article!!!

      Here’s a reminder, as you’ve obviously forgotten about recent events (even though they were mentioned in the article):

      Starmer managed to lose Hartlepool – held solidly by Labour in 2019 and lost, according to polling, because of Starmer personally – and scraped through by 323 votes in Batley and Spen, down from 2019’s majority of more than 3,500. He’s also shown Labour’s worst-ever by-election result, doing far worse than in the same seat in 2019 – and has lost a string of council seats to disastrous swings to the Tories…..

      Jeremy’s so-called ‘legacy’ is that he was undoubtedly the most smeared politician EVER in the history of British politics, and very likely the WHOLE world!

      1. And the 2017 GE result? Do you include THAT in Jeremy’s legacy? After which the smearers-cum-saboteurs trebled down on their smearing and demonisation and vilification of Jeremy!

      2. Allan – Unfortunately instead of capitalising on our success in the 17GE Labour hid away for the next 2+ years.
        You can’t blame the RW for the 19GE campaign when Karie Murphy was in charge

      3. Allan – I suppose that depends whether you think that posting a comment 20 minutes after the article was published is ‘quick off the mark’ or not

      4. Oh, and I see that you were saying EXACTLY the same thing in the thread prior to this one! But then THAT of course is what they pay you to do!

        So how many comments do you think you’ve posted on here during, say, the past three years. Ten thousand? Fifteen thousand? It has to be at LEAST a hundred every week PLUS – ie about 500 a month. So in actual fact it’s probably around 20,000! And even THAT is more-than-likely an underestimate!!

        Yep, practically every single day, in practically every single thread, morning, noon and night!

        And what has ‘capitalising’ got to do with what I said? Under Jeremy’s leadership, Labour got better results than Starmer got in the by-elections!

      5. SteveH 16/07/2021 at 8:09 pm :

        When JC – almost – won, against the odds at GE17, this treachery went off the scale. In GE19 Labour didn’t stand a chance. Starmer’s speech was the final nail in the coffin. Then he lied through his teeth during the leadership campaign, to get elected. The man is not a politician. He has no honour, no integrity.

        That BBC programme, this morning, was cringeworthy.

      6. SteveH 16/07/2021 at 11:03 pm

        …and Jeremy Corbyn’s still a better man than you can ever hope to be.

      7. George – Maybe, maybe not but I’m not the one who was hoping to be PM and defecated all over his own USP.

      8. I’d dearly love to see you say that to Karie Murphy’s face. I strongly suspect, you’d be carrying your teeth home in your pocket.

      9. George – That neatly sums up Karie, I wonder why her nomination to the House of Lords was rejected?

      10. SteveH 16/07/2021 at 11:43 pm :

        Is that ‘coward’ we can add to your list of character flaws?

      11. George – Most people don’t go around punching people in the mouth for disagreeing with them.
        Ask yourself, would Jeremy Corbyn approve of such thuggish behaviour?

      12. SteveH 17/07/2021 at 12:31 am

        I’m certain Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t approve, but I’m equally certain there would be many people on these threads who would applaud and cheer her on. I would.

      13. So out of 81 comments posted on this thread, SteveH has posted 30 of them (at the time of writing). So that’s 30 times he has come on to this thread and posted a comment or a reply/response. And in the thread PRIOR to this one – which was posted by skwawkbox yesterday as well – ie the 16th – he’s posted 16 out of the 53 comments (at the time of writing). In other words, he’s posted 46 times since he started posting yesterday afternoon – ie during about a 12 hour period!

        He literally monitors the site for 14/15 hours a day, posting dozens of comments! But he’s not a paid shill of course! No, no, no, perish the thought, and it’s just completely normal behaviour!!

        PS And no doubt he’s STILL monitoring the site and, as such, will shortly be responding to THIS comment!!!

      14. After your disgraceful attack on another regular here recently a period of silence from you would be most welcome. As for the creature you have mistakenly given legitimacy to by engaging with them, slow garroting would be my preferred way of dealing with them.

      15. Says ONE shill defending ANOTHER! It’s amazing how much disinformation you post on here JT! Not quite in the same league as your shill buddy signpost though! The disgrace of course was the signpost shill using the premature death of a left-wing journalist to disseminate his falsehoods yet AGAIN! But you shills – as black propagandists are wont to do – turn reality on its head!

        PS Did I ever ask you what you thought about the Big nazi-type Lie that signpost concocted – ie that the guy who spotted Cummings in Barnard Castle during the first lockdown was pursuing a ‘legal case’ against him? And did so so that he could immediately then smear Jeremy Corbyn by comparison. I mean that’s just the sort of thing an ordinary regular legitimate poster would do, isn’t it! FFS man, get real!!

        Yes, it’s just SO disgraceful to call out a fascist shill piece of shite!

      16. I just quickly copied all of WCs ‘comments’ from just the one thread (in which he dissembled his Big Lie about Robin Lees pursuing a legal case against Cummings. Yerse, it’s perfectly normal of course. Well it IS for a full-time paid black propagandist shill!

        i posted last 2 or 3 days. sir starmer, after pushing remain so we would hand our victory to cummings & johnson, stoma will dump remain. he will claim the argument is finished. the country has decided.

        Those with short attention spans or tossers, Stop⛔️ Don’t read further. Don’t reply u have nothing useful to say.

        perfectly sensible position. obvious position. he and the saboteurs deliberately pushed remain so we would lose our victory. obvious to any sensible person but hey ho. sir stoma to regain our heartlands will dump the noose our team accepted and put around theirs and our necks. They did not have to accept the noose. Since they accepted that noose and all the others, they are unsuitable for leadership. London or any Mayor yes. Easy and suitable. Leader of party to win and SUSTAIN pressures rather than “DO EVERYTHING THEY ASKED”? NO‼️‼️‼️

        oh sorry, it was the msm, the right wing, the plp the the the zionist, the trilaterals the illuminati the bilderberg, miss miggins made us acceptvthe nooses. We had to accept all the nooses or all the above would have attacked us. luckily we “did everything THEY asked”. It worked. that TOTAL appeasement stopped the attacks. Perfect. what paradise, what nirvana, what ultimate peace. what perfection what zen the SIXTY SIX THOUSAND COVID-19 DEAD now endure. They must be so pleased we “brought the country together” “brought the party together”. That worked so do it again.

        We need new people with fresh attitudes to regain our party. No one who after all of this we see, still can’t grasp that, will never learn. No one who refuses to see the obvious can be ANY part of ANY rescue of our party. The AHolers and need not read if they are so infantile as to have an attention span to match.

        It crossed my mind today. Bernie Sanders has a MASSIVE social media presence and followers. Yet TWICE he pulled out. TWICE. We had the biggest party in Europe. I hear a huge social media traction. The Tories neither have the membership nor the social media reach or expertise. Yet intelligent people with ideal intentions blame every external force and fail to see we were out of touch with our own base, let alone the wider public. Fail to see that twitting scatter gun stuff without priorities and focus is extreme folly. But since it failed, here and across the pond, whats the plan??? Do the same, just more of it. And for good measure, call those for whom the party was formed to serve, – racist , stupid , etc etc.

        Read my past posts. I BEGGED we dump the ridiculous policy. PLEADED our base forgive us. People thought it wise to insult our base. The inconsistency of that with being decent escapes some. The same people insult our base, take them for granted and distract themselves with USELESS virtue signalling to people abroad.

        No sensible party can SUSTAIN a government with that stunning level of blindness, deafness and mind boggling pigheaded refusal to admit errors and change. People are sincere but i am beyond frustrated to see the result of the bone headed stubbornness misapplied. Where was the stubbornness to refuse granting and election? Where the stubbornness to stick to and justify the historical Brexit position? Where was the stubbornness to face down the liars?

        We got stubbornness to learn. QUESTION: Is all the noise of foreign concerns not just noise??? If we can’t face down tyrants at home right under our noses, then how the hell can we achieve anything useful abroad???

        If we cannot expel Tory pest when we had the means… WE HAD IT… yet indulge them promote them, what hope to form some pipe dream new party with that same inexplicable giveaway of our opportunity, AND after FIVE months, STILL, smart well meaning people REFUSE to face facts so we can address them.

        I do hope that type stop promising to leave. Just go off quickly and form your new party so the rest of us can regain our party.

        This post was longer than intended as ever, so the usual tossers who search and memorise my post then whine it strains your brains, go drink your cocoa. If u are that stupid, how did you read this far??? And why digest every line??? Funny but pretend stupid. 😂😂😂
        But u r not stupid. You r determined to discourage. U r just wet defeated defeatist and want the whole world to feel powerless with you or why bother to keep responding to my long post trying to unpack why we handed our victory to lazy blojon and eugenecist cummings❓❓❓

        Dont read, dont reply, this is not for you. You would not be selected for ANY urgent enterprise. So in advance if you are an AH …

        SH it is sweet how u always read my drivel. u swallow it all up. U love the full length so u return time after time😂😂😂 The pleasure is mine😊😊😊
        Great persistence✅ Great appetite even when your lot have a considerable advantage✅
        Your show basic qualities we need urgently.
        Your heads are not up some cloud assuming u’ve accepted control handed to u on a platter.
        No. You know my side learn nothing after decades and assume u lot will join in a communal fireside singalong. Still u don’t sit back and think of Chile.

        Instead u work night and day to discourage your opponents. SH it is true we don’t need your education. We don’t need your mind control. But boy do we need your determination. LOVE your drive+++
        Thats what we need, over prep, aiming high not just sitting back taking your easy fortune for granted✅✅✅ Thanks 🌹🌹🌹

        And u still read them😂 U can’t wait😂 U use your perseverance ploughing through all my drivel, and take your time to reply. V polite SH it is a delight to know you can’t wait to suck it all up to the very last drop😂😂😂

        SH it is clear your admirable courage in acknowledging that you love reading my writings and have descended to little more than fantasy drivel that you are not smart enough to understand. It will hopefully be the first step of a few like you on the slow road to recovery to recognise that you CAN read, you CAN understand. You’re very smart cookies. I admire your dedication. Even though you all have bottomless funds, you do give more than your payments are worth.

        You all are focused and committed to support your lot. You all are flexible so try every method to see what works to achieve your basic aims. Well done✅✅✅

        My lot, on the other hand, made miraculous gains. Then, as the brilliant Maria Vazquez explained in different words, some of us, so desperate to play happy families with your Blue & Red Tory lot, “bring the party together” and all that stuff, exchange tubers with Twatsons … handed on a silver platter, all the control we won.

        Despite observing close up, before I was born, abominable Blue Tory evils, then decades of Red Tory evils, followed by four years of more open, more vicious kicks, punches and threats of “knifing in the front” … my lot are oh so desperate to play happy games together.. they “DID EVERYTHING” you all “ASKED”…even if it meant kicking thousands of our own under buses like Chris Williamson, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, Mark Wordsworth, THOUSANDS of devoted members and more, STILL, my lot wanted to be “kind and gentle” to you all.

        SH it is obvious you know that and still you work at it, you never give up. Your lot are nimble, your lot learn, your lot take no chances. Your lot, despite being in control, work to get full control. My lot on the other hand think, lets make “symbolic statements” on Kashmir, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, Palestine, Shamima Begum, Trump… on and on as done before I was born. Little or no success with all the “symbolic statements”, but lets carry on to the death bed unchanged.

        The decimation over 40+ years of our heartlands have no pull as every foreign issue and every niche interest group. Somehow, all the “niches” here, don’t need housing, education, quality pay for quality work, transport, easily available physical and mental health care, restoration of local industries…

        Somehow all the suffering people elsewhere will vote us into power. Somehow some person taken for granted up North, will think for ever, AT LAST , our salvation the passionate supporter of everyone else but us!!! YAY!!!
        They rejoice at the low priority of their lives, so give a little mention once every few weeks amidst a blizzard of scatter gun issues. Then compress what needs YEARS to digest in a few weeks. Every day a new offer. That will work.

        When my lot get an accidental opportunity, a chance opportunity because your lot thought we would lose, and TURN UP and say what we intend, adults act as if the members and electorate electorate were attracted to the silent, absent and unknown preceding decades, … what they saw and heard in their metropolitan bubble, not the what was AT LAST heard, what was AT LAST seen and what AT LAST known!!! Oh no. That’s just TOO basic.

        Let’s retreat up the mountain and hide till next time. After all our devoted electorate will never lose hope, lose confidence even if we call them stupid and racist and wrong… they made the wrong decision which was believed right for FORTY YEARS, expressed in EVERY SINGLE PARLIAMENTARY DIVISION. Every single won. But no. Pop out from the clouds to give scarce precious voice and presence to the tosh of the Red Tory Dire Starmer and Co… who will by the way now DUMP REMAINIACERY. Starmer & Co always new it was guaranteed to deliver victory to Dominic Cummings and johnson.

        Oddly, my lot turned up to each challenge and did the obvious speak passionately as if interested. Yet incoherently after each win, my VERY experienced lot thought, it’s the previous silence wot won it. It’s the absence wot won it. It’s the long absences wot won it. So now run away. Hide. Keep silent. Don’t challenge. Telepathy is all the rage.

        Accept all the slurs and slanders, appease appease appease … and appease more. Yet after five months, adults STILL say, the big bad girl is too big and bad. WE gave her “everything” and hoped she will stop being as she’s been throughout… forever. Don’t admit that and look for someone to repeat the same errors and not expect the same result.

        SH it is clear, you and your lot know all of the above. Yet you don’t stop. You do the sensible obvious thing ie bolt down your control. Use every method. Take no prisoners. Try to appeal to vanity any ruse so some will expose their identities all the better to apply pressure. That often works. You know that only three posters pursue people to say what CLP, “send photo of your membership card” 😂😂😂 and that’s from two names who have admitted the are not even members of party😂😂😂 That’s the problem of too many staff. Even dedicated ones can miss such funny details.

        Some of your lot’s attempts are funny. Though some will feel compelled under pressure like dear Joseph in Cambodia, to present his credentials. The pressure can cause some to overlook that it is only around three who demand and browbeat in that way. Funny but sinister at the same time. Fancy doing that to a retired person in Cambodia??? Quite odd to me. But still keep trying. Try harder. Challenges are great😊😊😊

        Funny too but VERY impressive, the wide repertoire of tactics your lot use on and elsewhere. EG uninvited heated language even to new posters. Funny attempts to intimidate. Then clever attempts to pretend our aims are shared. Impressive.

        SH it is clear, no genuine Labour person would demand we support Starmer & Co who gave none. No genuine Labour person would claim that those who do now what Starmer and Co did for FOUR years, and continue to do, “are problems”. No??? Try another one. Go on. Be a love 😊😊😊

        You can’t fool all the people all the time. Rather ALL of my lot, should look and learn, all the time from your lot. Then we can have the successes for which your lot work hard and smart … without need.

        So thanks for reading to the end. I won’t wish your lot good luck. You don’t need it and STILL you work hard and smart to increase your already big gains. So on this glorious morn, SH it is your AHolery & Rancid Holery ie RH & your new assistants ML, PB & DG… different names yet exactly same methods… v funny but do your paymasters duty to gobble and gasp all the way to the very end of every l o o o n g post, swallow with unalloyed delight, and long for more 😂😂😂 Enjoy!!! The pleasure is mine 🌹🌹🌹

        Maria V, i can only say what i’v heard. Starmer HAS DUMPED REMAINIAC. He will say “the matter is settled” , “the public has decided” etc etc EXACTLY as the public made absolutely clear AT EVERY opportunity. Starmer & Co knew that full well, i posted that several times. It was just a scam to make us hand victory to Cummings & johnson. I also posted that johnson only adopted the “Get Brexit Done” clear & simple promise as it was the OBVIOUS thing to do. Read my posts. He won, the biggest majority possibly ever. Give johnson his due. He is not a Europhobe. Like ALL his family, he is a fervent Europhile. As Pascal Lamay said johnson “was brought up on EU milk” or words v close. Check my ancient posts. johnson abandoned his beliefs, noted the expression of the TOTAL electorate and campaigned for that and to win. He did. He won.

        Jeremy on the other hand, abandoned his long held Eurosceptic conviction. Check voting record on EVERY SINGLE EU VOTE. He abandoned his winning convection which was in tune with the general electorate and in PARTICULAR, the taken for granted heartlands … OUR base. He and his team swapped that for the OBVIOUS noose he accepted from his enemies. He employed that “winning strategy” of long silences, absence and only popping up to reluctantly giving a half hearted, laughably convoluted embarrassing mess of “Constructive Ambiguity”. I heard it laughed at Question Time on BBC 5Live Radio. The audience was right to laugh. I cried.

        One of the worst sins Maria V, was since Jeremy had lived through the history FIRST hand of the EU closer union wrangles … a TORY long running wrangle, the youngest members who would have listened to his sound views, were DEPRIVED of his views. He used his scarce voice and presence to argue reluctantly to accept the OBVIOUS noose of Starmer and Co. So, Jeremy abandoned his convictions to snatch an historic defeat from the Tories. And heart breaking to me and many, handed over what would have been an historic victory for us.

        Think of that. In every single way and at every single opportunity, Jeremy and team gave way, appeased, “Did everything that THEY asked” LOST and still to my amazement, some decent people, intelligent people STILL believe sincerely that somehow, some never before seen how, hiding error, making excuses, blaming everyone is wise. They sincerely feel that they are being “kind and gentle”. They fail to realise that all the goods and services the appreciate most, are NOT made in that extraordinary culture of avoiding facing errors.

        That’s why my post always turn out longer than i intend. Once i begin, my disbelief and natural instinct to solve problems, solve mysteries, understand things, ask why… since childhood … ask why, why, why sets me off. Full of typos but rushing multitasking, i think u postpone it never gets done. So apologies if it is not clear. But in short we made repeated UNFORCED errors in between every singly win. I detect ZERO meaningful reflection. Many do not understand the word. There sincere well meaning nature or nurture is to fun away from what the feel is painful. Thereby ensuring repeated pains…repeated defeats … think of it for fifty years… confusing best intentions with achievement. Amateur, immature symbolic noises for fifty years … seeing the treacherous infiltrators for fifty years yet still stubbornly refusing to reflect. Fifty years of avoidance by obsessing about things far that can hardly be changed out of power. So obsessed with habituated virtue signalling, that when an accident of nomination results in the most thrilling and uplifting wins the response is to devote all energy to appeasing the openly disgusting people. People who had never even hidden their hatred.

        Maria V, i want no part of that. To live many decades, have close up experience, fail to learn, reward absolute bastards, hide FOUR years of actions which in any other organisation would call for instant dismissal. Yet watch on as THOUSANDS are expelled. Deprive the membership of the 860 pages of wicked allegations, thus allowing most of the membership to not know that Starmer is even worse news, than many thought… and STILL no sign of ANYTHING learnt. Plus millions lost hope. Millions feel what’s the point. Thousands dying now not through incompetence but through planned policy….

        Maria, I wait for all who feel that is acceptable, to go off quickly and form their new party with the same well meaning people to continue making the same errors, to keep expecting the same result. The last people ANY successful enterprise needs are those who refuse to learn. And worse yet think it ok to kick their own troops under a bus and take the devoted support of MILLIONS, most in need of their party HERE, for granted.

        Let that type go and go quickly. The Tories are in power with a handful of members. Tons if money yes, but a handful of members. The CUKs had MILLIONS for the election and lost like the Lib Dems. We have an humungous social media presence. Do does Bernie Sanders who gave up TWICE to the obviously inappropriate candidate Hillary and now to the absolutely deplorable Biden. AWEFUL!!!

        So members and all twitters etc and tons of money does not guarantee wins. It is focusing on the tangible needs of people NOT the tiresome obsessions of the metropolitan tiresome embarrassing crowd who still want to believe Clinton lost because she is a woman. NO!!! Trump will win again. He will beat Biden and Biden is not a woman.

        I am unsurprised that the Dem contenders lost. All of them. They fail to learn from us. We fail to learn from them. Too many confuse their fancy tinest bijou city obsessions that their tiny chi chi clique adore with what MILLIONS of people just looove too. With every defeat the whine, “we need to build from the grass roots”. What they mean is, ignore what the grassroots think and vote for. Go tell them what we think is good for them … things of little if any relevance to UNIVERSAL FUNDAMENTAL DAILY living. UNIVERSAL. The SET. The subsets are wishing the sets. Eg Deal EFFECTIVELY with the ROOT causes of poverty and you eradicate PERIOD POVERTY. Print pink T shirts and prance about in pink vans like Harriet Harman. Or focus on “period poverty”, and you may reduce period poverty but you still would have MILLIONS suffering total general UNIVERSAL pains of poverty.

        So go quickly all who refuse to see these obvious areas which need focus, fixing and long posts to explain. Dump the pathetic infantile sucking on twitting noise. We have structural problems to fix. If it could have bern fixed in sixty words or fewer, then show me where that has been achieved. One example will suffice. Send it from your new party in a few words by twitface. And do let us know how you get on.

        Much love

        Maria V, i can only say what i’v heard. Starmer HAS DUMPED REMAINIAC. He will say “the matter is settled” , “the public has decided” etc etc EXACTLY as the public made absolutely clear AT EVERY opportunity. Starmer & Co knew that full well, i posted that several times. It was just a scam to make us hand victory to Cummings & johnson. I also posted that johnson only adopted the “Get Brexit Done” clear & simple promise as it was the OBVIOUS thing to do. Read my posts. He won, the biggest majority possibly ever. Give johnson his due. He is not a Europhobe. Like ALL his family, he is a fervent Europhile. As Pascal Lamay said johnson “was brought up on EU milk” or words v close. Check my ancient posts

        i’m no fan of the potter woman as she did not support jeremy. she had the means and great ability but declined. anyway, she is providing lots of money to help the excellent marvellous glorious Mr Lees to pursue legal case against cummings. this is the sort of ACTION we needed and need. ROBUST ACTION. Clear robust thought. ZERO APPEASEMENT. It has never worked. It has not worked. It will never work.

        Party funds should have be used to pursue every single slander in court. From day one. Hodge swearing at jeremy should have been INSTANT suspension and suspension for life. Same with all the others. We cannot sustain a government to achieve and sustain policies if we bend with the breeze. Chime the wicked tunes of the most ghastly winds of ghastly wicked heartless people.

        If young inexperienced people make errors, they can plead inexperience of youth. I will not indulge adults who stubbornly fail to learn and worse yet in my opinion showed ZERO intention of learning, fertilised the wet culture i observe and with determination allowed starmer and co to deceive the membership. Gross wrong doings took place over FOUR years. People who knew intimately the machinations of those who infested our party, “did everything THEY asked”. People who do “EVERYTHING THEY asked” … whoever the “they” are cannot be seen as error free. Look at the result. A Dominic Cummings directed johnson government who allowed 57 year old patients to have ventilators withdrawn from people who could have survived. The person i have in mind went into hospital for another concern, contracted Covid-19, did have a ventilator which was withdrawn despite the desperate requests of relatives The patient was then transferred to a local unequipped hospital where the 57 year old died. That is just one heartbreaking case. There are many tens of THOUSANDS more. We had the capacity. More than EVER before. Orders came from above. Staff had no choice if they get instructions from on high to discharge patients to nursing homes. Some in the middle of the night.

        With this sunlight and people getting lots of fresh air, infections will drop until school reopen. Harry’s brother will not send their two children to school. They will make some cock and bull excuse. But driving blind, ie without testing and tracing from January to see where the virus is hiding, many workers eg bus drivers, teachers, nursing home staff and nhs nurses anyone working in areas with high viral load will be infected and die.

        We will see infections creep up then explode from September. Expect bizarre diverse symptoms. The colder and darker months will see exponential Covid-19 horrors.

        Even with an focused proper Labour government, we would not have seen any of this horror. The attitude deficits which plague us who believe in socialism especially for me, a determined socialising of profits and swift retrospective privatisation of losses … it can be done!!! But even an focused left would never dream of allowing up to two hundred thousand people to die… and, treat it as “a price worth paying” as per Madeleine Albright.

        We could never sink even to the upper levels of Tory deadly depths. This is a Tory national shame and Tory national embarrassment. A long Tory horror SH AH show.

      17. Thank you for putting the record straight, Allan.
        I am afraid that defences of Sir Keir are now, in their often not-so-subtle attacks on JC, increasingly desperate in their tone.
        And we must remember that JC’s electoral problems were generated in a corner of the party that appears to appeal to the likes of Steve.
        They did not think that they would be burning the house down in the process.
        But that is what happens when you would sooner have the Tories in office than your own side.
        Hubris wins again!

      18. I can’t see how.ignoring JC’s failures is going to help anyone. Unlike some of the toytown lefties on here I have never said that I would sooner have the Tories in office than Labour..

    2. In 2017 Corbyn got more votes in England than Blair did in 1997. Blair got a slightly higher percentage overall in the UK in 1997 than Corbyn did in 2017, but this was back when we could rely on most of Scotland to vote Labour. Unless you are being disingenuous, the 80 seat majority was caused by Brexit and labour’s woes is a result of the current leader’s people vote shenanigans. The leaked repot lays it bare.

    3. You are wrong. Labour lost 59 due to gaining Putney. Of the 54 seats lost in England and Wales 52 voted for Brexit. Only marginal Stroud and the fraudulent claims against Emma Dent Coad that ultimately cost Labour Kensington voted Remain. The election was about Brexit not Corbyn nor Labour’s popular policies. The media promoted the Brexit election to support the Tories to suggest otherwise is plainly malicious. Labour still polled over 10 million votes.

    4. Bollocks PROPAGANDIST SteveH, both you and i know the truth and the policy that fucked Labour over in 2019 was orchestrated by none other than Keith Stalin. Funny that !!!!!!

      Oh, and I think you”ll find all the evidence you need presented by Keith himself from the podium of the 2018 Party Conference.

      1. Christopher – …and there was I thinking it was because Corbyn’s team ran away from selling the manifesto after the 17GE and because Jeremy and his team hid away for month after bloody month behind ‘constructive ambiguity’. By the time Corbyn came out nobody on either side had any reason to trust a word he said. Also putting Karie Murphy in charge of the 19GE campaign was an f’ing disaster.

      2. Thanks for such a timely and valuable reminder, Christopher.
        It seems to be easy in some quarters to overlook the level of anti-Corbyn propaganda spewed out day after day from most media outlets – paper, broadcast and electronic. And it still is!
        The bunker mentality of LOTO was understandable when the vast majority of the PLP and the Party machine itself were working against it.
        These are vital reasons why the Forde Report must be published.
        Only then can the truth be known and the air cleared.

    5. SteveH 16/07/2021 at 7:02 pm :

      Give it a rest, Corbyn didn’t make that blathering speech, at Conference, in 2019. It only served to split the vote between Leavers and Remainers.

      It doesn’t matter how many times you trot out the lie, it won’t make it true.

      Laura Kuenssberg, today :

      “Over the hour or so there was no sudden rush of affection for the Labour leader, no one moment where suddenly a connection clicked between him and the audience.”

      Unlike Jeremy Corbyn, who has to stand smiling amongst a throng of smiling people, demanding selfies…and yes, even in the middle of a pandemic.

      If JC can do that, Starmer can’t use that as an excuse.

      Where’s The Forde Inquiry Report? Why has it not been released? What is Starmer’s political philosophy?

      1. George – Obviously the adulation had worn a bit thin by the time we got around to the 19GE.

      2. “What is Starmers political philosophy” INNS and Barrs looks like especially if you look at the flushed complexion and the tatty teddy boy suit hes worn for the last few years..The boy 👦in blue from Oxted on the green Surrey..!.At least hes got his colour choice correct..

      3. You mean the smearing and demonisation had reached fever pitch by the time we got round to the 2019 GE!


        By the time Jeremy Corbyn stood for the leadership of the Labour Party in May 2015, he had been a Labour MP for 32 years. As a leading anti-war voice, he had received plenty of attention and abuse from corporate politics and media.

        We searched the ProQuest media database for national UK newspaper articles containing mentions of ‘Corbyn’ and ‘anti-semitism’ before 1 May 2015. The search found 18 articles, none of which accused Corbyn of anti-semitism. Then, in November 2019, the month before the last general election, we searched for mentions of ‘Corbyn’ and ‘anti-semitism’ after 1 May 2015. We got 15,857 hits.

    6. SteveH 16/07/2021 at 10:37 pm :

      Adulation? Well, maybe. I know, personally, he was still drawing the crowds during the GE19 campaign. Sheffield Hallam University was thronged with a couple of thousand people, waiting for him to arrive for his debate with Johnson. The one where Johnson lied straight to camera about selling off the NHS. The one where JC was holding the evidence in his hand.

      No matter how you try to change history, with your lies, thousands of people know different. People on here can see your lack of honesty and integrity.

      By the way, Welsh Labour won a tremendous Election victory, in May, using JC’s GE19 Manifesto and without interference from the London MSM or Southside. I’m sure that’s an oversight they’ll try and correct, in the future.

      It’s been sixteen months, now, since Starmer lied his way to the leadership. He’s been say on his arse for those sixteen months. Has he managed to come up with anything resembling a policy, in those sixteen months?

      Jeremy Corbyn is a better man than you could ever hope to be.

      1. George – but for the first time ever more of the working class voted Tory than voted Labour.

      2. SteveH 16/07/2021 at 11:03 pm

        …and Jeremy Corbyn’s still a better man than you can ever hope to be.

      3. George – Maybe, maybe not but I’m not the one who was hoping to be PM and lost the trust of Labour voters.

      4. SteveH 16/07/2021 at 11:12 pm :

        Nor did Jeremy Corbyn. That was your treacherous pals in Southside who defecated all over the whole country – without a seconds thought.

    7. SteveH 17/07/2021 at 12:31 am

      It’s not a matter of disagreement. Most people can discuss and debate. You just fancy yourself as a contrarian. Instead of producing a counterargument, you simply go off on a tangent, or a flight of fancy that may or may not – usually not – have anything to do with the subject being discussed. You’ll be pleased to hear, you’re nothing more than an irritant.

      1. George – An irritant that you can’t resist scratching. Still no evidence then?

    8. SteveH 17/07/2021 at 12:55 am

      You don’t know the half of it, sunshine.

    9. Steve H. Are you forgetting the Blair/Mandelson smear campaign? The Torylite Labour MPs that threw stones at every opportunity. the Establishment propaganda machine in full force against him. Keir no policies Starmer will never lead the Labour Party to victory.

    10. The Parliamentary Labour Party wanted to destroy Corbyn the moment he was elected leader and so didn’t even need the help of its opponents. Starmer is managing to completely obliterate it all by himself despite the PLP and the media’s best efforts to endorse him. Go figure.

    11. Jeremy Corbyn did not loose anything he was stabbed in the back just like all Labour voters. All those Labour MP on the right of the party sabotaged both elections and if anyone with half a brain will see right through the BBC and Kier Starmer with these people is one big setup. Stop blaming Jeremy Corbyn and own it you are a TORY TWAT END OF.

  2. The “former Labour: voters, were in agreement. The Labour party’s poor performance in recent elections are all Jeremy Corbyn’s fault, we’re not voting for Keith Stammer, because the previous guy was toxic, makes sense.

  3. I knew this wascset up when I saw it on the BBC website. How desperate they are. They need a ‘safe pair of hands’ in case the Torys loose the next GE. ‘Corbyn is toxic’, they manage to find a young personwho hates Corbyn and thinks it’s all Corbyn’s fault, despite how hugely popular Coebyn was with the young. Then there’s the involvement of Kuenssberg, no sneering and shrill put downs of Starmer, in contrast to her treatment of Corbyn.

    1. I watched this piece of Kuenssberg/BBC biassed garbage for about one minute to know it was a set-up. If Kuenssberg is within a mile of any BBC programme it’s a certainty to be fixed.

      Had it not been for Corbyn’s repeated capitulation to the Israel lobby but tackled them head on instead, he could have been Labour’s best ever Leader.

      Don’t bother White Flag Man, I won’t be reading your nonsense.

      1. So could you spell out exactly what you think Jeremy could have said to tackle the Israel lobby head on Jack. I mean would you have had him say something to the effect that the A/S accusations are mostly false and contrived and manufactured by the Israel lobby – ie the JLM and CAA and LFI and BoD etc – and that there is no more anti-semitism in the Labour Party than there is across society in general, and that the whole A/S thing is a black op smear campaign being conducted by the Israel lobby to sabotage his leadership and his chances of winning a general election?

      2. Oh, look, he’s STILL at it, and within just four minutes!

        Yes, of course Steve, and I’m sure the Israel lobby et al would have held their hands up and said ‘fair cop guv’, and then disappeared into the ether never to be heard from again.

        Yeah, as if!. Thanks for being so realistic! Would have been a good start my arse!!

        Jack? When yur ready…….

        PS So what time did you start posting today Steve (well, yesterday now GMT)?

      3. Allan – “Oh, look, he’s STILL at it, and within just four minutes!”
        It would be more accurate to say within 5 minutes and I’ve no idea what time I first posted today. I don’t keep a log, I thought that was your job.

    2. In Fact Carlene if you took away the over 60s vote in 2019 it becomes Corbyn 38.6 conservatives 35.4#

      interesting . It shows that when we oldies die out that most of young who do not bother with right wing MSM prefer what are called left politics . Not sure what people mean by left or Marx anyway They just are more internationalist open to change and care not a bit about labels. For them most of Europe is ok. they like the politics of Scandinavian countries with fairness and good pensions excellent public services, They hate injustice and are generally more caring.

  4. We have to accept that if you appoint the most stupid doctrinaire idiot you can get, still thinking he’s in student politics, who supports any terrorist organisation he can possibly cosy up to, with a supporting cast of foot in mouth scene stealers who would make a Benny Hill extra look competent, you are going to get beat. Jez and Diane are that pair. Jez has been treated badly over the anti semitism report for sure but he was a mis step in Labour politics.

    1. The only mistake in UK politics was Corbyn not being ruthless enough to get rid of the right wing red Tories who are the culprits for the loss of the last election and the subsequent decline of the Labour party .The main stream media and the biased BBC are blatant in ignoring the real issues and appeasing their Tory masters.There is no opposition in this country apart from the few left wing news sites that try to present facts not Tory propaganda.If you think Labour did badly in the last election wait and see them get destroyed in the next one,and sadly they’ll deserve it.The one party state dictatorship is alive and well in England ,democracy is dead.

      1. Audrey, forgive me for saying so, but it wouldn’t have mattered a jot if Jeremy had – somehow? – got rid of the right-wing red Tories, as the British Establishment were never-ever going to let him get anywhere near Downing St. And the reality is that if he HAD started doing so, the Establishment’s propaganda machine et al would have REALLY gone to town on him. When four-fifths of the PLP are hostile to you – along with the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the BoD and JLM and CAA et al – you really don’t stand a chance.

    2. Unfortunately the reality is far removed. The facts are that Britain was a haven for anti-gaddafi elements who were mostly aligned to the Libyan fighting group and the Muslim Brotherhood. We gave asylum to those sympathetic to the overthrow of Gaddafi and assisted them to get rid of him. We then allowed Libyan weapons to be shipped to Syria along with several hundred young people who were groomed to be part of a proxy army to fight the democratically elected president of Syria. When ISIS were too successful, we bombed them and because of that we suffered terrorist outrages that were very helpful to the security services in controlling public opinion.
      Parrots like you have been used. We are at this moment, supporting Al Qaeda affiliates in Syria, they are our allies in as long as they help to Balkanise Syria, making it no threat to Greater Israel.
      You have been conned

    3. As I recall it PC, Jeremy’s policies had wide-spread support amongst the public as of the 2017 GE. And needless to say, you of course are just a Tory troll!

      And I wonder WHO exactly designatated these ‘terrorist organisations’ you allude to as ‘terrorist organisations’? Oh, I KNOW, the biggest goddam terrorists on the planet! And how about the following for a gynormous whopping Big black Lie about Jeremy:

    4. Plain Citizen, what we don’t have to accept is your spiteful and ludicrous comment.

      Jeremy Corbyn is anything BUT doctrinaire. In fact it is his willingness to try and accommodate all sides which led to his downfall.

      As for him ‘cosying up to terrorists’ it displays a profound degree of stupidity on your part. Take the accusation of him being a supporter of the IRA which smearers such as yourself like to throw at him. It is the right of the IRA or anyone else to campaign for a united Ireland which he supports, not their method of trying to achieve it.

  5. Somehow I missed this piece when it was put on the site.
    I did see the video on the BBC website though, and immediately thought that it was pure BBC – a publicity puff for Starmer. It won’t work. The Beeb love to concentrate on “personality” and ignore policy – unsurprising in this case even though there ain’t much personality either..
    Can anyone give me the odds on a particular individual still saying “it was Corbyn what done it” after the next GE, the one after that etc.?

    1. goldbach – I suppose that will depend on whether an element of the Labour party will still be yearning for a return to the Corbyn years.

  6. Yeah Yeah Yeah…..It’s all Corbyn’s fault. MaxHeadroom goes walkabout in the bush.

    Tividale (Sandwell) result:

    CON: 52.6% (+20.7)
    LAB: 43.2% (-13.7)
    IND: 2.1% (+2.1)
    LDEM: 1.6% (+1.6)
    TUSC: 0.5% (+0.5)

    Conservative GAIN from Labour.

      1. Surely, the salient parts of that result, are the pluses and minuses :

        CON: 52.6% (+20.7)
        LAB: 43.2% (-13.7)

        I’ve seriously started to wonder if Labour are even bothering any more.

      2. George – Well Boris has been quite open about it, vote Tory and your council will get more ‘investment’ plus most of the Labour electorate are probably pissed off with the factionalism and infighting within Labours CLP.

      3. SteveH 16/07/2021 at 11:49 pm

        …and you believe anything Johnson says? You’re a bigger mug than I first thought.

        You mean like the Officers of a CLP, in the South West being unceremoniously turfed out and replaced by people from South West Regional, who hadn’t dained in the way of canvassing during GE19. You mean that kind of factionalism?

      4. George – Whether you or I believe him is irrelevant, the 19GE showed many believed Boris more than they did Jeremy. I doubt the electorate give a toss what the argument is about all they see is the disunity and squabbling, and they don’t like it.

      5. SteveH 17/07/2021 at 12:12 am

        Well, have a word with Starmer, then. Remind him of his Ten Pledges.

        Restore the Whip to Jeremy Corbyn. It’s been more than six months, now. Another rule Starmer’s broken.

        Ask him – tell him – to stop sending out diktats to CLP’s and individual Members.

        Reinstate all the Jewish and non-Jewish Socialists he’s expelled and suspended.

        Allow free speech at CLP meetings.

        Publish The Forde Inquiry Report.

        Expel the treacherous traitors, form the part, instead.

        Refund Members funds that were handed over to liars and charlatans.


      6. George – What rule did Keir break when he removed the Labour whip from Jeremy.

      7. SteveH 17/07/2021 at 12:50 am :

        Is that what you pick out of that list?

        As I understand it, the Whip can only be withdrawn for a maximum of six months. I’m sure you’ll correct. About as sure as you – not – addressing anything else on that list

  7. SteveH 16/07/2021 at 11:12 pm :

    Nor did Jeremy Corbyn. That was your treacherous pals in Southside who defecated all over the whole country – without a seconds thought.

    1. George – In 2019 who had control of the NEC, who was GenSec and who was in charge of the 19GE campaign including the allocation of resources. Did Southside stop Jeremy and his team from promoting our manifesto after the 17GE.
      Was it someone at Southside who came up with the idea of ‘constructive ambiguity’.

      1. Stop talking nonsense. The GE17 Manifesto was worked on and became the GE19 Manifesto. Someone had to come up with ‘constructive ambiguity’, to cover for Starmer’s nonsense at Conference. It was the closest to sane anyone could come up with to cover up for the liar.

      2. George – That’s funny I don’t recall Corbyn and his team being on MSM in 17,18 &19 selling the concepts of the 17GE manifesto and normalising the more radical concepts in the voters minds. All I remember was news presenters repeatedly saying we invited Labour onto the program but nobody was available.
        ‘Constructive Ambiguity was the antithesis of the platform that Corbyn stood on in both leadership elections and the 17GE.

      3. SteveH, who spends ALL day every single day monitoring and posting comments on this site, would have readers believe that he happened to catch ‘news presenters repeatedly saying we invited Labour onto the program but nobody was available.

        He lies! As I’m sure just about everyone on the left knows, during an election campaign the two main parties have to be given an equal amount of coverage by the main broadcasters – ie the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky News.

      4. Allan – Oh come on Allan, I expected better from you. Which bit of “I don’t recall Corbyn and his team being on MSM in 17,18 &19 selling the concepts of the 17GE manifesto and normalising the more radical concepts in the voters minds.” did you have difficulty in getting your head around?

      5. SteveH 17/07/2021 at 12:37 am :

        Make me a list of when you were right, and I’ll get back to you.

      6. George, as much as I disagree with Starmer, his announcement, for which I was there, was not nonsense. It was a position brought about by consultation with CLPs in intense discussions and which received overwhelming approval from delegates in the hall. The reason for the constructive ambiguity was because Jeremy would not stand up to the small but very vociferous group of some on the left who had no intention of agreeing with the results of the discussions.

    2. SteveH 17/07/2021 at 12:03 am

      …and once again you’re playing fast and loose with the truth. Come back when you’ve learned to stop lying and dissembling.

      1. George – Well thanks for your ‘assertions’ I do wonder why you neglected to post any evidence to back up your nonsense. Do you have any?

      2. SteveH 17/07/2021 at 12:25 am

        I’m simply following your lead. At least I’m truthful.

      3. George – You are more than welcome to try and prove me wrong.

      4. SteveH 17/07/2021 at 12:37 am :

        Make me a list of when you were right, and I’ll get back to you.

      5. George – Please feel eel free to take your pick from your assertions..

  8. Oh for goodness sake – let’s have Corbyn back pdq and we could force an immediate election and win it by a landslide!

    1. George – I agree it was disappointing and a fatal tactical error for Jeremy to capitulate to the AS nonsense.

    2. Oh, HOW interesting…. so you agree with something George didn’t say!

      How very amusing Steve. But then I suppose it must get boring just monitoring the site and posting comments all day long, every day, so it’s good to have a chuckle now and then and, agree with something a poster didn’t say, which you’ve done on many occasions before of course. And it no doubt amuses the other shills who post on here, and all the right-wing fascists who visit the site to check out the falsehoods and distortions the shills are posting – ie dissembling to the readership – and have a laugh.

  9. Further BBC bias was the hour long NHS documentary “Our NHS – a hidden history” that never mentioned which government created the NHS in 1948 nor Nye Bevan who I knew. I can’t be bothered complaining as it a complete waste of time.

    1. I know that complaining to the BBC about the BBC is a complete waste of time but i had to do it. I had to tell someone @ the BBC how corrupt & biased the organisation is & how important having an independent 4the Estate is to a healthy democracy. Laura Kuenessberg is the epitomy of a biased political editor pursuing her own anti-Socialist agenda via her chronic obsession with attackng Jeremy Corbyn on each & every opportunity. It’s bad enough the Chairman of the BBC donating £4.3K to the Tory Party just prior to his appointment but the pursuit of a private hate campaign by the BBC’s chief political editor is obscene.

      1. Steve Richards, well said. How many of us belly ache about the BBC but do precious little about it? The BBC is the only :independent’ voice in the MSM we have it’s not good enough for some on the left to say don’t watch it, don’t pay the licence fee etc. It is a precious resouce and we should do all we can to protect it. There appears to be a growing tendency for defeatism among some left wingers who urge others to leave this or that instead of staying and fighting for left wing ideals. We must not hand over our Parties and institutions to the right wing.

  10. When Temporary Embarrassment is challenged and it could just as easily be from fellow Red Tories, he will not be allowed to stand
    Dead man walking

    1. Doug – Who’s going to stop him it was firmly established during Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure that, if challenged, the incumbent leader has an absolute right to be on the ballot paper. Why would you be afraid of Keir being on the ballot paper if your weren’t scared he would win any challenge, particularly from ‘the left’.
      I do find it somewhat ironic that the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ are relying on the RW to get rid of Keir because they don’t have the numbers to do it themselves.

      1. As Doug says, there are several Red Tories getting restless. The Membership know what he’s actually like now – a liar – so may not be so keen on him any more. Having a nice suit and a quiff may not cut it any more.

      2. George – I’m not sure how that explains Doug’s desire to exclude Keir from the ballot paper if a challenge should emerge. Which I doubt.
        You’re a busy little bee tonight.

      3. SteveH
        He is past his use by date, his masters will not risk it, JC scared them to death
        Now answer my question
        The internal report means there is no room for Red Tories in the house so of they must fuck, what percentage of the 500,000 and 14 million do you think will follow centrists into their new party, history says very few
        Have a cracking weekend thinking about it

  11. I don’t often comment on Skwawk articles any more as like many others I don’t have the urge or time to read all of them and then engage. I don’t get the criticism of someone who can be bothered to engage (SteveH) heavily in a few articles and threatened with violence if they don’t approve of him engaging and support his views. Finally instead of engaging with logic and (wry) humour, violence against the person is encouraged and glorified. All appear to be hallmarks of the hard left and better illustrate why hard left crony corrupt socialism is so reviled from Venezuela to S. Africa and now the Cuban elite try and slap down their own working class people in the same vein. This site is good, don’t misuse it with violence and abuse.

  12. Is Steve H a Tory Troll? I am new to this site. Or a Blair/Mandelson crony?

  13. Plainly obvious that Portland’s Turd Polisher got little sleep last night. How I love it that Corbyn is still the enemy whilst 50,000 poor folk get infected each day and Max Headroom still has nothing to say on the matter apart from sending private letters of support to the Govt.

  14. Wishing – John Hemingway – a very Happy 102nd Birthday!

    John is the very last surviving Battle of Britain pilot.

    He, still, lives in his native Dublin.

    Happy Birthday, John! Sláinte!

  15. The longer People choose to blind side the Fact that “Labour” is split into 2 Parties not a Left and a Right, the longer and deeper the split will get, until there is NO UK Labour Party left, just the Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories.
    By simply worshipping the Brand “Labour” people are opening the Party to Toryism EXACTLY what the Establishment wants! Just remind yourself of Blair, Biden, Obama, Macron, etc, etc, etc! Is that what you want!? Fine! go back into your fluff bubble with your eyes shut, until you end up on desperate street with a thud and wake up!
    When you hear those people speak and especially that Anti-Corbyn lad, you can see the effect of the ‘Special Relationship’ between Blair/Murdoch and Campbell/Mandelson had on millions. People have been turned into Zombified MSM Sheeple, it is frightening to see!

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