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Leadbeater TWICE refuses to say Starmer is an electoral asset (video)

Despite being asked the question twice on the BBC this morning, the new Batley MP would not say answer

New Batley and Spen MP Kim Leadbeater refused to say this morning that Keir Starmer is an asset in the eyes of voters – even though the BBC presenter asked her a second time in an attempt to get an answer:

In fact, given recent polling on voters’ opinion of him, it seems highly likely that Starmer’s decision to stay out of Batley and Spen for the last couple of days of the campaign was the difference between the narrowly-scraped win – shedding 92% of Labour’s 2019 majority – and defeat. Ms Leadbeater even went so far as to keep the name of the Labour party off her leaflets.

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  1. note well, mandelson is touring msm repeating his spin. he’s screwing it in despite the pitiable 0.86 % scrap through of 323 votes. but that’s the parasites’ right.
    note well also exactly as i’ve said about the limp dims since their stir even up north post mandelson blair campbell led defeat of remain. also their bucks by-election.
    we fail to understand protest votes. it is all “the many” have in the system to persuade or punish the detached political classes.
    note also, despite total media support of rightwing and far right new outfits eg fox and the plethora of new parties. check how they’ve done in these recent poll of polls.
    therefore, independent observations, independent incisive analyses are what we need to our reasonings.
    Kim Leadbeater (Lab) 13,296 (35.27%)
Ryan Stephenson (C) 12,973 (34.42%)
    George Galloway (WP) 8,264 (21.92%)
    Thomas Gordon (LD) 1,254 (3.33%)
Corey Robinson (Yorkshire) 816 (2.16%)
Therese Hirst (Eng Dem) 207 (0.55%)
Jack Thomson (UKIP) 151 (0.40%)
Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 107 (0.28%)
Mike Davies (Green Soc) 104 (0.28%)
Paul Bickerdike (CPA) 102 (0.27%)
Jonathan Tilt (FA) 100 (0.27%)
Anne Marie Waters (FB) 97 (0.26%)
Andrew Smith (Rejoin) 75 (0.20%)
Oliver Purser (Soc Dem) 66 (0.18%)
Jayda Fransen (Ind) 50 (0.13%)
Susan Laird (Heritage) 33 (0.09%)
Lab maj 323 (0.86%)
Electorate 79,373; Turnout 37,695 (47.49%)
    a one man band with confidence of conviction crushed the ‘liberal democrats’ and all the other trash.
    if one man george galloway can do that, why can’t we ? ? ? why won’t we learn ? ? ?

  2. It must be obvious now that the only option for the left is to fight for our policies from within the Party and not outside it. Any attempt by left wing groups to oppose Labour in parliamentary elections will split the the left and hand even more seats to the Tories.

    1. I think rather than wasting our time and energy in supporting a set up that favours the right wing, we might do better in creating a socialist set-up and getting that established. There is not much difference between the pink and the blue tories. I doubt that the pink tories will see the error of their ways and change their strategy and most importantly remember and reactivate the Labour values and principles they have cast aside.

      1. Sabine, until recently I have been undecided as to whether a new Socialist group will make any headway. Even with the most well known and sincere left wingers such as Chris Williamson, for whom I campaigned, fighting as the only Socialist on the ballot, he made no impact, in fact he lost his deposit. With candidates even less well known than Chris, sorry to say, a new Socialist Party has zero chance of getting anyone into Parliament. The only route is via the Labour Party which has a tremendous and respected tradition and it must start by getting Socialists into CLPs.

      2. Thanks qwertboi. As well as getting more Socialist members into CLPs probably the very first thing we need is to get Jeremy Corbyn reinstated. This at least would get rid of the vile Margaret Hodge who would be the first to oppose Socialists in the Party.

      3. Jack T nice and how you magically going to do that? They will soon revert the rules permanently locking only right-wing MP’s if needed overriding CLP’s even if they want a left MP from head office.

        With their supports and lock us permanently out of the ability to do that. The attacks and sanctions against anyone left-wing will get worse and more vicious. Do you want any mistake or comment made online 20 years ago plastered everywhere and trust me mud sticks! That’s what they do I have seen it done to too many good people. Do you believe wasting another 20 years fighting for a few victories and all were get is the so-called left-wing too terrified to say bugger all MP’s what use are they?

        Personally, I will never waste my time or vote on them again after 20 years of endless arguments and for what a party that is in lockstep right-wing cult of new Labour 2.0. No matter what we do they will continue even if pushed back to play the same evil games with the backroom staff we can’t touch. Fighting is what they want because you have to be a member then your supporting them. You giving money and support to the right-wing that’s the truth and I won’t my parents would be horrified if I even tried they instilled socialist values into me not the love of a name or rosette.

        I honestly believe there is nothing we can do these clowns are at a crossroads continue down this Tory-lite ideology and slowly disappear one by-election and election at a time as more and more turn their backs on them that care, not a jot about real Labour party values. Or they swing back left-wing and stay true to Labour ideology this I believe will never happen so scenario one is the most likely.

        Starting to organise a truly left-wing party only yes it might take 20-30 years to even get back to where we are now in numbers or play this endless war in Labour game. I choose not anymore I am too disillusioned to fight when so many chose silence appeasement and compromise.

      4. The thing is Sabine that ‘they’ – the Blairites – don’t for one millisecond see their ‘ways’ as an error. Their ‘ways’ are part of their DNA. I mean it really doesn’t matter to them whether they – the Blairites – are in power, or their colleagues in the Tory Party, as they’re all on the same side.

      5. Talking of Chris, I just came across the following in a Guardian article:

        Chris Williamson, the former MP for Derby North, who was suspended from Labour in a row over anti-semitism, has also campaigned locally on Galloway’s behalf.

        And who can blame him!

      6. Sabine
        It simple does not add up, a new party does not have a snowballs chance
        If you believe in democracy then work to remove the poison from the Labour party

    2. jack t, on that u r absolutely correct. i’ve been saying that 4 ages. setting up a new party is not impossible. even winning is possible. sustaining wins and implementing policies are tough gigs without party infrastructure. even mandelson, blair, watson etc realise that. not rocket science.
      ummuna berger smeeth ellman soubrey etc didn’t. they believed their shiny mirrors and westminster bubble clique.
      as blinded by egos and spin mandelson and blair are, they were not as far gone dim witted as the above tinge cucks or whatever they are today.

      study the long list of independents.
      again, not impossible but, neither ken nor george would have floated off on ego if not pushed. they were absolutely right to fight and defeat blair’s choices; onagh king and frank dobson. with substance they defeated the substance-less. jeremy also defeated the tory junks. three times. but he spent all four years plus devoted to those he defeated. completely taking ‘the many’ for granted.

      we don’t need cults, appeasers and quitters. even less those who chose to ignore laser sharp basic facts, over and over again with the most lazy incoherent excuses. those do the work of the trilaterals, bilderberg, zionist, media and whatever else decisively better than any of those forces could. in fact though many are sincere, their addiction to screaming excuses on an on and fantasies of new parties makes me doubt them.
      question – how, everything else external being the same, forming a new party with the same attitudes will produce different results?

      1. It’s a pleasuree to agree with you and Jack on this – but if we stay and fight, we must be much more focussed and disciplined.

        The focus part of it would be greatly assisted if it were possible for ordinary party members to sign-up to or join a very obvious democratic socialist grouping within Labour, the Socialist Campaign Group (SCG) for example.

      2. qwertboi, focus + discipline r definite prerequisites for sustained success. another is; lose the rabble. passion does not mean noise and fury. decent people r understandably frustrated. that causes anger. in fact provocation is a deliberate ploy to ignite anger. with no guidance, little constructive advice sincere people feel they r getting something worthwhile by eg swearing at the parasites or what is described as a-S.

        also as said b4, the ‘left’ prioritises crowds over actual achievement of aims by our being in government. that’s due to chronic learned defeatism and a failure to prepare new people. when jeremy wilted under pressure of john mcdonnell’s deliberate presumptious announcement, to quit, i witnessed long in the tooth ‘left’ local bigwigs’ feverish excitement at influx of new members. despite phillips number 2 and others openly saying they wanted entryist to vote 4 the same old same old. that’s one key reason the environmentalists and other groups were so easily infiltrated by the spy cops. their culture has the same deficiencies as we have. same cultish inclinations, superficial vetting and a social club bunker niche language and culture. any new members r expected to remain quiet then parrot exactly prevailing views.

        ‘leaders’, despite basic logic that we already knew the make up of existing members fizzed with delight that there was a sudden influx. astonishing. that alone told of a comprehensive collective deficiency. shallowness.

        what u call for already exist. do u detect any life in the scg?
        what u call for suggest a hope that a visible obvious group would somehow coerce the parasites to spare us a crumb or convert them. in our circumstances we need to develop a prepared group privately to win all positions. not to threaten or convert those who don’t try to convert us. they use us or purge us or both.
        that indicates a definite desperation on the part of the ‘left’.

        note too the language of sef above – “.1️⃣ I doubt that the pink tories will 2️⃣see the error of their ways and 3️⃣change their strategy and most importantly 4️⃣remember and 5️⃣reactivate the Labour values and principles they have 6️⃣cast aside.”

        1️⃣ – “i doubt” is distinct to; i believe that they won’t
        2️⃣ – “see the error” exposes the refusal to appreciate that adults have made a choice. what u see as error is a choice to serve the many. 3️⃣ -why should any of the ‘left’ be concerned that the parasites “change their strategy” unless as i’ve stated b4 one hopes they r interested in or would benefit us.
        4️⃣ – people can’t “remember” what they never knew. 5️⃣ – ditto “reactivate” 6️⃣ – “cast aside” and the whole extract above is the concentrated essence of our disease. sincere belief that the parasites are not what they are. that we can “convert”, “work with”, “unify with for a labour government” in name only. in name only to so as tories do.

        i really hope that before today is through, at least 324 more people understand that.

      3. Jack T – Could you please tell me how we are supposed to get Socialists into CLPs that are under the rabid control of Regional Officers who are rigging election to bar Socialists?

      4. Grandad and others who think a new Socialist Party needs to spring up and challenge Labour and the Tories, genuine question… Have you done anything about it? Chris Williamson has, how many of you have joined him? or are you waiting for someone else to do it?

        The problem with new Parties forming is you will still get a right wing and a left wing and they will destroy each other, aided by agent provocateurs. Better as qwertboi said, for like minded left wingers within Labour to be focussed and disciplined and have a strategy and goals to take back Labour inch by inch.

        It must be ‘take back Labour’ and not ‘take Labour back’ as some dinosaurs of the left want with their talk of revolution, ‘including violence if necassary’ as one contributor said. It is important not to frighten the horses but educate them instead.

      5. A degree of Comradeship has broken out
        ‘all the lads and lasses there all with smiling faces, gannin alang the Socialist road’
        Unison and Women’s group success indicates organise, coordinate and organise and coordinate works
        Would love to hear from folk behind those victories

    3. .Dont….worry jack they might let you back in at the price of keep stum about the promised land..!Sir keir Rodney Knight can now book his holidays in the full knowledge that hes tamed a few renagades..and I wonder were hes going?

    4. Yawn variation on the sad stay and fight manta. But still the same I have one question. Do you honestly believe staying in a party that will actively try and make sure your policies will NEVER be used wasting years fighting a right-wing cancer that has taken over old Labour to this cult of new Labour 2.0 FFS even the so-called left MP’s are silent to terrified to say bugger all? Stay and fight for this is stupid. You have only 2 choices stay and waste years with tiny victories and leave bitter 20 years later achieving nothing even if there is a Labour party then the way these scum are going.

      Or campaign for real socialism under Labour socialist only MP’s using only socialist movement with no right-wing allowed we tried that it failed. How will this split the left if they are voting for Labour then they don’t care about socialism it’s just a name then and there is no point. We might as well give up and let the scum win then…

      We must never make that mistake again allowing one member to be right-wing. The officers and regional people must be vetted and elected otherwise we can’t get shot of the idiots. MP’s need to sign a left-wing compact any briefings or game playing triggers a new election and they will not be standing no matter what they claim afterwards no excuses!

      Next, we need real firebrand MP’s with conviction and the ability to articulate and fight the whole of MSM and the Tory scum machine. Keeping on relying on the same scared MP’s to save the party won’t happen. Well, that’s my view maybe because I feel like I have wasted 20 years having the same fights the same conversations and all we ever achieve in Labour is to allow the right-wing to dominate. This can’t continue or there will be no Labour soon these scum will ride its destruction because that’s who and what they are.

      1. I would imagine he does. After all he tried to persuade people that it was possible to change EU rules from within, even when every country had to agree to said rule change. 🙈🙉🙊

      2. It’s a fact, not bitching. Having read your diatribe yesterday, you are in no place to accuse anyone of anything. Put you own house in order before submitting me to your pious judgement.

      3. Lundiel, it is bitchy and it’s because I pointed out a confirmatory vote would not have been anti-democratic, which eventually you had to accept but you still could not justify why it should not have taken place.

        For anyone who doubts that a new left group would fragment, you have an example here.

      4. “it’s because I pointed out a confirmatory vote would not have been anti-democratic, which eventually you had to accept but you still could not justify why it should not have taken place.” I have no idea what you are talking about. I have no recollection of this alleged argument but I do remember it was/is one of your hobby horses. I have no interest in arguing about a confirmatory vote because it never happened and thank God it didn’t. It’s just another of your obsessions. However, your argument about “changing the EU from within” was/is impossible. I’ve explained to you many times that getting every member to agree a fundamental rewrite of the EUs legal charter is impossible when it benefits France and Germany to keep it as it is. I couldn’t help noticing your penchant for “change from within” without any plan of how to achieve it

      5. Lundiel, Ah, so it’s my hobby horse is it? Yet all I’m doing is responding to you when you raise it! Another corporal Jones moment from you.

      6. “it’s because I pointed out a confirmatory vote would not have been anti-democratic, which eventually you had to accept but you still could not justify why it should not have taken place.”

        This never happened, it’s all in your head.
        You don’t respond, so much as go off on one. My comment yesterday was meant to be about moving forward, you were having none of that so I dropped out and left you to argue black is white with John Thatcher, Toffee, Ken Birch.and NVLA. You were very rude to Ken Birch about his comment at 5:23 am. Accusing him of not telling the truth (when he did) and accusing him of restating the UKIP position which is your go-to position. You then have the temerity to say “Brexit fanatics on here live in the past”, called Toffee a fanatic and a Tory troll over and over again.
        You need to have a serious word with yourself. In comments other than Brexit, you are rational. It’s time to let go

      7. Lundiel “you were very rude to bla bla bla” -: -: -: Says someone who when challenged hurls abuse. Also, how many times have you said things like ‘move on’ but then continued to post snide comments and not expect a reaction? To you as one of the dinosaur left, Brexit is an obsession therefore any opposition elicits insults from you. if that’s your game, don’t be surprised if you get a response not to your liking.

    5. That would only be possible if there was a reconciliation process to allow those expelled to rejoin, starting with Jeremy Corbyn, modifying the IHRA definition of antisemitism to allow criticism of the Israeli government and immediate unredacted release of the Forde enquiry. Then a consultation with the members leading to a new party constitution and rules governing selection and mandatory reselection. An independent consultation should also be carried out to understand and end the factional control of party machinery and professional careerist channels of entry into the party.
      Given none of this has the faintest chance of adoption, I conclude there is no reason for any democrat to become/stay involved with New Labour.

  3. at least she was not as vile and ungrateful as andy burnham was. he let jeremy travel up to manchester then blank him. peerage for burnham then

  4. Thanks for posting all the results Signpost. I see the Rejoin party did so well. Not. Perhaps that subject is at last dead with the electorate. We could be seeing the start of reversal of Starmer’s fortunes. The biggest comeback since Lazarus as he leads a reinvigorated party to victory in the next GE. However if there is a remote chance of that the Tories will ditch Bojo double quick.

    1. the electorate only have their votes to punish and persuade especially in between general elections. not protests. votes.
      johnson’s failure to promptly dismiss matt hancock went down v badly in tory shires. i was away for an internment, nearish to chesham & amersham. people are livid. some “will never vote other than conservative” as i was told point blank. but all people r not so weirdly blinkered.

      u r also correct, the tory party don’t do cults. johnson will be dumped if he shows no change. they defenestrated margaret thatcher. her excrement blair was not. it eroded vote share then handed the blood stained bombed out disaster zone to gordon brown. these facts which need repeating to debunk myths are never even uttered by the sincere ‘left’ hierarchy, let alone repeated.

      we must ask why the refusal to learn over political experience stretching back fifty and sixty years? sustained appeasement and refusal to defend friends yet offer peerages to mcnicol and watson. the crazed one still defends that as if a triumph. weird.

      i believe that is due to what was obvious within six months. bunker. group think. confrontation averse. confusing nice words with “comradely” ( easier to infiltrate as the criteria to declare one a comrade is superficial, trite, pathetic ).
      and also, despite speaking of ‘collectivism’ there is the culture of obsessing for a messiah. craving to be saved by one person. golden calf syndrome ie prepared to expend all energy and passion making and worshiping something as divine yet crazed activity to defend it as if a fragile doll. surely it’s either a fragile doll or a saviour. and a supreme saviour needs no protection. no?

    2. Plain citizen, it appears that you believe in miracles.
      This is a dismal performance by the Labour Party, this is labour seat we haven´t been in government for over 10 years and to manage to retain it with a majority of 323 votes doesn´t spell a Labour victory down the line.
      Come the next GE Labour isn´t going to have the luxury to be able to transfer resources to Batley & Spen. This is deja vue 2019 bi-election in Peterborough we managed to retain the seat in the bi-election only to lose it in the GE a few months later.

  5. Personally I’m pleased that Fatty Johnson lost – again! – despite gift of 8000 votes from Gorgeous George (funny he’s not called that anymore?). Once Fatty’s balloon is punctured the slide down might well speed up.

    1. good could come of johnson’s slim defeat, but as things stand, it’s the tory’s would benefit. they learn (how to win) not change their nastiness. they’re running out of steam after decades in power. their complacency is a catalyst for the covid-19 plunder. true labour won’t benefit, not even the parasites. note the horror of the johnson govt, yet starmer’s choice reduces a majority to zero point eight six percent 0.86% only confirmation bias would lead the desperate to treat that as an up turn. interesting the 323 majority choice just made it clear that she will “be doing this job as me” “cross party” not be aligned to starmer. clear. she knows where her bread is buttered and by whom. not by keith. he has only rancid butter if he has any at all.

      question, how could someone like her be so clear? non of the dripping craven love seeking. she went about distancing herself from starmer. she got the sympathy vote from the tragic murder of her sister by a rightwing murder … won’t be surprised if he is a tory voter or for one of the many on the list way below george galloway.

      none of us are perfect but george with the labour infrastructure would have crushed all others. and he would never have squandered the devotion of “the many” to appease the few. and re starmer, he will never win a general election. neither will any of the liberal democrats. if jeremy had another chance he could win but he will resume his appeasement fest. not just because of him, but those who surround him and scream white flag white flag white flag or those attacking u will attack u 🏳️🤡🏳️🤡🏳️🤡

      even stones must weep at that.

  6. Of course Sir Keir Starmer is an electoral asset…………..but to which political Party?

    1. Steve Richards, Starmer is an electoral asset to the Tories. He is a member of the Trilateral Commission, so Starmer is the happiest at weakening the left within Labour.

  7. Starmer’s Quisling Labour is much relieved. 323 vote majorities tend to do that to heavy-footed enemy-agent elephants on thin ice.

    The ice is thin because Starmer – with the necessary collusion of the brave and fearless Billionaires’ Press – is very deliberately pasokifying Labour. It nearly cost him his job. PHEW!, saved by 323 votes. “Every cloud….”, eh, Sir Keir?


      “Craig Murray, HISTORIAN, former ambassador, human rights activist, has produced a stunning account of the revelations in the leaked Labour Party report..

      Murray draws two immediate CONCLUSIONS, viz:

      🎋 • Corbyn failed to be sufficiently ruthless in clearing out the quite extraordinarily right wing Blairites that he had inherited as Labour Party HQ staff; and

      🎋 • Corbyn’s tactic of CONSTANTLY attempting to APPEASE the media on antisemitism was NEVER going to work…” .”


  8. I expect most people who visit this site are aware of it, but for anyone who isn’t, more-or-less immediately after the results were announced and Leadbeater finished her short speech, George Galloway announced live in front of assembled cameras that he is taking legal action to challenge by-election defeat:

    It is undoubtedly the case that but for the smear made about him laughing, Labour would have lost. It was a manufactured falsehood concocted and contrived to blacken his character and draw votes away from him, which of course would be mostly people who normally vote Labour. And if the ‘laughing’ allegation was a falsehood, which it was, then it’s more-than-likely that the claim that she – Leadbeater – was being abused (and that’s what GG laughed at) is ALSO a falsehood, OR, was ‘arranged’ by the Blairite fascists.

    PS And can I just say in respect of the appeal by skwawkbox yesterday – and obviously made in expectation of Labour losing the seat – that the left HAS to make a leadership challenge etc, that there’s just one teensy weeny problem with that – ie that they don’t have the numbers to do so.

      1. No. The SCG only numbers 34, and they would need 40.

      2. Afterthought: They would in actual fact need 41, as the person they were nominating can’t nominiate his or herself. Perhaps that’s why skwakbox closed the comments section a while after posting said article – ie because it suddenly dawned on him that the SCG don’t have the numbers to make a leadership challenge (in the event that Labour lost the seat, which EVERYONE thought would be the case, and the bookies in particular rarely, if ever, get these things wrong).

      3. PS 42 in fact, as I assume Jeremy wouldn’t be able to nominate a candidate.

    1. Oh!, irony of ironies, I just came across the following:

      Corbynite left has ‘conspired’ against Starmer, says Mandelson
      09:21 , Adam Forrest

      Parts of the Corbynite left conspired against Keir Starmer during the campaign, the former New Labour cabinet minister Peter Mandelson has claimed.

      “Let’s been honest here – there were elements of the Corbynite left who seemed far too eager during this campaign for Galloway’s presence to result in a blow to Keir Starmer and his leadership … They were conspiring.”

      Asked if he was claiming that they had actively worked against Labour during the campaign, Mandelson said: “In not-very-subtle opportunism, [defeat] is what they hoped to use as a level, as a stick against Keir.”

      Warning: Try to avoid looking at the initiall picture as it will quite likely make you want to vomit!

    2. Maybe the removal of his posters by the Labour council should get an airing in court as well.Theres little doubt though that Galloway took a lot of ex Labour votes the Labour party must have been motivated to play dirty Tricks.George Galloway is old enough and clever enough to know that politics somtimes has to get negative to win….not that I am praising the Labour candidate ,but the flooding the area with mps,councillors and activists and being highly visible on the last few days shows good campaigning.What a shame its all for “nought” .

    1. ‘Boris Johnson condemns ‘sickening’ violence towards activists in Batley and Spen by-election’

      Remember when Bozo gave information to one of his thuggish mates who wanted it so he could beat up a reporter – literally!!!

      As a result, Johnson was later referred to by Eddie Mair as a ‘nasty piece of work’

      1. johnson’s thug darious guppy now accused of long running abuse of his partner. serial philanderers and thugs can’t change their spots.
        but note it is we here on who attempt to demolish myths and change the balance of public consciousness. where’s jeremy or the scg⁉️⁉️⁉️
        keith is prancing all over the place claiming a drastic loss of a majority to zero point eight six percent vote share 0.86% 323 majority from thousands, is “labour on the move”. where are our party and union ‘bigwigs’ ridiculing starmer’s utter nonsense⁉️⁉️⁉️ yet people blame zionists, trilaterals and media. where are our messiahs rebutting the lies⁉️⁉️⁉️ that is what frustrates me. not parasites doing what parasites do🛑🛑🛑

      2. “Craig Murray, HISTORIAN, former ambassador, human rights activist, has produced a stunning account of the revelations in the leaked Labour Party report and of their significance.
        “Murray draws TWO immediate CONCLUSIONS, viz:
        ✅ *Corbyn failed to be sufficiently ruthless in clearing out the quite extraordinarily right wing Blairites that he had inherited as Labour Party HQ staff; and
        ✅ *Corbyn’s tactic of constantly attempting to appease the media on antisemitism was never going to work…” .”

  9. Just came across the following article from last Monday in the Yorkshire Evening Post:

    ‘Boris Johnson condemns ‘sickening’ violence towards activists in Batley and Spen by-election’

    Newly-elected West Yorkshire mayor Tracy Brabin said she was leafleting with “colleagues, volunteers, campaigners” who “were followed, verbally abused and physically assaulted by a group of young men” in the Whitaker Street area of Batley on Sunday.

    Ms Brabin – the seat’s former Labour MP – described people “being egged, pushed and forced to the ground and kicked in the head”.

    Earlier, Labour’s candidate and sister of murdered MP Jo Cox, Kim Leadbeater, was seen on video being confronted by a man who challenged her over the situation in Kashmir and her stance on LGBT+ education in schools in light of what he said were concerns from Muslim parents.

    The article doesn’t include the video, so I’m gonna try and find it (has anyone seen it?) to check if the ‘confrontation’ was as bad as it was made out to be. But how fortuitous that such a thing should happen, AND, that later that same day the former MP and now West Yorkshire mayor (of all people!!!) should happen to be leafletting with campaigners, and were followed and verbally abused and physically assaulted – ie ‘egged’ and ‘pushed and forced to the ground and kicked in the head’.

    Yeah, sounds totally plausible, doesn’t it! Forced to the ground and kicked in the head my arse!!

    1. Afterthought: Does it sound remotely plausible that anyone who would force people to the ground and kick them in the head would first egg them. If you’re thuggish and violent enough to force people to the ground and kick them in the head, you are not going to be someone who throws eggs at people!

      I don’t know if their have been any reports of the alleged episode that give more details, but given that the former MP and now mayor was leafletting with volunteers/campaigners, how many of them were there, and WHO precisely was forced to the ground and kicked in the head?! All of them? Or just one of them? And did the alleged attackers say anything, and if so, what, or were they just completely silent? And what then happened – ie how did it end?

      Usually of course when leafletting – and I’m assuming they were putting them through doors – one person (or a couple of people) would be putting leaflets through doors on one side of the road, and one (or two) people doing so on the other. And yet the way the story is related they (the leafletters) – however many there were – just all happened to be together in a group when it – the attack – supposedly happened.

      Hmm…… as I said, how very fortuitous that such things should happen when yur trailing the Tories by nine or ten points in opinion polls taken in the constituency!

  10. Starmer isn’t an asset, he’s a liability, not saying Starmer is an election asset is honest.

    1. repeat cocaine snorter 🚾🅿️🚾🅿️🚾🅿️separating from wife. suspected on cards two ish weeks ago. wonder if she’s a chi chi dinner party coke snorter too???

      1. “Craig Murray, HISTORIAN, former ambassador, human rights activist, has produced a stunning account of the revelations in the leaked Labour Party report and of their significance.
        “Murray draws TWO immediate CONCLUSIONS, viz:
        ❌ *Corbyn failed to be sufficiently ruthless in clearing out the quite extraordinarily right wing Blairites that he had inherited as Labour Party HQ staff; and
        ❌ *Corbyn’s tactic of constantly attempting to appease the media on antisemitism was never going to work…”

        Genuine people (not fakes and frauds like crazed white flag man) … genuine people who see change is urgently needed and who wish to change things would read, learn and make constructive suggestions. .”

  11. I wasn’t following events in the by-election (except for the articles skwawkbox posted), but I just came across the following Guardian article from June 20th – ie a week before the alleged incidents of people ‘being forced to the ground and being kicked in the head’ etc, and here are a few clips from it (with the headline first):

    ‘He’s never spoken up about Muslims’: Keir Starmer leaves Batley voters disaffected

    Canvassing outside Jamia Masjid in Heckmondwike on Friday, the Labour candidate in the Batley and Spen byelection, Kim Leadbeater, received a hostile reception from voters who are unhappy with the party’s stance on foreign policy issues such as Palestine and Kashmir, amid a perception that the party takes some forms of racism more seriously than others.

    “Keir took the time to condemn two idiots for being antisemitic last month but he won’t condemn the Israeli government for killing innocent people,” said Wajjad Hussain, 33, referring to an incident in north London last month where antisemitic abuse appeared to be shouted from a car.

    “I’ve voted Labour my whole life but I won’t be blindly giving them my vote any more. And that’s not just about Palestine. It’s everything locally. They’ve been in power here for 25 years but only now they’re under threat do they care about Asians,” he added.

    Even before the Mail on Sunday story, five Muslim organisations across Batley and Spen had written to Starmer on Wednesday expressing their disaffection. The letter-writers said that while Muslims in the area had been “proud to support the Labour party, for a long time the Labour party has not been proud of our support”. By Sunday, according to Dr Wajid Khan, the organisers had not had a response……..

    “He’s never spoken up about Batley or immigration or about Muslims. Never. Now he’s speaking up because George [Galloway] is here,” said Karolia. “So why should I support a Labour leader that has never spoken for me or my community until he wants the vote?”

    NB Note the bit about ‘hostile reception’! So expressing your dissatifaction with Starmer is tantamount to being ‘hostile’ is it!! Hmm……

    1. The reality is that the PTB were gonna do whatever was necessary to prevent George Galloway from winning the seat and becoming an MP.

      And for some inexplicable reason the following just came to mind a few minutes ago (just replace ‘company man’ with ruling elite(s)):

  12. A good friend (but Right Wing Labour) and his similar colleagues on FB were all posting about a “fantastic result” but perhaps like Starmer et al they are delusional? And perhaps they were more really relieved, 323, Labour scraped in and as Skwawky said 90% down on their last majority. 1. Perhaps the Tories made 2 mistakes, a low profile campaign and a candidate who wasn’t local plus the ‘Hancock Half Hour’ may have lost a few votes? 2. And perhaps ‘Bourgeois George’ blew it with his what Novara Media called a strategy of Left on economics & Palestine (good) and his social conservatism on Sex Education, Gender and Trans Rights (very bad) and left wing democratic socialists would rather lose than throw a minority under a bus!
    But perhaps Galloway has done the Left a favour, we now know he shouldn’t be touched with a political barge pole.
    3. If I had lived there wouldn’t have voted Lightweight Labour, I was initially interested in voting for ‘Bourgeois George’ but after hearing his disgusting speech no way!
    I would have perhaps joined the majority (53%) who didn’t vote. Next time we need a Left Wing Democratic Socialist to vote for.

  13. I thought I had replied to Signpost directly. Just a few points in response to Signposts post analysing my use of language.
    1. English is not my first language, and try as hard as I do sometimes I sadly do not manage to express appropriately what I wish to say. Also I tend to choose my words carefully as not to upset or offend others. I have in the past been accused of being rude or rather teutonic..
    2. Pink tories are very much alike the blue tories. In my view they share the same value base and that is a given.
    3. I know that people cannot be converted against their will. People make decisions, but the issue is that these do not benefit the many. Example: Starmer made 10 pledges in order to get elected, but he reneged on them after he was elected.
    4. Re people can’t forget what they do not know. Or words to that effect. The lack of political education is very noticeable. Speaking from my own example, I was surprised at this, but more so at the reaction of other members, because I asked about it. In the end I realised that I had to be active and join in. Otherwise what is the point in joining a political party.
    5. In my view there is a difference in interpretation of say human rights. For me they are universal, whilst I find that Starmer and co appear very selective (me being careful) in regards of who deserves to have human rights.
    6. For me an important question to consider is if I (I can only speak for myself) want to have this discussion over and over again. Also it is a question of trust. Can we be sure that the pink tories do not undermine and sabotage us again. And looking at their actions they are not llkely to share control, never mind give it up.
    Point is now to a) consider if there is any mileage in staying within or b) if it makes more sense but might be scary to break out of the comfort zone and abandon the “what we normally do” approach.
    Sorry it got longer than I wanted my response to be.

    1. On the contrary, I wish you had gone on a little longer, you posed sensible questions which those who claim to be on the Left need to ask themselves and each other.

    2. Sabine and JT
      In the immortal words of Maximus Peake
      If your not voting Labour then your a Tory
      Get it back to the binary choice
      But next time it will be clear Red water v far right, neo liberal, posh snouts in the trough, venal, robbing bastards party
      The idea that we do not have the ability to take back control of our party simply does not compute
      Regards Comrades have a cracking weekend

    3. thanks sabine 4 your reply. no need apologise 4 length… especially to me as i do go on😂 no need either to apologise for being teutonic. i have no recollection of u being so. furthermore i long 4 more straight 4wrd teutonic communication. with the deep problems we face, it is v difficult to fix them if people r deliberately vague or evasive. that is not useful. i’m only rude to others who r rude to me first eg ***** **** *** , or steveh davidh david hall and other shs.

      ps *** is used so as not to awake the crazed one “who monitors this site” all day all night noting number of posts etc 😅😂🤣 … just shows how diverse we are.

      sabine, when i refer to language, i’m definitely not speaking of grammar, syntax, or vocabulary etc. i’m referring to feeling and meaning. in particular, a sense of yearning to “convert” adults within the party. people who join political parties tend to do so with quite fixed sets of “values”. neither u, nor jack t, nor qwertboi, nor joseph, nor many others nor i, could ever be “converted” to support the iraq invasion or biden bombing palestine for eg. by evidence, nature and logic, it is equally unlikely … in fact impossible that blair the war criminal could be “converted” against perpetuating bloodshed. have a glimpse of all the creature’s hissing to date. we will not be converted to support injustices here and abroad. equally then, why should we feel they could be converted? and prioritise that, when they are few and the many are the general electorate?

      1. ps sabine -“question of trust. Can we be sure that the pink tories do not undermine and sabotage us again. And looking at their actions they are not llkely to share control, never mind give it up”.

        there is no “question”, obvious to me even before attending my first meeting, that the parasites must not be trusted. that has been in my very first posts to date on u speak of it as if a fresh revelation.

        all my posts emphasise that the parasites will “undermine and sabotage us again.” again u state that as a new discovery.

        “not likely to share control”, again to me does not suggest u fully realise that… as if u r still hoping they might. plus i have repeatedly stated that we must not “unify with”, “work with” etc. who’s expecting them to give up control? jeremey, mcdonnel, mccluskey and co certainly did “give up control”. the parasites took it and as predictable and predicted, did not “return jeremy’s love”.

        the only hope as i see it, is as i stated as soon as sir starmer was allowed to deceive the membership. return the coup plotters loyalty as swiftly as possible and multiplied. lick not a stamp, knock on not a single door. make them lose and they will crawl through the revolving doors. we rebuild from that with new new new people.

        the old ones boast of long membership but refuse to take responsibility for their repeated failures. they fail to learn. most of the language to date reveals exactly that. desperate hope. defeatism. obsession with externalities. hiding. confrontation averse. weird fantasies that despite all evidence the same attitudes and the same people who demonstrate them would go off in some happy band and achieve different results. good luck with that.

        most who parrot that, mean well. a hand full of others are not agent provocateurs, but agent distractors. the sooner those parrots leave the better. i’m not one of those who fetishise a rabble of crowds screaming a a thousand and one noble causes hoping those in government do as they beg.

        the crowd fetish bunch are blind to the most obvious. that’s why the last days of ge2019 when yet another manifesto promise was dumped on the public campaign, long in the tooth bigwigs failed to see the folly of the bloated manifesto. a basic. basic understanding of how people take on information… despite all the reading groups.

        i reply to steveh davidh sh and others not to “convert them”. i’m sharing my views to the readers outside the bunker. i do not see change coming from bunkers of people who feel they are smarter than the general public, yet always way behind the curve say things that have already been said as if a fresh revelation. they admit long memberships. look at the results. those are the “left’s” core problem. the old members who water down every action to be “polite” to parasites.

        the sooner they go off to form their nirvanas, the better. sadly they won’t. they are shrieking at others to form nirvanas for them to bring their same weirdness. how odd is that❓❓❓
        socialist need to prepare discretely within, without those who fail to learn. they can have zero part in change. those who cannot see that we chose to appease the parasites, yet prefer to believe we had no choice, are beyond redemption. they are the problem. not part of a solution. teutonic? no. obvious predictable facts. my background is all hard facts based. tangible results. not romanticised incoherent gushing, nor in the midst of emergencies “polite” nice fog… to “bring people together”.

        after fifty sixty years, have any of that type asked; what have we achieved??? such are not part of a positive future. they will be the first to wreck every positive move. eg when the grassroots did the obvious and sensible, end tom watson’s deputy leader role. who rescued him? the trilaterals? the zionists?

        after continued open sabotage and open treachery, who tried to put him in the house of lords? ann widdecome? duncan-smith? johnson? the ghost of margaret thatcher? who🍼❓🍼❓🍼❓

  14. Just read an interesting piece on BBC News website. Their journalist pointed out that the Green candidate had to withdraw at the last minute. And how many votes do they usually get there – over 300? So Right Wing Labour had a lot of luck in this one but whilst they argue “We Are Back” perhaps they are really finished. The last throes in The Strange Death of Right Wing Labour in England?

    1. bazza, keith is prancing all over the place claiming a drastic loss of a majority to zero point eight six percent vote share 0.86% 323 majority from thousands, is “labour on the move”. where are our party and union ‘bigwigs’ ridiculing starmer’s utter nonsense⁉️⁉️⁉️ yet people blame zionists, trilaterals and media. where are our messiahs rebutting the lies⁉️⁉️⁉️ that is what frustrates me. where are our lot??? parasites doing what parasites neither surprise nor frustrate me. where exactly are our lot??? 🛑🛑🛑

      1. Yet you think the LP is an organisation that will meet the needs of you and others on the Left, what you describe is the LP, and it is getting worse with every passing day.

      2. john thatcher, all life is of competing interests. it’s odd to have won overwhelming support of “the many” yet hand “everything” over four whole years to opposing interests, then blame life. and some want the hander-over back. to do what exactly? that shows our problem cultish amateurish culture.

        in any-event u could start a party with the same people who fail to learn basics, see the obvious and learn. tell us how u get on. the lp did not just float down from the clouds yesterday as some fixed entity. it is over a hundred years old and in the last five to date, we have no excuse not to see that we gave the ball to the defeated, with bells and tassels, on a diamond studded golden platter.

        no one held guns to the heads of jeremy and his team. they made choices. some fume (not u. not noticed u fuming) yet others sit back waiting for someone else to start another party that’s ‘perfect’. fire and energy screaming at others. weird. i wish u better luck than chris williamson + jack t, the super funded and msm supported ummuna, smeeth, ellman, berger, soubrey etc and now the long list below george galloway’s 8,264 votes, 21.92% vote share.

        my suggestions are: dump labelitis. give no support to the parasites. do everything to make them lose their seats and offices. things can rebuilt from there. with focus and discipline, prepare, transform basics, completely ignore all defeatists. they must be thanked and waved goodbye. they drain morale. they sabotage themselves. from the ground up, switched on people tried to bring watson to book. who saved watson? some of our lot are like the parasites. they cannot be converted and are the ‘left’s’ main weak point. unwittingly, they are part of the status quo. that’s how it survives.

      3. Instead of wasting your time on here every single day repeating the same things over and over again ad infinitum signpost, why don’t you offer your services to the SCG as an adviser, which I assume you would be able to do in a voluntary capacity given that you’re obviously not working? I mean seriously, what is the point of just endlessly repeating your criticisms on here every single day, as you have been since you started posting on here a couple of months before the 2019 GE, when you could be doing something constructive? What purpose does it serve? Everyone has heard it all a zillion times. What is the point in endlessly asking and complaining ‘where are our lot’ in respect of rebutting the lies, for example?! Offer them your services not only as an adviser but also as a PR/media liaison operative.

        Why go on endlessly pointing out their faults (as you see it) and short-comings on when you could actually be doing something constructive to help them achieve what you would have them achieve.

      4. “Craig Murray, HISTORIAN, former ambassador, human rights activist, has produced a stunning account of the revelations in the leaked Labour Party report and of their significance.
        “Murray draws TWO immediate CONCLUSIONS, viz:
        ✅ *Corbyn failed to be sufficiently ruthless in clearing out the quite extraordinarily right wing Blairites that he had inherited as Labour Party HQ staff; and
        ✅ *Corbyn’s tactic of constantly attempting to appease the media on antisemitism was never going to work…” .”

      5. white flag man shill hunter mr appeaser who badgered jeremy to appease appease and appease again instead of taking the advice from craig murray and jvl, why do u keep montitoring everyone night and day and repeating your arseholery i assume for sixty or seventy years? yet despite utter defeats u feel more of the same will beca good idea? u allan howard r nothing but the weirdest prick i’ve ever come across.

        even worse allan howard, u despicably reveal on that u saw victim of thugs on a pub gents toilet floor. what does allan howard say he did? desert the man. leave the elderly man on the floor. return to a drinking partner. finish drinks. “get out of there”. no word to pub staff or other drinkers or drinking friend to help the elderly man. worse yet when pulled up by joseph o’keefe and i for your despicable behaviour, you then try to hide behind a cock & bull story that he was not really that elderly … be wasn’t totally on the floor… he was half sitting up leaning against the toilet wall. you allan howard may be sick in the head but you ate obviously from that pub incident a nasty piece of work. a vile and abominable liar. a disgusting fraud. could never be a socialist. must be a spy cop as u r only one of a handful who monitor sites 24/7 noting times people post and repeatedly twist them. who has the time to do that? who only tries to silence others, yet not once offers a constructive suggestion. you allan howard are spy cop scum or just weird sick scum. get help and use your non stop trolling for something constructive.

      6. Thankyou signpost for such a prompt reply (albeit a copy and paste job). It’s great to know that you’re constantly monitoring the site ready to respond when need be, from early in the morning ’til late at night. Every single day. That’s what I call dedication!

        Anyway, I realise that modesty holds you back from taking up my suggestion, but your talents and your wisdom – repeating the same old same old endlessly on here every day, week in week out – could surely be put to better use in constructively helping and assisting Jeremy and the other left-wing MPs in moving forward and attaining power and changing society for the better.

        PS P’raps I’ll contact them and direct them to some of your enlightening ‘work’ on this site. I’m sure they would find it very interesting.

      7. piss off u nasty weird wanker fraud allan howard. go hunt your shills twant. btw have u ever bothered to find out if that elderly man survived those thugs??? since u r vile scum allan howard ah, bet it never crossed your 🔱🔱🔱mind

      8. Yes, thanks for asking. He’s perfectly fine and was grateful to me for distracting the thug who hit him. His wife was also very grateful that I didn’t just walk out of the loo, and deliberately bided my time and, in doing so, diverted the psychopaths attention away from Len onto myself.

      9. u really r a shameless liar allan howard. extraordinary scum.

  15. Gove and Vine have split. Hard to believe, I know, but apparently he’s also been doing a Hancock behind Ms Vine’s back. 😱

    1. lundiel 7 hours ago above “repeat cocaine snorter 🚾🅿️🚾🅿️🚾🅿️separating from wife. suspected on cards two ish weeks ago. wonder if she’s a chi chi dinner party coke snorter too???”.

  16. ‘America’s Back’, Joe Biden. ‘Labour’s Back’, Sir Keir Starmer. The ‘Come-back Kids’ with the same scriptwriter & the bombing continues.

    1. well spotted steve richards. i missed that script cc. impossible to miss the biden’s bombing though. think jeremy & co mossed it as well as all those who fumed night and day about the orange man. but they are soooooo awake. the heartlands are soooooo racist and taken in by farage. but the frenzied pumping out of the exact scripts of the msm leaves them no time to stop and think… who needs to think a d question ones ideas, when so very knowledgable experienced and well read and can distinguish between every flavour of political terms. seems to give some a sugar rush.

      surely giving contracts totalling billions to chums can be adequately described as just that. corruption and fraud to me are well known terms. but it seems too well known to be used by those who are so much more aware and conscious than the general electorate. therein a key problem. amongst us are many who are not in the least bit interested in making things clear to the many. they are more interested in impressing an in crowd, a clique, a bunker.
      i do go on, struggling to be as clear as possible, 99.99% of the time. i see no merit in obscure terms which convey very little to the many new readers. but anyway there i go again😅😂🤣

  17. Kim Leadbeater is clearly not a politician, which is fine by me
    Congratulations again and welcome to the fight bonnie lass

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