New Survation poll makes clear Starmer is problem for Labour in Hartlepool, not Corbyn

Labour leader less popular than his unpopular party in north-east former ‘heartland’ seat

Bleak: Starmer’s prospects in Hartlepool

New polling of Hartlepool voters by Survation has shot down the already-feeble arguments of Keir Starmer and his supporters as they try to get their excuses in early for the defeat they and political pundits expect in Thursday’s by-election in the north-east former Labour stronghold.

The endless attempts to blame former leader Jeremy Corbyn fell apart as with the new Survation poll’s suggestion – which happens to coincide with 5,000 young people chanting for Jeremy Corbyn in Liverpool – that Keir Starmer is less liked and trusted by Hartlepool residents than the already poor standing of his party.

Survation found that only 31% of Hartlepool people feel favourably toward Labour, compared to 46% for the Tories – and 45% think unfavourably of Starmer’s party:

But only 22% have a favourable view of Keir Starmer – and 40% have an unfavourable one, while 9% said they had never heard of him:

When it came to who would make the best prime minister, the numbers were even worse: only 19% think Starmer would be better than Johnson – and Starmer was several points behind Mr ‘Don’t know’, no doubt a reflection on Starmer’s abstention addiction and lack of opposition:

These numbers are even worse when compared to Labour’s performance in the 2019 general election, when Starmer’s supporters would have us all believe the nation soundly rejected Jeremy Corbyn and left policies.

In 2019, Labour received just under 38% of the vote – while according to Survation, only 33% of voters intend to put a cross in the box for the party now – and more than one in four Labour voters in 2019 now say they will not support Starmer’s party.

While these numbers are unsurprising to the honest folk who know Labour crashed in 2019 primarily because of the party’s referendum u-turn of which Starmer was the principal architect, they shoot to pieces the feeble claims that Labour is doing badly because of its former leader rather than its current one.

This will not, of course, prevent Starmer and his increasingly desperate supporters from trying to play the Corbyn card, of course. But it does mean they’ll demonstrably be talking bollocks when they do.

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  1. That Picture is like Strotter standing waiting for “the Approaching Selfie Moment”, but the two Walkers just briefly stopped to pull up that message from you know who, that said what to so and so!
    Wah hah hah hah I love it!

    1. Nah, that’s his best: ‘Hi, girls – looking for a good time?’ pitch.

      1. hes gone around the country looking Awkward and pointing at things,God knows who is advising him, ‘less waffle Starmer now get out there and look awkward!’

  2. PS and straight after that snap, they shuffled off in a quick step, just be fore he could say ‘Hi…..Iaaahhh…..’ Wah hah hah hah!

    1. It is deffo a caption competition picture.

      ‘New Pokemon ‘Go’ character called ‘Starmerdullard’ seen on N.E coast of England. Public at large interested about as much as they are the gobshite it’s based on.

  3. Paul Williams has already said that no one has mentioned Jeremy Corbyn while he’s been out canvassing. This from someone who counts Tony Robinson as a supporter 💩.

    1. lundiel = It is shocking how quickly someone can vanish into political obscurity and irrelevance.

      1. And it’s shocking how some only manage to (briefly) leave political obscurity and irrelevance by becoming a lackey for the most odious parts of the Establishment, whether that be Maggie’s friend Jimmy Saville or psychotic trilateral billionaires.

      2. This is becoming farcical. It tipped it down today. Clearly Corbyn’s fault SH?

      3. No-it’s shocking how quickly people can realise someone is completely innocent of all the lies and slurs anyone ever spread about that person.

        It’s time for the anathemisation of Corbyn to end, SteveH. If he did anything wrong, he’s been punished more than enough. And if his supporters did anything wrong, THEY’VE been punished for than enough.

        What’s happening in the polls proves that Starmer could never have led Labour to victory at the next election by treating his predecessor and those who refuse to vilify him as non-people.

        You need to finally come out against the witch hunt, Steve.

      4. Steve H ..its even more shocking that members voted for a Plant from the right wing and then proceeded to vote for a obscure entity that came out of Nowhere land Surrey and landed the top job after a vicious campaign of AS built on lies against jeremy Corbyn the leade leader of the Labour party.

    2. That is only because the Neolabour Tories won’t come down to the “skanky” Council or “Bad side of Town” Estates!
      They only go to the ‘Posh Totty Champaign Wannabe “Socialist” up on the Hill with a view’ Estates! The off the books, under the table, Neolabour Tory Party Donors.

  4. BBC trying in advance to blame a loss on Corbyn this morning. Some things never change

    1. And soon, they’ll be bringing on Delores Hodgebridge to call anyone who disagrees an antisemite.

      1. I think that she has said worse, but it’s Mrs Pottymouth, the children’s fiend, she’s rich and always right. Where does the Party get them? Are the JVL an approved group? Any new org could do with their wisdom, organisational genius and implacability , ask the JC. They are very loyal so it’s really a pipedream.

      1. Pfhfhfhfh! I actually thought post chipped and chopped Hasselhoff was Starmer! 🙂

  5. The betting market is useful guide to how people perceive the probable result, most people bet with their heads. New New Labour, 7/2 Tories are 1/5 this clearly says people think the Tories will win in Hartlepool.

  6. Starmer on Ch 4 News tonight – He says he is passionate about justice – that would be except in the Labour Party where it is ok to rig elections, impose gagging orders, cancel democratically selected candidates, suspend socialists and CLP agendas they do not like. Justice Schmustice!

    1. you forgot one – and suppress Reports that show just how disrespected by staffers and shat-upon his predecessor was as Leader of Labour – but, yes, you’ve got Sir Keir Rodney’s number, Ellie.

      1. Believe me – there is so much more I could add to the charge list for this pathetic, sorry, imposter squatting as leader of the party of the people.

    2. Starmer calling HIMSELF “passionate about justice” is like Trump calling himself “the least racist person you’ll ever meet”…or Col. Sanders calling himself a big supporter of animal rights.

  7. I wish that I was among the 9% who had never heard of him.

    The lucky lucky bastards.

  8. WTF
    Temporary Embarrassment has turned into the ‘Pervy Uncle’ at the family wedding

    1. Jeremy was less popular than his party throughout his tenure as party leader.

      1. SteveH
        MSM, Toilet papers, Polling companies, PLP
        Which of these were not anti JC
        Propaganda works, the left is historically to principled and too soft
        Say it again for every JC you need a horrible bastard to do the dirty work

      2. Doug – ….well that is all well and good providing that you ignore that this article is based on polling results.

      3. It’s not the ‘less popular than his party’ bit that’s going to cause the Labour right to de-throne Sir Keir. It will be a coded instruction fom the CIA broadcast by the BBC as a National Lottery Draw. Either that, or MOSSAD will have one of their little helpers, a Sayanim, probably Magaret Hodge again, call him a “f*cking antisemite”

      4. Doug, people can’t be what they’re not. Horrible bastards are on the right precisely because they ARE horrible bastards – ie totally devoid of empathy and a conscience and, as such, conniving and dishonest and deceitful and devious and duplicitous.

        And what would this ‘dirty work’ you refer to consist of anyway. The horrible bastards – ie the psychopaths – own and/or control the MSM – along with organisations such as the EHRC – and control the narrative as such….. It’s precisely because genuine left-wingers are caring and compassionate that the psychopaths loathe and despise them, and have no problem whatsoever in ‘transforming’ them into the opposite of what they are in the minds of millions of people with their lies and falsehoods, and find it highly amusing to do so.

      5. Allan Howard 04/05/2021 at 11:23 pm

        Is Karie Murphy the exception that proves the rule?

      6. Allan Howard
        Its justified when you are defending yourself, its essential when you are not playing on a level playing field
        AS Scam
        Make vexatious claims of anti semitism hate crimes and prosecute them
        3 strikes and your out of business
        Gross Misconduct means you are dismissed on the spot

      7. Doug, forgive me for saying so, but you spoke in terms of ‘playing’ as dirty as them, and I was just making the point that it is not in the make-up – the nature – of genuine left-wingers to do that. They are incapable, and couldn’t do so even if they wanted to. But they don’t want to, precisely because they are honest and have integrity.

        Your ‘reply’ in fact differs from what you initially implied, the point being that you don’t have to be a horrible bastard and/or ‘play’ dirty to defend yourself against malicious claims, BUT, it isn’t possible to defend yourself when everything you say and do is spun and twisted against you. The reality is that there is no justice or fairness, and the fact that Jeremy was suspended and then had the whip withdrawn – ie has been slung out of the party in effect – for stating the truth, the actuality, says it all.

      8. And here’s another example of how corrupt it all is:

        On Friday I shall be sentenced, very possibly to prison, for contempt of court by “jigsaw identification”. While I do not believe anybody has ever been imprisoned for “jigsaw identification” before, my entire prosecution has been so perverse that I cannot imagine why they have done it unless that is the intention.


      9. Lawfare imploded when JC supporters raised a small fortune, can that money support other worthy cases
        Horrible bastsrds ultimately will pick up pitch forks or stand their ground against black shirts and mounted police
        For the record twas the women of Cable Street who won the battle
        500,000 members and 14 million supporters are enough to win any war

      10. Corbyn living rent free inside Centrist Dad’s head…

      11. And he’s off again.


        A total irrelevance. Designed for nothing more than to get the topic onto the past rather than front the truth of the impending drybumming stammer’s gonna receive at the polling station. (Again, all of stammer’s making)

        So then, where’s the crowds singing for stammer? Where’s your polls in favour of him? At least people could identify Corbyn from a photo – AND tell you what party he represented.

        Remind us all – with your infinte wisdom – just how the stammerite party’s doing this morning against THE worst, most corrupt and incompetent government in recorded history?

      12. Toffee – Have you conveniently forgotten that JC lost 60 seats to Boris’s corrupt and incompetent government in the 19GE.

      13. *drybumming* oowerr. To be fair Starmer knows a winner when he sees one. He’s got the same policy on flags as London mayoral candidate Lawrence Fox, aka Waitrose Tommy Robinson.

      14. I got as far as the opening line on the labour PPB on Monday evening.

        It was stammer saying: ‘I love my country’. (IIRC the screen was still black when the words were spoken)

        I immediately reminded of that fox news twunt glen beck, and his whinging on live Tv: ‘Ah lurvvvve mah cuhn-tree’.

        And even though the screen had still not showed a picture, I fully expected to see stammer in between crossed, draped union flags, prattling his shite, as per.

        And so the channel was immediately changed before any more cringing turned me into some sort of circus contortionist act.

        …That’s how appealing stammerite labour is to me. I’m certain I’m only one of millions.

      15. Gobshite asks the question like his shit doesn’t stink. As though he’s entirely innocent of any complicity in that defeat, and as if stammer’s performed miracles against the BEST, most HONEST government there’s ever been or likely to be.

        You’re one contemptuous little shitehawk, little Stevie h. Small wonder you’ve never had any friends.

      16. Toffee – Says the ‘shouty man’ who has never voted for Jeremy.

      17. Proof?

        Nope. No surprise there, neither. Once again you’re pulling things from your arse and stating them as fact.

        Oh…You mean I didn’t vote for Corbyn in the leadership elections? I wasn’t eligible, you moron.

        But I suppose that means my voice doesn’t matter – just like it didn’t matter in the 2019 election, eh, norbert?

        And we’ve only got your pleading that you actually did vote Corbyn. Yes you – who allowed stammer’s shithousery to go completelty unchallenged and uncriticised, tha’s despite you NOT getting your VOTE for the second referendum treachery – seeing as you criied (And still do) the loudest for OMOV.

        You were certainly the first off the mark to tell us all of your intention to vote for the prick (who’s shithousey you endorsed) . You were the first off the mark to blame Corbyn (And again; you still do – despite your alleged ‘voting’ for him) and tell us all how stammer would make his shithousery make sense.

        But you only voted stammer because he was ‘best of a bad bunch’ wasn’t he?

        So, had Corbyn stood again would you have voted corbyn or stammer?

        We don’t ecpect an answer because, simply put, you’re a cunt.

      18. Toffee – “So, had Corbyn stood again would you have voted Corbyn or stammer”

        I would have voted for Starmer, as would the majority of Labour party members apparently.
        Interestingly there was a poll during the leadership campaign that posed your question.
        RLB’s vote collapsed, Jeremy got <30% of the vote and Keir still won in the first round with an overall majority.

      19. “Have you conveniently forgotten that JC lost 60 seats to Boris’s corrupt and incompetent government in the 19GE.”
        How could we, you remind us at every opportunity and create one if the thread is about something else.
        But let’s pick your comment apart. “Boris’s corrupt and incompetent government” wasn’t anything of the sort on election Day. It was the would-be government of a leave supporting party, something the majority of the voting public had voted for in the referendum and even sane remain supporters knew that reversing that decision was impossible. But Corbyn was hostage to his traitorous party who overall would rather lose than a, have Corbyn as PM and b, threw reason out of the window in the patently mental belief that the public thought another referendum was an option and they could win it.
        You, are a fanatical centrist dad, nut job.

      20. lundiel – The problem you have here is that c70% of Labour supporters were in favour of a 2nd Referendum and staying in the EU.
        Month after bloody month of prevarication and ‘Constructive Ambiguity’ is what did for JC. By the time he’d decided to come out of hiding and actually make a decision neither side trusted him.

      21. Wrong centrist dad. The constituencies Labour lost were overwhelmingly leave and the constituencies they needed to win were all leave. As I am said, he was held hostage by a party that insisted on supporting remain. The election was lost by you and people like you.

      22. lundiel – You are of course entitled to your opinion but you should be aware that since stepping down Jeremy has on at least 2 occasions clearly confirmed the above on camera.

      23. ‘I would have voted for stammer’

        Right. Then I’ll be watching you VERY closely for your next lying claim to be a socialist.

        You are not, and never have been.

      24. Looks like you might be wrong again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again SteveH

        PS. It almost looks like there was some kind of International Coup that meddled in The UK GE Elections 2017 & 2019 to prevent a Centre Left Democratic Socialist, painted to resemble a Far Left Extremist Socialist who eats all first borns and enslaves all non white and people of religious cultural heritage.

      25. skellyknelly -Wrong about what?

        I believe ‘the Donald’ now has a website if you want to update yourself on the latest excuses for failure.

      26. skellyknelly – Thanks for the playlist but I’m struggling to see your point, we’ve all seen the adulation (many of us went to witness it for ourselves) but come the 19GE where were the votes. It wasn’t a lack of adulation from the 20-25% of the electorate that was the problem, what really singled Jeremy out in the polls is that going into the 19GE more than twice that number (⅔) of the electorate were expressing an active dislike for JC.

      27. Sure, Sure you tell your self that, I guess that much is blatantly obvious to you and the handful of blinkered like you.
        Jeremy was never the Problem, The UK Labour Party was never the Problem.
        What was and still is THEN the 80% Thatcherite Neolabour Party Tories and NOW the 95% Thatcherite Neolabour Party Tories, Sabotaging, Couping, Backstabbing, Undermining, Spinning, Lying, Smearing, Conniving, Internal MSM leaking, Internal Establishment leaking, etc, etc, etc, etc!
        The Local Elections 21 and GE2024 will be testament!
        People are so desperate to get rid of Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tory Filth that they would rather vote Conservative Tory, who are already the lowest of the low, making the Neolabour Tories the organisms that feed off the excrement of the organisms that feed off the excrement of the bottom feeders deep inside the Conservative Tory Cesspit!
        Let’s see what GE24 brings! HOPEFULLY a Small but Parasite Free UK Labour Party For THE PEOPLE NOT THE SELF AND ESTABLISHMENT AGAINST THE PEOPLE!

  9. Credit to the Morning Star.

    SIR KEIR STARMER will take “full responsibility” for Labour’s election results, the party leader said today.

    With voting taking place across Britain on Friday, including for English councils, the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Senedd, Sir Keir acknowledged that he is facing a major electoral test, the first since he became Labour leader.

    “I take full responsibility for the results, just as I take full responsibility for everything that happens in the Labour Party under my leadership,” he said.

    Since January, the Tories have had a consistent lead in national polling, but the recent allegations of sleaze against the government may have had an impact on voters as the gap tightened over the weekend.

    But in the Hartlepool by-election, Tories are 17 points ahead in a seat Labour has held since it was created in 1974, according to the Survation poll for Good Morning Britain.

    Sir Keir, who has visited the constituency three times during the by-election, said he hopes Labour will not lose another seat in the “red wall” and insisted that the party is “fighting for every vote.”

    1. “Fighting for every seat”,my arse!

      “Keir Starmer might find the chances stacked against Labour this Thursday, but he has not lifted a single finger to try and make political weather for his party. Instead, he’s content to sit under the rain cloud, awkward and bewildered. I hope he’s ready for the soaking. It stands to reason then that with all the advantages the Tories enjoy, if the party goes backwards this Thursday they are in much more trouble than polling suggests.”

  10. I winder why ‘Leave a Reply’ is not available on certain articles?
    Is it that Howard Beckett is above criticism in Skwawky’s world?

      1. Don’t we all!

        It just isn’t Starmer’s Labour party for many of us anymore. And that’s a crime

      2. So what’s stammers excuse for his abject failures, then wee man?

        The media have been more than accommodating towards Easter Island head… Compared to how they portrayed Corbyn stammers had a fawning media circlejerk.

        And stammer’ s STILL managing to lose more seats to them

        So WHY are the rags gaining more ground little fella?

  11. “I take full responsibility for the results, just as I take full responsibility for everything that happens in the Labour Party under my leadership,” he (Starmer) said.

    I bet the are going to try to hang the Forde Report around his neck when the ditch him and attempt to give the impression that he was responsible for what went on. Confusing the issue is nearest thing they have to trying to find a way out because although they have attempted to pretend the report was never written they are realising that no one is falling for that. If the “bad man” has gone (and Evans with him) the nasty things that we discovered when he was leader have gone with him. So that will be the end of that.

    1. Canny. You’re probably right Albert Swift.

      But, let’s be honest – if they exist, the “labour right” don’t openly align to obvious sects or power goups the way there used to be blairites and brownites. As with all closed power groups (which is what the non-socialist labour right see their party to be), whether admitted or not – there are camps, cliques and cabals or cells, it’s just that we, the democratic left, would be the last people to detect them. Why? Because all of them hate the real Labourites, the democratic socialists, and the socialism that sustains us, and because these neoliberal/pro-capitalist entryists exhibit a quaility shared by all ‘entitled’ groups, discipline and duplicity.

      I just hope enough departe-members manage to rejoin in time to partipipate in an election of a new leader.

      Great post btw Albert – thanks.

  12. Steve
    what do you think of Starmer sitting on the Forde Report out of interest.
    It says a lot about some very nasty people who were part of Labour party governance unit ,who were racist undermined the elected leader at every opportunity, campaigned against LP.. Than the false allegations of Anti Semitism using it as a weapon to discredit anybody who they considered left whatever that is supposed to mean. Hodge swearing and calling elected leader F ing A/S . Austin Berger Smeeth Mann all member of Labour Friends of Israel with false charges of A/S writhing in the right wing media . The so called Liberal News papers like The Guardian Observer attacking Corbyn with dozens of negative editorials . Journalists like Freedland Cohan posting lies and inaccurate articles as fact, feeding into the the MSM James O’Brian so called lefty on LBC who consistently any every opportunity undermined Corbyn and allowed free access to any one who was anti Corbyn.
    This narrative went on for years and increased when Corbyn nearly won in 2017.He might have done if it was not for Labour party so called Governance Unit. Than you had BOD CAA LFI all shouting A/S at the drop of a hat. Never has a leader who is fundamentally a descent guy and a anti racist all his life , been so monstered. Yet he retained his dignity despite these unwarranted assaults. Yes Corbyn had his faults. He was not strong enough on these saboteurs who were undermining him within LP. Tony Benn would have dealt with than very quickly.
    Corbyn let these people stay with out facing up to them. I guess whatever he did the sustained media attack would have increased. Nevertheless I think he should have stood up to them got them out of the LP
    Gone LBC and faced James O’Brian and ask him what he wanted.
    After all all Corbyn was aiming for was a fair descent society, a break from neo liberal economics of the last 45 years and being similar to a lot of Europe particularly Scandinavia.
    You know descent Public services No privation NHS Nationalisation Of Utilities and Railways all very popular.
    Making sure that unions were able to properly represent their members. proper support for workers managing gigg economy. creating a sensible education system like most of Europe. Stopping the business orientation of Universities. A proper Foreign policy. No more armed interventions. Address Tax heaven’s. Making sure the rich pay a fair tax. and a whole lot more.
    I fail to understand why anybody who was a member of Labour party would not want and campaign for that regardless of who was leader.
    Starmer has done the absolute opposite he as divided the Party. He has failed to keep the promises he made the 10 ” pledges you remember.
    He has disgracefully treated a descent man with contempt. He indulged in undermining descent Labour party members. He should have listened to better supporters and advisors instead of Blair Mandelson and right wing supporters like BOD and the right wing media.
    He than appoints leaders who than are undemocratic and try to rail road Local constituencies not to discuss democratically[ which what Labour is supposed to be about ] anything, including definitions of Anti Semitism . Jewish Voice for Labour which has highly respected Jewish academics and professors was never consulted about A/S . Instead he has lent over backwards to support false narrative’s about anti Semitism.
    One needs to be reminded That Corbyn attracted a lot of support from many respected academics like Leon Chomsky Film producers of films like I Danial Blake.
    I did not vote for Starmer, but thought at least he was a descent honourable man. That has not proved to be the case I fear .His Shadow Cabinet is ultra dull filled with centralists.
    We have in the UK the most politically illiterate population in Europe whose only education is the right wing press whose only purpose is the status Quo. vested interests tax heavens. Of course they did not want anybody who would change that. After 2017 they went into over drive to undermine and monster him and his supporters. Our media is to one sided. it lacks diversity. It is the most unbalanced in Europe. It is owned by billionaire’s who’s only interest is themselves and how they can hide their ill gotten gains in tax heavens. They did not want Corbyn or anything to do with him. They feared what he might do. That would have benefited all but not the 1 %.
    That is why they used all their power to undermine and tell lies to a politically illiterate UK population and were easerly able to get away with it Now look at what we got a totally currupt gov with a leader who for the moment is getting away with it. A liar a charlatan a immoral sociopath.
    Corbyn whatever his faults was and is on a different Planet.
    Corbyn was Descent man a facilitator who would have changed the UK for the better Maybe not Charismatic like say Blair Hitler or Dodgy Dave who started to rot to mention a few.
    Starmer comes across as weak . He does not inspire and lead from front. He follows focus groups and does what his backers tell him to do.
    finally you know that Corbyn in all of his elections attracted a greater share of vote than Blair in 2005 Brown 2010 Miliband 2015. The problem was how the electoral system works in UK the distribution of votes.

  13. Apparently, Irk Streamer said;

    “That’s the mountain we’re climbing. We’re on that mountain, we’re climbing and we’re going into the elections tomorrow fighting for every vote,” he added.

    Maybe it’s time someone pointed out that what he thinks is climbing is known as digging everywhere else?

    As for fighting for votes, well I couldn’t help but think of that publican who got roughed up the other day.

    1. NVLA – “what he thinks is climbing is known as digging everywhere else”

      Only if you ignore that when Jeremy stepped down Labour were 20% points behind and Jeremy had a net satisfaction score of around -40. We’ve come a long way from those days.

      1. lundiel – If you’ve watched all the videos you should appreciate that the guy behaved like a f’ wit

      2. That’s the effect that a flag-waving, capitalism-loving, globalist authoritarian becoming the leader of Labour has on many people.

        And , as you know, fuckwits tend to vote for the proper right, not Starmer and his abysmal Labour concoction.

  14. Please, if you have the opportunity to vote for a police and crime commissioner tomorrow…… DON’T WASTE YOUR VOTE……..SPOIL IT!

  15. SH – “Month after bloody month of prevarication and ‘Constructive Ambiguity’”.
    What were these lies or misleading statements?
    Or do you mean procrastination?

    1. goldbach – The word I used conveyed my meaning
      Usage Note: The traditional meaning of prevaricate is “to speak or write evasively.” In recent years, a second sense has developed, meaning “to behave in an indecisive manner; delay or procrastinate,” perhaps influenced by equivocate, which primarily means “to speak evasively” but can also mean “to be indecisive.” In American English, this second sense is widely considered an error, and a large majority of the Usage Panel finds it unacceptable. In 2011, 78 percent of the Panel disapproved of the “delay” sense of the word as used in the sentence He prevaricated for some two years before accepting the new design for production. This usage is more commonly encountered in British English, as in this quotation from the BBC News: As the industry prevaricated, sales collapsed.

      1. My old English teachers would have almost strung up anyone who used “prevaricate” in such a way. That the BBC has used it is yet more evidence of its declining standards.

    1. goldbach – I’m sorry if I’ve missed one of your comments, post a link to your comment and I’ll have a look

      1. My comment is copied here.
        “I have a suggestion, SH. You tell us that you voted, twice I think, for Corbyn in leadership elections. That would indicate that you have a perspective on where you would like to see the Labour Party (and the country) going that is at least not right wing. Since I discovered Skwawkbox, I have not seen any indication from you that would give us a clue what your perspective is, just a load of taunting other contributors. So, a couple of questions.
        Do you approve of Starmer as leader, and the Labour Party under his leadership?
        If not then how do you see the way forward for the party?
        If yes, then why?”

      2. goldbach – Well thanks for your interest in my opinion but I am not going to indulge you by justifying myself to you.

      3. goldbach – I’m sorry if I’ve missed one of your comments, post a link to your comment and I’ll have a look/I>

        followed immediately after the question was repeated, by:

        goldbach – Well thanks for your interest in my opinion but I am not going to indulge you by justifying myself to you.

        And he repeatedly has the gall to demand others answer to him, the godawful, spoilt little shitehawk.

        No wonder people are questioning it’s mental state.

      4. Thank you for your response. You do not need to justify yourself, your response has answered my question. The purpose of debate is to bounce ideas off each other, persuade or be persuaded. I had hoped that the eloquence of your comments would be matched by well-argued views. Clearly not. Since you appear to have nothing to say, I will have to agree with those with whom I disagreed previously, and conclude that there is no point in responding to your comments and expecting any meaningful response. I shall debate with others on this site. Finally, I apologise for likening you to Eeyore. Eeyore was simply a pessimist and there is something quite endearing about him.

  16. SteveH you are a pathetic sniveling uriah heap. You are obsessed by Jeremy. Have a wee look over your posts you are like a Jack in the box on crack ever ready to jump from under your bridge to call his name out. Ffs you pathetic excuse for anything get some psychological therapy and give up your obsession with a man whom you are unfit to even look at never mind lick the mud off his allotment stained boots.

    1. spiderider – You appear to be the one obsessing about your deity

      ps:- I love you too.

      1. spiderider – You appear to be the one obsessing about your deity

        And Goebbels stayed in the bunker with Hitler.

        Difference is, you’ll most likely continue to plague this site after stammer’s done the off.

        A/ To continue extolling the failure that is your own obsession, while castigating and dismissing Corbyn’s far superior and more worthwhile achievements as leader, and

        B/ Because you have no social skills and rely on antagonising people as a way of gaining their attention.


        C/ You don’t even possess the courage of your own convictions to go down with your good ship stammer.

        Which makes goebbels a lot more noble (in his ignobiliity) than you.

      2. Toffee – What are Jeremy’s lasting achievements?
        Whether you engage with me or not is entirely your choice. I’m sure that someone out there will be impressed by you searching out my comments to show off how uncouth you can pretend to be.

      3. Ok knobhead I’ll ‘engage’ … But just this one example will see you shit out because you’re a fucking rat.

        Ready ?

        Ok then – Just how many government defeats has stammer overseen as leader, hmm?


        Now fuck off.

      4. Oh and I mentioned< “superior and worthwhile achievements”

        Not “lasting , although it’s gonna be quite some time before Corbyns 41 defeats of the government will be broken; and most certainly not by your greasy, impotent, incapable dullard. 🤫

        So g’wan… Get thee tae fookery out of it, bellend.

      5. Toffee – How many victories do you think that Jeremy would have achieved against an 80 seat majority.

      6. Hich will soon be eighty-one seats won’t it, knobhead?

        And Corbyn’d have been the PM if it weren’t for criminally thick thundercunts like you, so shut your fucking cave, moron.

        *PLEASE God – Spare us this insufferable gobshite*

      7. Toffee – Are we to take it that your answer to my question is zero.

      8. When you deign to answer my questions – any single one of them – I might, just MIGHT – reciprocate.

        As for your latest question, that’s been answered. Not my fault you’re too much of a fucktard to recognise that fact. (See what I’ve done, there?)

      9. And if de pifflecwas to hold a snap election in a fortnight, there’s NO FUCKING WAY your greasy twunt would regain anywheres near a third of the seats HE conspired to lose.

        In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him cling on to as many as he has now.

        That’s how ‘popular’ he and his cultists are.

      10. ‘No’.

        Said in all honesty, as well. What a gawp. Go and take your face for a shite, lad.

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