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Prof Kailash Chand and others talk of the racism faced by immigrating health staff arriving to serve the NHS (video)

Excerpt from last night’s BBC programme reveals subtle and often entirely unsubtle racism – and warns of what Tory government is pushing the UK back toward

Last night’s BBC programme Our NHS – a Hidden History provided a fascinating and often appalling insight into the racism – sometimes subtle and sometimes anything but – faced by doctors and other health staff arriving in the UK to serve in the NHS in the past. But it also serves as a chilling warning of where the Tories are trying to take this country.

Below is a short excerpt from the programme, which can be viewed in full here.

While many will rightly be horrified at the casual and thorough racism of decades past, they should be just as appalled at the current direction of this country, which is happening almost entirely unchallenged (and often actively fuelled) by the current leadership of the so-called ‘opposition’.

Only last month a Tory hopeful for the job of running the NHS made reducing the number of ‘foreigners’ working in the NHS the core of her pitch for the job – and the very top of the Tory government has been actively fanning the flames of racism, as England’s footballers have exposed and rejected following the recent European football championship.

Last night’s programme was an education – but it must also be a wake-up call.

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    1. “Snowy White Peaks” – luv it.

      and the most senior manager of all who, is way-above ‘snowy white peaks’ even. He’s practically as transcendent as the billionaires themselves, 1000% neoliberal Establishment, enforcing a regime of fear on covid amongst staff, threatening anyone – Hospital CEOs, Consultants, Nurses, Jnr Doctors, specialist managers – anyone – with instant dismissal and loss of pension if they as much as think about saying anything anything – about covid, the NHS’s (mis)management of it, its unwitting deployment of bad-science prescribed by charlatans at SAGE and – quite separately – his failure to speak out as a CEO against politicians who deliberately underfund the NHS and set it up to fail. These politicians are ideological Hayekians and, whilst we are all distracte worrying ourselves sick about a not very virulent virus, are creaming their jeans at the prospect of ‘gifting’ the largest health organisation in the western world to globo-capitalists.

      1. I have been enjoying getaways to a very small island recently called koh tonsay,some refer to it as Robinson Crusoe island.ten us dollers a night bungalow on the beach 🌴and a spectacular view…ITs all part of a six month health treatment for my son who’s sat looking at a screen for years and years.I will not go into a discussion on his dangerous illness but long hikes and swimming are looking to be working on him.After my last visit to the deserted island were most of the business packed up and left because of the lack of tourism from the west and surrounding countrys I wondered would I really want lots of tourists around with me enjoying a tropical paradise for buttons?.I wonder if this is a insight into how the anointed think of a depopulation of the West?…..The Torys not only use the virus to control over the unwashed masses but are also entering a new phase of mass murder calculated to destroy lives and familys.Just to finish yes I do want to see lots of tourists around because it would mean the neoliberal experiment with the population has failed……or then again maybe I have had too much sun and cheap beers mixed with two doller cocktails.Stevie boy 👦wonder its a jungle out there don’t you know?…..I am trying to soldier on with us the only tourists on a deserted island with limited electricity and limited access having used a fisherman who took us to the island from the deserted ex French coastal resort of kep in Cambodia.A point of interest is that the beaches and sidewalks in Kep are far less poluted by rubbish and plastics….The big developers have also disappeared from the Cambodian south coast as well and that I am pleased about.

  1. A couple of nights ago on Newsnight, Anna Soubry said she was disgusted with what the Tory Party has become and described Johnson as a charlatan.

    It’s a tragedy that Johnson and the Tories have no effective opposition.

    1. Jack, you mentioned Anna Soubry ……………………….. but I forgive you.

      1. Soubrey and all those like her: Starmerite centrists, people who have cushy jobs as journalists, people who work in TV studios, people who have well paid jobs courtesy of the EU gravy train, those who read, and write letters to Sunday newspapers, Change UK supporters whether from Labour, LibDems or Conservatives are people you don’t come across in normal circumstances but when you do, they are certain that there is a huge untapped reserve of voters who share their precise politics, but exactly where these voters live remains a bit of an enigma. They aren’t ignored red wall voters and they certainly aren’t the working class. Starmer’s attempt to find out what ex-Labour voters want won’t deliver the answers he wants, but I bet he won’t be change track. And the people who need a Labour government to change their lives and communities are unlikely to forgive people like him. Even though they know Johnson is bullshitting them, his ‘levelling up’ is preferable to Change UK 2.0.

    2. When did soubry oppose de piffle over anything other than brexit?

      ….Oh, bugger! That’s done it….Here it comes….😏

  2. The Torys cant believe their luck.aNo effective Opposition and a massive majority.Make hay whist the sun 🌞 shines and with a covid battered public its all systems go.Total and complete finish of public services and its being done because we let them by voting for parasites to hijack the Labour party.Nothing much can be said because time as run out for the working-class movement and socialism in the Labour party.Come on the minority socialists form a new party or be redundant within the next 18 months.The Labour party came about because of the suffering of the people,Form a new party and give it a go with a handful of mps we can start again.Give us hope and watch the membership surge for a real Opposition party that the countrys calling for….The peoples Labour party?

  3. The Conservative leader is making hay whist the sun shines.They can’t believe their luck..A massive number of seats and a bunch of like minded mps representing the Opposition.IT will never be a better time to push on with scrapping of public services and line their pockets at the same time.No problem with a Labour Opposition,because they recruited their mps from the same source.Everyone’s a winner and no need to waste any more money on public services because they will be gone.Much better to concentrate on the important things in life like a bumper pay rise for all and maybe a rejig of the “expenses” ..New more lavish House of parliament and possibly a new yacht for Lizzy and a upgrade for the palace.The mps like trickett no the score and redundancy in 18 months unless they do the obvious and form a credible alternative to the Labour party in parliament now.Membership will flock to a new party of the people.

    1. The membership flocking bit gets truer every day under Sir Keir…. Imagine if a trade union or a current plp MP stepped outside the box as well…

      1. quertboi….we need more than one mp and the socialist group are out on their ears soon if they don’t jump the sinking ship.So long as they push the principal of re nationalisation and working together as a society they will get the support from the public who are frightened of this lunatic fringe Tory party.I would love a socialist revival,but not sure the public would.The public are not interested in politics and just want a steady progress back to public services and a NHS and social security that made the UK the envy of the world….Go for it boys in parliament there’s nothing to fear but fear itself…!

  4. Off subject but an interesting article has been published on Electronic Intifada. I would encourage others to follow the link and read the full article. Is the tide changing.
    Efforts by Israel and its lobby to equate criticism of Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people with anti-Jewish bigotry are in overdrive.
    Yet a new poll indicates that this campaign has failed even with the vast majority of Jewish American voters.
    The survey commissioned by the Jewish Electorate Institute, a group led by supporters of the Democratic Party, contains several eye-catching findings.
    A quarter of Jewish American voters agree that Israel is an apartheid state – a number that shoots up to 38 percent among those under age 40.
    Twenty-two percent of Jewish voters overall agree that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians, a figure that rises to an astonishing 33 percent among the younger group.
    Moreover, Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is similar to racism in the US, according to 34 percent of Jewish voters surveyed. That figure exceeds two in five among those aged under 40.
    These findings are likely to dismay lobby group leaders who have long fretted about the erosion of support for Israel among Jewish Americans, particularly younger ones.
    What’s also striking is that even Jews who disagreed that Israel commits apartheid and genocide often do not consider such statements to be anti-Semitic.

    1. SteveH
      Temporary Embarrassment would be disappeared if he was caught reading that article or anything by Electronic Intifada
      What say you

      1. Doug – I’ve no idea, I can’t make any sense of your response.

    2. A similar change is also taking place in Israel with more and more young people rejecting the racism of Zionism and refusing to join the Israeli Defence Force, the best equipped terrorist force on Earth.

  5. Looks like another of our ex centrist mps has fitted seamlessly into GB News gloria de peario being another getting up close and personal with Gammon has hes known….Seems nobodys interested in the right wing flop show.I don’t know what age our ex Labour bimbo is but Andrew is best known for getting in with the Latin girls especially young ones….!

      1. Bet you watched it most enthusiastically though, eh, wee fella? 🥵

        Iits not only the farmers got a keen interest in you… Kleenex do as well.

      2. Toffee – I watch many programs from many different sources, it doesn’t mean that I have to agree with their contents.
        If you only watch stuff you agree with it would explain a lot. 🤔

      3. Divvy, I’ve just given an example of watching things I disagree with, below.

        You should know what I’m on about…. You directly quoted Keith from the clip I was describing.

        You haven’t even got the savvy (or is it the permission?) to express your own thoughts on the matter.

  6. Try the huffer post for the picture of our Gloria de piero and the motly crew of Gammon GB News flop Maybe our knight can offer a job to miz de piero as the soon to be redundent ex mp.were talant and a brain are not a requirement in the knights shadowy misfits fiefdom…just had another look at gloria and shes far too old for Andrew..!

  7. Fook me… And I thought kuensberg only batted for de piffle – but by Christ has she produced a pile of monumental shite in trying to make Keith look anywhere near capable… Taking the wee stevie blame Corbyn for everything line.


    Ah well, the only saving grace was that all the ‘panel’ (specially vetted so nobody left of Rayner was present, no doubt) weren’t definitely gonna vote for the polygonal headed twunt.

    The TV only survived because of that.

      1. The EXACT LINE Keith used.

        Why? Because like him, you’re do full of shit the organic farmers association are trying to make you both a protected species.

        Just everyone knows that his (and your) shithousery turned the masses away.

        And he’s THAT popular that not a single one of the panel were convinced enough that they’d definitely vote for the slime.

        Not even the arl girl who was first up, complaining that ‘labour moved too far to the left’ … Laugh? I nearly turned up the corners of my mouth…to let out a belch.

        (The location was Blackpool – a town always complaining about being poor)

        What a crock of shit, backed up by a poster who spouts more shit than his party leader.


      2. Toffee – Corbyn’s most enduring legacy is that the Tories have gone from being hamstrung by not having an overall majority to now having an 80+ seat majority meaning that they can do whatever they like and there is very little anyone can do to stop them,

      3. Duuurrrr…

        Tell us summit we DONT know,

        And then tell us the REAL reason the rags have that majority, and the reason people are reluctant to vote stammer…. Even Clive myrie stumbled on Keith’s name after the report had finished.

        Instantly forgettable, soulless, and bland to the point that even people who think labour went too far left won’t vote for him, what IS the point of the useless bleeder?

        …Oh, that’s right….

      4. Toffee – ….and yet you can’t come up with a credible alternative to replace him. 🤔

      5. A tailors dummy could do no worse than Keith.

        Christ knows each n every one of them have infinitely more charisma class and appeal. If wasn’t for stammers gob opening & closing, the po-faced prune’d be in Madame Tussauds ffs.

      6. And all demonstrated by the poll they took at the end of the powderpuff piece on the still-friendly (but not as friendly as they’d be if Keith actuay had any substance) kuensberg and ever–impartial BBC.

        So what’s your excuse for no bastard … Not even Corbyn-haters committing to vote for him, hmmm?

      7. Toffee – From the evidence of those participating they lost trust in Labour because of Corbyn and it will take some time for Labour to regain that trust.

      8. They lost trust on Corbyn…

        So WHY are they refusing to vote Keit Can’t blame Corbyn for that.

      9. Toffee – Which bit of “they lost trust in Labour because of Corbyn and it will take some time for Labour to regain that trust” did you have difficulty in understanding..

      10. Which bit of Corbyn haters won’t vote stammer even after sixteen months has escaped you, numbnuts?

        They had an arl girl complaining the party was dragged too far left…. Only MIGHT vote stammer.

        An old Asian falling over himself to address blockhead as “sir Keith” … Wasn’t gonna commit to vote stammer

        And a gammon whobperpetuated the shite about Berger…. Again, no committal to vote stammer.

        What part of the turd that is stammers woeful lack of appeal are you gonna masturbate about next?


      11. Toffee – Yet you’re the one who has to resort to the use of profanities.

  8. Just imagine, educating & training young British students to work in the NHS especially when it’s a lose lose situation. Why invest in the careers of British students when you can cherry pick fully trained staff from other countries, many with a poorer standard of living, but win win because the authoritarian left can shine their liberal badge as we increase reduce the cost of wages. Anyone who dares suggest employing British staff in the NHS must be a racist!

    1. It’s not as simple as that. Blair legeslated to train 50,000 nurses in 1999. That included giving them bursaries, forgoing minimum educational requirements and giving them ‘key worker’ status, enabling many to afford accomodation in expensive areas that would have been impossible for them to live in. He never did that for nationalist political gain, it was a midterm economic decision and it worked. Though many left the NHS sbsiquently, it worked because in the medium term, increasing earnings, assisting working class youngsters to get degrees put them into the property ladder and grew the economy. It is unfortunate that he tried to integrate that with third way politics like ALMOS and PFI projects.
      This has nothing to do with immigration or authoritarian liberals for that matter, it’s all about economics and even a confirmed neoliberal like Blair was prepared to look to medium term economic benefits during his first term of office. Unfortunately, he chickened out after that but my point is, employing foreign staff has never been the money saving option except in jobs like fruit picking. To say otherwise is pandering to nationalist racists.

      1. Anyone who disagrees with you is pandering to nationalist racist? Mass immigration lowers the cost of labour – first rule of economics. Thatcher & Blair knew that & so too the European Union. Wages in working class communities has collapsed over the past five decades. This country manufactured more during the miner’s strike & three day week, instead the economy is dominated by service industries & a low wage economy. Employing foreign staff has never been a money saving option? Let me provide you with a simple example to demonstrate how wrong you are……it’s called the English Football Premier League.75% are foreign players, local kids dream on.

    2. If the NHS had proper investment then educating and training young (mainly british) students to work in the NHS would be a win-win.

      Everything else you stated you see carried out by tories!

    1. Using the exact same line as Keith himself used.

      Doesn’t even have the nous, permission OR. bottle to vary on the official keith-jong-un party line.

      Poor form.

      1. No they’re not. While they’re gullible for believing the shite trotted out about Corbyn, they hadn’t committed to voting stammer.

        ‘Agree with me he says…. Fackin Ada 🙄

      2. Toffee – They did however agree that Corbyn was the problem.

      3. No they didn’t you fucking nincompoop.

        They perpetuated the lies about Corbyn that you blame stammers lack of popularity for. Most likely because they were screened for the clip.

        But it went tits up when they wouldn’t definitely commit to blockhead.

        Now, how is THAT Corbyns fault? He hasn’t even been a labour member for ten of the sixteen months that squareheads been at the helm.

      4. Toffee – As I said above. Which bit of “they lost trust in Labour because of Corbyn and it will take some time for Labour to regain that trust” did you have difficulty in understanding..

      5. Toffee – As I said above. Which bit of “they lost trust in Labour because of Corbyn and it will take some time for Labour to regain that trust” did you have difficulty in understanding..

  9. I can usually follow the many discussions that follow each story. They often drift away from the actual news item, but still retain a line that can be followed.
    However, I’m at a loss here. Who are the “participants”? What is it that they are participating in? And on what do they agree with SteveH?

    1. goldbach – If you can’t work that one out for yourself the ask a friend.

      1. Good Christ… Wee stevie has a friend/I>??? 😲

      2. Toffee – I was rather hoping that goldbach had a friend to help him out.

  10. …….. and i wasn’t trying to wind anyone up. I really don’t have a clue what the comment at 8.18 pm means.

    1. Wee man means the participants (pre-screened panel) agreed with him (but obviously not enough to vote for him, not even as best of a bad bunch

      For he actually fancies it was he himself there; being as he is, a living embodiment of Keith, here on earth

      The complete oddball.

      1. Thanks. I guess, from this, that he was on the wrong discussion and commenting on “Breaking: BBC ‘independently selected ex-Labour voter’ for Starmer snow-job is former Tory candidate (video)”.
        No wonder i didn’t have a clue what he was on about.
        And to be publicly identifying with that disgusting woman who called all under-25 idle layabouts – really shameful.

      2. An interesting piece from Council Estae Media reflecting oh Starmer’s visit to Blackpool:

        Why the Young Hate Capitalism

        [T]oday’s outburst from Keith Starmer [where he] was addressing some of his fellow Tories in Blackpool, who were coming up with the usual tripe about how young people “don’t want to work these days”, and rather than defend the exploited workers his party was founded to represent, Sir Keith responded with some crap about how “you will always find people who don’t want to work”.

  11. IT seems Stevie boy 👦wonder was doing the usual distraction politics after running out of ideas to defend his messia…so its the usual attack line Corbyn.and all his fault Labour are disintegrating by the day…nothing to do with unifying or democracy,witchunt and rule by decree….All Corbyns fault they got the knight they wanted now its anybodys fault because they are effectively stuffed.No policys…No unity,no ideas,no supporters,and no longer any interest from voters a truly Zombie leader in a Zombie Labour party…oh I forgot No money in the bank..!

  12. One of Keith’s biggest whinges is that he hasnt been allowed to travel the country and meet people… But bailiffs’d be more preferable to most.

    Centrists ought to be grateful covid’s done them a huge favour in that respect.

    Although he’s only too welcome to knock on my door (with camera crew in tow) and receive the same line of questioning as illeagle received when that came seeking my support… Not that they’d show any of it on the beeb.

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