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Editor-in-Chief of Lancet accuses CMO Whitty of ‘wilfully misrepresenting scientific opinion’ on lifting of safety measures (video)

Richard Horton’s remarkable accusation highlights that expert opinion against Tories’ headlong rush toward unvaccinated and unattainable ‘herd immunity’

The Editor-in-Chief of world-renowned medical journal The Lancet has gone on video to accuse government Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Chris Whitty of ‘wilfully misrepresenting scientific opinion across the country‘ to justify Sajid Javid’s stubborn determination to remove measures to restrict the spread of COVID – even though Javid has admitted that his move will lead to 100,000 infections a day or more and even though many of those now worst hit are our children. The UK’s ‘R rate’ is now around 1.5 and rising, meaning exponential growth in infections.

Richard Horton told a Zoom meeting that much scientific opinion is in fact ‘profoundly’ against Javid’s actions:

A group of more than 1200 scientists have signed a statement – to which Horton refers in his comments – accusing the Tories of:

recklessly exposing millions to the acute and long-term impacts of mass infection.

Javid appears to think that Boris Johnson was talking sense and not insanity last year when he spoke of ‘taking it on the chin’ and simply allowing the virus to spread unchecked, in order to achieve a ‘herd immunity’ that Skwawkbox revealed (and others later confirmed) would have cost up to a million UK lives or even more.

The Tories have never abandoned herd immunity, but changed their language to disguise it – leading to the needless deaths of 150,000 and more people in the UK – for which Boris Johnson has refused to express regret. Herd immunity is a mirage with this virus – allowing it to spread simply gives it more opportunities to evolve new strains that can bypass even vaccine-driven immunity. Javid’s determination not to pursue a ‘zero-COVID’ strategy – as successfully achieved by the likes of New Zealand, which has seen only 26 deaths and whose social life and economy are thriving as a result – puts not only the UK but the world at risk.

The Tories’ commitment to herd immunity will result in thousands more avoidable deaths – and nobody knows what long-term consequences for the children they have pushed into the front line of infection, because the virus is too new and the ongoing damage to organs and immunity are only beginning to emerge.

Tory ‘social murder’ – really just murder – is going full-steam ahead and according to Richard Horton they are being abetted in it by the wilful misrepresentation of scientific opinion.

The Department of Health and Social Care press office, which handles enquiries for the CMO, was contacted for comment, but said it was still preparing ‘lines’ on Horton’s accusation.

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  1. Groundhog day with the elderly and vulnerable no doubt on the hit list.The good news for those who vote Tory amongst my fellow oldys is they wont have to worry about the tripple lock pensions,its being scrapped like the vulnerable.Still think of the money they will save?.

  2. FWIW – The Lancet has often “picked-up” on the bad science deployed by SAGE and the Militant Covidians who are mis-managing the pandemic to affect (cause) reduced human rights, increased bio-security control, dangerously experimental vaccine-use and a new WEF-endorsed normal that benefits only the billionaires.

    1. Do you mean this ‘dangerously experimental vaccine-use ‘ which appears to have been particularly effective for the elderly.

      Following two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, antibody positivity (adjusted for test performance) was 100% (100-100) at all ages except 80 years and older when it was 97.8% (95.9-99.6).
      For AstraZeneca positivity was over 90% up to age 69, and then 89.2% (88.5-89.9) in 70-79 year olds and 83.6% (78.5-88.3) in those aged 80 and over. Following a single
      dose of Pfizer-BioNTech positivity ranged from 100.0% (91.1-100.0) in those aged 18-29 to 32.2% (18.2-51.1) in those aged 70-79 years. For AstraZeneca this was 72.2% (68.5-75.9) in the youngest and 46.2% (40.0-52.7) in the oldest age group.

  3. You mean like the captured media talking heads who deny that masks are a visual stimulus to promote fear and who ignore the historical, unchallenged, controlled studies proving that microscopic viruses travel freely through and around the gaping holes and gaps in paper and cloth facemasks?

    1. Yes, and rumour has it that it was the BMJ and/or The Lancet that got the WHO to write a warning memo to HMG (Matt Hancock) at the start of the year telling him to “turn down” the amplification levels for PCR-based tests. The way they were running them until then, we could see amplification levels of over 40 being routinely used in UK and Australia (but not, amazingly, USA) which produces false positives at a level of about 80 – 87%. (Covidians are using ‘case numbers’ to terrify a frightened public)

      Remember, covid is a viral disease and viral infection is seasonal. In July iinfection levels are relatively low, but despite that the fear-mongering BBC is still misreporting and misinforming on a gigantic scale. It’s claimed that a leaked whitehall memo (which I cannot find online) announces that the PCR testing should ensure that infection figures rise drastically in October so that HMG can lock us all down again through the winter.

      They – the Lancet – also have several pieces on ivermectin, which is an impressively effective (and cheap) medicine for the clinical treatment of covid19.

  4. It truly is a matter of ‘Your life in their hands.’ Unqualified politicians and the sycophantic Whitty are the death knell for the NHS and citizens alike. Aktion T4 has seen a rebirth under The Chumocarcy and Whitty. Whilst they continue to benefit financially, the taxpayers suffer. Plague Island is a joke on the world stage. We are great at waging wars through arms sales and fuck all use anywhere else.

    1. The virus has been used to exploit the people and get rid of the unproductive members of society.Remember just how dangerous the conservatives are and look at how they have feathered their nests whilst terrifying and controlling the working class..British government are waging a war against the people using draconian laws against you.

  5. It is NOT 150,000 or more, it is currently 128,000. The Morning Star is pushing this falsehood as well and it does the “socialist” cause no good to have to rely on distorting the figures to support an argument. If under-estimating the numbers of deaths is obscene, then so is over-estimating them and for the same reason.

    1. Yes, very true, timfrom. But the numbers are not the crime: the crime is the actions and/or the intent that cause unnecessary deaths (e.g. evicting vulnerable seniors from NHS hospitals into for-profit care homes that were not equiped to deal with them).

      I’d argue that failing to develop a clinically-sound pandemic policy is a war-crime level failure – and that’s before we get to the deliberate mis-use of qtPCR technology or the mass-use of possibly dangerous mRNA drug therapy dressed-up as pretend vaccination.


    2. Timfrom its not a argument its mass murder calculated to exploit the virus and make fortunes for the enemy of Socialism.The morning star wages war against the conservatives and will use any means necessary to stop them from murdering the vulnerable and elderly.The only obscenity is the deliberate murder of members of my family in care homes frightened and left isolated from relatives and not even allowed the “last rights” by a priest.Burried in obscurity and not even allowed a civilized burial.I know who the enemy are and so does the morning star and Squawkbox and the establishment conservative party are a Obscenity backed by the UK parliament.

    3. Having just visited the UK government’s coronavirus data dashboard I can see that 128530 deaths were recorded within 28 days of a positive test result. I can also see that 152856 deaths were recorded with COVID-19 on the death certificate.

      1. Yes, the Coronavirus Act 2020, which set out the ’emergency powers’ needed by HMG to manage the pandemic, sets out, in accordance with WHO ‘guidelines’ how deaths are coded, and it does not differentiate people dying WITH covid and people dying OF covid. Unless every suspected covid death were subjected to autopsy, the classification as-is is of uncertain diagnostic (medical) value, but, more nefariously, of considerable misinformation value to others.

        If the issue is of importance to you Andrew, I’d suggest you might readthis article.

      2. “with COVID-19 on the death certificate”

        Pfft! I rest my case.

    1. Yes, after the earlier nonsense on here about the virus, our friends seem to have a second wind. They seem unable to sort fact from fiction and speculation from evidence based theory. It isn’t helped of course by various actors coming to the public square, each with their own self serving angle on events, actions and planning for the future. As has been pointed out by expert opinion in various articles I have read, the danger of letting the virus rip through the population
      again is inviting another mutation that may be much more capable of dodging the antibodies created in people by the vaccine.

    2. Toffee
      No data on efficacy of masks, again at best it’s an educated guess, same as delaying 2nd jab
      It takes the average Joe precisely 10 seconds to contaminate them because we don’t know how to put them on properly, they are low grade at best of times
      Your flying blind bonnie lad

  6. Once our vulnerable were vaccinated we should have given our supplies to those in danger around the world
    Scientists are not splitting hairs here they are poles apart, the fact is we still know very little because of short time span of the epidemic and the refusal to release limited data by drugs companies
    No transparency, no declaration of interests
    Now the insanity of vaccinating children, there are some truly sick fucks out there with their snouts in the trough

    1. In the last 6 months, nearly 300 kids have committed suicide and about 5 times that have harmed themselves enough to be hospitalised.

      Stabbing them with unproven medical treatments is not the way forward.

      We need to unlock

  7. I have never been convinced of the evidence on offer with so much conflicting reports that the only thing I am convinced of is that there is a flu type virus and its being exploited.Some say theres no virus,but I I and my family have had the virus picked up by me and spread to my family.The German doctors here in Cambodia diagnosed CV 19 and we recovered with me lagging behind by a couple of weeks.ITs still far less of a problem than malaria,dengue fever and TB here and of course poverty.that are the main killers.We have been lucky enough to miss most of the problems including draconian measures that the UK and others have adopted.Yes we have road blocks testing and mask wearing which appears to stop locals from coughing up diseases that would drop an elephant in your face but on balance including a upsurge of nearly a thousand dead as to last year nil we are not going to get a vaccination when we have already recovered.from the virus.I have no longer any confidence after watching the parliament manipulate the virus and exploit for profit the mind and physical control of the UK.population.At least on here we see questioning and debate and that can be reassuringly positive because like I have continually said the conservative and unionist party are far more lethal than the virus.

  8. Why doesn’t Britain & EU gov’ts recognise Sputnik V as a bona vaccine; as efficient as any other? Western Politicians & MSM playing petty politics with the health of the world.

      1. Classic Reuters mis- and disinformation there steveh.

        Reads more like PR supporting the highly controversial experiemental mNRA products and demeaning SputnikV for being a conventional DNA adenovirus-centred product (saying it “gives’ people a cold (FFS!)). Moreover, everything it accused the Russian product of (untested on coronavirus, manufacturing data and use data gaps) is equally or more true with the eight western pharmaceutical products currently approved by the European Medicines Agency.

        Happily, in one market – S Korea – SputnikV had a much lower adverse reaction result than of the others it tested – and significantly less than the az product (which is so bad, President Biden refuses to allow any of it to be used on American citizens).

      2. qwertboi – Fortunately not everyone is as gullible as yourself.

      3. “Trust me, Wilbur. People are very gullible. They’ll believe anything they see in print.”

  9. I retired some 8 years ago. I had worked in Llanwern Steelworks & as a labourer on M5 motorway as well as working as an industrial painter, working with ‘red lead’ on bridges & pylons. I realised eventually, that heavy physical labour using dangerous chemicals will kill you so I went back to college; got some A levels; a Degree & a PGCE. I started working as a youth worker in inner city Liverpool but later became a lecturer, teaching a school & then FE Colleges.

    A job opportunity was advertised in an FE College to teach Film & Media Studies, as well as English. Any fool can teach Media Studies can’t they? I combined A level Media with A level Film & A level English Literature. Results were amazing as attendance; retention & results increased dramatically but I made a mistake. I introduced critical theory & encouraged students to question. We no longer made DVD or CD covers for our favourite band; we asked if it mattered who owned & controlled mainstream media. The A Level Film & Media Studies syllabus are a joke & eventually I was asked to take early retirement; I was too political. I wondered why representations of social class were excluded from the syllabus?

    Students in the 1960s & early 1970s were much more willing to challenge establishment ideologies; education was dangerous as were Universities. Today education is sanitised & single issue. Our culture is also sanitised, gone are the political protest songs as culture wars & identity politics divides us. Students are taught compliance, no platforming, observed in safe spaces, no questions.. All media is political as is education, but times have changed. Universities are private businesses only interested in making money @ £9K a time; encouraging more students from abroad to a curriculum specialising in skill training & written by captains of industry. Education is utilitarian & the revolution will not start in Schools; Colleges nor Universities. We live in interesting times, but not interesting enough.

    1. Life skills, money management and politics should be on the curriculum
      What they frightened of
      My last quibble is teachers who have never been out of education, are fine and dandy for academia but practically useless for anything else

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