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Former BMA deputy chair warns new NHS bill is ‘astonishing’ manoeuvre to allow Tories to reduce treatments and ‘finish the NHS’ (video)

Dr Kailash Chand is former deputy chair of the British Medical Association, an award-winning GP and a leading health campaigner. He has published a video warning the public that the Tories’ new Health and Care Bill – barely mentioned by the so-called ‘msm’ while they fill their pages and airtime with football coverage and personal political scandals – is a manoeuvre to end the NHS as we know it.

And to reduce treatment available to patients in the meantime:

The public needs to become aware – and to fight. As Chand warns, once the NHS is gone, it’s gone.

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    1. We can join the campaign groups eg East Sussex Save the NHS campaign or Defend the NHS etc. Evil happens when good people stay silent.

      1. Judy thurlow I along with unison set up the East Surrey NHS defence campaign.I was continually undermined by fellow councillors who shook their heads at what they described as my antics(filming mothballed wards and equipment at the East Surrey Hospital in my constituency were I was a Reigate councillor.Ejected from trust mtgs for protesting the bullying of staff by the trust chair..and demos organised and well attended including a few celebs.Inviting Laura moffatt Crawley E Sussex mp to oppose a merger of the two hospitals and finally after a few years Bliar had a landslide victory and it was celebrating all around till we found out the day after the landslide that the Trust’s would stay Dobson was relieved of being the Health minister and we started a stampede to mortgage our hospitals to the banksters with massively increasing PFI.I have seen our efforts continually undermined by the Labour party in the rush for a neo liberal alliance in parliament.Short of a miraculous appearance of a real Opposition party the future looks bleak for the working-class public who need a unique NHS that was a massive achievement of the Labour government after that horrible war.Power to your elbow judy but I wish you all the best.

  1. SECRET! The NHS efficiently vaccinated millions of people in the past few months & MSM gives the Tories the credit. NHS is ‘Socialism in Action’ but cannot be referred to as such & therefore must be destroyed.

    1. The response needs to be repeated ad nauseum it’s how we beat MSM and toilet papers
      The Vaccine programme is a huge success because you and your supporters have not been allowed to get your sticky fingers on it

  2. So next time we are ill, whether we live or die will ultimately be decided by the likes of Richard Branson and whether there’s profit in it,
    Moreover a large chunk of our tax money will go to shareholders who dont actually serve any practical purpose

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