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Trickett’s speech is a must-watch for those who want to understand how Tories are eviscerating and stealing our NHS (video)

“Profiteering from someone else’s ill health – ‘parasitic capitalism’ – is repulsive to most British people yet it is intrinsic to this Bill”

The Tories are busy forcing through a bill that the BMA and other health groups and campaigners say entrenches a US model into the NHS that will reward companies for not providing healthcare – yet the so-called ‘mainstream’ media are as good as ignoring it while our health service is stolen from us.

For anyone who is ignorant about what the bill means, Labour left MP Jon Trickett’s speech in the debate on the bill today is a must-watch – and a must-share so that people are aware of what the Tories are taking from them with no mandate and no scruples:

People need to hear what Trickett says, because they are hearing nothing clear from the ‘opposition leadership’, which has mostly agreed with the direction of travel driven by NHS boss Simon Stevens.

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    1. Yes, Richard, me too.
      Unfortunately, they already are – Financial institutions raking in annual payments under PFI – Contracted out cleaning services – Contracted out catering services – People being sent to private hospitals for routine operations because NHS theatres are overwhelmed – IT “services” contracted out to companies who produce programmes that can’t hack it (the AskMyGP service got closed down after a few months, how much did that cost us?).
      Not that I’m advocating giving up on it. It needs to be fought every step ofd the way.

  1. Sounds as though he would make a far, far better leader of the Labour Party than Keir Starmer who seems to have been strangely silent on this, as well as many other vital issues of prime importance to the majority.

    1. No
      We need a history maker to step forward, play to our future not our past
      We also need to clear out every last trace of Red Tories, so there it is going to get dirty but its been a long time coming

  2. The vast majority of the population want and need a NHS and are not in favour of the long term all party endeavours to destroy the NHS.IT doesn’t much matter whatever your vote is Labour or conservative the onward march of privatisation goes on with little fight back even by past Labour government.Tony Blair was brilliant at funding the NHS but used PFI I to finance and put the NHS into debt and having to run as a Bussiness.Saving the NHS whichever government is in power seems to be near impossible especially after Blair kept the tory “trust” business model after the landslide win in 97.The private educated and private medicine freaks that we elect are a symptom of the middle class Labour party that gave away sixty seat to the Torys.The Labour party especially seems to have no “connect” between Mps and their councils and CLPs with their councillors,.Policy must reflect the aspirations of the members,but it certainly doesn’t looking back at the Labour government that we helped to elect.There’s a brilliant and thought provoking article in the morning star covering Labours red wall and the price Labour has paid for ignoring the working class heartlands that will never come back to Labour.The state of the NHS is a sad 😢 reflection of the state of the Labour party and its past government.Trickett is correct but he and his minority socialists are basically pissing in the wind until they jump a sinking ship and form a credible alternative to the Labour party.Conference will be the last for the working-class movement of the Labour party.

    1. Joseph, I was out on Wednesday handing out leaflets and awareness raising in a local city centre and people are now much more engaged with the Tory asset stripping of our NHS than they have been. I spoke to one young man, who told me he also campaigned for the NHS.

      I asked what it was he did and he told me he was a member of the Labour party. I asked what local campaigns they ran. “None, it’s not worth it” (I knew that). On 3rd July, members of Unite Community organised a march from our local hospital and a rally in this same shopping area to mark the 73rd anniversary of our NHS. The local CLP did not engage with it. The MP for the area was invited and did attend, but stood on the side with a face like a smacked arse and did not speak in support. Two other MPs were also in attendance, only one addressed the crowd.

      I asked, have you spoken to your MP? “No, it’s not worth it, there’s nothing we can do, they are all bought and paid for”.

      So I asked, you don’t campaign, you have no faith in your MP, why are you in the Labour party? “I don’t know, I’ve been asking myself the same thing.

      I had to walk away, shaking my head in despair.

      1. Apparently, the Labour Party are trying to flog lapel badges, using a combination of the NHS logo and the Red Rose.

        None of the money collected is ear-marked for donation to the NHS.

        Reminds me of Del Boy and Rodney – you plonker – flogging ‘knock-offs’, down Peckham market.

      2. Sorry, George, I misread your comment as ” … the NHS logo and the Red Nose.”
        Actually, that might have been a more appropriate badge.

      3. Nemtoma….good on you for trying to alert the public regarding the NHS defence.I know how soul destroying campaigning on your own can be especially if the constituency party are not Switched on .My last campaign when I was into my old age was campaigning against rail privatisation in the heart of the London commuter belt.At 5 30 am on a cold January back to work after the Xmass break I found the tory voting commuters to Victoria,London bridge especially supportive and were sick and tired of crappy services and fare rises from the private sector.OF course the old Bill decided to harrass me but a couple of young ladys stepped in to bolster my support and like me demanded the right to inform the commuters on Public proprty…not private..The fact that a old man has to do that is shameful even if we lived in true blue commuter belt…NHS campaign in the ninteys .I took two reporters from the Surrey mirror around mothballed wards telling security I was from the council(true)but not as we know it ,the photos made the front page and the chairman of the trust contacted the council and the group leader…nothing new there just more calls for sanctions against fellow Labour councillors…payback for not supporting a lib \lab pact on Reigate and Banstead council.and even tried bringing the Labour party into disrepute was a regular feature when I disappeared on my travels around the world.No Nemtona I finaly give up on the Labour party,but I did try and I was always an activist before a suit and briefcase Labour councillor.Ps my comrades on the council never got any of their charges to stick.

  3. The Crying shame is that Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories are NO DIFFERENT on their stance nor history of stripping the NHS bare! If the ‘Tricketts’ of The UK Labour Party start Acknowledging the Two Polar Opposite Party issue within “Labour” we might as well wave goodbye to the NHS! There will be no resistance from The Neolabour Party Tories to prevent the sell out of the NHS! Sure they will say the words the ears want to hear and might even say something in opposition to the Conservative Tories, in Parliament, but that is purely for the ears! Joe Biden did not tell USA Democrat voters that he would greenlight fossil fuel permits at the highest rate since George W. Bush was president, surpassing the rates of both Trump and Obama! And exactly that goes for those Neoliberal SO CALLED “Left Leaning” Neolabour Party Tories, What they SAY is NOT what they DO! Until that is Acknowledged, Highlighted and Dealt With, the NHS will be at Risk no matter which Party The Elites decide to take the next GE!

  4. The standard technique of privatization:

    1. Defund

    2. Make sure things don’t work.

    3. People get angry and demand changes.

    4. Hand it over to private capital.

    Noam Chomsky

  5. I think we’re getting a pretty clear picture of why the Govt doesn’t want to give nurses that 15% pay rise.

    Those US corporations would get cold feet PDQ!

    1. Rt reporting that the NHS has been ripped off by big pharma to a staggering amount.They have been fined and are now back in the game of plundering the NHS and,nations for their corperate empires.How can convicted fraudsters be allowed in by any government unless that government is on the “Take” as well.

  6. Profiteering during a national crises now what’s the punishment for that
    Why not simply say any private provision will be brought back into public ownership for a token payment by a Socialist Labour Government
    Then see what happens because I really can’t see how they can defend selling it in first place
    The fall back position would be make it from the day of the announcement and say we will take historic privatisations on a case by case basis depending on how much the NHS has been ripped off

  7. Forty years ago I had root canal treatment at the Leeds Dental school training centre – a bright welcoming and successful treatment at no charge. Recently, my pay-for dentist was unable to carry out a double molar exraction and suggested using the Eastman Dental school in central London – frankly the building was awful, the treatment poor and could only be compared to a workhouse. The students of course had no control of the environment, supplies or furniture. At reception I was encouraged to send feedback but the calls were never responded to. The thought that came to mind was this is a place where the poor come for punishment. Once the public service funding is restricted, deliberately, the whole notion of social benefit, or society as Thatcher commented, there’s no such thing.

  8. So next time we are ill, whether we live or die will ultimately be decided by the likes of Richard Branson and whether there’s profit in it,
    Moreover a large chunk of our tax money will go to shareholders who dont actually serve any practical purpose

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