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SAGE advice shows Tories warned of risks of allowing rampant C19 spread in schools – vaccines or no vaccines

Rise of new variants and difficulty in identifying them are among dangers listed by government’s scientific experts

The latest release of information by the government’s Scientific Advisory Group (SAGE) on the coronavirus pandemic has revealed that the Tories were warned of the serious dangers of allowing the virus to spread again – and that these risks exist regardless of the effectiveness of any vaccination programme.

The latest data have revealed exponential growth of infections in and from schools, as the latest ‘Independent SAGE’ committee briefing shows:

And while older children currently have the highest levels of infection, the fastest rate of growth is among primary-age children. Neither group is currently eligible for vaccinations.

And the Tories were warned by their own scientists that the success of the vaccination programme did not remove the serious risks of allowing the virus:

SAGE told the government that allowing infection numbers to rise would:

  • increase the risk of new and more resistant variants emerging
  • make identifying such new variants far more difficult
  • allow new variants to spread faster
  • make reducing infection numbers, when new ‘variants of concern’ do emerge, far more difficult
  • increase the resulting societal and economic damage when it again becomes necessary to reduce the prevalence of infection
  • put the NHS at renewed risk of collapse

These risks are serious enough, but complications such as ‘long COVID’ and increased risk of diabetes after infection, along with the still-unknown long-term health impacts, make the situation even worse – and even more so when it is our nation’s children who are being put in the firing line by the Tories’ determination to shred protective measures so far and to do so even further in a couple of weeks’ time.

Skwawkbox view:

As Skwawkbox has stated many times, the Tories should be in the dock, not in Downing Street. Now they are pursuing ‘herd immunity‘ through the classroom and gambling with the lives, health and future of our children.

And as usual, Labour is showing no signs of opposition.

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    1. Keir Starmer’s opposition to Boris’s recklessness has been the lead news item on BBC World Service throughput the night.

      1. “Schools should be open, no ifs, no buts.” – I recall hearing someone make this comment last August.
        What do we have here? Someone who learns from massive mistakes? Someone who is totally opportunistic and will say whatever it is thought that people want to hear? Or someone who is a model of inconsistency?
        Answers on the back of the next person kicked out iof the LP for wanting to talk about politics.

      2. “Starmer’s opposition to Boris’s recklessness has been the lead news item on BBC World Service throughput the night.”

        Proof – were it needed – that the BBC has its own agenda – and it thinks that the GloboCap ‘B Team’ might be called-upon to preserve and promote the deep-state US neoliberal agenda sooner than we thought , or is benefiting fom an establishment re-branding exercise now that the vile Jeremy Corbyn and his hard-left corbynistas are back in their box.

        Remember, this is the same BBC that misrepresented Corbyn’s wonderful pro-Palestnian Rights as Anti-Semitism; who see Labour’s 2017 and ’19 Mmanifestos as dangerously anti-capitalist and coronavirus as a national catastrophe and threat.

      3. Ah, the good ol’ BBC. Bullshitting the native audience.

        Bullshitting the rest of the planet.

        That’s when they’re not noncing children wholsale, and extorting money with threats from the legally licence free…

      4. I havnt seen anything of your slithering knight on the world service Steve H?.But you do seem to be on a different planet to most people.Hiding behind many aliases to boost your comments and claiming all sorts of propoganda on the centrist Dad davidh,sh ..the list is endless like your slithering knight and the lies you lot push out.

    1. Paul, how many millions so far?? Last year ‘flu practicaly disappeared as a cause of death, the average age of death when covid was cited is 82.5 and 2020 had the nine-lowest total (UK) death rate for-far this century.

      I think you need to investigate further and question the covid narrative a bit more.

      1. So your stating that flue cases were low during the pandemic, most educated people would be led to assume that the lock down with other measures created this. Corona virus is 10-20 times more infectious than the flue also the take up of flue vaccines was the highest on record.

      2. steve hilling – ‘flu kills between 2 – 4.5 of (mostly senior) citizens in the UK every year since 1968 (has been above this on two years), last year (2020) it was 0.007%(meaning there are nearly as many bilionaires as people whose death was caused by the flu last year)), so if the economic shutdown, lockdowns and mask wearing were responsible, fantastic – but I suspect the (CPR) case-testing and CoD classification more, notleast because the total deaths number (TDR) for 2020 is in the lowest quartile if we measure TDRs since Mrs. T firs became PM (1979).

    2. Meanwhile over 1,007,000 are injured and 1400+ from vaccinations in the UK alone

      We all know the media lies, yet with covid they are telling the truth.

      Seems to me like they are operating Bill Gates’ zero carbon solution.

      1. Quoting government stats like they are to be believed.

        Boris the documented liars government…

        I do hope you’ve had both vaccines Centrist Dad, I really do.

      2. NVLA – Don’t concern yourself I had my second Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in early April, and I had Covid-19 at the beginning of Oct20.

  1. Purported ‘case’ numbers are fraudulent. Do catch up!

    On useless facemasks, here in the UK, we finally get rid of them on 19/07/2021, so scientifically nothing will change. Viruses will continue to travel freely, as ever, but we don’t need to bow and scrape before an onerous system of ascending £fines, scare each other to bits, wear bits of paper and cloth out of ignorance, through fake courtesy to others, or attack people for no reason for not wearing them.

    Good news and sanity will be allowed to descend at last. Yes, the Tories should be in the dock, along with their psychopathic, global handlers. I agree with that of course.

    1. Face masks have their part to play in keeping infections down, but only alongside other measures.

      1. Actually, no. Try not to deny settled science. It may make you feel a part of the crowd but fashions are forced to change as welcome reality gets ushered in. Thanks.

      2. Yes, social distancing, extended lockdowns and regular vaccination. We know.

      3. Actually yes.

        Tell us, Paul, do you sneeze openly in the presence of company, or do you do them ‘the courtesy’ of covering your muzzle?

        Facemasks are of the same basic principle of trapping the virus, or at least hindering it’s spread and proliferation via infection.

      4. for Toffee (597)

        Actually No – Even if SARS-CoV-2 is as large as the largest coronavirus know to man (we identified its possibleexistence in 1928) and is between 50 nm to 140 nm diameter and from 9 to 12 nm length, a cloth or plastic mask is of NO protective value and simply changes nasal-passage and oesophageal bacteria in wearers and severely impairs T and B cell imnunotherapy.

        Wearing a mask for longer than about 6 minutes a day is harmful to your health. Please stop doing it!

      5. Enjoy it while it lasts.

        Public Health England are reportedly giving the heads-up to dentists to prepare for Oct – March lockdown season (as they did this time last year, accurately, as it turned out)

      6. John Thatcher

        Handkerchiefs have their part to play in keeping infections down, too, like they have for hundreds of years. They don’t make for such an obvious sign of submission, though, so you don’t hear anyone calling for hankies to make a comeback!

    2. For Toffee, SteveH and whoever…

      Answers can be found here inside 42 historical, peer-reviewed scientific studies, all undertaken before the government and media endorsed hysteria descended, and all confirming to varying degrees that all paper and cloth masks are ineffective against all viruses:

    3. Toffs, I cover my nose and mouth to stop snot and phlegm flying. Even when I’m sat in the front row of the Wirral Council Chamber public gallery. It’s an instinctive courtesy.

      As for my deadly viruses, they escape through my fingers and above and beneath my hand, similar to the way they flow through and around your paper / cloth mask.

      If I make a perfect, hermetic seal around my nose and mouth I tend to fart instead.

  2. It may be a good idea if we restricted our comments regarding Covid to the way politicians and “business” seek to deal with the situation, and in whose interests.
    Unless, of course, some of the contributors are virologists or epidemiologists, in which case could I ask contributors to state clearly their field of expertise. I know one former virologist and, though I have learned a lot about this subject from her because of Covid, I still have nowhere near the level of understanding to be prepared to offer a view on the subject.

    1. Ask your virological buddy about why the world has locked down for a survival rate of 99+% and then ask them why, unlike every other time something new appears, why doctors are not allowed to use older medicines such as HCQ and ivermectin.

      Now I ain’t an expert, but I’m quite good at noticing suspicious activities. Is it possible that big pharma doesn’t want cheap.pattern drugs used when there are more expensive options? And what about event 201? That’s a pandemic exercise to illustrate preparedness efforts. Event 201, The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York.

      This shit happens with suspicious terrorist attacks…

      1. HCQ & Ivermectin aren’t patented. Therefore they can’t possibly (be seen to) work. Trump did their use a grave disservice by opening his mouth about them after his remarks on using bleach had already made him a laughing stock.

      2. timfrom “HCQ & Ivermectin aren’t patented. Therefore they can’t possibly (be seen to) work..”

        Really timfrom|? REALLY??

        Only patented medicines (which are, by definition, phaarmaceutical) have any medical efficacy?? That is a dangerous and anti-scientific opinion which even the 13 pharmceutical corporations which have a turnover larger than Belgium’ and Agentina’s combined GDP and the massive army of allopathic doctors cannot claim?

        If you stop absorbing (for example) any of the eight B vits you will be demented, arthritic and commatose or at least catatonc (and if older than about 50 yo, dead) within 4 months. Your proposition is not true.

      3. Thank you, Goldbach.

        Quertboi, read it again, particularly the crucial “be seen to” bit in brackets.

      4. I am told that both Ivermectin and Vitamin D act as reasonably effective prophilactics, and that they can be produced in massive quantities very cheaply. I am also told that an extensive study of the effects of VitD is about to be published and shows a significant correlation with lower hospitalisations. Ivermectin, it seems, has a similar effect. I will ask if there is a peer reviewed study on this one, and confirm or otherwise.
        “timfrom” is right. The reluctance of governments and the WHO to recommend Ivermectin (and VitD) is almost certainly connected to the fact that they are both generic drugs, and can be produced without generating huge profits. It seems that a small number of countries are using Ivermectin and that the Irish Govt. is recommending the use of VitD.
        Regarding whether the removal of restrictions in the UK is wise or not – who knows?
        We will find out by the end of August. If it turns out well, I would expect the government’s approval rating to go up again.

      5. qwertboi – I think that you have taken “timfrom”s contribution literally whereas I read it to mean the exact opposite.

  3. We KNOW the way politicians are dealing with the matter.

    Prolong the virus’ ability to transmit as unhindered as possible in order to put unnecessary strain on the already on-its-knees NHS in the hope it becomes terminal to it.

    It will be evident once the next mutation appears and the government – once again – do far too little, and far too late.

    We KNOW who’s interest they act ffs… As if the contracts abomination wasn’t already clear.

    As for the so-called ‘experts’ … So much for them spewing their extremely well renumerated positions if the government (who put them there) failed to listen to them.

    Experts like harries who thought capacity crowds were harmless, and said there was no evidence for transmission proliferating in schools…

    1. Toffee. What strain? My local hospital was empty all last summer. Local woman got nicked for filming it…

      Your NHS theory doesn’t take into account other western countries doing the same as the UK.

      By 2030 “You will have nothing and be happy” How do you think that’s going to come about? What’s going to cause such a massive change in habits?

  4. so you don’t hear anyone calling for hankies to make a comeback!

    Didn’t know they went away! I don’t hear of the likes of Kleenex going to the wall through lack of custom ..

  5. That said… I did hear something about Kleenex sales skyrocketing the day stammer was elected leader…

    Wee stevie after a knighthood for services to the paper products industry, perhaps?

  6. HCQ and ivermectin work very well in reducing covid’s fatality. (Wel, for some f the vulnerable: aged and those with co-morbidities, but not for those with auto-immune conditions). Fnctional medicine and orthomolecular doctors are using it extensivly, especially utside UK and USA).

    Vit D, zinc, b vits and buteyyko-type breathing. They even proteect the highly-vulnerable.

  7. Something to mull over;

    “On 8 September, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned of a deadly condition that is likely to kill around 11 million people worldwide every year. This includes 2.9 million deaths among children, most of which are preventable. Given these awful projections, it is surely clear that urgent action is needed: social distancing; facemasks; lockdowns; unprecedented investment in vaccine development.”

    But that wouldn’t address the problem, because they’re talking about sepsis…

    A speech at Davos 2020, refers to “hackable animals” and implores attendees to use this technology before “the rats”

    Who are the animals, and who are the rats?

  8. Covid19 is with us, its not a matter of whether you get it but when and how often, a bit like a SteveH apology for Temporary Embarrassment
    Its not nice, fairly disgusting in fact but its not going to kill you

    1. Yes Doug ‘Covid19 is with us,…’ – so is the biosecurity state and the “new normal” that benefits no-one and nothing other than the billionaires, monopolistic globalism and a new type of authoritarian liberalism (much loved ad promoted by neoliberals like Clnton, Blair, Starmer and the Trilateral Commission).

  9. Worth noting that SAGE is advised by a sub-group of behavioural scientists, health and social psychologists, anthropologists and historians.
    They’re all ‘experts’.

    1. Also worth looking at who fund these people (conflict of interest).

      Investors in the Anstra-Zeneca “non-profit” medical experiment, include Google, Wellcome Trust, Deutche Bank and the UK government (who are actually set to make a lot of profit)

  10. In the history of humanity how many variants have managed to wipe us out and more importantly why not

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