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Leadbeater’s campaign leaflet does not mention Labour

Unpopular party tries to hide

As voters go to the polls in today’s Batley and Spen by-election, a snap has emerged of Labour candidate Kim Leadbeater’s campaign leaflet. Well, she is Labour’s candidate – but you’d be hard-pressed to know that from the leaflet itself:

Image: LabourList

As far as can be made out from the image, Labour is not mentioned at all – except perhaps in tiny text so small it is unreadable in the image:

It seems the party is afraid of its unpopularity and that of its leader and is trying to make this campaign all about the individual – which might work better with an individual who didn’t say in an interview recently that voters would only know what ‘position’ she is taking on issues after the election is over:

It would also probably help if the issues raised by the leaflet – road safety, cleaner streets etc – weren’t more suited to a local council election than a parliamentary one.

Labour, like most people, thinks it has almost no chance in Batley and Spen today, despite fighting a smear-based and potentially illegal campaign to try to shore up its vote. We’ll know in half a day or so whether they’re right.

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    1. apologies. i should have posted that two days ago. i’m unsure if once chosen by starmar, she gave him a taste of his own medicine ie her own treacherous nature. or she saw the obvious that sir keith is a concentrated vote loser. or starmer himself advised her that since the electorate are repelled by him and all he sits on every fence for, he issued mandelson’s instruction from their foreign controllers to distance herself as much as possible from vote rubber sir captain hindsight rodders. no birdies to disclose yet. who knows, could be all three.

    2. the clearheaded and wise wanna be uk residents also had several alternative countries from which to choose throughout a vast area of diverse landscapes, climates, vegetation, languages, peoples, foods, music etc. yet these sensible 5.65 million good people listened to the sensible arguments and also to the ongoing drivel of the doom mongers. they chose the uk. i welcome them. all decent people do.

      decent people respect democracy. they don’t keep on embarrassing themselves needlessly. confirm votes? every decent person detests starmer and his saboteur coup plotters. he deceived his way with the help of those who withheld the forde report. has anyone called to re run the vote? no! or ge2019? no! hartlepool by-election? no! batley & spen? no? hundreds of labour councils lost? no! chesham & amersham? no! why then the brexit referendum? it’s nothing but arrogant shame.

      i got rayner wrong or certainly sensed when she changed. and i never expected jeremy’s dismal pathetic craven pursuit of the “love” of “them”. or “doing everything they asked” as john mcdonnell whined like a soaked stray cat. or jeremy finding twatson & mcnicol deserving of peerages. i was crushingly wrong. it still pains intensely as people can tell. but we all make mistakes. the non “stupid” attitude is to admit that and progress, not squander one’s knowledge, intelligence and time defending the indefensible, the useless and the worse than useless.

      we should use our energies and independent thought to find solutions. that way is success. take hints. if mandelson’s blair arsetair campbellend hodge starmer say go right, it’s not rocket science to go left. what does it say of the judgement of those who are challenged by a basic like that

    3. How long has she been in the party. Does she pay subs? I know about the tragedy but that shouldn’t stop people asking questions. This was a clever move by Max Headroom. What has she done to improve the lot of the working class. Positions on M.E, Guido and Palestine. From her posters, glad hand interviews, and refusal to debate, she seems almost imbecilic. Is it true that she was requested to leave people’s doorsteps several times?

      1. Wobbly – Kim was a member of the Labour Party prior to taking up her role at the Jo Cox Foundation that was set up in her sister’s memory,

  1. WOW! She already speaks fluent Luntzspeak, must be a prerequisite! I wonder if her Campaign was based on the least understood Corbyn/McDonnell Manifesto Points on Repeat, there are actually a a great many Great British Money Trees Leadbeater, only your Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories won’t go and fetch them back, because they probably own several of them! From Switzerland to Guernsey to The Bahamas to Kansas, Forests of THE PEOPLES Tax Money Parked by Mil/Billionaires dodging their Full/Tax Payments! Forests even Jungles I tell you! There is More Great British Money Trees than one Government can spend in a lifetime! We could be leading the World in Education, Medicine/Health and Care, Further Education, 0 Poverty, 0 Unemployment, 0 Homeless, Free First Class Public Transport and Internet, Free Child Care, Highest Minimum Living Wage in the World, on and on and on and on! All we need to do is bring our Forests home to THE PEOPLE! Like John and Jeremy would have, quite possibly on board 0 Emission Great British e-Cargo Ships!

    1. It really is true to form for right wing people to repeat like parrots and never take the trouble to find out the truth before opening their mouths.

      The Money Tree is the Bank of England, where did she think Brown bailed the banking system from, and where did Johnson get all those billions to feed his mates from, oh that’s right the BofE Money Tree.

      She along with the rest of her ilk do not deserve to represent Labour, they just aren’t qualified enough.

      1. Yup, BoE is the Mother of all Great British Money Trees, I have a feeling there would have been a bit of trouble for John and Jeremy to get their hands on the Johnson amounts. Then, we expected that, just like the Secret Services and Military would have been damned nightmare to work with for Jeremy, PM or no PM. There are a very small number of Elitist Old money Types who I think will soon be exposed for their weakness and the weakening of The PEOPLE, their greatest source of money, a Nation of Paupers can’t spend a fat lot!
        The 3 Stooges USA, Israel and UK are adamant on War with Russia, China and Iran, I have a bad feeling that they are going to get their Butts spanked! They might still have the reserves to spend on Warcraft, but the world is far more switched on today and they are still stuck in the Colonial/Piracy/Plundering age! How many times has History shown us that Might and Size are not necessary an advantage in war!

    2. You forgot to add that they also own the meat rack franchise although one could argue that it goes across the benches and Al the way to another place.

  2. I hope kim leadbeater is NOT elected an mp, on the basis of her interview by Owen Jones alone, never mind all her other failings!

  3. Quite appropriate that she is a “big brother” nikki graeme look a like
    “I’m sooo cold”
    Yes, yes you are and so is the rest of Blus Labour

    1. Wee stevie… Yes or no.

      Would YOU vote leadbetter if you was eligible?

      1. Toffee – Yes, of course I would, she’s by far the best candidate and she’s Labour. .

  4. I note she doesn’t wear a red rosette either, if she doesn’t want to present herself as Labour why is she its candidate. Sadly its all too obvious and why we need real Labour politicians not excuses for one.

      1. Well that leaflet can’t be described as red…

  5. Nothing to worry about for New New Labour, their strategy appears to be working, not staying anything of note is sound tactics. The Tories are, on William Hill, 2/13 New New Labour 5/1. I’m sure all the Blairites will be snapping up those odds.

    1. Galloway is 64/1. That’s worth a fiver.

      Putting my sensible cap on, the Tories will win. People are fed up with their labour council (Tory spending shenanigans doesn’t help, granted).

      Only a fool would lend the charlatan known as Leadbeater their vote.

      Galloway needs to win. Not because George, but because it’ll terrify both red and blue. Blue need another loss, red deserves nothing less.

    2. joseph, hope u r well. there’s so much to b sad about. eg at the v beginning i saw rayner had obvious leadership qualities. eg she’s not a quitter as howard beckett has proven to be. such a tragedy that status quo guard-rats and pigs saw that. they invested in her thick makeover etc and she repays them with her soul.

      thing is, what do we do to develop future collective leaderships? to suggest we need to be ready for anything, years ago was met with sharp disapproval by “those who hog ‘left’ control. such is the weird cultish amateurism. if change was impossible it wouldn’t be painful. but change is very possible. history proves that.

      when adults actively decry professionalism and discipline, we have a crucial problem. when they prioritise academic arguments about terms and definitions instead of addressing basic deficiencies , we have a bigger problem. when adults feel we should repeat motions and reviews and threats and join hundreds of virtuous hobby horses with zero change, as if intentions trumps bringing intentions to life, then we have a terminal problem. even worse is, instead of humbly learning from the active visible tenacity of marcus rashford, he is sneered at. what would hungry children choose, intermittent words “sixteen months” apart via a few words in some outlet few have even heard of, or a footballer who without fancy terms and romantic flourish actually achieves what he set out to do?

      the many pay the price for a collective failure on the ‘left’ and the self-satisfied ‘left’ carry on as if they need not improve. that’s the crucial bad. union and left bigwigs are extremely ok. they don’t suffer in any material way. how could good people have such effective enduring disregard for those they are meant to serve?

      mcdonnell said “if starmar restores the whip to jeremy, he would be back in a flash.” what does that tell you? back to do what exactly? to enable those who made it clear they “work night and day to undermine” u and all u stand for? why? why recommend tom watson of all people for a peerage? and mcniccol? and p.s. if i were julian assange in belmarsh, i’d refuse to meet anyone who have easy access to public platforms via elected office, utter a few words fifteen … sixteen months apart to effectively no one, but turns up to visit me. for what? to say sweet nothing about how much they care? how sorry they are? what justice they are enduring? what for?

      i’m at a loss. more so no one else interrogates these burning questions. we all make errors but to repeat them over and over? where’s the tangible dignity, integrity, decency nor anything respectable or admirable in that?… especially when all of that largess is denied devoted friends, supporters and strangers… come to that, chris williamson used to be one of the few taking the time to defend jeremy on the msm. yet since his expulsion i’ve not heard him once. i expect he’s now speaking to his usual bunker mates with whom he and we already agree.

      how is it that rayner, even b4 she sold what’s left of her soul, was out and about? she impressed me greatly then. and now on the wrong side with the sulphurous worms, rayner gets her manoeuvres off while our scg lot . . . ? ? ?
      can anyone guess who they are? where are they? what are they doing to rescue the party? achieved anything?
      hopefully the one person i rate now, is preparing thoroughly. we don’t need crowds and rabbles spouting extravagantly romanticised gobbledegook. nor do we need an embarrassingly unfocused smorgasbord.
      seek first the basics, and all the rest will fall in line.

      “strike while the iron is hot” indeed. choose only can do people or u will be drained by defeatism and constant noisy useless timorousness presented as “strategy”. from the get go, that type must have no place in any positive collective. they are part of the problem. they are the status quo but fail to notice. blinded by their smartness.

  6. Still waiting, little fella…

    A simple question; but yet another one you won’t commit to.

    Although in the extremely unlikely event leadbetter wins, you’ll be squealing to us all about the virtues of your beloved stammerism and how you kept your own counsel because you wanted us all to look ‘silly’ once the result was known , or other such tripe.

    Fraudulent wee shite that y’are.

  7. SteveH01/07/2021 AT 7:09 PM
    Toffee โ€“ Yes, of course I would, sheโ€™s by far the best candidate and sheโ€™s Labour.

    Fair enuff.

    You describe yourself as a socialist.

    So tell us, Wee stevie socialist, what socialist policies you’ve heard straight from leadbetter’s mush, will have convinced to to vote for her?


    1. Toffee – “You describe yourself as a socialist.”

      Have I ever said that?

      1. Yes. Yes you have.

        Ask everyone else that same question before you ask me for proof.

        Or are you now denying your socialist leanings?

        In which case, what the fuck are you playing at, being a member of a party you describe as ‘democratic socialist’?

        Or even ‘social democratic’, if you like. Same difference. Both tantamount to the same thing (see what I did there?)

        Let’s hear it, clever fella…

      2. Toffee – “Yes. Yes you have.”

        No, No i haven’t
        You are welcome to try and prove otherwise.

    2. Still no qualification to your answer.

      So let’s see if you’ll give a detailed answer to this question.??

      You describe yourself as a social democrat.

      So, do tell us:- By what democratic process led to leadbetter being the candidate; considering she didn’t meet the eligibility criteria?

      You’re the stickler for the rules (when it suits). So you surely must be capable of one of your snartarsed answers.

      And while she may well be ‘labour’ – She wasn’t just a few weeks back…

      1. Toffee – That’s easy, the same process that allowed Selma Yaqoob onto the candidate list for mayor during Corbyn’s tenure. You should read the rule book before making these silly pronouncements..

      2. Nothing silly about it, and I disagree with yaqoobs candidacy too, especiallyf it was under the same circumstances.

        But you obvioysltbonlybthinkbitvapplies to yaqoob and not leadbetter.

        It’s all to evident that not only have you renounced your previous claim to being socialist – You now have conflicting opinions as to what democracy actually is.

        Therefore your claim to being democratic is as fucking risible as your previous socialist claims.

        You are neither socialist (By your own admission) nor democratic (by your own logic).

        You ARE however, a politically promiscuous pissant.

        No doubt in a few weeks time you’ll deny you ever asked that question. Hard shit, I’ve bookmarked it for further reference to your hypocritical gobshitery.

        Unlucky plums ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰

      3. But you obvioysltbonlybthinkbitvapplies to yaqoob and not leadbetter

        Bloody phone keyboard is tiny. Was meant to read:

        ‘But you obviously only think it applies to yaqoob and not leadbetter’

      4. Toffee – WTF are you wittering on about.
        I suggest you read
        2020 Rule Book Chapter 5, Clause I,.General rules for selections for public office
        you will find it is liberally peppered with “Any exceptions to this must be approved by the NEC.”. Or in other words anything goes as long as it is approved by the NEC.

      5. Keir Starmer has actually achieved more on democratising than Corbyn did throughout his tenure.


        Nowt wrong with sacking MPs if they vote against a one linevwhip to abstain

        Or expelling MPs for highlighting the palestinians’ plight.

        Or preventing/suspending CLPs if they hold NC votes in him.

        Or imposing candidates for mayoral positions

        Oh DO feel free to stop me and point out where I’ve got it wrong, won’t you?

        And don’t bother with comparisons to Corbyns tenure; you’re the one making the ridiculous claim that stammers brought democracy to the party..

  8. I hope they have someone chained to that Ballot Box! If either Tory wins someone should do a Freedom of Info request for the Returning Officer’s Traffic Route Police Tracking CCTV, wouldn’t it be great if we could catch the bastards red handed! Anyone in Batley and Spen free to follow that ve-hicle to the counting centre?

      1. skellyknelly – If you had I wouldn’t have felt the need to ask.

      2. skellyknelly – Only if you don’t answer the question.

      3. No, The USA have several measures in place to prevent Corruption and Fraud.
        1. Your Ballot is digitally scanned before you drop it in the Box.
        2. Parties can appoint silent Watchers for the entire Day.
        3. Bipartisan Teams take the box/s all the way to the Board of Elections.
        4. The Board of Elections then uses a Memory Card to run the Data onto a Computer, that is secure and disconnected from the Internet, they will then post the data result onto their State’s Website.
        So there is no way really for Fraudulent Corruption unless there is a Fifth Column in controls of both Parties Entirely. They might have Majorities, but there are enough resistance on both sides to ensure Bipartisan means Bipartisan.

      4. I do. The evidence is out there to confirm it. Voting machines that are supposed to have no internet access yet they do. Arrange shenanigans in German data centres, the numbers changing in real time on TV, the suspicious trundling in of ballots in the early hours.

        Scottish referendum was similarly knobbled. The evidence is out there if you look.

        Your political stance is irrelevant. Any indication of fraud or manipulation is a bad thing for everyone.

        For the record, I think Trump is a shit. But he is a symptom, not the disease. How Creepy Joe the dementia paedo was the better choice…

        Well, the only logical conclusion is paedos are easy to control…explains why so many inhabit the corridors of power.

      5. NVLA – “The evidence is out there if you look.”

        I suppose that depends on how gullible are.

      6. USA has not had a Choice other than The Nutcase or The Nutcase, since Thatcher/Reagan re-concocted Neoliberalism.
        About the Machines and such a simple bipartisan method being corrupted, I wonder if those allegations were by MSM reporting or actual evidence, I can’t recall seeing anything, post thorough investigation, on those allegations. I’m sure the Trump’s, Fox/Murdoch’s of this would would not let that go quietly, if there were any truth to it and it certainly would not have disappeared overnight!

      7. If I was George Galloway I would request a freedom of information Traffic CCTV tracking of the Returning Officer’s Cars Poll Stations to Count Centre. Our system is so archaic and easily corruptible.

      8. If I was George Galloway I would request a freedom of information Traffic CCTV tracking of the Returning Officerโ€™s Cars Poll Stations to Count Centre. Our system is so archaic and easily corruptible.

  9. Since comments are closed on the next chat I’ll comment here.
    “Keir Starmer has actually achieved more on democratising than Corbyn did throughout his tenure.”
    The sun shone today, I have just finished a beautiful cup of coffee, and now SteveH has provided me with the best laugh I’ve had for weeks.
    Will tomorrow beat that.

    1. You are more than welcome to explain what changes Jeremy made to democratise the party.

      1. i’m glad starmer & other parasites r equally enthralled ฤ social media din.
        they too confuse short attention span facetwitting in silos as persuasion and widespread public opinion.
        funny too that such r the same type who tell the electorate they r “stupid” or the education system is “dumbed down”. how odd is that? “confirmation bias” as lundiel correctly analyses. important to say we r all susceptible to “confirmation bias”. it sometimes the key to survival. wisdom is being vigilant re our reasoning and conclusions. jack t is not a bad person. few people r bad… max only 1.6% of people … even including mandelson, berger, straw, hodge and starmer and parasites. with creatures that’s a different matter, so am insure how many blair creatures exist ie needlessly loving mass deaths and spectacular destruction eg iraq. the creature gets a kick out of being with the filthy rich and causing the deaths of millions.

        but back to point… dim witted foreskin starmer wasted double the millions as their blue rosetted chumsย on facebook noise. still, limitless funds from dodgy entities aside, let’s see what the object of steveh davidh david hall sh’s adoration – starmer – gets for those millions. mandelson bliar hodge et al’s choice starmer is steveh’s tool to serve.
        hey sh boy! spin spin spin your dip stick starmer. hartlepool always labour – dumped (jeremy won twice). batley & spen 622 votes, lost ยฃ10,000 deposit, 1.6% votes share… worst ever labour by-election defeat. ( jeremy led over 11,000 votes). hundreds of councils held by jeremy leadership, erased by rubber sir starmer… scotland lost by margaret thatcher’s blair & followers, but sir keith starmer captain hindsight mr remain, reaches the crevices of repeated defeats even bliar did not manage.

        it must be repeated. with all the ingredients even inteligent people drone on about their power, tons of money, main stream media wall to wall support which jeremy did not get… he got the extreme opposite. the vilest lies of every type and amplification of the most ancient bits of twaddle yet achieved all the above wins until he sacrificed everything to mr remain starmer, twatson and selfservers. still starmer had the trilaterals the bilderbergs jack t’s obsession the zionists and still -> starmer = lose lose lose dumped rejected binned non recyclable… would mess up the compost heap…
        jackt and steveh should explain that. they both still rabbit on about remain and support and supported keith.

      2. I simply said that I had a good laugh. The person who claimed that โ€œKeir Starmer has actually achieved more on democratising than Corbyn did throughout his tenure.โ€ really should tell my friends who have been told that they can debate next to nothing important in LP meetings about these great democratising breakthroughs that Starmer has brought about. The floor is open for such a person, though I understand his view is that he doesn’t have to explain himself to me.

      3. goldbach – You can mock all you want but similar shenanigans went on, particularly at regional level, when JC was in charge. Members were also thrown out on very spurious grounds during JC and JF’s tenure when we had control of the NEC. Just have a think about the number of high profile activists that were thrown out before Starmer was elected.
        My impression is that the union appointments of HQ and Regional staff are a significant part of the problem here.

        To the best of my knowledge despite his promises to the contrary Jeremy did absolutely nothing to democratise the party. I’m quite happy to be corrected if I’m wrong.
        Starmer on the other hand has taken the small but very significant step of replacing FPTP with STV for the NEC elections. This has been a very positive step forward and has resulted in us now having an NEC which is much more representative of the of the members diverse political views rather than one faction or the other ruling the roost.

        Others should also bear in mind that Keir is also in favour replacing FPTP with PR for parliamentary elections this would open the door to the realistic possibility of a ‘socialist party’ having a real influence in parliament with an initial base of probably 15 or so MPs to build on. I strongly believe that as far as is practical everyone’s political views ought to be represented in parliament.
        The Tories and the Blairites don’t support PR. You should be careful what you wish for, the left will be really screwed if the likes of Yvette Cooper ever becomes leader.

      4. SteveH – Thank you for granting me permission to mock. I shall continue to do so.
        By the way, I have long been an advocate of PR.
        Problem is, to achieve it, a government that will implement it has to be elected via FPTP, and any party that has won a majority through FPTP might be reluctant to give up the prospect of doing so again.

  10. Batley and Spen – Turnout was 47.6%, down a little from the more typical turnout of a little over 50%

    1. Oh, well obviously the 52.4% that didn’t turn out for that vote were all leadbetter supporters, so we’d best have a rerun then, eh?

      I mean, she’s labourafter all, isn’t she?

  11. PR will do nothing other than hand extremists and cranks the balance of power.

    We had a referendum on 2011 on the AV system and that too was rejected – by a far greater margin than brexit ever was, Mr Democracy in action.

    What’s your excuse for that result?

    1. Toffee – “PR will do nothing other than hand extremists and cranks the balance of power.
      Should suite you down to the ground then. ๐Ÿ˜

      “We had a referendum on 2011 on the AV system and that too was rejected
      I’m surprised you had to ask. It was rejected because the electorate recognised AV for what it was an half arsed compromise forced on the LibDems by the Tories. There is increasing grass-roots support for PR from the members with lots of motions being prepared for conference.

      1. Oh! So the MEMBERS want it, do they?

        Last time I looked, the members steamrollered through their precious second referendum.

        “We’ll haemorrhage votes to the libdims in the election, if we don’t.” was their whinge….Well – That went absolutely swimmingly, didn’t it?

        care to remind the voewers how THAT one went? No, thought not.

        AV/PR – what’s the difference? They’ll still produce the same fucking results; and the extremists will only gain seats (And a voice to go with it) whereas they wouldn’t get a look-in, in an FPTP system, div.

  12. What made leadbeater: ‘BY FAR the best candidate ‘ wee fella?

    What policies has she come out with that would’ve made you vote for her?

  13. Boooo…..

    I wanna thank the police…whobsadly, I have needed more than ever …

    I mean, REALLY??

    1. “sliced by 90%” to 323 votes with everything, even jeremy’s support, no sabotage, all the other ‘powers’ + the worst most irresponsible prime minister in uk history – johnson + the outrage of matt hancock etc and still erodes the majority which jeremy led labour won twice.
      even to scrape through, she had to leave starmer off her leaflets … i.e. play down her link to starmer.

      note too the limp dims crushed by one man, constantly attacked, no big party machinery, no support of bilderberg trilaterals zionists and everything else… 21.92% vote share. limp dims? 3.34% and galloway won’t be hiding and whining. that’s what we need. someone prepared to turn up anywhere and defend his case, take on any goliath, not giving a toss about “what the media will say” or scampering away like some pathetic mouse because those who are always attacking, will attack. how deranged is that?

      until we dump the hackneyed lazy clinging to hollow excuses we r truly doomed and deservedly galloway attacked from all sides, even here on

      suggestion – the last sources of info self-declared “smart” people should use to analyse politics, are the guardian and bbc. the last place to stress test ideas, is amongst those with whom you already agree. u will be kept in pitiful ignorance and remain moaning about being “attacked”. worse yet, riddled by group think, confirmation bias, intellectual hazzard, and chronic bunker culture of always reactive rather than active and on the march.

      1. Also, Tories ran a low-key, lacklustre campaign and never asked for a recount…..almost as if they wanted to throw a lifeline to Starmer.

  14. Erm?…….Sir Keir starmer will now push forward with evictions from the Labour party after the landslide win of three hundred extra voters that secured the seat for “Im not political” leadbeater.The PLP will be estatic and HQ jubliant.Lemmings…?

  15. I care not a fucking jot
    A Labour win is better than any other alternative
    Congratulations to Kim Leadbeater

    1. classic labelitis

    2. iain duncan smith ann widdocombe, michael howard, therese cuffey et al break into your house, throw out all the possessions u feel made it home. they start using it as a crack den and pole dancing haunt for johnson, jenifer arcuri and hatt mancock. doug says rejoice, it’s my house even though u r now sleeping under a bridge, because they’ve kicked u and your family out. yay!!!
      every day another astonishing revelation. extraordinary. wow.

      1. and people prattle on about trilaterals and zionists.

    3. Pray, just WHAT alternative is stammerite labour providing, then, dougal?

      1. The Toffee
        Get them all out of the party so they can be a true Tory alternative

      2. i’m stunned by of all people doug confirming what i’ve been saying. labelitis + enable anti-socialist parasites for a socialist governmentโ”โ“โ”โ“โ”โ“
        beyond comprehension. we r a football team or the mafia ? ? ? thousands purged. more to follow… “move on”??? stunning.

      1. โ€œDonโ€™t you Dare to get Cold Feet!!!โ€

        Who said or wrote that?

      2. skellyknelly – How strange. You keep repeating this phrase ad nauseam but you refuse to say who wrote/said it. What are you trying to hide?

      3. skellyknelly – It is a phrase you keep repeating so you must know who said it. What are you so desperately trying to hide,

  16. One lesson we need to learn from cheap and nasty scumbags
    Our enemies within are infinitely preferable to our enemies without
    Its good honest basic Mafia family stuff

    1. ps the mafia is the model 4 true labour? that’s a new one for me.

    1. tell that to the coup plotters. reflect on the illogicality of enabling them. note the results of that habit on us.

      1. Agree
        They are in the wrong party, they chose Tories over a Labour government
        Off they must fuck
        I’m talking about Brexit, Independence debates, time to agree policies for next generation, we are where we are so let’s move on
        I d9nt have to like you to work with and get the job done, 8m not going to fora drink with you but I respect we all want a Socialist Labour government

      2. doug, u mean well.
        we cannot “move on” without curing the multi pathological diseases that caused “where we are”.
        we can “want a socialist labour government”. history … facts prove + basic logic explains, we can’t with utterly demonstrably open haters of socialism and purgers of socialists.

        ๐Ÿงช๐Ÿฆ ๐ŸŒก๐Ÿงช๐Ÿฆ ๐ŸŒก๐Ÿงช๐Ÿฆ ๐ŸŒก
        diagnosis – the mother of all acute flareups of chronic label itis. Rx: take a good break, complete change of scene and people. think about other things. then reflect in a fresh way. look for things which contradict what u already believe. i.e. the opposite of confirmation bias. assess your old habits. practise breaking them. re read your posts above and those over these last five years.
        ask yourself. is this really the best we can do? why? study how others achieve outside politics. ask yourself, how ???

      3. That’s 95% of So Called Labour, who “Off they must fuck” Doug! You can’t forgive and forget what people did at GE17, GE19 and 2015 to 2020 just to fit the narrative of The Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tory’s Corporate Brand, “Labour”! If you can, you must be a lucky one on the comfortable side of life, with no financial/housing concerns. However just try to imagine the cost of losing GE17 & 19 for those of use who are not.

    1. The Toffee
      TE gets no credit for this victory, the candidate pulled it out of the fire
      As the headline here says ‘regardless of result we must challenge the fucker this summer’

  17. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step
    Name a policy we can ALL agree on
    Choose a youngun who is going to challenge Temporary Embarrassment, a history maker

    1. I’ll ask you again, seeing as you appear to have missed it first time…

      The Toffee (597)02/07/2021 AT 10:15 AM
      Pray, just WHAT alternative is stammerite labour providing, then, dougal?

  18. No Doug.
    “Name a policy we can ALL agree on.” – politics is about more than just A policy. It is about the full gamut of policies. The LP needs a whole raft of policies that work for the great majority of the people (see the 2019 manifesto). Whilst there are significant numbers of liberals in the PLP and in the party apparatus, and many of the membership are too cowed to stand up to them, the outcome will be neoliberal policies or, as now, no policies other than unquestioning support for unsavoury governments such as in India and Israel.
    Starmer has been granted a temporary stay of execution but the malign influence of Mandelson and his ilk will ensure that the LP continues to live in the past.

    1. exactly goldbach. and note well, mandelson is touring msm repeating his spin. he’s screwing it in despite the pitiable 0.86 % scrap through of 323 votes. but that’s the parasites’ right.

      note well also exactly as i’ve said about the limp dims since their stir even up north post mandelson blair campbell led defeat of remain. also their bucks by-election.

      we fail to understand protest votes. it is all “the many” have in the system to persuade or punish the detached political classes.

      note also, despite total media support of rightwing and far right new outfits eg fox and the plethora of new parties. check how they’ve done in these recent poll of polls.

      therefore, independent observations, independent incisive analyses are what we need to our reasonings.

      Kim Leadbeater (Lab) 13,296 (35.27%)
      Ryan Stephenson (C) 12,973 (34.42%)

      George Galloway (WP) 8,264 (21.92%)

      Thomas Gordon (LD) 1,254 (3.33%)
      Corey Robinson (Yorkshire) 816 (2.16%)
      Therese Hirst (Eng Dem) 207 (0.55%)
      Jack Thomson (UKIP) 151 (0.40%)
      Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 107 (0.28%)
      Mike Davies (Green Soc) 104 (0.28%)
      Paul Bickerdike (CPA) 102 (0.27%)
      Jonathan Tilt (FA) 100 (0.27%)
      Anne Marie Waters (FB) 97 (0.26%)
      Andrew Smith (Rejoin) 75 (0.20%)
      Oliver Purser (Soc Dem) 66 (0.18%)
      Jayda Fransen (Ind) 50 (0.13%)
      Susan Laird (Heritage) 33 (0.09%)
      Lab maj 323 (0.86%)
      Electorate 79,373; Turnout 37,695 (47.49%)

      a one man band with confidence of conviction crushed the ‘liberal democrats’ and all the other trash.

      if one man george galloway can do that, why can’t we ? ? ? why won’t we learn ? ? ?

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