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The regional director email banning Nottingham East CLP from meeting – a day before members were to select conference delegates

De facto suspension of member group comes a day after CLP chair reinstated – and a day before meeting to elect conference delegates

Labour’s annual conference is scheduled to take place in September

Nottingham East CLP (constituency Labour party) has effectively been suspended by the party’s regional director in an email to the CLP secretary. Skwawkbox can reveal the email sent by Richard Oliver warning the secretary not to organise any member meetings without his permission:

According to local members, the email comes one day after CLP chair Louise Regan was reinstated by the party after a suspension simply for allowing members to discuss a motion they had tabled concerning the withdrawal of the Labour ‘whip’ from former party leader Jeremy Corbyn – and one day before members were due to meet to elect their delegates to Labour’s annual conference in September.

The Labour right is expected to use the conference to force through changes to the rules for electing party leaders, to give a handful of Labour MPs at least the same voting power as the party’s entire membership – and to ensure that no future left candidates can stand. Rigging of procedures appears to be burgeoning across the country as the right seeks to prevent left delegates attending the conference and voting against the rule change.

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  1. My impression is nothing much can get passed without the approval of affiliated unions. Where does each of the trade unions stand on these proposals.

    1. The issue is that the Starmer party management is not following usual procedures and practices. Clearly party beaurocracy has never been used so routinely before to review and approve (that is, to censor) party operations. Nevertheless, your question is critical. Are the afiliated Unions and Socialist Societies (as Labour Movement stakeholders) not concerned by the anti-democratic behaviour of Starmer, Evans, Rayner and cohorts?

      Most Labour party members are deafened by the Movement’s silence on this.

      1. Logically they will have to decide on continued funding of this ersatz Tory party or do they step in and say ‘off you must fuck’

      2. Aye Doug, the funding issue and a possible β€˜off you must fuck’ is the only hope on the horizon atm. I really hope other Union leaders hear Howard Beckett on this and decide to join him

      3. Coincidently, Nick Cohen has taken aim at Unite the Union, in today’s Observer

        If he’s trashing them, they must be doing something right. The fact is, there’s so much – wrong – it’s difficult to know where to start, to put it right. There are bound to be missteps, along the way.

        The situation has come about, in the first place, by fourteen months of Starmer’s dire leadership. The sooner the Unions defund this Labour Party, the better.

    2. More bullshit power games from the cult of new Labour 2.0. I really don’t know why any socialist sticks around anymore they are determined to make New Labour a Tory-lite centrist party that lies to the electorate were really still left NO YOU ARE NOT!!!!

      So honestly stop wasting your time on these clowns, stop with your membership it only used to legitimise this BS. Stop giving them money and help form a real socialist ONLY party to really challenge their BS. Show the people a caring party for the workers and masses of the Uk for the many, not the few and watch them rush to vote for us again.

      Or carry on stay play the were vote them out next year that never comes and in 20 years you realise nothing has changed only the scumbags names.

      It’s your choice staying is a waste of your time, money and talent but it’s your choice to be a sucker or not!

    3. BloJon hitched to what we assume is his latest conquest, it is alleged. It may be inhumane to not feel anxious for the latest victim. Is the victim one in series or parallel as is BloJohn’s long running habit???
      Then again the latest does seem to have some influence on the terminally faithless. Be sure they ALL thought that. As the pole dancer admitted to being poled on his cancer stricken wife’s sofa, what make us feel that we are the one to tame or stop the alley cat proclivities and heartless selfishness???

      ANSWER – the EXACT same wilful mist which causes a team of sincere, over well read, with the benefit of an eternity of CLOSE association, observation, expansive and numerous noble causes and quests for UNACHIEVABLE Nirvana amongst imperfect humans. Years and energy WASTED craving “unity”, via oneway appeasement and self neutering sacrifice on the startlingly slanted Alter of the Broad Church of Perpetual Parasites. It’s the same blinding mist which allows a parade of the sisterhood, in series and often, if not always in parallel, to BETRAY each other EVEN friends and associates.

      They are therefore NOT victims. They are WILLING participants in deceits and deceiving. They know what they do, but still as we Socialist are compulsively sympathetic, best of luck. Here’s hoping that every minute, by some miracle, it will weigh on your conscience, not BloJon’s his is caput is or he has none, that you are a willing participant in merciless deceit.

  2. Captain to the Bridge….all hands on deck ….crew to the lifeboats escort members to the deck and abandon Ship….And so the good ship Labour sinks beneath the waves?…A disorderly end to the Labour party and the working-class movement.You couldn’t have made this fiasco up ,nobody would believe it.Members treated like children and sent to the naughty corner and the right wing stand by ignoring that the Labour party is being dismantled right in front of their eyes and?..pathetic !

    1. All the more reason to support Howard Beckett and his threats to defund the party, then, surely? Starmer ought to be crapping himself at the thought of Beckett becoming Unite leader before Starmer can hold the next Labour conference…

    2. That’s been my first thoughts on the language used in most of the letters we’ve seen copies of here over the past twelve months. Naughty corner indeed. Laughable that most of them of them sign off ‘Kind Regards’ too. Who the **** do they think they are!

      1. And thanks to the leaking of at least one such letter, we learned that the Party advised people who were possibly distressed by their suspension to speak with their doctor, or contact the Samaritans.
        What thoughtful people….NOT!!
        Nandy described them as “people of integrity”. That says it all.
        I think we know better.

  3. Interesting article by Solomon Hughes in the morning star saying “is Labour a waste of time” ?.Gives many reasons why it is a waste of time energy and money πŸ’° ,but sums up in saying roughly its the only show in Town.I note he describes Labour correctly as a social democrat party and not socialist?..Maybe he is urging us to follow the example of Spanish and Portuguese socialist partys..I suppose theres always life if there’s hope?

    1. The only show in town?

      Apathy rolled up sometime ago, and it’s been sold out every night since.

    2. Under the editorship of Ben Chacko and his merry band of trendy, lockdown-loving Euro-Commies, the Morning Star is fast becoming a waste of time!

      1. I think youve got that wrong timfrom about the morning star although it does have to rely on donations from unions and especially Unite and a few smaller unions \left wing socialist individuals.And Quite frankly the Communist party of Britain whom it has a long history.European loving?maybe but has always appeard to dispise the unelected Burgers of the Capitalist system..Chacko well I must admit that apart from left wing I no little more than what I read about him.Euro loving commies?Never heard of such a thing and a number of my family were communist especially my grandfather and grandmother who couldn’t aceppt the status quo after the 1st world war and were passionate in the belief of the working-class movement including helping to elect the first Labour Mp for Preston Lancashire.So on this ocassion we have to disagree which is unusual.

      2. I think I picked it up on here and took it to refer to types like him and the Novara media crowd but I might have misunderstood. Can anyone back me up?

      3. Ben Chacko and the Morning Star backed leaving the EU … the very opposite of the EuroCommunists of Marxism Today who supported Blair.

      4. Ah, thanks for the correction. I’d got my wires crossed somewhere (cough) I’ll get me coat…

    3. There really is nothing new here, JC proved the country simply wanted a choice, clear Red Water
      The internal report sets in stone why we cannot progress with Red Tories, they must leave
      We are the party of the future, all our efforts should be concentrated on the next generations, our offer should be on repairing the damage done to their prospects by neo liberalism
      Houses, Environment, Education, and Pensions
      Make the Green party an offer they cannot refuse, blow the SNP out the water by calling their bluff on independence
      Deal with MSM and toilet papers by regulation and sanctions, 3 strikes and your out of business, thats after we have milked them dry
      Use FPTP to obliterate Centrists, give power to the regions, set up investment bank then move to the Scottish system of PR
      The third sector steps in when governments and markets fail, make them self funding with ability to challenge any abuse of power, super, super complaints
      Lawfare is an issue, create level playing field
      Put political education into the curriculum, teach more life and vocational skills
      Did I mention we are the future, took us 100 years to get here, we can fix our current problems in 100 weeks

  4. And of course no details as to the nature of the complaints – kaftaesque is the label that springs to mind.

  5. Every dog has its day. With only seven General Election victories in120 years – and three of them with a majorities of under 5 seats Labour ‘s record is far from impressive. It has continues to trade on the achievements of the 1945 Labour Government forgetting that was 76 years ago and now lost to history even. traces of what was the Welfare State are difficult to find these days. But despite this Labour continues to be convinced that in the eyes of working people they are considered to be the “good guys” and are utterly lost for any explanation when those very people turn away from them.
    As Tony Benn said It is a long and constant battle but in my opinion it not one that has to be fought through the medium of a political party that has lost its way. These rules changes will make Labour irredeemably part of the centre right & it only a matter of time before TU’s start to disaffiliating and start looking for a new political vehicle.

    1. A hundred years ago, Labour replaced the Liberal’s as the alternative to the Establishment party, the Tories.
      The purpose of the Labour Party is to secure the election of a Labour government. Nothing more and nothing less.
      Our greatest achieving leader, Clement Attlee, was totally in tune with his time. The UK needed rebuilding with social justice part of the mix after WW2. It was the corruption of FPTP that defeated him in 1951. His major predecessor, Ramsey MacDonald, and most of his successors, were ultimately Establishment shills or useless fainthearts. Only Jeremy Corbyn offered a similar path to Attlee, and that is why he “had to be defeated”.
      Incidentally, to guage the thinking and basic dishonesty of the Labour right, read Matt Forde’s “Politically Homeless.” The intentionally funny bits are just puerile, but the supposedly serious bits are just hilarious.

      1. God, he’s one shit comedian, too. If it weren’t for the Labour right he’d have no fans and no career!

  6. MSM including gov’t owned BBC & Channel 4; have libraries to access “who said what & when”. Seems they only dig deep when they have their own axes to grind.. “Shut the eyes of the dead not embarrass anyone”.

  7. A new party of the left is the wet dream of War mongrel, Mushy peas and Temporary Embarrassment

      1. timfrom, War mongrel is W.M.D Blair ( Bush’s suppository). Mushy peas is guacamole obsessed ever sneering, scheming and oligarch yachting craving (the filthy richer the better) the despicable, abominable, name allegedly appears on the passenger manifest of Epstein’s “Lolita Express” ie the jet used to ferry Epstein, guests and underage victims, to a fro his “filthy rich” venues to fulfil his paedophilic cravings on an industrial cross-continental scale. Can’t remember on which “Lolita Express” manifest Mushy Peas appeared… think it was to “Pedo Island” not many nautical miles west of SH’s Caribbean hole.

        If all those hints fail, then have another one. Think of SH, it’s disturbingly affectionate name was used on SB some months ago.

        If all that fails, when the plotter saw a pot of peas mushed, the plotter thought it was avocados mashed.

      2. An opportunity to remind the general public of the type of creatures who abuse Labour. Sadly too few realise how vital it is to demolish myths often, keep spotlights on the abominations that are the Tory parasites and most importantly NORMALISING our vision and reasoning. β›³οΈπŸš¨β›³οΈπŸš¨β›³οΈπŸš¨

  8. Do the rules of the Labour Party specifically empower employees of the Party to control the social behaviour of their employers, the members?

    If not, then the employed officers are acting ultra vires, beyond their legal power or authority.

    So their writ is empty, and the members so instructed or injuncted can proceed as they wish, and may continue with their course of action.

    Should the Officers impose sanctions on those members, individually or collectively, then the sanctions may be ignored. Insurrection on the part of the designated subservients against their putative rulers, in the spirit of the history of the labour movement and its Labour Party.

    1. Unfortunately the rules of the LP appear to have been written by Sir Humphrey.

    2. Bob Marsden…you are entirley correct and I have been saying members need to take control for a long time,it’s a matter of change the locks on the CLP offices and regain control of the local party.from theron unite across the country with other CLPs.The knights shadowy junta have broke every rule in the book,show them some real democratic socialist action and take back your Labour party.

  9. Labour’s very own Hybrid version of Gerrymandering.
    Never though Chartism would be be needed IN the Labour Party.
    We live and learn.

  10. I believe the said J Epstein was a member of the Trilateral Commission, I wonder is also a member ?

    1. I only ever remember the 3gang of four,but I always thought Williams had real potential,unfortunately it led to hear putting the nails in the coffin of the NHS whilst advising on how capitilism works under a neo liberal alliance of the condem government…What a epitaph for a former high flyer in a Labour government Shirley Williams.?

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