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Labour insiders say Streatham delegate ‘scandal’ typifies right’s push to change leadership election rules at conference

Right-wingers accused of ‘stitch-up’ in selection of conference delegates

The Labour right has been accused of a ‘stitch-up’ in the selection of delegates to represent members at Labour’s annual conference this autumn – and party insiders say the move is typical of what is happening around the country as the right aims to force through a change in the party’s leadership election rules to rule out any future left-wing candidates.

After a highly controversial AGM (annual general meeting) in March, where large numbers of local members were denied entry to the Zoom meeting or blocked from voting, the Progress/Labour First axis of Streatham Labour Party seized control of the ‘CLP’ executive committee.

Now local members say that the new right-wing regime is attempting to ‘stitch up’ the CLP’s delegate nominations for Labour’s annual conferences, along with vital committee posts, by denying local members a vote on these positions.

Skwawkbox has been passed the proposed nominations for delegates made by Streatham Labour and the right has awarded itself every single delegate and committee nomination – including many names that have been backed in election contests by the right-wing Labour First and Progress pressure groups – despite most local branch members having never been informed that nominations were even being sought – and only two out of eight local branches making nominations for Women’s and Annual Conference.

According to locals, the April exec meeting instructed the CLP secretary to tell branches they needed to make nominations at their May meetings, but no such notice appears to have been sent out. Some branches did not meet because of the pressure of London elections, others met but did not know they could make nominations. At least one right-wing branch secretary who did make an announcement only notified members that conference delegates would be nominated but did not announce any of the other posts.

Labour’s London regional office has been informed of these shortcomings, but in the past has been accused of failing to rein in ‘irregularities’ by right-wingers, or even of actively participating.

Despite the disenfranchisement, members say that Streatham CLP officers are now refusing to allow nominations from the floor at next week’s CLP ‘all member meeting’ for any of the conference delegate or committee posts in another example of local democracy being flouted and abused by the Labour right.

One local Streatham Labour member told Skwawkbox:

This is yet again another scandalous example of disenfranchisement in Streatham by the right-wing of the Party. It beggar’s belief that after the mockery of the recent AGM were members were shut out of the Zoom meeting and denied votes we now see the new right-wing executive so determined to keep their grip on power in the Labour Party that they will try and rig the nomination process for conference and one again deny local members the chance to vote. Why are the right-wing so scared of democracy? All we are asking for is a level playing field and our democratic rights which are the founding principles of a democratic socialist Labour Party.

The autumn annual conference is a vital event for the current party leader and acting general secretary, as the conference will vote whether to confirm David Evans in the post to which Starmer and his NEC allies appointed him. But Labour insiders say that the right also plans a bigger stitch-up, by changing the rules of leadership elections to ensure that the wishes of members can easily be overruled by a couple of hundred MPs and the right-run unions.

Insiders point to similar examples taking place around the country, some of which have also been flagged to Skwawkbox in recent weeks. The right’s assiduous efforts to secure control of local party structures – and in particular delegate places – certainly point to a major move by the right to pull up the drawbridge to ensure the left can never again threaten its control of the now mockingly-named ‘Labour’ party.

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    1. Doubt it. Like all any good socialist he has managed to land an executive post with JP Morgan Chase on a six figure salary. Actually,now you mention he seems ideal for a party led by Starmer

      1. He was central to the recent football fiasco, if i remember correctly with his role in JP Morgan Chase. The special league went against what he was supposed to develop.

    2. lundiel maybe Umunna is joint PM with Berger & Swinson etc. They’re still busy celebrating the glittering success of their NEW parties or three they formed with TONS of money, TINGE CUCKS with FULL nonstop MSM support … an all the ever trumpeted omnipotent Zionist, Illuminati, Bilderberg, Trilaterals etc which guaranteed Ummuna & Co tremendous victories. Is Berger now the MP for Hendon / Finchley? Surely, in addition to all the above VITAL support she had some actor’s help to tell people who she and the MSM said non stop “are so afraid”, “they have bags ready to flee”… etc etc etc

      Why else have we’ve not heard since GE19 to date, Berger et al touring the studios telling us how “afraid” she and they are? Didn’t the good people of Finchley / Hendon GRAB the PRECIOUS chance to choose Berger to be their MP? Are Berger & Ummuna etc soooooooo successful, after all they had and have in spades that which some STILL believe are VITAL to win elections???

    1. He’ll deliver the same Max Headroom REMAINIAC Stamerite type of success he did to his TINGED CUCKS with Berger, Soubrey, Elman with ALL the millions of funding and WALL to WALL fawning MSM support.

      Some will never learn but should be fun to watch😂😂😂

      1. Ps Starmer’s operators are parachuting Cox’s sis to exploit emotions of a tragedy.

        ps ps. fancy dipstick starmer who offers nothing except support to Blue Tories to BUILD A WALL to keep the many out of Primrose Hill.

        Shows Max Headroom’s priorities. You could not make it up. Hartlepool lost to Blue Tories by Starmer. Batley too will be Spent too on the alter of the shameless tory tribute act.

  1. The right wing Starmerites are ruthlessly sectarian in everything to do with their ability to execute power.

    The Labour “insider” is right – and almost every CLP in the party is smoothly implementing their plan as we speak.

  2. How low are these right wing CLP members willing to stoop to stop democracy within the party.

    1. Democracy doesn’t come into it. In areas like Streatham, it’s all about preserving the status quo and maintaining neoliberalism. In the west Midlands it’s maintaining their personal fiefdom. Different strokes for different folks but United in capitalist belief system.

      1. Also. It must have ruffled more than a few feathers when 100000 new members with different ideas turned up and wanted to make a difference.

    2. I think a lot of them are holding on to their roles because they like the status of having a role a bit like what we call in German ‘Vereinsmeierei’ (clubbiness a bit like a flowerarranging club without the flowers, often with rituals that are done for no real purpose just because that is what we always do, have done). Also includes not questioning any directions from above as they know what’s best for us’ as I was told in a meeting by someone who is a councillor.
      Need I say anymore or can I rest my case?

      1. “(clubbiness a bit like a flowerarranging club without the flowers” Au contraire Sabine, Starmers Labour party are political meetings. without the politics.

  3. I think we need to rename them into NotTheLabourParty or similar. Surely they cannot hog the Labour Party name considering that they are the Tory B Team?

    1. May I suggest the cult of new Labour 2.0? It fits they act like a cult and with the great leader and his hatred of the past leader because he is scared of him..

  4. What, therefore, is the strategy of the left in the face of such gerrymandering? How are the left in Streatham CLP organised? Are they organised? If they know that the Progress/Labour First types are organising to do these reprehensible and anti-democratic things, are the left so virtuous that they don’t actually prepare a strategy to stop them?
    If the answer to these basic questions are “No”, then do we actually have a left in the Labour party that is worthy of the name?
    Perhaps the right get away with these things because they are organised and the left is not.
    I am, of course, just speculating.

    1. Do CLP’s have details of members in their constituency to prevent a stitch up
      Is it only people who attend that get to vote
      Well that’s easily fixed, isnt it ?

      1. And fix it the right list certainly do. They even get neighbouring MPs deciding who can attend CLPs and who can’t, don’t they, Madge?

      2. Doug though Streatham, Bermondsey and Old Southwark , Camberwell & Peckham, etc are all VERY organised and controlled by the right wing, as elsewhere, one wonders about the security of the anonyvoter system. With paper votes, scrutinisers could check that all is above board.

        Yes only those present can vote.
        Ps the Right invent rules claiming directed by Region. Region says NO, eg to request for results breakdown.

      3. ps re above, to be clear “…are all VERY organised and controlled by the right wing” IN THEIR OWN INTERESTS.

        NB In SB post – “Why are the right-wing so scared of democracy? All we are asking for is a level playing field and our democratic rights “.

        Their language as ever reveals the mountainous struggle we face. NOTHING has been learnt. The sentiment is as of children left out of a game. Sad.

        1️⃣ When democracy / unity / facts etc suit the Right Wing they are fine with that. They are NOT scared of anything. Therefore thinking that they are against or scared of democracy, TOTALLY misses the point.

        2️⃣ Even now, it does not occur to them that they are pleading in a state of utter puzzlement. “All we are asking…” = not much. Next time, they’ll ask for even less. I saw same in my own CLP “Left” group. My pleas for us to insist that Right Wing candidates sign up to our stringent demands, was met with WFM appeasement screams but without WFM’s uniquely crazed badly medicated weirdness.

        In fact i reported it here months ago. Just like WFM, they offered ZERO suggestions. When i pressed, the ONLY gem was “we COULD ask for more housing.” QUESTION – which MP or councillor EVEN a Tory one will say they don’t want more housing?

        3️⃣ “level playing field and democratic rights”.
        These are adults, well intentioned, many VERY experienced, in a political party with a MINORITY of OPEN parasites. After ALL they have seen over FIFTY years and ALL we have seen just in the last FIVE, how so that pleading language from adults who constantly read history? What does it reveal of people in a party over a century old? Does it hint that they have learnt anything? Would you put your trust in people like that to achieve anything for the many?

        In their secret perfect world of perfect people, maybe with a spectacular miracle they might… on a very good day. However, in the REAL world as it has ALWAYS been, with REAL imperfect people as we always are, no chance. No chance. No chance.🥀♻️🥀♻️🥀♻️

    2. Strategy is exactly what we need. “Should I stay or should I go,?” is the first strategic choice every member should make.

      The leavers can leave and start a new party, but unless it has the backing of the TUC and some trade unions, its status will be questionable and the ruling elite and mainstream press will ensure it is a still birth and unsuccessful.

      Those who RaV (return as well as remain) and who fight for the Labour party that has shaped British history, need to devise SMART tactics, where ‘smart’ is:

      Specific – so we can share across al CLPs
      Measurable – so we can know when we’re winning ground
      Achievable actions – so we co-ordinate our actions and measure specific victories that we win for each other
      Realistic plans that deliverable tangible benefits for democratic socialism, and
      Time-bound so we can work to a calendar and set a timescale for our victory.

      And – most importantly – talk to each other so we can help neighbouring CLPs (and those further away) achieve our collective goal (to fight and win). Alternative media (like Skwawkbox) will be critical in this.

      RaV – our party and the people it was created for need us to fight and win. Fight and Win – are we up to it??

      1. Quertboi, I would also add review and evaluation.

      2. thanks lundiel and Sabine. Think of it, noty as a smarmy (American?) acronym, but as a way of making sure every plan you devise is sharable, action-oriented and successful, which, sometimes, we tend to overlook (disregard), or at least not be as good at as our opponents.

      3. Wasn’t it The Clash who said “If I go there will be trouble. If I stay it will be double.” Maybe they were right, I may reconsider my position.


        Kim Leadbeater chosen as candidate for Batley and Spen

      5. I hope you’re joking goldbach if reconsidering your position is to (re)consider leaving….

        The neoliberal right cannot claim Labour as theirs until its rightful owners, the democratic left, leave it to them..

        Th Clash or a proper fight.

        “Double, double toil and trouble;
        Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

        “Labour is ours for we are the Many
        Curse the Few, Sir Keir and the blue
        Madelson Eye of newt and toe of frog,
        Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
        Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting,
        Lizard’s leg and owlet’s wing,
        For a charm of powerful trouble,
        Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.”

        If we stay and fight for it, Labour will flourish,. If we don’t, it will pasokify on’t, and the Labour Movement will become peripheral to a corrupt neoliberal state.

        Stay and Fight – as if our lifes depended on it.

      6. steveh: BREAKING NEWS

        Kim Leadbeater chosen as candidate for Batley and Spen

        That’s a shame, but I wish her well!

      7. quertboi – I am intending to reconsider my withdrawal and maybe re-engage.

      8. qwertboi
        I’m a numbers and jigsaw man
        Details of members in your area is key, to be safe set a recruitment target as well
        Another daft question
        My memory of the last conference was a sea of Palestinian flags and all the key votes being won by the left, does that indicate an inbuilt majority at conference

      1. WOW – 99.97% – that’s exactly the covid1984 survival rate – before, during and after the vaccine (which is no vaccine).

  5. Further proof the ersatz toerags are dug in like Alabama ticks.

    They have everywhere & everything well and truly boxed off. They’re going nowhere, and no amount of complaining is gonna change it.

    They could, though, become an endangered species IF.socialists fuck the party off altogether and affiliate with/take over the TUSC.

    Starve them of funds. Deny them your subscription fee. No subscription without representation.

    Starve them of support. Do not campaign or vote for them. Dissuade others from doing so.

    Don’t let the toerags taking another seat concern you; as you’d only be directly enabling a slightly less toerag into what they think is their entitlement.

    Those who remain in the party in the folorn hope you can bring about change are not only kidding yourselves, you’re also masochists.

  6. Kim leadbeater?….translated into a Germanic language Kim the plumber?Could this be the British version of “Joe the plumber” ?,another right wing plant “whilst the few left in the Labour party in the real sense of the word discuss “stay and fight” inside the bunker.The right and the left are fighting for somthing thats no longer there in any real sense of identity for the working-class movement of the Labour party..Dont keep funding this Zombie Labour party and walk away ,theyre not worth fighting over…so .so sad 😢 two partys in one fighting over a corpse…!

    1. Joseph – Kim has a lot of support in the area. After a hustings held Sunday afternoon, Leadbeater secured over 80% of the vote among Batley and Spen Labour members and won on the first round.

    2. Joseph, I agree. To ask our people to vote Labour is deceitful, so is continue as an mp when you are against your leader.

    3. Well, her sister was a Blairite but who knows, sounds like a liberal to me. However, the party’s to blame for playing for the sympathy vote.

  7. In not political I’m a conservative “thats was the talk in Surrey when I had to win over a massive majority of conservative voters who had never considered anything other than the Conservative party and being” non political “.Thats also the comments from miz leadbeater whos not” political “but will happily walk into the Labour party of which shes just joined and once again another “I am not political” I just want a cushy job on the backs of the Labour party members and ignore the rules on length of membership to feather her nest in the establishment Labour party for the middle class…?

    1. Joseph – That would be all well and good if it were true but Kim used to be a member of the Labour party until her sister Joe was murdered. She decided to step back from party politics when she became an ambassador for the Joe Cox foundation.

      This is what Kim had to say to Batley members
      “I am overwhelmed and humbled by the support and faith from members in Batley and Spen. I’m ready to hit the ground running and take Labour’s campaign to local people.”
      During the meeting, she told local members: “I’m a proud Yorkshire woman and have lived in Batley and Spen all my life. I have a deep understanding of the area, its people and some of the challenges it faces. I feel passionately about the strength there is in such a diverse constituency.

      “I’m the candidate the Tories fear. They know that I have a proven track record of getting things done at a local level and an established reputation for working for all parts of the community.

      “I have lived in almost every part of the constituency during my life – Heckmondwike, Batley, Cleckheaton, Gomersal, Liversedge, Staincliffe and Littletown – places candidates from other parties probably haven’t even heard of!

      “We need strong northern voices at Westminster. People rooted in their communities. I will work to represent people across the whole constituency.

      “Nobody should be in any doubt about the scale of the task we have to keep Batley and Spen Labour. The spotlight will be on us – but I want to show the world that both the Labour party in Batley and Spen and our community are strong and proud.”

      1. Change the place names and you’ve got the prospective MPs acceptance address for all parties in every constituency. It’s marketing speak. Why can’t they use their own words?
        overwhelmed and humbled, hit the ground running, local people, proud (insert place name) woman, I’m the candidate the (insert party name) fear, have a proven track record of getting things done at a local level and an established reputation for etc.

      2. Words are cheap and should never impress on their own. Learn to kvetch* if u can, and you’ll know what i mean. Walton-words without substance and commitment to back them up are a sure-fire sign of manipulation and distortion. Have you forgotten Tom Watson already, or are you, like tens of other blairites, petitioning local councills to have streets named after him?

        * It’s as much a mind-set as a collection of techniques..

  8. Thanks Steve H…..So just another right wing runt?..still who cares not long left now for the Zombie Labour party and the bankers must soon come calling..!Three partys scavenging over the same patch of land?

      1. More than you’ll ever know, from either just down the road…. Or the Caribbean. Mind you, so does just about everyone else.

        Joseph’s served as a councillor for the party. Either beat that, or recant.

      2. Toffee – Whoopee for him, I’m struggling to see what relevance Joseph serving one tem as a councillor decades ago has to him supposedly having his finger on the pulse from his hideaway at the other side of the world.

      3. lundiel – No I wasn’t, nor have I ever claimed to be but please don’t let that stop you making stuff up, its all you’ve got left.

      4. Surely we’re all allowed to have opinions.
        Mandelson has opinions and he lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

      5. Well now, little steven, it certainly suggests his knowledge of the machinations and vagaries of politics is somewhat far greater than yours.

        That said, our kid’s dog’s is, too.

        ‘Fingers on pulses’ is it? That dead horse you’ve been flogging for the past few years hasn’t got a pulse. In fact, I’m surprised you haven’t been jailed for bestiality.

        Remind us all of anything you’ve had right?

        You can’t even count it with the finger you’ve been taking the pulse with.

      6. Toffee – Or perhaps it just indicates that he’s stuck in his glory days from another century. Does anyone care?

      7. ‘Does anyone care?’

        You sound like a jilted schoolgirl.

      8. Toffee – Your fantasies are probably best kept to yourself

      9. The difference between you and me is that I DO keep me fantasies to meself.

        You’re still trying to convince people that party membership has skyrocketed under the muculent one. 🤣

        And we still haven’t forgotten how Attlee, Bevan and the rest were staunch remainers 🤪

        So, once again, just what is it you’ve got right, hmm?

  9. Steve H doesn’t understand that people like me know the Labour party inside out with a knowledge of what motivates people like centrist Dad and the Labour right wing destroyers.We are wasting time and money even contemplating reforming a Labour party infected with such filth and deceit from these people whos lives are built round feathering their own nests at the expense of the most vulnerable and nieve.Begone Stevie boy 👦.

    1. Joseph – Am I supposed to care that you have a very high opinion of yourself

  10. Any date, yet, for the election?
    I understand that Kirklees is currently subject to strong advice that people should only travel in or out for essential purposes. Mandelson, Starmer et al may not be able to go there to “campaign” so the LP may not lose after all.
    In any case, I suppose it would be difficult to campaign when you policies are confidential.

    1. “Mandelson, Starmer et al may not be able to go there to “campaign” so the LP may not lose after all.”

      Nail-on-head goldbach. Nail on head!! But the absence of SCG-supporting members capaigning for her will have a toll.

    2. goldbach – July 22nd has been suggested, but there’s nothing definite yet.

  11. “Labour insiders say Streatham delegate ‘scandal’ typifies right’s push to change leadership election rules at conference” Skwawkbox headline.

    RaV -RETURN or Remain and Vote.

    Me, I like Rav, but I prefer his twin brother, RaF – Remain and FIGHT We don’t need a vote to enjoy a good fight with low-regulation-capitalism-loving entryists.

    1. qwertboi
      The RAF Wing of the party
      The Fockers came at me from all directions
      Funny thing was they weren’t Fockers they were Messerschmitts
      I really hate those germans, they bombed our chip shop

      1. Aye but they left your red wall intact – until Starmer, his billionaire buddies and Mandelson and Campbell demanded a 2nd Referendum for the people (NOT to over-rule democracy ou understand, just to cost Jeremy the 2019 GE)

  12. There is in my humble opinion a Sensible action to be instigated by the Socialists in The Grassroots all CLPs no point mentioning the NEC like everything else Jeremy built it has been demolished by the Right Wing, In a way I do not blame Watson Starmer Eagles Harman Lansman Hodge Sugar Blair Brown Mandelson Campbell Phillips Ummuna Khan Thornberry Nandy et al, No I blame rampant arrogance ignorance and a great deal of Stupidity oh! how our Hubris came back to haunt us with a Vengeance We Socialists who thought because we had installed the Greatest PM the UK Never Got as The Leader of Thee Labour Party all that needed to be done was sit back on our Laurels how Fu**ing wrong we’re we and this allowed the 5th Columnists to sow the seeds of unrest The British Jews for Labour and some Rabbi Lied through their teeth, as did Hodge Sugar Phillips Lippmann Baldric and more all of these people are Enemies of the Working Class we in Scotland know this it’s just a Pity the English and Welsh can’t see through Thugs and Liars in the Corrupt Houses of Parliament filled with unscrupulous Liars Thieves and Murderers of the Poor I mean of course the Johnson Tory Party ably assisted by Starmers Wee Tory Party, The only opposition in this Corrupted House Comes from the MPs of Scotland “THE SNP”. The Socialist Wing of Labour must be ruthless we must cut out the cancerous Tumour which is destroying what’s left of The Labour Parties Credibility as a Political Force, There is two options open to a Socialist Labour Movement Number One We Purge the Facist Right Wing or We the Good Honest Working Class People the Grassroots The Socialist Left CLPs Council members Trade Unions and MPs THE LIFEBLOOD of Socialist Labour and quite frankly Tell the Facist Right We are Leaving and forming our own Party and we would take very Kindly to them Fucking Right Off. JC is a Martyr

      1. The reality you want him to get in touch with, steveh, I hope you’re not using it as a pre-prepared excuse – as neoliberal entyists cost Labour another 5,000,000 votes – because, you do realise that a proper-Labour leader, Jeremy Bernard Corbyn, recovered a good chunk of them in a single general election, 2017, dont you??

        HAPY BIRTHDAY to Jeremy for Wednesday..

      2. qwertboi – …..and then promptly lost twice as many seats a couple of years later. Corbyn’s tenure, won 30 lost 60. It’s difficult to spin this as a positive outcome that should be celebrated.

      3. qwertboi, may i join with u in wishing Jeremy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday🎉🎉🎉 He was a picture of radiant health at weekend b4 Rally against the crimes against humanity done by those who decided that Palestine “does not have a right to exist” so “wiped it off the map”.

        Meanwhile, Polly Toynbee says Starmer is a success. She pretends to forget her part in giving written support to the FIRST Starmer COUP within twelve months of Jeremy’s leadership.

        As long as Starmer’s parasitic squatting results in every single one of his Tory maggots lose their seats, then we can recover from the sicknesses parasites cause.

      4. … maggots LOSING their seats…
        of course💐💐💐

      5. windchimes – Given their relative sizes which faction is the host and which is the parasite.

      6. the host always tends to be larger. the parasites eg the Baath Party which the Brit & USA establishment installed and supported in Iraq, and the occupying forces similarly funded but by a HUGE amount, largest aid basket in the world i think, while the victims ie the host is comparatively INFINITELY defenceless.

        The parallel in the Labour Party ends re “defenceless”. Those who control the “Left” and too many in the CLPs REFUSE to defend themselves. They remain neutered by some bizarre refusal to act like adults with agency. They absorb and perpetuate a defeatist culture of unforced appeasement. Though it is understandable for new people to feel intimidated by such as the crazed one ( the frantic vile white flagger freak the twat allan howard) BUT there is no excuse for adults to not see the results of appeasement and reject it. It is also interesting how few people are willing to speak up against the guardians of defeat like allan howard. That timidity is one reason why your lot has managed to screw the “Left” over and over again. The language in the SB article above is sure to have your lot laughing your fangs off. The Right Wing in Streatham have been given yet another INVITATION to shaft the pleading “Left”. Interestingly my lot in our CLP had some startling success at the last big meeting. Some of the deadwood have left at last! Thus we got clarity ie no foggy watering down. Proof that there is no need for a large rabble of drips and deadwood. Better have fewer people with resolve. No one needs can’t do / don’t do blocked drains like the allan howard bubbling sluice… even though nowhere as weird as him who patrols night and day looking for ways to twist words and lie blatantly while interfering with himself.

      7. windchimes – So to put things more succinctly you have a problem convincing others to act alongside you.

      8. That’s what u think SH. Happy dreaming. Enough of the deadwood have disappeared. I hope they stay disappeared as at last we have firm demand instead of the watered down timid fog the drips and deadwood would have insisted on. Result??? Some SUCCESS at last. In fact it surprised me!!! I’m hoping the deadwood are not let back into our group. They are burdens and draining like allan howard the bonkers twat… though not as profoundly weird as he is…. coming to think of it, not as nasty and dishonest either… by a long margin. Not even sure if white flagger is even a genuine party member. Seems unlikely.

      9. windchimes – If that’s the case then we can no doubt look forward to regular updates from you on the profound changes your CLP has managed to make now that the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ are running the show.

      10. i did not say the “Left” r running the show. i said some of the deadwood of the “Left” have left, which has given us some surprising wins.
        Don’t twist words like your weird accomplice allan howard the crazed defeatist twat. in my clp the rule breaking and rule inventing Right Wing STILL run the show and gained tremendous control, that with Max Headroom’s calamitous attempts to destroy the “Left” due to our own failure to grasp basic reality, has brought the benefit of the obstacles to action leaving in despair of their own making.

      11. windchimes – My apologies for not realising that you were actually telling us that you are now an even smaller (but ideologically purer) minority.

      12. – 36 Points! The Elites/Establishment’s Golden Boy – 36 Points!
        And that is probably The Elites/Establishment’s OWN POLLS, over cooked numbers, I wonder SteveH who needs convincing!?

      13. How would you describe Hardie, in terms of today’s “Labour”:
        As Thatcher/Blair’s Neoliberal Neolabour, Party Tory For THEMSELVES and The ELITE/ESTABLISHMENT/MACHINE
        Democratic Socialist, UK Labour Party For THE PEOPLE?
        *don’t be anal about times and dates*

        Hardie knew full well, as a stepping stone, that a number of Parasites would have to be blind-eyed for The UK Labour Party to (a) Have a Chance, (b) Get accepted in Mainstream Politics, (c) Get the Financial Backing it needed!
        In today’s terms, by now we should not have ANY Parasites left-over in the Movement. Democratic Socialism, should have been in Government forming a Stepping Stone for forming acceptance from the ideologies of Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Democratic Socialism has done tremendous work for moving closer to equality and improving workers conditions and pay! Workers were moving towards not being Paupers whilst being in work, that is all coming back and the bigger surprise is how the breadline is creeping up the the pay scale and pushing more and more workers under! The destruction of our last remnants of Democratic Socialism all part and parcel, to name but two, of the 42 Years of Tory Plundering and Assault on the Worker’s of this Country! ALL THANKS TO Thatcher/Blair’s Neoliberal Neolabour, Party Tory For THEMSELVES and The ELITE/ESTABLISHMENT/MACHINE, who has delayed us by 42 years, instead of 11!

        The nature of the Parasite, like a Maggot, is to eat all the Puss off their Host’s dead/dying cells, currently, as I have told you before all that is left is the squirming skin, all feeding off a soup of each other’s puss and excrement! HOWEVER! THE PEOPLE are waking up like Lead Balloons ‘floating’! 2017 & 2019 were Sabotaged and snatched from The PEOPLE, not just by Thatcher/Blair’s Neoliberal Neolabour, Party Tory, but also a mass scale international effort by the ELITE/ESTABLISHMENT/MACHINE there is no doubt about it. [Not Excuses! Facts!]

        Do you think People are so Stupid as not to notice this, and so stupid as to not be pretty pissed off at the people who led them down all those FAKE rosy paths of Antisemitism Hysteria, Leave Hysteria, Remain Hysteria, etc, etc, etc!? Do you think People are so Stupid not to notice the Sudden and Abrupt END to ALL the Hysteria once Jeremy was Removed, INTERNATIONALLY!?

        I feel quite confident that the Thatcher/Blair’s Neoliberal Neolabour, Party Tory For THEMSELVES and The ELITE/ESTABLISHMENT/MACHINE, sticks out like a sore 36 Points Behind thumb, AND THAT vs THIS Tory Party as led by The Likes of Johnson, PATEL, GOVE, MOGG, RAAB, WILLIAMSON, HANCOCK, ET AL,!!!!!?

        windchimes – Given their relative sizes which faction is the host and which is the parasite.

        I have a feeling that THE PEOPLE already know who the Parasites are my Dear SteveH, I hope like me, they will have them ALL in their sights and get to know their Constituency Candidates, [Don’t go by the Bumf, my Candidate, who I thought was Starmerist, based on the bumf, turns out to be Corbynite, she informed me on the doorstep that they don’t make their own bumf any more, it comes from head office!] anyway, back to SteveH yes, I hope everyone joins me in:
        VOTING OUT ALL Neoliberal/”Centrist”, Neolabour Party, Tory Parasites!
        VOTING IN ALL, Democratic Socialist, UK Labour Party MPs/Candidates!
        *SteveH don’t ask me for references/more info/any of your other ‘anality’, do your own research, it’s called the internet*

      14. Thanks for that link SteveH, it was an interesting article and well worth reading.

      15. “The f’ wits who voted Tory.”
        NO SteveH: ‘The f’ wits who voted Tory OR Green OR LD OR Not AT ALL!!!.’
        ANYONE who did not vote UK Labour Party at GE19 are 100% to blame!
        Weather their reason was Remain/Leave, FAKE Antisemitism, FAKE Terrorism, Almost 5 years of RELENTLESS Onslaught Neolabour Party Tory, Int Governments’ Interference, MSM, MSSM, Coups, Sabotage, Lies, Smearing, Propaganda, etc, etc, etc, etc or simply you didn’t like Corbyn, whatever your reason, you knew that in England, we have only 1 of 2 Parties who can win a GE and if you did not vote UK LABOUR PARTY for a Democratic Socialist Government, all we have now, is yours, in you hands.

        We had 2 once in a lifetime opportunities, 2017 & 2019!!
        UK Labour Party with A CHOICE! for REAL AND LASTING CHANGE!
        Conservative Party Tories with NO CHOICE! for NO CHANGE and a Continuation of 42 Years of Neoliberal TORY HELL!

        Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories with NO CHOICE! NO CHANGE! And a Continuation of 42 Years of Neoliberal TORY HELL!
        Thatcher’s Neoliberal Conservative Party Tories with NO CHOICE! NO CHANGE! And a Continuation of 42 Years of Neoliberal TORY HELL!

        GE2017/GE2019 were not the GEs to Prove a Point! So Much LOST!

        GE2024 is the year not only to prove a point, but the year to take back our party, no matter how you vote you will end up with a TORY!
        Might as well make the best of NO CHOICE and eliminate a Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORY!

      16. Peter kellner…really should get out more and meet the working-class people who are sick and tired of frivolous drivil from some jumped up middle class twit whos outlook comes from the neo liberal layabouts of identity politics for the furturing of middle class morality.Typical centrist Dad Steve H vomit…!

      17. Joseph – Whist you have a unique insight from your expat hideaway in Cambodia.

      18. “Or you could get in touch with reality” By reading from The Neoliberal ‘The New European’ Wah hah hah hah!, Yeah, kinda hard pushed to get any sort of Reality from ‘The New European’s’ Neoliberal Perspective, may as well reference The Sun in Lambskin aka The Guardian, or the New Statesman or the Rich Kid “Communist Rebel” Trash!
        Who do you think you’re kidding SteveH!? 5 Year Old’s!?

      19. skellyknelly – Thanks for taking the time out to have a rant about the messenger but perhaps it would be more constructive if you followed your hero’s example and addressed the factual content of the article rather than lazily attacking the messenger.

      20. My Darling SteveH you are ALWAYS most welcome 😉
        Rant: NO! Laugh: Yes! My Hero?
        Why would I ever in my life waste my time reading Neoliberal Tory Nonsense? It has no place in my life, I know who they are, what they stand for and I can probably guess what it says without reading it! Same old, Same old. A bit like East Enders or the other soaps, you can stop watching it for a few months/a year and still know exactly what is going on. No ta, keep Your Neoliberal Tory La La Land!

      21. skellyknelly – I’m not asking you to agree with the articles conclusions but just to acknowledge and consider for yourself the facts presented in the article.
        Maybe one day you’ll build up the courage to come out from under your comfort blanket

      22. Wah hah hah hah! Comfort Blanket lucky if I have a tatty old sheet! I told you Facts and Neoliberal Tory Rags do not go together. You are mistaken my dearest! I am under no rock, I am not afraid of your Neoliberal Tory Rag, I simply have better things to waste my available time on.
        If it is of any importance it would have been highlighted somewhere, but to quote Neoliberal Tory Rag as Fact, Bah! That is a Joke.
        Just as long as you are happy, my dearest there in your Neoliberal So called”Centrist” Tory Fluff Bubble, you read all the “Fats” you want! Just don’t get all twisted knickers when someone points it out for what it is.

  13. “won 30, lost 60” the Starmer clique deserve the credit there…. but credit to him, he seems determined to outdo himself under his own watch. Political stupidity and factionalism like his is priceless and a great testament to the vileness which motivates hm and whichour economic system and its trilateral oligarchs manage to exploit. Starmer’s price to the trilats isn’t as high as it could be if he had a better agent but I’m sure David Evans will be getting his cut for years to come.

  14. So to try to understand why the Zombie Labour party,should try to resurect a dead person jo cox,one would have to plumb the depths of despair and sick exploitation of the Cox brand “.Whats happened to the Labour party that they should now rely on a murdered young woman to save the leadership of the Knight of the realm.?

    1. Joseph – Or maybe she’s just the best person for the job with tremendous local support (80%+ in the first round). I’m sure she’s every bit as sincere as you once were.

  15. Theres nothing sincere about greed and exploitation of a murdered right wing MP,for the attempted resurrection of th Zombie leader of the Labour party.IT might actually work,but another right wing Labour party parasite mp does nothing for the working-class people of that constituency.The whole stinking swamp culture shows up that nothings too low for you parasites Steve H.!

    1. Joseph – What evidence do you have to support your character assassination of Kim Leadbeater and what makes you think you are better qualified than the local CLP to decide on who the best candidate is to represent Labour and the constituents of Batley & Spen.?

  16. Well it has got to be somone better than a person that proudly proclaims “I am not political” has this right wing cuckoo claims milking the jo Cox martyr brand ?.Now what happened to the other right wing potential saviour of the knight…mr Cox who was ready and waiting to fill the dead wife’s position in Westminster?The only thing we know for sure in Batley and Spen is that another right wing middle class party layabout wanting a cushy number will fill the seat at Westminster.Still Steve H you can’t loose in batley because a middle class Tory wins either way..I

    1. Joseph – You do have a tendancy to ramble on when you want to avoid admitting that you don’t have any evidence to support your malicious nonsense. A simple No would have sufficed.

      1. You are as typical as your lifestyle,name and ideology.Steve H Aka centrist Dad Steve Hall SH…Davidh and the small mill town address “UP Norf” being the Windward islands bolt hole for tax dodging purposes exclusively for the criminal fraternity.Suprised you didnt choose the Costos being such a backstabbing remoaner Getting near your bedtime in the Caribbean isnt it Stevie boy 👦

      2. Joseph – You do have a tendancy to ramble on when you want to avoid admitting that you don’t have any evidence to support your malicious nonsense. A simple No would have sufficed.

        Joseph – oh dear, is that all you’ve got left

        My Dearest, sometimes you are the oddest of fellas!

      3. skellyknelly – I’m struggling to see the point that you are trying to make, perhaps you could elaborate..

      4. A simple No would have sufficed……..

        ………oh dear, is that all you’ve got left

      5. skellyknelly – I suppose I should thank you for making the effort to reply but behaving like an English person abroad who thinks that they will be better understood if they shout loud enough hasn’t really helped.
        I’m sorry but unless you can explain why either comment is inappropriate in the context of the respective comments that I was replying to then I can’t help you.

      6. You have a real issue about shouting text, dearest! Nobody is shouting,
        Never mind dearest if you can’t see the Irony of your consecutive messages, we’ll just call it a wasted opportunity. x

      7. Steve H davidh centrist Dad aka many other aliases.I suppose it depends on what you consider the people of the UK need and you obviously couldn’t give a flying fig so long as one of your warped ideology fraternity are elected in Batley.The insult of another Zombie Labour party mp slithering in on the back of a dead person seems repugnant to me especially as it is the sister of that murdered mp.Now I understand that the morality of the knight in pulling this flanker to save is position as leader of the Labour party doesn’t bother you.But I think that many people will like me wonder about this candidate and Gordon advisor spin doctor the infamous husband of jo Cox and wonder how much plotting and scheeming as gone to to provide a cushy number for another parasite and save the neck of the knight of the realm.?

      8. Joseph – Are you suggesting that the Labour party’s members in Batley shouldn’t have been allowed to pick the candidate of their choice because it ‘offends’ the manufactured sensibilities of a one time ex councillor and ex member who now resides at the other side of the world safely insulated from the impact of another Tory government.
        What on earth has Jo Cox’s bereaved husband got to do with Kim’s selection as Labour’s candidate for Batley & Spen (with 80% of the vote).

  17. Please don’t fall into the trap. He is adept at asking questions or making provocative comments.
    The thing that he has never made clear is why he is so obsessed with his hatred of Mr Corbyn and a few other Labour MPs ……… but “don’t ask him to justify himself”…….. not even the bizarre idea that the LP has 80% support in B&S.

    1. Goldbach I didn’t fall into the misfits trap,it was just that the rainy season underway and a drop in temps to 28c as meant some difficulty for me getting out of the house and across the flooded rice fields.ITs quite heavy rain and persistent a little like Stevie boy 👦.Still in many ways you are correct,but by having one of the degenerates knight supporters on here we are reminded of just how dangerous and ruthless the right wing of the Labour party are.Keep well nice forcast tommorw and a special moon outside forcast.Lets hope white flag man and centrist Dad are locked away.somewhere.

      1. At 28c the Tuk-Tuk drivers pit on their puffer jackets.

      2. Joseph! Think we can see the moon here tomorrow also! I’v missed all celestial spectacles this year so far. Shame as i have a National Geographic Solar telescope but, despite my straightforward confident posts on, in most areas of life, i’ve been v shy since childhood. So i feel self conscious to go out at night or day with a big telescope. Quite a shame. Send me courage and good weather and i might be brave! If bravery in short supply, may use my phone and gimbal, which is not as attention drawing. Anyway take care

      3. ps expect white flag man to go beserk⚠️🌑⚠️🌑⚠️🌑

      4. that should be …white flag man to go even more intensely berserk than usual with his allan howard concentrated twattery.

  18. A good joke on the BBC website this morning – a LP spokesperson was commenting. She said …
    “Under his leadership (Starmer), the Labour Party is answering the questions of the 2020s and 2030s”.
    The BBC don’t appear to have asked her why these answers are confidential.

  19. Slightly off topic the last article opened for comments on 25-05-21 and closed for comments on 25-05-21 after 1 comment. What a disgusting creature Lisa Nandy has turned out to be, saying Corbyn ‘needs to apologize to the Jewish community before he can be a Labour MP’again. In his position 1/ Corbyn had every right [as acknowledged by the Equalities Commission] to comment on the report. 2/ Angela Rayner admitted that what Corbyn had said on the Press and the numbers of Anti Semites in the party was true. RL Bailey and Nandy said Corbyn was an Anti Semite when answering a question from Robert Peston at the Labour Leadership hustings Peston… whether it was “anti-Semitic” to “describe Israel, its policies, or the circumstances around its foundation as racist.” RL Baileyand Lisa Nandy said it was Anti semitic. What a pair of clowns, they would stab anyone in the back to further their careers. In the present case they are asking Corbyn to eat crow, deliberately trying to humiliate him. Corbyn should, but probably will not say GFYourself you career hungry creature. The Labour party are finished under Starmer and his sycophants.

    1. Occasionally stories are either closed for comments very soon after opening, or do not have a comments facility.
      Where there is no comments facility I wonder if consideration is sometimes given to the possibility of legal action being taken if certain comments are made. When comments are closed could it be because something has been written which could be against the law? I don’t know if it’s possible, but it may help if Swawkbox could outline the general policy regarding the absence of, or removal of, the comments facility.
      Harry Law – I have had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Feinstein. He is a refreshing oasis in the desert of muddled thought (I’m not sure if “thought” is too kind). He is also a powerful advocate for the oppressed, for justice and for truth. In comparison all those on the Labour Front Bench, and indeed in both Houses of Parliament, who bought into promoting the “antisemitism” narrative, are no more than woodlice.

  20. Has John Mcdonald fired the starting gun for a challenge
    If you take him at face value, his comment that you cant be in the Labour party if your not a Democratic Socialist
    I do hope he means ‘off you must all fuck’

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