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Streatham Labour left posts open letter as ‘stitch-ups’ ‘make Handforth Parish Council look functional’


Last week’s Streatham Labour ‘AMM’ CLP (all-member constituency meeting), according to members who attended the ‘Zoom’, was a chaotic, shameful and undemocratic shambles that made Handforth Parish Council look functional.

Members say they were muted, denied the chance to speak and that the party’s rulebook was trampled as the new right-wing ‘exec’ refused to hear two emergency motions on conference delegate nominations and solidarity with Palestine.

The episode began with all members being muted throughout the Zoom call and the chat function being disabled, meaning members were effectively silenced throughout their monthly meeting, the first such meeting under the new right-wing executive – which followed a similar ‘stitch-up’ of the CLP’s annual general meeting, where many members were denied entry and their vote.

After enduring over 90 minutes of “keynote Speaker” Lord Adonis, in an apparent attempt to filibuster the monthly meeting, the meeting continued with the two emergency motions being ruled both out of order by the chair, despite obvious problems with the branch nomination meetings denying many members the opportunity to nominate delegates.

The first motion was on ‘Solidarity with Palestine’, which the chair refused to hear because: “the situation in Palestine is not an emergency”. The motion had been drafted by two Jewish members of Streatham Labour who wanted to show solidarity with the people of Palestine.

The second emergency motion was on conference nominations – tabled after members said the new officers of the party failed to follow an inclusive and democratic process and instead effectively appointed their preferred factional candidates to all delegate and committee posts without allowing a full and proper branch nomination or election process. Many local members who wanted to stand as delegates were excluded.

Skwawkbox has been in touch with members in Streatham, who allege that the following serious irregularities occurred before and during the meeting:

  • branches were not all invited to make nominations, as Secretaries were not informed in writing that they needed to hold nominations in May.
  • during the meeting a request to take nominations from the floor, and not exclude members from engaging in the process, was ignored.
  • hands were raised to speak on around twenty occasions, but no-one was allowed to speak despite many holding signs stating “point of order” – a call that a meeting’s chair is obliged to hear
  • when a member was finally invited to speak & made a formal challenge to the chair, the chair denied this request and ended the zoom while the member was speaking; again such calls are supposed to be immediately put to attendees to see whether there is sufficient support

“Authoritarian, toxic and chaotic”

One local member told Skwawkbox:

I’ve been a Labour Party member for almost 20 years and I have never known a Labour meeting to be so authoritarian, toxic and chaotic. To rule the conference nomination Emergency Motion out of order, refuse to take nominations from the floor and then effectively hand all the delegate and committee posts to their preferred right-wing candidates is a direct attack on local democracy and local party members will simply not accept this.

The Labour Party is nothing without democracy and its members and this new right-wing executive in Streatham have shamed themselves.

To add insult to injury and then refuse to hear the Solidarity with Palestine motion and disallow debate on such an important and indeed emergency situation is beyond shameful. We have British Palestinian members in Streatham Labour Party and they were disgusted to hear the Chair claim “the situation in Palestine is not an emergency”.

Skwawkbox has been shown a video of the meeting which supports the claims of angry members that the shambles of Handforth Parish Council’s now-notorious meeting pales beside the conduct of the new regime running Streatham Labour.

The situation was so bad that Streatham members have posted an open letter to Labour’s acting general secretary David Evans, condemning the widespread abuse of Zoom functionality to deny members their democracy and impose factional agendas. Mike Cushman, one of the organisers of the letter, told Skwawkbox:

David Evans has been keen to tell CLPs what they may or may not discuss, something which is beyond his powers as General Secretary. He has suspended many CLP Officers who have tried to fulfil their democratic duties to allow full and respectful debate of controversial issues.

Conversely, he has failed to take any action against the CLP Officers, and indeed his own paid regional officials, who have abused the control afforded to them by Zoom to crush contrary views at CLP meetings. Chairs at many CLPs, including mine, have made illegitimate rulings about what may be discussed, misreported votes and refused to unmute members who wished to challenge their rulings, giving them a total control they are not empowered to wield under the rule book.  Often, chat is disabled so members cannot share their concerns about abuse of process.

Evans must immediately take steps to issue guidance so that Zoom, which can promote inclusivity if meetings are properly run, is not used to silence and exclude

Members around the country are reporting similar measures by right-wing execs to control conference delegate selections, which they believe is a prelude to attempts by the right to change the party’s rules and prevent future left-wing MPs standing for election as party leader.

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  1. Sadly the stitch ups will continue until we the “Left” change our attitude. Note well we have amongst us those who are fired up only to scream THERE is NOTHING we can do! We are at the mercy of external forces. QUESTION – Why then do they use so much energy to scream? Why scream at all? Certainly any logical response to a hopeless exercise, is to do something else… no???

    1. Oh, the same shill shit. Oh stay and vote them out say the shill? Give these same scum your money, waste your time. but Vote them out? The little bit they fail to mention is YOU CAN’T!!! THEY HAVE ALL THE POWER!!! These same scum are like cancer they have infested what was Labour and made it now the cult of new Labour 2.0.

      Well, listen to the shill for the same scum he doesn’t care there paid to keep you being the same sheep. Your vote gives them the subs and does nothing and maybe next year we can vote them out! But next year never comes? So you get bitter and realise you have been used!!!

      So you can be smart and stop giving your time, wasting your money the only way of stopping this cancer is radical just like a doctor cut it out. Stop voting for them. rip up membership and only support true socialists if there is none where you live well you have to wait or write none of the above. But your choice isn’t it. Waste your time like these people want they get paid to sell this same sad BS.

      That’s why it’s always the same. No passion you notice because they don’t sodding care! Or take back control and deny these scum your everything membership, vote and time now it’s your choice…

      1. White Flag Man the Shill Hunter extraordinaire taking a rest? Or r u one and the same? Exact same demented rage + same peculiar obsession with “shills”. Oh and the same odd rage at matters that u both scream NO USE!!! Waiting for Smartbot and the boatman to combine your efforts. ps the name can take some off guard. QUESTIONS – What “disabled” person has so much vile rage??? And what sort of “grandad” screams into the conversation of which you are not part?

      2. So yet AGAIN – for the UMteenth time – within minutes of the notification being emailed to subscribers at 7.00pm, signpost has ‘composed’ and typed out a negative and fraudulent comment so that it will be the first comment. And he has done so on literally hundreds of occasions, and ALSO posted a ‘reply’ to the first poster on hundreds of occasions so that he has the second comment.

        In the thread prior to this one there wasn’t a comments section, but in the thread before that, signpost has the second comment, and the one before that the sixth comment (he was probably taking a dump when the notification arrived, what with him being full of shit!), and the one before that (that had a comments section) he posted the first comment, and two threads before that he posted the second and fourth comment.

        Yep, being a black propagandist shill he monitors the site fifteen/sixteen hours a day seven days a week, and as soon as a notification arrives he decides to either quickly compose and post a comment so it’s the first one in the list of comments, or to wait until someone else posts the first comment, and then post a ‘reply’ to it. The only other person that comes close to signpost for posting the first comment, is SteveH. And they both post in practically every thread every single day, and probably post about five/six hundred posts a month each, morning, noon, and night!

        But then they HAVE to earn their wages!

        PS And it is rather ironic – to say the least! – that someone who comes out with stuff like ‘jellied weakness’ spews forth his black propaganda shite about ‘demented rage’!

      3. Allan – I’m impressed, you typed all that and still managed to reply within 4 minutes. Your trolling is on the ball tonight.
        What was that you were saying about others constantly monitoring the site?

      4. PS So calling out a fascist piece of shite who has literally posted hundreds and hundreds of comments smearing Jeremy Corbyn and the left on here amounts to ‘demented rage’…… or so signpost, being a black propagandist, would have people believe. Needless to say it has nothing whatsoever to do with RAGE, and everything to do with contempt. And in case you didn’t see it, here’s a perfect example (from last week) of a bunch of shills all piling in with their ‘defence’ of signpost – including his Big Lie about Robin Lees – and that tells you ALL you need to know about THEM:

        As I’ve said before, this site is infested with shills and their secondary personas! And I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if a majority of the people who subscribe to this site are right-wing fascists who come on the site to have a good laugh at what the shills are spinning and disseminating!

      5. Here’s the latest post from Craig Murray:

        ‘Not Forgetting Palestine’

        I should like to think that the undeniable openness of Israeli apartheid rule has made a fundamental shift in thinking towards Palestine, but I do not think much has in fact changed, and the media and political class remain bought and paid for on the issue.

        The general British population may return to slumber until the next major bombings, but one man who will not forget is Richard Barnard of Palestine Action. Incredibly, Barnard has been charged by police and the Crown Prosecution Service with blackmail for proposing to hunger strike until the Israeli Elbit weapons factories in the UK are closed down.

        That is not a mistake; he really is charged with blackmail for a proposed hunger strike. I have been trying to find precedent for this and while I can find examples of the argument being made that hunger strike is emotional extortion, I certainly cannot find any example, anywhere in the world, of actual prosecution.

      6. SIR Rodney Keith Starmer’s MAIN desperation is to prove to his one percent Establishment handlers that they cam depend on him to ensure they increase more power, control and wealth for themselves. His rewards? A bauble as a peer and the code for the revolving door to troughs. That is all.

    2. SIR Rodney Keith Starmer’s MAIN desperation is to prove to his one percent Establishment handlers that they cam depend on him to ensure they increase more power, control and wealth for themselves. His rewards? A bauble as a peer and the code for the revolving door to troughs. That is all.

    3. URGENT – EVANS is not the Gen Sec to my knowledge as the post needs to be ratified by Conference. Is that correct?

      In the meantime, since we now have proof of institutionalised racism against “COLOURED people” to use the words of the The Queen’s onetime head of finance, surely Evans should be running An Awareness Raising Training Session – UNDERSTANDING RACISM for the party members AND as a kind gesture, to the Royal Family.

      It is clear that by ignoring blatant racism against non white people whose relatives DIED for this country in many wars and invasions especially World War Two, and injustice against Muslims, Evans considers those open examples of racism unworthy of his attention.

  2. Maybe the solution is for those involved to have the courage to post these videos online to expose this obvious wrongdoing and force the party to take action.

      1. Isn’t Adonis one of those Hysterical Far Right Zionists flying about at EDL/Britain First Rallies caped in Blue and White, at the Mere Mention of Palestine/Palestinian/Jeremy Corbyn/Islam/Muslim/Arab/Iran/etc/etc?
        Well!, What is he doing talking for 90 Minutes at a supposedly “Left Wing” Party Meeting!? Who is their next guest? That “Leftie” Kateh!?
        I think we need to organise a MASSIVE Pro Palestine Rally and Boycott Israel Peaceful Protests in Streatham at EVERY supermarket in the Area, WITHOUT involving Bell, anyone have his and fellow Zionist Umuna’s address we could hang Palestine Flags all over their gardens! or at least make sure we march past their houses!

      2. One might consider that as some kind of filibuster. Even his tweets are too long! 🙂

      3. It would appear that the majority of the 49K members are Neolabour Party Tories nowadays! Probably just a dwindling 10K UK Labour Party Members left! In the Membership! :):):)

    1. Bel, Zarah, Apsana, Claudia, etc Corbynism’s ‘Red Roses’ the fruits of 4 years of non stop Labour! The Neolabour Tories know they need to get them out and they know they need to keep Laura P and Laura S out, because they know those Women are the future leaders of The UK Labour Party, they also know there are many more like them eager and ready to take seats.
      They are not just ‘vocal’ for Palestine, they speak with Thunder and Fire in their Bellies on any injustice both Nationally and Internationally, that is very dangerous for a Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories! Who knows what under table deals they’ve cut with whom!
      We only have 15/20 UK Labour Party MPs left, it wont be hard to follow up on them on Social Media so that we can plan and counter attack these Neolabour Party Tory Assaults in advance, we have to start playing dirty, well I say dirty, but it will only be dirty as we counter attack the Neolabour Party Tory Filth, at their own level!
      We need to protect those 15/20 MPs at all costs, especially if we are to vote out the Neolabour Party Tories, no point in doing that if there are no UK Labour Party MPs left even if we do win a few UK LP MPs back from the Tories! THAT IS if they even allow any UK Labour Party MPs/Candidates to stand for Seats!
      Chances of that seems to be remote if they are wiping out the few UK Labour Party MPs that we have left even before we get to GE24 and OBVIOUSLY before Howard Beckett takes GS of UNITE!
      If The UK Labour Party decides to form a New Party a break away from the Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories based on The Hardieist, Bevanist, Corbynist UK Labour Movement, Corbyn/Macdonald 2017/2019 Manifestos, we will certainly have The Experience and Know How, Candidates, Members and almost certainly backing of at least, but not solely UNITE! If Plan B we best get moving, not much time!
      The Democratic Labour Party ANYONE?

  3. The ‘situation’ in Palestine is absolutely an emergency.
    Should these sorts of morons ever be afforded any sort of responsibility, if they can’t even be bothered to find out.

    1. If ‘those sorts of morons’ get into Government, We’re Fked, Palestine Fked, Lebanon Fked, Syria Fked, Middle East Fked, Venezuela Fked, South America Fked, Julian Assange Fked, Freedom of Speech Fked, and on and on and on and on!
      “Those sorts of morons” are far more dangerous than even the Inbred Ogre Himself! Look at Macron, Blair, Clinton, Obama, Biden, all sickly sweet on the outside but the inside pure compacted evil!
      The Johnson’s/Trump’s/Netanyahu’s of this world enrages us, but there is something positive they do, that The Blair/Thatcher/Reagan Neoliberal “Centrist” Conservatives don’t! They inadvertently Unite The PEOPLE and make The PEOPLE Rise as One, whereas The Blair/Thatcher/Reagan Neoliberal “Centrist” Conservatives has a Carrot called FAKE HOPE dangling in front of The PEOPLE, always smoothing over and sweet talking, whilst their evil plan is the SAME evil plan of the same evil Elites/Establishment/Machine!

  4. IT makes my blood boil when I hear of these successful stitch ups by the Labour party junta.An example of “fighting back was the reply from Bernadette Devlin a young twenty one year old mp for the peoples democracy in NIreland who was stopped repeatedly by the speaker of the house from giving a eye witness report of what happened at the bloody Sunday massacre that she attended in Derry the day before.All mps were called back to parliament for a Labour party emergency motion to discuss the issue.Bernadette Devlin a five foot nothing wee girl on listening to the lies of Maudling the Home Secretary who described the civil rights movement a “violent mob” and the paratroopers were justified in gunning them down she crossed the house having been denied the right to speak,being the only mp at the bloody Sunday massacre and deciding she couldn’t lift the mace she carried on and punched him in the mouth for the disgusting liar he was.Sometimes extraordinary measures are needed to deal with tyrants and Labour party members have a history of the left wing to show them that behaving like good little boys and girls will be laughed at by the right wing.Metaphorically speaking punch them in the mouth and take back control,its your Labour party and you are the owners and financers of it.

    1. I remember reading the report of that debate and Ms Devlins actions and coming as it did after Bloody Sunday deaths and other riots it was a moment when the establishment seemed to pause and tremble. Maudling (a man who makes BoJo look like Mother Theresa) as Home Sec was under suspicion for some very odd business dealings which nowadays would see him in the cells so the support from parliament for him was largely synthetic and orchestrated by the whips. Most voters, ignorant of Maudlin’s charge sheet reacted against Devlin as in those days it was not commonly accepted that moral as well as financial corruption could be so ingrained in certain figures at the heart of the UK government.

  5. I left ten seconds after Starmer was elected, I knew what was coming. First it was Jeremy Corbyn, then some of the left, now it’s Conference, then it’s policy as Starmer and the Right try to demonstrate to the rich & powerful that his Labour is absolutely no threat to their wealth and power, and all they seek in return is crumbs for diverse working people, and of course cushy well paid jobs for themselves as Right Wing political nincompoops! Keir Stalin and Erdogon Evans?

    1. Bazza. I thought getting rid of Starmer ‘I am a Zionist without qualification’ might be achievable after Hartlepool and the bad local election results, I am now having second thoughts, even if he loses Batley and Spen, the reason.. I think he is the most obnoxious gob shite with the personality of a filing cabinet that the Labour party has ever had, he is so arrogant his grip on the leadership will need to be prised from his grip.

      1. I reckon he is there by orders from The “Trilateral” Elites/Establishment/Machine, he can probably do as he wishes and remain untouchable like so many others! They have a job, Two Equally Tory Main Parties by GE2024, like The USA! It will only be up to us how we deal with that! That will all depend on how many UK Labour Party MPs/Candidates are left standing by GE24, as it stands we only have 15/20 MPs and several Candidates, but who will still be standing by 2024!? We also need to get our heads into the inner workings of UNITE because if we do get Beckett and he starts taking on The Neoliberal Neolabour Party’s Tories, he is going to need protection, not much different to Jeremy!

    1. EXACTLY! The Carrot called FAKE HOPE!
      They are all equally evil lying conniving bastards! I doubt the Palestinians were fooled by Erdogan, but I bet a great many in the International Community thought, “wow! he is actually not all that bad”!
      I think his calls for action/kicking off/threats at Israel was all Planned in the hopes of conning/encouraging Iran/Lebanon/Iraq etc to take action, so that the USA could have their much craved war with Iran, for their Chihuahua “Israel”!

  6. Isn’t about time we started to name these ‘offenders’ ; we need to know who they are for such times as they wish to stand for election in the future. They are dumping on the left from a great height and we seem powerless! I am curious to know who the chair of Streatham CLP is?

      1. According to red Roar James is ‘a Windrush crossover candidate’, which means she’s right wing. She was the right’s favoured candidate after Umunna left but was defeated by Ribeiro-Addy (left). James is also pro European which probably explains the key note speech from EU fanatic Adonis.
        It seems like Streatham is still fighting the referendum result.

      2. lundiel, “It seems Streatham is still fighting the referendum result.”

        “seems”? They are. Not just them. Throughout all the metropolitan areas there are a few very vocal people who are still predicting gloom and doom. Quite odd. They fail to take many humongous hints. Eg the very large number of EU citizens who’ve since become UK residents, and many more trying desperately everyday. Why? Surely with a choice, those here would have fled what the EU obsessed people describe as a disaster / doom / etc etc etc

        Even more significant are the new applications to settle here. Why? Were they “lied to”, want to be with “racists”, etc etc etc.

        But Adonis shows how complicated we are in general. In particular, what a single horrific blow against nominative determinism ?!

  7. Surely this CLP have to abide by the rules of the CLP in relation to these rule breaches, as an unincorporated association every member has a contract with every other member the breach of which is actionable in court as a breach of contract. If these breaches are documented [with sufficient evidence] then an action should be considered by the aggrieved parties. This applies to all members. It is the only way, otherwise they will trample all over you.

  8. What seems to have happened is a battle between the Umunna rump of the local party and younger Corbyn/left activists. The MP is left while the local party is currently right.

    1. lundiel – An inevitable result of ‘the left’ resigning their memberships and or losing interest. They had control (as indicated by the selection of a left leaning MP) but they abandoned it in a hissy fit.
      Is it any wonder ‘the left’ are incapable of making sustained and consistent progress within the party and the country?

      1. Utter rubbish, Streatham is still left wing. If you prevent members making points during meetings you have total control, Stalin and Goebbels would be proud.

      2. Steve – Utter rubbish, Streatham is still left wing.

        Who voted in the RW CLP Officers?

      3. Wrong on many levels SteveH. People don’t just up and leave because they’ve had ‘a hissy fit’. This is totally in keeping with your blame passing and centrist outlook. When people leave the party it’s because too many redlines have been crossed too many times and they see no way back under the regime in power who act very similar to Kinnock in the early 1990s. Politics has moved on since then. It’s the right who are incompetent political dinosaurs, not the left.

      4. lundiel – Whatever excuses you come up with it boils down to you and your ilk not having the staying power and/or numbers to maintain control at the CLP level
        Various individuals on these pages crow about 100,000+ lefties leaving the party and then grumble about the RW taking over CLPs. Cognitive dissidence at its best.

        ps:- There are more members now than there were prior to the 19GE. The 100K ‘left’ leavers have been more than replaced by new members.

      5. Spot on! Members have hardly any rights to vote/meet/etc in this Thatcherite fear based Gestapo, in any case. We can also do Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories far worse damage from outside of their Fear Based Culture!
        Let’s see what happens 2024 when 400K+++ Exiled UK Labour Party Members/MPs work together against The Neolabour Party Tories! Has this Party actually declared official referenced Member Numbers, They’d be lucky if they hit 80K!

      6. skellyknelly – The last published figure I saw was that Labour currently has circa 490,000 members (50k more than there were prior to the 19GE under Corbyn).

      7. Published and verified by whom!? Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories? You may as well say 600K or 1Mil! You keep telling us that there are so many of you SteveH, but where are their presence on MSSM etc still dominated by Democratic Socialist Corbynist UK Labour Party voters and activists, where are all those Neolabour Tories SteveH? If you are claiming to be the handful of AntiCobynism, AntiSocialist, AntiLeftist, AntiEtc Trolls, you’d be lucky to be a pitiful 50K.
        I am sure I remember 560K, Members 2019, I may have been mixing up 2017/2019, but it was 520K and if the Starmerstruppen are doing what I expect, multiplying members x 10, it will be more like 49K now. Wikipedia is not factual, Dearest, very little on there should be taken on face value.

      8. skellynelly – My source is a member of the NEC and the 490k figure was published just a few days ago. To the best of my knowledge no other member of the NEC or anyone else in a position to know has challenged this figure.

        The membership stood at c440k prior to the 19GE and it was widely reported by multiple sources that over 100k (114K was the figure quoted by LabourList) had joined the party immediately after Jeremy announced he was stepping down. At 5pm on 20/01/2020 the fully paid up membership stood at 552,835 and climbed to its highest figure ever of >580k at the end of Feb2020.

      9. Now you see, you quote Labour List as a reliable source, they’re not, not much different to Red Roar. Probably more than 114K left when Jeremy stepped down, meaning LL should really have reported 228K Joined since he stepped down to make up for the many who left, not prepared to fund a Tory Project.
        NEC member means nothing, they’re as full of shit as the rest of the Neolabour Tories, they could say what they like or more like whatever they’re told to say.
        Nah I will take all that with a pinch of salt, thanks all the same. I guess we’ll soon see once Beckett de-funds The Neolabour Tory Party, other Unions have made the same noise. However with that many Members The Neolabour Tories won’t really miss Unite’s Funding! We’ll see soon enough.

      10. skellyknelly – Thanks for the rant, but LabourList is sponsored by Len McCluskey & Unite and the FBU. It carries articles from right across the spectrum including from SCG members who are frequent contributes.
        A simple Google search will confirm that there were multiple reports of >100,00 new members joining Labour.
        If you have any credible evidence to the contrary then you are more than welcome to present it.

      11. Dearest! I am not ranting! Why do you always assume people don’t know how to or what to, I told you that there are no reliable sources to verify Neolabour Tory Member Numbers, weather they are funded by the gods and fairies, if I do not trust them for whatever reason I do not trust them and I have not seen anything I trust. Do you mean to tell me there are still people who use Google! Well I Never! “any credible evidence to the contrary” I can tell you many more appear to be puzzled and curious about the REAL figures than not, surely you can see that on your FB/Twitter feeds, it is as Illusive as Room 39, I guess, just no way of telling, but with such an unmotivated, unhappy, unsupportive, unhelpful, fear driven Party, it will take irrefutable proof to convince me and many others of those numbers..

      12. skellyknelly – Professing to not trust anyone despite having zero evidence to the contrary is very convenient when you have nothing to support you assertions.
        However if Alice Perry was regularly publishing false reports on NEC meetings and membership numbers you would have thought that the LW members of the NEC like Howard Beckett or Laura Pidcock would have called her out by now. If not, why not. Surely they would have a duty to do so on behalf of those they represent. Can you offer an explanation why they wouldn’t challenge her if she was lying?
        Are you also disputing the 20/01/20 552,835 figure or do you accept this as being accurate?

      13. My dearest, I am not The Neolabour Party, I have nothing to prove. I am making a mere request of irrefutable proof of Membership Numbers. The numbers they suggest does not reflect the Destroyed Demoralised Defeated Neolabour Tory Party.
        The Electorate were Propagandised to the Hilt GE2019 Thanks to their internal Sabotage and everything else that went on 2015 to 2019!
        I firmly believe that there were a lot of international sticky fingers all over our Ballot Boxes, that was the only way for The Inbred Ogre to win GE19. Even if taking the Buffoons who did not vote UK Labour because of Brexit/Remain or I don’t like Jeremy, so I’ll fuck my children’s lives up by proving a point at the ONE GE that was not for proving a point. GE2019 was the Last Once in a Lifetime opportunity for change, the end of 42years Tory Hell. That said I do believe that far less people fucked up than Propaganda tries to make us believe! The Sticky Fingers on our Ballot boxes on the other hand that is far more believable!
        Anyhow with all that considered I simply can not believe The Neolabour Tory Party’s Figures unless it is independently verified by a trusted source!

      14. Yes Dearest, you and I love to waffle, I think it is pretty normal to waffle on the comment section with other wafflers.
        Members 552,835 at the Leadership Vote:
        Who was the Leader of the Party at that time?
        Members 552,835 at the Leadership Vote:
        How long do Members have to be fully Paid up Members before they are able to vote?
        So Basically what you are Essentially showing me, are fully paid up Members in Jeremy’s Term AND not The Neolabour Party Tories’ and Proving yourself wrong, re GE2019 Member numbers.
        Only 400K voted so the 150K are more than likely the first wave of Members Exiled by Toryism. Now I find it even harder to believe that there are even 100K Neolabour Tory Party Members!

      15. lundiel – Spot on, and very restrained in your rebuttal of the anti-left sniping we are regularly subjected to here, and the complete absence of any suggestions as to how/if the LP can be rescued from the current lunacy.

      16. I have a suggestion. Just for once, stop asking silly questions and come up with one answer to even one of those questions asked of you, and keep calm amidst all the noise and haste. The Desiderata says “always remember what peace there is in silence.”

      17. goldbach – Nice try at a distraction,.perhaps you should listen to your own advice before preaching to others.

      18. In the words of Jake Thackray, “Takes one to know one, as they say.”

      19. Usual nonsense from centrist dad. Many members, including myself, left the party when the red line over support for a second referendum was announced. That was the tipping point for us and signalled the impossibility of Labour winning the 2019 election. You can thank the unions for forcing Corbyn to adopt that suicidal policy but DON’T TRY AND FALSELY INFER THE DROP HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH CORBYN’S POPULARITY.
        Starmer is undoubtedly still shedding members because his leadership is not compatible with grass roots politics. So whatever Akehurst claims, I contest it. What is blindingly obvious to all except ‘centrist dads’ like you is that Labour has returned to control freakery reminiscent of Blair/Brown. Imposition of candidates and interference with Zoom meetings might wrest control of party machinery but it also results in members leaving and a hollowed out party dependent on donors.

      20. lundiel – So, as I said above, you gave up the fight and abandoned the progress you’d made.
        Why are you blaming the Unions for Labour’s policy when Jeremy has very clearly stated on camera (on at least 2 occasions) that he had no choice because at least 70% of the membership supported being in the EU and a second vote. (why were you so scared that the electorate had changed their minds).
        Why have you brought Ackhurst into the conversation, has he also come out and confirmed the figure I quoted.
        Your can make all the claims you want but until you can come up with some published figures from a credible source it’s just hot air..

        I don’t need to, the electorate did that for me.

      21. “skellynelly – My source is a member of the NEC ”
        Don’t be shy centrist dad. Name him…. LUKE AKEHURST.

      22. lundiel – Wrong again, It’s a she, Alice Perry who publishes regular reports for members on NEC business.

      23. Followed by usual wriggling and determination to have the last word from centrist dad.
        Explain if you can, how a leader who was supposed to bring unity to a divided party in order to provide an ‘acceptable’ convincing alternative to Johnson, who’s diluted economic policy and silenced the left hasn’t managed to come anywhere near challenging the Tories.

      24. Centrist dad. Labour’s own records show the membership is going down since Starmer took control. Hartlepool will certainly have hastened that trend and Scotland definitely isn’t buying into NuLabour. The fact is you can’t quote numbers because any figures claimed contain lapsed members and logic tells me there’s an awful lot of those. Even Starmer himself has had to concede his uselessness saying he’s thinking of moving headquarters out of London, not to mention shadow cabinet infighting.
        Give it a rest centrist dad, the party’s over.

      25. lundiel – The 20/01/20 figure of 552,835 does not include any lapsed members are you also disputing that figure’s accuracy

      26. Ah centrist dad harking back to the glory days when liberals rejoined the party envisioning a new new Labour standing for the comfortable middle class, only to be cheated by blue Labour aspirations that also bit the dust. At least we’ll hear no more of your “Keir and Angela” nonsense.
        I see you had to resort to whataboutery again. We’re talking about today, not a year ago.

      27. lundiel – Oh dearie, dearie me!
        Do you dispute the accuracy of the 20/01/20 membership figure of 552,835?

      28. For the second time. Explain if you can, how a leader who was supposed to bring unity to a divided party in order to provide an ‘acceptable’ convincing alternative to Johnson, who’s diluted economic policy and silenced the left hasn’t managed to come anywhere near challenging the Tories. In fact he’s going backwards against the worst bunch of manslaughtering shysters in living memory.

  9. Labour members in Aberconwy CLP are fortunate that our Chair, Secretary and EC ensure that “All member meetings” are democratic and inclusive.
    All members (right, centre and left) have many opportunities to contribute to meetings. No one is ignored, points of order are dealt with.
    It is obvious that some Chairs, Secretaries, and EC’s are abusing the inclusive nature of ZOOM by using the power and controls available to “hosts” to exert total dominance over the members during meetings. It is being used in a deliberately undemocratic, dictatorial and corrupt manner, totally at odds with the values and mission of the Labour Party.

  10. Evans & Starmer are counting their blessings with Covid 19 restrictions preventing face to face meetings. I trust that will soon be over & I will be able to tell my MP; Councillors & other representatives of the Labour Party what I think to their face. A blood sport I really enjoy.
    What really frightens me is the prospect of a really right wing Zionist gov’t in Israel that will wipe out Palestine as the Final Solution.

    1. Spot on SM! NB the most recent evil bombing of Palestine was timed to bolster Nothingyahoo’s regime. The Palestinian people are the pawns. Their country was “WIPED OFF THE MAP” because types like SIR RODNEY Starmer believe Palestine “DOES NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO EXIST” while immigrants ie citizens OF and FROM from the USA, UK, South Africa, the European continent invade and occupy Palestine. But the people given rights to abuse and humiliate the Palestinians in every way, they too are pawns. It’s human nature for us to get caught up in the regimes that serve the one percent. People take what they believe is a “side”. The fact are that they serve forces super protected from physical danger. Eg Nothingyahoo is NOT on the front line. Like the war criminal Bliar, they send other people and other people’s children to lose their lives.

      HOWEVER the Palestinians are justifiable frustrated living under horrendous Apartheid, and in desperation are misled to believe that Hamas serves their interests.

      The immigrants however have no justifiable excuse. They are fuelled by blind AND seeing wickedness and hate. They have not even a slight need to join with and carry out the decades of murderous and purely wicked acts. They know full well that slingshots and rocks are no match for the BILLION DOLLAR funded arsenal including illegal nuclear weapons, shiny massive bombs and unrivalled shields eg the Done. Just compare the casualties of the Palestinians compared to the occupiers from abroad. The facts of the enduring evil are plain.

      But the Palestinians are TRULY at the mercy of EXTERNAL FORCES including the UK Establishment. Hamas is indeed the EFFECTIVE creation of the one percent who created the occupation which “wiped a long established country off the map” because they decided it “had no right to exist”.

      The power is here and across the pond… the old colony USA.

      1. windchime – Starmer believe Palestine “DOES NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO EXIST”

        Do you have a link to this direct quote, or did you make it up
        What tangible improvements did Jeremy achieve for the Palestinians when he was was in tenure

      2. SH it is clear by his actions and MANY plain words, that SIR Rodney Starmer ie Keith, collaborates in FULL STEP with those who support Palestine having been “WIPED OFF THE MAP” and by their DELIBERATE funding of armaments and military support demonstrate their WILL for Palestine not “to exist”.

        Starmer’s words and actions are there for you and all to hear and see. He is an indecent supporter of this crime against humanity including the bombing of effectively defenceless Palestinians.

        ps By any decent metric, there is no “side” ie the occupiers and the supporters trot out the cheap obscene distraction that the many distressed by the plight of the Palestinians, are “taking the side of Palestinians”. NO‼️‼️‼️ There is no “side” as superficial recently presented by eg the latest “ambassador” of the occupiers… as violently incongruous as the War Criminal supporting Bush to invade Iraq to kill over a million men women and children, being called “Middle East PEACE Envoy”. We just saw the results of that abomination Weapons of Mass Destruction Blair.

        The story of a long established nation Palestine being “WIPED OFF THE MAP” and to thus day being denied “THE RIGHT TO EXIST”, is an indisputable case of correct against wrong. Decent against indecent. Justice against injustice. TENS of THOUSANDS or more murdered and bombed to death compared to a few handfuls of the super armed occupiers. Victims of land and property stolen compared to the brutalisers and eg an immigrant from London or New York evicting someone from their he and calling it theirs.

        We would not like that. Why should the Palestinians

      3. “their HOME ” excuse other errors💐💐💐

      4. windchimes – “it is clear by his actions and MANY plain words, that SIR Rodney Starmer ie Keith, collaborates in FULL STEP with those who support Palestine having been “WIPED OFF THE MAP” and by their DELIBERATE funding of armaments and military support demonstrate their WILL for Palestine not “to exist”.

        Lots of ‘assertions’ but where’s your evidence.Can you provide links to some credible evidence that supports your ‘assertions’?

      5. lundiel – Lots of fine words but nothing actually achieved then

    2. Israel sure have a thing for black flags, eventually all their evils will be leaked, Hamas I am sure are not their only creation!

    1. What people forget is that even the loathsome Margret Thatcher imposed a block on arms sales to Israel for 12 years. Governments of either colour can’t sell them enough these days. Our foreign policy isn’t our own

      1. Correct lundiel. What people also forget is that Thatcher’s best creation as she described her puss filled anal seepage W.M.D. Blair the liar and war criminal, changed that as all zealous self-servers are, supported the reversal of that on the surface 12 year arms block. The sales no doubt continued by proxy back channels. But it said all we need to know when Blair, IN Parliament, defended Arms Sales to despots / tyrants / criminals commuting crimes against humanity. I heard the creature and will never forget the hiss “If we don’t sell them, others will”.

        How’s that for ethical depravity? How’s that for decent people enabling and even PROTECTING Tory parasites that infest a Labour Party to commit Tory crimes? As i this case the atrocities are WORSE than the Tories in their own hole?

        BASIC logic. Which should cause us more concern? Rats in their rat hole OR rats in your own house? What is more useful and sensible while suffering a rampant rat infestation? Complaining about what rats are doing as they usually do in their nest across town or DRIVING them out of our own home? It seems basic and obvious but alas it seems an insurmountable challenge to ENOUGH people thus making enduring stitch ups by the Right Wing parasites as inevitable.

      2. COMMITTING crimes. please excuse other errors💐💐💐

      3. Don’t apologise for errors, people who can’t translate need to go to class to be taught by those who give lessons in spelling/grammar and they should go to a classroom, not a Comment Section! We are humans writing on a keyboard and humans are prone to mistakes, ALL humans! Perfection is a fantasy of fools. x

  11. The weird one wee stevie now as good as claiming that 490k is bigger than 525k.

    A bit like his claim that 48% is bigger than 52%

    Or 16.1m is bigger than 17.4m.

    Small wonder he thought that 70% of whatever the membership number at the time would piss a general election.

    The greasy bastard can’t even win back 20% of the vote he conspired to lose, nevermained gain anything; indeed, stammer has haemorrhaged support from April 2020, and to wee stevie the blockheaded one is still a genius that gets everything right that Corbyn supposedly got wrong…

    The completely unglued gobshite lives in a parallel universe, small wonder with morons like that championing a bunch of self-serving twunts, the party’s as popular as a fart in a lift.

    1. Toffee – Not at all, on the contrary I readily accept that the number of members has dropped since its high-point of 580k in Feb20.
      My point is that whichever way you look at it 490k is higher than 440k. All those on ‘the left’ who have left the party have more than been replaced by new members.

      1. Has stammer sent the numbers up like Corbyn did in his first 13months? Has stammer increased vote share like Corbyn did in the same timeframe?

        No. And most definitely not.

        Spin it whatever way you like, bellend. You were the one telling us to wait and see that stammer had increased the membership.

        Except he hasn’t. You’re wrong for the cunteenth time.

        Now fuck off and croak, you unhinged, obsessive contrary, friendless, clueless whopper

      2. SH it is being said that RODNEY STARMER sounds like a venereal disease. Why? Tell him to wash all his forensics including the one above his odd eye-slits.

        PS the activities of your tax exile neighbour across the water gets murkier and murkier. Massages by the beach… weird story of people shooting from a passing boat… must have had an extremely good aim. How close was that boat???

        Why is it that any sordid scandal almost ALWAYS involves Tories or Limp Dims??? Think of it, this shocking latest, or Deripraskya’s (excuse spelling) yacht and your Mandy. Or lawbreaking mortgage shenanigans of your Mandy. Or names appearing on Epstein’s passenger logs. Or the WMD War Criminal providing services to the worlds most murderous despots not to mention the Wendy Murduch betrayal after all Wendy’s husband had helped the creature. I challenge anyone to find sordid affairs in such great number as with Tories including your Mandy and Bliar… Jimmy Saville SUPER friendly with Charles and Thatcher. Rolfe Harris, Mandy Rice Davis… on and on the list goes ALMOST ALWAYS Tories.

        WHY? Nurture or an intrinsic degenerate nature??? How else could you explain the sulphurous slime that is Blair, or the hissing smirk of your Mandy, or the dull dripping STD that is RODNEY Keith Max Headroom starmer DPP POTOP

      3. Well fancy that SH it is now on the wind that your tax exile neighbour across the water is writing a book about ??? SIR RODNEY STARMER‼️‼️‼️

        How many pages i wonder??? And the murderess nay escape with a fine as your neighbour controls the island allegedly. Even financed the police’s jail AND gym!

        Thinking of gaols SH it may be known to you, was Rodney always close to the accused murderesses’ father in law❓⚠️❓⚠️❓⚠️

      4. windchimes – I have no idea, why don’t you dig out some facts to support your assertions.

      5. Methinks not
        Ersatz Tory parties only lose members, supporters and money
        Temporary Embarrassment next appointment is with the Official Receiver
        We will then buy our party back for buttons

      6. Isn’t about me.

        It’s about your bullshit that I’ve just called you on. Now, either address the points I made, or shut your cave.

      1. I wonder lundiel if you could post #DontDareGetColdFeet for me please?
        Did Mr Architect of “Don’t you Dare to Get Cold Feet” even mention what he did to Julian Assange!? OR what lengths of corruption he had to go to, to secure the Arrest of Julian Assange! He was THE LAW, he was the MAIN ARCHITECT of the Arrest without loopholing THE LAW, Julian Assange would still be safe!

      2. If I had a TV and I watch that thing, my TV probably would have met the concrete slab under my window and never to be replaced, but I did see something about weeping, I wonder did he weep for the Palestinian Children and Civilians that his cronies blown to pieces!? Or just the usual Zionist Self Pitying!

      3. Lundiel just watched the class traitor McDOnough attempt to rubbish Beckett and wondered how can one working class family(Builder)produce a couple of misfits like the twisted sister act of the the McDOnough sisters.ITs a shame really that they have become increasingly bitter in their old age.

    2. Wonder what SIR RODNEY starmer the late DPP, aka Keith, Max Headroom, Bollardhead, Potatohead, POTOP…

      Wonder what is SIR Rodney POTOP starmer’s view of this:

      Women and ethnic minorities working for the royal family could be sexually or racially discriminated against and have ZERO redress by UK law…. ZERO recourse to justice, as recently as the late 60’s early 1970s.

      Let us have your view SIR RODNEY starmer. Let’s hear you get your forensic around that.

      Think of it, AS LATE AS 1968… nineteen sixty-eight… Lord Tyron, the Queen’s money honcho said “‘it was not, in fact, the practice to appoint COLOURED immigrants or foreigners’ to clerical roles in the royal household, but that they were permitted to work as domestic servants.”

      ie keep them in their place. GOOD enough to die on the battlefield, but NOT enough to push papers around. GOOD enough to deliver post, drive busses and underground trains, build magnificent buildings, care for the sick in and out of hospital but NOT suitable as paper pushers.

      SIR RODNEY KEITH starmer, what’s your view on that? EXACTLY WHEN did those racists and sexist habits in particular?

      In general, are you satisfied that the royal family have ceased their racist practises?

      When exactly did the royal family stop being racist ❔❔❔

      ps After Tyrone retired he was made a PERMANENT LORD in WAITING. Talk about baubles for maintaining The Establishment.

      Wonder how SIR Rodney Keith Starmer feels about being the Ultimate Temporary Embarrassment in Waiting for trough ing

      1. Point of Order
        Who will go to gaol first Donald Trump or Benjamin Netanyahu

      2. @Doug

        I’d say Netanyahu long before Trump.

        But, I sincerely doubt Netanyahu will face any sort of serious justice. Earlier today, the Iranian navy lost their biggest boat very suspiciously and a few hours later an Iranian refinery went up. Nuttyahu is pushing the Iranian nuke cobblers (they’ve been six months away from building one for at least two decades now according to some, ahem, sources).

        I’d say war is more likely to occur first. Just a question of who starts what with who.

        To finish, I doubt Trump will face anything. The dossier (that Russia watersports one) turned out to be a total fabrication. Trump enjoys popularity/gravitas with senior Repugs and American politics is so messy that even if something was legitimate enough to bring him down, there will be enough dirt on Democraps to neuter the show. Worst case scenario, Trump gets a very very cushy federal prison for a token spell. It’ll never happen!

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