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Johnson accused by campsite owner of making up camping trip – after tent, site and camp fire all ‘faked’, with photographic evidence to back up claim

Sloping tent, fake fire that would have burned guy ropes and grass too green all point to ‘stunt’ says expert

Boris Johnson has been publicly accused of faking his Scottish camping trip for a ‘stunt’ – and his accusers include a lifelong camper and campsite owner.

Observant commenters spotted issues with:

  • a fire that appears to have been photoshopped in and
  • was sited so it would have burned the tent’s guy ropes
  • burned material on top of wood that is not even marked
  • a tent set up on a slope and near collapse
  • green grass that should have been bleached if a tent had stood on it for any length of time

The images seen in detail seem to support the contention, including a clearly wrong-looking campfire that seems to contain at least some photoshopped elements, as well as suspiciously unscorched grass:

The position of the campfire also seems to be so close to the tent that the ropes holding up the tent would have been at risk from the fire – a position nobody would choose to build it, or at least light it:

The right alignment of the guy-ropes, said no-one, ever.

While the grass where the tent was sited shows no sign of compression, let alone bleaching:

One respondent captured the significance of the stunt, which many feel was an attempt to give Johnson cover to lay low while other events were playing out, if indeed the scene was as artificial as it appeared:

At least no fridges were photographed at the scene.

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  1. Don’t know about a sagging tent, could have abeen a shagging tent or sleeping tent away from the kids

  2. I assume Johnson claimed he was there? Photos are so bad I can’t tell if his ugly mug’s in any of them.
    I wouldn’t camp there either – I don’t mind slopes myself, I like my head higher – but being between hills and water the water/land temperature differentials from day to night cause onshore/offshore winds.
    That and the katabatic gusts off the hills would make the winds really flukey and the smoke from the fire would keep changing direction.
    And in Scotland you’d be eaten alive by midges.

  3. As soon as I heard Johnson was going camping I didn’t believe for one second it was true. I may be wrong, come on who rents out a cottage for a supposed cost of around £1500 a week and also pitches up a tent in the garden to stay in it. We also know if this was true there’d be plenty of photographic evidence in MSM to show us all how down to earth the PM is.
    Even the photographs that did emerge of him with his partner and the baby didn’t look right. Unless it was cover for something else. What I don’t understand is why go to all that bother to make up a story like this.

    1. I don’t believe it either for different reasons however. But the tent is perfectly reasonable. I took my kids on holiday and they wanted to pitch the tent and sleep in it whilst mum and dad stayed warm and comfortable in a nice bed. They didn’t cook though they wanted their breakfast as normal and after two days they abandoned the idea.

  4. As if that posh twunt is gonna set up camp in a scruffy tent, right next door to a luxury cottage with all mod cons…

    What next? Photoshop them at Butlins having a jolly old knees up with the hoi polloi? Playing “wiff-waff” with the riff-raff?

    …oh, we’ve already had that, haven’t we? Now he only plays ‘grown up tennis’ for hundreds of thousands of pounds

    Show what’ll it be next? Changing his latest issue’s shitty nappy at the changing station in an Asda?

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