Video: here’s Boris Johnson calling for US death riot instigator Trump to receive… a Nobel Peace Prize

Remember when Boris Johnson was sucking up to Donald Trump because he desperately needed a trade deal as a PR ‘victory’ in the midst of his Johnson’s interminable bungling?

So abject was his grovelling that he even stood in front of the US Capitol Building, the scene of this week’s violent riots, and called for Trump – the instigator of the violent, deadly anti-democratic protests this week in Washington DC – and demanded a Nobel Peace Prize for the Orange one:

Of course, Trump didn’t ‘fix’ North Korea or Iran and has done huge damage internationally with his US exceptionalism and arrogance. But even if he had, his actions throughout the presidential election and afterward make him more a criminal than a peace-maker.

Johnson is a buffoon and everything he does ages badly at best. And he has equated himself with Trump in attitude, delusion and the appalling cost in lives and economic damage inflicted by his lethal, Trumpian handling of the coronavirus crisis.

He is an embarrassment to this country.

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  1. As is clear Johnson is indeed a buffoon, a dangerous buffoon, an arrogant and a dangerous buffoon! But, as with Trump, he is also a product of our damaged society and, particularly, the manner in which the UK’s woeful MSM reports its version of the news. Looking set to get one hell of a lot worse. What is the Monopolies Commission doing?

    1. Skwawkbox – “Johnson is a buffoon and everything he does ages badly at best. And he has equated himself with Trump in attitude, delusion and the appalling cost in lives and economic damage inflicted by his lethal, Trumpian handling of the coronavirus crisis.” and Brexit!

    2. This item from Skwawkbox is a good way to remind us what a crass obnoxious hooray henry Bojo is. The similarity of personality and stupidity is betrayed in this call for a Nobel Peace prize to an outgoing President who has just succeeded in getting Capitol Hill attacked, with one of the attackers being needlessly shot in the neck through a glass door, killing her.

      That Bojo didn’t forsee something like this from Trump is a devastating comment on his judgement of character, let alone his crass lack of appreciation of the consequences of Trump’s “Peace to Prosperity ” for the middle east.

  2. Raab or somebody with authority should assure the World that the UK will not obey US demands to bomb China from the aircraft carrier Q Elizabeth as we have been threatening. The planes and bombs are of course controlled by the US. Somebody should also quietly inform Iran they won’t be taking military action while Trump is still President. Ideally Raab should be removed as his incessant boasting about ‘sorting out the Chinese’ doesn’t help world peace, quite the opposite. The problem is Where is the figure of authority that would be believed? Er….

      1. It seems a bit absurd to mention but remember the sinking of the Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse in 1941? Huge and brand new it went down after torpedoes were fired from Japanese airplanes. Even then they were saying this notion of massive carriers waddling through enemy waters was not such a clever idea – 80 years ago!! Perhaps Raab should go on board himself? ; it might persuade his chosen enemy there won’t be an attack (or is he as daft as he sounds?).

      2. I’m thinking of the repulsive adverts currently doing the rounds trying to get young women to join the royal navy. It’s a good job in peace time I imagine, but if they actually have to go into a war zone they are all sitting ducks, just like anyone in tanks.

      3. Nearly 350 sailors died on the PoW, including an Admiral and the Captain. and over 500 on Repulse.

    1. Oh dear. We’re going to sort out China. Fly in the ointment. We need planes, personal, ships and a good reason. Does he envision us landing on the beaches, paras dropping from the planes and naval blockades.. once we’ve established beachheads do we proceed taking city after city. Israeli drones, US marines, Columbians, Saudi infantry and the EU army will find it a cake walk because the Chinese people know that we will be liberating them and be distributing nylons and chocolates. Might be a problem with rapes around coalition bases, but the Japanese know that such actions are a small price to pay for exploitation and NGOs. The fear from the East is tangeable. Up and at em.

  3. At the risk of ‘sounding’ a little right wing BUT……… many wars has ‘the Donald’ started compared to the ‘darling of the left’ nobel prize winning ‘peacemaker’ President Obama? This does NOT indicate that I am a Trump supporter!!!

    1. It was only a matter of time Steve, Trump was lining up an attack on Iran which would have made Iraq look like a skirmish. He is no different to any other recent US president including Obama who said he wanted to get rid of nuclear weapons yet ordered more than any other president. Until the US has a president who comes out against guns and capital punishment, nothing will change, it will continue to be uncivilised and supported by Bozo.

      1. I believe so Comrade Jack & this war on Iran will continue with Uncle Joe (I love Israel) Biden. however ‘the Donald’ has not started any new wars but Obama started 7. One of my american cousins believes that USA is a one party state & Democrats & Republicans have changed roles, with the Democrats more authoritarian & much more likely to start wars. The other thing he says about Trump is “what do you expect from a New Yorker?”

    2. Wise words Steve Richards….The warmonger on his way in will make young lives worthless and expendable in the endless wars of Bush,Clinton,OBama and now the establishment crazey joe Biden’s wars will make trump look like a bastion of peace and compassion….you don’t know what you’re in for with this new lunatic.

      1. Yeah we do. I have a horrible feeling about this new lot. The next CIC, Karmila sounds and laughs just like Clinton. It’s awful, demonic even. When the flag waves over the child- fiddler’s last set of teeth and the witch is crowned, god help Iran etc.

      2. Wise words Joseph – as always! No doubt Hilary will be bending their ears talking about the thrills of going to War. She enjoyed her Libyan adventure.

      3. I agree with you Joseph. This new bunch are very worrying, psychopaths all. They don’t care about the health of their own people never mind the rest of the world. Gung ho isn’t the half of it. Cheers

      4. An argument can be made that unpredictable nutters running nuclear-armed states make war less attractive to those who profit from arms sales.
        So if every state has its own Trunt or Kim Jong-un there’ll be no more war.
        So nutters running countries is a GOOD thing – but we’ll have to be careful. If their nutter is nuttier than our nutter there’s a risk of a first strike.
        If we don’t guard against THE NUTTER GAP we could LOSE THE NEXT WAR!

  4. Is the UK ready to receive up to 9 million Hong Kong refugees? If they come I bet it’s better organised than anything this Govt has attempted; the money behind it is formidable.

  5. Death riot….. they’d be calling them freedom fighters if it happened in another country, like they did in Ukraine. Except they don’t kill them in other not so free countries.
    Speaking of deaths, Cameron’s Libyan war caused the deaths of 26 innocent people in the Manchester bombing and the Reading attack. The terrorist in the Reading attack was trained by French soldiers.

    1. You have to pinch yourself sometimes remembering how Libya was destroyed by a Democratic Administration. The enthusiasm of the UK and France was less surprising. It was perhaps the worst spate of gratuitous war mongering we’ve seen for a long time. The Manchester bomber and his family were thought to be newly won over by the British Intelligence Services who discovered too late he was a double (or triple?)agent. Trump in fact spelt it out on the day itself!! Naturally the Trial here wasn’t allowed to hear the real evidence.

  6. And (I’d watched the vid but hadn’t read the comment) I really must disagree with The Sqwawkbox here. Boris Johnson is not a buffoon, and saying he is plays into his own carefully managed narrative. There’s an element of harmless idiocy in the idea of the buffoon. Johnson is a fascist, a very dangerous man. Fortunately perhaps for us all he is as inept in his aspirations to be a fascist dictator as he is in everything else. But he is not a buffoon.

    1. You’d have though that Londoners already knew that. But, never mind, what’s on til tuk?

    2. noelstevenson12, I have to disagree with your contention that a “fascist, a very dangerous man” can’t also be a buffoon.
      That’s what you wrote – maybe not what you meant?
      Hitler & Mussolini managed to combine those ‘qualities’.

      1. Sorry to see my long comment on this subject is still awaiting moderation, only the 2nd time on this site. Last time SBox read it and over ruled Word Press. I hope he does so again! The word ‘Jewish’ was used so that was probably why. It’s odd you can accuse MI6 of complicity in the Manchester bombing with no problem but any mention of Israel is held back or as here never published, I guess ‘just in case’.

      2. Yes Paul, I have found certain moderators very quick to cancel any slip of the tongue (finger). Once the rationale of the language is pointed out it can seem to make sense, but still it’s something of a minefield and not all of those ‘mines’ have been so honourably laid.

        No doubt you’ve encountered the moderation on the Guardian site, where no such subtleties are being observed. Less said about Starmer’s (no longer) Labour Party the better! Nothing honourable about the manner in which the IHRA definition is being used there.

        Obviously there can be no real honour in laying mines, not even the figurative ones!

      3. Yes I was chucked off the Guardian in 2014 after they said I had denigrated the reputation of one of the country’s most respected journalists a certain Jonathan somebody who was at the time Editor of Comments by suggesting he always followed the Israeli line. The conditions for a possible return were incredible and I never tried.

      4. That certain Jonathan is not a journalist. Being very charitable, he is merely an opinion writer, who all too frequently opines on no further research than do many UK citizens. We could level such a charge at a great many in the MSM, some of whom would likely do better freed of editorial constraints. But, where Israeli politics is concerned, the certain Jonathan you mention operates at a far more harmful and insidious level.

      5. How ironic and inappropriate that he calls himself FREEDLAND.! Where is that I wonder?

      6. Paul, I’ve had comments cut in the past – Skwawk has the right to protect himself since he can be held liable for our comments.

        On it not being possible for BloJob to be a buffoon AND an evil fascist:
        In capitalist societies favoured idiots often rise to the top on nothing more than personability and having the right friends.
        Eton and parentage provide everything necessary.
        In any very large organisation the top job is always something of a sinecure. I’ve met more than one “master of the universe” incapable of following a thread of logic to the only possible conclusion.
        When recruitment consultants earn fortunes finding the best possible candidates for the crucial executive positions in organisations, those organisations become virtually self-perpetuating and self-managing.
        The person at the top can spend all day every day at the golf course or beauty parlour and still take credit for the organisation’s success.
        For failure there’s always a golden parachute.
        There’s fuck all real intellect, competition or entrepreneurship in the upper echelons of commerce or industry – or, in the case of the Tories, politics.

  7. The Venezuelan government has tweeted concern about the violent instability in the USA and wishes the American people all the best.

    1. Has the Venezuelan government told the Yanks they’d better replace Trunt with someone they like or there’ll be trouble?
      They should, just to wind the imperialist fuckers up. 😉

      1. Or produce an American radical and call him the real President and invite the World to recognise him and pay any money owing the USA to him?

  8. I completely agree with noelstevenson12. He hides behind the buffoon front he is possibly the most extreme right wing pm uk has ever had.

    1. Bozo’s desire to appeal to the far right is evident by the number of union flags he surrounds himself with when questioned at no10 but how much longer will it be before the imprint of the Scottish flag has to be removed?

  9. Nobel peace prize now that’s the dearth of crazy you get from Bozo.

    Like him, the only thing they both should be receiving is a trial and swift sentence for manslaughter of all the victims of covid 19. Because of both of their incompetence in dealing with the pandemic in their respective countries.

  10. Sir Errand Boy will be DEMANDING (no ifs, no buts) that he gets two Nobel Peace Prizes….

    1. That bauble is worthless. The winner gets quite a bung as well as all the acclaim from blood hands everywhere!

  11. I’d have warned not to discount de piffle or the toerags trying the same thing here in years to come…but when stammer’s the (supposed) opposition there’d be very little need for the right to kick off.

  12. Only 4 ‘white people’ shot dead! That demonstrates Police restraint. Hell of a place America?

  13. The latest example of deeply disturbing behaviour by President Trump is a chilling reminder of the need to ensure that nobody has nuclear weapons.

    Please ask your MP to urge the government to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Current signatories include Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Richard Burgon.

    A special lobbying tool has been set up for this purpose. With your help, we can achieve a world without the threat of nuclear annihilation.

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