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SAGE scientist: “We KNOW school children 7 times more likely to bring virus home than other household members”

Prof Sir Mark Walport adds that closing schools and distancing children is only measure known to bring down transmission rates – something that can’t yet be said even for vaccines

Sage scientist and former Chief Scientific Officer Professor Mark Walport dropped a coronavirus bombshell on yesterday’s Marr programme that seems, unsurprisingly, to have been ignored by the so-called ‘mainstream’ media in their analysis of the Boris Johnson’s resistance to teaching unions’ calls to close schools as part of a national lockdown – a resistance shamefully matched by Labour leader Keir Starmer.

Walport was emphatic – and stated frankly that the government and its scientific advisers know that older school pupils are seven times more likely to bring the virus home to infect their family than any other household member. And he added that it was clear that school holidays bring down infection rates and keeping people apart – which means closing schools – is the only thing currently known to do so, something that can’t yet be said even about the new coronavirus vaccines:

Boris Johnson is wrong to stubbornly insist schools remain open. Keir Starmer is equally wrong to support him. Teachers and their unions are right. ‘The science’ says so – and the government knows it.

That obstinacy is costing thousands of lives – and will cost many thousands more, if it is not abandoned immediately.

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  1. So obvious. Yet despite easily observed evidence, Starmer supported Johnson in their crazed wish to put children at risk with the new virus, Covid-19 AND let effective petri dishes and vectors spread it amongst all their friends and family. New Year. Old zero care. BEST wishes to all for 2021. May we be immune, to Johnson & Starmer.
    Here’s hoping they are both soon locked down together… We still have hope.

    1. After reading your post, I checked that other media had it, checked the Guardian (nothing) so put it on there below the line. The post was immediately wiped, and a second post asking why was immediately wiped too. Apparently the bigger story is that Jodie Whittaker is rumoured to be leaving Dr Who.

      Has anyone seen a journalist worthy of the name in the MSM lately?

      1. There have been more actors who have played Dr Who than there are journalists worth the name in the MSM at the moment.

      2. I think the Guardian are having a bad day. Their whipping boy has had his extradition to the US turned down. They have so much egg on their face they look like an omelette.

      3. When did the Guardian have a good day? It’s always been long stop for the British establishment and Israeli interests.

      4. There ought to be a health warning about reading the Comments below the line of the Assange story in the paper today. It’s worse than the Daily Mail at its worst. Guardian readers are outraged; both Assange and Manning should be serving time right now etc etc. Assange is a narcissist, personally dirty and a sex fiend etc etc. It’s about 9 out of 10 against the Judgement.

      5. Paul, thank you for that news! I’d pay good money for fly-on-the-wall shots of Guardian readers having coronaries. And of Luke Harding’s face when he heard the news.

        For the first time in too long I’ll be going to bed with a grin on my face!

  2. Juliane Assange CANNOT be extradited to the USA🌟🌟🌟 REJOICE 🎉

      1. … ie not giving in and NOT giving up 🌱🌱🌱

      1. Same to u & your dear Joseph and all on 🌺🌺🌺

    1. Steady on there, spnwc, he’s not out of the woods yet! The US still has 2 weeks to appeal, which is well within Trump’s time left in the White House.

      I’m hoping Trump will tell Pompeo to quietly drop any appeal. It saves Trump having to decide on whether to resist the temptation to pardon him or not (the Deep State would freak out!), with all the approbrium that would bring down on his head.

      The biggest pity amidst this otherwise amazing news is that the extradition was blocked on mental health grounds, not freedom of the press grounds. That battle, therefore, is still not won. Yet.

  3. For every death of people of pensionable age the treasury is saving £170/ week which is £884/ annum in pension payouts. If all the 75,024 deaths caused by coronavirus were pensioners then the Treasury would be saving 75,024 deaths x £884 = £663,212,160 i.e. £663 million pounds/ annum.
    Add to that the removing of the burden of the older generation on our NHS services, which is enormous, the government would be quids in again.
    Add to that when people die usually houses are sold, death duties are paid, the housing market becomes buoyant, undertakers have plenty of work, the economy thrives so more taxes are collected.
    I say, keep the schools open as long a the public can be kidded that it’s the best thing to do and then all the fucking rich selfish Tories (who can isolate themselves far more easily then the people who actually work) can get even richer.

  4. ps Let’s hear Starmer’s view on Julian not being extradited.
    excuse spelling above.
    Starmer let us hear your view. Tell SH to report it here🔴🔴🔴

    1. USA will appeal, so let’s hear Starmer say whose side he’s on – USA authorities or British Courts??? Wicked injustice or a hint of justice for Julian???

  5. How often have we seen conflicts between the leadership and the inner circle and the membership….Even from the old days it was obvious that the broad church brigade and socialism do not mix. …Sale of council houses to make Housing associations rich overight,Privatization of anything that was viable and sustainable for the city slickers to get their hands on.Flogging off the gold to run with the US dollar and the petro doller.Bombing oil rich countries into oblivion..This is the Labour party and I want none of it..!We are relying on a handful of gutless mps to keep the Socialist part of the Labour party alive…And they are too gutless to even attempt a rebellion even now their necks are on the choping block.

  6. Tears in my eyes at the news. Of course the Judge has found him guilty as charged but says his mental health prevents him being extradited, a typically British cop out. The Americans have 15 days to lodge an Appeal but it might take 2 years? before it can be heard. It would be fought over mental health Reports. The Judge has remanded him in custody but how long can that continue? 2 years? The legal elite, people like Starmer, are very against giving bail to somebody who has already broken it. He needs to get out of there ASAP!

  7. Paul thanks for the update on the Assange debacle,.Still locked up and still in danger from the establishment US and here in the UK..I suppose that the main issue now is how can he survive in bellmarsh and how could any court convict him?

    1. Julian will make new application for bail. Everyone must INSIST that Starmer gives his clear view – Is he pleased with the Old Bailey judgement to block extradition.

      Yes timfrom, i said above that the USA will appeal. Re: reason for judgement – don’t let the best be enemy of the good. Whatever the reason, the prime immediate humanitarian concern is that he is not extradited even further from his partner and boys.

      Re Biden, it will be an opportunity for many on the “Left” to see Biden for what he is – an Establishment bastard like integrity free Starmer. Trump may be unhinged and does unhinged things. But, Biden, Starmer, Bliar & Johnson are unhinged morally. They are ethically unhinged to a monstrous degree. They have zero regard for humanitarian priorities. In fact they have no care for 99% of humans. At least in that regard, the Blair creature has an excuse🚨🚨🚨

      1. Two sides of the establishment …American first..uncle Joe Biden the crooked senile molester….You ain’t seen nothing yet?

  8. The Bail Application is said to be made today. He has two problems; he’s just been convicted of very serious offences and he broke bail previously and “evaded Justice” for many years – usually he’d be turned down with barely a second thought. Usually….

      1. Thanks Wind chimes. Your ‘Rejoice!’ Post was the first I heard. I’m going to save it. Normally he wouldn’t be produced in Court from Belmarsh for a bail Application. It’s easier to say NO when somebody isn’t there or on a dodgy video link. I imagine she will say No and leave it to a High Court Judge if the defence gets permission to be heard again (normally not easy). Then he stands a fair chance I suppose. Well, a fairer chance. When you hear from the Attorney General (I don’t mean personally!) let everybody know. Maybe she’ll represent the Crown on Wednesday? Should be televised but I don’t suppose it will be.

      2. Trouble with “Rejoice” is it was tainted for all time after Thatcher used it during the Falklands War!

      3. Windchimes has rescued it. It’s a good old word, despite its religious connotations. She demanded we rejoice her election win! Bloody cheek. Windchimes was expressing how his Soul felt on the unexpected news a man had been saved from death by torture.

      4. Oh, was it about an election win? My bad. Fuzzy memory. It was around the same time. It was probably the election she won on the back of the Falklands War!

        Don’t get me wrong, I realise and agree with Signpost’s sentiments, but personally I’d’ve steered clear of “Rejoice” in favour of “Oh Fucking Yes there IS a God”!!

      1. Recklessly putting lives at risk..,.which he didn’t. He went to great lengths to only release redacted cables, it was 2 Guardian journalists and an American website that released unredacted cables.

      2. @lundiel: Are you confusing charges with convictions?

        Assange was found guilty of breaching the Bail Act and was sentenced to 50 weeks in a prison in the United Kingdom. That’s it as far as convictions.

      3. But the American allegations, which were very serious indeed, were accepted by the Judge or she wouldn’t have needed to go on and judge how to dispose of the case. The Crown will make that point in the Application no doubt? I suppose if he had a dramatic improvement in his health the US could have another go? It’s not a conviction I agree but it is a ‘finding’ by a Judge of possible serious offences?

      4. The US case was in effect satisfied. If the Judge had decided there was no case to answer because for example it was an illegal request she would have said that and freed him immediately, there would have been no need to go to Stage 2, disposal.

      5. What’s your point? He wasn’t on trial for an offence as such, he was on trial for his life.

      1. Allegations of espionage that led to the death of agents around the world? Not minor matters. The Judge found it had been made out to her satisfaction and the only defence argument she supported was that he was suicidal. It got the UK off the hook but left Assange in limbo. Will the US come after their man one day? I would think so – and they’d cite these findings as good enough justification. See Jonathan Cook’s blog.

      2. You mean Solicitors are too dumb and only Barristers know the truth? That’s an idea that went out of fashion 20 years ago and now the worry is that Barristers aren’t up to it because they get paid so badly and there is no work for them to do. She’s a “ District Judge” fully employed to run the UK’s premier Magistrate’s and for all I know she is a barrister, many DJ’s are. They have more Power in many ways than a Crown Court Judge. So who are her family?

  9. It doesn’t matter what the truth is. To the Billionaires’ MSM mouthpiece promoting neoliberal hegemony, it”s all about the “narrative” (ie, its propaganda-effect). Children might be asymptomatic infection agents AND 600 times more infectious than others, but the Billionaires press (and its loyal echo-chamber, the BBC) is promoting the Billionaires itinerary – both the facilitation of ‘herd’ immunity, the escalation of hopeless (despondent) fear and the unnecessary and completely useless (in-fact counter-effective/dangerous) use of inadequately tested vaccines.

    There IS an Agenda and it is anti-working class and pro-Billionaire bank balances (just like ‘austerity’).

  10. Is it true that Starmer got his Knighthood for not kicking up a fuss over the blatantly political wheeze of accusing Assange of espionage when he was the DPP? Politically motivated extraditions are not lawful but he let that little matter pass by. Scared stiff, as always.

    1. True, but not only for services to the elite via Assange – also Jimmy Saville, the adopted puppy of the blessed Margaret Thatcher.

    2. Paul – “Is it true that Starmer got his Knighthood for not kicking up a fuss over the blatantly political wheeze of accusing Assange of espionage when he was the DPP?”


      For that and other integrity free acts

  11. I can’t understand why Luke Harding was not put on trial, he did the real damage….if you can call it that.

    1. Also an American website called Cryptome published the full unredacted cables and were never prosecuted. The action was political, aimed at shutting down whistleblowers.

  12. Looks like Jeremy Hunt is positioning himself for a leadership bid and calling for an immediate lockdown with schools closing.

    If he succeeded Hunt (and a government led by him) wouldn’t be blamed for the COVID-19 fiasco, unnecessary resulting and long-term disabilities resulting from it.
    Unlike Starmer and Labour.
    ( Also Starmers honeymoon with the r/w MSM would be over – They wanted a competent cuckoo heading the Labour party)

    1. Yes, Jeremy Hunt is the tohries’ Sad, Yesterday Man – just like Starmer is for Labour.

      The next GE will be a FPTP Biden/Trump-type competition of two parties lead by Yesterdays Billionaire errand boys (starmer and c*/hunt).

      I hope to high heaven that PjP decides to fight the next GE free of the StarmerLabour brand positioning.

  13. Johnathan Cook makes my point much better than I can. The Judge rejected all the defence arguments except that he was at risk of suicide. Not a ‘conviction’ in English law but something that will hang over him and get raised on every occasion in the future, including Bail. There is a very fine line between a conviction and a finding when he wasn’t on trial here.

  14. There still could be a rendition flight whisk off in the middle of the night .I wouldn’t trust this lot either way

    1. Jeffrey – “There still could be a rendition flight whisk off in the middle of the night .I wouldn’t trust this lot either way”⚠️⚠️⚠️

      Alas i agree with your every word here. EXTREMELY sad but true. Julian and team must be extremely vigilant +++ . Patel is DESPERATE to impress the most gangrenous forces WORLDWIDE. That dangerous woman is as wicked and heartless as the attention craving Weapons of Mass Destruction LIAR TONY BLAIR.

      That desperate attention seeking type will do anything… ANYTHING to win support even from from stinking maggot encrusted bins. Shits r fighting to replace Johnson. Patel’s method is to convince certain forces AND the Tory base of how nasty she is.

      Hunt’s is to try reincarnation. Sunak’s is to throw millions and BILLIONS about like there’s no tomorrow to G4S, Deloitte, Ranox, SERCO and other chums. Thing is Jefrrey, events, events, events. ALWAYS in the Tory Party especially, plans and are laid waste. Even in the Labour Party, Brown was expected to follow John Smith, The ghastly Milliband instead of Ed, Ummumm, Harridan, Knife in the front gargoyle Jessica Phillips, Smithy wingless Eagles … every deplorable obsessive servant of the 1% INSTEAD of a no name gentleman called Jeremy Corbyn 🌺🌺🌺

  15. So, BOZO, no evidence wasn’t it that you sad yesterday now here is one of your own scientists telling you what we all know SCHOLLS ARN’T SAFE you murderous moron!

    How many extra deaths have the incompetence and arrogance of this man cost?

    1. It must get to you sometimes, maybe when you wake at 4am and think of the THOUSANDS of people who have died because of YOU. There must be the odd nightmare when their relatives find you. Or maybe not?! Elton and Oxford make it crystal clear you are entitled to do that because you know better and are exceptional?

  16. Baraister is NOT a Judge,,,,,,,she is a magistrate who would have limited legal training. The big story is who she is married to & conflicts of interest. Justice must not only be done, it must also be seen to be done; isn’t that right Sir Keir?

    1. I don’t think you are right about her having limited legal training but it’s hard to find any biography of her. Odd! She is a Judge however not a Magistrate. I have a vague idea she may have waived her salary but understand she’s very wealthy and can afford to earn a few Brownie points. She’s not the nice old Lady who goes every Wednesday to the Youth Court and receives a token payment of the cost of the journey. They have been largely excluded by hungry professionals (thank goodness).

      1. Hi Paul,
        you are right about the difficulty finding any background info. about her. With reference to her not being a judge, I am quoting John Pilger, but the BBC refers to Vanessa Baraister as a judge in a Magistrate’s District Court, so who are we to argue? It is her boss/adviser & who she is married to is the most troublesome feature of this dearth of information. Where is the 4th Estate & ‘investigative journalism? We need Wikileaks to demonstrate any conflicts of interest?

      2. The law that created the new system calls them District Judges. They replaced the old Stipendiary Magistrates who as the name suggests were salaried lawyers. The most Senior one was the Chief Stipendiary Magistrate who sat in Bow Street, once the oldest and ‘Senior’ Magistrates Court. When it was sold recently to a Hotel Chain or sandwich shop (I might be wrong about that) Westminster became the UK’s most senior Magistrates Court and the Chief District Judge became the most senior Magistrate. ‘Stipes’ as they were called could be some of the nastiest people in the business throwing their weight about in a way many Crown Court Judges can’t. District Judges like VB, whoever she is or who her husband is (even you won’t tell us!), have a similar reputation.

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