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Exclusive: Forde report on LabourLeaks set for delay into new year as spokesperson says ‘update on timings due shortly’

Publication now expected to be after local elections, with Starmer fearing poor performance and candidates ‘dropping like flies’

Labour sources tell the SKWAWKBOX that the report of the Forde Inquiry, set up by Keir Starmer to investigate the events, emails and WhatsApp chats covered in a Labour report that leaked early this year – and, shockingly, the circumstances of its leaking – is set to be delayed by as much as six months and is not expected to be published until after next spring’s local elections. It had already been delayed from the original summer publication to this month.

Insiders say that Keir Starmer is keen to avoid publication before then, fearing the impact of confirmed revelations on an already precarious performance – with candidates in many areas so disillusioned, or keen to avoid a humiliating defeat in previously-strong working-class areas, that many are dropping out or, as one put it, ‘dropping like flies’ – and the party is struggling to find replacements.

The Forde Inquiry’s press office declined to deny the delay, with a spokesperson responding to a direct question to say only that:

An update on timings will be posted on the Inquiry website shortly.

Labour members will be deeply angered by yet another delay after Starmer’s slow and equivocal response to a report accusing senior headquarters staff of an array of misconduct including sabotage of electoral campaigns and unauthorised diversion of campaign funding – particularly as many consider the inquiry already fatally compromised by Starmer’s decision to pay former staff more than half a million pounds to settle a legal case Labour’s lawyers expected to win.

Former staff accused in the report have claimed that information on their discussions was presented out of context to make them appear racist or abusive.

Update: the Forde Inquiry has since published an update, but without specifying a publication date. Details here.

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  1. Should have been published by Jeremy BEFORE stepping down🔴

    1. Now deceitful Starmer whose tools are implicated within, can delay publication till he develops shame🔴

      1. “Now deceitful Starmer whose tools are implicated within, can delay publication till he develops shame🔴”

        What, shelf it indefinitely, NEVER publish it??

      2. Singpost ” Starmer….can delay publication till he develops shame” I don´t believe Starmer is going to develop shame anytime soon. But at some point, political expediency would dictate that he will have to publish the result of the Forde Enquiry.
        The problem that Starmer has is that no matter when the results are going to be published very few Labour members are going to be happy with the results:
        1-The right would never accept that sabotage took place, they are going to try to spin that it was thanks to their diversion of secret funds that we did manage to keep and win 262 seats in the GE 2017.
        2-The left and most of the soft left isn’t going to be happy either because McNicol is going to continue as Labour Party’s Peer and non of the alleged saboteurs is going to be expelled from the Labour Party.
        Hence, unless Starmer performs an electoral miracle next May, he will either resign his leadership of the Party or he would be challenged from the right of the LP next summer.
        I believe he isn’t going to resign in an attempt to block the left from presenting a candidate. If Starmer’s resign candidates only need 10% nominations from the PLP, but if Starmer’s doesn’t resign a candidate needs 20% of nominations.
        Under those circumstances and depending on whom is the challenger, I can see myself voting for Starmer in the hope that after an electoral catastrophe at the next 2024 GE, he would have to resign and the left would be able to present a candidate for leadership and win.
        Therefore, what we need as left is to ensure that every single MP member of the SCG is re-elected as Labour MP. The same applies to SCG Labour Cllrs in local elections.
        Hence, our electoral efforts should concentrate on protecting their seats and increase the percentage of socialist MPs within the PL and socialist Labour Cllrs in LAs.
        The fate of Red Tory candidates posing as Labour? None of our concern, Starmer has declared war on us and we are fighting
        It took the defeat of 2019 for the right wingers to regain full control of the Labour Party by managing to elect Starmer as leader. Well some of us have learned the lesson, if what it takes to get a socialist leader in the Labour Party is to lose the next GE, so be it.
        From now on instead of counting how many seats the LP has won or lose. I am going to count how many seats the Red Tories have lost/ retain v the seats members of the Socialist Campaign Group have retained/ won. That is going to be my measure of how successful electorally speaking LP’s campaign has been.

      3. Maria – Will you listen to yourself “if what it takes to get a socialist leader in the Labour Party is to lose the next GE, so be it.” your way or no way.
        You are obviously quite happy to sacrifice the futures of millions on the alter of your misguided political dogma. I f you want to have ‘socialist MPs then you should be fighting for a Labour Gov that supports PR. It is the only way you are eerr going to get your politics represented in parliament.

      4. SteveH, you are a total hypocrite, were you thinking in the future of millions when you were going around shouting from the roof tops “People’s Vote, we need a People’s Vote and remain in the EU”, were you thinking about the future of millions? No you weren’t SteveH.
        Have you though about the future of millions you would have come to the conclusion that they weren’t the numbers in parliament to push for a People’s Vote (as I did despite been pro-EU) that the best strategy was for Labour to keep its electoral promise of 2017 to enact Brexit.
        Have we stayed on course to enact Brexit with Labour once in government, we would have leave the EU but we will have stayed in the custom union and we will have accepted EU standards on food and the environment. We would have been able to get a good Brexit deal that will have protected our jobs and welfare as much as possible, no as good as staying in the EU agree but, by far better that what we are going to have.
        Instead, by pursuing the People’s Vote what we have is a Tory government that is already imposing austerity measures on millions, a bad Brexit deal or no deal that is going to be catastrophic.
        Since you didn’t care for the consequences of pursuing a People’s Vote, why should I care as to whatever Labour under Starmer wins or loses?
        In may opinion a Labour government headed by the likes of Starmer isn’t going to resolve the structural problems affecting the UK. Red Tory or blue Tory still Tory in my book for now on. I will only help electorally labour Cllrs and MPs that I consider socialist, the rest can whistle.
        So go and try to guilty trip somebody else. Tell me SteveH how does it feel to know that your People’s Vote strategy has given us Boris as PM, a bad Brexit/no Brexit deal and the millions that desperately needed a socialist government deprived of one?

      5. Maria – Sorry but I got bored about a third of the way through your diatribe and gave it up as a waste of time.

      6. SteveH, stop trying to guilty trick me and others with the mantra “that Labour is always better than Tory, we are condemning millions blah, blah, blah” it doesn’t work anymore.on me any more.
        I and others are following your fine example of putting our desires for a Socialist Labour Party first “People’s Vote, People’s Vote” ring a bell with you? HYPOCRITE,

      1. SH it’s as u know, no trick. The “Left” need DYNAMIC action.
        My lot need to learn from yours. U have your aim SINGULAR ie keep max wealth in the claws of the few. U plan. U focus. U break every rule. U use any trick.

        My lot don’t even wish to act within rules to our benefit… nor act when no rules prevent us. It is CULTURE… an ATTITUDE… TIMID culture guarded by deranged / fraudulent White Flaggers eg WFM and recently exposed haemorrhoids.
        The “Left” is outwitted due to an enduring baseless hope that u & your lot will develop a conscience. U can’t SH. U can’t🔴

      2. windchime = If you are typical of the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ then I suggest that ‘the left’ will continue to be outwitted unless they can actually manage to get a grip on the basic time-lines.

      3. We gain nothing by copying the deceit of the right and they have no desire to learn honesty from us even if they were capable of it.
        ‘Winning’ by lying like them isn’t a win for the left, it just returns the NeoTory Bliarites to another few years’ useless semblance of power.
        The right can ONLY win with lies, whereas we’re obliged by principle to win with the truth.
        Enforcing truth upon political commentary is the only way forward, as I’ve said many times.

      4. Judas H he pulled off getting elected and that was a “Neat trick” one even you will soon be regretting.The election of Starmer needs looking at with a forensic eye…especially the financing and counting.

      5. No credibility and no one believes a word you say SH davidh Steve H and thats why no one even the knight will believe that you are by commenting doing the job of discrediting the broad church brigade even more than they already are.Pack your bags SH

      6. Joseph – You’re the one who’s already packed his bags and run away to the other side of the world/

    2. SH it is the INTERNAL report of sabotage by Keith & Chums, which should have been published and broadcasted widely. My bad for not being clear. ie a failure to act then means a pile up with the Forde report now.

      “The Left” has more than enough ammunition. We have no need of lies. Further in previous posts, i’ve reported that in “Left” groups in my CLP, it was often said that “we should convert xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx”. I’ve been clear – that is a ridiculous and pathetic fantasy. McD’s ‘advice’ to “work around” 666s, has also been put in that category of useless ‘advice’.

      We should set our basic aims and pursue them as adults. Our aims in my opinion do not include “teaching” the Right or converting them. They are adults and have made their choices

      It is curious that those who try to silence others are the only ones who wilfully twist the words of others. Now, SH it is not u to whom i refer.

  2. Also we should not wait like good little children to act. The internal report was leaked and left. No follow through. No focus. A scattergun mentality. Victims of bullying and sabotage should be publicising their experiences NOW. Stop hoping that Starmer will act with integrity. He won’t. To date we’ve had EDMs about Trident, and a weak mist of other virtuous issues. Nothing that goes to the core of the Starus Quo. BASIC – get the info re Starmer’s sabotage now💈💈💈

    1. “Publicising their experiences” how? Where?
      I agree, but with the MSM wholly owned by the right it’s like shouting into a gale.
      The “STOP BREXIT” shoutyman on College Green got lots of publicity…

  3. Further delay so he is not inconvenienced? I wonder how bad (for him) that report/enquiry has to be. He does not seem to have even a pinch of integrity in him. People will wisen up to him sooner or later.

  4. The Labour Party has gone from a very open organisation, to a secret society.

    I think the nonsense spoken about Starmer being a human rights lawyer has been played to death. It’s what he does that matters, not what former clients had done to them.

    1. Most Human Rights lawyers are engaged by rights violators to apologise for, whitewash or conceal their crimes. Not unlike the work that Starmer did as DPP when torturers and killers were cleared. And Sweden was encouraged to prosecute and discouraged from meeting him in London to clear up the matters outstanding. MI5 was so pleased with Starmer that the Director had him round for drinks. And the American Attorney General conferred with him in Washington about the Assange case.

  5. Starmer, Evans, Watson, Hodge, Lippmann, BJL, Sugar, Baldric, plus all the Staffers who sold the two Elections and the 8 useless MPs who formed a party who in 3 months had more name changes than Martin Bormann should without further ado Be Removed from the Blair instigated Party which has been turned so far to the right it is closer to Big Business Crooks Corrupt officials media barons Dacres Murdochs etc Vulture Capitalists The BBC and SKY news than the Tory and Liberal Racists, Starmers Party is dead in the water leave it to rot in its own deceit and corruption leave these Bastards with nothing Stop all donations and dues all Unions withdraw your support put everything into Jeremy Corbyn’s worthy cause The Neoliberal Right Cannot be Trusted they are sly slithering creatures in the mould of JUDAS Close them Down once and for all Worldwide let’s give them The Workers Demands.

    1. Unfortunately for the first time ever more of the workers (C2DE) voted for Boris and rejected Jeremy.

      1. After they were given little alternative by stammer – who offers NO alternative to conservatism

      2. Toffee – The polls indicated that it was Corbyn’s manifest failure of leadership that they couldn’t stomach.

      3. Wrong. And you KNOW it’s wrong.

        stammer & fatberg’s manifest shithousery, aided, abetted and encouraged by the likes of you, lost the party the last election.

        Whats the difference between stammerism and conservatism? Tell us ONE difference…

  6. Probably confirms that he shouldn’t have given that money away.
    Pity there couldn’t be another leak but that’s not going to happen if it vindicates Corbyn.

  7. Perhaps if the Forde report were to be released now it may be advantageous to Corbyn. In that is there evidence contained in the report and possibly in a roundabout way confirmed by Forde which he, Corbyn could use in any court case against the party

  8. Withdrawal of Labour is a long treasured right. Passive Resistance may be exactly the right tool to wobble this guy from his perch?

  9. Justice delayed is justice DENIED. Starmer clearly running scared. This is not going away!!!

  10. Topple the money and topple the knight,its true of all business which is what years of right wing dogma have morphed the Labour party into.CLPs do your worst and remove the shackles and the money on the way out comrades.

    1. Joseph – What on earth are you blathering on about. Instead of casting aspersions via vague innuendo could you provide some evidence?

      1. Joseph – Well thanks for unequivocally confirming that your accusations are nothing more than un-evidenced innuendo. At least we now know to doubt and check thoroughly the veracity of anything you say.

      2. Steve H as per usual you misrepresent my answer,ITs you and your type of person I wouldn’t want any links to unlike your leader who took bungs of fifty thousand from a foreign government via Chinn black opps Israeli governandment operative along with much more to your broad church brigade…..And no I havnt got any of your links,parasite,just learn to Google lazy barwastard…!pack your bags SH

      3. What a pretentious little twerp you are, SteveH.
        You post links to the opinions of your fellow right wingers and call it “evidence.”
        Now you’ll demand I provide some evidence of that.
        Eat me.

      4. David – Thanks but no thanks, I don’t want to give myself indigestion.

      5. SteveH15/12/2020 AT 11:28 AM

        Still deluding yourself that you sound ministerial aren’t you, gobshite?.

        The difference between stammerism and conservatism, stevie? Everyone’s waiting impatiently to hear your misiterial brifing on that particualar subject…

        Or are you holding off until stammer releases the report?

      6. *Ministerial briefing.

        (bloody autocorrect never works when it should, only when I don’t want it to)

  11. Looking at the inquiry’s website one reason given for the delay is the publication of the EHRC report on the Labour Party. Fair enough in itself EXCEPT that assessment of the report is restricted to the inquiry. It is not open to others to offer an evaluation as the date for submissions has long passed. Poentially, this is a major issue re the credibility of any report.

    1. Paul Smith – Didn’t the Labour party get an advance copy of the EHRC report in the summer.

      1. Paul Smith – Really?
        I suggest you reread your own comment. You were claiming that the EHRC report was inadmissible because it was published too late and I was simply pointing out that the Labour party received an advance copy of the EHRC report at the time they announced the revised time table for the Forde report.

      2. Reply to second comment by SH. The Forde report is delayed because it wants to take account of the EHRC report. However, others are unable to comment on that report to the Forde inquiry because the deadline for submissions has past. This means the members of the Forde inquiry have a free hand to assess the EHRC report.

  12. SteveH15/12/2020 AT 2:07 PM
    Toffee – Stop being a silly boy.

    Oh, lord…As long as there’s a hole in your arse, you’ll never get it, will you?

    You’ve actually convinced yourself that you’re some sort of ‘politico’. You come on here with all your airs and graces and actually delude yourself that people respect you for it, don’t you?

    HOW have you failed to notice you’re ridiculed by just about everybody? Not just your views, but your entire persona? And, to top it off, when it’s pointed out to you that you’re coming across as the twunt you aspire to appear as, you tell people to ‘stop being silly’.

    You really are mentally abnormal. Seek help, seriously.

    1. Toffee – What I have noticed is what a saddo little troll you’ve become.

      1. Yeah, ok.

        What’s the difference, stevie? Name ONE policy, little fella? You know what I’m asking. No trolling going on there – is there?

        Make someone else look stupid for a change and answer the questions…Or just either one of them, if you’d prefer .

        And after you’ve done that, perhaps you’d care to remind us what’s anti union about stammerist labour again, no?

  13. From his refusal to answer we can take it as read that wee stevie h believes being asked questions is trolling.

    Typical of the persecution complex that manifests itself only in stammerists, when they’re pulled up about something or other.

    …They’re alright doling it out, though.

    1. Toffee – You mistake me for someone who cares what a saddo troll thinks. Your obsessions are your own, own them I’m not playing your infantile games.

      1. While putting on your air of nonchalance, I KNOW that inside you’re absolutely raging due to the fact that you’ve been betrayed by your own invertebracy in refusing to answer THE most basic of innoucuous questions; because by doing so you will have irrevocably demonstrated your inherent hypocrisy AND cowardice.

        Case closed.

      2. Toffee Case closed”

        Thank fuck for that, it was getting 🥱

      3. Indeed, long closed! The only way to deal with deliberate nuisances like him is to ignore and not reply to his provocations. Difficult I know but he’s becoming a plague on here and with so many posters distracted into countering his nonsense he has succeeded in his aim, to waste our time and energy. ‘Boycott the Bore’

      4. In case there is any misunderstanding I was referring to you, SH, you are the one that should be boycotted.

      5. Paul – I knew exactly who you were referring to. The childish personal attacks can get tiresome.

  14. Ooooh!! I sayyy!! Language, Timothy!

    And I thought I was the ‘sweary’ one? Not rattled at all, are ya, wee fella?

    Rattled – by your own inadequacies and inabilities to answer harmless questions. :D:D:D:D:D

  15. Oh, and I’ll keep asking those questions… 👍😉

    What’s so anti union about stammerist labour, little stevie?

      1. Tell you what?

        That you won’t tell us the difference between stammerism and conservatism because you know there isn’t one?

        Or you won’t name a single policy stammer’s OPPOSED … Because there isn’t one?

        Or you didn’t even realise stammers anti unionist policy of allowing … Nay, INSISTING teachers work in unsafe environs?

        That what you wanted me to tell you? Wasn’t exactly ‘dying to’ like, but as you insisted…

        So let’s hear your denial, then? 🤭

      2. Toffee – Why would I want to waste my time with a potty mouthed troll like yourself.

      3. Needy little stray?

        Oh, touche , lad…. That’s vut me to the quick so it has😭

        …the fucking state of THAT, coming from the imbecile who’s previously bragged that he comes on to get a rise outta me and finds it fantastic when I do…

        Carry on. Moron.

        As for Paul… Plaguing the site? Boycott the bore?

        Think you’ll find when I’m allowed to post freely instead of having to repeatedly put the hypocrite in his place, then my posts are generally well received. Wee stevie is ridiculed by everyone no matter what he posts about.

        And as I previously said, he’s admitted he finds it fantastic when he was asked how it feels to come on here with the express intent of getting a rise outta me.

        I’ve had it out with many a poster on here, but NOT ONCE did I deliberately go out of my way to do so. Nor do I continue to do so.

        Don’t like it? Nobody’s forcing you to read it, you quilt.

      4. As I’ve said in answer to SH I was referring to HIM as the nuisance who needed boycotting. I should have spelt it out, sorry!

      5. Toffee – You are the one who is so desperate to justify yourself, (at such length 🥱)

    1. My apologies Paul, although I should take both our advisories, ignore the prune and stop reading his posts… But, Christ! He riles me….and he does it purposely.

      I take his aloof stammerist defence both as a personal insult and an insult to those who deserved the sort of socialist government that prick and his minions conspired and colluded to deny the country of.

      But he’s so far up his gaffer’s arse that nothing else matters. Personally I’d string the pair of the bastards up for high treason for what they’ve done.

      1. Yes he’s certainly very good at winding up people into a fury which is exactly what he wants to do. He’s either trained in the skills or it comes naturally. But a pain in the arse whatever and PRIMARILY an epic time waster. Life’s too short.

      2. Paul – Or perhaps it is you and your compatriots that are good at winding yourselves up with faux indignation.

  16. Please try to avoid using the word “saddo” in future – it’s embarrassing enough commenting on the same forum as you without you channelling David Brent or Will McKenzie or Jerry Lundegaard.

    1. David – Thanks for your input but I thought saddo was the most appropriate word to use. Perhaps you could suggest some alternatives to describe Toffee and his current obsessions.

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