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Forde Inquiry confirms delay in publication of ‘Labour leaks’ report

Staff emails and WhatsApp messages lie at the heart of the leaked Labour report

Yesterday, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that the release of the Forde Inquiry’s report on the leak of a Labour party report – one that accuses former senior staff of abuse, sabotaging election campaigns, diverting election funds to secret projects and more – would be delayed for a second time. The inquiry was originally scheduled to report during the summer but was delayed to December. The new delay was said to put back publication until after next year’s local elections.

Yesterday, the Inquiry’s press office would only say that an ‘update’ on the schedule was to be published ‘shortly’.

That update has now been published. It does not provide a date for publication, but reads:

The Forde Inquiry is working towards publishing its report early in 2021.

This revised date is largely the result of the weight of submissions received from the Call for Evidence and the fact that the Panel wanted to have the benefit of the report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to inform its work. The EHRC Report was published on 29 October 2020.

We will keep this site updated regarding any developments.

Labour insiders have linked the delay to Keir Starmer’s fears over next spring’s local elections. The Forde Inquiry’s update gives a different official reason – but not one that will be any more satisfactory to those who feel Labour’s 2017 general election campaign, which came within an ace of success, failed because of sabotage.

Many Labour supporters already considered the Inquiry to be fatally compromised by Starmer’s decision to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to settle a case against former staff that the party’s lawyers expected to win – and Starmer’s broadening of the inquiry’s scope to include the leaking of the report as well as the events it revealed.

They will justifiably feel disquiet over the idea that the findings of an inquiry meant to get to the bottom of the facts alleged in the leaked Labour report are to be ‘informed’ by a report conducted by a separate organisation – one which said that the allegations of the leaked report were not within its remit to analyse (because Starmer’s Labour declined to ask for it to be included) and whose conclusions have been criticised over their legality.

And those appalled by the leaked report still have no firm date for the publication of those findings, some five months after they were originally supposed to be disclosed.

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  1. Of course Starmer will hide this report. Why hide it Starmer? Are you afraid?? What are you afraid of Starmer???

    1. SIR Starmer will NEVER question the billions thrown about by his fellow Tories. ESPECIALLY to Soames directed SERCO, Deloitte, G4S and chums who gave become multimillionaires overnight.

      1. windchime – Your needle is stuck give yourself a nudge.

  2. Now, now… Don’t be making assumptions you know will most likely turn out to be fully justified – like just about everyone (bar you-know-who) previously has done when it comes to stammer. 🙄

    You simply MUST wait…And at least give a certain someone time to be briefed in how to bullshit us even further.

    1. He’s getting special extra padded waterproof briefs. Yet he can’t stop the leaks😂😂😂

      1. Well he comes across as a bloody drip.

        And listening to him is akin to water torture

  3. That is disappointing news, many members like myself were looking forward to the report’s publication.

    1. veH15/12/2020 AT 6:44 PM
      That is disappointing news, many members like myself were looking forward to the report’s publication.

      On a par with: “I’m only voting stammer because he’s best of a bad bunch”. Then jerking yerself off at his every pathetic utterance thereafter.

      You’ll be telling us it’s “another stammer masterstroke” by tomorrow ffs.

      Stop treating people like their heads button up at the back you godawful shitehawk.

      1. Toffee – It’s not an expression that I would use but I have noted that you are the one that has chosen it as a description of yourself.

      2. Wrong again, helmet. Not even a ‘nice try’.

        I said: ‘Stop treating PEOPLE like their heads button up at the back. ‘

        NOWHERE did I refer to myself, moron.

        There’s always the danger that anyone unfamiliar with your lies and gobshitery who read your bullshit might actually believe your lies in their blissful unawareness of your slimy persona.

      3. And, after almost THREE HOURS have passed…that’s all you can conjure in an attempt to get a rise?


      4. Toffee – Sorry for the delayed response, your reply got overlooked.

      5. And I suppose this ^^^ is an example of your spontaneous wit is it, Oscar?

        Nah. You’ve had three long hours to contemplate eventualities.

      6. Toffee – Just a simple statement of fact, whether you accept that or not is entirely up to you. If you are feeling slighted then that’s your problem.

    2. Yeaaas SH it is disappointing 4 u. ps how many of u r there???

      1. Twas not a compliment SH. But to each his own🔴

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      4. windchime – They’ve managed to cope for the last 25 years

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        How much more must they endure??? Why not remain in Islington lodged up your Keith’s & “Mandy’s” fundaments? Get your briefs at their inner sphincters. Cut down on emissions… keep your dripping leaks near your SIR & ‘Mandy”

      6. SH another of Air-miles Andy’s friends have just been swooped on by the police. He trafficked girls as young as 14 it is alleged. Private island like Epstein… in the Bahamas. AAs visited his island in the 2000 approx allegedly.
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        SH it’s Christmas

      7. windchime – …..and if they are found guilty then they should be punished.

      8. R they chums of yours SH ? NB they’re almost ALWAYS Tories. The one percent. Funny that? Why don’t police raid ALL 1%ers ? Stop and Search them? EVERY SINGLE ONE at Canary Wharf and at every Tory do⁉️⁉️⁉️

        Ask your “Mandy” SH and your SIR DPP Stick why the 1% clique are rarely raided.
        They’ve just jailed a poor roofer ONE MONTH, for breaking lockdown to see his girlfriend. But Cummings goes free. Gove admits to snorting coke on several occasions. Dick told Ferrara, she looked into it “personally” and found Gove had no case to answer DESPITE admitting abuse of a Class A Drug cocaine. Will your DPP Stick SIR ask questions about the perverted ESTABLISHMENT SERVING justice system❔❔❔ Cummings got a £40k increase b4 he “left” #10. Reward for catastrophic failure!!! Will Starmer even mention that??? Bet not.

      9. windchimes – “Cummings got a £40k increase b4 he “left” #10. Reward for catastrophic failure!!! Will Starmer even mention that??? Bet not.”

        You lost your bet. Keir Starmer challenged Johnson about this during today’s PMQ

      10. SteveH, as i’v said b4, Keith Starmer & Co including u, note every single word and comma on . However, re my post yesterday – “Cummings got a £40k increase b4 he “left” #10. Reward for catastrophic failure!!! Will Starmer even mention that??? Bet not.

        He did mention it. I WAS mildly surprised. However the deceitful parasitic coward ended the year by protecting SERCO, Deloitte, G4S, £16 + BILLIONS to chums for often UNSAFE PPE‼️‼️‼️

        Re my pointing out yesterday, the £40k salary increase to Dominic Cummings making it at least £140,000, Keith’s limp mention was NOT what i would call “challenged Johnson”. “Challenge” is for example what The Toffee (597) does to you. That is my definition of a real “challenge”. ie focused, laser-like, energised AND on point
        S U S T A I N E D.

        Your Keith was the unfocused dimwitted opposite🔴🟡🟢🔴🟡🟢🔴🟡🟢

      11. windchime – I’m disappointed that you are such a bad loser. 😞

      12. windchime – This is what Keir actually said to Boris when he ‘mentioned’ Cummings during this week’s PMQs

        “Another major mistake of the past 12 months is losing public trust.
        “We all know what the tipping point was – the 520-mile round-trip to Barnard Castle; the humiliating way the prime minister and his cabinet were forced to defend it.
        “Now we learn that while the prime minister and the chancellor are telling the armed forces, police officers, care workers, and firefighters that they will get a pay freeze, Dominic Cummings has been handed at least a £40,000 pay rise.

        “How on earth does the prime minister justify that?”

        Additionally Keir has challenged Johnson on numerous occasions about the Tory’s cronyism procurement policies and also on the private sector track and trace system. He’s done this during PMQs and also on other forums. To claim otherwise would quite obviously be disingenuous, the facts are a matter of public record.

    3. Looking forward to its publication? Why? Have you got a shithouse you wanted whitewashing?

    4. Steve H…..maybe they are scraping the barrel again to interpret something thats presumably in plain English.Possibly you could apply youve already proved that you can turn anything in the English language into “gobbledygook”

  4. The public must know this. Starmer deceived his way into becoming ‘leader’. Starmer is a fraud.

  5. The “Leaked report” is the main focus of the inquiry
    But.. there were other reports, files or dossiers compiled. – The “Leaked” report contained a precis/compilation of selected facts from these.
    At least one of these “feeder” documents was leaked as well though not put into the public domain yet.
    What’s to stop this happening if Starmer & Evans try to delay the Inquiry report.
    Are they aware of this risk?

  6. And an inquiry scheduled to take ten weeks is going to take a year.
    Surprise surfuckingprise.
    Now it’ll cost the members what – half a million? A million?

    If I swore on the Rupert Annual I saw Starmer in Spearmint Rhino stuffing Cummings’ panties with tenners it’d be no more fake than the bullshit Forde will come up with.

  7. Perhaps a stupid question from me.

    Will the delay by the Forde Inquiry for them to take into account the EHRC outcome be advantageous for Starmer that when it’s finally published he will be hoping it’ll enable him to find an excuse to dismiss the leaked report as proof Corbyn was sabotaged by party employees and demand that there’s nothing to see here?
    Or will Forde do the decent thing and find the culprits guilty of undermining Corbyn?

    Some moths ago I’m sure I read an article reporting on a meeting attended by a high profile Labour, Corbyn hater MP. I’m also sure it stated for some reason this MP was accompanied by their lawyer

    They spoke about the progress of the EHRC investigation and in doing so the MP assured the attendees that the leaked report would not be taken into account by them.
    Now why on earth would this MP and the audience be concerned with the EHRC opting to include the leaked report!

  8. Nothing to see here the cult of New Labour 2.0 has decreed that you lot shalt not see the results of the inquiry about our dodgy stuff until after the local elections when we hope to convince you idiots to help pay for it and help campaign for us as we treat you like dirt….

    But see the report?

    No chance like no chance of truth ever being said in the dam report!

    1. IT says everything about nu Labour,that they squander more membership money on some nonentity to interpret a report by a nonentity after the criminals who worked against the former leader of the Labour party have been rewarded by the new leader with even more membership money…unbelievable and you couldn’t make it up and you definitely in a proper party couldn’t get away with it.Time for the Serious fraud office to have a good look at whats going on at “Fawlty towers hq” …The membership are being taken for a fraudulent ride by more greasy lawyers.

  9. It seems that the currently best result would be for the report, in full, to be leaked- rescued from Starmer’s domain. But, even then, the findings would still require accurate and honest reporting by the likes of the Guardian and the BBC.

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