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‘Forde Inquiry’ into leaked Labour report fatally compromised by ‘grovelling’ apology in court case Labour’s lawyers said it would win – NEC members

Party’s ‘unreserved’ withdrawal of ‘bad faith’ comments means Starmer’s inquiry into revelations of leaked report is meaningless, according to senior elected representatives

Some of the most senior elected officials within the Labour Party’s governance structures say that the party’s ‘grovelling’ apology this morning to ‘whistleblowers’ who feature in the infamous leaked internal report is so fatally compromised as to be meaningless.

Labour has made an ‘unreserved’ apology for suggesting that ‘whistleblowers’ involved in last year’s widely-criticised Panorama programme were not reliable:

We unreservedly withdraw all allegations of bad faith, malice and lying. We would like to apologise unreservedly for the distress, embarrassment and hurt caused by their publication.

The apology comes after the party’s lawyers said they were confident of winning the case brought against them, but Keir Starmer was determined to issue the apology – and agree a settlement said to be in six figures with the former staff.

Members of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) directly elected by Labour members are furious about the decision to offer what one described as a ‘grovelling’ apology and say that Starmer’s ‘Forde Inquiry’ investigation – into the leaked Labour report accusing some former senior staff of undermining the party’s antisemitism complaints process as well as its electoral efforts – is now meaningless.

One told the SKWAWKBOX:

This has cost the party a six-figure sum in a case our lawyers said we’d win – and how can anyone think the Forde Inquiry isn’t fatally compromised when we’ve ‘unreservedly’ withdrawn any suggestion of wrongdoing against some of the people mentioned in the report it’s supposed to be investigating?

Another agreed and added that at least one of the union representatives on the NEC had fought against the move:

This grovelling apology is a disgrace when we’re still supposed to be investigating the revelations of the [leaked] report.

Howard (Unite’s Howard Beckett) argued forcefully against it [during yesterday’s NEC discussion], but Keir was determined to ignore everyone regardless.

The investigation is meaningless now, how can it be anything else?

Former party leader Jeremy Corbyn and Unite general secretary Len McCluskey seem to agree:

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  1. Starmer is and was an apologist for the Israeli government, he honestly believes this will be an end to it. The man is an educated fool.

    1. Be an end to what Steve? Would be grateful if you could clarify what you mean exactly. Cheers

      1. The false antisemitic narrative started by Israel government and perpetuated by the Conservatives and the right of the Labour party

      2. Thanks for the clarification Steve, but why would Starmer and the Blairites want to bring it to an end, when it’s glaringly obvious just from the ‘apology’ alone that they are determined to discredit Jeremy and the former leadership and the left in general even more AND, in doing so, ‘generate’ anger and frustration in and amongst left members in the hope that THAT will lead to many of them deciding to cancel their membership.

        It’s a win-win for the Blairites!.

      3. In your initial post Steve you said how Starmer is a fool if he thinks the apology will bring an end to it – ie the A/S smear campaign – and then in your clarification (in reply to me), you stated that the false anti-semitism narrative was perpetuated by the right of the LP. Well given that Starmer is quite evidently on the right of the party, surely logic dictates that the apology had NOTHING whatsoever to do with him and his fellow Blairites thinking or hoping that the apology will bring an end to the A/S smears against the left – for why would they care anyway when they themselves have played a central role in the smear campaign – and EVERYTHING to do with discrediting Jeremy and the left FURTHER.

        In other words, the purpose of the apology wasn’t to bring the A/S smear campaign to an end, but to further trash Jeremy and the former leadership – ie the left. And just imagine if proceedings HAD played out and ended with the former staffers LOSING their case! No way were Starmer and Co gonna let THAT happen!

        Afterthought: If the PTB and their propaganda machine were so inclined, they could of course have been condemning Starmer for the (alleged) cases of A/S that have happened under his leadership, but we ALL know why they haven’t. And yet Jeremy was condemned again and again for not getting a grip on it and eradicating it from the party (even though the vast majority of it was bogus and contrived and pure fiction!).

      4. To be precise: Just imagine if the case had proceeded and the former staffers lost and, as such, Jeremy and Co were vindicated for their claims against them. No way were Starmer and Blair and Co gonna let that happen, because not only would it discredit the former staffers AND the Panorama program and John Ware, but also have many people wondering about the A/S claims and allegations in general.

      5. Why don’t you email her and ask her Steve. Or would you like me to do it for you?

      6. Allan – Be my guest, will you be posting her reply on here?

  2. You must NEVER EVER apologise, appease or give in to Zionists in any way whatsoever. Their every move is to support the racist State of Israel. Any weakness in opposition to them is taken as a victory which will precipitate even more demands from them.

    When is the Labour Party going to support Jews who recognise the evil of Zionism?

    1. As you well know Jack, if the Labour Party DID start supporting Jewish anti-Zionists, the saboteurs and the MSM would have a field day! In other words, you pose such a question knowing that it’s never gonna happen, and ESPECIALLY when the party is controlled by those who have played a key roll in the sabotage – ie vilifying and demonising and smearing Jeremy and the left.

      And needless to say – given that the right of the party have played a leading roll in the A/S smears and fake accusations – they can hardly be appeasing themselves! In other words, the ‘apology’ had nothing whatsoever to do with ‘weakness’ or ‘appeasement’, and EVERYTHING to do with further discrediting Jeremy and his allies and the left. AND, as I said above in effect, there was no way that Starmer and Blair and Co were going to let the case play out, and not only quite possibly have Jeremy and Co be vindicated and their claims against the former staff substantiated, but ALSO cast doubt in the minds of many people about the A/S claims and accusations in general. And such a result would have reflected badly on Panorama and John Ware AND the BBC for defending the program as well of course.

  3. I feel crestfallen on hearing this result. I’m glad that I’m no longer a member of the LP.

  4. With that ridiculous admission John Ware, Panodrama, the BBC, the JLM, BoD, CAA and the CST can presumably combine to bankrupt Labour for the costs of gathering all their ‘evidence’ – most of which would have been thrown out by the courts once the entire case against Labour was seen to be completely discredited by “The Lobby.”
    Starmer, you fucking retard.

    1. He did it on purpose to undermine the Inquiry. Now this inquiry has been fatally undermined. Starmer knows what he’s doing. This has been done on purpose so he can say there is nothing to be done to the racist corrupt liars named in the #LabourLeaks document because the Party will be sued.

    2. David, I agree with you except that I don’t believe Starmer is a retard. Starmer jumped into the wagon of supporting the People’s Vote as his best chance of replacing Corbyn as the Leader of the Labour Party. That make him very clever and calculating.
      The adjective of “retard” is better reserved for some of the left that believed that the People’s Vote campaign stood a chance to reverse Brexit.
      I didn’t want to leave the EU either, but understood that pursuing the folly of the People’s Vote campaign will end the way it has ended: with a Tory government, crushing out of the EU without a deal, and with a New Labour type as leader of the Party.
      No, Starmer most probably knows what he is doing. God knows what secrets these former official of the Labour Party know that could implicate Starmer directly or those close to him. Let us not forget that Starmer’s favourite to replace Jenny Formby as General Secretary was Emily Oldknow.

      1. Maria, I almost never ascribe anything in politics to intellect or even low cunning – mostly the establishment are just following the playbook worked out over centuries of empire – divide and rule, make sure you own all the tools of propaganda and always – ALWAYS keep the secrets of the old boy network.
        Those few rules plus wealth beyond measure are all you need to run a country.
        There’s no trick to it really. Mostly it’s just accident of birth.

    3. I’ve just read that in 2018 Labour’s income from the membership and affiliations was roughly £16/17m and £6m respectively.
      Wiki says Labour membership in Jan 2020 was 485k but I suspect it’s falling – and I wonder if the contribution from the unions might fall substantially this year.
      I’m thinking it might justifiably be diverted to emergency assistance funds for their own members this year and maybe next as coronavirus job losses bite.

  5. I sincerely hope this will now make up the minds of all waverers to quit the party. It’s certainly been the straw that broke my camel’s back and I will be cutting up my card and posting it to party HQ. They can count themselves lucky it won’t come enclosed in a steaming box of horse-shit. ABSOLUTELY NO WAY am I going to let these corrupt scum pay out compo with MY money to those appalling non-excuses for human beings.

    I hope at least half the membership feel likewise and vote with their feet.

    1. Steady it means nothing of the sort, what I dont understand is how such a decision can be made without NEC approval, doesn’t he now have to face them
      No matter the internal report is everything, not least the crux of a class action against the party that will bankrupt them if not the issues are not addressed
      We are not even half way through what needs to be done so do us all a favour and get on with the fight
      JC and Len and others need to shout from the rafters ‘Not in our name’

      1. Doug, the right of the Party is in control of the NEC. However, the left shouldn’t roll over and should consider referring the matter of the alleged “operation cupcake” for independent investigation by the Electoral Commission for possible breaches to British Electoral Law.
        We should all consider withholding our levies for a few months and if the matter isn’t resolved to our satisfaction, leave the Party. I am sure Starmer will not mind for many of us to leave. However, if Unite and other Trade Unions refuse to pay their financial contributions to the Labour Party, Starmer isn’t going to like it and could be forced to take action against his wishes.

      2. Maria
        If we are serious then we sit down with Starmer and tell him there is no room for Red Tories in the Labour party
        The NEC, unions and member representatives, make it abundantly clear that democratically and financially they have no future in the party
        Yes that means civil war, so let’s just get it out in the open and get on with it

    2. Well done. This is further proof that this excuse for an opposition are water carriers for the right. They loathe the working class and have overseen the party as it moves into ever darker waters with it’s pc rubbish and nonsensical actions during this conrover scam. We do not live in a democracy but a kleptocracy. Can’t the socialists left see what is happening around us? We have the people who are able to build party of the left. We just need to do it. Taking the fucking knee? Fuck that, catch the criminals. The class war has just got even dirtier and we have an opposition that cares more for snipers than their victims. It’s probably too late. Who voted for the ultra vile Max Headroom? I know everyone else. ☮️

    3. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said!

      The security for the establishment not the people is important to Keir. Shameful, I despair of my party being once again, the Tory Lite Party. They’ve gone back to 2010-15 and a shadow cabinet full of reprobates from the 2010 -2015 era all full of themselves that they are The party and not the 580,000 members. Rather than people wishing to change the country for the better and move forward. Back To The Future Starring Sir Keir (Establishment) Starmer!

      I would like to see Unite, FBU and other unions pull their funding of the party until a thorough independent investigation is undertaken rather than the whitewash it will be. This decision today was not agreed to by the NEC and should be declared invalid and legal action taken against those who agreed to this misuse of party funds! More reasons for me to leave! I just hope someone with some money can take them to court and get a judgement against them!

  6. Integrity and principle are strangers to Starmer. Everything he does is geared toward consolidating his own position whilst easing Labour to the right. He’s a player. Capitulating in court today was not because he believed the party would lose, but because Starmer didn’t want to fight as capitulating worked better for his agenda. Yes he is boring, has no fire or fight, he is if he was a colour, magnolia. But that doesn’t mean he is decent or trustworthy, a safe pair of hands. Far from it. He is deeply manipulative. But a leader without guts and the stomach for a fight, has very limited appeal and when all’s said and done, limited prospects, however sly. Starmer would no more mention that neither he nor or his predecessor did as Johnson did as foreign secretary attend an all weekend party at a Russian oligarch’s Italian mansion (for reasons best know to himself leaving his security at home…), than the Tories would accuse Corbyn of being a friend of Hamas (oh, but they did didn’t they?). There’s the rub. Tories never miss an opportunity to unleash their attack dogs, the more underhand and personal the better. Starmer hasn’t got one, and leads on lines like ‘This is no time to be critical’ when Johnson’s government is in real time causing the deaths of tens of thousands of people. Starmer no doubt hopes that ultimately Johnson swill self destruct leaving the way open for him to shuffle into 10 Downing Street. All he has to do is continue to be bland, idea-less, and not say or do anything which might be construed as controversial. Well we shall see. But if he does it will be without my vote.

    1. Forgive me for saying so Noel, but how is it capitulating if you’re on the same side? It isn’t of course. Starmer and the Blairites are totally on board with doing anything and everything they can to discredit Jeremy and his allies and the left in general. And of course help speed up the exodus of left members from the party!

      1. Oh, I see, you really ARE trying to mislead readers of skwawkbox! Starmer and the right of the party did NOT capitulate to anyone, the implication of your assertion being that they didn’t really want to apologise to the former staffers (who participated in the Panorama hatchet job), but felt that they had no choice but to do so.

        You LIE!

        But perhaps you could explain why it is that when the party’s lawyers said it had a strong defence, Starmer and Co decided to apologise. If you’re told that you have a strong defence against the former staffers, then to apologise etc is solely to discredit Jeremy and the former leadership. Now I wonder why Starmer and the Blairites who have been a party to the Smear Campaign during the four years or so Jeremy was leader – and since! – would want to do THAT! Oh, right, they didn’t really want to, but felt they had to….

        Yerse, of course! What complete and utter bunkum!!

        PS Toffee posted a link to this in an earlier thread, but here it is again for anyone who didn’t see it:

    1. I too wanted to resign… then I realised this was the response they needed so I din’t resign being a Labour party member gives me the Right to VOTE !

      1. Tempting, I know, but well well played. You have passed the first test, young Jedi!

  7. For a supposed hot shot lawyer his performance has been pathetic. We have the ludicrous sight of a party which, under Corbyn’s leadership, had eight times as many Jewish MPs as would be expected from the number of Jews in the population, being accused of antisemitism and neekly beating itself up.

    We have expert witnesses in the shape of Philo and his fellow-authors. Far from using their expert evidence, Sir Frenzick drives two of the authors to resign,

    I’m sick to the stomach at my membership dues being used to line the pockets of these whingers.

    1. There is no where to hide from internal report and Bad Actors behind, what we are heading for is a showdown, but if your not in the tent as Maximus Peake says ‘Your a Tory ‘

      1. Oh, right. If your in the tent you’re gonna win. We had over half a million in the tent. We lost. I wish Labour and their glorious, golden leader all the best in their fight to get on TV. I’m off to join the knee takers and pot bangers. Yay, socialism is dying but get in the tent, it’s warm and you can rely on each other. Regards.

  8. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT! There is a clear & unambiguous message in this action by Sir Keir Starmer. It is designed to be seen as an insult to Jeremy Corbyn; to Socialism & Supporters of Palestine; telling us that we no longer belong in our Labour Party & New Labour Mk2 is UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT taking advice from John Ware. Where is the integrity?

    1. ”There is a clear & unambiguous message in this action by Sir Keir Starmer”

      Not that the warning signs weren’t there for everyone to see as early as 2018, when stammer’s eu plotting began to gather impetus, encouraged by the pro-eu brigade that jack t (for example) was part of.

      But while they were warned and warned repeatedly what’d become of their encouragement for stammer’s plans, they instead dismissed the prognosticators as zionist, faragist neo-nazis amongst other imbecilic insults. We were told byn the likes of jack t the eu wasn’t the issue that’d lose votes, but that the spurious antisemitism complaints were – when the exact opposite was the case.

      And then, as soon as the election was lost – as foretold, a direct result of the party’s new stance on remaining in the eu – Corbyn was replaced by stammer; who IMMEDIATELY dropped the eu issues and turned to overt zionist support and a further purge of decent socialists within the party.

      But the signs were already there; and were repeatedly warned of, but certain people chose to wilfully ignore them.

      It’s THEY who get the party they deserve. and boy, are they whinging loudest about this….

      1. Toffee your thickness knows no bounds. You are so immersed in Brexit madness that you fail to see that Brexit was a far fight concept designed to push us into the arms of the USA, who are in turn, hand in glove with the racist State of Israel.

        Bozo, as we will see, will have to go cap in hand to Trump or whoever to replace lost EU trade, with the result that the USA and their partner Israel will have even more control over us.

        I supported remaining in the EU to prevent the above, which you and your fellow short sighted Brexiters were too naive to spot. At no time did I support Starmer the Zionist. That he wanted a confirmation vote is neither hear nor there and the fact that his popularity in the eyes of the public is high and rising proves it.

        It was your support for the Zionists that ruined Corbyn and allowed Starmer to take over. Suck it up.

      2. In his 3.11pm post Toffee said the following:

        ‘And then, as soon as the election was lost – as foretold, a direct result of the party’s new stance on remaining in the eu – Corbyn was replaced by stammer; who IMMEDIATELY dropped the eu issues and turned to overt zionist support and a further purge of decent socialists within the party.’

        Well, it was in fact four months, but if what Toffee says about Starmer et al dropping their stance on Brexit once – and since – he was elected leader is true (and I don’t doubt that it is), then what more proof does anyone need that Starmer and the right did so for the sole purpose of making absolutely certain that Jeremy lost the GE whenever it was called.

        Amd assuming it IS actually the case – ie that Starmer and Co have dropped it since he was elected leader – then it needs to be reiterated over and over again on as many platforms as possible.

      3. Allan – Maybe it has more to do with the fact that we have already left the EU.

      4. Toffee, if you are going to join the debate, please act like an adult and make an attempt to see the big picture. If I am against blood sports for example and Starmer is also against blood sports it does not mean I am a Starmer supporter. Likewise, I supported giving the public a second chance to confirm their original Brexit choice as did Starmer. I know in your tiny mind it equates to supporting Starmer but if you come out of your Brexit induced stupor for a second it’s just possible the penny will drop. You on the other hand were so terrified that if the public were to change their mind if given the choice, your Brexit world would come crashing down around your ears and leave you babbling like a baby.

      5. Allan – The EU don’t seem to have any doubts.

        “When did the United Kingdom leave the European Union?

        The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020, at midnight (Dutch time).

        The United Kingdom (UK) wanted to leave the European Union (EU) on 31 October 2019. To that end, the British government signed a withdrawal agreement with the EU. However, because the House of Commons had not yet approved the agreement, the UK requested another extension. For this reason, the 27 remaining EU countries and the British government decided to postpone Brexit until 31 January 2020 at the latest.

        The House of Lords passed the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill on 22 January, and it was then signed into law by Queen Elizabeth. The European Parliament approved the withdrawal agreement on 29 January.

    2. Note that he said “Management” not Leadership!
      One term implies simply “maintaining the status quo” and telling people what to to do.
      The other having a Vision and plan (for a better future)

    3. And here’s more jack t hypocrisy saying I’m immersed in ‘brexit madness’

      No jack, twas I warned that the reneging on the promise to respect the referendum would lose the party the election, and for my troubles you labeled me faragist and zionist, such is your unhealthy obsession with that particular issue.

      Who was right? Me or you? (Clue: it wasn’t you).

      Also, you have never once shown evidence that I have openly supported zionism. I have, on occasion, chastised you for your unhealthy obsession with the issue (Indeed, you yourself have been borderline antisemitic on occasion), which has distracted you from the broader canvas, but I have NEVER supported zionism, and I challenge you to provide irrefutable evidence I have ever done so.

      I want you to provide evidence I have said I openly support zionism in as many words.

      Oh, and I’m afraid you’re lying over your overt support for stammer over the eu. You criticised twatson rightly enough, but when pulled on not doing the same about stammer, you merely poured scorn on anybody who dared mention the 2nd ref would be a (planned) fuck-up of catastrophic proportion – wasn’t just me copped it. You were repeatedly warned that stammer was openly plotting against corbyn to eventually oust him and replace him as leader. You were told stammer’s six tests were unachievable and the 2nd ref demand was no more than a a front for a potential (Now realised) future leadership bid, and yet you continued to label people as zionist brexit conspirators (Amongst other dreamt up accusations).

      You said it’d GAIN votes and that it was the antisemitism was losing people. EXACTLY what stammer wanted to hear at that time.

      So in essence, by not opposing stammer and hurling shit on people making any case against bulldozing a 2nd ref into policy, you overtly supported him. No mistake about it.

      @Allan Howard – apologies for the capitalisation of ‘immediately’ …Given that brexit negotiations had got nowhere over the three years between the referendum and 20129 election the time it took stammer to drop the issue almost seemed immediate. Nevertheless, people who predicted what’d happen knew what way stammer’d go. They knew twatson was the A/S side of the coin to stammer’s EU side. They knew once the EU issue was decided by the entirely coincidental election defeat that in orf=der to cover the plotte’s arses they’d use antisemitism to further purge any dissent.

      But jack t refused to accept that argument right up until stammer decided to pay the iscariots their 30 pieces of silver instead of hanging them in the potter’s field.

      Now he’s trying to blame everyone else for the monster he helped create. .

      1. Toffee – Do you have an explanation for RLB!s statement
        “I don’t think the party gave the right response. We should not have called out or attacked former members of staff… We should apologise for how we behaved. We should settle any claims that were made.”.

      2. Toffee, I have been warning for some considerable time that it was Zionists inside and outside of the LP who were trying to destroy Corbyn and a true Socialist Labour Party. Events recently and leading up to them have proven conclusively that I was correct, with the result that we now have a Zionist/racist leader of the LP.

        You on the other hand tried to pour scorn on my warnings in an attempt to direct attention away from the Zionists’ subversive activities. It’s obvious that you wanted and judging by your previous rant, still want to downplay the role of Zionists in the Party whose single aim is the protection of the racist State of Israel.

        You have even thrown in the the remark that I was borderline anti-semitic, with out providing a shred of evidence. This is a scummy tactic as used against Jeremy Corbyn by Zionists and a sure sign of a Zionist shill.

        You love to play to the crowd by displaying your ‘I was right over Brexit’ credentials when in fact what you have helped to do is push the UK further into the arms of Trump and the USA where Israel controls the shots. There again, it was probably the result you wanted all along.

      3. steve h – RLB does not, and never has, spoken for me. Just desist, you weirdo.

        jack t – Your’re quite right – You DID warn against zionists…but instead of heeding the warnings about stammer’s eu manoeuvres you ridiculed the messenger(s), put all your eggs in the anti-twatson basket in doing so, and allowed the both of them (but mainly stammer) to fuck up the election…And now you complain the zionists more or less have complete control?

        And once again you’re very much LYING about me scorning your warnings of zionism. You were told that the electorate in general didn’t give a fuck about antisemitism – real or perceived – in comparison to brexit, you were warned by me that your constant bleating about the matter was bringing it to the attention (of an ever increasingly irritated with the matter) to the electorate, every bit as much as the zionists themselves were irritating the public with their constant bleatings.

        In the end the people got sick of the perceived antisemitism as a distraction to the REAL matter on the table, which was the EU. And YOU were one of the loudest voices on here demanding there was a 2nd ref that the people did NOT want, as was proved. But you happily allowed stammer to bulldoze it through regardless of the warnings of what eventually came to be.

        And I WAS right over brexit…Because I WAS right over telling you what would happen if you ignored me and people like me who wanted out.

        But of course, you knew better, didn’t you?! And look at the direction the party’s gone. Not the way you expected, perhaps – but most definitely the way you were warned about.

      4. Toffee – This was what Jeremy Corbyn had to say during a recent interview with MEE about his decision to have a confirmation vote policy in the manifesto.

        “I tried to bridge that gap with the proposal that we should do a trade deal with the European Union and put that alongside Remain as a choice for the people and that was a decisions taken at last year’s Labour Party Conference”

      5. Toffee, warned by you 😁😁😁.

        Toffee, you are a loud mouthed imbecile who has a nice line in chicanery.

  9. That’s members’ money dribbled away by Starmer grovelling on his belly to curry favour with the fantasist Israel lobby.

    1. There is no grovelling whatsoever going on, and you know it. You can hardly grovel to your fellow saboteurs!

  10. You, who, by your acquiescence, supported stammer openly plotting against Corbyn and demanding a change to party policy – despite constant warnings of the now-executed consequences of going ahead – have ZERO grounds for complaint about this spineless, contrived capitulation (stitch-up).

    You shat the bed, you wallow in it.

  11. Perhaps court would have revealed the involvement of too many who are currently able to hide.

  12. No respect for members, no moral backbone. We deserve better! Or do we?

    1. We deserve what we got. We accepted the AS accusations & the loss of many good socialists. And then we’re surprised at how the right don’t play by the rules.

      1. ‘We accepted the AS accusations….’

        ‘Oh, right, so perhaps you could explain what would have happened if JC and the former leadership had refuted the accusations? And WHO is surprised at how the right don’t play by the rules? No-one of course!

    2. No respect for the electorate…But the 70% (Or however many it was gladly allowed stammer’s plot to succeed) knew better.

      And now some of them are shrieking the loudest about this…It’d be fucking hilarious if it hadn’t been unavoidable in the first place.

      1. Nobody likes “I told you so” Smart Alecks.

        If some of the remarkably few members who voted for Sir Nicely now regret it, we welcome their change of heart- NOT demean and ridicule them as if we were Daily Mail curtain twitchers.

      2. FAR too late for regrets I’m afraid, qwertboi. They fucked everything up, qwerti…Now they blame everyone but themselves (Again, exactly as foretold they would do).

        They were constantly reminded what was gonna happen; ignored it, and chose instead to ridicule the messenger , so you’ll excuse me if I constantly remind them of it in the (folorn) hope the penny finally drops.

        WHY should they be allowed to live it down when they’re the ones crying about how things have turned out? They enabled it, they wanted it – And they gave us (or rather you) it.

      3. …Nobody likes “I told you so” Smart Alecks…

        Nobody likes being told their wrong when they know they aren’t. I know that feeling round here (lefties really make the rights job easy, don’t we?)

        It was bloody obvious, and in honesty you should be grateful there’s no real grudge over it.

        You were warned, repeatedly from multiple sources what would happen. And here we are. Corbyn is about to be kicked out of the party and your remain dreams are in tatters. Which they were several.years ago, but you wouldn’t accept democracy, would you…

        Nobody like a smart aleck telling everyone what to think!

        Thing would have been so different if we had all United to get the best from a bad situation. Instead, we have the crappiest possible outcome because entitled people couldn’t work together.

        And that’s the biggest problem.with humanity.

        We always drag people down, hold them.back instead of supporting and pushing forward.

        Socialism? Ahahaha!!!

    1. The facts speak for themselves, as demonstrated by Tony Greenstein’s blog. How many Labour MPs will voice opposition to this appeasement?

  13. Glad I left after the general election Labour no longer a party to be proud of. Time for a change time for a real socialist Party

  14. To think of the times people pleaded on here for me to: ‘join the party and change from within’

    When I said I’d rather keep my money in MY pocket…Well, that’s me vindicated, but because I’m not a member, my voice doesn’t count.

    Except I don’t pay for the privilege of my voice not counting , steve h.

    What’s your excuse for stammer’s shithousery THIS time, hmmm? Or, are you in agreement with the muculent one about this matter?

    1. The Toffee
      It makes not a jot of difference, the internal report, the class action, NEC elections, GMB, Unite and Unison, 600,000 members, 11 million supporters
      Starmer hasnt got the numbers to survive another 12 months and it will only get worse for him, do you want to be part of the purge of all the fuckers who need shoving up a dogs arse and the dog cremated

    2. Hullo Toffee. What if you joined, I and many others joined then we could go in the tent and at the end of time all shall be well. Or not. Stay well.

    3. Muculent, eh? Well I doff my cap to your vocabulary. I’ve just learned another new word!

  15. You dont need a first class honours degree in the bleedin obvious to read the strategy, we have all been here before, so what’s different this time, the internal report
    Quislings, Bad Actors, Red Tories, Cockwombles cannot be allowed to stay, there is no future with any of them in the party,, so who is going to make the declaration, start the civil war to drive them out
    Let JC do it, he deserves the privilege

  16. Starmer wanted to draw a line under it and not have to comment on an ongoing legal case that would have had adverse comment in the media every day. His attitude (I assume) is that by playing the right game he will attract voters and win power. It’s pointless having lots of trendy posturing and rallies and policy statements if you never get to pass an Act of Parliament and make law. Pointless posturing passion v pragmatic power. When I read the comments on this site,about this subject and others, you realise how unelectable the left with its crackpot policies, has made our party.

    1. There’s only one problem with your ‘analysis’ PC, and THAT is that the red Tories couldn’t give a flying fox if the blue Tories are in power. And they just play a game of pretending to be in opposition, so as to deceive the general public.

      And what ‘crackpot policies’ were they? The policies that got Jeremy within a whisker of winning the 2017 general election, DESPITE all the myriad smears and character assassination?

    2. ”It’s pointless having lots of trendy posturing and rallies and policy statements ”

      Maybe stammer should go on the show then – Christ knows, he does plenty of pointless posturing (bending a knee, for example; ”we’ll have to look at it’ being another), and comes out with THE most supine already-being-enacted-by-the-toerags-anyway policy statements.

      ”pragmatic power.”

      WT absolute F???? PLEASE tell me you’re NOT referring to stammer with that twaddle? You are, aren’t ya?

      …Are you a steve h proxy account?

    3. You Sir are an idiot, this will perpetuate the antisemitic scam, he’s done this to protect himself and his front bench. After all they were one of the main sources of complaint, see Hodge.

      1. Yes indeed, I certainly think it will. How many more vexacious complaints are going to have to be settled with this as precedent…..

      2. I see John Ware is already talking about ‘taking legal action against Jeremy Corbyn’.

      3. His sheer gall is both breathtaking and utterly nauseating. Talk about doubling down on a lie! His total lack of humility in the face of such a let-off indicates an all-too-familiar sense of middle-class entitlement I think we’re all quite fed up with by now.


      4. I’ll gladly help crowdfund Jeremy’s defence if that happens.

      5. I’m not sure,
        The only case that will proceed will be class action against party by members, I dont see them having a leg to stand on

    4. It’s not pointless, however, to support Palestinian rights (or Kashmir’s independence). Labour is stronger when it is right – something Sir Nicely doesn’t seem to appreciate.

      He’s a MASSIVE liability. The monopolistic billionaire press are not your (his) friend.

      1. Labour is stronger when it is right – something Sir Nicely doesn’t seem to appreciate.

        More like it’s something he’s convinced of

    5. PC, you’re such a wag.

      What’s the point in choice if all options are the same? Doesn’t it bother you that no choice is offered now?

      Since Brexit was voted in, I’ve found the lines between left and right very blurred. Lefties who want immigration controls and Righties wanting to stay with the socialist EU are just one example.

      Seems to me that nowadays, left and right are just different entrances to the same slaughter house. So the journey is different, the ending isn’t

      And that’s the point.

  17. Absolutely disgusting, disgraceful cowardice by Starmer via a massive wrong payment we needn’t have made.

  18. Update: And they just play a game of pretending to be in opposition, so as to deceive the general public AND to give them the illusion of a democracy..

  19. The irony is that our former Director of the CPS decides to make a political decision and ignore the legal case despite it having a good chance of winning. This is what he means by new management. Thank God I left the party.

  20. £600,000 to encourage lots of left wing Party members to resign in disgust? – Starmer probably thinks it is a bargain. The Tories have shown you don’t need members if you can attract rich business backers. I hope Corbyn et al. either take it to court or dish the dirt in some absolutely stinking memoirs. RIP Hope.

  21. Am I perhaps too cynical or does anyone else wonder why on earth this has been done this week of all weeks? A priceless ‘dead cat’ (apologies to cats everywhere) for the Tories…..

    1. Just like when the Tories were decimated and on the ropes immediately after Brexit…

      My eyes are showing me another party that puts the establishment before party, country and it’s occupants.

    1. The Evening Standard ALSO – surprisingly – covered it (as did the Mirror), and the following is a clip from the article:

      The developments came after concerns were raised that politicians in Westminster would be unable to prevent the Government reneging on commitments to protect the NHS and maintain animal welfare and food standards under the terms of the Trade Bill.

      The Government, for its part, has stressed that UK law offers such protections and any changes would have to come before Parliament.

      But shadow international trade minister Bill Esterson said a lack of scrutiny over the issues threatens to leave the health service “wide open to pharmaceutical giants” and to “undermine” farmers and consumers.

      He told the Commons: “Chemical washes of chicken, hormones in beef, ractopamine in pork and GM crops are banned in the UK – what’s wrong with keeping it that way?

      “If the Government is saying we’re going to do it anyway, what’s the objection to putting it all in primary legislation?”

      Yes, exactly!

  22. I have recorded many political interviews over the course of 30 yrs
    Joined the ACTT now Bectu,
    the greatest mind was that of Tony Benn (a true champion of the working person),
    Also Paddy Ashdown (several glasses of single malt in the war torn Balkans) a man of fairness and empathy.
    these posturing fools we have today, have no understanding of the voters who put them where they sit,
    We need an opposition that speaks for us,
    perhaps a new party called “Old Labour”

  23. Newsnight dickwad: “Boris has already made Farage irrelevant. He’ll do the same with Scottish independence.”
    Me: “Yeah, but he didn’t make Farage irrelevant by force of argument – all he did was steal his policy. Is he going to make Scottish independence the latest new Tory policy?”

  24. 32 more claimants want to sue Labour including McNicol.
    Told ya.
    Retract the apology and the settlement offer and take it to law.

    1. James Mills
      Former adviser to John McDonnell and JC
      Complete and utter shit flavoured lollipop
      These are the people behind leadership that explains why we caved into AS Scam

    2. Forensic Starmer isn’t as clever as he thinks he is! In one fell swoop he has opened up the party to litigation by all and sundry. Rather than drawing a line under Antisemitism he’s made things ten times worse in agreeing compensation. This should have gone to court, agreed by the NEC and those who are now benefiting from Starmer’s largesse would have to explain themselves under cross examination and we might have got the whole story. We might even seen people being prosecuted. But Starmer’s plan was to sweep everything under the carpet so his cronies could benefit. The party is rotten to the core!

      1. This is a lesson to those who were saying that the Leader can not influence this or that. If he wishes, the leader can exert influence in all areas of the Party. Unfortunately in this instance, it is to the detriment of Socialists.

      2. Christopher Fox
        Could not agree more
        At some stage there has to be a court case to bring the AS Scam to a conclusion

      3. THAT Jack, depends on whether you’ve got a hospitable or a hostile MSM.

  25. If only Rebecca Long-Bailey, the left’s candidate, had won the leadership election then things would have been so different.

    This is what RLB clearly stated during the leadership hustings.
    “Asked about the Labour whistleblowers who appeared on Panorama, however, Long-Bailey was willing to criticise the leadership. She said: “I don’t think the party gave the right response. We should not have called out or attacked former members of staff… We should apologise for how we behaved. We should settle any claims that were made.”. She also confirmed that she would welcome Luciana Berger and Louise Ellman back into the party, saying what they “have been through was absolutely shocking”.

    I’m guessing there must be something lurking in the background that has yet to be revealed.

    1. Is there a possibility Rebecca’s statement had more to do with her wanting to win the leadership election than something lurking background we don’t know about?

      1. If so it didn’t turn out to be a very successful strategy.

  26. Steve, I don’t think this whole thread’s about slamming you for voting for Starmer is it?
    I don’t think there’s anyone here who thinks any of them – Long-Bailey, Nandy or Starmer – are capable of tying their own shoelaces – Nandy’s been filling in for Stupid today digging the hole even deeper, the dumb bunny. Haven’t seen RLB at all and only saw Stupid on PMQ’s.

    Guessing by “something lurking in the background” you must mean something damaging to Labour?
    I don’t believe our enemies have held back on anything that would have helped crush Corbyn.
    Unless you mean something exculpatory?
    My only (probably forlorn) hope is that Corbyn might be gathering support for a legal challenge. There’s no shortage of evidence on our side and the High/Supreme Court is the place for this to be resolved – where fact instead of innuendo prevails..

    1. David – No I don’t think for a moment that this comment section has anything whatsoever to do with me (along with the majority of the memberships) voting for Starmer. I have posted only 2 comment (incl. this one) on this page and there were 80 comments before I posted my first comment. It is difficult to see why you brought this up at all.

      As for RLB’s lack of recent commentary on this, well she’s self evidently already made her opinion clear. I am simply pointing out that this apparent capitulation would have also happened under RLB’s leadership. My question is why? What led a leadership candidate of the left to reach this conclusion, a candidate supported by Len McCluskey and Unite. Unless there is something we don’t know about then it doesn’t make sense.

  27. Strange that no one has mention the massive elephant that has been sitting in the room for a while !

    Starmer and his team have a draft copy of the Equality and Human Rights Commission investigation.

    I suspect that there are details within the EHRC report that directly contradict the version of events detailed within the Forde inquiry.

    Starmer knows damn well that the media (and public) will seize on the EHRC report as soon as it is published, at that point, the Forde enquiry findings become meaningless, the media and public will not care about a Labour party investigation into itself.

    This is pure damage limitation.

    1. SAR – You may well be right, which begs the question – What did RLB know when she made her statement (highlighted in my post above) several months ago.

  28. Since Starmer won the election his hidden agenda was to ignore any advice given by lawyers that Labour would win the case against the Panorama participants.
    Yet at least a month ago it was rumoured Starmer was going to issue an apology and pay ‘damages’ to them.
    Also lawyers representing those named in the leaked report said they were going to sue the party.
    We now have a statement released that McNichol is also suing the party.
    Finally John Ware is suing Jeremy for the statement he released calling Starmer’s decision political not legal.
    As far as I can make out they are all represented by Mark Lewis’s firm Proton.

      1. So if Starmer is making these decisions what is legal advice on who pays costs if members sue him for misuse of party funds
        The complete fuckwit has handed class action case a smoking gun on a plate, how do they now defend that case
        And your absolutely right who is funding Cockwombles

      2. Doug – I would be very surprised if this decision hadn’t been voted on and approved by the NEC.

        Incidentally the investigation set up by the NEC into the infamous leaked report that we were expecting would be published in the next few weeks is now not expected to be completed before the end of the year.

      3. Doug – I think we will find that this decision will have been approved by the NEC.

  29. The BoD demanded & received support from all 3 Leadership Candidates. To what extent are they still the piper who calls the tune?

    1. Yes, but two of them were competely on board with doing that. And ALWAYS have been. The BoD and the Right are totally on the same page of course.

      1. Allan – Yes 2 of the leadership candidates self proclaimed themselves to be Zionists, the other one gave a more nuanced statement.

      2. SteveH. Starmer said “I support Zionism without qualification”. That is NOT nuanced, it is the statement of a racist and an ignoramus.

  30. How can leader ignore legal advice and piss £600,000 up the wall, without due process
    Where are the challenges to this from within the party and what options do they have

  31. ‘One party state’
    So at some stage the people will wake up and expect the Labour party to clean up the mess and save their sorry arses
    ‘Maximus Peake ‘
    If your not in the tent then your a Tory

    1. Isn’t it about time we burned the whole rotten, stinking tent down? It’s beyond patching. We need a new one.

      1. No
        Labour party is temporarily embarrassed
        Would take 100 years to replace it

      2. Well I hope you’re right, and I wish any class action by the membership or counter-suit by Corbyn every success, but it can’t have escaped your attention that evil has the upper hand in the world at the moment and any attempt by the righteous to restore justice won’t stand a chance. It will be torn to shreds by the media before it’s out of the gate. Praying for divine intervention might be the best bet!

      3. Would take 12 months to build a refreshing change to the labour party.

        The people out there want change. All it takes is for someone to offer it.

        Brand loyalty gets you nowhere.

      4. timfrom
        Big picture is financial pandemic and No Deal still to come
        Demographics all on our side
        Legal cases will eventually clear the decks of AS Scam
        Internal report effectively rules out Quislings and Bad Actors living in same party
        All adds upto
        They must leave and form this mythical GE winning Red Tory party
        Regards have a crackin weekend

  32. So what we going to do if chief Quisling and Bad Actors withdraw whip from JC
    Can we have some fun for once
    Left wing PLP members can stand up in Parliament and say
    ‘Margwret Snatchers greatest achievement was Tony Blair, with that in mind why dont you cross the floor because you are clearly leading the wrong party’

  33. Starmer has made a monumental error of judgement here but then again, he has since he assumed the Leadership of the PLP. I agree with some of the posters here, it is deliberate on his part to discredit JC, Burgeon, RLB and others on the left. As I have said in other blogs, he knows nothing and I mean nothing about politics. He’s only been an MP for 5 years. He’s clearly been bought by Israel. For what it’s worth, I think JC will absorb John Ware’s lawsuit given that John Ware’s own reputation is pretty poor, he is pro Israeli and the BBC had to pay substantial damages for a programme he made in which he lied, lied and lied about the Palestinians. JC has more fight in him than people realise. I admire him for challenging Starmer over this, it is a political decision. I note membership of the labour party has gone down from 580,000 under Corbyn to 485,00 under Starmer. More and more people will resign their membership because of this complete and utter immoral idiot, zionist and power mad grabber. He hasn’t got a clue and worse, he hasn’t got a single Labour value at his core, not one.

    It’s time for the People’s Party to get going. Len McLuskey and other union leaders should put their money behind a Party that has genuine Labour values. I think a significant amount of MPs in the Labour Party would join that Party. Get it off the ground with the inestimable Richard Burgeon as it’s Leader. Common the Unions, stop funding this pathetic excuse for a Leader of the Opposition, racist, zionist apologist for a totally fabricated campaign of anti-semitism against Corbyn and seemingly, hell bent on power whatever the cost. As McLuskey said, Labour cannot win without the Left, the Manifesto was hugely popular with the public. Come on Unions, shift your funding to a true Labour Party, The People’s Party. Get some robust opposition to this corrupt Government going. Starmer is a media and BoD stooge.

    I’m thinking about his recent involvement in supporting Labour Right Wing counsellors in mounting a coup against the only Black Council Leader in London (Haringey I believe) and his ridiculous and pathetic ‘power stance’ at a B-B-Q to which only the right wing councillors were invited. It tells you everything you need to know about who he is. Corrupt, power mad, a Tory and a liar. Leader of the Opposition? Hell no! Leader of Tory Party Mk 2 only, I suspect, more right wing than
    the Tory Party.

    I say this JC, fight the good fight, fight it well and you will win and above all, the truth will out. We need you now more than ever!

  34. Justin Schlosberg has written a brilliant piece for Novara Media on all of this and has been also involved in a legal attempt to force Ofcom to rule on the Panorama programme. Ware and his rottweillers-like co-consipirators are after him too now. It looks like they’re setting themselves up for a big fall (one would hope so):

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