Why does the new C19 strain matter? How do coronaviruses mutate? Health adviser Adam Hamdy explains in this short video

Behaviour of coronavirus means government’s decision to ignore ‘zero COVID’ strategy increases UK’s risk of new strains

In this excerpt from last night’s SKWAWKBOX discussion on Socialist Telly on the latest developments in the coronavirus crisis, health adviser Adam Hamdy explains the significance of the new virus strain discovered in the south of England, how coronaviruses mutate as distinct from flu viruses – and why the Tories’ appalling handling of the crisis has put the people of this country at greater risk of new and more virulent variants:

Watch the full discussion here.

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  1. The government are more worried about the payoffs from big Pharma and have bypassed and indemnified Phizer.You must ask why?the vaccine is being allowed to be distributed without the correct saftey checks.I have no axe to grind on this vacine butwill not be taking any chances with a Tory vaccine.until the correct procedures regarding saftey are taken. Does a leapord change its spots,so I have deep reservations about Big pharma,and the torys being a leathel mix…..I would of course reccomend it for the government royalty and titled misfits.

  2. Ps I must declare an interest in that I am in a country of only three hundred cases of C19 and contracted the virus just after the election last year and infected my family returning from the UK via Paris Beijing and Bangkok.We have the vaccine here but again I will not be taking it .

  3. The Tories are attempting to use this new CV variant to explain the large increase in London area cases, conveniently absolving themselves of any culpability.
    Whilst it is conceivable that it transmits more readily, a couple of things make that explanation less likely than policy failures in my (initial) opinion.
    The new variant can hardly be present in the London area alone, given how much and how far we travel.
    The possibility of masks, hand hygiene and distancing being any less effective with a new variant is vanishingly remote – one of the government’s many catastrophic failures has been to give insufficient emphasis to the importance of these measures – there’s been recent news footage of mass gatherings of idiots taking no precautions whatever.

    1. Prof. Hugh Pennington was just on BBC News saying pretty much exactly what I wrote at 9:50.

    2. sounds like this shit of gov tactics Has there ever been a worse incompetent bunch of shysters.

  4. Indonesia found a new strain, but found that other strain was more harmless than the Covid19 strains that kills some people, and are more severe in people from 60 and over.

    We are told the new strain is more contagious, but not how severe or not it is.

  5. Visus, mutate what a surprise! Maybe if the media and government didn’t lie people might understand and do something useful. Other than treating this as a little inconvenience in their lives rather than a deadly pandemic.

    As my mother used to say “You can’t educate stupid!”

  6. There’s no ‘deadly pandemic’ – deaths are at average levels for the time of year – even if slimy Starmer dictates otherwise.

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