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If former Labour staff think leaked report misrepresents them, simple – just publish messages in full so we can see, instead of trying to quash investigation

Former senior staff in leaked Labour report claim ‘pube head’, glee at Diane Abbott crying in a toilet and other comments were ‘used out of context’

Former staff accused in a leaked Labour Party report of abusive comments toward other staff, racism, obstructing disciplinary processes to facilitate media attacks – among other things – and even of sabotaging Labour’s electoral campaigns are trying to sue the party for breach of confidentiality.

They also claim that their WhatsApp conversations were used out of context to incriminate them – a defence remarkably similar to the one that Keir Starmer just abandoned in order to pay ‘whistleblowers’ a huge amount of money in a case Labour’s lawyers said the party was likely to win.

Last year, when Labour accused the BBC of selectively editing quotes of emails used in the programme to mislead viewers, the party published the full emails so members of the public could see for themselves what had really been said and why the context was key.

So if those attempting to sue the party believe the context of:

  • comments such as ‘pube head’, discussions of bra-less female employees and women’s weight and glee at Labour’s first black woman MP allegedly crying in a toilet
  • the diversion of party campaign funds to an ‘Ergon House’ account to use for their own priorities
  • comments expressing horror at Labour’s strong performance in the 2017 general election
  • actions to block and derail investigations into antisemitism and other racism

would show that those comments and actions were innocent and entirely in keeping with the positions they held and the substantial salaries they received for filling them, then the solution is simple:

Publish their conversations in full, so everyone can see for themselves.

This idea has also occurred to a number of Labour MPs:

Instead, rather than encourage the openness that they claim would exonerate them, the former ‘Southside’ staffers are trying to force the abandonment of an investigation into contents and context of the leaked report.

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  1. “You have to get behind Jeremy, B4 you can stab him in the back Sir Keir”………..unlike Jess Phillips. Our lips are sealed as nothing can be revealed; everything must always be like button mushrooms. No debate, just control.

  2. My employer always advised its staff that the company’s IT systems and databases (including mobile phones) were not to be used by staff for the composition or storage of personal documents. Further should a member of staff use the IT system for the storage of personal documents they were advised that those documents would the fall within the ownership of the company. Further access to them could be controlled by the company and legitimate use made of them. I believe that this remains the current legal position.
    If you are stupid enough to make derogatory remarks about your employer and then record them on your employer’s database then you would seem to be asking for trouble as well as being not very bright

    1. Any intellect they might possess is cancelled out by their sense of entitlement. By trying to protect them, Starmer is digging his own grave.

      1. And who is protecting the source material
        Class Action is the most important case and the one most likely to give us our day in court
        Cant see how they can possibly settle out of court without packing their bags and f7cking

      2. It reminds me of the uproar the Israel Lobby created after the Aljazeera documentary about their activities was shown. They were incensed that anyone should see anything but good in their attempts to overthrow Corbyn and democracy. Their persecution and self pity complex overrode any thought that they could be the bunch of traitors and back stabbers they obviously are.

    2. Quite. And their smug indignation and arrogance is breathtaking in trying to defend this at all. But they do so knowing that the current leader of the Labour Party (RIP) is very likely to protect them.

  3. This is what Formby has said in defence of her authorisation to examine the whistleblowers exchanges.

    1. Has Jennie submitted her own evidence to the investigation ? Would be good to know.

  4. Seems to be a case of ” I can call you names but you are not allowed to call me out on it ” .

  5. These guys are ‘slippery as a baggie up a burn,’ to quote the late rugby commentator Bill McLaren.

    (Scots: A species of large minnow apparently from the rotundity of its shape)

    Still we need not fear, Kier (‘hammer of the right’) Starmer will sort them out . . .

  6. It is always presumed that the staffers in question were acting spontaneously and in an undisciplined fashion: doing what came naturally to them as Blairites. It is much more likely that their sabotage was actually carefully coordinated by dark forces from the right. That McNichol and his acolytes were following a detailed plan and following orders. No doubt many of these people regarded themselves as patriots of the kind that MI6 deals in and saviors of a party which is one of the pillars of The Establishment.
    The real story has yet to be revealed.

    1. bevin, I think you’re spot on, except I suspect no-one here thinks anything about it was spontaneous or undisciplined – it’s certain their sabotage was coordinated, not just ‘likely’ and we know perfectly well who the prime movers were.
      All we lack is access to the evidence – phone calls, texts, emails, meetings etc. that would prove their crimes.
      Those good-for-nothings at GCHQ, MI5 etc. probably have enough evidence against the right wing establishment to put them away for centuries – but then they’d never get invited to the right dinner parties, would they?

    2. ‘It is much more likely that their sabotage was actually carefully coordinated by dark forces from the right. That McNichol and his acolytes were following a detailed plan and following orders.’

      Project Anaconda ? = Planned by snakes, delivered by snakes !

      1. Very fishy. How did a pack of like-minded RWs all be employed in the same office. Offices are hives of discontents, but seldom in total agreement. This lot are single-minded. When were they recruited, who were the panellists? Are they party members? Someone must have enough decency to turn QE. All hail coroni. ☮️

      2. How? Well I’ll just remind you of Peter Mandelson’s boast of doing something every day to bring down Corbyn, and let you draw your own conclusions!

    3. I don’t think it had anything whatsoever to do with ‘following orders’. And I have no doubt that they ALL chipped in with various suggestions and ideas and were fully involved in ‘constructing’ all the falsehoods and machinations, and were more than happy to be involved in the demonisation and the smears against Jeremy and the left membership and, as such, subverting democracy.

  7. Its beyond satire that it was the EHRC what ordered the trawl of Labour party communications
    Twas them what commissioned the report
    Talk about shooting yourself in the cock

  8. kier starmer is a slimy, oleaginous shithouse of such insufficiency and pusillanimity that he makes robert ford (Murderer of Jessie James by shooting him in the back) look positively lionhearted.

    And he’s tucked away, right at the bottom of nuthinyoucando’s pocket, acting like a comical little pencil-mustachioed corporal, trying to be the squaddies’ mate when the (upper-class) officers aren’t about, but thinking he’s the boyo in order to impress and ingratiate himself to his aristocratic ‘superiors’ when everyone’s on the parade ground.

    And his lackeys (Take your f***ing pick) are the barrack snides & snitches. Godawful, creepy little twats that would gladly defecate on their own mothers (In any cases where their mothers are deceased, then their resting places will suffice) to get the corporal’s assent.

    You’d be better off killing them before killing the enemy…Because there’s no difference.

    Put that in whatever context you like; IDGAF. It remains a fact, and always will.

    1. You have just described my basic training to a There were attempts at suicide, but you got it. ☮️

  9. As we know, Starmer and Co were advised that the Labour Party stood a very good chance of defending – and in effect winning – the libel case initiated by John Ware and the seven former staffers against the Labour Party, and you can be 100% certain that Ware and Co were told exactly the same thing by THEIR legal advisers. So why did they then proceed, albeit not until six months after the program aired AND the LP supposedly made these libellous statements about them?
    Could it be because they knew that the case WOULDN’T proceed AND that Starmer – the ‘Labour Party’ – would apologise to them and pay them damages?! No, surely NOT!!

    1. And although it was pretty much a forgone conclusion that Jeremy would lose a GE whenever it was called, given what happened in 2017, I suppose it was best to play safe and wait until AFTER the GE before initiating a libel case against the LP, which in reality was of course a libel case against Jeremy and his team.

    2. Allan – Maybe the legal advice changed once they’d had sight of the EHRC Report. Plus none of us know what te initial findings of the panel looking into the ‘leaked report’ have revealed. We’ll all be able to judge for ourselves when they finally get round to publishing them.

      1. Steve, we both know – just as anyone living in the Real World does – that Starmer and Blair and Co were never-EVER going to contest the libel and, as such, risk the possibility of Jeremy and his (former) team being vindicated. I mean just for starters, what legitimate investigative journalist on this planet doctors emails so as to change their meaning, and so as to reflect badly on the people who wrote them? And what legitimate investigative journalist on this planet would NOT give the respective CLPs an opportunity to respond to the the incredibly inflammatory allegations made about them by many of the people posing as ordinary Jewish LP members, seven of whom were national executive committee members of the JLM, and one of the other three their former Campaigns Officer (up until a few months before the program aired)?

        As for the panel looking into the leaked report, what is there to ‘look in to’ that most of us didn’t know within a few days of the report being leaked! Yeah, as if they need months to ‘look in to it’! And as we ALL know, their findings will undoubtedly be a total whitewash when they ARE published. And as for the EHRC, it’s run and controlled by Tories and, as such, is totally corrupt!

        So, so much for us all being able to judge for ourselves blah, blah, blah. Be real for once in your life Steve!!!

      2. Allan – Thanks for your little rant, it was entertaining.

        Nothing you have said in any way invalidates what I have said above. We shouldn’t forget that RLB committed months ago, during the leadership campaign, to apologising and settling the claims.

        Also once we have the opportunity to read the reports I’m sure you will use your very best critical reading skills to analyse veracity of their contents I’m sure that we will all ‘look forward’ to your extensive reviews.

      3. Oh, right Steve, I’m sure everyone on the left has complete faith in the EHRC *AND* the panel looking in to the leaked report!

      4. Oh, I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t address any of the points I made Steve. I wonder why not!

        As we all know, John Ware’s Panorama program was a complete travesty, and any judge worthy of the name couldn’t possibly come to any other conclusion. I wonder what Ware would say in a court case if the judge asked him why Jeremy Corbyn was shown in a grainy image each time with the shot jumping closer and then closer again. Nothing to do with trying to make him look menacing to the millions of people watching the program of course. No, of course not, and Ware and the other producers just thought it would be fun to do so.

        And then there was Izzy Lenga, for example, who claimed she was subjected to anti-semitic abuse at meetings “every day”. Well, given that CLPs only tend to have meetings once a month, she was obviously lying, and Ware and everyone else who was involved in producing the program were complicit in that lie AND the BBC itself for allowing such an obvious falsehood to be broadcast to the audience of millions of people. Needless to say, John Ware and Co AND the BBC AND Keir Starmer and the BoD AND the CAA and LAA and the JLM et al and every single editor of every single newspaper in the country etc, etc, KNOWS that the program was a hatchet job and a complete and utter travesty of investigative journalism.

        And SO would any judge on the planet. And THAT is why Starmer and Blair and Co were never-EVER going to contest the libel claim. Oh, right, but lets wait and see……..

        Yeah, yeah, yeah!

      5. Allan – You can rant away to your hearts content but in the ‘real world’ we’ll just have to wait until the reports are published and then we can reach a conclusion based on the evidence..

        In the meantime I doubt very much that your repetitive pontificating about your rather narcissistic presumptions to know what other people think will make any impact.

      6. SteveH08/08/2020 AT 5:48 AM

        Nothing you have said in any way invalidates what I have said above.

        Before I go any further, nothing you say has any validation. Are you so lacking in self-awareness to not realise you’re beyond a laughing stock?

        SteveH09/08/2020 AT 1:41 AM
        In the meantime I doubt very much that your repetitive pontificating about your rather narcissistic presumptions to know what other people think will make any impact.

        What, you mean like your narcissistic presumptions that made you dead certain that you and your 70% would convince people to vote labour in droves at the last election by shitting on democracy? That turned out well, didn’t it, plums?

        That alone invalidated anything you have to say. Your open support-cum-fanaticism for a greasy, smarmy gobshite that was the cause of the election defeat (Indeed, he even engineered it) renders anything further you have to say as worthless.

        And again with your ‘wait n see’ bollocks; what will your excuse be THIS time? Seriously, give it up. The novelty wore off years ago. Everybody knows what you are, despite your persistent cop-outs, denials and protests. And your micawberist tactic/attitude is just plainly insulting to the intelligence of far wiser people than yourself (Which is just about everyone over the age of eight).

        Not a single thing you have asked us to wait upon before passing judgement has turned out to have proven stammer’s critics wrong.

        Not. One. Single. Thing.

        If you think like a toerag; speak like a toerag, and act like a toerag – Then you’re a toerag, and no mistake.

        Oh, and stammer’s still a slimy little prick, and always will be. How d’ya like them apples?

      7. “Not a single thing you have asked us to wait upon before passing judgement has turned out to have proven stammer’s critics wrong. Not. One. Single. Thing.”

        If that is case then I’m guessing you will have no problem with quoting specific instances that substantiate your claim.

  10. Something about the whiney little bitches’ sense of entitlement reminds me of these two characters.

  11. When Starmer destroys the LP, Jeremy should stand again as Leader. If he did, his support would be tumultuous, dwarfing anything he had before and there is no doubt at all that he could be our next PM – assuming he is ready to ditch the appeasement tactics.

  12. I am so livid with these vile cuckoos, even more than the state propaganda machine and the far right in government
    Many socialists are advising we stay with labour, but tbh, money is tight and I really don’t want to line the pockets of those who cost this country a fair honest and caring government
    Blue labour deserve a mass exodus, cutting off our financial support,
    (Though they’ll prob make plenty from corporations and certain other countries’ govts, at least they won’t be adding insult to injury by using our money…. maybe if that happened true left MPs might form a new party, who knows?)
    I cannot in all honesty stIck with this “Labour party” as it is and give my subs to these twunts
    Keir smearer and his gang of abhorrent criminals should rot in hell for the damage they have done to the 99%

    1. Try as I might I can find nothing with which to disagree with in your post. Good luck and I hope we meet in our next endeavour for justice. ☮️

  13. Off topic again, sorry.
    Diane Abbott was just on Newsnight talking about refugees crossing the Channel and her voice was constantly breaking up, unlike the cookie-cutter Tory who was left with more time than he had thoughts for.
    I know little about telecoms or TV but I do know that, in a political interview, the words are more important than the image.
    Images are all-important to TV folk – otherwise they’d be paid the same as radio, right?
    All MP’s will have land lines.
    Is it really beyond the wit of BBC engineers to have a landline voice connection set up to fall back on for sound? It fucking well shouldn’t be.
    I hope somebody’s recording all the news & political output so that at some point we can check whether Labour figures have more “sound problems” than Tories.

    1. ”I know little about telecoms or TV but I do know that, in a political interview, the words are more important than the image.”

      Ain’t necessarily so. IIRC, the then presidential favourite, Nixon, once refused make-up prior to a televised debate with Kennedy. Lost him (Nixon) plenty of votes – maybe even the presidency itself – as the punters were swayed by Kennedy’s clean-cut image, even though most people thought Nixon was the better speaker!

      My best guess about abbot is that the ‘gremlin’ turned out to be fiona bruce…

      1. Sure, Nixon looked dodgy, but then he was dodgy.
        I saw him interviewed once and he conceded his appearance probably cost him votes – I think I remember him saying he’d been unwell.
        Wouldn’t surprise me if the BBC on reading this started intensifying the studio lights over lefties to make them sweat and just close the lens down a few stops on their camera to make the broadcast brightness consistent with the Tory under normal lighting on another camera.
        Yes, appearances are important but not as much as not being able to hear what’s said – when the sound’s breaking up the listener’s trying to work out the last sentence from the context – then is distracted from the next sentence entirely.
        If it’s intentional it’s quite a clever device in that it’s very effective and difficult to challenge or prove, unlike dogpiling three Tories on one Labour spokesperson as sometimes happens.

  14. Oh, that’s funny Jack, cos Mr Okeefe keeps repeating this same line about Keir Starmer destroying the Labour Party, except in HIS case, he keeps saying that KS HAS destroyed the Labour Party. And how do you know that if Jeremy were to stand again his support would be tumultuous etc. You DON’T of course, but then you wanted to find a way to get your falsehood in – yet AGAIN! – about appeasement and appeasing. didn’t you Jack!

    You’re so glaringly transparent it’s a joke! And here we are in a thread about former staffers, seven of whom – along with John Ware – were just paid hundreds of thousand of pounds in a settlement of their libel case by Starmer and Co. And needless to say, the MSM spun the whole thing favourably to Ware and the former staffers. Oh, and you HAD to spin the falsehood at the outset of your post about Starmer destroying the LP so as to THEN spin your other B/S!

    1. Allan Howard, white flag man. Occasionally you say something which makes sense but when anyone comments on the appeasement tactic used by Corbyn’s camp to try and combat attacks from the Isreal Lobby, you become apoplectic. What is it about you which refuses to accept that bullies can never be mollified or appeased? Before you go off on one of your rants, don’t tell me that Corbyn’s ‘tactic’ was not to appease, when the casualties are plain to see!

      1. The reality IS – and YOU know it – that Jeremy was in a no-win situation. But pray, DO remind me what happened to Chris Williamson when HE defended the party’s record on anti-semitism. And what THEN happened when he was reinstated? Oh, right, and what happened to Ken Livingstone every single time he tried to explain about The Haavara Agreement? Yes, that’s right, he was just condemned and vilified again for ‘repeating his abhorrent lies’, and/or words to that effect, by the corporate media et al.

        When you own and/or control the MSM, then you have total control over the narrative, and if they want to ‘transform’ you in to the opposite of what you are, then there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. As Malcolm X said:

        “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

        In YOUR fake reality, not only would Malcolm X be a so-called white-flag man, but also the guys at medialens and the authors of Bad News For Labour! Believe me folks, Jack T is a paid shill and he is just trying to lead you up the garden path! The fascist controlled media aren’t to blame for smearing and demonising and vilifying Jeremy, oh NO, it’s ALL *HIS* fault for not ‘fighting back’. Yeah, sure Jack!

        Some 10,000 plus newspaper articles during the past five years are testament to the fact that you LIE!! And probably even MORE such coverage in the broadcast media! Oh right, but if only Jeremy had ‘fought back’, then they would have ALL given him the opportunity to expose the very lies and falsehoods that THEY themselves were disseminating about him! And Chris and Jackie and Ken and Marc…….

  15. The left is slowly getting its act together, the membership are waiting for guidance and leadership, the class action and the unions can apply the financial pressure
    Keir Starmer wants you to leave, it doesn’t take a lot of money to maintain the facade
    Work the rest out for yourselves

  16. It’s important to remember that both the Trilateral member, Sir Keir Starmer and the right apparatchiks within the Labour Party owe the first and only allegiance to the establishment which pulls their strings. The State Broadcasting propagandist service, commonly known as the BBC along with the overwhelming majority of the so called “ free” press, are their for one purpose and one purpose only to service as voice of the establishment. As long as people listen or read the propaganda purpose of these so called “ news” media, they are unwittingly complicit in serving the establishment raisin de etre. Keep the great unwashed ignorant, subservient and corralled into a path of their twisted opinion. To understand how they do it, read Edward Bernays ( Freuds nephew) the father of modern propaganda, book Propaganda. Freely available on

  17. Here’s a little reminder of the falsehoods disseminated about Ken Livingstone by various Jewish groups and organisations and several Blairite MPs (and check out the video, which is just 50 secs). Although you can’t see most of them in the video, it’s quite evident that there are more than a few so-called journalists there, and you can be 1,000% sure that EVERY single one of them knew EXACTLY what Ken was alluding to when he said what he said in the radio interview a year earlier – ie The Haavara Agreement – as did whoever wrote the BBC article, but who omitted to mention it, as such:

    Ken Livingstone Hitler row: Labour suspends former mayor again

    1. I just did a search on the Sun’s website re >ken livingstone hitler< and got 86 results. The 86 articles are not all directly about Ken and his radio interview, but they throw him into the mix when they can. In the following article – as I have no doubt they have on numerous occasions – they repeat the Big Lie that Ken said/claimed Hitler was a Zionist:

      Speaking in Dundee yesterday Mr Corbyn said: “We will root out anti-semitism in our party and our society at large and I’m utterly determined to achieve that.”

      But yesterday the party was hit with fresh controversy after it emerged that an activist had been readmitted to the party despite referring to “Zionist criminals”.

      Marlene Ellis also claimed Zionists were “involved” with Nazis and accused Labour of “seeking to curry favour with the pro-Zionist lobby in and beyond the media” after suspending the former London Mayor Ken Livingstone over his claim that Hitler was a Zionist.

      1. I’ve come across this before, but had forgotten all about it AND just how mendatious and fraudulent both Piers Morgan and Susanna Reed are, and especially Morgan. And needless to say, they both use the old tactic of talking/shouting over Ken as well. Totally, totally despicable, and tells you ALL you need to know about how much THEY care about the truth. And yet again, you can be 1,000% certain that they both know about The Haavara Agreement, and that THAT is what Ken was alluding to in the radio interview, but they pretend that they don’t so that they can attack him:

        PS Oh, and there were 159 results for >ken livingstone hitler< in the Daily Express, although a few of them were off topic.

      2. The tactic of continually interrupting is so as to throw the person being interviewed off their chain of thought and what they are saying.- ie what they want to say. And isn’t it odd how despite Ken telling the two of them where evidence of the co-operation between the Nazis and the Zionists can be found, they just completely ignore that, and quickly move on! Needless to say, any legitimate interviewer would have wanted to hear more about it!

  18. And to move off subject or listen to the (off medication)attacks on fellow strugglers by White flag man,an article in the canary lists the fraud of supplies to the NHS including the that’s basically gone west ,or unusable is staggering to the tune of 1 billion..Look at the list and wonder why its unnoticed,unreported,and almost unheard of except in minor banana republic. We wonder why the Labour party is hobbled by the establishment…then there’s your answer….follow the money and the knight and wonder why the knight keeps STUM.!

    1. Keir Starmer – 06/08/2020
      Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said: “For months, we were told that the government was purchasing the right equipment for the front line. Yet again it hasn’t happened.
      Calling for an inquiry into “what went wrong”, Sir Keir said the situation was “just not good enough” for the NHS workers who needed the protective kit.

      1. Labour party press release 06/08/2020
        Rachel Reeves MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, commenting on reports the Government wasted £150 million on unusable masks, said:

        “The Conservative Government failed in their duty to fully protect those working on the frontline during those crucial early months of this pandemic. It is astounding that ministers allowed the national PPE stockpile to run down and then spent millions with an offshore finance company with no history of providing vital equipment for the NHS.

        “Many health and care workers experienced inadequate protection, relied on community donations and even bought their own PPE from DIY shops. Ministers repeatedly assured the country that things were fine, yet lives of health workers were lost, the infection was spread in health settings while all that time masks bought by the Government could not be used for their intended purpose.

        “The case for the National Audit Office to investigate the Conservative Government’s mishandling of PPE is overwhelming and as well as apologise, ministers must urgently learn lessons to save lives in the future.”

      2. Read the canarys list of companys.,Not just PPE but nearly a billion pounds of supplies to the NHS siphoned away by Tory chums and not even given a mention by the so called Opposition…..On your bike stevie with your distraction politics,

      3. Joseph – Given that you were so wrong about the above what makes you so confident that you aren’t just spouting ill-informed bollocks again. A very simple Google search search would have stopped you making a fool of yourself. You really should make sure of your facts before pontificating from the safety of your ex-pat bolt-hole on the other side of the world.

      4. ”Sir Keir said the situation was “just not good enough” for the NHS workers who needed the protective kit.”

        ‘Just not good enough’, eh, stammer?? Attaboy! That’s de piffle told in no uncertain terms, the bastard!

        I’ll bet he’s literally shitting himself at the prospect of having to face the attack-dog across the dispatch box when they finally go back to do some ‘work’ …

        Jesus wept. The worst government by far in the entire history of the planet and stammer makes being every bit as shite as they are seem a doddle.

  19. Capatalism is first and foremost an extraction system
    How can you get as much money as possible out of the business as quickly as possible without breaking the law or killing the fatted calf
    That’s considered good capatalism
    Those rules no longer apply as the extractors have moved offshore, taken control of lawmakers and care not a jot about the business
    The Pension fund is looted on the way out
    For why
    Zero moral hazard
    No one goes to gaol, has their assets seized or is bankrupted, no one takes a haircut when the business fails, profits are privatised, losses nationalised
    And if the whole Ponzi scheme looks like collapsing they just print more money
    What no one knows because this level of criminality has never been experienced by human kind on a global scale before, is how it ends, what brings it down and when
    If I did I would clean up

    1. Spot on Doug criminals in power with stammer the spammer nothing will change

  20. The EHRC Comissioners ‘who’s who’ looks like a collection of barristers & big business CEOs from hell. The class war is over…….is it f…!

    1. Steve, agreed, the EHRC is misnamed. It is a front to give the public the impression that is in some way protecting Human Rights, when in fact even before the ‘investigation’, as shown by statements from some of its memebers, it had made its mind up about so called antisemitism within the Labour Party.

      Chris Williamson is going to take them on. Note to White Flag Man, no appeasement from Chris!

      1. According to the morning Star…capitulation was one of the causes of the defeat on Friday the thirteenth Running away and raising the white flag can never be accepted if we wanted a l Socialist movement.

      2. Both of you are being TOTALLY disingenuous! So Chris did a video about the EHRC (I haven’t watched the vid, but I read a very interesting and informative article by Chris a few days ago about the EHRC, which I assume is basically a transcript of what he says in the vid), and THAT’s great. BUT, in the first place he will, to a very large extent, be ‘preaching’ to the converted, and in the second place, it’s not as if the MSM are going to give his revelations any coverage, and I have little doubt that they have just completely ignored his ‘unmasking’ AND his intention to initiate legal action against the EHRC. BUT, if he had still been an MP – and a leading light on the left – I have no doubt whatsoever that the smearers and the MSM would have torn him apart, as they DID when he defended the Labour Party’s record on anti-semitism.

        I just this minute did a search, and as far as I can determine, there is absolutely nothing in the MSM about Chris taking legal action OR his ‘unmasking’ vid/article. The point is that the smearers and the MSM choose whether to attack and vilify or not AND *HAD* Jeremy ‘taken them on’, THEY would have ripped him apart.

        And I have little doubt that should Chris win his court case against the EHRC, the Establishment media will just completely blank it, but if he loses, then no doubt they’ll cover it!

    2. The EHRC Comissioners ‘who’s who’ looks like a collection of NON-BAME barristers & big business CEOs from hell.

      1. The EHRC Comissioners ‘who’s who’ looks like a collection of NON-BAME barristers & big business CEOs from hell.

        ‘Looks like’ ?? 🤔

  21. There’s much much more evidence of wrong doing than appeared in that report. E.g. More WhatsApp text, Emails and trails and other documentation.
    (Even if deleted very often available from offline backups / archives! ) Also no doubt some of it on Union systems as well.
    Be a shame if some of this gets leaked.

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