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Starmer to hold next conference as far from northern working-class as possible

Annual conference 2021 to be in Brighton, even though last conference was also there. Seems Starmer is scared to hold it in North

Labour has confirmed that its next annual conference will be held in Brighton – even though its last conference was also held there.

By rights, after the 2020 Liverpool event was cancelled because of the pandemic, the city-wide should have hosted next year’s – but no, Labour will head for the south coast again.

It seems Starmer has little appetite for meeting northern working-class members and it’s to be made as hard as possible for them to attend – perhaps even more so because of the rule-changes Starmer will hope to push through conference to cement the doors shut against any recurrence of socialism in the party.

Either way, it’s yet another affront to working-class people in the Labour movement still appalled by the consequences of Starmer’s now-evaporated referendum obsession and his subsequent lurch even further right.

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  1. ‘perhaps even more so because of the rule-changes Starmer will hope to push through conference’: any details as to rule changes?

    1. Starmer is afraid. VERY afraid. He’s afraid to go north of Herts. Keith’s afraid of having his ego hurt by real people outside his 10% clique of tools tooling CONSTANTLY for the 1% DESPERATE to get his turn to serve the one percent trough ers, in the prominent position of PM💈💈💈

      1. Prepare for Starmer & Co to break every rule before conference. Their plans may already be advanced to Stitch & Sew up the agenda. Be warned. Prepare🔴

    1. There is a large contingent of Palestine supporters and anti-witch hunt activists in Brighton, therefore it may be out of the frying pan and into the fire for Starmer, that’s if he is still Leader by next September.

      1. Jack T
        There is probably method in Starmer’s madness It was made crystal l clear by Angela Rayner that unless you support the suppression of Arabs in Palestinian Israeli and Gaza by Israel you are considered an anti-Semite by the party. This position was confirmed in a tweet by Redbridge CLP which was quickly deleted. Therefore I think we can expect that pro Palestinian activists or even those arriving with flags or badges will be excluded from Conference. Others I assume will walk out in disgust which will suit Starmer down to the ground as he wants to get Evans appointment confirmed at Conference with the minimum fuss. Maybe this is why he chose Brighton with its large contingent of Palestinian supporters.

      2. Smartboy, as you intimate, I expect Starmer would be delighted if he could exclude anyone who does not condone his condescension to Zionists. To be able to make it possible, he would need to produce a list of entry regulations prior to the Conference. I wonder how that would go down?

      3. ATTENTION: Dear Jack T, A “Left” person as USUAL since at least Feb, will take the opportunity on MSM Talkradio 17:34 – 17:55 m-f. This evening the decent human will be DAWN FOSTER from Jacobin Mag. Dawn is exceptionally dedicated. She turns up despite health challenges. I’v heard her in person and despite health battles, she was STILL on point. We need at least THREE THOUSAND more Dawn Fosters‼️‼️‼️

        Yes, the presenters are always Right Wing and Talkradio has been swallowed up by Murdoch i think. BUT the platform is there. George Galloway was on it for years. In fact, when it was Talksport.
        The 17:35- 55 opportunities are often well used. Eg the EXCELLENT JVL fellow. I posted about his effort a few weeks ago when the EHRC outfit’s “report” dropped.

        Prepare well. Put your point. Point SINGULAR. Have concise evidence to support it. Don’t allow presenters to drag u around. Neither easy nor impossible. Be assertive. Bat any rudeness of the presenter straight back to them. Interrupt their questions if you are interrupted, etc Best Wishes

      4. JackT
        I don’t think Starmer will have to produce new entry regulations. People are required to behave appropriately at Conference under existing regs and he would simply say that e.g. Palestinian flags were evidence of antisemitism and then ban those with flags or any other symbols because they were behaving inappropriately /offensively and are anti-Semitic. Inevitably others would be outraged and walk out in protest as I said.
        I think the only way Starmer can get Evans’s appointment ratified is by pulling a stunt like this. Also it will be much easier for him if Conference is disrupted by “anti-Semites” who he banned from the Conference Hall rather than have speakers complaining about the conduct of Evans and himself.
        Maybe I’m wrong about this and am reading too much into the Brighton venue but I know Starmer will do whatever he can to ensure Evans’s appointment and to prevent debate about their disgraceful behaviour.

  2. Hate to be in the position of defending Starmer but is it possible that such large venues have to be booked a few years in advance to be certain of getting the time slot you want?
    Just guessing that would be necessary to guarantee not being outbid by a rock concert or something.

  3. I got this by email today from Labout Against The witch hunt –
    We are Labour In Exile

    A new network/CLP for all those expelled, suspended, silenced and alienated by the witch-hunt against the left. Hundreds of us have already been suspended, expelled, silenced and thoroughly alienated. It’s time we got organised! Needless to say, we welcome those who have not (yet) been suspended or disciplined.

    Please note that this is not run by any particular organisation, but is an initiative of members involved in groups across the Labour left. Please come along with ideas and consider putting yourself forward to help move this initiative forward.

    Our first planning meeting to discuss how we can organise takes place tomorrow Tuesday December 15, 6pm. Click here to register for this meeting (over 180 people have already done so!)

    You can also join this new Labour In Exile Network Facebook group to help communication and organisation across our groups and campaigns:

  4. Scoop! Under instruction from British Board of Deputies…..Next Labour Party Conference booked for Tel Aviv.

  5. ……..I also understand that ‘Benjamin’ has had telephone conversations with BoJo & Ursula Von Der Leyen & Israel will take UK’s place in European Union. No-one can doubt that Israel has a right to be in Europe following its historic & dramatic success in the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’.

  6. You are entering JLM territory when visiting Brighton,but the town also holds the strongest Labour members in the country a melting pot of ordinary people surrounded. by a sea of blue.The days of chatting to the old Jewish ladys one of them my wifes Labour voting grandma who sat across from west peir have long gone..along with the peir.Starmer feels safe and in good company,but Brighton might just have a surprise for our knight in armour,he might need it.

  7. Perhaps Starmer is planning on taking a leaf out of Kinnocks book and is hoping to get a photo opportunity of himself and his Mrs walking hand in hand along Brighton beach on the incoming tide.

  8. Christmas bubbles must be axed say medical journals in historic joint plea to Boris Johnson
    Two leading medical journals have demanded plans Boris Johnson scraps plans to allow household mixing over Christmas.
    Ministers were warned they were about to “blunder into another major error that will cost many lives” if the rule relaxations go ahead.
    For only the second time in 100 years, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and Health Service Journal (HSJ) today published a joint editorial urging ministers to the plans warning they risk overwhelming the NHS at at time when they are already under pressure.
    HSJ editor Alastair McLellan and BMJ Editor-in-Chief Fiona Godlee wrote: “The government was too slow to introduce restrictions in the Spring and again in the Autumn.
    “It should now reverse its rash decision to allow household mixing and instead extend the tiers over the five-day Christmas period in order to bring numbers down in the advance of a likely third wave.
    “It should also review and strengthen the tier structure, which has failed to suppress rates of infection and hospitalisation.”
    They added: “If our political leaders fail to take swift and decisive action, they can no longer claim to be ‘protecting the NHS.'”

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