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There is no place under Labour’s rules for Tinge-ers to return to Labour – without Starmer breaching EHRC yet again

EHRC report made clear that interference in party’s rules and processes is unlawful – regardless of who benefits

‘Tinge’ – so named after Angela Smith’s racist comment on the day the party was formed

Keir Starmer – speaking to a joint LFI/JLM event on the UN’s International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People, despite LFI’s 2018 claim that Palestinians were to blame for the murder of Palestinians by Israeli forces – has said that he thinks the party ‘need[s] to find a way to make [the return of MPs who campaigned against Labour for the TIG/CUK party and those who campaigned for them] happen:

I know this affects a number of people who left our party over the last few years and found themselves campaigning for other candidates, or even standing as candidates.

The usual rule as you know is that if you support another candidate at an election, that’s a five-year exclusion from the Labour Party. I think we need to look again at that where people left the party because of antisemitism.

This is not people who chose to leave the party to go and necessarily support another political party, it’s people who felt driven out of our party. I think that’s a different set of circumstances and I think we need to look at how we address that.

I think there will be an number of people in that position and if those – perhaps yourself – are beginning to say ‘I think the Labour Party might be a safe space for me again’ then first of all that’s an amazing important thing from my point of view…

We therefore need to find a way to make that happen. That obviously depends on the rule et cetera… Every rule must have an exception for exceptional circumstances, and I’m very happy to have a debate with people about how we make that happen.

Three things are clear:

  1. Labour’s rules do not say ‘campaigning against Labour results in a 5-year exclusion unless you claim you were driven out’
  2. the EHRC report forbids ‘political interference’ in Labour’s disciplinary rules – and by including attempts by Corbyn’s office to speed up disciplinary processes against people accused of antisemitism and condemning the negative impact on other ethnic minorities of Labour’s media-harried focus on antisemitism, the report makes absolutely clear that ‘interference’ is interference, no matter who benefits or suffers as a result

It was also very clear – even more so after a book by Gabriel Pogrund and Patrick Maguire exposed details of the events in question – that Gapes, Ryan, Berger and co were making plans against the Labour Party while they were Labour MPs. They simultaneously launched their new (then-)Independent Group, later Change UK and announced their resignations from the Labour party. They were preparing to promote a rival party – and colluding with MPs from the enemy Tory party – while still Labour members and representatives. An offence so serious, under Labour’s rules, that to do it is considered to self-expel (auto-exclude) from the party.

With no conditionality about claiming to feel ‘driven out’.

One passage in the new book addressing meetings that took place while ‘CUK’ MPs were still (at least technically) Labour MPs

Labour’s rules do not permit themselves to be changed without approval by the party’s annual conference, which is Labour’s sovereign body – but even if Labour changes the rules, the rules that applied at the time of the actions of the ‘Tinge’ MPs meant they were expelling themselves from the party for a minimum of five years.

If Starmer attempts to apply any changes retrospectively in order to welcome back into the party people who did their utmost to destroy it electorally, it will be as good a textbook definition of ‘political interference’ as anyone could imagine.

And since the EHRC report doesn’t care who benefits by such interference, Starmer will yet again be breaching – after his political interference in the Corbyn disciplinary outcome and his continued attack on Corbyn for comments the report said he had a legally-protected right to make – his commitment to implement the report’s recommendations in full.

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  1. The Labour Party now has several people in key positions who say one thing, and do the very opposite. I think there’s a name for people who do that ……………..

  2. What is the point of the EHRC they’re willing to let Starmer get away with anything, have they no teeth or is it just another useless organisation?
    I am sick to death of the Labour Party & all it’s intrigues, I am seriously considering giving up politics as it’s one step forward and ten steps back with the LP. A new Socialist Party better show soon or I’m out for good & I will never ever vote for them again let alone fight for the bastards.

    1. Yes hilary, it “is another useless organisation”. Worse than that, it is perverse.
      Said so in previous posts. Set up by the war criminal W.M.D Tony Blair and stuffed with a crony supporter of all the warmonger’s wars, Phillips #2.
      Those are the creatures, with whom we are urged to “unify” for a “Labour” government.
      Yeeesss, pull another one.
      Not now!! Not ever!!!
      NEVER ‼️‼️‼️

    2. Like all regulatory bodies they are indeed toothless. Jobs for the boys/girls with revolving doors for the CEO’s who stay a few years then go to another lucratively paid post. We can’t hold them to account when they have left high office. The PHSO, CQC, LGO, OFTSTED, OFQUAL, OFCOM, you name it they are all corrupt and work only for the establishment’s 1%. I should know I, and others in our pressure group have fought the PHSO (Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman) for many years.

    3. Hilary, the EHRC is an entirely government funded puppet organisation – nowadays peopled by government stooges – often with VERY dodgy views on everything from racism to women’s oppression to homosexuality – having been specifically selected (by Tory ministers) precisely BECAUSE they are at the extreme Right (Spectator claque) end of even the Tory spectrum. This new Guardian article on a selection of the dodgy characters now in the EHRC driving seat spells it out :

      Notice the repellant views of the guy who took the EHRC lead role on the ‘investigation’ (ie, pre-set stitch up) into Labour’s Anti-Semitism accusations .

      This packing out by the Tories, since 2010, of all the supposed ‘independent regulatory bodies’ of the state , is a key method by which they are continually destroying even the facade of the UK having an even ‘bourgeois democratic’, sociopolitical structure. We actually live now in a facade democracy, with all the, bought by bribery, , major political parties now firmly supporting the neoliberal status quo, the trades unions severely shackled by legislation, and the mass media totally supporting the interests only of the billionaire superrich class. The reward for the superrich is of course their massive , facilitated, tax avoidance, and an ongoing conspiracy with their political elite creatures to ransack and rob the entire range of state assets and finances (as the crony chicanery of the covid19 allocation of contracts has clearly shown).This ‘banana republic’ total collusion between the rich and the political class will eventually end up in a social explosion from the increasingly impoverished majority. And we can be sure that Starmer’s Nulabour Party will be decisively on ‘the wrong side of the barricades ‘ when that inevitably happens, like the German SPD was in the 1920’s, against the then, continent-wide, ‘Red Dawn’ of worker uprisings. .

      1. Thank you for your post. I enjoyed it esp the last part. Regards.

  3. Interestingly – i was just about to post this reply to SH ->

    🌹🌹🌹Despite spirit reviving flickers of hope, i feel a worried. All will drift back to the inexplicable attitude that wrong ones like Starmer & Rayner will be appeased because of the label – “Labour”. They abuse the label. Yet, look at the history and see over and over… quite heartbreaking. Look at John McDonald. Typical. Others talk of a “long game”. How long is long? All very puzzling and sad.

    It makes us seem very stupid. Plainly we are not, but generations of social engineering has driven out all confidence that we can change things. The result is, no effort is directed towards developing technical expertise or basic leadership skills. And repeating stupid unforced errors, makes us a laughing stock.

    But it is not due to being stupid. It is instead a history of blocking out reflection, self assessment, and seeing normal interactions as confrontation. That attitude is also contradictory to stated ideals. “The many” are by nature infinitely diverse. All public life is a justification and promotion of views. To fail to recognise that in opposition, that requires DAILY exposure, is puzzling. To assume that the general public would immediately accept radical ideas with a new one revealed each day, however sensible, was the opposite of sensible.

    Out of understandable frustrations due to repeated defeats, comes swings from one extreme to the opposite. Total appeasement dressed up as a “long game”, to calls for revolution.

    FACT – “Revolutions” do not survive without mastering basics. Simple basics like confidence, communication, assessing coherence, understanding what’s necessary but not sufficient. Distinguishing causation and correlation, incisive analysis.

    An example of the result of those deficits, may be some assuming that Jeremy won the leadership because of his up to then, invisibility, quietness, integrity, kind to animals etc. That assumption is obviously flawed. Despite people who know me well saying “you are always plugged in”, i had no memory of ever hearing Jeremy on the radio nor learning about him in print. None! Zilch!

    Few could have been attracted by personal qualities with no idea of the person’s existence. Half a million hopeful people like me, were attracted to articulated policies rather than silence. But because of ZERO broad analysis, and a culture of seeing defence of ones’s views as “confrontation”, the inner circle may have misconstrued the correlation of the successes up to 2017 with what felt to me like hazardous absences from the debate… the field.

    The absences were infrequently broken by often tetchy passive aggressive mumbling and shallow breathing. Lots of gasping and swallowing. We are creatures of habit and the gasping and swallowing could just be a physiological manifestation of psychological discomfort. Eg the interviewer is a bastard. That is most likely true but the audience is the general public. They the GENERAL public, should have been front and centre.

    That public, may only comprise three or four percent bastards… maximum five.. or what ever percentage voted for the Limp Dims in Jeremy’s constituency.

    Even then, not all of the five present are proactively bastards. three or four of the five may be keen to engage in bastardly doings if encouraged. But only one percent would be committed un reformable bastards ( save for a miracle of course ) a full strength one that necessitates more than “prayer and fasting”. And still, in the one percent, there is only a minuscule rare occurrence of a mutation that produces the degenerate repulsive chimera that is the rictus grinning slime slithering Tony Blair.

    ANYWAY, there i go again, Forgive me. Back to point – That lack of basics may have been additional reasons why Jeremy was possibly deprived of constructive criticism. I’ve certainly encountered that attitude here and on the “Left” in my CLP. Criticism is seen as not “comradely”. I’v not encountered that bizarre outlook elsewhere EVEN in extracurricular activities. And yet at the same time, destructive frauds, or in one case a seriously unwell person, is able to bully some to give up and believe that nothing could and can be done differently.

    I feel despite Starmer, Bliar, Rayner etc we can reclaim our party, but, willingness, belief, conviction, courage and a RESPECT for the basics is vital. It feels as if enough well meaning people have been so accustomed to having events happen to them, that THEIR ability, their potential to create alternatives, cannot be imagined.

    Who has not read posters saying that they left Labour when warmonger Blair was launching invasion after invasion. They came back when Jeremy was selected, then left when he decided to give the leadership to Starmer. They have normalised the BELIEF that they are powerless. And, good situations happen by some magic… like manna.

    When the manna stops falling, best make golden calves for mirage of purpose eg niche causes, and have polite chats about the latest reading and talks… oh and write MORE useless symbolic statements about enduring problems abroad. Classic AVOIDANCE and DISPLACEMENT. i.e. Never mind what we might achieve at home. Oh no!!! Lets fixate on parasites we have little chance of removing nor influencing abroad. The illogicality is beyond laughable.

    The calves are as useful as dandruff and other detritus that is Starmer, mixed with the piss of the said parasite🔵

      1. thanks john thatcher, i stand corrected 🌹🌹🌹

    1. Signpost I left the Labour party and a council seat ,because I was continually under attack by my fellow right wing councillors.IF you don’t tow the line you are isolated and chairmanship and even committee membership is removed despite my being a high profile councillor that took an historic seat for the Labour party.I could not work with the lib dems in the coalition council and I could not vote to give council housing away.I also could not vote for a private hospital being grafted onto the East Surrey Redhill Surrey.Signpost the reality is that I became a “Straw man” removed from every committee and even left to sit on my own in Full Council because the group leader had instructed fellow councillors not to sit with me or talk to me.Yes signpost its all very childish ,but thats life amongst the Labour right especially in Surrey.were that other clown knight slithered from.I have now left the Labour party because the right have always been in control and always will be unless the left start to play dirty.We do not “come and go” as you say but flogging a dead horse for over half a century gradually becomes a burden to any elderly person especially when most of my age group are in the departure lounge of No Return comrade..

      1. You put up a good fight and endured much Joseph. You did your best and never got the miraculous opportunity to become deputy leader or leader. You stayed throughout the downs and fought. i admire that spirit.
        ps Your stint in East Surrey is long b4 mine. But i had a lovely fellow student friend who hailed from Redhill. He and another great companion were the first people i ever met who were Green Party members. We would go for long walks throughout the Downs. They had little note books in which they would record bird sightings. Would be great to get back in touch.

        ANYWAY, It is a mark of distinction that a true Labour person could win and survive so long in that VERY blue Tory area ( incl Limp Dims ). The private hospital grafted unto your East Surrey Hospital is familiar. You may know that exactly the same was done to Frimley Park Hospital ( West Surrey North Hants Health Authority ) where i had placements. The private wing is still there. It was on standby for the birth of Betty’s great grandchild. Before that full ingrown parasitisation, private patients were treated in side-rooms on wards by the same consultants AND US‼️

        Even as a student, it struck me as wrong. Those patients jumped queues on pogo sticks of money. i expressed that view. The response was it is making money for the Trust. Yet eg, parking was free then. Now after all the “money made for Trusts” all over the country, it is no longer free. More obscene is the fact that visitors who provide emotional and practical support to patients must also pay to care.

        We are told to “unify”, “be calm” and “work around” people who are content with such obscenities to get a “Labour” government and a “Labour” Prime Minister. Has Starmer EVER condemned the above❓ No‼️

        The back room deals dressed up as “compromise” are so patently absurd, so utterly ridiculous, so counter productive to “transformation”, it’s sick making. Your dreadful experience in Surrey is of no concern to the persistent appeasers.

        You did your best Joseph. YOU are a HERO🥇🥇🥇 You stood up for your beliefs. You deserve your well earned retirement from years of COURAGEOUS dedication
        🏆🏆🏆 You are sharing your experience and insight. Attacks from the Status Quo failed to scare your. You did not tremble worrying about a POSSIBILITY of being hit with an egg… an organic one at that in Redhill… the horror Joseph… OH the horror of horrible people not being nice … saying non-nice things about us, and maybe they might throw an egg 😰😰😰

        Do we need Socialists like that to transform the world? Does anyone want a “friend” who leaves “an elderly man” bleeding on the ground in the gents’? What “integrity” to return to their friend, sit down FINISH DRINKS, then run away?

        Would a responsible person report the incident to the pub manager and get help for the vulnerable man? The bleeding man on the floor must have been so grateful to see a “Socialist” defending him from thugs. Were the thugs not given confirmation that they could keep bashing elderly people to the floor because “a good Samaritan” WALKED AWAY ?

        Methinks that poor man bleeding on the floor would have been helped by someone like you. And I believe you have the attitude and down to earth grasp of basic realities that is sadly absent in those who hog control of the party “Left”. You ARE a tonic. A tonic much appreciated by me. You did your bit. You did your best. And Joseph, you are STILL doing your best, encouraging the rest of us. Thank you 🌹🌹🌹

      2. Signpostwindchimes….Very kind words,but I must say I enjoyed my time campaigning even if the shoes didnt.The life of a councillor became a cause almost an adiction to challenge the status quo,and that is suicidal in the life of even minor politicians.Standing on the embankment with Arthur Scargill pouring out tea for the early arrivals,and marching past the Ritz hotel,.All happy memories defiled by the right wing destroyers of the Labour party.Standing with Unison outside East Surrey Hospital,and Crawley…We had the torys on the run 🏃,abolishing the hated Trust boards even the local torys supported us.Fighting for a decent nationalised train service ,and threatened with arrest doing a two man band act outside Haywards heath station at 5am on a bitterly cold January morning in the back to work for the hard pressed commuters.OF course Blair changed a lot and let us all down.But nothing I have seen can match the stupidity of letting a known scumbag like Johnson and his degenerate Conservative and unionist party wreck the country for generation’s to come aided and abetted by that titled clown from Surrey Rodney the knight plonker.

      3. Joseph, yes, my words to you are kind. MORE importantly, if not equally important, they are true. My words are true. I say as i find. There is constant vigilance … reassessment, and each time, they reflect my belief.

        I’m not a fan of empty words, worthless camaraderie when all is fine, yet when one is in desperate danger or need, those who use them, walk away from an elderly man bleeding on the ground in the gents after being bashed by thugs. Walk back to finish drinks with company, then walk away from a vulnerable person in danger. Tells you all you need to know.

        Plus the self awareness dearth is staggering. POVERTY of integrity. A moral desert. You may agree – that anecdote solves one suspicion i’v expressed here months ago – Jeremy brought an historic and incalculable degree of inspiration to the Labour party. Despite deficiencies, he delivered the membership and some stunning unheralded victories. He did his part. We cab only do our best. TRAGICALLY he was let down dreadfully by those who had his ear. They failed in their part to support him with courage and wisdom.

        When you have someone who walks away from a victim of bullying shrieking discouragement to the rest of us, we can connect the result of that shrieking on a confrontation averse Jeremy.

        What place on the “Left” is there for someone who failed in showing basic civic duty to report bullies… thugs, to the pub staff and the police? And what about the basic civic duty of getting PRACTICAL help for the elderly man? He may have died from the shock of the attack.

        We need to be astute. Then root out frauds like Blair, Starmer, Margaret Beckett, Twatson, Rayner et al and you know who. We are not a talking shop for a Thursday evening yoghurt knitting collective. We need to be in government and transform our country then the world. We cannot achieve that with pathetic frauds including Starmer, Rayner, Evans, Margaret Beckett et al and those who walk away from a bleeding man on the floor.

        It is a colossal embarrassment to see well meaning grown ups, pacified with promises of crumbs. We must be honest with each other so we ALL improve. Your experience as you describe is an inspiration to all. Keep posting🌹🌹🌹

      1. So many of the usual suspects on this list. He certainly had a real boner for Twatson!

      2. I have a big mouth and am old and knackered. One day I will be that bloke on the floor and I know that people like you and Joseph will be there. Its in our DNA and thete lots of us as the countryy will shortly come to realise. MLK not BLM. Take care comrades.

  4. So there you have it, in a neat nutshell of how the now totally back in control Labour Right are planning the restoration of ‘Business as usual’ , after the flukey aberration of the ‘Corbyn four years of Left retreat. missed opportunity, and cowardice’, which nevertheless seriously alarmed the UK ruling class and all their hangers on – ( hangers on like that working class grammar school swot social climber, class traitor , Keir Starmer). Despite the ‘Party Rules’, which ONLY the pathetic Labour Left have ever tried to obey, Starmer and co, can, and WILL, undoubtedly soon have their old buddies from the Tiggers back in the Labour fold – and lined up for some safe seats in the future – replacing the cowering PLP lefties who will be expelled ASAP on trumped-up charges . It just wont be enough for McDonell, Abbott, and the rest to ‘kiss the whip’ in grovelling apology – the restored NuLabour , Tory-lite , Party no longer thinks it can afford even a few tame Lefties in their PLP ranks – not after the fluke victory of Jeremy in 2015. The new Starmerite leadership will also think that they can afford to dispense with pretty much ALL of the post 2015 ‘Corbyn Surge’ Left-leaning members. A nice , tightly controlled membership of circa 100,000, stripped of all democratic rights , to do the constituency canvassing drudgery for the ‘professionals’ will be fine – with a few right wing trades unions and a few billionaire funders to fill the lost member subs gap.

    Ironically this hubristic gameplan by the currently triumphant, vengeful, Right (and their ‘Centrist’ cronies) is built on sand. Labour will never again be a majority government – as it will never win back Scotland OR the old English Labour Heartlands with warmed-over neoliberal Blairism. And the politico/economic tsunami that is even now looming on the global horizon, from the pre-existing stagnation of global capitalism, PLUS the covid-19 caused profit crunch, will soon sweep away this pathetic ‘1990’s Blairite re-enactment society’ farce of Starmerism into that olde ‘dustbin of history’. Whether the economic crisis , and mega unemployment, to come is taken advantage of by radical Left or radical populist RIGHT, is still to be played out. – but the performance of the middle class , mainly merely Left Liberal, UK ‘Left’ during the four wasted years of ‘Corbynism’, doesn’t bode well for the Left !

  5. Does this “left because of antisemitism” clause include those shoved out because of accusations of antisemitism, like the rabbi’s son Tony Greenstein, the former Israeli army officers Tali and Cyril Chilson….?

    1. Exactly Alan, they and those who were expelled for supporting Chris Williamson should be the only ones allowed back in, accompanied by a massive appology to each and every one of them.

      Anyone who left because they wanted to attack Corbyn by calling him antiSemitic should be banned for life.

      1. Could not agree more with you Jack and Alan on this. It won’t happen by magic. That’s why we need help inside our party to drive the parasites out or at least make sure they get ZERO nominations /help / anything ‼️ Not a single postage stamp must be lifted for any of those absolutely disgusting traitors. I am not running away from these pests. Why do what suits them? I’m in for the long haul. I hope those who have left will return to help drive them out. When i look at the NEC votes, u can see it is doable. But no appeasers needed. We need people who value the basics. PRIORITIES and SEQUENCE. 🌹🌹🌹

      2. What’s the chance of Starmer welcoming back the Zionists with an apology for the ‘hurt’ they have suffered and a nice lump sum to ease their fake pain?

      3. Jack – It is what RLB ‘the left’ candidate offered to do.

  6. I think it would be a big mistake to let them back into the party, they have already proven their disloyalty and besides them not being trustworthy I strongly suspect that they would form an untouchable and uncontrolable power base within the party that would be beyond criticism. This is where the real danger lies.

      1. Dave – You are welcome to try and explain how anyone could get rid of them once they’ve got their feet back under the table.

      2. I’ve been thinking – yes, again – and it doesn’t have to be an actual political party that threatens the MSM and everyone else who’s subverted democracy with jail for historic offences.
        I’ve said for a long time it’s the only way for Left Labour to beat the bent casino, but the left wing as a movement can make exactly the same threat, tell exactly the same truths to power and do those things almost as effectively as Labour could have if it had ever tried.
        The left needs to spread the word and grow some more first, but Johnson and Starmer are doing all they can to help with that – because they’re idiots.

        And what’s all this “them, they’ve and their” bullshit? You know what you meant was “us, we’ve and our.”
        What happened – Massa Starmer run out of biscuits again did he, the cheap bastard?

  7. I don’t think many will want to return, they seem to have their snouts well and truly buried in the trough, although Ryan might want to come back.

    1. lundiel – “I don’t think many will want [them] to return,”
      I doubt we would be discussing this if they hadn’t already been begging to come back

      1. lundiel – I have no desire to comment on that. My comment is limited to what I have said and nothing more.

      2. Here boy! Come here, boy! Uncle Keir’s got a biscuit for you!

    2. Wasn’t Ryan triggered by the trots and Stalinists withing it’s CLP when a (supposedly) labour MP?

      That ought to be enough to disqualify the lying bastard with a face like a well smacked arse… I’ve honestly seen happier looking bloodhounds than that po-faced arld bag. And they definitely showed more loyalty as well.

      1. We’re all only too aware of that, you wrong ‘un.

        Not even willing to defend yourself from justified accusations that you support paedophile protecting, murder, rape and torture advocating, openly toerag policy supporting (alleged) politicians.

        Anyone can reasonably reach the conclusion that it’s because you too, both countenance, and are an apologist for, those same abhorrences.

        I’ve got your number, wrongun.

      2. Toffee – I just think it is childish and offensive to mock people for their perceived physical attributes. As Jeremy said attack the ideas not the person.

      3. “… face like a well smacked arse” – more like a hard-mouthed hard-ridden horse.

    3. They are nothing without the Labour party infrastructure. They are desperate to be reelected. NB they were each rejected by the electorate. CUK’s Ummumma – rejected in Remainary London. Soubrey… all of them DUMPED like the trash they are. Rubbish. Garbage. That reminds me. Was Berger elected in Hendon or Finchley❓ An actor fellow was campaigning for her. … Of course. Berger could not dupe the North Londoners. The un dupable electorate were not deceived. That’s why all the traitors were put out with the potato peelings, the contents of the vacuum cleaner, and other muck. They were REJECTED by the voters while Dianne and Jeremy who serve their constituents, together got around EIGHTY THOUSAND VOTES🌹🌹🌹

      BTW – How’s this for an amateur dramatic production❓ – Scene – a cafe – Two friends meet for a catch up. They spend a couple of hours reading through TWO THOUSAND allegedly abusive messages … forget it. Ridiculously implausible. Would never wash. Who has the time❓ People would block strange texts etc… No❓ Ah well, takes all sorts. 🔴

      1. It is difficult to see what they have to offer the party. It is certainly not a personal following.

  8. Not as if this, too, wasn’t predicted, is it?

    In fact, this was probably THE most predicted thing that stammer’d attempt once he got his grubby mitts on the leadership.

    Having previously done other things bypassing the legal team and disregarding the rule book altogether, nobody should be surprised that he’ll go ahead and attempt this.

    And get on “kim jong wrongun” risibly attempting to justify stammers wishes by telling us it’s because they’re begging to come back into the fold.

    But that too is to be expected from someone who vehemently supports Nd defends a pederast protecting advocate for murder, rape and torture, with a propensity to brag about how he supports toerag policies.

    1. RLB also said that the party should welcome them back with open arms and pay compensation to those staff members that appeared in the Panorama program.

    2. I note the weather is getting colder,and the need to open up the Constiturncy offices to those that have nothing,not even a bed to rest,or food to feed themselves.with.We don’t help the parasites that have helped create this obonamation,like Tinge people,Torys and the enablers.We help those that are the victims of their depraved politics.OPEN the constituency doors and use the assets of the Labour party to bring a smile to the homeless and anger to the evil enablers of misery.

  9. It is unfortunate that a precedent was set by inviting Salma Yaqoob into the party.

  10. This is probably on the list of written or unwritten CAA or BOD demands. Time will tell.

    1. I note that the Huffington post is running a story of army intelligence corps 77th brigade being brought in to stamp out anti vaxers or those concerned about the vaccination programme.Youve been warned about use of the Army,and now the participation is being ramped up.We’ve seen the wolf in sheep’s clothing participation in death squads in N.Ireland’s troubles..don’t forget how they first came to Ireland to protect the Catholics from ethnic cleansing and turned into the Occupier not the saviour….

      1. Sadly Joseph, most people are completely unaware of the circumstances of the arrival of the British Army on the streets and roads of the North of Ireland. Just as they are completely ignorant of events and their cause in the LP today.

  11. Id imagine reinviting the tinge tendency is a priority for Keith and they’ll get safe seats in reward for their ‘loyalty’

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