Labour AGAIN breaches EHRC report Starmer promised to implement – with leaked letter demanding Corbyn’s apology for comments EHRC said he could make

String of Labour breaches continues, with EHRC report not even a month old

The Labour Party has continued its streak of breaking Keir Starmer’s commitment to implement in full the EHRC report on antisemitism.

Following on from Starmer’s political interference in the outcome of Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension hearing – banned by the report, his endless commentary on the suspension – breaching the report’s requirement for proper treatment of those affected by disciplinary measures, and his flouting of party rules when he withdrew the whip after Corbyn was unanimously reinstated by a right-dominated panel of National Executive Committee (NEC) members, the EHRC report has been breached yet again by Labour’s conduct toward its former leader.

A letter from the Labour ‘chief whip’ – yet again leaked by the Labour right to the press – to Corbyn demands that he make an ‘unambiguous and unreserved’ apology for his entirely factual comment that the scale of antisemitism had been exaggerated by the media and Labour’s opponents for political purposes – and that he delete his Facebook post echoing the same comment:

But the EHRC report – which, remember, Keir Starmer has promised to implement in fullsays this about Corbyn’s legally-protected right, under human rights laws, to make exactly the kind of comment he made:

Corbyn’s ‘own experience’ was without question that antisemitism was grossly exaggerated by the media and by his and the party’s opponents – and he was entirely accurate in pointing out that the scale of antisemitism complaints (not even upheld complaints) against members was a tiny 0.3%, not the 34% the media led the public to believe.

And Brown’s letter adds ignorance and hypocrisy to the breach of one of the report’s key findings – because Corbyn’s statement that the party wants him to delete (note that it was a request only) also underlined Corbyn’s support for implementing the EHRC recommendations.

Recommendations that Starmer and the party have been flouting and breaking since they were published, including in the failure to rebuke Starmer for his political interference as ordered by 14 members of the NEC out of their obligation to protect the party from legal consequences of such breaches.

SKWAWKBOX editor Steve Walker made a formal antisemitism complaint against Starmer in June, but the party has not responded or provided updates on the complaint – yet another breach of the EHRC report. And Keir Starmer must now be at risk of further complaints for multiple breaches of a report he has committed himself and the party to implementing fully, while the report in its public form is not even a month old.

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  1. Survation have conducted a poll today that covers many of these areas. It will be interesting to see what the electorate in general and Labour members in particular think about this situation.

    1. I am interested in facts, not opinions, and the evidence clearly demonstrates Labour has made a complete mess of this situation. I am however interested in the Party’s EHRC action plan, which should be good for more than a giggle. Ditto Corbyn’s subject access request.

      1. Unfortunately politics has always been more about opinion than fact.

      2. Brown’s statement was plainly part of a co ordinated campaign to get rid of Jeremy who is acknowledged to be electoral poison, bumbling old naive foot in the mouth idiot that he is. If Jeremy had said something like ‘we must all help root out the tiny minority of bad apples in the party . . . blah blah’ no one would have cared.
        He has been treated unfairly that is obvious, the only way to make his point is to go to court asking for natural justice and embarrass Stalin over his twisting of the rule book.
        We need to get away from this obsession with Palestie, another trendy left fetish which is electoral poison with ordinary working class people.

    2. Which just goes to show what a shill you are. Polling, other than exits, is to sway opinion, not test opinion. Polls are expensive and those that don’t express the required result are quietly shelved. The timing of a poll is overriding in getting the required result and the form the questions take is an art-form. Those surveyed are a cross section of people who like taking part in polling, not a cross section of society.
      The fact that you put so much faith in them exposes you as a desciple of propaganda and definitely not a democrat, let alone a democratic Socialist.

      1. lundiel – I guess you would say that wouldn’t you because surprise, surprise the results seldom agree with you. However Skwawkbox does frequently quote polling results and has on a number of occasions said that Survation is more accurate than most.

  2. But Skwawk (re your complaint), give them a chance, they are busy trawling through all you your past blogs and twitter posts, at great expense to the party members, many of which are on the minimum wage.

  3. It is Jeremy Corbyn that is owed an apology from Mr keir starmer, david evans and nick brown!

      1. Have you read the article, SteveH? Did you even read the report from the EHRC?

        If you can answer yes to either of my questions then you will know why! If your answer to them is no, then it will be obvious to me that you are blindly and ignorantly accepting keir starmer when the rest of us see him for what he is!

        I even defended YOUR right to comment (subject to moderation) on Skwawkbox when others criticised your opinion.

      2. SteveH24/11/2020 AT 1:13 AM

        Why? You really need to ask that?

        Obviously, as a MEMBER, you’re not even arsed that certain MPs (On the instruction of certain sdectors of scoiety) have said you’re a racist.

        Ergo, your acquiescence suggests they’re right.

        So, are you a racist? If not, you should be tearing a fucking strip off them bastards that say you belong to an institutionally racist party. Not defending the rat’s bastards.

        But stammer thinks so, and what he says goes, isn’t THAT right, wee fella?

  4. Highly offensive that fucknuts like Evans & Cronies think you’ll just go away if they ignore you – isn’t it.
    What kind of communication from ordinary members of the public might make them sit up? Emails to MPs? Tweets? Emails to the EHRC itself maybe?
    At least I got a reply from the EHRC when I wrote to them direct.

  5. I’d imagine that most of the public don’t give a toss. Nobody is that interested to even comment. They already gave up on the LP in large No’s. It’s what Sir Stormer and Co are working for; the destruction of the LP as a democratic political party for working people. We know they worked for Labour’s electoral defeat at the last election.

      1. What ‘potatoclockp’ says is clearly correct. How else can one interpret this deliberate campaign of provocations aimed not only at socialists but at anyone who believes or even pretends to believe in justice and free speech?

        There is not the tiniest doubt in anyone’s mind that Jeremy Corbyn’s characterisation of the “problem” of anti semitism within the party as having been dramatically overstated for political reasons by opponents within and outside of the party is uncontroversial in its obvious truth. Such will be history’s verdict. Such is the verdict of sensible people today.
        It is most peculiar that you would choose this particular hill to sacrifice your last shred of credibility on. A poll of Israeli Embassy or MI5 employees would probably show that yours is an outlandish minority opinion.

      2. Bevin – I think history will show that Corbyn, not for the first time, made a monumental error of judgement. However potatoclockp was right in one respect most of the electorate are past caring about Jeremy.

    1. Yes indeed ” It’s what Sir Stormer and Co are working for; the destruction of the LP as a democratic political party”

      It’s actually Sir Sturmbannführer’s USP to the billionaires that trilaterally befriend and manipulate him: ONLY A LEADER OF LABOUR can destroy and obliterate Labour.

      And after Jeremy revitalised and restored the Party so effectively, this is for them imperative.

      1. lundiel – Are you having a laugh, the lack of democracy in the party is the problem. You would have to search hard to find it before you could destroy it.
        It could be argued that in a few short months Keir has actually done more to democratise the party than Jeremy ever did. Replacing FPTP with STV has resulted in an NEC that is more representative of the membership’s views
        If only Jeremy had fulfilled his pledge to democratise the party he could have left the party with a wonderful legacy that would have transformed the party for generations to come.
        The problem is he didn’t..

  6. These kind of antics/ tactics are all part of the plan;

    It is well documented that Starmer accepted donations from lobbyist/s.
    Lobbyists’ have one thing in mind = securing several desired outcomes that benefit their plans. Lobbyists’ will predict many outcomes but will repeatedly push the agenda towards their most favourable outcome . This is what we are seeing now; rinse and repeat.

    Labour members leaving are beneficial to their plans, infact it is part of their plans and believe me this is just the beginning. There is plenty more in their pipeline.

    I will be rejoining the Labour Party come 1st December and I urge those who left recently to do so. Although I am a union affiliated member, I allowed my membership to lapse due to Regional not allowing me to vote electronically or via proxy at any CLP meetings that, due to disability, I cannot attend.

    The only way I see to fight back against these lobbyist plans are to be a full member and to support JC to take the Labour Party to court. I can foresee a lot of members going down this route, something that the Lobbysts would have brushed aside as an outcome.

    Recent days have seen the left members come out in full force. We need some kind of Labour members forum so we have that force of unity, just like the PLP have. CLP’s are too fragmented to be one force on a regular and frequent basis

    1. I left the party with the election of Mr keir starmer as leader. I have no intention of rejoining after he paid out the £600k when labour’s lawyers had said it was a case labour would win.

      1. Richard – Perhaps you should reconsider where the actual blame lies here. It was Jeremy Corbyn who negligently put out an Official Labour Party Statement which he then doubled down on verbally without getting either passed by the party’s lawyers first.
        The legal advice several months before may well have been that we had a reasonable chance of winning (which is not the most encouraging advise I’ve ever heard from a lawyer) but months later at the time of the payout the advice that Keir received from 2 QCs was to settle.
        The loss of £600,000 is Jeremy’s fault. He made the error here, nobody else.
        Maybe you think that Keir should have followed Len’s example who recently failed to settle a case against Unite for £10,000 and fought on to the bitter end costing his Union members c£1,500,000.

      2. SteveH, there was NOTHING wrong with what Jeremy said. The EHRC report even said he was allowed to say what he said! But you haven’t read the report have you?

        I see you haven’t answered to my comment following your ‘why?”

        I’m done with you, you are deliberately antagonistic for the sake of being antagonistic and you will be on the wrong side of history!

      3. Richard – Thanks but that’s the answer to a different question. Do you have a comment on how JC cost the party £600k

      4. In other words, he’s pure troll and not the only one on here, either! Don’t feed them. It only reinforces their idea that these threads are all about them.

  7. Foggy, I respect your point of view but disagree.
    I don’t need to be a member to support Jeremy in taking the party to court because the membership has no standing in such a matter – paying his lawyers will be what counts if a case proceeds.
    There was “some kind of Labour members’ forum” – it was called ‘Momentum’.
    With better leadership it could be a force to be reckoned with and I’d join in a heartbeat.

  8. I just this minute, by chance, came across the following Daily Mirror article from last week in which they deliberately conflate what Jeremy said four weeks ago with what he said last week, and this is how they began the article:

    Jeremy Corbyn has admitted that concerns around anti-Semitism in Labour were not “exaggerated” just weeks after being suspended for saying the problem was “dramatically overstated”.

    Saying that he ‘admitted’ is of course the falsehood and the deception. Anyway, I looked through a few of the comments, and one of them at least pointed out that they are entirely different and unrelated points, and there was no contradiction or climb down on Jeremy’s part:

    First of all “concerns around anti-Semitism not overstated” is not the same as the “problem was dramatically overstated.”

    Yep, even the Daily Mirror is playing its part in trying to discredit Jeremy, and has been all along of course! And the majority of its readers no doubt voted Labour under Jeremy’s leadership, and the Mirror wants them to believe that Jeremy isn’t the man of high principles and integrity they belive him to be!

    And quite a few other main-stream papers did the same.

  9. Daily Mirror Editor Kevin Maguire spends too much time on Sky TV with his chum Andrew Pearce.

  10. Quite frankly JC should tell them to F’ off. Shove your apology and shove your whip I will be forming a real socialist Labour party and watch them panic!!

    But he won’t he will play by their rules and the left will again be thrown out of the so-called Labour party. Until we stand up for what we believe and demand our so-called socialists form a socialist only party this BS will carry on..

    1. disabledgrandad – “Quite frankly JC should tell them to F’ off. Shove your apology and shove your whip I will be forming a real socialist Labour party and watch them panic!!”
      I think it is far more likely that JC’s opponents would sigh with satisfaction before declaring TFFT and starting the celebrations.

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