Quitters: We’ll prop up Tories in a no-confidence vote to keep our seats

The mere notification that Jeremy Corbyn might call a new vote of no confidence has flushed out the real nature and motives of the quitters’ supposedly ‘independent’ group.

Quitter group has indicated it will fight to keep the Tories in government

Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX wrote to members the ‘Independent Group’ of MPs who have defected from their parties to form a new club – not a political party with the accountability and funding checks that come with it.

The email flagged to the MPs that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn might call another vote of no confidence in the government – and asked them to state whether they would vote for or against Theresa May’s ongoing calamity.

It seems word got around, as quitter founder member Chris Leslie subsequently told mainstream media that trying to bring down the government and force a general election is “silly games” – while Heidi Allen confessed a general election would “crush” the quitter venture.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

In other words, “we know we’d be wiped out if we gave voters a say, so we’ll prop up a Tory government that is killing people to cling onto our seats”.

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  1. this means that there needs to be rule changes that once you leave your party at which your voted in for and the constituency your voted in for then there has to be a mandatory local election- no exceptions and you should not be allowed to vote until such has happened in hop policy

  2. Some good news. Jamie Driscoll ,a genuine Socialist and Momentum backed,has been chosen as Labour candidate for the election of a North of Tyne mayor. He trounced the centrist candidate who had been publicly endorsed by Burnham and Cooper.Not surprisingly the New Statesman has prepared a little smear piece

  3. If they really are prepared to prop up this government, despite their declared opposition to its policies, just to keep their seats, then they are beneath contempt.
    I used to have a little measured respect for Wollaston and Allen.

      1. The Tory who faked death threats was Lucy Allan , The MP who resigned the Tory Whip is Heidi Allen

    1. Thanks for the correction! (I typed HEIDI Allen in the search engine, and the Indy article came up second in the list of results…..)

    2. What I actually typed was >heidi allen email death threat>……. just to be clearer

  4. Maybe the threat of an early election has brought all this on. All these people’s careers will be over after the next election, so no harm in doing whatever they can to stay on.

  5. Eleven Neo-Liberals standing on a wall.
    Supporting austerity, pushing the poor to the fall.
    And if Eleven Neo-Liberals were to.
    Cause bye-elections, an urgent GE.
    Then there’d be no more Tory Neo-Liberals standing on the wall.

    1. Shouldn’t be straining your scansion like that at your age Bazza… 🙂

  6. In that case, it is May’s deal or no deal. So they have committed absolutely that they will not do the one thing that is vital if any other outcome is to be achieved.

    And all because, despite their protestations that leaving the EU would be the worst thing that could happen, it is a price they are happy to pay to avoid Corbyn becoming PM.

  7. This is an anti democratic but hardly surprising announcement; this cabal of narcissistic malcontents will never give up their privileged positions and supersannuated salaries. The Independent Group are nothing more thant the arrogant embodiment of out of touch elitism. I
    feel however that their race is run. To paraphrase mad Bill Years, the centre cannot hold.

  8. Horrible diasgusting vile creatures out for themselves as usual but no surprise. So glad the Labour fkers have gone.

    1. And I think we can safely assume it won’t be getting much coverage by the MSM.

      1. It was pretty hard to find in the Graun.

        Meanwhile, Derek Hatton (for whom I carry no candle) has been suspended following the excavation of this tweet :

        ““Jewish people with any sense of humanity need to start speaking out publicly against the ruthless murdering being carried out by Israel!””

        Let’s knock off one word :

        ““People with any sense of humanity need to start speaking out publicly against the ruthless murdering being carried out by Israel!”

        … and we have a totally common sense statement … which, I take it, includes Jewish people? The original only adds a focus on a particularly relevant and obvious potential pressure group – exemplified by the many who already do so – as witness in the JVL and other websites

        Such is the Looking Glass world that we have entered where ‘taking offense’ is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

    2. RH: How could it possibly be hard to find, when I put a link that takes you directly to the letter?

  9. There is a special place in hell reserved for Ryan; Coffey; Burger; Smith; Soubry; Allen & Wollaston…….Blair’s new babes.
    If Derek Hatton cared about the Labour Party, he too would join them.

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