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Redbridge Labour deletes tweet calling Corbyn’s solidarity with Palestinians ‘anti-Jewish’

Account later claims tweet did not reflect group’s views and was posted by unknown person

The Redbridge Labour account, which claims to represent all four constituency Labour parties (CLPs) in the Redbridge area, tweeted a response to Jeremy Corbyn’s expression of solidarity with Palestinian people – on the UN’s International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People – calling Corbyn’s tweet ‘anti-Jewish’:

The tweet – which ignores even recent history, such as the massacre by Israeli forces of a large number of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in 2018 (a massacre Labour Friends of Israel were lambasted for describing as the fault of the Palestinians) – was deleted shortly afterward.

CLPs within Redbridge Labour have passed – or had attempts to table them blocked – motions of solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn against Keir Starmer’s EHRC-breaching political interference in withdrawing the whip after a right-dominated panel of NEC members reinstated Corbyn to the party following legal advice that there were no grounds for his suspension.

The account has since tweeted, shortly after receiving an enquiry from SKWAWKBOX, that the response to Corbyn was not in line with the Labour group’s views and had been posted by an unknown person:

While Corbyn marked the UN’s day of solidarity with, well, solidarity, Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner spent it talking to a joint event staged by LFI – whose attitude to Palestinians was expressed as outlined above – and the Jewish Labour Movement, where they threatened ‘thousands and thousands’ of Labour members with suspension, yet indicated they would like to breach Labour’s rules to welcome back MPs who colluded with Tories to launch the ‘CUK’ party and stood against Labour in elections, along with those who campaigned for them.

Both the threat and the intention to change the rules to welcome back those who stood against Labour represent direct breaches of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s strict ban on political interference and breaches of due process in disciplinary outcomes, which Keir Starmer has publicly committed to implement in full.

Starmer and Evans have also committed to implementing in full the Labour Muslim Network report on Islamophobia in the party. The report includes denying the right of self-determination of Palestinians as a form of racism, yet there have been no suspensions to date of MPs or others who have done so, while an NEC member of Arab heritage has been targeted for expressing solidarity with Palestinians against the discrimination against them by the Israeli government.

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  1. “Administrative access” generally increases the higher up an organisation you go.
    Just sayin’

    1. At the next NEC there should be a motion to expel LIARS from the Labour Party when they have been proven to have lied. Cream no longer rises to the top it appears, only scum.

  2. Wonder if they’ll claim someone had administrative access to Peter Mandelson’s brain when he rejected the key recommendation of the EHRC report, for an independent complaints system with no political interference as an excuse to avoid suspending him?

  3. They treat the constituency offices assets like their own,and act according to the brief given by the knight.ITS about time members realised that the assets belong to the membership.Use the assets,for doing something practical and decent.Open the doors to the homeless…ITs getting cold and the weather is turning.Stop contemplating and help the victims.

    1. The Cpgb members thought their assetts belonged to them too. No idea what happened to assets, properties, data etc. Clpers beware they are like locusts. Ive seen it all before and all the different factions: centre left, left, liberal left whoever will fight each other till the death and down will come the buzzards. Griffin, the gorgeous Katie and Trumps mate will seem cuddly. I doubt that many realise how bad things are going to get. XX

  4. unknown person , ” My Arse ” , more like they were caught by a alt media news channel and now are panicking .

  5. “where one side, Israel, has never instigated war or attacks”

    Apart from against the British, to force independence.
    Against the Palestinians in 1948 to ‘encourage’ them to leave their land in the Nakba.
    Invading Egypt in 1956.
    The Six Day War in 1967.
    Attacking the American ship USS Liberty in 1967, killing dozens…

    Are all Israeli lobbyists this ignorant?

    1. Dave, they are not ignorant.
      But we too often fail to rebut the lies and myths with concise hard PERSUASIVE facts as you present above.
      Please repost it regularly. Make it your mission if you are able.
      Many hands and minds make light work.
      Hard facts are needed urgently and regularly🌹🌹🌹

    2. They are not at all ignorant. Far from it. Stay safe and I mean that to all Skwawkies even steveh. I am not referring to the soft drink flu either. X

  6. You should also add executing the leading scientist in Iran which has no immediate benefit to them except to encourage them into war before Biden takes control

    1. Spot on pimmatters. That’s the plan. Resume feeding the arms industry by Biden’s backers. We are being softened up for a RETURN to constant OVERT wars and not just proxy ones.
      Expect to see many more provocations like these to justify selling more arms. Once again it is money and power for the 1%. We will have several open wars on at once plus our proxy war on the Yemen conducted bt Saudi Arabian on our behalf. We will also see untold suffering unleashed on Mali, and the Congo region all to benefit the 1%. This was in the pipeline for the last 20 years. The groundwork is already done. Prepare for events there.

      With Biden we will have a dedicated hyper propagandist push to justify more bombings, assignations, wanton destruction, deaths, and unspeakable grief of orphans, widows, widowers, other family, friends… GREIF.
      Expect Starmer to give his FULL support for ALL the bombings.
      Needless suffering to syphon even more money to the 1%. That is all. πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄

      1. Excellent post windy. The Carpenters said it all. You know the song. X

      2. 🎡 to live πŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

      3. I along with around 250000 Malians left the Sahara/Sahel from around 2012 when Ghaddaffi was killed. His gold reserves were stolen by the US, UK, France and Germany. I had been in the Sahara since 2005 and had witnessed purges of the Malian government before. The arrival of the 15000 UN troops was farcical. It was Nigerian peacekeepers who asked me for protection money! From 2005, as a registered Saharan guide, I had wondered around Al Qaeda in the Mahgreb without much trouble. When the French arrived around 2008, it all went belly up. All the UN has done is make money from the misery and are there to protect uranium mines, gold and oil, not what is left of the Tuareg, Fulaani and Songhay populations. The Malian government have used the UN as a cash cow.

      4. Your account fits with what i understand. I had an invitation to go to Mali years ago but declined. And it is now too dangerous. British people were advised to return early this year. So my connection is back here. A dreadful state of affairs and i fear worse to come with Biden. Remarkable, your post about this now. You may have heard, Farage rescued to migrants from drowning this weekend or last. He was speaking about it on the radio 3 hrs ago. One of the migrants was from … Mali ! Truth is stranger than fiction❌❌❌

  7. This is a leap year so there were 365 other days in which Labour Friends of Israel and the Jewish Labour Movement could have held the event at which Starmer and Rayner attended. Instead they chose to host the event on the day designated by the United Nations as a day of solidarity with the Palestinian Arabs who are predominantly Muslim though some who live in the Bethlehem area are Christian This sent out the message loud and clear to the world that Arab lives Don’t matter and neither does the United Nations.
    The tweet from Redbridge is important and explains in my opinion the mindset of supporters of Israel including Labour Friends of Israel and the Jewish Labour Movement- Jeremy tweeted solidarity with the Palestinians and therefore was deemed “anti Jewish” i.e. unless you support Israel you are a Jew hater, an anti-Semite. This is at the bottom of all allegations of antisemitism against him – he is a lifelong supporter of Palestinian Rights_and because the tweet so clearly exposes this it was instantly deleted.
    What really is a matter for grave concern is that our Deputy Leader Angela Rayner appears to completely agree with the sentiments expressed in the tweet – she has talked about expelling thousands of us. Given that only 0.01% of our membership have been proved to be anti-Semitic ( and most of those have been expelled) there are not thousands of anti-Semites in the party. There are however thousands of members who are sympathetic to the plight of Arabs living in dire conditions imposed by Israel and many want to show solidarity with our Muslims and Christian brothers and sisters in Palestine. It is these people who Angela Rayner is going to target. How dare she imply that because members seek to defend the human right of Palestinians they are racist Jew hating individuals who SHE will kick out of the party.
    I am appalled by her comments and hope that once the Covid crisis is over she along with Starmer will be challenged and given their marching orders by the membership.

    1. Leap year. Great an extra day to prepate for the barricades. Sorry just been watching some stuff on utube.

  8. There is bound to be a leadership challenge at some point. Not enough have left in disgust so now they will just be expelled en mass.

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