Video: Smith blames 6hrs’ press for racist comment – only 2hrs after Quitter ‘launch’?

Angela Smith on Sky News

MP blames her racist comment on tiredness after ‘6 hours of interviews’ – barely two hours after launch of new ‘group’

Quitter-group MP Angela Smith has told Sky News that her racist ‘funny tingecomment on the BBC’s Politics Live show on Monday was because she was “very very tired – I’d had six hours of press engagement:

But Ms Smith made her comment on the BBC’s Politics Live programme, which started at 12.15pm on Monday – and the ‘launch’ of the quitter group only began just before 10.15am:

Up to that point, the group’s members seem to have kept a low profile, as media political commentators were still speculating that the launch might not take place:

So how did Ms Smith have ‘six hours of press engagement‘ by 12.30pm, barely two hours later?

And if she had, does being tired lead to racist comments – or excuse them?

The SKWAWKBOX asked Ms Smith. She had not responded by the time of publication, apart from the standard auto-acknowledgement of the email’s receipt.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

No ‘mainstream’ journalists seem to have thought to ask about this curious timing claim – or even to challenge Angela Smith’s fellow quitters to condemn her comment.

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  1. Ahhhhh I see so it’s OK to be racist when you’re tired then?

    Well that’s a get out of jail free card for every racist up & down the country then.

    “Sorry I attacked that man in a dark alley, I hadn’t eaten anything for 5 hours & my blood sugar was low, won’t happen again guv… ”

    So it’s OK to be racist when tired but it’s never OK to be anti semitic even when you aren’t actually anti semitic, typical hypocrisy from these idiots.

    1. Oh I remember when visiting Swindon for an away match. I got cut off from my mates and found myself facing a few hostile types down the road and they seemed to be building up their speed as they neared me. Moments later a chap peered down to what little was left of me. I clearly remember the heartfelt, guilt-ridden words he whispered. ” I’m really sorry mate but we had to do you. We were knackered, hope you understand and forgive us?”.
      I understood. To forgive is divine. We are all better people now. I think that I love her more than Dame ( I took my eye of the children’s plight) Potty mouth. Vive.

  2. I think its obvious why they haven’t got a name for the group – because they can’t agree on one. They’ve been in discussion with their Tory friends for the past 3-4 months, if not longer, and yet they still can’t agree on a name!

  3. Poor Tingela – tired from all her lobbying for privatised water no doubt. After all it must be hard work to argue that an essential monopoly service should be handed over to foreign pension funds or the Chinese government – with citizens forced to fund them (not like you can shop around for someone else or boycott using water).

    Meanwhile in the real world, us shift workers don’t get to use the excuse of tiredness to get away with racism, or anything which affects our work.

  4. Self-justified displacement theory?
    Oh and will the Irrelevent 8 (soon to grow – drip, drip, drip) resign as MPs and cause bye-elections err 2nd Peoples Votes?
    Now is the time for poetry:
    As the old order, Neo-Liberalism, is dying.
    But the new cannot yet be born.
    Perhaps we are all being tested
    And only the stars will ride the storm.’
    Have courage brothers and sisters and many thousands of us up and down the country are ready to serve a potential Jeremy Corbyn Labour Govt.
    It could be more exciting than 1945 and millions around the World are watching us and may follow our example so no pressure.

  5. Diane Abbott. Hypoglycaemic episode, gets numbers wrong after several consecutive interviews all morning. Pilloried.

    smith. No medical affliction. Makes racist statement THEN deliberately gets numbers wrong after just two hours. Blames fatigue. Expects us to accept piss-poor excuse.

    Get f**ked, hopkins clone.

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