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SW Labour suspends Bristol W exec, then cancels annual general meeting entirely – because there’s nobody left to run it

Members deprived of democracy still further

As the SKWAWKBOX reported, the Labour party has suspended first the elected chair and one co-secretary of Bristol West constituency party (CLP) for allowing a motion in support of Jeremy Corbyn to be voted on (and passed decisively by members) – and then the other co-secretary for unspecified ‘suspicion of breaking the rules‘.

All this was done in the run-up to the CLP’s annual general meeting (AGM), at which members would elect the officers to represent them for the next year – against a backdrop of the MP’s office abusing member data to whip support for a right-wing set of candidates.

And now, in yet another insult to the members and their democracy, Labour’s south-west regional office has cancelled the AGM altogether – on the grounds that there is nobody left to run it.

The news was condemned by the local Momentum group, which also listed other anti-democratic conduct in the region:

The local regional office has also been attacked for excluding all left-wing candidates from the shortlist for the south-west Metro Mayor election.

Labour, blighted by the Stalinist right of the party, has become a sick joke – and the party bureaucracy, which for years worked to sabotage Labour’ electoral prospects, has now become the Pythonesque ‘boot from above’ arriving to squash any attempts by the members to depart from the leadership’s decree.

South-west regional director Phil Gaskin has been contacted for comment.

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  1. 🌹🌹🌹 Martin Luther King Jr. — ‘In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’ 🌹🌹🌹

  2. Whats new❓ They have always broken any rule as suits their aim. Long before I was even an idea in my parent’s mind, the Right Wing have invented rules, broken them, observed them, broken them again all to kick us over and over again.

    Those who had an opportunity to break that cycle, did as the “Left” has always done –

    ” Do everything they asked ” 🥀🥀🛢

    1. Apologies re: “… parents’ mind… ” and for many other errors i’m sure.

      1. Applogies again – should have read /
        “… parents’ minds …”
        I’m much ashamed. 🌹🌹🌹

  3. I wouldn’t know where to begin hacking a database to find out the names, phone numbers and addresses of the creeps responsible for wrecking Labour, sorry.
    I don’t know why anyone would even want that kind of information.

  4. Genius ! just effing genius , this would make first class material for a Monty Python sketch , Jesus wept what a shit show of a shambles Starmer has now reduced Labour to .
    Its an embarrassment to be a member of it . Electable … ffs don’t make me piss myself laughing , and the shameful tragedy is that more innocent vulnerable citizens desperate for a real true socialist Labour Govt that doesn’t rubber stamp the Tories murderous policies , will die as a result .There is no escape , no where to hide and no amount of bullshit spinning and outright lying that will get away from that inescapable fact. The Tory enablers ,Centrist, underminers , saboteurs , this is on you ,, all of it .

    1. Who can disagree that being “well-intentioned” is of little worth if we stay silent because we are afraid of being attacked ?

      1. ps my post above quotes MLK Jr, having heard it for the first time yesterday. His words, with courage and dynamism to match, brought GREAT relief. He said so perfectly what i was trying to say. Good to know we are in the best company. 🌹🌹🌹

  5. I hope that Momentum would encourage member of Bristol West to file formal complaints against their local MP for abusing process and against their Regional Director for the same reason.
    After members have submitted complaints they should send copies of the acknowledgment to Momentum and to the left representatives on the NEC, so that they can start tracing how long takes for a large number of complaints against two individuals to start being investigated by the Party for precedural breaches.
    Here is the link to submit a formal complaint.

    Comrade let us not get mad and leave the LP but rather let’s stay and fight and get even.

    1. “Who can disagree, that ALL evils will continue to perpetuate if we perpetually remain aloof and abstain from debates ?”

    2. Complaints have to be made on an electronic FORM. Submitting such form when I recently complained about Starmer, left me with no proof that it had been received nor a record of my complaint. It just disappeared. The complaints section can claim that they did not receive a complaint and can “bury” complaints. I am left with no proof of my complaint. Emails show the time they were sent and their contents – and whether or not they were received. This is INDEPENDENT if the Labour Party. With a form the complainer is reliant on the Labour Party sending an acknowledgement and / or a reply. If you do o not get one all the time you spent completing the form could be completely wasted and valid complaints totally ignored. This is shameful.

  6. Emily Maitlis to Justin Welby – “Should we go to church this Xmas?”
    Justin Welby – “Yes of course.”

    Daft old biddies.

  7. ‘Nothing to see here, please move along’. I remember Anfield Ward, part of Walton CLP, in Liverpool in the late 80’s I think it was. Over 100 members, a working class area, normal monthly meetings attracting around fifty; often standing room only. We had three left wing councillors, The Ward was won from the Liberals at the time, in more or less consecutive years on an ongoing socialist campaign.
    By the time the officials had finished expelling and suspending the membership, they had to reduce the quorum to 6. The official in charge also ran the election for the MP’s position after Eric Heffer. The official was Peter Kilfoyle, who decided he’d also be the candidate. ( I know, I know, y’couldn’t make it up) who made sure he’d win the nomination himself by ruling out scores of individuals and TU branch delegates.
    They didn’t care about destroying the LP, didn’t win elections either. Recruited former Lib Dems and didn’t campaign. Please don’t think natural justice or citing rules will make any difference at all.
    The shady bastards in charge would sooner have the Tories in power than a LP with socialist policies, as proved with their campaign against JC. New party needed cmds. We should start discussing it, unless you have another fifty years in you to hope that you can change it around. In the meantime, get the charges in against them and get started campaigning on issues that the LP won’t.
    It’s not like it’s the party of the working class anymore, ‘specially talking to the good people from the rough end, of which I’m one. ‘The nonce’ is what they call Starmer I’m told.

    1. Definitely. Where are our legal friends? Behind the sofas waiting to get on the benches? Regards ☮️ Wobbly

  8. If there’s nobody left to run it this year, who’s going to run it next year???

    I think we should call Labour right-wingers the ‘far right’, so they are tainted with the same associations as the far right in politics generally. In terms of racism, control freakery, PR, contempt for democracy and militarism I am not sure there are many differences between the two anyway, so we may as well use that term to our advantage.

  9. Makes a banana republic look like an organisation of integrity and justice.

  10. Where there are no officials left to run things and no activity at CLP offices we should open our doors to the rough sleepers in the towns and cities and make available the warmth of true Socialism on the victims of right wing destroyers.This is something practical and life saving and what better way to use members property and subs.Feed the hungry this Xmass and this winter.Throw away the the rule book,do something practical,no if no but.

    1. An admirable suggestion, Joseph. And perhaps some of the CLPs might’ve been able to do a bit more for those less fortunate if they’d had a slice of the £600k stammer gave to his mates.

      I wonder what they’ll be doing with their newly and serendipitously-created wealth? I’m sure they’ll distribute a (minute) portion of it in the season of goodwill, eh?

  11. So issue statement to local press calling out MP and regional office include support for JC and take apart AS Scam
    Repeat 700 times across the country, you want every member suspended
    Question, if they suspend you do they still get your subs

  12. Momentum Bristol? What is Momentum Bristol?

    It sounds as if Bristol West CLP has been infiltrated by Momentum. And it looks like Keir Starmer is going to act to eradicate Momentum, whatever Momentum is, from his party, the British Labour Party.

    An organisation, it doesnt matter what the organisation is, this applies to a business, a family, a political party, needs a structure that everyone within the organisation understands. There is no place for a party within a party.

    Starmer is going to get rid of Momentum and the sooner he does so the better it will be for ‘his’ party. He is the elected leader of the BLP and this is his duty as leader.

    Rather that all the fake indignation people should respect good leadership. Sensible people do.

    1. This could be his kinnockio moment. Thank you for your service. BLP??

  13. Momentum can earn their salt by coordinating these actions across the country, being a recognised Pantomime villain by MSM and toilet papers they will gain maximum publicity for any future manoeuvres

    1. Very true Doug I voted for the new management not under Lansman anymore so lets see some co-ordinated action from the new top team

      1. rob,
        Please explain to me, what is Momentum? and what has Momentum got to do with the British Labour Party?

      2. Momentum are the replacement socialist Labour party….always has been lurking in the shadows and for now I am pleased to see momentum replace the Labour party….maybe the lead they have shown in campaigning and working towards a Opposition party is the light at the end of the tunnel…..Under New management….good news! Maybe?

      3. Momentum has far more to do with the to Labour movement than the JLM. I don’t see you complaining about them.

    2. Doug,
      “Momentum can earn their salt by coordinating these actions across the country…..”, Can you explain what you mean by that.

      1. richard
        Would it help your controller if I gave you my membership number

  14. Mckinnon piss off back to your cave…What in gods name do you think you are doing here Trolling for pay every time your mate Steve H needs relief..God knows how you and him managed to con the Labour party into paying you for the cac you dish up.

  15. rob25/11/2020 AT 11:37 AM
    I followed your advice and checked out the Momentum webpage and to be honest I never learnt anything. I dont think its been updated for quite a while. There is no mention that I can find of the Labour Party’s new leader, which surprised me. He has been in post for 7 months.
    Why would that be? Why has Momentum not updated its webpage in all that time? Can you help me here rob? can anyone? This is an open and honest question and I defer to the regular contributors on this site with a greater understanding of this subject than I.

    I cut and pasted this statement from the Momentum webpage that I thought was interesting:

    “Where we stand on the Labour Party
    The Labour Party must be transformed into a more open, democratic, member-led party that’s ready to win elections…………………….”

    I thought to myself, I wonder what Keir Starmer thinks about that? I have to say I think he might find that a bit presumptuous, arrogant even. I think he might be thinking ‘who the fuck do they think they are? I think he is going to turn this around and make an example of ‘where he stands on Momentum’. I think he has already started in Bristol.

    1. I posted this earlier in response to your post above re organisations within the party but it failed to appear, so here goes again.

      Since you argue there is no place for such things, do you not think that Starmer should also get rid of Progress, as they too are an organisation within the party introduced under Blair’s regime?

      They also have a wiki page, so you can see what they’re about if you don’t already know.

      1. PW25/11/2020 AT 1:28 PM
        If I were the leader of the Labour Party I would keep all other organisations/movements that claim affiliation to the Party at arms length. I think groups that claim to ‘support’ ‘Labour values’ can cause problems in the future. Whatever group it is, they have a primary focus before the good of the Party. The Labour Party has been plagued with crank organisations that claim to support since inception. Trade union general secretaries, Militant, Momentum, the list is endless. These ‘affliates’ are ammunition for other parties and the media.
        However, you cant stop a person or a group of people setting up an organisation/website and then claim; support of ‘Labour Party values’. The internet has changed everything. These days an individual can, in a very short space of time become an influential player.
        Lansman tried it, and probably did more damage to Corbyn than good. Maybe that was his intention?. I would not be surprised.
        As I have said I think a party within a party is a parasite. What ever his reasons were, Momentum is dead. Now its the turn of Progress to muscle in and get a slice of the cake. And that is important, please note this whole thing, has nothing to do with ‘shared values’ this is about political influence, and all that goes with it, power, money, sex and drugs and rockin roll.
        I dont know who runs Progress or how it is funded. If Starmer has any sense and he has, he will keep his distance from Progress, in the public eye. Behind the scenes, is a different matter. He will of course need a non attributable mouthpiece.
        As I say if I were Starmer I would keep my distance from all others. I would make this The Keir Starmer Labour Party.

    2. Tell you what Dickie ,, you go join Momentum and pay a years dues in advance , then you can email the membership secretary and ask them all the questions you like about Momentum , that’s much better than asking your ” loaded ” questions here on this blog .
      You could also go ask your paymaster Kier what he thinks about Momentum then you’d know ,,, and would no longer be in the dark would you ?
      I don’t think Momentum could give a (to use your vernacular ) FUCK about what Starmer nor you think about the mission statement , and the arrogance is all Starmers and the dishonesty is all yours with your so called open and honest question . Now I ve indulged you long enough , do run along dear boy I’ve more important things to do with my time ,, like cutting me toenails , than waste it any further with your trolling .

      1. rob25/11/2020 AT 3:58 PM,
        Momentum is dead. That is how politics works. The Germans have a name for it: Realpolitik.. There is no way back. Its over..
        Dont you understand?

  16. Shut this Orange conservative and unionist party troll down,hes either a half wit or hes a troll minimum wage clown that hasnt been briefed before letting him loose on here.What a plonker Rodney the knight is dishing up this Orange bigot.Get him out Squawky!

  17. So DO something don’t keep on being sheep and going what do I do! FFS fight demand change and if not NO MONEY no VOTE no HELP now is that so hard. Or as ever will you meekly do nothing and wonder why these new Labour 2.0 have destroyed Labour while you do nothing… Demand the dam unions back JC, stop Starmer by denying him the money he needs to pay his cronies.

    If they ban the CLP have a meeting about it don’t be sheep don’t allow scum to dictate everything and for god’s sake stand up for yourselves! If they break the rules go on and picket the MP’s office make a stink in the press they hate that!

    Take them to court but don’t meekly sit there and do nothing. You’re playing a rigged game, don’t play by the old rules.

  18. Hey hey hey
    It’s a beautiful day and I can’t stop myself from smiling
    If we’re drinking, then I’m buying
    And I know there’s no denying
    It’s a beautiful day, the sun is up, the music’s playing
    And even if it started raining
    You won’t hear this boy complaining
    ‘Cause I’m glad that you’re the one who got away
    It’s a beautiful day

    1. Google says that’s a Michael Bublé song you just plagiarised.
      Google says your musical taste is for shite and so is your politics.
      Google must have met you before.

  19. On the one hand a PLP which is always right-wing dominated because of the kind of people who use their elbows to become MPs; on the other a bureaucracy, and bureaucracy is reactionary by definition. Power needs to be kept at the grass roots. How is that accomplished? A federal structure is needed; each unit remains autonomous and all the autonomous units federate, but the national body never has the power to dictate to the local units. The LP is structured in imitation of capitalist institutions :a strict hierarchy and a powerful bureaucracy. To bring about real change we need flattened organizations, no hierarchy, a leadership of ideas but not of power and absolutely no overpowering bureaucracy. Does that mean no longer working to get people elected to councils or parliament? No, but merely that those people are answerable to the local units which select them and can be subject to recall at any time. How many Labour MPs are there who effectively have sinecures for life? They benefit from our culture’s belief that power must always be passed upwards. We need to insist that power always remains at grass roots. Those selected to represent must never be permitted to break free of the power of the grass roots organisation. Well, the argument goes, councillors and MPs must represent all their constituents and therefore must have independence. Really? Is that what Tories do? Do they make sure they represent all the people who voted Labour in their constituencies? Do they say, “Some of my constituents are very poor. I must look after them.” The LP as a Party of potential radical change has always been hobbled by the PLP. And think of why parliament is as it is. It was established to permit the rich and powerful to rule. It is conservative in its essential structure. 40 million vote, 650 make the decisions. Is that democracy? Power to the people, not to the politicians.

    1. I agree. Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly is democratic body tasked with making that a reality, it’s why they hate it so much.

  20. When EHRC find Labour have broken the law its all JC’s fault
    When EHRC find cheap and nasty Tory party have broken the law its all the fault of the Home Office

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