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Exclusive: THIRD Bristol W officer suspended as MP’s office whips members to elect right-wing replacements

No reason for suspension given except ‘suspected of breaking rules’

The SKWAWKBOX revealed earlier this month that the chair and co-secretary of Bristol West Labour had been suspended for allowing local members to vote on a motion in support of former party leader Jeremy Corbyn, which passed easily.

The SKWAWKBOX can now also reveal that the CLP’s other co-secretary has also been suspended today – on grounds as nebulous as suspicion of ‘breaking the rules’,, with no other details given.

The co-secretary’s access to the party membership system was blocked on Friday, leaving them unable to email members, but they were only informed of their suspension today.

Meanwhile, local members have complained to the SKWAWKBOX that members of staff of the consistencies MP, Thangam Debbonaire, have been misusing member data to whip up support at the CLP’s forthcoming annual general meeting for a slate of right-wing candidates to reach the current executive.

With the chair and both co-secretaries suspended, however, it is unclear who would actually run the AGM. It may well be run by the Labour’s south-west regional office – which has recently been accused of interference in the selection of Labour’s metro-mayoral candidate and also in local government selections.

Many Bristol West members believe that the party is rigging their democracy in favour of the right.

Thangam Debbonaire was contacted for comment about her staff’s actions but did not respond.

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  1. It is high time someone started making GDRP complains about the data abuse. The party can run roughshod over members and there is little that can be done, but they cannot strongarm the EU legislation.

  2. Not only do recent events show how many Blairite ‘sleepers’ there are in the Labour Party but also how many of them have been able to occupy positions of power and control.

    When the obnoxious Ian Austin stood up in the commons and said to JC “sit down you silly old fool” it was obvious he was doing it with some backing and support.

    1. Jack T, and 1️⃣ What was Jeremy’s response to Ian Austin ?
      2️⃣ What result did Jeremy gain from said response ?
      3️⃣ What did we gain from that result?
      4️⃣ Do you detect that our position has benefitted in any way ? ? ?

      No me neither. Yet the AH White Flag Man persists with his weirdo toss-pottery. Absolutely weird. Why the SH, its dick mackinnon, and the others sucking up to SiKerStarmmar work so hard, is a mystery. Money to burn most likely.

      PLUS guarding their gains. Taking no chances rather than our craven “oh please let us play” “pretty please let us pray with you in YOUR “big church”. Please… We’ll sacrifice EVERYTHING you ask and ANYONE of US you wish … We will obey ALL your commandments… we won’t ask for anything. You don’t have to even show basic honesty or the slightest interest in us. “WE WILL DO EVERYTHING” you “ASK”, McD promised you and he and we did as you asked. What more do you want? Tell us we will do it. Please i’m desperate to “bring everyone together” and get “calm”.

      Oh please please let us bring everybody together to play and pray. We don’t even mind being the balls. In fact if you break all the other balls, our captain is good at being an unbreakable long lasting ball. Though, You WILL miss the thwacks … any thwacks BUT our captain is a hard bat too. Like yours , good only for smashing his own balls for you. Waaaaaay out of the grounds… pleeeeeeaaaaaase please let us play

      1. Signponotwindchimes…did you notice that “he that shall not be named clocked on about 5o’clock after keeping him busy overnight.Then up pops dicky paid troll for the day job..ITs definetly looks like the double shifts in the propoganda wars are failing from the “almighty” knight in the clouds?At this rate they will both be getting the heave ho and off they go..!Caribbean…looking bleak now the moneys too tight to mention?

      2. Joseph – Oh dear, it is disappointing to see you reduced to emulating WFM.

      3. Joseph, methinks u r spot on as usual. V odd… especially the other one best left unnamed … sometimes 😂 … consider, what normal person has time, interest, bandwidth, concern, anal retentiveness to log post, esp who is first etc😂 Weird but funny😂

        I’v stopped advising help as it must be a job. And, what sort of person gets so agitated and shrieking hysterically CAN’t, DON’t, leader is so precious and delicate that he can’t cope with harsh words so dare not defend friends like Chris Williamson, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, Mark Wordsworth and over two-thousand members from MSM Hodge Sick Starmar lies❓❓❓ V odd.

        OR perhaps after Max Headroom, Hodge & chums grabs the White Flags, stomps on and tramples over them in chicken, dog, pig and rat mess, the unnamed has some sick fetishistic taste for retrieving the stinking soiled flags, scraping off the muck with is teeth, and bleaching them to wave desperately until his arms fall off

    2. Austin actually said ” sit down and shut up” when Jeremy , in the presence of the families of soldiers killed in Iraq – they were in the strangers gallery in the House of Commons-. spoke about the invasion there and apologised for the Blair government sending young men ill equipped for battle to die in an illegal war. Austin shamed himself , the party and the entire country by his crass and despicable behaviour.

  3. In another thread SteveH pointedly asks “who appointed these officials” inferring that we get what we deserve. I can’t imagine anyone thinking “Thangam Debbonaire is what we need” and even SteveH should understand the concept of parachuting in careerists and party offices run like personal fiefdoms.

    1. lundiel – Contrary to your claims I wasn’t inferring anything of the sort. The only inference intended is that their needs to be a wholesale review of what is self evidently an opaque system. I was also, surprise, surprise, just interested to know who selected these officials.

      1. Not true. Your main method of attack and creating straw dogs is to blame Corbyn for not changing the rules, as if a rule change were all that was needed.

  4. The demand has got to be for open democracy at every single level of the party. And it is quite clear that regional offices must also be subject to proper scrutiny.
    The decision not to go for mandatory reselection was a great mistake.
    But at least we are clear beyond reasonable doubt about the extent to which the right will go.
    Bristol West is another constituency with a should-be LibDem MP. I say that with due regard to her historically ill-informed statement earlier this year, about Labour and rent strikes.

    1. Dear SteveH / stevedavidh, YOUR sub under-lord and under sub-master SikStarmar Saboteur’s apparatus has written to Jeremy instructing him to give an unreserved apology for stating FACT and TRUTH that the allegations of anti-Semitism were GROSSLY exaggerated for POLITICAL GAIN.

      1️⃣ Jeremy gave clear heartfelt apologies, numerous times to A MYTHICAL homogenous Community. So numerous that i was sick of hearing the repeatition.

      2️⃣ You and yours, MUST have heard them too. Yet your masters, including the MSM from the get go and to date, maintain the LOUD LIE of ignorance.

      3️⃣ Have you too SteveH / stevedavidh heard Jeremy’s NUMEROUS apologies?

      4️⃣ Have you read the published letters signed by over 200 HIGHLY respected and HONEST individuals, contradicting the lies that Jeremy is racist in any way?

      5️⃣ Your SikStarmar and gang of plotters “work night and day” to do EASILY all that is within their nature, as flies to … SH it must as the setting sun, that your lot are masters at switching all lights of all good off.


      1- Why work so hard at it, when Jeremy & Co have not even put up a fight? 2- Why not go now to your Caribbean retirement?

      1. SH, wouldn’t u like to know🤣🤣🤣

      2. ps i LOVED lundiel’s reply to u earlier “Men not dogs”.
        Superb lundiel🥇

      3. windchime – I don’t really care one way or t’other, I just thought you might like to help out as it’s a cause close to your heart.
        Less than 4000 votes in 5 days must be disappointing.

      4. CORRECTION – “… repetitions… ”
        apologies SH. No staff as u + your gang have. Ps wonder what your SIR thinks of his sword wielding council house scrounger’s mom who had Betty’s cousins locked up in a home as they had learning difficulties.
        Read some of the heart breaking accounts years ago. Think there was a doc shown on your beloved TV years ago. One bit, related by a nurse who looked after them: They used to stand up and curtsey whenever Betty etc appeared on TV. The nurse said they knew who they were.

        When they died, Betty’s dreadful mother, went to the home or sent functionaries to collect some belongings. Pattern of behaviour. Allegedly: same errands made when the American Mark One – Wallis Simpson the other Nazi lover as her husband and in-laws, popped her clogs in Paris. Again an errand was made PROMPTLY to collect jewels etc.

        Interesting that Simpson adored Hitler just like her niece in law Betty, the monstrous mother and father. The photo of them giving the Nazi salute, is in the public domain. How fitting that your SIR Starmer got his bauble from Betty. The facts and TRUTHS of History, mock your SIR.

        No matter how much filthy money Max Headroom eventually gets as his sordid reward, most readers and i will always despise him. Starmar is beneath contempt. I used to think the Blair creature occupies the basest moral level possible and utterly repellant. But Starmar is just a smidgen above the disgusting war criminal. Why? Because bollard head deceiver Starmar is still developing a rictus grin like the faecal amoeba WMD Blair. Keith is also not as orange yet not as universally despised … yet. Only those who know Starmer despise him. It will take some years for him to slither his way unto wide public knowledge. Then as one, they will say slime-ball‼️

      5. windchime – I’m sure that there is somebody out there who will appreciate the value of your little rant contribution.

      6. Funny, isn’t it, signpost, that on the one hand YOU castigate Jeremy for apologising too much when he did no such thing, and on the OTHER hand, the saboteurs fraudulently castigate him for having NOT apologised. And needless to say, both yourself AND the saboteurs – the smearers – are lying so as to smear Jeremy.

        But given you claim that he has apologised ‘numerous times’, and to the point where you were sick of hearing it – or so you claim – how many times are you alleging Jeremy apologised (more-or less) – ie ten times, twenty times , more? Yes, he apologised on several occasions during the first coupls of years he was leader, but then a few months after Labour came so close to winning in 2017, the saboteurs started their direct attacks on Jeremy, and if I remember correctly (and I’m not gonna bother to start searching and checking) the FIRST ‘episode’ was the mural episode, and Jeremy aplogised for not looking at the picture of the mural properly (on his relatively small screen mobile) that Mear One had posted on facebook along with his message that it was going to be removed.

        And I believe the NEXT ‘episode’ was the ‘English Irony’ episode, which although it was said in relation to a couple of Zionist trouble makers, it was fraudulently ‘transformed’ by the MSM et al into him having said it in relation to every single Jewish person in the country. And if he did apologise at ALL in relation to that……

        So I just this moment did a quick search, and it appears he DIDN’T apologise, and on this occasion had no reason to anyway:

        So how many times do you think Jeremy apologised approximately signpost?

      7. Just found the following BBC News article in which it says that Jeremy apologised TWICE in 2018. Yeah, no wonder yur sick of hearing him apologise signpost you lying little shill!

        Jeremy Corbyn has apologised again for incidents of anti-Semitism in Labour.

        The party leader said sorry twice in 2018, but was criticised for refusing to do so four times in a recent interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil.

        Asked repeatedly on ITV’s This Morning by Phillip Schofield to apologise, Mr Corbyn said: “Obviously I am very sorry for everything that has happened.”

        And he wasn’t ‘asked’ repeatedly by Schofield, he was ‘hassled’ repeatedly!

  5. I would really like to know who has the final say as to who interviews the regional party officers, how many are on the interview panel and how the panel is elected and where are the posts advertised?

  6. “on grounds as nebulous as suspicion of ‘breaking the rules’,”

    If only the fuckwits knew their own Rules and could quote the elevant one…

    And these idiots believe they should be responsible for making and enforcing our laws, LOL.

  7. Nothing I can see stopping left wing members creating their own database of shared emails at branch/CLP level – or even nationally by a trusted intermediary like Skwawkbox or some other well known activist?
    Momentum must have done the same – without Lansman the Momentum concept is good.

    An alternative means of communication is a pretty basic precaution I would have thought, when the Blairites have a monopoly on everything else.

    1. David you are correct with momentum,they were always better organised and on the ball it was a pleasure turning up in Brighton to get Moyle a young solid socialist mp.elected ITs increasingly looking like momentum might be the catylist for a Socialist party if they would only dump the fiefdom.I have worked in a number of campaigns and its difficult not to admire the way they organised and targeted.areas and got down to the nitty gritty when dishing the dirt on the Torys.But then again not everyone likes the idea of negative campaigning against the torys and my favourite target the limp dems..I think that lansman and others saw the potential for Momentum long before those of us that joined them to not only be a Corbyn support movement,but a replacement for the knight led Labour party….Shame about the baggage of lansman?

  8. Yes yes, Skwawky, I think we can all be quite unequivocally sure that the now firmly back in charge Labour Right (and we can include the majority of those supposed Soft Left ‘centrists’ who the Corbynites constantly , foolishly, hoped could be won over to the ‘Corbynist cause’, by ever-greater watering down of Left policies and politics during the craven four years of ‘Corbynism’) , is on a determined, likely very successful, long-planned, mission to crush the easily-crushable PLP ‘Left’ , and expel as many rank and file Lefties as possible – as ordered by their Big Business paymasters.

    Given the utter cowardiice of the tiny PLP Left , and the confused, actually Left Liberal, not socialist, politics of the bulk of the remaining Corbynistas’ in the now fast-dwindling mass membership, there is NO CHANCE of the ‘Left’ recovering control of the, rotten to its core, by corruption and careerism and capitalist ideology , NuLabour Party mk2. After all, the 2015 Corbyn victory itself was a total fluke, enabled by a few patronising RIGHT wingers like Margaret Beckett signing Jeremy’s nomination paper at the eleventh hour ! And the ‘Corbyn Left Surge’ was really the (totally unexpected by the PLP Left) UK bit of the much wider European-wide, post 2008 Crisis ‘Left Surge’ – all of which has now crashed and burned as each and every ‘insurgent Left Party, from Podemos to Syriza , compromised their politics , moved rightwards, under the pressure of the Markets ,and lost their fragile electoral support. And that Europe-wide ‘radical Left ‘ failure brought its inevitable result, as new radical insurgent populist RIGHT WING movements filled that political void . In the UK we saw that clearly in the extraordinary , if temporary, explosion of voter support for The Brexit Party – on the heels of the arrogant betrayal of the Corbyn Labour Party of its 2017 commitment to ‘respect the EU Referendum result’ – a betrayal wholeheartedly supported by not only the Labour Right, but most of the , totally middle class, Corbynite ‘Left’ too !

    All this ‘passing of pro Corbyn and anti Starmer motions, displacement activity by an ever-dwindling Labour Corbynite (Left Liberal ‘Left) membership, gleefully reported by Skwawkbox, is actually irrelevant. Not only won’t it recapture a fundamentally corrupt and neoliberalism-supporting pro imperialist, Labour Party (to be again internally sabotaged and betrayed even by its tiny group of fake Left PLPers- as Jeremy was by them over Brexit, even if ‘successful’ in its own terms !) , but it displays a remarkable ‘political deafness’ to what is rushing down the river of history with an ever-louder roar, ie, the mother and father of a new GLOBAL economic crisis, of 1929 and 2008 proportions. A mega crisis provoked by not only covid19 but the failure of global capitalism to deal with the disfunctional financial system that produced the 2008 Crisis. Fannying about in the corrupt Labour Party is going to be a waste of time when that crisis hits the already very weak global economy, and the UK’s unbalanced, financialised, service industry, candy floss economy, in particular.

    . The mass unemployment and hyper Austerity to come- very soon- will move class antagonism and struggle to the streets, not the smoky backrooms of futile Labour ‘Left’ politics – or Tory politics come to that. Unless the socialist Left gets its act together to build a radical mass Left Party very soon, the always much more dynamic and ideologically flexible forces of Far Right populism will sweep us all away – in a tsunami of scapegoating and inter communal disintegration .

    Still, never mind all that , eh – just keep those irrelevant CLP motions rolling into Party HQ – to be chucked straight into the bin by a chuckling Starmer and co – who are equally deaf to that ever-growing oncoming roaring noise from the approaching new economic global mega crisis. . Of course a return to the bankrupt, discredited neoliberal ‘third way’ Blairism of the 1990’s won’t cut it for you either when that economic shock hits , smug Starmerite scum ! Business as usual ain’t an option for Left or Right.

  9. Yet still they stay and pay there subscriptions to endorse this BS. The only course of action is a new party until then you are endorsing this the stay and fight BS will achieve nothing. The cancer is do damn deep.

    Until you accept this and make sadly the acceptance that the Labour pay of our parents is dead and gone and will NEVER be coming back! Until we make a new one. We are in the wife battering stay silent and maybe they will change BS mindset they want you in! They want your silence, your endorsement your hard work while they abuse and use you.

    Until we have a socialist Labour party this crap will continue and get worse they are on a crusade to remove all socialism from Labour. We barely have any true left MP’s now and they are silent as ever to scared to do anything. Where is there fire there convictions? Nope silence… I am tired of silence and acceptance and crap advice like stay and fight your fighting a cancer that has taken over 90% of the body do you honestly think you will get rid of it all?

    Never happen until you break the cycle and start again. Mark my words this is the start of the campaign against socialism! You have a choice stay and fight and accept they will destroy whatever is left in the Labour party. Or say nope, stop giving them money and support and demand we have the socialist party we need in this country..

    1. In response to bad Penny and disabledgrandad
      Its our party so join and vote
      Evans will not be confirmed and Temporary Embarrassment will face a challenge soon
      We can speed up the process by winning the Unison election, once you control unions and NEC then its fairly straightforward to clear out Red Tories en masse once qnd for all
      Dawn Butler appears to have the balls and the patter to challenge

      1. Doug – I don’t think she enjoys enough popularity in the party, Dawn Butler only got 10.9% of the vote in the deputy leadership elections and was eliminated in the first round.

      2. SteveH
        Come the day come the woman, it’s all about timing, my dog could beat your man now, but he’s busy at the moment, always wished I could do what he does in front of the fire most nights

  10. I can imagine another possibility.
    At Sunak’s present level of spending, taxing the rich must be tempting, or at least on his mind – as it must be on the minds of many other finance ministers around the world who fear the societal repercussions of inflicting another round of austerity so soon after the last.
    If they can only think of a way to pass it off as “the benevolence of our rich saviours” and some way to make it at least appear to fit into the capitalist ‘theory of everything’ another decade of austerity might be avoided.
    The 1% are not stupid – if accepting new tax regimes defers violent insurrection – they’ll probably choose taxes over death.

    1. Exactly. They’ll tax the rich, who will scream and tell us they can’t afford to fund the NHS, pensions, care, education, housing at current levels and we must all share the burden, referring constantly to taxes imposed on the rich and saying nothing about increased funding for the military and intelligence.

      1. The West was bankrupt before Covid19
        They are talking of a new Bretton Woods or the Great Reset
        Either way advice is

  11. This is getting really annoying and it’s time in fact way past time the Dictatorship of the Right Wing Brown Shirts were left with their own sleekit wee clique with only themselves to Bully and persecute, “THE LEFT HAVE TO GROW SOME CAJONES” And make the decision to leave the Tory supporting nightmare new new Labour Party which as a party is dysfunctional and useless Comrades Kinnock Blair Brown Harman Milliband and now Starmer have destroyed the Party of Real Men of the People Clem Attlee Nye Bevan Anthony Wedgewood Benn Dennis Skinner Jeremy Corbyn Dianne Abbot Laura Pidock, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Alison McGovern, Thornberry would’ve been at the front but like Starmer and McDonnel they Betrayed Jeremy, My personal choice for Leader of a New Party for the People would be Long-Bailey as Leader and Ian Lavery as Deputy or Vice’ Versa’ and definitely Jeremy and Dianne on the Shadow Cabinet. To the Socialists named above tell Starmer Evens the Observer, Mail, Sun, Independent, Telegraph, Times, BBC, ITV, SKY CH4 We are coming for YOU

    1. David Stoddart obituary from the Guardian …

      “In 2001 he was suspended from the Labour whip in the Lords and the following year expelled from party membership; he had objected to the former Conservative MP Shaun Woodward being parachuted into the safe Labour seat of St Helens South in the 2001 election, and had given financial support to an independent Socialist Alliance candidate standing against him.”

      So, not a lot different to today ………………..

  12. Labours Chief whip Nick Brown has written to J Corbyn today [Monday], in my opinion this is the final reckoning, Corbyn told the truth in his first statement, he cannot retreat from that, he would lose all self respect, Starmer is hoping Corbyn can capitulate in order to save his [Starmers] skin, how can you capitulate on telling the truth?
    He [N Brown]wrote: “Will you unequivocally, unambiguously and without reservation apologise for your comments made on the morning of 29 October 2020, in particular for saying ‘One anti-Semite is one too many, but the scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents inside and outside the party, as well as by much of the media’, which caused such distress and pain to Jewish members of the Labour Party and the wider Jewish community?”
    Mr Brown also asked Mr Corbyn to confirm that he will remove or edit his response – which he posted on Facebook, and asked for an assurance that he will cooperate fully with the party as it seeks to implement the EHRC’s recommendations.
    A Labour spokesman said: “Following consultation with the Labour Leader, the Chief Whip has written to Jeremy Corbyn about his precautionary suspension from the whip.

    1. Its a game ffs
      One anti semite is too many, my point was 99.9% 9f Labour members are not anti semitic, this is accepted by the wider Jewish Community who support the Labour party

      1. Finish with
        I also accepted and encouraged the swift implementation of the EHRC findings in regard to the disciplinary process, not least interference by the leadership and other third parties
        Will you join me in confirming your acceptance of those principles

    2. I hadn’t seen that , very carefully targeted, demand today from Labour’s Chief Whip ! Of course Jeremy’s earlier carefully worded ‘clarification’ just before his successful disciplinary hearing did try to retreat from precisely that key passage, but by inference, not by direct recantation. If Jeremy DOES accede to the Chief Whip’s cynically poisonous demand on that vital passage in his ‘offending’ statement, he will be denying the reality of the last four years of systematic smearing by the Right – totally grovelling to the Right’s deliberate demand that he deny their carefully orchestrated four-year campaign to pin the anti-Semitism smear on him (the most active anti-racist politician of his generation) – and of course denying any solidarity with all the present and past members expelled , or facing expulsion, for statements that are merely critical about Israel and its unconditional UK support lobby, not anti-Semitic . The Chief Whip has also apparently now set HIMSELF up as an entirely new, self-appointed, arm of the Party’s disciplinary procedure , since this issue was resolved to its satisfaction by Jeremy’s formal disciplinary hearing, and its finding should apply to the PLP too !

      My guess is that there is no demand for ever-more gross self-abasement that Jeremy won’t comply with – to stay until death in the Labour Party ! Such is the masochistic tragedy of the ‘Battered Wife Syndrome’- afflicted pathetic Labour PLP Left throughout its entire history.

    3. Jeremy should tell Nick Brown he’s had enough of appeasing Zionists and tell him to stuff his letter.

      Anyone, be they Jewish or not, who is supposedly upset at Corbyn’s anti racism is either very seriously misinformed or weaponising their religious belief against him.

    4. “A Labour spokesman said: “Following consultation with the Labour Leader, the Chief Whip has written to Jeremy Corbyn about his precautionary suspension from the whip.”

      So in fact where the Report stated that the leadership should not be involved in disciplinary proceedings, this letter states – and does so publicly as the Chief Whip has openly also stated – that the Labour Leader IS interfering in disciplinary matters.

      It is, of course, open warfare.

      I’ve never been impressed with Starmer. And here he is proving me, and all his critics right. Far from trying to unify the party, he is doing everything in his power to blow it out of the water! I’d never believe that I would have said this just a few months ago – but the country is in better hands with the fool/liar/philanderer/incompetent we already have in Number 10!

      Happily, I live in Scotland, so can only hope that we have a referendum that will leave England to cope with the worst government and the worst opposition ever!

      1. Joe
        I live in Norhumberland thinking of getting the band back together
        The Border Reivers

      1. I doubt Jeremy will be the winner, he’s played this one so wrong. If he’d issued his last statement (the one that got him past the NEC) in the first place we wouldn’t be where we are now. I just can’t get past the question What was the positive outcome that Jeremy hoped to achieve by his initial responses to the EHRC report.

      2. Or
        This has nothing to do with JC, the internal report demands the removal of Red Tories, never again can we trust those who prefer a Tory government over a socialist government remaining in the Labour Party

      3. Doug – There are few on here who are apparently quite happy for that to happen.
        They would be far better employed in pushing hard for a policy of PR in GEs then gritting their teeth and working as hard as they can to get a Labour government (whoever is leader) elected to implement this. Then and only then will their new socialist party be viable. Whilst ever we have a FPTP system they are pissing in the wind. Instead of lurching from short term factional crisis to crisis with factional splits they need to take a medium term view and not loose sight of their and game.
        I won’t be holding my breath.

      4. SteveH, don’t play the innocent, you’ve already been given the answer but because it is detrimental to Starmer you won’t accept it.

      5. Jack – Why you have conned yourself into believing I have any inside knowledge is a bit of a mystery

      6. SteveH, that’s a rather convoluted way of saying you suffer from short term memory loss.

      7. Jack – Is it really, perhaps you’d care to explain yourself because I haven’t a f’ing clue what you are on about.

      8. SteveH
        FPTP works for us in a genuine 3 way contest, proved time and again 3rd party take Tory and Lib Dum votes

      9. SteveH “If he’d (JC) issued his last statement (the one that got him past the NEC) in the first place we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

        You don’t seem to be grasping how desperate to reassure the trilateraal Billionaires, BoD, DM editor, etc., the new short-lived leader of Labour is. He’s a self-serving beaurocrat and not much else. Puts me in mid of Sidney from the Bash Street Kids.

      10. qwertboi – I don’t see the similarity myself –

        You on the other hand don’t seem to be able to grasp that Corbyn, despite his many attributes, is now yesterdays man. You need to be learning from the mistakes that were made and looking forward to what’s next instead of looking back and fantasising about at what might have been.

      11. SteveH I know you haven’t a clue, which is why you support Starmer.

      12. 2017 GE
        Clear Red Water
        13 million votes, 550,000 members
        20,000 short of forming a government
        Betrayed and sabotaged by Red Tories

      13. Doug – You may find the following of interest.

        ” In 19 of the last 20 general elections, most people have voted for parties to the left of the Conservatives, yet the Tories have been in power for 63% of this time. By 2024 this is set to rise to two-thirds of the time – without the Tories once securing a majority of the votes. So last Thursday’s result – a progressive majority of voters but a Conservative majority of MPs – was really no surprise. It is actually the most common outcome under FPTP.
        Make no mistake, Labour did badly last week. There is no voting system that would have turned this defeat into a triumph. Winning only 32% of the votes shows that something went very wrong, and I’ll leave others to debate where the blame lies. But if Thursday’s votes had been counted under a proportional system, Labour would now be regrouping in a parliament that is mostly to the left of the Tories, rather than one that is mostly to the right of voters.
        The failure of past Labour governments to get rid of FPTP has harmed not only the party but those who depend on us. Long-term Conservative hegemony has made the UK one of the most unequal societies in the developed world, in contrast to the most equal countries which all achieved what they have through PR..”

    1. What’s you motivation in telling us that we are allegedly ‘furious’ at this SteveH and why are you conflating every (imagined) issue into your obsession with Jeremy Corbyn?

      I’m the age that can remember grandparents lighting a coal fire most days. Sometimes it’s as if you are here to make sure that the left kindle and waft their anger to feed the airflow and make sure the combustion takes hold.

      1. qwertboi – I posted the article to inform, nothing more nothing less, Is that a problem?
        I’m not sure why you have referenced that you are of an age etc etc. but thanks because your reference to coal fires brought back fond childhood memories of having a bath in a galvanised tub in the living room in front of the coal fire in a 1 down 2 up back to back terrace with an outside toilet. There was no running hot water, the water had to be heated up in an enormous kettle on the open fire range.

  13. “This is a situation in which goyim – from Keir Starmer, to Angela Rayner, to Wes Streeting, to Luke Akehurst – all claim to be acting on behalf of the Jews, when in truth they are using Jews as thin cover for their attack on socialism. They claim to want to allay fears that Jews have, while in fact they whip up fears among Jews. They have concealed all evidence that antisemitism in the Labour Party is being dealt with and declining. Meanwhile, in making Jews the perfect fall guys for their attacks on democracy and socialism, they have produced a situation in which antisemitism is more, not less, likely to flourish. This is what I call antisemitism.”

    ‘The Antisemitism of Sir Keir Starmer’:

    1. PW – i seem to remember posting those thoughts many months ago.
      The closing lines are of GREAT concern to me and should worry everyone.

      Quite a while ago, i stated using different words, that plotters saboteurs Bliar, Mandelson, Starmer, Hodge, Ummuna, Berger, Streeting, Eagle et al were abusing the precious memory of hundreds of thousands, for base self-serving political gain.

      That abuse was and remains dangerous. All of us innocent people will pay the price of the wicked abuse by anti-Semites = wicked RACIST = Sir Keith Starmar and the other plotters who said openly that they were “working night and day” to make us lose the elections in 2017 and 2019. Their purpose was and is, to preserve the status quo which PRIORITIES the wealthiest 1% ALL OVER THE WORLD, of ALL FAITHS and none, of any melatonin levels, geographic origins, physiological and other characteristics.

      MONEY and POWER for the few. THAT IS ALL🚨🚨🚨

  14. A Party within a Party. There’s a strong case for such a thing. It would be easier to stay and fight as a member of a distinct entity WITHIN Labour than to ‘belong’ directtly to the party that has Keir Rodney Starmer as its leader. and self-serving antidemocratic shenanigans as its modus operandi.

  15. ‘A Party within a Party’
    Er, that ones been tried before. Despite massive success, never being voted out, in fact increasing the LP vote every year. But they still prefer Tories and Libs to be in power so they close everything down and rule from the top.
    Forget what the rule book and constitution says, especially the ‘bottom up, not top down’ bit and any reference to democracy and accountability.
    There’s a storm on the way cmds. An economic storm, an ideological attack as the economics of the attack can’t be justified. Better start preparing. The LP leadership and paid officials will be predominantly on the side of the rich.

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