Tory MP Bradley deletes race tweet after getting owned by Martin Luther King’s daughter

Another in Bradley’s long, long, long list of social media fails

You might have to hand it to Tory MP Ben Bradley for his persistence – if nothing else – in sticking at social media in spite of being really, really bad at it.

Bradley is the author of what is still thought to be the most successful ever Tory tweet, when he had to publish a grovelling apology to then-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for libelling him when he claimed Corbyn had sold secrets to ‘Communist spies’ – and ask Twitter users to please retweet it – in order to end legal action brought by Corbyn’s lawyers.

Bradley has also:

And this week he has been thoroughly owned by the daughter of Martin Luther King, after Bradley misused King’s words to try to justify his dismissive attitude toward anti-racism activists.

Bradley tweeted what appears to be a claim that a section of ‘MLK’s famous ‘I have a dream’ speech meant skin colour was irrelevant and therefore activism such as the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is redundant:

But King’s daughter Bernice put him right:

Bradley responded by deleting his tweet, so it’s not possible to see exactly what he was responding to with his comment, but it seems from Ms King’s correction that her dad’s speech was about fighting and eradicating racism that she took him to be advocating a slack ‘laissez faire’, ‘everything’s fine as it is’ attitude to it.

Mr Bradley did not respond to a request for comment on why he made the comment in the first place and why he deleted it.

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  1. The fxxxwit wanker that just keeps on giving … keep up the good work Benwanker , people of Mansfield , this tosser is your MP ,,, brilliant , , but you deserve so much better ,

    1. rob, if Tory MP Bradley had the slightest appreciation of Martin Luther King Jr, then he would not be in the party full of rampant bigots, racist, and Nazi costume dressers.

      If he cared about Martin Luther King Junior’s values, then he would despise his Tory Party colleagues whose perversions also include crushing the many to benefit only the few, their chums, the one percent.

      Can any of us disagree with the following from King ?

      ” Oftentimes, well-intention citizens that do not themselves harbor such prejudices TEND to be ALOOF and ABSTAIN from the DEBATE around issues that are difficult to discuss. ”

      ” While opponents will continue to spew venom, if the silent majority remains so, the evil of racism will continue to perpetuate. ”

      Who can disagree, that ALL evils will continue to perpetuate if we perpetually remain aloof and abstain from debates ?

      Who can disagree that being “well-intentioned” is of little worth if we stay silent because we are afraid of being attacked ?


  2. Bradley is a nasty piece of work, but is typical of tories.

    Martin Luther King Jr. is the nearest possible person to being a hero of mine. I have so much respect for him, his family and everything he stood for.

    1. Richard, you may then appreciate Martin Luther King Jr.’s wisdom –

      ” In the end,
      we will remember
      not the words of our enemies,
      but the silence of our friends.’ ”

  3. From the context – and knowing what a stunted self-abuser Bradley is – I’d guess he was pushing the “ALL lives matter” agenda.
    Needledick probably sees himself as a wedge for the far right

    Racist half-tards like him pretend to their full-tard supporters that “Black Lives Matter” means “ONLY black lives matter” – that black people are demanding special privileges – when in fact it means “black lives matter TOO” – so please stop shooting us.

  4. Martin Luther King Jr. — ‘In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’ 🌹🌹🌹

  5. Open up the CLP offices for the street sleepers and feed them.Do something practical this xmass and through the long winter CLPs can send a message to the knight and to this Tory government….feed and shelter the basics of humanity and we can show them that they are not the only ones who can throw away the rule book and do somthing practical.Feed the Hungry…!

    1. I really like your idea Joseph and I reckon any decent socialist would definitely commit to doing so.

      I would even be willing to welcome someone into my home if I had the room!

      1. Richard I floated this idea in Reigate CLP ..and it was shot dead by all sorts of objections…I never chaired another mtg at the same time suggesting that if we can have the Iranian representatives then I would be inviting Sinn Fein to speak because in the early ninties the political situation could no longer be relevant to a democratic either country.WE need to do what we can for our working class communities and feed the hungry and destitute is a good start.Let the knight play his games whilst we help real people in a crisis.Momentum are out there stopping eviction,we can follow their lead and open the CLP and the doors and let in the sunlight and do Something. Let the knight and all the deadbeat party officials try to stop us in front of the press.

      2. Wonder what m’Lord has got his family for Xmas with your subs!

  6. Another reason why Corbyn should’ve bankrupted the gobshite…Your average Joe in the street won’t remember bradley’s ‘apology’ but they’d have certainly remembered him being fooked off from the commons for being a (skint) mouthy knobhead.

    Now you want to define their physical characteristics?’

    Says the prick who’s party has implemented a eugenicist, vindictive, persecutional policy against the disabled; almost on a par with the nazis’ Aktion Tiergarten 4′ programme.

    It’d be poetic justice if someone was to put him in their position, the snide little prick.

  7. BLM is to Racism what Feminism is to Misandry…….nothing to do with equality. When Bob Marley sings ‘until the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes, everywhere is war’.That does not mean “see me, see my colour”, that makes the KKK or Eugene Terrablanche or even Marcus Garvey right!
    BLM is as divisive as Feminism…….bourgeois & the antithesis of equality.In the ’60s Black & White United together to fight social injustice, but it was @ grass roots together. BLM manifests itself on BBC; Channel 4; Murdoch TV; the Guardian…………championed by the same MSM & journalists who united to destroy Jeremy Corbyn & Socialism..

    The struggle is class based & not racial nor gender. BLM in Britain is a MSM construct for the bourgeois ‘woke’ to shine their ‘liberal badge’, following USA once again. There are major differences between the social injustices prevalent in America & those to be in Britain. In Britain, it will change nothing but discriminate against the poor who are not black.’The masters still make the rules for the wise & the Fools’. The bourgeoisie are marching to their own tune, as they always have & the poor will suffer as the ‘have nots’ always pay the price.

    Emmeline & Chrystabel Pankhurst despised the working classes. The Suffragettes did not want Equality, they demanded Parity with the men of their own class. The mother stood as a Tory MP with the slogan ‘For King; Country & Empire’. Sylvia Pankhurst was a Socialist & refused to speak to her mother & sister. BLM is bourgeois & championed by multi-millionaires to promote the career prospects of their chums.

    1. Excellent post. I distrusted BLM immediately. How on earth it has offices, officers, funds and media support from thin air has always baffled me as has taking the fucking knee. We bow to no-one, especially as that is an IDF form of execution; now used by a cop near you. Dear oh dear, I was told that as I aged I would move to the centre. I’m more left the closer that I approach the lip of the last trench. Fuck em, centrists are right wing at best. Let’s recognise the party for what it really is. Come on admit it even just to yourself. Regards ☮️ Wobbly

  8. Poor Black & White unite because we live in the same poverty stricken ghettos; suffer the same mass unemployment & do the same low skilled jobs for the same poverty wages; with no social mobility. It is a class issue. Subject to the same discrimination & social injustice.

    I do not belittle BLM in USA. Their prison & justice system in a gun carrying culture is a recipe for pain, but Liverpool is not Georgia; Pennsylvania nor Michegan. Immigrants living in Britain have chosen their country of residence freely, unlike those in USA. Bernice King’s summary of a triple evil is accurate, universal & particularly relevant to USA. BLM appears to have become selectively blind to the plight of Palestinians & Yemen; victims of international military arms sales regimes, including Tory Britain. When will Sir Keir Starmer speak out against it?

    I have a serious problem with skin colour labels. The colour of my skin is white, but I often described as being ‘swarthy’, Eastern European Gypsy. Swarthy enough to have been physically attacked last summer, when the ‘Gypsies’ came to town. My son’s skin colour is much darker than mine, but he is still light skinned. @ school he was told he was not black enough to be part of ‘Black October’ Celebrations of Black History, because his skin was too white. His mother’s skin colour is black. My family are mongrel; we are mixed race; neither Black nor White. We do not accept your labels because we are outsiders; not part of your smug bourgeois ‘humanities’ project that feature in our ‘liberal’ education system. Sam Cook’s anthem ‘Change is gonna come’ is an illusion & never attained if you place your trust in the bourgeoisie.

    1. Good post. Fuck em and their tick boxes, mad adverts and quite insane soaps and dramas. If you’re not white and want to get on get someone from Rampton to do your hair. Laugh insanely at the most inane remarks and have a sense of rhythm. Build a media created inner city subculture for the youth. Just keep the class thing out of the conversation or Moron might resign again. Must we look to the USA for advice on race and class? Is it too late or too soon? Depends, you know what pets are like. Some are very easy to train while others just will not be told what’s best for them.

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