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Breaking: Labour suspends chair, co-secretary of Bristol West CLP for pro-Corbyn motion passed by members

Earlier this week, Bristol West constituency Labour party (CLP) passed a motion condemning the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn. The former Labour leader was suspended late last month for comments on the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report that the report said he had a legally-protected right to make. The motion read:

This CLP notes:

1. That the Labour Party leadership has suspended Jeremy Corbyn MP from the party and removed the parliamentary whip, ostensibly due to his statement regarding the EHRC’s report on antisemitism in the Labour Party.

2. A number of public figures, including but not limited to the leader of the party, the deputy leader of the party, and the Socialist Campaign Group have issued public statements on the suspension, and that the SCG has called for re-instatement, yet the general secretary has nevertheless ordered that CLPs cannot do the same.
This CLP believes:

3. That Jeremy Corbyn MP is a socialist and life-long fighter against racism inside and outside the Labour Party

4. That his suspension is a politically motivated attack against the left of the Labour Party by the leadership.

This CLP resolves:

5. To condemn Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension and demand his reinstatement to the party.

6. To oppose any and all politically motivated disciplinary actions against the left by the leadership.

7. To send the contents of this motion to the Leader’s Office and the NEC.

8. That the voting numbers for, against or abstain of any motions will be included with any messages sent within the Labour Party.

The Labour Party has suspended the CLP’s chair and one of its co-secretaries for allowing the motion to be debated. The CLP is expected to release a statement soon.

For ‘centrist’, read ‘Stalinist’.

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      1. Alexander Lukashenko is the president of Belarus, the last dictatorship in Europe, keir starmer is acting like a dictator!

      2. I am well aware of what you were implying, except Lukashenko was elected, and even the Independent and other corporate news outlets reported that he did command a majority in the country, and has solid support especially away from the big cities.

      1. We are already like North Korea, as we have an unelected head of state which elicits unbelievable public displays of emotion!

        I will NEVER bow down to anyone, especially not lizzie saxa-coburg-goth-mountbatten-windsor and her bunch of inbred parasites!

  1. Perhaps this will help to concentrate the minds of those here still intent on re-hashing the arguments for and against the EU here and elsewhere. Stalin used bureaucratic means to stifle debate in the Russian Communist Party, so it is no exaggeration to describe “Great Leader” and his apparatchiks as Stalinists. The question is, does the Left have the balls and sense of purpose to resist, both from inside and outside the LP. As for the “Campaign” group of MPs, they aren’t collectively worth a bucket of warm spit.

  2. They break EVERY rule. They always have. I’m not frustrated with them. They act as i expect them to act. Are we frustrated that snakes inject venom or strangle❓ Are we frustrated that foxes leave a stench❓ Are we frustrated that Starmers are for defecating❓

    Starmer is what it is. We must face it rather than try to ignore its filthy nature. Until we accept that Starmer is filth we are are pissing up wind. Starmer is a duplicitous heartless servant of the 1%. A cager of Julian Assange.

    Starmer is a tool of the establishment who helped the disreputable operators at Hillsborough, Steven Lawrence Killers, many other deaths in police custody, insider dealers, tax evaders, pharmaceutical maimers and murderers, political wrongdoers escape justice.

    Starmer turned a blind eye to pedophile enablers in the Tory Party, the BBC and the Church of England and Catholic Church and Prince Charles eg close friendship with Jimmy Saville… SIR Starmer either assisted in the easy ride for all of the above snd or FAILED to make ANY meaningful efforts to bring wrongdoers to justice.

    That anyone can think Starmer & Co can be “worked around” or “keep calm” about their wicked aims, or have “unity” with wicked rule breakers… that anyone can think such, let alone say it in public tells us all we need to know. We must no longer depend on these people who show no evidence of learning despite close involvement for decades. How long does it take to learn what could be seen pretty clearly within 10 months❓❓❓

    1. Well I don’t know who said – or thought – that Starmer and Co can be ‘worked around’, because it doesn’t make sense that anyone WOULD. No doubt it was left-wing members of your (alleged!) CLP! So, anyway, I take it you have no problem with Jeremy being suspended, and suspended for making a valid point in his defence – ie that the A/S problem in the LP has been massively overstated etc – because it was only to be expected from the likes of Starmer and Co! And you have no problem with the suppression of freedom of speech by Starmer and Co because it was only to be expected, and ditto the suspension of the chair and one of the co-secretaries of Bristol West CLP!

      The vast majority of people on the left are outraged at Jeremy’s suspension and the diktat of Starmer and Evan’s and Co during the past month or so, but signpost isn’t bothered by THAT. No, he just picks up on the stuff that he can then castigate people for and try to discredit them, when he KNOWS damn well that such things are said with the general public in mind, because they – those he tries to discredit – could hardly start screaming that it’s all part of the Blairites agenda to rid the party of the left, could they! But signpost would have readers of skwawkbox believe that they’re stupid and that they don’t understand exactly what’s going on. Of COURSE they do!

      It’s the same old shill tactic – ie divert people’s attention AWAY from the assailants and direct it somewhere else, towards those who are being attacked and bullied by the assailants!

      1. White Flag Man Allan Howard Mr Appeaser in Chief And Shill hunt Can’t do 🔞🚫📵🚷🚭🚳🚱PISS OFF you twisted lying weird FRAUD with ZERO suggestions.

    2. Allan Howard you know very well who said what but choose to pretend and twist people’s words. U r a disgusting nasty piece of work. U know as everyone does that McCluskey said “keep calm” this can be sorted out, time for unity etc.
      I have stated here that McDonald said to “work around Coyle”. Everyone knows it. U must either be a nasty piece of twisted work with determination to keep us out of government, or a VERY nasty piece of twisted work, with VERY determination to keep us out of government. Either way Allan Howard you are a filthy fraud just like Starmer. Toss off you disgusting pest.

      1. Oh, you’ve sussed me out signpost, and my agenda is to keep us out of government, because needless to say, millions of people read this blog and hang on my every word.

        And this is a guy that continually concocts stuff so that he can then discredit people. And what’s wrong with McCluskey saying to keep calm. You go out of your way to find something you can use to try and discredit someone….. would you rather he said ‘Don’t keep calm, go out on the streets and riot’! Anyway, here’s just ONE example from about six months ago in which signpost concocted something so that he could then discredit Jeremy by comparison:

  3. Starmer and Evans look less sustainable by the day.

    Donald Trump will need a good lawyer as soon as he leaves office. Maybe we could talk Sir Forensic into applying. His Assange and Saville record and undoubted ability to do whatever a billionaire asks will bode well for him.

  4. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, they’ve got the reaction that they were trying to provoke.

    1. Oh, I see, so it wasn’t because they are GENUINELY outraged by Starmer and Evans and CO suspending Jeremy, and they couldn’t really care less about THAT, and their only reason for passing the motion was so to provoke the reaction they got!

      Jeeeze, yur so disingenuous and transparent it’s beyond belief that you bother!

      NB In case you haven’t picked up on the fact, SteveH ‘s agenda is to dissemble the Starmer propaganda line on skwawkbox!

      1. Allan – Don’t be such a tw*t. If people want to see what I said they can see my post above. It is short and to the point.which is more than can be said for your own diatribe that for some perverse reason you are trying to attach to me.

      2. And no doubt well paid for it…if the Caribbean dream is to be believed,and I do believe him on that.Shame hes dumping his mother though…and swaning off into the sunset with all the other parasites and tax dodgers..

      3. Joseph – What a weird and twisted way you have of looking at things. As I’ve told you many times before we are going home to the WI to my wife’s family, or don’t they count in your eyes. Your nasty snide comments are not welcome.

    2. And the reaction needed to be provoked in in order that everyone should understand that, for the first time in the history of the Labour Party, CLPs and members are being banned from expressing their considered opinions on matters of great importance to all members.
      When was the last former leader ‘suspended’ from membership by his successor?
      When was the last time that a CLP was banned from considering resolutions of this sort?
      Bristol’s socialists have made the position crystal clear: the leader of the party has ended all democratic procedures and taken it upon himself to dictate both policy and the discussion of policy.
      Those who evoke the examples of the USSR or North Korea trivialise the situation- the North Korean government has been under continual attack for seventy years, the USSR was surrounded by enemies.
      Starmer and Evans were actually in a honeymoon period in which the sort of nonsense that you spout-apologies for dictatorship- was tolerated by the mass of ordinary members and supporters. But this was not enough for them- absolute and instant obedience was required, no dissent was to be tolerated, they took out a patent on political truth and insisted that all respect it.
      First they moved against the leading rival in the leadership race, then they attacked the retired leader. Such behaviour can only be tolerated by those ready to accept the rule of ‘strong men’ over democracy. Starmer is treading the path that Mussolini beat- it leads to disasters of the sort besides which responsibility for the deaths of a million Iraqis pales in comparison.
      Every CLP in the country and every affiliate should indicate its solidarity with the Bristolians and their comrade Jeremy Corbyn

      1. bevin – The last time CLPs were forbidden to discuss disciplinary cases was when Jennie Formby issued the same instruction. These are disciplinary procedures that Jeremy and his allies put in place.

      2. ‘The last time CLPs were forbidden to discuss disciplinary cases was when Jennie Formby issued the same instruction.’

        When was that Steve, and in respect of what precisely?

      3. This is the instruction that Jennie Formby sent out I believe in response to a couple of CLPs passing motions about Chris Williamson.
        “Please note that individual disciplinary cases that are being dealt with through the NEC disputes processes are confidential. Motions on individual cases are therefore not competent business for discussion at CLPs and will not be discussed by the NEC or any associated bodies.”
        It is worth noting that these are the rules that JC’s team put in place and enforced.
        I hope that is clear enough for you.

    3. And you got the election result nobody else here deserved.

      But that doesn’t matter because stammer’s the party ‘leader’. That was all that mattered to you, so we’ll hear no more of your ‘tory enabling’ accusations when you openly express support for a gobshite that hasn’t once opposed, but has done nowt but brag about his support for toerag policy.

      So it’s about time you told us all what you think is the difference between stammer and the ‘rags.

    4. SH: “… they’ve got the reaction that they were trying to provoke”

      No, they are not top-down centrist manipulators, not centrist reprobates. They are democratic socialists and have simply collected and presented some evidence which makes its own case and causes good people to repond appropriately. Evidence-based poitics.

      Don’t judge good people by the standards of delinquency and PR.which for the starmer crew and other centrists are struggling to attain.

  5. The bitter bit. Whether you like Jeremy or not, the behaviour of Keir ‘Stalin’ Starmer and his apparatchiks are a disgrace.

  6. Little steven using the same gisingenuous shithouse argument as the toerags do on the exponential rise in foodbank use under the rags…. ‘Well, that’s because labour wouldn’t tell people about foodbanks’

    What a shithouse.

    The difference betwixt Johnson and stammer, little steven?

    What toerag policy has stammer OPPOSED, little steven?

    Unless you’re gonna reply to those two questions then don’t bother…unless you insist on showing yourself up for the supercilious, sneering coward you really are.

  7. Another shameful episode from Evans and Starmer whose idea of uniting the party is to alienate and punish dissenting voices while seemingly allowing their fan base to do whatever they like.
    Although they don’t need much of an excuse to discipline non followers. Is there any possibility that the local MP was humiliated when they didn’t follow her example of voting against the motion that she complained bitterly and encouraged action to be taken against them?
    It also seems rather strange that it’s only the Chair and co Secretary that has been suspended when I thought the diktat from Evans was CLPs were forbidden from discussing anything to do with Corbyn and his suspension.
    Surely then everyone who took part in the motion would have to be suspended. Or would that mean it would include those that voted against and are probably from the right of the party. .
    Evans should never have been allowed near any LP ‘managerial’ role, especially when he hadn’t even been supported by Conference.

    1. Can I hear the rush of the Socialist group of mps standing in “Solidarity” with the CLPs and Corbyn….thought not just the sound of rats running away.

      1. Funny how so many posters have been spouting this falsehood on skwawkbox since shortly after Jeremy was suspended. I know the following was reported in some of the MSM coverage of Jeremy’s suspension, as in the Morning Star:

        The Socialist Campaign Group – which includes Labour MPs John McDonnell, Diane Abbott, Richard Burgon, Ian Lavery and Rebecca Long Bailey – said it “firmly opposed” the suspension. “We will work tirelessly for his reinstatement,” it said.

        I’ve pointed this out and posted the SCGs response on at least a couple of occasions in the past week or more, and done so in response to posters spouting this falsehood, but they just go on repeating it of course!

      2. Still pa-trolling then! THAT is NOT the point Mr H and you fucking know it. You fucking shills on here have repeatedly given a totally false impression to the readers of skwawkbox – ie that there was no support from the SCG group of MPs at ALL. And the shills just KEEP reiterating it and repeating it for the obvious reason – so as to discredit SCG and portray them as cowardly.

        You know of course that THAT is precisely WHY I’ve posted what the SCG said, and anyone giving a factual account of their response to Jeremy’s suspension would have included it. But not one of the shills DID of course!

        Anyway, you obviously read the article you linked to, and so you OBVIOUSLY read the following in it:

        MPs lying low is not entirely surprising. The Parliamentary Labour Party was warned ahead of the report’s release that they were not to wade into any public discussion of the EHRC report unless they had been specifically requested by the party to do so. The action taken last week in suspending Corbyn suggests the warning was a serious one. Clearly many Corbynite MPs are keenly aware of the danger that making any comment on the substance of the former Labour leader’s statement could lead to their own suspension – and there is a reluctance to speak out when it is possible the situation could be resolved.

      3. Allan – Of course I’m fully aware of all of the contents of the article. I doubt I would have given you the link otherwise.
        I provided you with this information in good faith because it is the most balanced and comprehensive report that I have seen and I thought you may find it interesting to see the actual level of support that JC has attracted. How wrong can one be.
        It doesn’t say much for you as a person when you choose to respond in such an obnoxious way.

      4. So SteveH posts a link to an article that supposedly supports the the claim made by posters that the SCG MPs DIDN’T speak out about Jeremy being suspended, and yet the article didn’t say anything of the sort. In OTHER words, he posted the article (a link to it) to defend what the shills were fraudulently saying over and over again, and for no other reason, but THEN claims in a response that he WASN’T.

        As I said initially, various posters during the course of the past couple of weeks or so since Jeremy was suspended have posted comments castigating the SCG group of MPs for not giving their support to Jeremy, and probably posted such comments about a dozen times. And SteveH knows it. But instead of agreeing with me that they were painting a completely false picture to readers of Skwawkbox, he tries to fraudulently defend them, AND, then denies that he was doing so.

        As I keep saying Steve, yur so transparent it’s a joke! But you see one of Steve’s jobs as a full-time shill on this blog is to defend the other shills on here when necessary.

      5. Allan – Please refrain from putting words in my mouth and assigning your own nonsensical thoughts to me. For goodness sake just grow up.

  8. What we have here is a failure to communicate
    What we have here is a ‘Phony Civil War’
    Can we get on with it, there is no place for Red Tories in the Labour Party
    Unison Elections, two candidates need to drop out, can someone kick arse

  9. Here’s a timely reminder that nothing is forever – Nye Bevan was expelled from Labour some years before going on to create the NHS under the 1945 Labour government.

    This piece was penned by “Stalinists” – at least that’s what our enemies call us; I for one am proud to wear the label and wish Skwawk and others would stop bandying the word around in relation to Starmer, Evans and the bulk of the PLP. Uncle Joe, whatever else there is to say, was at least an unstinting socialist and anti-fascist – and yes he might have put most of the PLP up against the wall, because with friends like them, the working class don’t need enemies.

    1. The reference to Stalin from me was with regard to the methods Stalin used to remove rivals, it has nothing to do with policy. How could it, “Great Leader” and his gang haven’t got any policies, or rather just the one, making sure the Left has no influence in the LP and no repeat of the Corbyn election. To this end they employ bureaucratic manoeuvres just as Stalin did.

  10. They all fall for the anciant propaganda against Russia and uncle Joe because the anointed wished to continue with the Royalty and all the elites were shaken up by the power of the Socialist peoples of Russia

      1. OOOOHHH SHIT , bloody Friday the 13th , just look what happened last time on that day and date , who the hell thought it was a good idea to announce the results today , shit shit shit !

  11. I’m looking for a WORD that will accurately & truthfully describe the actions taken by Starmer & Evans to deny Labour Party Members Freedom of Speech. A WORD that defines authoritarian actions taken to ensure that democracy is corrupted in the Labour Party & no voices can be raised in opposition………help me Comrades, what is that WORD?

    1. Steve Richards…..A Demonaire..Democracy.. And can Squawkbox remove that odious staring beast from the article Icant take anymore of “IT” thing.

  12. Fascist? The cowardly denunciation and spying on population by the population to flush out dissidents to put it in very general and simplified terms.

    1. As soon as Sir Keir Rodney and Evans the Jab clear them with the trilateral billionaires….

  13. There is a concerted effort to get the left to leave the Labour party and to set obvious traps like the above. We have to keep our powder dry and think laterally. We must not fall into obvious traps and be disciplined.

    We should be thinking of strategies that will let our numbers be seen and as soon as an avenue is proscribed think up a new strategy. Show the Press to be the partisan liars that they are. We need to take back control incrementally. We will have to fight using Guerrilla tactics and never take on the enemy frontally.

    Taking back the machinery of the party should be number one.

    1. Agree totally ktmrichard. Please post more often. This is a battle that can not be won by telepathy🌹🌹🌹

    2. ktmrichard said that we should ‘Show the Press to be the partisan liars that they are.’

      Fair enough, but would you like to explain how we go about doing that precisely.

  14. If every CLP passed a motion against the suspension of Corbyn that would be worth organising because they could not suspend every CLP but to let yourself fall into a trap where you can be picked off is not the way to go.

    1. Or instead of wasting our time and effort compounding Corbyn’s stupidity we could do something useful instead and concentrate on the 2021 local elections.

      1. Steve I don’t think it is useful to get suspended. This is the point and any effort that is not organised enough to cover all the pieces should not be attempted.

        As for insulting Corbyn, why?

      2. kktmrichard – You are right, accusing him of stupidity was wrong because he was all too well aware of the response that he was likely to provoke and what the likely fall-out would be.

    1. Thanks ktmrichard. I voted for all of those at our GC nomination meeting and at the NEC vote. I’m sorry about Esther and the one other candidate who should stand again🌹🌹🌹

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