Exclusive: full wording of motion passed on Monday by Shadow Cabinet minister’s CLP, condemning ‘political’ Corbyn suspension

Bristol West carried motion undiluted in spite of right-wing attempts to pack meeting

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Bristol West MP Thangam Debbonaire

Bristol West constituency Labour party (CLP) has passed a searing motion condemning unequivocally the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn. The former Labour leader was suspended late last month for comments on the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report that the report said he had a legally-protected right to make.

This CLP notes:

1. That the Labour Party leadership has suspended Jeremy Corbyn MP from the party and removed the parliamentary whip, ostensibly due to his statement regarding the EHRC’s report on antisemitism in the Labour Party.

2. A number of public figures, including but not limited to the leader of the party, the deputy leader of the party, and the Socialist Campaign Group have issued public statements on the suspension, and that the SCG has called for re-instatement, yet the general secretary has nevertheless ordered that CLPs cannot do the same.
This CLP believes:

3. That Jeremy Corbyn MP is a socialist and life-long fighter against racism inside and outside the Labour Party

4. That his suspension is a politically motivated attack against the left of the Labour Party by the leadership.

This CLP resolves:

5. To condemn Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension and demand his reinstatement to the party.

6. To oppose any and all politically motivated disciplinary actions against the left by the leadership.

7. To send the contents of this motion to the Leader’s Office and the NEC.

8. That the voting numbers for, against or abstain of any motions will be included with any messages sent within the Labour Party.

The Labour right had attempted to pack the meeting to defeat the motion, but even attempts to amend and weaken it were roundly defeated.

Labour’s hierarchy has banned CLPs from debating or voting on Corbyn’s suspension or the EHRC report and some regional directors have blocked attempts to do so. It seems Bristol West members hold their democracy and their former party leader in too high a regard to toe the line.

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      1. Someone out there from Bristol West CLP must know the results of this vote, how many voted for & against?
        Various members have published the results on such gems as the vote on whether the motion should be read out or not but everyone seems to have neglected to publish the result of the final vote on this motion.

  1. That name Thangham Debbonaire…sounds (made up)much like Anti Semitism being a problem in the Labour party…..And as for mr deflection politics…judas H?

  2. Everything I’ve read on Skwawkbox for the two or more years I’ve been following it has proven (to me at least) that the left and right cannot coexist within Labour or without – it’s been a constant battle for dominance. We should give that nonsense up NOW and accept that a “Broad Church” is unattainable – a pipe dream – a myth.

    The ‘Labour’ right has committed (and still is committing) every political atrocity imaginable to prevent the left winning – what more evidence does anyone need?
    I say it’s time to ditch the bitch – it’ll naturally try to steal the Tories’ clothes and do everything it can to dissociate itself from ‘Corbynism’ and the left – until six months before the next election, when it will have to find ways to distance itself from the Tories and find ways to move closer to Corbynism without losing face – but there will be no Corbynism UNLESS THERE IS A NEW PARTY.
    A squeaky clean party in which all members must disclose all social media identities and comments on record and expect expulsion for any comments found to be genuinely racist/antisemitic – as opposed to the IHRA/EHRC nonsense, which we’ll obviously reject.

    Trying to position ‘Labour’ between the Tories (as they edge left pre-election) – and the new left party hopefully led by Corbyn – leaves Starmer only the narrowest of bandwidths. Picking holes in their reasoning will be a joy to watch – an open goal if we play it right. The right amount of piss-taking mixed with serious analysis of the untenable and contradictory “principles” they’ll purport to espouse.
    If you think about which Corbyn policies they’ll steal and which Tory policies they’ll steal – there’s no way in logic to make sense of that mashup.
    They name three policies, we’ll be able to say “Jeremy’s, Jeremy’s and Jeremy’s.”
    We’ll have been consistently pushing the same streamlined 2017/2019 policies and principles throughout.
    Starmer will have been constantly flip-flopping, fighting Johnson to be first to come out on the populist side of every tabloid headline and tying what pass for his “principles” in knots – just like he’s doing now.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree, David. I left Labour in the early years of Blair, because he had promised left policies, and then immediately reneged on that and either continued Tory ones or introduced right policies. I was never tempted by the fare on offer from him, Brown, nor Miliband. I did contemplate rejoining when Corbyn became leader, but there was always the threats, and the action, from the right, and though several members of my family joined, I could never trust the right of the Labour Party.

      If the kind of party you suggest was founded, then I’d join immediately. A Green Labour Party. One that looks to the future. One that parks its bus firmly on the left hand side.

      One thing that I would disagree with in your proposal, is in hoping that it would be led by any particular person. It has to be a bottom-up, not a top-down party.

      1. A new Green Socialist Labour Party? What an interesting idea, but who defines what is an acceptable belief & what is not? The old Trots & Stalinists are still arguing, but now we have ‘Identity Politics’. The Guardian defines & promotes their ‘Left Wing’ Ideologies & seeks to destroy Socialism.

        The Labour Party ditched Clause 4; that was a warning not heeded & no action taken. The class war is over, claimed Tony Blair, will the New New New Green Labour Party agree?.

      2. In his response to David McNiven’s post, Joe Robson said the following:

        ‘If the kind of party you suggest was founded, then I’d join immediately’

        Numerous posters during the past few months have spoken about forming a new left-wing party, and understandably so, but the key thing is: WHO is going to found such a party? And is it ever going to happen? I just don’t see it, but, supposing, for example, that Jeremy ends up being expelled from the party, and then, along with say Chris Williamson starts really getting a new left-wing party together, and say that the SCG MPs leave the LP and join, it goes without saying that the Establishment’s propaganda machine would either completely ignore it and make it invisible to the general public, or if they saw that it was beginning to gain in popularity, they would begin a black op smear campaign against it.

        On the OTHER hand, if such a partys initial plan of action was to expose the Establishment’s black propaganda machine for what it is, and do so by producing leaflets each with a number of examples of their lies and falsehoods and smears, then such a party could potentially wake millions of people and get them on board. As things stand, the left in general are aware of all the lies and falsehoods, as are the right of course, but the vast majority of people out there DON’T, and what could better serve humanity than to create a new enlightened consciousness in the world.

        PS I just quickly scrolled down the page a bit – having not read the comments further down – and I see that jrchappell has made a similar point – ie that there’s already left-wing partys out there, but……

    2. Agree completely David this is why I’ve reached the conclusion the best way forward for the Labour left is to create a new party (I know this is quite a challenge) a new party designed for the 21st century with a party apparatus that respects its left wing members and sees them as more than sub money/campaigners build it properly from the bottom up

      1. Rather than waste time/energy/money taking on the Labour right why not ditch them altogether? also the Blairite rearguard in the HoL will no longer be a problem they’ll just carry on claiming their £300 a day (Kinnock,Mandelson et al)

    3. The number of times I’ve heard ‘form a new party’. Show me evidence that a new party won’t go the same way as all the multitude of other splinter parties. Why aren’t people voting for the other 6 Socialist and left wing parties which are electorally active?

      Alliance for Green Socialism
      Communist League
      Socialist Equality Party
      Socialist Labour Party
      Socialist Party of Great Britain
      Workers’ Revolutionary Party

      Because they don’t have the Labour brand. 99% of people aren’t activists, they just follow the well known label and what the MSM tells them.

      Even if Corbyn joined this splinter party (very unlikely) and it was successful beyond our wildest dreams it could only attract enough support to act as a threat to Labour by diverting enough support to ruin their chances, by increasing the Tory majority.

      Starmer really WANTS the left to leave and form a new party because he knows it’s unlikely to figure. He can then take total control of the NEC, the same one which nominated a pro-Zionist General Secretary earlier this year, who suspended Corbyn in the first place. If enough people had stayed and voted, it wouldn’t have happened. We have two days before the next NEC vote finishes and I fear a bunch of Blairites and Israel apologists will replace still more of the left members of the NEC, because people act with their emotions and not their brain.

      The Left Labour Alliance slate who is running for the NEC has every policy any anti-Starmer Socialist would like, and the guts to implement them, yet few members have heard of them, or is even a member to vote. Even Sqwawkbox promoted the more placid Grassroots Voice who will be unlikely to kick up a fuss.

      The Labour party is where the power is for the Left,. like it or not. It’s either them or oblivion.

      1. @jrchappell
        The number of times I’ve heard ‘form a new party’. Show me evidence that a new party won’t go the same way as all the multitude of other splinter parties. this is the problem any new party will have to overcome , is it unsurmountable? perhaps, perhaps not

        we don’t need a peoples front of Nuneaton (or yet another tiny left wing sect)

      2. Diogenes – …. or an exhumation of the Tooting Popular Front.

  3. Just as a matter of principle and historical context, is not the Labour party run from the bottom up, not from the top down. WTF does Starmer or Evans think they are to be ordering the plebs about as though they run some kind of polluting Victorian industry in the slums from their gothic stately house up on the moors? Doubtless they are “at ease” with the stinking rich, just as long as the plebs keep forking out their subscriptions and doing as they’re damn-well told.

    1. New & Nearly New Labour (the current iteration) are strictly top down, the heirarchy makes the decisions, grassroots members are good for i)paying subs ii) holding red placard/balloons iii)canvassing these grassroots are informed via Labour List and the Guardian what the great & good of the party (sic) are upto.The fundamental flaw of neliberal democracy i.e 2 nearly identical parties is that a genuine alternative upsets the Westminster applecart (look at the success of the SNP)

    2. JoeRobson,
      I like your metaphor. its spot on what the Labour Party is under the leadership of Starmer. I cant help smile, you have put in my head a picture of Sir Keir Starmer ,mill owner, pipe hat, whiskers. He is perfect for the roll.
      Its an interesting subject; the British Labour Party, where did it all go wrong?
      It started back in the 70s with the mad trade union barons. The 80s flew by with the BLP watching events unfold (as in Thatcherism) from the sidelines. Most of the 90s likewise. And then along came Tony Iraq. Then Gordon with his moral compass. And then poor old Jeremy and all his luggage.
      When the historians write the history of the British Labour Party it will be damning.

      1. Not as damming as the Tory party , they are in a league of their own

    1. Yes,I understood the reference, and Bevan was also being too kind to Gaitskell.

  4. Whilst I fully support all efforts to assist Jeremy Corbyn and expose Starmer and his cronies, it’s hard to take anything that happens in the Labour Party seriously anymore. Whilst the theatrical industry is brought to a complete halt, the one exception is to be found here courtesy of Labour: the pantomime season has com early.

  5. If Starmer wasn’t so serious in his plans to eviscerated the party it would be laughable. Well done to Bristol West. We shall see what sanctions the Starmer bureaucracy inflicts on them next.

    1. I was wondering if a members strike until Jez is reinstated (not one minute of campaigning, not one penny of subs) would show Starmer the Labour left is deadly serious about this or would the party just boot members for non payment?

      1. @Diogenes, it people suspend their payments, the Party would need 6 months arrears before stopping their membership.
        Right now, the Party isn’t doing any canvassing due to Covid-19 so I don’t think threatening a strike will work right now.

  6. Thangham Debonaire showed her colours very early on when she went public about Corbyn ‘sacking her’ from a job in the first shadow cabinet… a job that she had never been offered. Jeremy had intended to put her in the SC but not unnaturally assumed that it wasn’t the right time for Debonaire herself because she was undergoing chemotherapy. Nevertheless the headlines read:

    ‘Jeremy hired and fired me while I was being treated for cancer’

    More recently in May, as Starmer’s new Shadow Cabinet Housing minister:

    ‘Cancelling rent would be ‘un-Labour’, frontbencher tells party’s …

  7. New Party
    Not Yet
    Let the current scmozzle play out, NEC, Unions, JC, Conference, challenge to Temporary Embarrassment
    And that needs people joining and voting
    Its not funking rocket science

    1. kind of agree Doug let the Labour right lose the next election(wheres the 20point lead?) then go for it? the new party should have its own press & media (funded by member subs) you do sacrifice the Labour brand but you get shot of the liberal cuckoos in the nest

      1. Agree with many of the comments re a new party .No I don’t believe that loosing the “Labour brand ” is a sacrifice , in fact I’d see it as a distinct electoral advantage . All the associated lies over the years, the betrayal of the grass roots working class and those in the “red wall” that used to vote Labour .Betrayed time and again by the Blairites trash now reincarnated in Stammerite shite all yet to come.
        The Labour brand imo is a ball and chain to the past deceit of many of the politicians still right now in the party ( sell outs , and they wonder why folks don’t vote ) no they don’t actually … it suits them to be by-standers and shout from the side lines of permanent opposition ,,,, easy money / life !

        They ,the Centrists , gifted the election to the Tories , it was their actions and theirs alone ( Brexit/remain , the constant undermining , leaked Labour report , all out war, trashing the leadership etc etc ) all which , despite desperate warnings from many on the Left , resulted in a Tory victory .
        I feel I am actually insulting the intelligence of many on here as this is so blindingly obvious, only the wilfully obtuse and disingenuous will still cling to the stupid assumption that the Centrists stance is what will win multiple elections now in this day and age , that time has gone .All the hope and trust has been burned up by them since Blairs dictatorship culminating in the 52 lost Labour seats.
        Over the pond in the USA , EXACTLY the same happened with the DNC , it was their actions since the Bill Clinton and most recently sell out Obama years that disillusioned sooo many of the rust belt state voters to turn to Trump in a ” fuck it , it can’t be any worse they no longer represent me ” moment .
        Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the “squad” have got it , Bernie Saunders got it , she is dam right on Bidens so called victory ( voted anyone but Trump ) , yes I am so glad the utter monster Trump has gone . BUT she is right to put Biden and his Centrists on notice and more importantly the people will judge them harshly and a return to Trumpism on steroids will be the result in 3yrs time if those Centrists twats get away with more of their cynical lies and abandonment of the grass roots who voted for them. In that case maybe …. a Democratic Socialist Party of America for the future ???

        What to do in the Labour Party , …. start again , anew , there is little real chance of change now ,Chris Williamson grasped this quick enough when he suffered his corrupt kicking out ( Corbyn to follow ) The membership can’t deselect the RW bastard MPs and even if they loose the next election , they are still in place just picking up the money till next time .
        Freedom of speech castrated by the little Dictator Starmer and his henchman Evans , next will be restrictions on what policies can be put to conference, you’ll be told what to do , in other words back to the 20 yr ago top down Blairite shite presidential management style.

        Sadly a few awkward squad personalities on the NEC will not result in the wholesale democratisation of the now utterly corrupted Nu Nue labour/Tory wannabe Starmer party.I won’t support this shite , but sure as heck will support all actions that will fuck up the Centrists as much as possible.
        If Corbyn or his like started a real Democratic Socialist Party of the UK I’d be there like a shot and I’d reckon a good many of the present real socialist membership would to , not to mention the tens of thousands corruptly & unjustly expelled .Now that would be a force to be reckoned with , maybe the expulsion of Corbyn might just light the blue touch paper to that keg of gun powder after all.

      2. rob – “The membership can’t deselect the RW bastard MPs”

        Unfortunately it was JC that chose to fob-off the membership with ‘Trigger Ballots’.

  8. rob10/11/2020 AT 11:32 AM,
    How is it then that in the last 40 years the Labour Party has been in government for 13 years and the Conservative 27?

    1. Dicky……ITs not difficult to see that dumbasses like you like to go cap in hand and put their faith in their “Betters” .Basically your cultural heritage is of a limited perspective.and your brainpower is clearly minutia.Why keep taking the pain?and grief.Go to a darkened room and examine your conscience .

    2. Quite simple Richard , the electorate voted them in , now next stupid question ?
      Perhaps if you had understood that I was balancing the equation with a reference point of to whom the Labour party should be compared to as the only historically politically viable alternative in the UK political environment , then you would be able to ask a more intelligent question relative to my comment .

      If you are alluding to the assumption that the policies of the Tories are more palatable to the UK population than those of the Labour party , then that might make sense , but then you’d have to take account of the might of the establishment , the rigged system and all it’s entrenched malevolent power to twist distort and propagandise the truth out of anything Labour said or did . Which is why your repose is just so asinine as it doesn’t take those glaring realities into account

    3. richdupe, it’s because they and their mates ‘own’ everything including the means of propaganda.
      For now – but as the Archangel Bob said, “Soon come.”

      1. thats part of it but party discipline in the HoC plays a role the metaphor I use is control of the media gives the right ‘air superiority’ a Labour MP or figure sticks his her head above the parapet and it gets blown off

  9. Yes I agree with David, I think a new left party has got to be a better bet for a socialist government than the current Labour party. I also like the name “Green Labour Party”.✊👍😀

  10. This isn’t rocket surgery – young people saw Jeremy’s dedication, sincerity, humility, persistence and personality, and liked it.
    So did I and most of us here.
    Old Tories are dying out.
    WE NEED JEREMY if there’s to be a new party – ideally he’d be younger but there’s nobody younger who comes close.
    Without so-called “colleagues” working against him from within, 2024 should be a smoother ride than 2017.
    With everyone around him facing the same way I believe we could go from a standing start to 250,000 members within days and on to a win in 2024 – and I’m not known for my optimism.
    Remember the excitement of 2017, then imagine that minus the Quislings and minus Brexit and STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE FFS.
    Shit, even Farage came close and his supporters were wankers like him but dumber.
    Are we dumber than them? Are we fuck.

  11. SteveH has claimed confidently that Jeremy Corbyn will never leave Labour.
    Well, maybe he and the rest of the Tories are right – but in Jeremy’s place, rather than melt away into “that good night” I’d have one last FURIOUS kick against the machine – and if we all cross all our fingers and wish very, very hard, he might just read these comments, feel the love and announce the new party.

    1. David – Corbyn’s enemies would be absolutely delighted if he took your advice.

      1. SteveH, what about if Corbyn was to stand for London Mayor against Sadiq? How do you rate Corbyn’s and Sadiq chances?
        Frank Dobson was by far a more competent candidate than Sadiq is, and Corbyn has more appeal among young people, than Livingstone every did.

      2. Be as delighted as you like (Hamster? Rat? Squirrel?) Meh, idgaf.
        The way I’d hope Jeremy might see it is, he can either accept the status quo and go down in history as a very nice man who scared the living SHIT out of neoliberalism for a couple of years before the fuse blew out – or be a figurehead for the young and the left to rally around, support and defend for the next 4 years – and be the man who led the way to a new beginning.
        I appreciate he must be tired but this time, with a party full of friends and ANGRY defenders I fucking guarantee it’ll be a blast win or lose – and I don’t know how to lose even an argument, so fuck off.

      3. David – I’m sorry you are confused, surely you’ve seen a guinea pig before.

      4. But David, if Jeremy were to lead a new left-wing party (or be its figurehead), all the lies and falsehoods and demonisation and smearing would just kick off again. I’ve made this point on more than one occasion recently, but you never address it, and just keep on posting further comments saying the same thing. WHY don’t you address the point when you know that what I’m saying would undoubtedly happen,

        And needless to say, Jeremy himself is well aware that it WOULD happen!

      5. Allan, I have addressed that point numerous times – and you haven’t addressed that.
        For the nth time, we tell the fuckers they’re going to jail for subverting democracy.

        Either come up with an argument against it or don’t, but do stop repeating yourself and making me repeat myself, it’s like talking to my mother when her memory went.
        Where is YOUR brilliant plan to shut down the MSM? Still working on it? Or any other plan?
        Mine will either shut them up or make them double down on their lies to the point of spinning tall tales a child will see through.
        I see no other viable option that doesn’t involve murder, and I’m WEEKS away from making a radical choice like that.

      6. Yes, David, of course, and I’m sure such a party that threatened to do THAT would get lots of support and positive coverage from the MSM!

        They would of course be hammered by the Establishment’s black propaganda machine if such a policy was on the partys agenda – eg that they are ‘extremists’ and ‘Marxists’ and ‘Trots’ and ‘a threat to freedom of speech’ etc, etc, etc. And as I said earlier, if Jeremy and/or Chris Williamson was involved with such a party (or any other left-winger who has been falsely accused of A/S, like Ken or Jackie et al), the A/S smear campaign would of course kick off again ALSO. And Big Time! The point being that the MSM and Co would make sure they never got anywhere near the reins of power to enact such a policy.


  12. Try and guess the average age on here
    Try and guess the average age of JC supporters
    Still 550,000 strong, still largest in Europe, add in 10/13 million supporters and very soon every major union
    The demographics are ours, same in the US of A, every day the numbers increase in our favour
    Nowt beats getting on with the day job of clearing out Cockwombles starting with Thatchers greatest creation

    1. Well said Doug!!! Best option for us. Not easy with Can’t Do, Don’t Do DISCOURAGERS. BUT, there is no logical reason why we should run away from OUR party. I suggest we DUMP APPEASEMENT of ALL like Starmer & Co who PROVED BEYOND DOUBT that they DESPISE true Labour values so intensely, that they worked to makes us lose and said so OPENLY.

      1. Signpost – being the paid shill that he is – can’t let a single day pass by without repeating his falsehoods about ‘appeasement’ and ‘discouragers’ etc.

        He knows damn well that there was no appeasement, and that Jeremy and Co were in a no-win situation, and that the reason they were in a no-win situation is because his enemies own and/or control the MSM AND, as such, control the narrative.

      2. Why don’t you work at changing the narrative rather than always whining that there was no alternative❓Why do u spend so much energy trying to convince us we’re all doomed❓ANSWER l: to discourage those who want change. Just like the Spy Cops scandal. U infiltrate, impregnate the gullible and suffocate change… obviously re you Allan Howard, not the impregnating bit… Spy Cops infiltrated environmentalist movements and friends and family of the murdered Steven Lawrence. You leave no stone unturned to protect the system. That’s why all your posts attempt to inject despondency and defeat the spirit. Never a positive suggestion from you Allan Howard. Wicked sly tosser Shill Hunter weirdo.

      3. PISS OFF White Flag Man AH!!! No one needs a pathetic CAN’T. Why do you bother posting here❓❓❓ Answer: ALWAYS to sow discouragement. Get us to give up. That’s your mission you vomit making pernicious lying sly tiresome fraud Allan Howard. Shilly Hunt.

      4. Now if I didn’t know that you were a shill – which I DO of course – and thought you were a genuine poster, then in response to such a comment I would say that you obviously just can’t face the reality of the situation. But knowing that you ARE a paid shill, then I know of course that you KNOW that I am just being a realist AND that because you have an agenda to brainwash readers with a false and phony version in which it’s all Jeremy’s fault for appeasing his enemies etc, you do the old chestnut propagandists response – ie attack is the best form of defence.

        So I take it you disagree with the Canary headline and the evidence in the article that that IS the case – ie that no matter what Jeremy says or does the MSM will attack him?

        Needless to say, you will of course avoid answering that question, if you bother to respond at al!, that is.

      5. 🏳️Allan Howard🏳️u r a vile lying fraud determined to make us give up and give in with your “realist” mantra of doom. PISS OFF weirdo. No means no🚳🚱🔞📵🚫⛔️

      6. So perhaps you can tell me what happened when Jeremy DID defend himself in respect of the EHRC report.

        Oh, right, he got suspended from the party! And needless to say, a whole bunch of the smearers-cum-plotters-cum-saboteurs piled in with their attacks and condemnation of him ‘courtesy’ of the MSM. The following is from a Sun article:

        But Labour MPs today rallied around the decision to boot him out.

        Veteran MP Harriet Harman said: “This is the right thing to do. If you say that [anti-Semitism is] exaggerated for factional reasons you minimise it & are, as @Keir_Starmer says, part of the problem.”

        Ex-MP Joan Ryan said this morning he had to go: “I think Jeremy Corbyn has to be expelled, he’s dumped himself this morning.

        “One of these unlawful acts and harassment was saying these complains were fake or smears.

        “And he’s added to that by saying these complaints by anti-semitism were exaggerated – that’s tantamount to the same thing he and others had been saying right from day one.”

        Board of Deputies of British Jews President Marie van der Zyl has welcomed the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party.

        She said: “Having presided over the descent of a proudly anti-racist party into a party that broke equalities law in its treatment of Jews, his shameless comments today showed that he remains part of the problem and is an obstruction to the resolution of the issue.”

        Joe Glasman, Head of Political and Government Investigations at Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “Shortly after submitting our complaint to Sir Keir regarding Jeremy Corbyn’s statement this morning and his past deeds, we have received confirmation that Mr Corbyn has been suspended from the Labour Party and had the whip withdrawn.

        “This is a hugely significant turning point and an indicator of real change and accountability at last.

        “We referred Labour to the EHRC precisely because it was not taking our complaints against Mr Corbyn seriously.

        “Four years since our first complaint, Labour has finally begun to take action. Mr Corbyn is part of the problem, and at last our complaints against him and other sitting Labour MPs who seemed untouchable, are now being acted upon.”

        Former MP Luciana Berger said today of Mr Corbyn’s suspension: “I have no words. I think it was the right decision.”

        She said Keir called her last night “wanted to extend his apologies to me for my experience and that of many others on behalf of the entire Labour party” but didn’t say whether she would be willing to rejoin the party.

        Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner told Radio 4: “I’m devastated that it’s come to this.

        “Jeremy is a fully decent man, but he has an absolute blind spot and denial when it comes to some of these issues. That is devastating.”

        She admitted that she and Sir Keir “absolutely failed” to do more to tackle the issues when the pair were in Mr Corbyn’s shadow cabinet.

        Robert Jenrick says the burden of responsibility for the “poison of antisemitism” within the Labour Party “falls wider than just Jeremy Corbyn.”

        Steve McCabe MP, chair of Labour Friends of Israel, added: “Today’s findings from the EHRC shows beyond doubt the extent to which the poison of antisemitism was allowed to enter Labour under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and further confirms the extent of the terrible abuse suffered by Jewish members of the party.

        “Today must mark the moment Labour decisively turns the page on the darkest chapter of our party’s history.”

        This morning, ex-MP Ruth Smeeth slammed the hard-left former leader for hanging Jewish members out to dry and “doing nothing” as they faced “torrents and torrents of abuse”.

        Opening up about the horrifying abuse, Ms Smeeth told Good Morning Britain her and other Jewish MPs experience daily harrassment, which still continues today, at the hands of members of the Labour Party.

        She said: “What was happening to Jewish women throughout the country at Labour party meetings, and nothing happening.

        “Jeremy Corbyn could’ve intervened, he could’ve stopped this, he never politically showed leadership.

        “He left Jewish members to be bullied and harassed, to be hanged out of the Labour party, to face death threats and abuse from Labour party members.”

        She said today was a “black day” for the party.

        Another ex-MP, Louise Ellman said she was “driven out” of the party by “ugly antisemitism” which begun as Mr Corbyn was elected leader.

        Writing in the Times today, She said the anti-Semitism of the party “became normalised with the entry of the far-left following the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader.”

        She said she was “targeted” by Labour party members in her own constituency who wanted to topple her as MP for being “a zionist”.

  13. rob10/11/2020 AT 1:54 PM

    “Quite simple Richard , the electorate voted them in , now next stupid question ?”
    Its not a stupid question. Why did the electorate vote for Blair’s Labour party? Why did they not vote for Kinnonck’s Labour or Corbyn’s?
    I dont think it is about manifesto policy (although Corbyn’s last manifesto scared more than the horses). I think it is about perception. Trust. Voters arent that interested in detail, they look at a leader and his/her party and ask ‘are they competent?, do they know what they are taking about? do they look like they could do it?
    They thought Blair was, he won three in a row.
    Before Blair you would have to go back to Wilson to find a Labour leader voters liked. That is my question, why is Labour not trusted? The answer is obvious (to me). Labour is with the one exception (1997) always at war with itself. Why? Exhibit 1 – Every time I bring it up look at the response I get. Why are you lot so angry?
    And it is I think, because of this perpetual ideological war, that Labour’s chances are scuppered.
    The Tories seem to hide their animosities better. They know how to organise themselves even when they dont agree. And when a leader needs to be replaced the Tory party do it in a matter of days. Labour take months and the process becomes a joke. Remember the time it took to elect Jeremy Corbyn. All those excruciating candidates’ TV debates. And then the months to took to finally get rid of him. The dead leader at PMQs. What a look. Can you see what I’m getting at?
    One more try. Do you not understand the division, the look of chaos this website creates? Its one of the reasons Labour will never be in power. Skwawkbox and you guys, your bitterness towards Starmer is hard to figure out. Im sure some of you must work for CCHQ.

    1. Your masters’ dishonesty, their ownership of the media and the conditioned gullibility of its audience are all that keeps them in power – but then you knew that.
      Snigger behind your hand all you want but your grandchildren will be burned alive in their beds while my grandchildren party outside enjoying the pretty flames and a spliff.

      1. Wow. That is quite an analogy to come up with. Not healthy.

    2. I’am afraid Richard this is just more utter stupidity/naivety from you , to put it as politely as I can .It shows a complete lack of awareness and ignorance of the facts ( although I suspect you are anything but ignorant and possibly just a Tory plant , certainly not a socialist as you’d understand the facileness of your points ) , regarding the situation surrounding the Labour party it’s history and relationship with the establishment /elite/MSM who influence and run our society. .Although I ‘d hazard a good guess you well know all of this and the innocent act is just that , an act .
      I can’t muster the inclination to debate the howling gaps in your argument , but to say perhaps you go and read up a little more , with that comes wisdom , something you appear to be missing.
      Regarding this site and anger , well perhaps if you were to grasp that the policies enacted by those MPs in power whoever they are results in many cases in ordinary people needlessly DYING ! If you don’t like it then I respectfully suggest you stop reading ,commenting on it , there is always the Conservative home page or the Libdems site for you .

      This site generally provides a huge counter balance to the shite that is the MSM and in many cases exposes the corruptness of many Politicians in Labour and without , and the reason Labour did not come to power is the corrupt behaviour, exposed by this very site , of some of the LOTO staffers and the majority of the PLP .
      P.S I’d ask your GCHQ handler for a refresher training course , it’s too obvious what you are up to .

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